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Art Vinyl Play & Display Flip Frame Triple Pack (black)
 1 in stock $88.60
Cat: 219242 Rel: 29 May 06
3 frames to wall-mount 12" vinyl
Notes: The Play & Display Triple Pack not only allows you to develop your own creative displays, but is also the most economic option when purchasing multiple flip frames. The Art Vinyl concept has come from experimenting with multiple record cover art and from creating new themes and displays that express the owner's passion and creativity for vinyl art. The Play & Display triple pack gives you that flexibility. Each triple pack is supplied in deluxe packaging and includes the very simple assembly instructions and Art Vinyl concept graphics.

The Play & Display frames have been specially designed to hold the record and the sleeve safely and securely, regardless of the thickness of an LP or an album sleeve. The unique sponge finger design on the back of the frame allows for any thickness or size of record to be displayed whilst holding the actual vinyl inside.
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Crosley AC1006A Wood Vinyl Record Frame (black)
 3 in stock $23.08
Cat: 628023 Rel: 07 Nov 16
Wooden frame ideal for displaying record sleeves
Notes: Treat your albums like the pieces of art they are with this handsome wooden frame. The perfect 12.5" square is made exclusively with record sleeves in mind, turning your record collection into a gallery in the home or office. Furniture grade wood and easy mounting hardware make transforming your space simple and as beautiful as the music it represents.
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Show & Listen Vinyl Display Frame (black)
 5 in stock $18.28
Cat: 613523 Rel: 23 May 16
Vinyl record picture flip frame for all 12 inch record artwork - single
Notes: Display your favourite music and vinyl record art. Something new for music enthusiasts and an original interior design concept. The SHOW AND LISTEN flip frame allows music lovers to display album artwork as art and easily change the contents or play the records without having to remove the frame from the wall.

All vinyl LPs can be displayed with its Sponge Finger cushioning back plate. Showcase your 12-inch singles, LPs - even double or triple albums!

Comes with 4 stabilizing cushions so the frame can be mounted easily against any style wall and remain straight. Full installation instructions and concept graphics included.

Package contains one frame - buy several to make a unique display!
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