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La'Ila (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PMG 016LP. Rel: 26 May 16
  1. Funky Girl (4:48)
  2. Be Yourself (And Don't Let Nobody Be You) (5:18)
  3. Feel Alone (6:59)
  4. Orule (6:18)
  5. La'Ila (Poor Man's Cry) (4:32)
  6. Tell Me (4:29)
  7. I Don't Want No-Body (To Tell Me What To Do) (4:49)
Review: Also known as the Heads Funk Band, Akwassa were a Nigerian afrobeat ensemble who only produced a few LPs under that particular moniker, but they're ones that have lasted well in the memories of collectors worldwide. La'lla was their 1975 debut, originally out on the Afrodisia label, and we have it here once again in reissue format by PMG out of Austria. "Funky Girl" kicks the party off with a groove that is might difficult not to like - upbeat vocals meet funky synth lines and quirky organs to make a true summer blazer - but the rest of the album follows in a similarly excellent style. "Orule", for example, is one of the best undiscovered afro bombs we've heard in time, those sweet soulful vocals riding high amid a fast-paced percussion rhythm, while others are deeper still and evoke the true spirit of African soul. Very highly recommended.
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Played by: Dj soFa
 in stock $23.50
Cat: PMG 090LP. Rel: 19 Apr 17
  1. The Price Of Your Love (5:22)
  2. Everybody Wondering (Why I Love You) (4:17)
  3. See & Believe (3:51)
  4. The Good Thing Of Life (Your Love Is The Best Of All) (5:32)
  5. No Condition Is Permanent (5:21)
  6. Lonely Man On The Marina (4:05)
  7. Nigeria One & Forever (3:42)
  8. Tragedy (3:01)
  9. The Sun Will Shine (3:28)
Review: Segun Bucknor is a Nigerian journalist and musician. Born in Lagos, Bucknor was educated at King's College and was a member of the school's band and choir. During this time, he apprenticed under Roy Chicago's band. In 1964, he was a member of a newly formed Hot Four who played regularly in Lagos clubs such as Surulere. Bucknor then traveled to U.S to study for a couple of years. After his return in 1968, Bucknor became the band leader. In 1969, the name of the band became Segun Bucknor and the Assembly. Gradually the group migrated from soul songs to a style of afrobeat and in their performance a dancing trio was included: The Sweet Things.
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 in stock $22.56
Cat: PMG 047LP. Rel: 19 Dec 16
  1. Warteef Jigeen (6:50)
  2. Leen Te Koun (8:32)
  3. Mamadu Bitike (12:01)
  4. N.T.C. The Gambia (9:12)
  5. Jilanna (8:03)
  6. President Diawara (8:38)
Review: Gambia's Guelewar Band Of Banjul have been sat right at the top of the African psych game since the 1980s and, although they released a highly successful album in 2011, Halleli N' Dakarou, they have remained largely silent since the golden era of afrobeat. In fact, this latest reappearance form the band comes int he form of a reissue of 1981's Warteef Jigeen, a time when the group was really beginning to take shape and find their sound. The title track is the perfect opener thanks to some prophetic vocals, a big beat accompaniment, and something beautifully 60s garage about it. Other favourites include the more Afro-leaning "Mamadu Bitike", the Fela-style charge that is "NTC The Gambia", and the instantly hummable horns of "Jilanna". What a corker - highly recommended!
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 in stock $23.50
Cat: PMG 054LP. Rel: 15 Feb 17
  1. Rosemary (5:34)
  2. Give It To Me (4:35)
  3. Feelin' Alright (4:30)
  4. Too Much (4:47)
  5. Love To Love You (5:57)
  6. You (4:27)
  7. Aint No Use (4:00)
  8. Daily Prayer (4:56)
Review: According to the label, Nigerian singer Kiki Gyan's star "didn't burn long, but it burned bright." As a member of Afro funk super group Osibisa at 15; he was millionaire by 18 and regarded as one of the best keyboardists in the world at the tender age of 21. In 1983 he 'dived head first into the New York party scene', took a lot of drugs, spent a lot of time in clubs and got together a team of crack local musicians to record Feelin' Alright. All the artist's trademark elements are present and in full effect on this LP. The album contains irresistible elements of electronic funk, boogie and disco with the track "Rosemary" becoming a hit across Nigeria and Ghana. Kiki Gyan would never quite better this moment, for his addictions eventually took hold and he died aged only 47 at a church in Ghana. This very album 'remains one of the brightest stars in his extraordinary constellation.'
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Played by: Alan Dente
 in stock $23.50
Cat: PMG 078LP. Rel: 29 May 18
  1. Hello There (4:48)
  2. Gbata Ngwa (Egwu Abia) (6:40)
  3. Four In A Tangle (4:13)
  4. (When Will It Be) Right Time (4:23)
  5. That Man (6:29)
  6. The Way We Are (5:01)
  7. Hello There (reprise) (0:32)
Review: First Time Out by Theodora Ifudu first came out on a Nigerian pressing back in 1981, and it has been regarded a classic and a point of inspiration ever since. Not only does the album capture the rise of boogie and disco in her native homeland, but it also pushed the classic sound onto a newer, fresher platform that is still sounding somewhat different to her contemporaries. Our favourite tune on the A-side has to be "Gbata Ngwa (Egwu Abia)", its rolling bassline and bittersweet vocals working wonders, but the sounds of "That Man" and "The Way We Are" are equally ear-opening arrangements that will undoubtedly continue to have relevance into the next decade. A majestic album from a multi-talented Nigerian woman.
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Cat: PMG 041LP. Rel: 19 Dec 16
  1. Moving World (4:22)
  2. Dracula Dance (3:41)
  3. Brotherhood Of Man (4:06)
  4. No Man Is Born To Suffer (3:23)
  5. Groovy Love (4:44)
  6. Jungle Music (5:41)
  7. Wale Tobite (3:14)
  8. Kelenkye Beat (5:03)
Review: PMG reissue Kelenkye Band's Moving World LP. In 1974, Augustus Kerry Taylor gathered the hottest musicians in Ghana and recorded an album of the heaviest, funkiest, American influenced music. He designed the cover with Fela Kuti and even released it on his own label. Moving World according to PMG 'is a funky, disparate album that exudes a rare warmth, enthusiasm and togetherness.' Of the album, Accra's leading DJ, Charlie Sam declared his mind 'well and truly boggled.' Although the band was comprised of some of the city's finest musicians, they never recorded another album. Augustus Kerry Taylor shut down the label and went back to designing album covers. But on the Moving World LP, they delivered something that many recognise as a seminal moment in '70s Ghanaian groove.
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 in stock $23.50
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