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Lite Music (clear yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: PE 65307C. Rel: 15 Mar 11
  1. Jam The Box
  2. Desire
  3. Microlovr
  4. Jam The Box 2
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4 Jazz Funk Classics (clear red vinyl 12")
Cat: PE 65307A. Rel: 15 Mar 11
  1. Ladies & Gentlemen
  2. If Mojo Was AM
  3. My Machines
  4. Frequency Finale
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Sound On Sound (clear orange vinyl 12")
Cat: PE 65307B. Rel: 15 Mar 11
  1. Rushed
  2. Sub Seducer
  3. Sound On Sound
  4. Poi At Pas (original)
  5. Filter King
out of stock $27.04
Disc Five (clear blue vinyl 12")
Cat: PLE 653075. Rel: 15 Mar 11
  1. Poi Et Pas (unreleased version)
  2. If Mojo Was AM (extended version)
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Pungtang (clear green vinyl 12")
Cat: PLE 653074. Rel: 15 Mar 11
  1. Pungtang
  2. Pungtang 2
  3. Sub Seducer (long mix)
  4. Poi Beats
out of stock $24.88
Cat: DX 3. Rel: 15 Jul 19
  1. Algorithms With Emotions (4:07)
  2. Land, Sky & Sea (3:55)
  3. You'll Miss It Later (3:13)
  4. Whats Real Anymore? (4:23)
  5. Y'All Are A Bit Much (4:05)
  6. Butterfly Patterns (4:09)
Review: Gabriel Reyes Whittaker is The Abstract Eye: an L.A.-based producer also known as GB (Gifted & Blessed) and Frankie Reyes. Regarding the dynamic pace of the music industry, he asks the question, what's real anymore? For him, it comes down to the feelings this music evokes. Last year saw the much needed reissue of his underrated 2011 opus Cool Warm Divine on Holland's Rush Hour, and this new record is another emotive release which explores classic electro and techno sounds - borrowing from the best of the genre's recent past but reinterpreting it in his own distinct way. From the old school deep techno bounce of "Land, Sky & Sea" to the chill groove of "What's Real Anymore?" or the mellow electro of "Butterfly Patterns" - thia is as real as it gets.
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  1. Abstract Science - "The Grinder"
  2. Andy Rantzen - "The Kiss"
  3. DJ T-1000 - "Detroitism"
  4. Terrence Dixon - "Daily Routine"
  5. Obsolete Music Technology - "Past Virtue"
  6. Plural - "07"
  7. Jamal M - "Fine & Mellow"
  8. Windimoto - "Friday Night: UBQ"
Review: A hefty double 12" from Generator features a slew of basement techno bombs from both sides of the Atlantic (oh, and Australia). From the pounding, relentless throb of Abstract Science's "The Grinder" to the shuffling groove of "Detroitism" by DJ-T 1000, the eight tracks cover the full breadth of techno's rich sonic landscape. Other highlights include the broken beats and woodblock percussion on Plural's "07" and the more experimental vibe of "Fine & Mellow" by Mathematics boss and general Chicago underground legend, Jamal M. An unmissable collection of tracks packaged in highly collectable artwork by Alan Oldham, who was also responsible for the superbly illustrated Defenders Of The Deep House World EP that surfaced on Third Ear a few months back.
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Prophette (gatefold heavyweight vinyl double 12")
Cat: 3 /X. Rel: 31 Jan 17
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Wibrations (8:23)
  2. Fiction (6:20)
  3. Someone (8:11)
  4. Mischkin (5:01)
  5. Inveighed (7:53)
  6. Subtle Drama (7:13)
  7. Nothing Happens (8:33)
  8. Decontroit (7:06)
Review: Virginian-in-Berlin Adam Longman Parker digs deep across eight tracks on Cure. Tantamount to an album, he expresses himself with fittingly broad brush strokes - from the jittering funky techno of "Vibrations" and the Funk D'Void style modulations and charm of "Mischkin" to the wry, deep jungle homage "Someone", there's not a dull moment as we're wrapped up in mood after mood... Whether it's the high-chin strutting and Green Velvet-style trippiness of "Inveighed" or the shuffling twitchy drums of "Nothing Happens", he's got you covered.
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You're A Melody (triple 7" + magazine) (1 per customer)
Cat: MEL 003/MEL004/MEL005. Rel: 16 Mar 19
  1. You're A Melody (3:09)
  2. You're A Melody (extended disco) (4:20)
  3. I Feel Like Dancing (3:37)
  4. Theme For Someone Special (4:21)
  5. Trust Me (3:24)
  6. Dance Awhile (3:24)
Review: Not just a beautiful compliment to pay someone special, but a hugely influential record that inspired Floating Points' now legendary Plastic People parties, too... A super obscure and expensive one at that. Now re-issued on Floating Points' own Melodies imprint - across three 45s - the Detroit band get full exposure with the deliciously funky main track enjoying two versions before dipping into the softer, more pastoral charms of "I Feel Like Dancing" and the string-led swoon festival, "Theme For Someone Special". We close on two contrasting grooves; an earthy ballad ("Trust Me") and a Whitfield & Strong style funk instrumental ("Dance Awhile"). Cheers Sam!
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Above EP (double 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: IMRV 027. Rel: 17 Apr 19
Deep Dubstep
  1. Above (5:32)
  2. Blur (3:32)
  3. Dragon Love (5:07)
  4. So I Smoke (5:40)
  5. Deer (7:55)
  6. Deer (dub) (5:25)
Review: Fresh from featuring alongside Lapo on Moonshine Recordings, Agostino Isola AKA Ago returns to the Innamind Recordings label he's long called home. It would be fair to say he's in fine form, too, serving up a double-EP of melodious, atmospheric cuts that pepper the deepest of dubstep riddims with a variety of smoky samples, blissful lead lines and becalmed chords. For dancefloor play, the highlight is undoubtedly "So I Smoke", where echoing female vocal snippets bounce above dub bass and punchy drums, though "Deer (Dub)" - a rumbling club revision of included ambient cut "Deer" - is similarly impressive. Highlights elsewhere across the EP include the trip-hop style stoned beats of "Dragon Love" and the wind chimes-sporting bliss of "Above".
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Quebec Nightclub (double 12")
Cat: PERLON 24. Rel: 04 Dec 01
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Quebec Nightclub (original mix)
  2. Whore House
  3. New Process
  4. Radio Shuffle (Pantytec Quebec Shuffle remix)
  5. Radio Shuffle (Pantytec remix)
  6. Brown Hawai
Review: After being invited as 'the unexpected guest' on the label's top-selling 'Superlongevity 2' compilation (PERL23),
Marc Leclair (aka Akufen) returns with this mind-bending double pack. 5 brand new tracks, plus a remix conceived
by Pantytec's Sammy Dee & Zip, mark this first full-length release by Montreal's 'shooting star' Akufen - to be released
on Perlon. So please, enter the 'Quebec Nightclub' and be prepared for a long night.
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Afro Discoteca (Soundtrack) (limited 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: FLIESDJ 01. Rel: 13 Jun 18
  1. Afro Voodoo (3:50)
  2. Afro Darkness (3:18)
  3. Afro Discoteca (3:10)
  4. Afro Sentiment (3:09)
Review: The most famous whistler in cinema (so arguably the most famous whistler in the world), Alessandro Alessandroni has contributed to cinema, TV and music with as much influence as his old friend and collaborator Ennio Morricone. He was also making some incredibly innovative electronic compositions on the side, it would seem... These four variations were found in an old archive in his African home and have never, before now, been heard before. From the densely-layered spaghetti-flavoured "Afro Voodoo" to the soft sultry swoons of "Afro Sentiment" by way of the sheer dancefloor pump of "Afro Discoteca", this is a truly remarkable find for Four Flies. Made all the more poignant due to his recent passing, too. You know what to do.
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Orleans Bardel EP (double 12")
Cat: NM 014. Rel: 29 Apr 15
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Bosca Brew (10:52)
  2. Koldun Ne Spit (10:21)
  3. Orleans Bardel (5:16)
  4. Orleans Bardel (Melchior Productions remix) (12:49)
  5. Orleans Bardel (Kamran Sadeghi remix) (15:42)
Review: Enigmatic duo Alka Rex have slowly been cultivating their form of minimal electronics for almost ten years now, appearing on label like Wolf & Lamb, Brooklyn's Thema and London's Multi Vitamins. This Orleans Bardel EP, with fascinating artwork, is by far their best work to date and their sound isn't too far off the antics of what Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer can get up to. The burps of bass and reverberating clunks of "Bosca Brew" will make you feel as though you're in the closed closet of Chris Cunningham's "Rubber Johnny" video (the quieter periods), while "Koldun Ne Spit" is linear in comparison, but equally haunting. Twisted carnival themes make their way into the title-track which is given a clubber, more functional rework by Melchior Productions, while Kamran Sadeghi remix is as minimal as it gets!
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out of stock $21.37
  1. Amato Y Mariana - "Quieres Bailar" (5:39)
  2. The Sixteen Steps - "Montgat" (6:46)
  3. His Dirty Secrets - "Structures" (6:15)
  4. Further Reductions - "Another Stranger" (4:56)
Review: BOOM! Our favourites, Cititrax, roll the third editions of Tracks out onto our shelves, and the results are unsurprisingly strong on this excellent various artists comp. It's a mixed bag of skills, as per usual, and the sounds are those of a new NYC, fuelled by a new sort of post-industrial sensibility. Amato Y Mariana open with the tight beats and groove of "Queires Bailar", followed closely by the ominous compositions of the EBM-flavoured "Montgat" from The Sixteen Steps. On the flip, His Dirty Secrets bleeps out some morphed acid on "Structures", and "Another Stranger" from Further Reductions churns out a slow, mild-mannered house experiment with its roots clearly planted in the coldest of waves. Sick.
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Cat: IV 33. Rel: 19 May 11
Deep House
  1. Ku Kanjani (version 1)
  2. Ku Kanjani (version 2)
Review: Ame have always been an inventive pair, but even by their standards this is a departure. Along with Amampondo, they've laid down a delicious chunk of ethno-house that just bristles with summery energy. There are infectious lead and backing vocals from the Cape Town based troupe, looped-up acoustic guitars, heavy electronic melodies and, naturally, some deliciously epic builds based around deep organ chords. While the first version is closer in style to much of their previous output, it's the second version that really hits the spot - if only for the sweetness of the production and the summery strut of the composition. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but we think it's spiffing.
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Played by: MR Raoul K
out of stock $21.37
Cat: MFLOW 3. Rel: 13 Oct 16
  1. Low Connection (6:32)
  2. 15 Ways To Make A Record (6:15)
  3. Microcosm (5:38)
  4. Monday To Sunday (5:50)
  5. Why On Earth (6:02)
  6. Bubble Motion (6:13)
  7. Tape Rewind (5:48)
  8. Mutual Attraction (6:05)
Review: For the third release on their admirable Melliflow label, Vera and Alexandra have turned to newcomer And.Rea, AKA debutant Andrea La Pietra. As first outings go, it's pretty darn good, with the previously unknown producer offering up eight impressive cuts over two weighty slabs of wax. After opening with the off-kilter, intergalactic funk of "Low Connection", La Pietra variously turns his hand to deep and spacey techno ("15 Ways To Make A Record"), bubbly Detroit futurism ("Microcosm"), bruk-influenced electro warmth ("Monday To Sunday", "Bubble Motion"), bleep-heavy jack-tracks ("Why On Earth"), and deeper, woozier fare ("Mutual Attraction"). Throughout, he manages to get a near perfect balance between spacey dreaminess and punchy, dancefloor-friendly grooves.
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Andromeda 005 (double 12")
Cat: ANDROMEDA 005. Rel: 05 Jul 14
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
out of stock $22.18
Cat: FSR 7065. Rel: 16 Sep 10
  1. In The Air (feat Fred Wesley)
  2. Batash (Alwoojdi) (feat Shlomo Bar)
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Wireless Internet (double 12")
Cat: REC 05LP. Rel: 25 May 06
  1. The Analyst
  2. Illuminated Displays
  3. I Mode
  4. Wireframe Images
  5. P2101V
  6. NTT DoCoMo
  7. Software Version
  8. Devoid Of Wires
  9. Wireless Internet
Review: Re-press!!! 9 tracks which do remind of Dopplereffekt and Japanese Telecom. Although it's not that strange since the album was recorded at the Dataphisix studios.
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Poltergeist (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: MOSDEEP 018. Rel: 26 Mar 14
Deep House
  1. Project Poltergeist
  2. Smash Dimensions
  3. Walker (extended)
  4. Captain Blood
Review: Having got a taste for all things Liverpool with last year's long overdue MOS Recordings debut of John Heckle, Aroy Dee has clearly surveyed the area for further talent and struck gold once more with this slammer from ASOK. The production mantle of Scenery Records boss Stu Robertson, ASOK has seen him trade his D&B roots for raw, analogue house and techno and following the one contribution to a Use Of Weapons records this Poltergeist slab represents his most high profile release to date. Ease yourself into the four tracks on this MOS DEEP release and you can hear why Aroy Dee wanted some ASOK action, with lead track "Project Poltergeist" using the minimum of elements - cascading acid lines, swift hats and a fluttering chord line - to impressive effect. "Smash Dimensions" and "Walker" are ASOK in stripped back and deep mode respectively whilst "Captain Blood" is the sort of ascendant B Side a jobbing house DJ will gravitate towards. A superb release on MOS - just as you'd expect!
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Various V3 (double 12")
Cat: BPV 012. Rel: 07 May 15
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Audiotheque - "Anakronik" (8:02)
  2. Leo-pol - "Introduction" (7:33)
  3. Nu Zau - "Noise" (11:35)
  4. Anrilov & Bvoice - "Budet" (8:32)
  5. Adjusment Bureau - "Times Goes By" (7:55)
  6. Clovis - "Rose Bleue" (11:20)
Review: Moscow label BodyParts Records has become a byword for quality minimal fare since its emergence a few years back and this latest offering is their most comprehensive yet. V3 pairs up six producers across two slabs of vinyl and will probably become one of those double packs that doesn't leave your box. The future tribalism of Nu Zau's "Noise" stands out here, as does the bristling abstract grooves of Anrilov & Bvoice collaboration "Budet". The chiming beauty and simple beats of "Rose Bleue" by Clovis might just be our favourite contribution here however.
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Sunstream (12")
Cat: ENEREC 005. Rel: 02 Aug 10
  1. Sunstream
  2. Midnight Run
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Cat: HINF 8676. Rel: 04 Nov 14
  1. Chappell
  2. Under His Own Name But Also As Sir
Review: The Hinge Finger label overseen by Joy Orbison and TTT boss Will Bankhead returns with Cologne producer Barnt at the helm for the excellent two track His Name 12". Jobbing house and techno selectors will be eminently familiar with the output of Daniel Ansorge as Barnt, whose music has resulted in some fine 12"s for the likes of Comeme, Mule Musiq and his own Magazine label. Still, not the most obvious of candidates for a Hinge Finger release, but much the same was said about both Madteo and Mix Mup at the time of their announcements on the label. Both "Chappell" and "Under His Own Name But Also As Sir" fit the Barnt mould perfectly, taking the functionalism of techno's rhythmic backbone and playfully toying around with it resulting in some truly memorable sonics. The B Side track in particular is up there with Ansorge's Comeme "Tunsten".
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Cat: UKMAPA0063. Rel: 01 Aug 06
  1. Beber - "Juvenile Delinquent" (Bassbin Twins edit)
  2. Beber - "Chief Rocka" (Bassbin Twins edit)
  3. Tsunami One & BT - "Hip Hop Phenomenon" (Bassbin Twins edit)
  4. Infusion/Freeland - "Starwater/Nowism" (Bassbin Twins edit)
  5. Freeland - "Mind Killer" (original Unknown/original Bassbin Twins vinyl edit)
  6. Ils - "Next Level"
  7. Stone Lions - "Snow Over Arizona" (Bassbin Twins edit)
  8. 9 Nickel - "Capricorn" (Bassbin Twins edit)
  9. Scratch D vs The Bomb - "The Red Bomb" (Bassbin Twins edit)
  10. No Love - "Disconnection" (Bassbin Twins edit)
Review: Limited Box Set. The awesome Bassbin Twins last 12" "The Dogs" was pure quality, here they get their dirty hands on the Marine Parade catalogue and edit their favourites with their unique style, some of the edits on this special box set are phenomenal, a collectors must have.
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Cat: WYHSX 046. Rel: 07 Mar 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Ganstress (6:52)
  2. Deep Jungle (6:31)
  3. Jungle Levels (6:06)
  4. (808) Bass Boom (5:09)
  5. Stick'em Up (5:32)
  6. Born To Roll (6:07)
  7. Forcefield (6:39)
  8. Mother Earth (5:47)
Review: Holy grail material. The long-awaited repress of Bay B Kane's rare "Survival Techniques" album-sized EP. Brimming with raw, fresh foundational jungle, every track is a stone cold classic. The drunken warbles and matched drum pitches of "Jungle Levels", the sprightly skanks and metallic funk textures of "Stick'em Up" and the ricochet snares and cavernous dubspace of "Born To Roll" are just three of eight murderation sensations on here.
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out of stock $20.55
Noah's Day (double 12")
Cat: PERLON 111. Rel: 13 Oct 16
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Noah's Day (8:55)
  2. Loop 1 (0:09)
  3. Vermo 80 (6:12)
  4. Vonnbo (5:50)
  5. Loop 2 (0:13)
  6. Urfa (9:27)
  7. Loop 3 (0:15)
  8. Vega (6:27)
  9. Bado (6:46)
  10. Loop 4 (0:24)
Review: Berlin minimal hero Germann Nguyen aka Binh returns to Perlon for a full length LP, following up highly lauded releases previously for the label, as well as putting out some impressive grooves as part of Treatment (with Oner Ozer), collaborating with DJ Masda on his Cabaret imprint and with his own brilliant Time Passages label. On the Noah's Day LP, Binh shows us that he's one of the best at merging classic electro sensibilities with minimal house; a current trend that's sweeping the Berlin underground at present. Fast tempo rhythm patterns reminiscent of early Detroit and UK techno come into the fold, as well as obvious nods to the classic reductionist sounds of DBX and Pantytec. This guy's one of the most exciting producers of the moment and this could well be one of the year's best releases.
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Shadows From Nowhere (repress) (140 gram white & blue marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: AR 006/RBSTX 009/R. Rel: 13 Mar 17
  1. Shadows From Nowhere (5:31)
  2. Marie (4:50)
  3. Manu Acheo - "Shadows From Nowhere (There Are Shadows Because There Are Hills)" (extended edit) (7:41)
Review: Archeo Records are at it again with another fine curio from the hidden corners of Italian electronic music history. This time it's the turn of Blue Gas, a one-off electronic disco project from Celso Valli that originally came to light back in 1983. The title track is a sumptuous Balearic diggers dream, all airy pads and laid back funk basslines. Elsewhere "Marie" is a surprisingly uptempo B-side, although here it's squeezed onto the A-side to make room for Manu Acheo's extended edit of "Shadows From Nowhere" which pleasingly drapes itself across the full spread of the B-side.
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Foundation Dub: Chapter One (gatefold double 10")
Cat: SUSH 038. Rel: 05 May 16
  1. Friday Night Dub (version) (7:35)
  2. Head On (extended) (8:24)
  3. Triple B Dub (short edit) (5:39)
  4. Strike Back (10" edit) (3:16)
  5. Special Request (version) (7:33)
Review: Yossi Amoyal's Sushitech imprint never fails to impress, whether he's unearthing the new breed or it's just techno and house innovators he's paying due respect to just like underrated legends such as Steve O'Sullivan aka Bluetrain; who the label has released several volumes of work both new and old. This time it's for O'Sullivan's lesser known Bluetrain imprint. Long regarded secret weapons to 'those that know'. Foundation Dub: Chapter One features fresh cuts from the O'Sullivab studio and they've even been given actual track titles this time around, hooray! We particularly enjoyed the smoked out and glacial groove of "Friday Night Dub", the sublime bass driven dancefloor groove of "Head On" (which will work on any occasion we guarantee) or the proper and purist dub therapy of "Special Request" which keeps it as real as anything Basic Channel have done also.
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Shine & Free (limited colour vinyl double 12")
Cat: GVR 121118CLR. Rel: 17 Dec 13
  1. Shine
  2. Gotta A Lot Of Static
  3. The Happy Song
  4. Hit & Runnin
  5. Love You
  6. Everything Good 2 Ya
  7. Free 2013
  8. Dat Boy Again
Review: Sounds like an album, actually two EPs... "Shine" and the April 2013-released "Free". Together they form an eight track reason why Boogie Nite is likely to be a man with an unavoidable profile in the near future. Ranging from the Jazzanova style live dreams and dream arpeggios of "The Happy Song" and thundering slap bass of "Hit & Runnin" to the Shaft-style raw funk soul of "Everything Good 2 Ya", this is an exception collection of songs for both home and club ears. Shine on you crazy DJs...
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Played by: I Love Disco!
out of stock $25.70
El Savador (12")
Cat: WN 12017. Rel: 27 Apr 11
  1. El Savador (original vocal)
  2. El Savador (instrumental)
  3. El Savador (Cosmic Boogie mix)
out of stock $24.88
Tell Them (12")
Cat: WN 12016. Rel: 27 Apr 11
  1. Tell Them (original)
  2. Tell Them (Kez YM remix)
  3. Tell Them (Mark E remix - version 1)
  4. Tell Them (Mark E remix - version 2)
out of stock $21.63
The Alps (12")
Cat: DLDRMS 003. Rel: 23 Nov 10
  1. The Alps (Kassem Mosse fix)
  2. The Alps
Review: A long time coming, Braiden's debut release finally arrives on Doldrums and it's mark of just how accomplished "The Alps" is that the accompanying release of DLDRMS002 from Joy Orbison out this week in no way overshadows the track. "The Alps" is a sign of Doldrums realigning itself towards a proper house and techno sound - by the time the end arrives your senses have been treated to a deeply pressurised amalgamation of raw throbbing house rhythms and metallic UK funky patterns which presents itself as an auspicious debut for Braiden. Just as exciting is the accompanying remix from Kassem Mosse that nudges the track further towards permaretro surroundings, flipping a tinny jacking beat over Basic Channel style dubbed keys before opening out in glorious fashion into a hypnotic acid house pulse reminiscent of "Blackout" by Lil Louis. This twelve aligned with a recently announced remix for Jacques Greene's LuckMe release mark Braiden as one to watch next year.
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out of stock $24.88
Remixes (12")
Cat: WASTEP 3 . Rel: 22 May 14
  1. Mandan (Patten version)
  2. Feral (Odd Nosdam version)
  3. Dark Star (Personable version - edit)
Review: Examining seminal ambient works from Harold Budd via his work on All Saints, this remix package brings a wisely curated host of modern artists in to deliver their own strung out tributes to an influential contemporary of Brian Eno et al. Patten takes to "Mandan" with a slow rising spirituality, gently feeding in threads of percussion to merge with the thick slurry of synths, winding up with a very harmonious cacophony of sound. Odd Nosdam meanwhile turns to his usual arsenal of fuzzy drone business as he tackles "Feral", the pitch bends taking on a transcendental nature as they stretch out into the ether. M. Geddes Gengras' Personable project opts for a sprawling 20 minute version of "Dark Star" that uses the ample running time to unfold a story of high drama, tension and beauty that creates a mastery out of gently discordant melodies.
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Played by: Lola Allen
out of stock $25.43
Chakattic EP (hand-stamped 12" limited to 150 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: DWEB 101. Rel: 15 Oct 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. I Know You I Love You (Chakattic vocal mix) (6:26)
  2. I Know You I Love You (reprise music & vocal only no beats mix) (6:07)
  3. I Know You I Love You (bonus beats version) (3:18)
Review: This, ladies and Gentlemen, is big news. After a break of 12 years, pioneering West London broken beat collective Bugz In The Attic have reunited to deliver a brand new, ultra-limited 12" containing fresh revisions of 1981 Chaka Khan classic "I Know You, I Live You". The A-side "Chakattic Mix" is particularly wonderful, layering Khan's ultra-positive, life-affirming vocal above the crew's trademark bruk-up beats, jazzy bass and sensational jazz-funk synths (provided, no doubt, by original crew-member Kaidi Tathtam). Over on side B, they up the spine-tingling "end of night" factor via a version containing just music and vocals, before once more proving their immense drum programming skills via a delay-laden "Bonus Beats" DJ tool. In a word: brilliant.
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Friday Night EP (double 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: SNDW 12013. Rel: 24 Sep 12
  1. Friday Night
  2. Auntie Fatty
  3. Auntie Fatty (Drumtalk remix)
  4. Floor Excitement
  5. Floor Excitement VIP
  6. Yaga Skank
  7. 1995
Review: The Busy Twist run a really interesting operation... Inspired by the UK's bass movement, the London-based producers have recorded extensively in their native Ghana, giving this a truly international tongue. A fine case in point is Drumtalk's remix of the brilliantly titled "Auntie Fatty": riddled with all manner of chopped up chants and percussion, there's a very familiar riff on the drop. "Floor Excitement" is another highlight; the vocals are reminiscent of a Wookie plate but delivered with heartwarming gusto. Technically this is an EP... But with such a bounty of tropical treats, this is almost album material.
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CVE Live 2011 (12" + poster)
Cat: CVE 002. Rel: 22 Jan 15
Deep House
  1. Bowls (Recorded live At Concertzaal Vooruit In Ghent, Belgium On Dec 8th, 2011) (8:48)
  2. Ahmed, Colin, James, Kieran, Kyle, Rob & Steve (Recoded live At Scala In London, UK On Dec 7th, 2011) (5:16)
  3. Sun (Recorded live At Concertzaal Vooruit In Ghent, Belgium On Dec 8th, 2011) (13:26)
Review: In case you didn't know, Caribou toured around Europe with a band just a few years ago, and you know what? He's been kind enough to record three of those gigs and press up on wax for ya! Featuring the likes of Four Tet and James Holden among his band members, the record contains segments from three shows: two in Ghent and one London at the illustrious Scala venue. The former is perhaps the maddest part, but you can only truly get to grips with its insanity once your hear that brass riding all over the high-speed live percussion. Sublime.
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Digital Harakiri (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: 1103. Rel: 08 Dec 15
UK Garage
  1. Digital Harakiri (5:33)
  2. Fluid Emotion (5:06)
  3. Milky Well (5:02)
  4. Sazanami (4:14)
Review: Backed by serious hype and support from Nest HQ, Japanese bass smelter Carpainter unleashes his second EP of 2015 and its 100 per cent thriller: "Digital Harakiri" is a grainy, angular breakbeat track that sits somewhere between Aphex and Freq Nasty. "Fluid Emotion" is a silky 4/4 garage jam with just the right amount of grit on the bottom end. "Milky Well" an insanely funky cut that sounds like the lovechild of Swindle and George Clinton while "Sazanami" brings us to a glossy finale with twinkling arpeggios, FX-twisted vocal shots and feel good chords. Genuinely beautiful.
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Om Vedea EP (180 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: UND 004. Rel: 28 May 14
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Time & Space
  2. Sun2216
  3. Shakeuit
  4. Adagio or Truism
Review: Lazar Cezar doesn't release that much but each new record from him or his Understand label is worth the wait. For starters, the four tracks that appear across two heavy weight 12"s - with bespoke artwork - boast an obvious pride behind the release, and the same can be said for the production. The EP's highlight is the knee-deep pops and gurgles of "Time & Space" that surface to bubble around dampened beats and irregular-to-regular hi-hat and snare patterns. Listen to it and it's almost like being caught inside a floating blob of it. "Sun2216" is very deep, and so subtle that in parts it's almost not there - you can only just make out what sounds like snippets of spiritual teachings by Jiddu Krishnamurti. The A-side of Om Vedea's second disc, "Shakeuit", is more for the dancefloor thanks to its workman-like minimal techno that doesn't stop, while "Adagio or Truism" is tonal, trippy and ultimately experimental heat from the heart of Bucharest.
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Cat: HR 7S125. Rel: 20 Feb 19
  1. Hit Or Miss (4:10)
  2. Friends (4:19)
Review: Here is the long awaited new single from Italian soul supergroup Change - some of you may recognise their classic "The Glow of Love" which featured the unmistakable vocals of then frontman Luther Vandross in 1980. After six successful albums throughout the 80's before disbanding and making a brief return in 2010, the group's new single "Hit Or Miss" will appear on their first album in 38 years: Love 4 Love which is produced by Change alumni Davide Romani Mauro Malavasi, it's got the same kind of life-affirming soul power you've come to love from the outfit, and they've still got the knack for a great tune - listen for yourself!
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London Bars (Record Store Day 2016) (limited heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: 602547 709448. Rel: 06 May 16
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Funny (feat Frisco) (2:59)
  2. More Ratatatin (feat Giggs) (3:18)
  3. Wha Gwarn? (feat Bonkaz) (3:34)
  4. Bigger Man Sound (feat Novelist) (3:21)
Review: Warming us up for their fourth album, Chase & Status applied their studio magic to a 100 percent grime-focused mini-series late last year. Featuring an all-star cast of MCs - Frisco, Giggs, Bonkaz, Novelist - each cut celebrated all the best elements and characteristics of the genre from sparse, instantly hooky beats and seriously witty and sharp wordplay. Now celebrating on the format they should be, grab these limited Record Store Day bars before they shut down.
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Lobster Club (limited gatefold double 12")
Cat: TCS 02. Rel: 05 Nov 14
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Wald 1975
  2. A New Beat
  3. Warhol
  4. Orchestra Rehearsal
  5. Fiction
  6. Cauldron
Review: Known most for his TC Studio work alongside Matei Tulbure, Traian Chereches has latterly taken to working in a solo capacity and demonstrated an equal degree of aplomb for unique rhythms and joyful sensations. Fans of the Romanian's work will delight in this double pack on his and Tulbure's prospering TC Studio label with the six tracks on Lobster Club really showing Chereches' full production range. Proceedings begin on an abstract note with "Wald 1975" memorable for some bold vocal sampling, though tracks such as the tumbling "A New Beat" and "Orchestra Rehearsal" will provide more than enough dancefloor satisfaction.
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 in stock $21.63
Cat: IDIB 005. Rel: 08 Oct 07
  1. In The City
  2. In The City (extended version)
  3. In The City (Zombie vocal)
  4. In The Headlites (extended version)
  5. I'm On Fire (Crosstown)
Review: "In The City", by Chromatics, is great nu-school Italo disco from the states. This Italians Do It Better release is limited to 1000 copies.
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out of stock $26.24
Cat: IDIB 027. Rel: 11 Oct 10
  1. In The City (12" version)
  2. Dark Day
  3. I'm On Fire
  4. Tears Of Pain
  5. Lady (original version)
  6. Dagger Moon
  7. In The City (instrumental)
Played by: Maurice Aymard
out of stock $26.24
Unofficial Edits Overdubs & Unreleased Remixes Part 3 (hand-stamped 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: CIRCUITTLPSAMPLER 3. Rel: 26 Jun 17
Deep House
  1. You Owe Me (long version) (9:16)
  2. Pass It On (6:59)
  3. Never Danced Before (7:04)
  4. Queen Africa (11:18)
Review: No one can stop Joaquin Joe Claussel from delivering the absolute best in house. It's just what the man does best, and he's likely to continue churning out eats and new productions on a constant basis for the foreseeable future. This is the third part of his Unofficial Edits Overdubs & Unreleased Remixes, and it all starts with the moody, soul-induced lament of "You Owe Me", followed by the livelier and more danceable disco banger "Pass It On". On the flip, "Never Danced Before" is a banging little revisioning of the cult disco hit, and "Queen Africa" breaks out the jazz horns to come through with an 11 minute journey that will please everyone from the house heads to the soul divas. Yes, Joe!
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X Periments Series Part One (1 x 7" + 2 x square single sided flexidisc)
Cat: CODE 00651. Rel: 13 Dec 16
  1. Welcome To SRM'S Stereo (Test & Sound EFX edition)
  2. Envelope Dialogue
  3. Sensual Rheostat
  4. Budhahari Circuitry
  5. Verbal Narration & Sounds (Excerpts) (Flexidisc)
  6. Monophonic (Flexidisc)
Review: Every time that we get a drop of some new Joaquin Joe Claussel material our ears are automatically attracted in that very same direction. In fact, we've been known to get into trouble for playing his material extensively on our Juno HQ system, because we just hate to see it leave. However, this new material is probably not what you're expecting; rather than a new house EP, Mr Claussel has prepared a nerd's guide to sound testing, described by himself as: "DJ tool for testing, measurement, and calibration of mediocre reproducing stereo sound systems". The elements inside the box are flex-discos, not vinyl, and they are a series of sound, spoken word lyrics, and general FX tricks to either test your system out on, or simply sample and twist-up however you please. It's a collectors piece, and something refreshingly different to support the development of good music in clubs. We love you Joe...
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Residue/TECTORP 18 1 (1-sided 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: RESIDUE/TECTORP 18.1. Rel: 03 Jan 17
Deep House
  1. Dungeon Maggots (2:04)
  2. Matter Of Factness (7:31)
  3. Affect (0:13)
  4. Nuances (0:06)
  5. Seciov (0:06)
Review: It's the big, bad Joe Claussell, and the master reigns in the new year with this absolute stunner of an EP for the Sacred Rhythm label. This is Claussell at his most daring, however, and while you might be expecting some phat-ass house beats and groovy tribalism, the man goes far left of the field on here. The opening "Dungeon Maggots" is a translucent blend of crystal synths and subtle dub echoing, while "Matter Of Factness" injects a delicate house flow into the mix, propelled into motion by a dubby guitar riff. "Affect", "Nuances", and "Seciov" all act as beatless electronic tools, a trio of synth sways to add extra effect to your DJ mix. Yes, Joe!
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Cat: MGART 601. Rel: 11 Jul 06
Deep House
  1. Deep (er) Distance (Joaquin's Dream version)
  2. Ain't No Time For Tears (Scared Rhythm version)
  3. Shuttlecock
Review: 2 rare and officially remodeled mixes of two of Manuel Gottsching's 70s classics. Joe Clausell is the man who gets the call to work over both the 21 minute "Deeper Distance" as well as the 10 minute "Ain’t No Time For Tears"
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Played by: Ron Like Hell, Vakula
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Re-Konstructor (limited 12")
Cat: ARMV 001. Rel: 15 Sep 14
  1. Re-Konstructor
  2. Re-Kabaret 13
Review: Earlier this year Anterior Research Media Comm label presented Clock 2, a USB stick of Clock DVA material that covered audio and video content. Fans of the iconic '80s Steel City industrial act who prefer their Clock DVA in a more traditional format will no doubt be pleased to see that the label have pulled two of the reworks that featured on that USB for this lovingly presented 12" release. Originally composed and programmed by Clock DVA at Astrogys Studio in Salerno, Italy back in 2012, both "Re-Konstructor" and "Re-Kabaret 13" were "developed, produced and remixed" at the Anterior Optofonica Lab in Amsterdam. The former is reworked by OG Clock DVA member Adi Newton along with Maurizio 'TEZ' Martinucci, whilst the latter gets rewired by Raster-Noton co-founder Frank Bretschneider. Both are quite excellent!
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Cat: ELECTRICROOTS 012. Rel: 06 Aug 13
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. From C&C With Love
  2. From C&C With Love (Do It) (part 3)
  3. From C&C With Lights
  4. From C&C With Riends
  5. From C&C With Love (part 2)
Review: Considering their Sessions LP was just one long single-track jam, this five-piece EP from the irrepressible Japanese jazzsters is genuinely super generous. Naturally, there's a theme throughout as the duo leap between parts, returning to soft organ melodic motifs and chord structures that are all built on the soft vocal harmonics of the original piece. Making references to Latin dynamics and contemporary electronic soul, it's yet another unique expedition from the C&C family. Much love.
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