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Cat: 596690 Rel: 05 Jan 16
Stereo looper effects pedal with extra-long 12 minutes of stereo recording time - up to 10 independent loops
Notes: With 720 seconds (12 minutes) of stereo recording time on 10 independent loops and unlimited overdubbing, the compact 720 Stereo Looper provides guitarists with an intuitive tool that's perfect for practice and live performance.

*UK 3-piin power supply included
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MIDI Archeology (7xLP + T-shirt (size M) + numbered autographed insert + MIDI data access in wooden box limited to 250 copies)
Cat: FR 019 M. Rel: 18 Apr 19
  1. Dark Matter
  2. Evaluation
  3. Muon
  4. Proteus
  5. Nanotech
  6. Anomaly
  7. Corona
  8. Unintentional
  9. Darkmatter (The Exaltics remix)
  10. Silent Years (Cygnus remix)
  11. Mr Machine (Radioactive Man remix)
  12. Entron (Hardfloor remix)
  13. Moonax (Jensen Interceptor remix)
  14. Nanotech (Morphology & Sync 24 remix)
  15. Evaluation Mesak (Mr. Velcro fastener remix)
  16. Proteus (ADJ rework)
  17. Unintentional (Brice Kelly remix)
  18. Evaluation (Relaxant remix)
  19. Anomaly (Varaz remix)
  20. Muon (Dibu-Z remix)
  21. Entron (N-TER remix)
  22. The Silent Years (Acedie remix)
Played by: Vincent Inc
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Korg Volca Sample Digital Sample Sequencer (digital sample sequencer)
Cat: 547480 Rel: 18 Dec 14
Compact sample sequencer for editing and sequencing up to 100 sample sounds in real time
Notes: The new Korg Volca Sample is a very intuitive and powerful volca sequencer, that allows you to sculpt samples with the Analog Isolator, and also features loads of new functions such as dedicated iOS app; song mode and reverse function.

This sequencer lets you recapture the excitement of the first generation of samplers, in which any sound --- vocals, spoken words, ambient sound, or glitches --- becomes material for your creations!

The step sequencer is designed for ease of editing and to allow parts to be inserted or removed "on the fly." Use the 16 step keys to enter notes intuitively while maintaining visual confirmation of the timing of the notes in a measure. You can also record your performance in real time. Up to ten of the sequence patterns you create can be stored in internal memory.

The motion sequence function records your knob movements, letting you add time-varying change to the sound. This is a great way to polish your loops, and also lets you generate highly original live performances. The volca sample is able to record all knob movements that are related to sound editing. This allows sophisticated editing that had been impossible for hardware samplers of this category.

Parameters that can be used with Motion Sequence:

Start Point (Playback start location)
Length (Playback length)
Hi Cut (Cutoff frequency)
Speed (Playback speed)
Pitch EG Int (Pitch EG depth)
Pitch EG Attack (Pitch EG attack time)
Pitch EG Decay (Pitch EG Decay time)
Amp Level
Amp EG Attack (Amp EG Attack time)
Amp EG Decay (Amp EG Decay time)

The Active Step function lets you skip steps during the sequence, and the Step Jump function lets you instantly play just the step that you're pressing. From short-loop effects to unimaginably irregular rhythms, these functions allow dynamic performances as though you were performing the sequence itself.

The Swing function adjusts the swing playback position, generating the distinctive groove of dance music styles such as hip-hop. As appropriate for the character of your song, you can shift between rushing and dragging the beat.

Volca sample features a frequency isolator, which has become a powerful tool in the creation of numerous electronic genres. This lets you apply powerful changes to the sound and create development and breaks by boosting or cutting the low/high ranges. The isolator is implemented as an analog circuit, ensuring thick sound even in the flat position.

The built-in reverb effect can be switched on/off for each part. The isolator and reverb can be used together, enhancing your live performance with possibilities such as cutting the low range and letting it fly.
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Notes: The Magma DJ Controller Workstation S2 is customized to hold the new Traktor S2 DJ-controller and a laptop.

Crafted from 9mm vinyl laminated plywood, sturdy aluminium profiles and heavy duty butterfly latches, The Magma DJ Controller Workstation S2 provides you with secure transport and workstation in one. Thanks to the integrated gliding laptop platform and the convenient cable access port, the setup is ready for action in no time at all.

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Cat: 627257 Rel: 17 Oct 16
Storage unit with curved profiling for easy access to records
Notes: The RS300 500 is a storage shelf for vinyl LPs that has been designed to complement Sefour's X30 DJ Console or be used as a standalone unit. Standing at 145cm tall, it can hold 300 to 500 records (500 without covers). It's a perfect solution for home studios, DJ applications, or any audiophile who wants a convenient way to organize their album collection. The curved profiling of the shelving unit allows easy access to the lower records and the chrome support bars can also securely accommodate record boxes.
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Metaphonics: The Complete Field Works Recordings (hand-numbered 7xLP box set + hard-back book limited to 225 copies)
Cat: TRR 304LP. Rel: 25 Sep 18
Post Rock/Experimental
  1. Kinematic Wave (Initial Sounds) (8:36)
  2. Into The Flux (8:35)
  3. Flow (8:16)
  4. Potentially Lahars (9:50)
  5. LIGO (19:46)
  6. Spacetime Drift (18:35)
  7. All These Things Are Real (Born In The Ear) (4:03)
  8. They Coat The Land In Names (3:48)
  9. Just A Regular Street (2:50)
  10. Born In The Ear (5:01)
  11. Again & Again (5:15)
  12. Dedication, Consercation (4:39)
  13. Imprints (3:18)
  14. The Last Long Walk (6:03)
  15. Formation 1 (Glen Rose Formation) (4:03)
  16. Formation 2 (4:25)
  17. Formation 3 (4:18)
  18. Formation 4 (6:46)
  19. Formation 1, Revisited (Dntel remix) (3:56)
  20. Formation 2, Revisited (Lusine remix) (4:58)
  21. Formation 3, Revisited (Matmos remix) (4:26)
  22. Formation 4, Revisited (Luke Abbott remix) (4:31)
  23. Today I Sample (Pogue's Run) (0:26)
  24. The Source (4:36)
  25. Through The City (4:13)
  26. The Tunnel (4:29)
  27. Into The White (5:41)
  28. What Is The City Hiding (7:21)
  29. Pogue Out Walking (12:59)
  30. Welcome (3:59)
  31. Agriculture (3:26)
  32. Labor (2:36)
  33. Education (3:11)
  34. Industry (3:35)
  35. Trade (2:18)
  36. Equality (3:49)
  37. Ecology (3:22)
  38. Street Overture: Continious Cities (2:32)
  39. Elevator: Cities & The Sky (3:00)
  40. Now It's Ready: Cities & Memory (3:36)
  41. Free About Me: Hidden Cities (3:23)
  42. Looking For Help: Cities & Desire (3:13)
  43. A Place To Sleep: Thin Cities (3:11)
  44. I Am Alive: Cities & Eyes (3:45)
  45. The Footprint: Trading Cities (3:02)
  46. Scratches: Cities & Signs (3:41)
  47. No Longer Strange: Cities & Names (3:30)
  48. Fossils: Cities & The Dead (4:06)
  49. Mediated World: Cities & The Filed (3:15)
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WMD/SSF Blender Module (synth module)
Cat: 588818 Rel: 02 Oct 15
4 channel mixer and voltage controlled cross-fader synthesiser module - 6HP wide
Notes: BLENDER is a four channel mixer and voltage controlled cross-fader. BLENDER simplies mixing audio and control voltages (CV) by incorporating a single control to blend two signals at a time - also known as a cross-fader.

Two manual cross-faders and a single voltage controlled master cross-fader are provided.

Use BLENDER as a main mixer or as a dynamic control for creating complex control voltages and waveforms from your signal generators.

Power Draw: +20mA, -20mA. 6HP width. 25mm Depth.
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Cat: 588824 Rel: 02 Oct 15
2 pole multi-mode filter synthesiser module - 4HP wide
Notes: MMF is a 2 pole Multi-Mode Filter in 4 HP. It has simultaneous LowPass, BandPass and HighPass filter outputs.

MMF will self oscillate into a nice sine wave and track 1V/octave. The Resonance is voltage controllable.

The PING input is for a gate or trigger, and generates a fast decay envelope with a nice sound, reminiscent of a vactrol filter, but without the vactrol. PING can normal to the FM jack, or go direct (switchable behind the panel).

The FM input is connected to an attenuverter pot to give you control over the signal.

Power Draw: +62mA, -24mA. 4HP Width. 25mm Depth.
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