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1010 Music Bitbox Micro Compact Sampling Module
Cat: 775080 Rel: 22 Jun 20
sampling module
Notes: Compact take on the Bitbox sampler, also offered as the larger Mk2 version. Touchscreen-based design allowing up to eight stereo samples, recording directly or loaded from SD card.

Supplier notes:
Bitbox micro provides Eurorack sampling for smaller racks and smaller budgets. In only 18 HP of rack space you can get a touch screen based sampler with support for 8 stereo sample pads. Now you can record samples directly into the module or load them from the microSD card. Trigger your samples via CV or MIDI, then apply effects and mix the outputs. Save your configurations to multiple presets for later reuse.

Sample Playback

Play up to 24 stereo polyphonic notes when your samples fit in the 64 MB of internal memory or up to 8 larger stereo samples streaming directly from the microSD card
Configure 8 stereo sample pads per preset as single or multi-samples, clips, slicers, granular or new recordings
Stream long samples from the microSD card with a max sample size of 4 GB, which can be many hours of audio
Trigger samples with the touch screen, CV gate inputs, or MIDI input
Control how samples start and stop by choosing from one-shot, toggle, and gate launch modes
Tweak playback through a variety of sample parameters, including start position, length, pitch, gain, filter, loop mode, launch quantization, ADSR, Exclusive Grouping, clip synchronization, slice placement and sequencing, grain size, grain spread, grain count, and MIDI note and channel mapping

Sample Recording

Record Eurorack level audio straight into the module:

Record samples from a stereo audio input pair
Configure each pad for stereo or mono recording with the option to synchronize the start and stop times to clock inputs
Trigger recording via audio level threshold
Create perfectly sized loops by setting the recording length
Enable immediate playback after recording for live looping capabilities
Make recordings up to 4 hours in length
Resample the master output without patching
Automate recording of a multi-sample bank via MIDI and CV
Store recorded samples as WAV files on the micro SD card then remove the card to transfer them to your computer

Sample Modes
Find creative ways of using your samples with our 5 sample playback modes:

Trigger one shots or launch loops using sample mode
Load a folder of samples into a sample mode pad to improve the quality of the pitch shifting when playing a sample chromatically or to trigger different samples with each note
Play time-synchronized loops with constant pitch time shifting in clip mode
Skip between slices of a WAV using slicer mode
Create rich textures and other worldly sounds with granular mode

Inputs and Outputs
Use the 8 inputs the way you want: assignments include a stereo audio input, up to 8 gate inputs, up to 8 CV inputs and 1 clock input.
Route the audio from each pad out to one of 3 stereo audio outputs or one of 6 mono audio outputs
Listen to all of the pad outputs combined on the master stereo output

External Control and Synchronization
Playback can be immediate or synchronized to internal clock, TRS clock in, or MIDI clock in and out
Confidently connect with both TRS MIDI Type A and Type B, no adapter needed
Play a single or multi-sample pad pitch shifted using MIDI notes or CV
Trigger different sample slices using MIDI notes or CV
Modulate a wide variety of sample parameters through the MIDI input and up to 8 CV signals
Quickly set up MIDI modulation using Learn mode - no need to look up CC numbers
Module Features
Use the 2? diagonal touch screen to intuitively explore the features of the module
Get more creative with double the processing power of the original bitbox
Refine your sound with reverb and delay
Import or export WAV files with your Mac or PC using a microSD card
Save and recall multiple presets
Increase your capacity with larger microSD cards
Inputs and outputs are DC coupled so you can record and play out CV signals
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90 Degrees Of Shade: Image & Identity In The West Indies: Over 100 Years Of Photography In The Caribbean
Cat: 551691 Rel: 06 Nov 14
252 page hardback book celbrating over 100 years of photography in the Caribbean
Notes: This book celebrates over 100 years of photography in the Caribbean. From calypso kings to Vodou priests, revolutionaries to dictators, colonialism to independence, slave trade to tourist paradise - the many uses and abuses of the Caribbean are vividly captured here.

The image of the Caribbean is as much a creation of the outsider as it is the complex identity of its people, a melting pot of races created out of the participants of the 400 year slave trade - enforced Africans, indigenous Caribbeans and their colonisers - French, Spanish, Dutch, English.

From luscious and beautiful backdrop of tourism and hedonist retreat, to colonial outpost and revolutionary threat within North America's backyard, the complex identity of the Caribbean stands at the intersection of tourism, the detritus of the slave trade, the decline of colonialism and the region's tropicality.

The regions politics span an almost constantly changing path of ideas, radicalism and revolutionaries - from Castro's Cuba and Michael Manley's Jamaica, to the violent right-wing dictatorships of Haiti's Francois 'Papa Doc' Duvalier and the Dominican Republic's Rafael Trujillo.

The hundreds of fascinating and unique photographs featured here illustrate more than one hundred years of Caribbean history, culture and industry as well as the subsequent diaspora of its people to America, England, Canada and elsewhere.

Introduction by Paul Gilroy. Edited by Stuart Baker.

Paul Gilroy is the author of There Ain't No Black in the Union Jack: The Cultural Politics of Race and Nation (1987), The Black Atlantic: Modernity and Double Consciousness (1993), Black Britain - A Photographic History (2004) amongst others.

Stuart Baker is the editor of a number of photography and design books all of which deal with culture and identity including Punk 45 (with Jon Savage), Dancehall (with Beth Lesser), Kanaval: Vodou, Politics and Revolution on the Streets of Haiti (with Leah Gordon), Voguing (with Chantal Regnault), Bossa Nova, Freedom, Rhythm & Sound (both with Gilles Peterson) and more. He is also the founder of Soul Jazz Records.collection.
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Played by: Soul Jazz Records
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Trap Lord
Trap Lord (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 888837 373715. Rel: 07 Sep 13
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Let It Go
  2. Shabba (feat A$ap Rocky)
  3. Lord (feat Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
  4. Hood Pope
  5. Fergivicious
  6. 4:02
  7. Dump Dump
  8. Work Remix (feat A$ap Rocky, French Montana, Trinidad James & Schoolboy Q)
  9. Didn't Wanna Do That
  10. Murda Something (feat Waka Flocka Flame)
  11. Make A Scene (feat Maad Moiselle)
  12. F**k Out My Face (feat B-Real, Onyx & Aston Matthews)
  13. Cocaine Caste
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Tascam's Revenge
Cat: PR 001. Rel: 02 Jul 19
  1. Tascam's Revenge (2:57)
  2. Sundial (3:22)
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Legendary Songs From The Early Days
Cat: 114810 1. Rel: 11 Dec 19
  1. Round & Round (3:17)
  2. Rocker (5:38)
  3. Highway To Hell (2:36)
  4. Whole Lotta Rosie (5:07)
  5. Let There Be Rock (5:57)
  6. Midnight Hour (feat GBB Band) (2:53)
  7. TNT (3:53)
  8. Hells Bells (5:14)
  9. Back In The Black (3:47)
  10. For Those About To Rock (6:03)
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Live At Paradise Theater Boston MA August 21st 1978
Live At Paradise Theater Boston MA August 21st 1978 (limited 180 gram coloured vinyl LP)
Cat: DOR 2123H. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Live Wire (5:43)
  2. Problem Child (4:17)
  3. Sin City (4:54)
  4. Gone Shootin' (6:20)
  5. High Voltage (5:54)
  6. The Jack (5:48)
  7. Bad Boy Boogie (8:26)
  8. Rocker (6:56)
  9. Dog Eat Dog (encore) (6:10)
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Accutronics Medium Spring Reverb Tank For Intellijel Springray
Cat: 563702 Rel: 09 Mar 15
Spring reverb tank for Intellijel Springray module, medium size
Notes: Medium sized spring reverb tank, Type 8 Accutronics 8BB2C1B with 3×1 springs and medium decay (1.75 - 3 seconds).

Input impedance 190 Ohm, output impedance 2575 Ohm. Input connector insulated, output connector grounded.
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Accutronics Small Spring Reverb Tank For Intellijel Springray
Cat: 563701 Rel: 10 Mar 15
Spring reverb tank for Intellijel Springray module, small size
Notes: Type 1 - Blue Reverb

Compact and low cost type
2 natural coil spring type
Input impedance are changeable
Length of connect wire are changeable by optional

Specially suited for small wattage amplifier
For electric organs, guitar amplifier
Ideally suited for practice amps
2 Springs Type
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Emergency (reissue)
Emergency (reissue) (translucent orange vinyl 12")
Cat: PRLD 597COLOUR. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Emergency (6:08)
  2. Love Attraction (5:57)
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Emergency (12")
Cat: PRLD 597BLACK. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Emergency (6:09)
  2. Love Attraction (5:58)
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Somethin' Else
Somethin' Else (180 gram blue vinyl LP)
Cat: 350208. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Autumn Leaves (10:59)
  2. Love For Sale (7:05)
  3. Fran-dance (bonus track) (5:51)
  4. Somethin' Else (8:11)
  5. One For Daddy-o (8:27)
  6. Dancing In The Dark (4:04)
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Hexerei In Zwielicht Der Finsternis
Cat: EPPLP 14. Rel: 30 Sep 20
  1. Enthral (1:33)
  2. Sacrifice (5:33)
  3. Enter The Hall Of Ice (5:10)
  4. Call From The Grave (5:54)
  5. Totentanz (5:22)
  6. The Darkest Desire (5:09)
  7. Das Irrlicht (3:53)
  8. Ende (3:30)
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First Warning: The United Blood Era Recordings New York City 83
  1. No One Rules (0:25)
  2. Final War (0:22)
  3. Last Warning (0:47)
  4. Traitor (0:25)
  5. Friend Or Foe (1:14)
  6. United Blood (1:12)
  7. Fight (0:16)
  8. Discriminate Me (0:42)
  9. In Control (0:30)
  10. Crucial Changes (0:25)
  11. Smell The Bacon/What's With You (0:38)
  12. In Control (0:30)
  13. Last Warning (0:49)
  14. Fuck All Authority (0:31)
  15. Fight (0:15)
  16. Final War (0:23)
  17. Discriminate Me (0:43)
  18. United Blood (1:14)
  19. No Rights (No One Rules) (0:26)
  20. Friend Or Foe (1:15)
  21. We Should Care (1:07)
  22. Crucial Changes (0:25)
  23. Traitor (0:26)
  24. United Blood (1:13)
  25. Discriminate Me (0:42)
  26. We Should Care (1:07)
  27. Smell The Bacon/What's With You (0:39)
  28. In Control (0:31)
  29. Last Warning (0:52)
  30. Fuck All Authority (0:35)
  31. Fight (0:25)
  32. Get Out/Final War (1:30)
  33. Discriminate Me (0:42)
  34. United Blood (1:15)
  35. Society Suckers (1:12)
  36. No Rights (No One Rules) (0:28)
  37. Friend Or Foe (1:17)
  38. We Should Care (1:06)
  39. Blind Justice (0:47)
  40. Crucial Changes (0:28)
  41. Traitor (0:27)
  42. Skins Go Marching In/We Can Do Anything (1:32)
  43. It's My Life (1:06)
  44. United Blood (1:44)
  45. Time Will Come (1:41)
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Surfing On A Rocket (Record Store Day 2019)
Surfing On A Rocket (Record Store Day 2019) (12" picture disc) (1 per customer)
Cat: 019029 5515027. Rel: 22 Apr 19
  1. Surfing On A Rocket (album version) (3:45)
  2. Surfing On A Rocket (Joakim To The Smiling Sun remix) (6:29)
  3. Surfing On A Rocket (Juan Maclean remix) (7:03)
  4. Surfing On A Rocket (Nomo Heroes Tel Aviv Rocket Surfing Remake) (5:22)
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Charles F Bleistift EP
Cat: CRAM 300457. Rel: 08 Oct 20
Post Rock/Experimental
  1. Tout A Une Fin (short) (3:09)
  2. Blaue Bleistift (3:08)
  3. C'est Charles (edit) (3:26)
  4. Silent Silhouettes (3:38)
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Rainier Fog
Cat: 405053 8417081. Rel: 24 Aug 18
  1. The One You Know
  2. Rainier Fog
  3. Red Giant
  4. Fly
  5. Drone
  6. Deaf Ears Blind Eyes
  7. Maybe
  8. So Far Under
  9. Never Fade
  10. All I Am
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Infinity (12")
Cat: VNR 039. Rel: 04 Oct 19
  1. Infinity (5:17)
  2. Distorted Signal (5:58)
  3. Alienist (5:24)
  4. Distance (6:05)
Played by: Blasha & Allatt
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ALM System Coupe Modular Synthesis System
Cat: 773940 Rel: 01 May 20
modular synthesiser
Notes: Brilliant new complete system based around ALM classics like Pamela's New Workout, Squid Salmple and Quaid Megaslope. Brilliantly creative setup. Full review coming soon.

Supplier's notes:
The system coupe is a modern modular groove box combing both digital and analog technologies. It features various sound sources, innovative pattern creation and sequencing, modulation, sampling, processing and integration with external equipment.

Use the Coupe as a creative tool to sketch new original musical ideas and phrases, an enjoyable persuit to take on travels, a flexible instrument for live sets or imaginative first, or ongoing steps into modern modular synthesis. The System Coupe works great on its own or in partnership with your existing set up.

The Coupe consists of a powered case populated with a curated set of ALM modules - some new, some staples, some proven classics - all very functional and fun. All the modules are special editions, with grey panels, white screens, magenta and blue knobs and a custom powered compact aluminium 84hp case.

At the core of the system is the Squid Salmple, a powerful sampler capable of the recording and playback of up to 8 channels of both audio and CV. It can be used simply as a percussive voice but is extremely flexible as a sampler. Take advantage of its flexibitliy to create polyphonic voices, a super controlled delay or even a CV sequencer.

The Squid Salmple comes with an extensive royalty free sound library of over 700 carefully curated samples created specifically for the module.

The system's VCO is the small but mighty MCO, a morphing wavetable oscillator with 3 simultaneous outputs. It features a normal wave output, octave down sub oscillator output and a special pulse width modultion wavetable output. There are 4 PWM types which can be applied to all 10 wave shapes.

The four transparent & clean summed VCAs of the Tangle Quartet allow you to mix, shape and route audio from these sources. The MCF multi mode filter allows for further sculpting with 3 simultaneous outputs under full voltage control.

The Coupe features 3 new modules available for the first time as part of the system; the Milton, the MCF, and a basic mult, all designed primarily with the Coupe in mind.

The Milton is a utility module that provides amplication for external line level sources, a 1 in 3 out buffered mult, an attenuator and 4 input fixed gain mixer. It was designed specifically for the Coupe system - providing some very useful functionality on a small space.

The MCF is a classic analog multimode filter with resonance featuring hi, band and low pass outputs wth voltage control of both frequency and resonance. It can be used as a sine wave oscillator at higher resonance settings with v/oct tracking over pitch.

The basic mult allows signals to be duplicated to multiple destinations.

The classic Pamelas NEW Workout & Quaid Megaslope provide numerous sequencing and endless modulation oppertunities.

Pam is a staple in the Eurorack world. Use for synced triggers, gates, envelopes and quantised CV sequences all rythimcally synced to a core BPM. Patterns can be based on euclidean rules, then looped on beats for a repeating structure or not, if preferred.

The Megaslope can be used as an advanced multi stage envelope, an LFO and step sequencer with programmable slides. The sequencer is limited to 5 stages but when combined with Pam's flexible CV and gate outputs it is capable of great variation. Unlike many sequencers, the level of each step and slide times may be voltage controlled.

The mmMidi and expander provide the means for more convenetial Midi sequencing and can fully drive the system with multiple CV, gate and trigger outputs.

The adventurous types may even want to sample CV patterns into the Squid Salmple for playback and saving to the USB memory.

Included modules:

ALM023 / mmMidi & mmT expander
ALM017 / Pamela's NEW Workout
ALM024 / Milton NEW!
ALM021 / MCO
ALM009 / Tangle Quartet
ALM019 / HPO
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Forever Young (reissue)
Forever Young (reissue) (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 019029 5526283. Rel: 15 Mar 19
  1. A Victory Of Love (4:09)
  2. Summer In Berlin (4:46)
  3. Big In Japan (4:39)
  4. To Germany With Love (4:10)
  5. Fallen Angel (4:00)
  6. Forever Young (3:46)
  7. In The Mood (4:31)
  8. Sounds Like A Melody (4:48)
  9. Lies (3:35)
  10. The Jet Set (4:55)
 in stock $21.65
Connected (LP)
Cat: KRANK 169LP. Rel: 01 Nov 12
  1. Standing Mandala
  2. Game Of Two
  3. Connected
  4. Trios
  5. Invigilation
 in stock $22.72
Wicked Teachings
  1. Fikir Amlak - "Wicked Teachings" (4:56)
  2. Imperial Sound Army - "Teachings Dub" (4:57)
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Analog Africa Black Tote Bag
Cat: 761947 Rel: 10 Feb 20
tote bag
Notes: Black bag with turquoise logo print
100% cotton bag, 140g with screen printed logo
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Not That Kind (reissue)
Not That Kind (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile translucent pink vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: MOVLP 1675C. Rel: 09 Sep 20
  1. Not That Kind (3:24)
  2. I'm Outta Love (3:57)
  3. Cowboys & Kisses (4:37)
  4. Who's Gonna Stop The Rain (4:52)
  5. Love Is Alive (4:07)
  6. I Ask Of You (4:25)
  7. Wishing Well (3:56)
  8. Made For Lovin' You (3:34)
  9. Black Roses (3:37)
  10. Yo Trippin' (3:31)
  11. One More Chance (4:38)
  12. Same Old Story (5:33)
 in stock $23.28
The Thousand Birds In The Earth The Thousand Birds In The Sky
Cat: FS 083. Rel: 08 Sep 20
  1. A Mountain Of Snakes, The High Plains, A Knee In The Earth (9:47)
  2. An Unkindness Of Ravens (11:32)
  3. ReWild Your Friends (9:15)
  4. A Bisection Across A Circle Connecting Ozona & A Hill Near Zzyzx (11:21)
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Quiet Place (Poison Flour Riddim)
  1. Horace Andy - "Quiet Place"
  2. King Tubby & The Aggrovators - "Dub Place"
 in stock $8.94
Anika EP
Anika EP (12")
Cat: STH 2315. Rel: 12 Apr 13
  1. I Go To Sleep
  2. He Hit Me
  3. Love Buzz
  4. In The City
  5. No One's There (dub)
  6. Yang Yang (dub)
Review: The deadpan tones of Berlin based singer songwriter Anika see a welcome return on this eponymously title EP for the Stones Throw label. This six track collection is dominated by the towering cover version of the Chromatics classic "In The City" which has been a long term staple of Anika's live show's with backing band Beak>. Whereas the Italians Do It Better was all sultry Italo disco and delicate vocals from Ruth Radelet, Anika's cover is one take rattling punk funk at it's finest and her own distinctive vocal delivery lends the track a sense of palpable desperation. Dub versions of album favourites "Ying Yang" and "No One's There" features alongside further cover's of tracks by The Kinks, Shocking Blue and The Crystals.
Read more
Played by: JOALZ
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Living In Sorrows
Cat: LIVINGIN SORROWS. Rel: 02 Jan 14
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Living In Sorrows
  2. Living Dub
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Fistful Of Metal: 25th Anniversary  Edition
Cat: MEGA 1953. Rel: 06 Jun 09
Rock (All)
  1. Deathrider
  2. Metal Thrashing Mad
  3. I'm Eighteen
  4. Panic
  5. Subjugator
  6. Soldiers Of Metal
  7. Death From Above
  8. Anthrax
  9. Across The River
  10. Howling Furies
  11. Armed & Dangerous (Studio version)
  12. Raise Hell (Studio version)
  13. God Save The Queen (Studio version - non LP)
  14. Metal Thrashing Mad (live)
  15. Panic (live)
  16. Soldiers Of Metal (Collector's Rare track (Unavailable Since 1983))
  17. Howling Furies (Collector's Rare track (Unavailable Since 1983))
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Metal Thrashing Mad: Live At Arcadia Theater Dallas July 11th 1987
  1. Among The Living (4:38)
  2. Caught In A Mosh (4:32)
  3. Metal Thrashing Mad (2:40)
  4. I Am The Law (5:31)
  5. Madhouse (3:37)
  6. Indians (7:29)
  7. Medusa (4:10)
  8. Drum Solo/AIR (8:49)
  9. God Save The Queen (4:42)
  10. Imitation Of Life/Gung Ho (5:11)
  11. Living After Midnight (3:17)
 in stock $12.98
EP#1 (12")
Cat: PTR 01. Rel: 12 May 20
  1. Yoga Fire (5:58)
  2. Organics (5:21)
  3. Midnight Blossom (4:56)
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Machine Gun Boogie
Cat: CC 88 12. Rel: 14 Jun 19
  1. Machine Gun Boogie (4:27)
  2. Sophia (3:54)
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Amplified Experiment
Cat: TSRZV 08. Rel: 02 Jul 19
  1. Can't Stop Us Now (2:18)
  2. All Or Nothing (2:51)
  3. FYG (feat Zapp) (2:47)
  4. You'll See Love (2:48)
  5. Magnetic (3:06)
  6. Mirror (3:03)
  7. Your Touch (feat Mink Slide) (2:49)
  8. Interlude (0:49)
  9. Jupiter (3:19)
  10. Wake Me (2:55)
  11. Deja Vu (3:00)
  12. Lobby (feat Will Gittens) (2:51)
  13. Premonition (2:21)
  14. Lucid Dream (3:04)
  15. Time (1:37)
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Creature Comfort
Creature Comfort (limited 180 gram white vinyl 12" + insert in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: 889854 900519. Rel: 12 Feb 18
  1. Creature Comfort (4:39)
  2. Comfort My Sleng Teng (Geoff Barrow mix) (4:00)
 in stock $7.06
Arosa (LP + insert)
Cat: THLP 563. Rel: 01 Sep 20
  1. Forca Vital (4:06)
  2. Pangea (4:00)
  3. Inverno (4:02)
  4. Toda Essa Gente (5:00)
  5. Stellar Smile (4:18)
  6. Vertigem (3:37)
  7. Feliz A Vida Inteira (5:01)
  8. Rua Sem Saida (3:31)
 in stock $34.38
The Mirror/Stalker (Soundtrack)
Cat: SV 019. Rel: 22 May 14
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
  9. Track 9
  10. Track 10
  11. Track 11
  12. Track 12
  13. Track 13
  14. Track 14
  15. Track 15
  16. Track 16
  17. Track 17
  18. Track 18
  19. Track 19
  20. Track 20
  21. Track 21
Played by: Lola Allen
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Bury The Moon
Bury The Moon (limited silver vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: TPLP 1472LTD. Rel: 07 Feb 20
  1. Pictures (3:54)
  2. Youth (3:27)
  3. Breathe (3:09)
  4. Eventide (3:47)
  5. Lazy Giants (3:42)
  6. Overlay (2:51)
  7. Rattled Snow (3:38)
  8. Turn Gold To Sand (4:06)
  9. Living Water (4:33)
  10. Until Daybreak (4:18)
  11. Bury The Moon (4:23)
Review: Riddle us this - just what is the deal with Iceland? Left alone to float on the North Atlantic's distinctly unwelcoming and ferociously unforgiving waves, aesthetically and culturally it's a nation very much of its own mind, with its own icons and mythology. Take Asgeir Trausti Einarsson, for example.

The haunting singer-songwriter may still be unfamiliar to many English-speaking listeners despite laying claim to some startling statistics. His debut album, "Dird i daudabogn" became the fastest selling record ever in his frosty homeland, outdoing the likes of Bjork and Sigur Ros. Now he's back for a third outing, and it's one of the most Icelandic things you'll hear all year. Packed with folksy roots and immersive atmospheres, you can almost feel the wild winds blowing gales across barren, near-lunar landscapes. Recorded using just a guitar, keyboard and basic kit, in a summerhouse during the bleak midwinter, it's hugely effective stuff.
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Makhazen Bukra
Makhazen Bukra (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WG 010. Rel: 04 Aug 20
  1. Klab Boston (2:17)
  2. Mazbalet Arqaam (3:32)
  3. Zahla'na (2:04)
  4. Masrah Jurum (1:58)
  5. Matar Plasma (1:50)
  6. Miqyas Kardashev (2:26)
  7. Sarkhet Bacteria (2:23)
  8. Khat Tamas (2:48)
  9. Nisyan (3:49)
  10. Gatalu Siri (2:51)
  11. Oxygen Deluxe (1:42)
 in stock $20.04
Obaa Sima
Obaa Sima (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ATFA 014LP. Rel: 23 Feb 15
  1. Obaa Sima
  2. Moma Yendodo
  3. Adagya
  4. Medofo
  5. Daa Nyinaa
  6. Yemmpa Aba
  7. Bome Nnwom
Review: This latest reissue from Awesome Tapes From Africa is the whole reason for founder Brian Shimkovitz starting the blog and the label that grew out of it. Some 13 years ago, Shimkovitz stumbled across a cassette copy of Obaa Sima whilst travelling Ghana and his love for Ata Kak's music lead to the foundation of the Awesome Tapes From Africa blog and the commencement of a long running effort to track down the Ghanaian musician. Some four years after ATFA became a label, Shimkovitz finally tracked down the musician, real name Yaw Atta-Owusu, and was granted permission to reissue Obaa Sima, using the second hand tape purchased in Ghana as the source. The seven tracks on this LP are a winning tinny combination of highlife, rap, pop, and more with "Daa Nyinaa" sounding like a cover version of William De Vaughn's "Be Thankful For What You've Got".
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Gravitational Lensing
Cat: OUTA 08. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. Aerglo Visible (3:21)
  2. Floating To Rigel (2:53)
  3. Doctor Portia (3:52)
  4. Journey To The Blue Planet (part 2) (5:17)
  5. Saros Cycle (4:28)
  6. Gravitational Lensing (5:18)
  7. Elara Passing (5:11)
  8. UDFJ-39546284 (5:46)
  9. Orbit Of Oberon (5:53)
  10. Binary Jazz (5:58)
  11. Lost In Tucana (2:41)
  12. EXO 0706, 1 + 5913 (2:42)
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My AUX Mind (Cybotron, Egyptian Lover mixes) (black vinyl repress)
  1. My Aux Mind (Cybotron mix) (5:58)
  2. My Aux Mind (5:10)
  3. My Aux Mind (Egyptian Lover mix) (5:57)
  4. My Aux Mind (Egyptian Lover acappella mix) (5:42)
Review: Detroit electro's most bass-obsessed twosome, Aux88, recently reissued one of their most significant early releases, the forthright - and brilliant - "Direct Drive EP" from 1995. Thrillingly, they've decided to follow it up with a new issue of another '95 gem, "My AUX Mind", which backs the pair's brilliant, acid bass-propelled original mix (track 2) with fresh revisions from Egyptian Lover and, more impressively, Motor City electro originals Cybotron. The latter's version is superb: a spacey, high octane re-wire that's every bit as alluring as the duo's early 80s classics (think "Clear", "Techno City" etc). Egyptian Lover's main "remix" is slightly more intense with a more Kraftwerkian beat, while his accompanying "Acapella Mix" is a handy DJ tool for those who like vocoder vocals.
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Qantar: New York Paradox
Cat: JP 20ZM003. Rel: 08 May 20
  1. Shabazi
  2. Zohar Smiles
  3. New York Paradox
  4. Just Like The River Flows
  5. It's All Good (Late 90s)
  6. Today's Blues
  7. C'est Clair
  8. Bushwick After Dark
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Oil Painting
Oil Painting (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: LENGLP 014. Rel: 17 Mar 20
  1. Side Scan (5:24)
  2. Steam Engine (6:07)
  3. Jasmine Flavour (5:14)
  4. Slinky Funk (4:52)
  5. Automatic Amplitude (4:39)
  6. Collumn (4:09)
  7. Oil Painting (4:47)
  8. Positive Flow (4:16)
Review: Cosmic disco legend Daniele Baldelli is enjoying recognition these days like never before, and now he's back alongside Marco Fratty with his first album in five years. As you would expect from something with Baldelli's magic touch, there's a warm '70s flavour to the music on offer here, but it's also rendered in pristine modern production quality. Particular highlights across this two disc set include the sweet flute-riffing of "Jasmine Flavour" and the freaky vocoder trip outs of "Slinky Funk", but truthfully the bar remains high throughout this impeccably executed slice of spaced-out disco business.
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Like You Are I Once Was Like I Am You Will Never Be
Cat: HORCA2 666. Rel: 09 Oct 20
  1. Children Of Satan (3:54)
  2. Black Jack (4:07)
  3. Fyre Snatch (4:28)
  4. Cocaine Pepsi (4:23)
  5. Umea (5:03)
  6. Upplands Vasby (4:51)
  7. Graveyard Rock (3:24)
  8. UFO (4:23)
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Retour Au Club Meduse (reissue)
Retour Au Club Meduse (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP 再出版) (1 per customer)
Cat: STLKLP 007. Rel: 16 Oct 20
  1. Lili - "Gitana Morena" (2:58)
  2. Capco - "No Vayas Al Sol" (3:17)
  3. Voyage De Charme - "Hotel Des Savanes" (instrumental) (4:45)
  4. Passion Theatre - "Vacation Day" (4:39)
  5. Claude Miss - "Paco Ye Adama" (12" extended mix) (6:47)
  6. Cecilia - "Chocolat" (2:50)
  7. Nathalie David - "Coup De Foudre" (instrumental) (4:04)
  8. Jade 4 U - "Rainbows" (Midnight mix) (6:09)
  9. L - "La Boite A Musique" (3:02)
  10. Jean Claude Watrin - "Game City" (4:47)
  11. Marc Et Frank - "Cap'tain Coke" (instrumental) (4:25)
  12. De Dion - "Sexy Cola" (Glu Glu version) (3:40)
  13. Les 36 15 - "Zoulous!" (remix) (3:08)
  14. Week End Millionnaire - "EXIT" (4:44)
Review: A couple of years ago French crate digger Charles Bals invited us to "Club Meduse", an imaginary Riviera club where the music was always obscure, European and decidedly mid-80s. Here he opens the doors once more, delivering an open-air friendly soundtrack heavy on rare private press gems, overlooked beauties and the kind of cuts that most would consider Balearic (even if they may have been more popular in Italy and France). Highlights are plentiful, from the eccentric instrumental of Voyage De Charme's fretless bass-powered "Hotel Des Savanes" and the soft-focus, flamenco-tinged bliss of Claude Miss' "Paco Ye Adama", to the sun-kissed jazz-funk/synth-pop fusion of Marc Et Frank's "Cap'tain Coke" and the reggae-zouk quirkiness of Les 36 15's "Zoulous! (Remix)".
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Born Again In The Voltage
Cat: IMPREC 491CD. Rel: 12 Oct 20
  1. How To Decode An Illusion
  2. Rendering Intuitions
  3. Human Developers
  4. We Access Only A Fraction
  5. Bestie Infinie
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Shot To Dignity
Cat: TRC 002. Rel: 28 Sep 20
  1. Piel Muerta (5:26)
  2. Rights (6:08)
  3. Sta Barbara (5:45)
  4. Shot To Dignity (6:03)
  5. Course Of Remembrance (6:53)
  6. CO2 (5:02)
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The Killing of Eugene Peeps
The Killing of Eugene Peeps (limited hand-numbered marbled vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: GB 1564ECO. Rel: 09 Oct 20
  1. Main Title (1:42)
  2. Lucky (Oldest Grave) (3:59)
  3. Rabbit Hole (3:18)
  4. God Bless Your Gutters (3:55)
  5. Theme For An Old Man (0:35)
  6. Can't Sleep (1:13)
  7. All The Love In Your Heart (3:34)
  8. Young Ponies (2:47)
  9. Street Clams (3:06)
  10. Paprika (feat Cappo) (4:10)
  11. Israel Ate His Own Mind (0:24)
  12. Bookie (0:41)
  13. The Clerk (1:17)
  14. Murmurs (2:10)
  15. The Trains Don't Keep Me Up Now (0:55)
  16. Lucky (reprise) (2:15)
  17. Alligator (5:21)
  18. The World Creaks (1:53)
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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 (Soundtrack) (Deluxe Edition)
Cat: D 002583401. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Electric Light Orchestra - "Mr Blue Sky" (5:02)
  2. Sweet - "Fox On The Run" (3:26)
  3. Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah - "Lake Shore Drive" (3:49)
  4. Fleetwood Mac - "The Chain" (4:23)
  5. Sam Cooke - "Bring It On Home To Me" (2:45)
  6. Glen Campbell - "Southern Nights" (3:00)
  7. George Harrison - "My Sweet Lord" (4:38)
  8. Looking Glass - "Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)" (2:59)
  9. Jay & The Americans - "Come A Little Bit Closer" (2:46)
  10. Silver - "Wham Bam Shang-A-Lang" (3:31)
  11. Cheap Trick - "Surrender" (4:14)
  12. Cat Stevens - "Father & Son" (3:39)
  13. Parliament - "Flash Light" (4:29)
  14. The Sneepers - "Guardians Inferno" (feat David Hasselhoff) (3:18)
  15. Tyler Bates - "Showtime, A-Holes" (2:36)
  16. Tyler Bates - "Vs The Abilisk" (1:24)
  17. Tyler Bates - "Space Chase" (3:21)
  18. Tyler Bates - "Family History" (2:26)
  19. Tyler Bates - "Groot Expectations" (3:21)
  20. Tyler Bates - "Mammalian Bodies" (1:52)
  21. Tyler Bates - "Two-Time-Galaxy Savers" (3:01)
  22. Tyler Bates - "I Know Who You Are" (3:05)
  23. Tyler Bates - "Ego" (2:47)
  24. Tyler Bates - "Kraglin & Drax" (1:34)
  25. Tyler Bates - "The Expansion" (1:03)
  26. Tyler Bates - "Mary Poppins & The Rat" (3:08)
  27. Tyler Bates - "Gods" (1:28)
  28. Tyler Bates - "Dad" (2:28)
  29. Tyler Bates - "A Total Hasselhoff" (1:57)
  30. Tyler Bates - "Guardians Of The Frickin' Galaxy" (1:01)
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Global Underground #42: Berlin
Global Underground #42: Berlin (mixed 2xCD in hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: 019029 6913402. Rel: 29 Mar 19
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Markus Guentner - "Crystal Castle"
  2. Barker - "Look How Hard I've Tried"
  3. Phil Kieran - "Solar Storm" (Mano Le Tough remix)
  4. The Drifter & Benjamin Frohlich - "Waterville"
  5. Jossie Telch - "Borders" (Eitan Reiter remix)
  6. Rick Pier O'Neil - "Planetary" (RPO part 1)
  7. Eitan Reiter - "Eat You"
  8. Patrice Baumel - "Expanse"
  9. Shlomo - "MUM"
  10. President Bongo - "Tramontana" (Sturm Der Liebe remix)
  11. Ripperton - "Leonor's Lanugo" (Anders Ilar Leonid dub)
  12. FunkForm - "Synthesia"
  13. Diego Azocar - "Natural" (Matias Chilano remix)
  14. Nicolas Rada - "Cumulonimbus"
  15. Guido Schneider & Daniel Dreier - "Little Helper 290-1"
  16. Patrice Baumel - "Grace"
  17. Phil Kieran - "Empty Vessels"
  18. Steve Moore - "Worldbuilding"
  19. Oostil - "Quantic"
  20. HearThuG - "Crossroads"
  21. Pig&Dan - "Lost Another Angel" (dub)
  22. Mango & Gullen - "Manitoba" (SineRider remix)
  23. Shlomo - "Vanished Breath"
  24. Markus Guentner - "Look At Me"
  25. Egbert - "Trip"
  26. Christian Loffler - "Ghost"
  27. Jesse Somfay - "Lying In A Bed Of Myst"
  28. Patrice Baumel - "Collider"
  29. Mehmet Akar - "Roll The Dice" (Matias Chilano remix)
  30. Edit Select - "Undulation"
  31. Ness - "Thought 1"
  32. Swayzak - "So Cheap"
  33. Luigi Tozzi - "Demersal Zone"
  34. Patrice Baumel - "Mutant Voices"
  35. Guy J - "Fallstar" (Rising mix)
  36. Christopher Bissonnette - "Jour Et Nuit"
  37. Chateau Flight - "Cosmic Race"
  38. Fabrizio Lapiana - "Far Away"
  39. Minilogue - "Clouds & Water"
  40. Aris Kindt - "Every New Thing"
  41. Architectural - "A Girl With No Friends"
  42. Musiccargo - "Ich Geh Den Weg Mit Dir"
  43. Model 500 - "Starlight" (Echospace dub)
  44. Sten - "Squares"
  45. Matthew Dear - "Another"
  46. Jayro - "Jungle" (Fideles remix)
  47. Deepbass & Ness - "Distance"
  48. Reeko - "Electrical Phenomena" (Remake)
  49. Adam Port - "Do You Still Think Of Me?"
Review: For the 42nd stop on the decades-long journey through worldwide DJ culture, Global Underground has pitched up in Berlin and handed over the reins to Patrice Baumel, a Dutch DJ/producer with an impressive track record. The resultant two-disc mix-up is staggeringly good, with Baumel choosing to represent a wide variety of techno and tech-house sounds with occasional diversions into more melodious or off-kilter fare. Wisely, the Dutchman has also chosen to offer up tracks that span the decades, contrasting classic material from the likes of Swayzak, Matthew Dear and Chateau Flight (whose brilliant "Cosmic Race" stands out) with newer cuts from such artists as Shlomo, Steve Moore, Adam Port, Ripperton and the ageless Phil Kieran.
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Spoki (LP)
Cat: STRLP 015. Rel: 23 Jul 18
  1. Kur Tu Esi? (3:10)
  2. Roni (6:12)
  3. Trisi, Trisi, Siksparnit (3:40)
  4. Lidojums Uz Sauli (5:48)
  5. Jelgava (2:27)
  6. Majas Dzive (0:42)
  7. 19/10/89 (5:16)
  8. Aizlidoja Klavas (4:29)
  9. Pasaule Ir Tik Daudz Virieu Un Sievieu (4:55)
  10. Meness Klajuma (4:24)
  11. Spoki (4:08)
Review: A core member of Dzeltenie Pastnieki throughout the early 00s, Ingus Bauskenieks is all about abstraction and experimentation. Since he came back from a long stint in the shadows, the Latvian musician has self-released a heap of wonderfully surreal music that is often overlooked and slept on. While many talk about freedom of expression, this guy does it for real, and this latest album, Spoki, comes through on Stroom with a very clear concept and a maturity to experimentation that is often not heard. It's not all bleeps and bloops and, in fact, he manages to add in his own nation's heritage thanks to several moments of neo-folk vocalism that works ever so well with the myriad of drum machines and samples housed under tunes like "Roni" or "Lidojums Uz Sauli" - the latter of which is a house reinterpretation of Latvian pop music. This is something for those who want something new, unheard, and attention-grabbing. A fine album - TIP!
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