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Four Weeks: All Genres

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Coltrane '58: The Prestige Recordings (60th Anniversary Edition) (remastered) (180 gram vinyl 8xLP box set in hardback book sleeve)
Cat: 720536 5. Rel: 10 May 19
  1. Lush Life (13:55)
  2. Come Rain Or Come Shine (8:47)
  3. The Believer (13:47)
  4. Nakatini Serenade (11:04)
  5. Lover (7:58)
  6. Russian Lullaby (5:35)
  7. Theme For Ernie (4:57)
  8. You Say You Care (6:18)
  9. Good Bait (12:09)
  10. I Want To Talk About You (10:58)
  11. Lyresto (5:44)
  12. Why Was I Born (3:13)
  13. Freight Trane (7:21)
  14. I Never Knew (7:06)
  15. Big Paul (14:06)
  16. I See Your Face Before Me (9:58)
  17. Rise & Shine (6:57)
  18. Little Melonae (14:06)
  19. If There Is Someone Lovelier Than You (9:21)
  20. By The Numbers (12:05)
  21. Black Pearls (13:11)
  22. Lover Come Back To Me (7:28)
  23. Sweet Sapphire Blues (18:15)
  24. Spring Is Here (6:54)
  25. Invitation (10:21)
  26. I'm A Dreamer (Aren't We All) (7:03)
  27. Love Thy Neighbor (9:24)
  28. Don't Take Your Love From Me (9:15)
  29. Stardust (10:43)
  30. My Ideal (7:36)
  31. I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You) (8:10)
  32. Do I Love You Because You Are Beautiful (5:14)
  33. Then I'll Be Tired Of You (9:30)
  34. Something I Dreamed Last Night (10:51)
  35. Bahia (6:14)
  36. Goldsboro Express (4:46)
  37. Time After Time (7:45)
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Cat: 731213 Rel: 08 May 19
Quad VC/Envelope - 10HP
Notes: The FLAME "X-4" is a compact multifunctional 4x Envelope/VCA module, which combines in a very small space (10HP) 4 AR envelopes and 4 separate VCAs.

The module complements quad VCOs (eg the FLAME "4VOX") to control 4 VCAs per envelope generator in a small space.

Each channel can be used separately as an AR envelope generator with VCA, or even as a VCA.

There are 3 modes:

AR: 4 CV controllable separate Attack/Release envelopes on 4 VCA channels (per gate)
AD: 4 CV controllable separate Attack/Decay envelopes on 4 VCA channels (one shot per trigger)
VCA: 4 CV controllable separate VCAs

There is available a three-level switch for three different envelope rates from extremely short to long.

The envelope shape is set with the sliders (also adjustable via CV inputs).

In addition, the envelope can be looped (gated AD envelope loop).
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quote 731213
Cat: 723363 Rel: 26 Apr 19
Tracking 24dB/octave multimode filter pedal with 100% analogue circuitry
Notes: Pigtronix Resotron is an analogue filter that brings the sound of 70's keyboard synthesizers to the world of envelope pedals for guitar, bass and beyond. The filter at the heart of the Resotron is based on the SSM2040 chip found in the legendary Prophet 5 and Octave CAT synthesizers. This 24db/octave, state-variable filter provides the full gamut of familiar envelope filter sounds with UP and DOWN sweeping modes, and a sensitivity control to dial in the response of the effect based on how hard you play.

In addition to these vintage-correct filter tones, the Resotron pushes the envelope pedal concept to a whole new level by using an analogue pitch-tracking system to move the cutoff frequency of the filter up and down. The pitch-following filter effect found in the Resotron moves around based on the notes you play instead of how hard you play. The attack time and rate of filter motion can be adjusted - using the GLIDE knob - to dial in how long it takes for the cutoff to travel between pitches.

"The pitch-following effect found in the Resotron is analogous to the "key-follow" function found on the original Minimoog and many other classic analogue keyboards," says Pigtronix president David Koltai. "Using our all-analogue pitch-tracking circuit to control cutoff frequency, the Resotron delivers mind-blowing filter motion for guitar players. I've dreamt of making this pedal for years, and it's finally here."

The Resotron has the ability to operate in Low Pass, Band Pass or High Pass modes. Each of these filter voices has a distinctive character that can be manipulated by adjusting the PEAK knob, progressively feeding the filter back upon itself to increase the resonance (or "Q") of the filter, right up to the point of self-oscillation. A push-button OSCILLATE function allows you to go even further - turning the Resotron into an analogue synthesizer pedal that follows both the pitch and dynamics of your playing. The synthesizer sounds created by the Resotron can be radically altered by switching between the LPF, BPF and HPF modes. This allows users to access waveforms that range from subtle voice emulations to bombastic, aggressive lead sounds, as well as ultra-smooth sub bass tones.

Before the pedal's input signal hits the Resotron's filter, it passes through an optical compression stage derived from the Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone pedal. The increased volume and punch from this compressor can then be mixed into the audio signal using the BLEND control - without affecting the SENSITIVITY of the envelope. Resotron accepts active CV and passive TRS expression pedal inputs for foot-controlled filter sweeps and outboard modulation, which is mixed in parallel with the on-board pitch-following and amplitude tracking systems.
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Cat: 728383 Rel: 09 May 19
New and improved version of the Qu-Bit Chord - 14HP
Notes: Polyphony is back!

Chord v2 is a plug and play solution for bringing musical polyphony to your system. It contains four oscillator voices, a multitude of waveforms, and intelligent tuning functionality. This new version features an expanded sonic palette and feature set in half the size of the original.

It features three primary modes of operation: Chord, Free Running, and Unison. These three modes allow the oscillators to be tuned as diatonic chords, run independently of each other, or be tuned to the same internal frequency for external v/oct sequencing through independent CV inputs.

The timbral possibilities of the Chord v2 bring its polyphonic tones to life. The module ships with eight banks of waveforms encompassing traditional shapes, vocal synthesis, organ emulation, and chiptune sounds. You can also load custom wavetables using the SD card slot on the front panel.

From harmonic drones to Switched On Bach, the Chord v2 is an unparalleled addition to any Eurorack modular.

Changes from v1:

- Half the size! 14HP down from 28HP
- Eight banks of waveforms
- Full polyphonic mode
- Harmonize in minor mode
- Custom wavetable compatibility
- Expanded chord types
- Improved synthesis engine
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quote 728383
Electric Eclectics (20x12" + 1-sided 7" in silk-screened luminescent sleeves + t-shirt (extra large) in flat packed wooden box limited to 247 copies)
Cat: FREE 001 XL. Rel: 23 Apr 19
  1. Carl Finlow - "The Lure Of Perfection"
  2. Carl Finlow - "FMeral"
  3. Carl Finlow - "Fundamental Force"
  4. Carl Finlow - "Subaqua"
  5. Microlith - "Untitled 81 4"
  6. Microlith - "Untitled 97 4"
  7. Microlith - "Untitled 103 6"
  8. Microlith - "Untitled 105 2"
  9. Cignol - "Blanket Data"
  10. Cignol - "Sys Reboot"
  11. Cignol - "Acid Tears"
  12. Cignol - "Number"
  13. MetaComplex - "Simulation Model"
  14. MetaComplex - "Digital Reflection"
  15. MetaComplex - "Cellular Warfare"
  16. MetaComplex - "DataCortex"
  17. MetaComplex - "Hadron Escape"
  18. MetaComplex - "Cognitive Map"
  19. Nullptr - "Many Worlds"
  20. Nullptr - "Amsler Grid"
  21. Nullptr - "Zonules"
  22. Nullptr - "Vitreous"
  23. Nullptr - "Sclera"
  24. Nullptr - "2nd Build"
  25. Nullptr - "Heterophoria"
  26. Scape One - "Chaotic Solitude"
  27. Scape One - "Fissle"
  28. Scape One - "Gneiss"
  29. Scape One - "Quartz"
  30. Nebenprodukt - "Biomimicry"
  31. Nebenprodukt - "Greenwashing Companies"
  32. Nebenprodukt - "Zero Liquid Discharge"
  33. Nebenprodukt - "Marine Calamities"
  34. Nebenprodukt - "Electrochemical Oxidation"
  35. Nebenprodukt - "Fluid Dynamics"
  36. Nebenprodukt - "Blue Dyed Organism"
  37. Franck Kartell - "Halo"
  38. Franck Kartell - "Lueurs"
  39. Franck Kartell - "Phosphorescence"
  40. Franck Kartell - "Electroluminsecence"
  41. Franck Kartell - "Flash"
  42. Franck Kartell - "Retour A L'Obscurite"
  43. KAN3DA - "Island Sky"
  44. KAN3DA - "Leda & The Swan" (Full version)
  45. KAN3DA - "Choirpeggio"
  46. KAN3DA - "Kohonen Network"
  47. KAN3DA - "Complex Jam"
  48. Das Muster - "Veranderungen"
  49. Das Muster - "Die Verlorenen"
  50. Das Muster - "Bedurfnisse Erwecken"
  51. Das Muster - "Die Ankunft Des Meisters"
  52. Das Muster - "Optionen"
  53. Das Muster - "Unbekannte Krafte"
  54. Das Muster - "Horizontale Drehung"
  55. Das Muster - "Zeittunnel"
  56. Das Muster - "Optionen" (The Lover At Galibier Alek Stark remix)
  57. Johan Inkinen - "Freakzone"
  58. Johan Inkinen - "The Blue Nights"
  59. Johan Inkinen - "My RRE Material"
  60. Johan Inkinen - "Alley Cruise"
  61. Johan Inkinen - "Rottweiler GBG"
  62. Johan Inkinen - "The Silent Callback"
  63. Luxus Varta - "Liquid Days"
  64. Luxus Varta - "Varta"
  65. Luxus Varta - "Lumeria"
  66. Luxus Varta - "Sonic Dream"
  67. Luxus Varta - "Werner"
  68. Luxus Varta - "1991"
  69. Obergman - "Coherence"
  70. Obergman - "Dual Manifolds"
  71. Obergman - "Helicoverpa"
  72. Obergman - "Interlaced"
  73. Obergman - "Hidden Variable"
  74. Obergman - "Continuum Slice"
  75. Foreign Sequence - "Stellar Parrot Funk"
  76. Foreign Sequence - "Greasy Strangler"
  77. Foreign Sequence - "Space Out"
  78. Foreign Sequence - "The Dancer"
  79. Foreign Sequence - "Dunal Symbiosis"
  80. Mesak - "Cry For Oldschool"
  81. Mesak - "A Plus B"
  82. Mesak - "(I Want) Blood!"
  83. Mesak - "Zuleima"
  84. Mental Note - "The Balloon Women Of Helium 8008"
  85. Mental Note - "Krankenhaus"
  86. Mental Note - "Stink Valve (Pungent Funk Expunger)"
  87. Mental Note - "Hydrogenated Triangles"
  88. Mental Note - "Sick Willian"
  89. Cygnus - "El Gato"
  90. Cygnus - "El Cocodrila"
  91. Cygnus - "Cycario"
  92. Cygnus - "You Like Danger"
  93. Noise&Noise - "Sociology Of The Universe"
  94. Noise&Noise - "God & Man Die Together"
  95. Noise&Noise - "Cybernetics"
  96. Noise&Noise - "The Clash Of Civilizations"
  97. Noise&Noise - "Ephemeral Human"
  98. Noise&Noise - "Humans Are The Sex Organs Of Technology"
  99. Noise&Noise - "Respect For The Deep Sea"
  100. Noise&Noise - "Abstract Materialism"
  101. Hieroglyphica - "Reaction RMX"
  102. Heimelektronik - "808tec"
  103. Darren J Horgan - "Analog Frequency"
  104. Acidulant - "Metronix"
  105. Jensen Interceptor - "Unknown Future"
  106. Luke Eargoggle - "Twilight Zone"
  107. Automatic Tasty - "Fuck Sake, My Heart Has Unwravelled (& Now The Threads Keep Catching On Everything)"
  108. Mutex - "Binary Perceptions"
  109. Aquagonia - "Contro Tempo"
  110. Noamm - "Empty Love"
  111. Binary Digit - "Full Bucket Experiment"
  112. Martin Matiske - "Loving Me"
  113. Arpanet - "Einstein Ring"
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Cat: 718919 Rel: 23 Apr 19
Expander for XAOC Devices Praga mixer
Notes: The XAOC HRAD is an expander for their Praga voltage-controlled mixing console, adding CV control for Aux levels, master level control, gate-controlled muting, and other powerful features.

- Additional set of controls for the PRAGA mixer
- Stereo sum level control
- Euro/line switchable output level
- Sum LED meters
- Stereo headphone amp
- Cue input
- Mix/solo cue auditioning
- Individual AUX inserts
- Voltage control over AUX send amount
- Two stereo controls for AUX return level
- Gate inputs for VC channel muting
- Power drawn from Praga
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Cat: 730429 Rel: 29 Apr 19
Vertical, pedalboard-friendly version of the Instant Lo-Fi Junky pedal
Notes: This pedal was designed to emulate the sounds and textures of the Lo-Fi Loop Junky in real time, but it goes far beyond that. Click it on and mix your sparkly clear compressed signal with the smashed, lo-fidelity warbled signal and listen to it become a luscious emulsification that can be blended to the most perfect depth. Achieve new haunting chorus sounds and pulsating vibrato. Unusual and fun, you've never heard anything quite like it.
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Four Weeks: All Genres