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Four Weeks: All Genres

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Cat: 718648 Rel: 20 May 19
Triple oscillator module with various modulation possibilities - 30HP
Notes: The latest brainchild of synth pioneer Dave Rossum, TRIDENT is a 100% analogue, triple oscillator module that opens up a universe of dynamic timbral textures.

At its most basic level, TRIDENT is three precision audio VCOs, each sporting a unique variety of control voltage inputs.

The main or "Carrier" oscillator provides its three waveforms simultaneously. The two Modulation Oscillators each have a single output and a waveform selector. The Modulation Oscillators also have a voltage controlled Symmetry parameter which varies the duty cycle of the triangle wave output from sawtooth to triangle back to time reversed sawtooth, and also varies the sawtooth output to have an upward or downward kink in the middle, as well as controlling pulse width when the pulse waveform is selected.

And while each oscillator can be used independently if desired, it's when they're combined into a synchronous ensemble that the real sonic magic happens.

That magic is what we call "Zing" modulation. Each of the Modulation Oscillators can modulate each of the Carrier outputs in an amount controlled by the Zing parameter. Zing modulation is mathematically akin to ring modulation, but due to the synchronization of the oscillators (when an oscillator's Sync button on), the harmonic sum and difference sidetones of ring modulation transform into complex but purely harmonic overtone spectra, which vary dynamically and dramatically with the frequency and waveshape modulations of the modulation oscillators. Each change in the Modulation Oscillator parameters - Frequency, Symmetry, Waveshape, Zing, and (in the case of Modulation Oscillator 2) Phase - will have a different effect on the timbre of each of the three Carrier waveshape outputs.

When the modulation oscillators are set to track the carrier oscillator, the waveshape will remain constant as the carrier frequency changes. In this case the overtone structure is determined by the settings and CV modulations of the modulation oscillators. If instead the modulation oscillators do not track the carrier, some of the overtone structure will vary relative to the carrier frequency.

What all this means is that whether musicians take advantage of TRIDENT's unique synchronous modulation capabilities (which they, of course, should), or just treat it as three superb, wide-range analogue oscillators, TRIDENT offers a vast variety of dramatic sonic textures.
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quote 718648
Cat: 728569 Rel: 20 May 19
synth module with professional trigger input and audio input
Notes: Feel the sizzle as you harness the energy of liquid metal. Forge your sonic desires, and rain hot fire onto the eardrums of your listeners. Cymbals, gongs, bells, and sheet metal are the territory of Crucible.

Have you ever wanted to start with the smallest cowbell, and then CV it until it becomes a gong larger than the room you're standing in? Crucible makes this possible.

By utilizing classic digital synthesis blocks like delay and digital filters, Crucible can fully synthesize, in real time, sounds similar to thin struck pieces of metal.

We expose the engine to the user through parameters specifically chosen for their sonic resemblance to the "parameters" of a real drum kit cymbal.

Size, Pitch, Tone, and Deform give the user the tools to shape their cymbal. The Excite knob allow the user to shape their exciter, completely changing Crucible's response. Finally, select where the exciter contacts the engine by triggering the EDGE and MID inputs, or trigger both to strike the "bell."

All of this adds up to a module that is lively and energetic, completely mimicking the feeling of playing a real cymbal, while still incorporating WMD's "New Sounds, Maximum Experience" philosophy.

- Realistic sound!

- Positional trigger input. Hit the edge, middle, or bell.

- 3 Model Types: Cymbal, Cracked Cymbal, and Curved Plate

- Audio input for experimental effects.

- Separate Pitch and Size controls for maximum realism.

- Choke input for perfectly timed catches.

- Proprietary Synthesis model using digital filter and delay networks. No samples!
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Four Bibles (LP + insert)
Cat: ALT 47. Rel: 20 May 19
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Bees Around The Lime Tree (1:34)
  2. Memory Gore (4:16)
  3. Confession Bay (3:44)
  4. It's A Low (5:00)
  5. Decompression (2:34)
  6. Carcass (4:46)
  7. The Golden Bough (10:58)
  8. Palm Hex/Arndale Chins (2:29)
  9. Babes Of The Plague (5:36)
  10. Four Bibles (3:17)
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Edits (7")
Cat: FF 001. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Edit For A Dollar (4:23)
  2. ReDrum Genocide (3:14)
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Why 2K (reissue) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PATH 001. Rel: 20 May 19
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. The Path
  2. The Path (remix)
  3. 319
  4. Give Me Insanity
Review: Underground techno fave Path Records is kicking off 2019 with a repress of its highly sought-after first release which came out way back in 1999. The excellent 'Why 2K' EP, a gorgeous piece of techno from Fate 258 a.k.a. label boss Reade Truth, remains a staple on the world's most underground dancefloors and has been widely regarded as a digger's trophy.

Reade Truth, an offspring from New York's Sonic Groove, has been spreading the message of electronic music since its beginnings. He has continuously released high quality techno on many seminal labels including Planet E, NSyde, and his recent album on Cartulis Music.

Path Records is known for their uniquely deep electronic visions. With a steady mixture of both new material and old unreleased tracks, the label remains hotly anticipated. Path 001x is the start of big things for Path this year, with forthcoming releases ahead from some of its other big projects Upsetting Keys and The Lotus Project.

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Good Soul (12" 再出版)
Cat: SOUNDSTREAM 1. Rel: 20 May 19
Deep House
  1. Good Soul (5:03)
  2. Motion (3:29)
  3. Let's Break (4:04)
  4. Love Town (4:12)
Review: ** REPRESS ** As the name suggests the groove of Soundhacks's Soundstream 12" is a bit less hard cut-up styled but more floating. This doesn't necessarily mean a lack of energy, funk and fun. Expect peak hour house tracks in full effect. Do not expect just another 'French filter house' record. Remember: it is Soundhack who is in charge here. Full satisfaction guaranteed!
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Cat: EM 1184LP. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Guilty Pants (10:41)
  2. It's Not So Bad I Think (1:42)
  3. Resom Plants (7:33)
  4. All Wounds (12:56)
  5. Games #2 P-type (6:27)
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Rammstein (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP + art prints) (1 per customer)
Cat: 774939 4. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Deutschland (5:23)
  2. Radio (4:38)
  3. Zeig Dich (4:17)
  4. Auslander (3:52)
  5. Sex (3:57)
  6. Puppe (4:33)
  7. Was Ich Liebe (4:29)
  8. Diamant (2:33)
  9. Weit Weg (4:23)
  10. Tattoo (4:10)
  11. Hallomann (4:07)
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Cat: NGY 03. Rel: 20 May 19
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Jaxx Freaxx (Fumiya Tanaka My Jaxx remix)
  2. Jaxx Freaxx (Zweizig remix)
Review: Negentropy returns with two stellar remixes of Brawther's "Jaxx Freaxx" which came out on his Transient States LP back in 2018. On the buttons are the legendary Fumiya Tanaka and soon to be legendary Zweizig. A relentless jackin' roller from the former and a warped out breakbeat from the latter; two very different remixes that both guarantee to slay your dancefloor!
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A Blast Of Funk! (limited 7" in juno exclusive hand-stamped kraft paper inner sleeve + branded card outer sleeve)
Cat: MUKAT 065. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Get Lucky
  2. Louie Louie
Review:  The Soul Grenades are a uk based band described as a veritable tornado of hard- hitting funk boasting a super tight rhythm section with a solid wall of brass. For a limited 45 release for Mukatsuku they have specially recorded two new versions of classic tracks from their live sets to woo your dancefloor into wild abandon ! Strictly No repress ! As played by Snowboy, Boca 45 ,Dom Servini ,Jack & Wayne Hemingway
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Cat: NARCOSIS 17. Rel: 20 May 19
Hard Techno
  1. The Untitled - "Playground Of The World"
  2. KBYL - "Deserted Area"
  3. Erlenmeyer - "Andromeda"
  4. Neurorbital - "Hypervenom"
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Paradise Beats (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: KROMATONES 009. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. This Is The Beat, Brings You To Paradise
  2. Dark Tones
  3. Young Murder
  4. War To Mars
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NEOACID 03 (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: NEOACID 03. Rel: 20 May 19
Hard Techno
  1. Distant Planet
  2. Sylenth
  3. Blackbird
  4. Protest
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DB7 003 (40 gram vinyl 7")
Cat: DB7 003. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. FKA Lany
  2. Drakon
Review: Kito Jempere. Don Pietroburgo. Capo del branco. FKA Lany. La Russia dall'inno d'amore. Drakon. Nuova meraviglia dell'onda. Vogliamo l'amore tutto intorno !!

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Raw Joints #6.2 (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SLPFNK 021. Rel: 20 May 19
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Lopaski - "Relapse"
  2. Pascal Benjamin - "Mutual"
  3. JAMM - "Borneo Beats"
  4. SE62 - "Fear"
Review: SlapFunk Records turns 7 this year and with all celebration comes a slick release as well. For this one we invited some familiar faces like SE62, Ferro, Malin Genie, Lopaski but also usual suspects William Caycedo and Pascal Benjamin delivered the rawness. Last but not least our brothers Ingi Visions (Samuel Deep & Julian Alexander) and JAMM (Julian Alexander & Mauro Moreno) finishing the line up. The release comes in two parts, Raw Joints #6.1 and Raw Joints #6.2. Both with different artwork made by the mighty Studio Airport. Check it out!

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Played by: Kepler
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Nihon No Ongaku (CD limited to 150 copies)
Cat: YOCD 3. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Hirajoshi
  2. Hokorobi
  3. Arazaramu
  4. Maai
  5. Maihime
  6. Makuranage
  7. Noroshi
  8. Seseragi
  9. Saga
  10. Shindeiru
  11. Souon Ichi
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Trout Mask Replica (Record Store Day 2019) (limited gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: TMR 546. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Frownland (1:39)
  2. The Dust Blows Forward 'N The Dust Blows Back (1:52)
  3. Dachau Blues (2:22)
  4. Ella Guru (2:26)
  5. Hair Pie: Bake 1 (4:58)
  6. Moonlight On Vermont (3:56)
  7. Pachuco Cadaver (4:38)
  8. Bills Corpse (1:48)
  9. Sweet Sweet Bulbs (2:21)
  10. Neon Meate Dream Of A Octafish (2:26)
  11. China Pig (4:01)
  12. My Human Gets Me Blues (2:45)
  13. Dali's Car (1:23)
  14. Hair Pie: Bake 2 (2:23)
  15. Pena (2:33)
  16. Well (2:07)
  17. When Big Joan Sets Up (5:18)
  18. Fallin' Ditch (2:06)
  19. Sugar 'N Spikes (2:29)
  20. Ant Man Bee (3:52)
  21. Orange Claw Hammer (3:34)
  22. Wild Life (3:07)
  23. She's Too Much For My Mirror (1:40)
  24. Hobo Chang Ba (2:00)
  25. The Blimp (2:04)
  26. Steal Softly Thru Snow (2:17)
  27. Old Fart At Play (1:51)
  28. Veteran's Day Poppy (4:29)
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10 Yrs Rmx EP1 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: JR 009.1. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Blackhall & Bookless - "Spirit" (Inland remix)
  2. Hiver - "Itria" (Jonas Kopp remix)
  3. Kaelan - "Meandering Rivers" (Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff remix)
  4. Stojche - "The Exchange" (Gian Hydrocity Refix)
Review: Newcastle via London label Jaunt Records revisits its 10 year anniversary EP from 2017 with a series of great remixes by Inland, Jonas Kopp, Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff and Stojche. This is the first of two EPs planned, and it offers up a timeless mix of heady techno and slick electro.
Berlin based Brit Inland tackles Jaunt resident Blackhall & Bookless's 'Spirit' and serves up a heavyweight wedge of warehouse techno. On the same side, Jonas Kopp flips 'Itria' into a sci-fi tinged bit of dub techno and long time studio partners Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff from Indigo Aera offer widescreen synth work and blissed out pads all tethered to rolling and rubbery drums. Stojche's take on Gian's track is a fantastically crisp and futurist piece of electro that will get anyone on their toes. This is a classy EP that showcases the sort of sounds you will hear on any Jaunt dance floor.
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Blackness (blue vinyl 12")
Cat: URBLUE 002. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. LTJ Edits - "Street"
  2. LTJ Edits - "Blackness"
  3. Eddie C - "Blackness" (feat LTJ - Danubian rework)
Review: Italian House music pioneer LTJ releases two funky edits and hosts a lush rework by Canadian heavyweight DJ and producer Eddie C on London label untitled (recs) for the second installment of the imprint's u(r)blue series. 2 sides, 2 heavyweights groovers!

LTJ has been DJing since the late 80s in his hometown of Bologna and has since then developed a cult following garnering international acclaim from his peers. His productions are notably regulars in Moodymann's tracklisting.

The opener 'Street' is an edit of 'Street Dance' by funk/disco American group Fatback band. A2 is an exhilarating rework with acid undertones of 'Black is The Color' by legendary funk guitar player Wilbert Longmire. On the B side, Eddie C goes head to head with LTJ by producing an edit of the same Longmire track fueled with his own signature deep & dreamy production.
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Cat: QRK 001. Rel: 20 May 19
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Inaflow
  2. Acid Cave
  3. Jungle Japes (Monkey mix)
  4. Dig It
Review: Earlier in the decade, Alexander Skancke released a swathe of admired singles on NeoStrictly, Eskimo Recordings and Shadow Hide You, before promptly vanishing from view. "Jungle Japes" sees the Norwegian return to action after three long years via a heavy and mind altering four-tracker that we believe to be his strongest work to date. For proof, check the mangled, bowel-bothering two-step garage/minimal house fusion of "Dig It", and the lolloping "bassline" swing of "Inaflow", where Eastern European tech-house electronics bubble away above a suitably rugged and sub-heavy groove. Elsewhere, "Acid Cave" is a bounding chunk of out-there tech-house retro-futurism, while "Jungle Japes (Monkey Mix)" is a bounce-along slab of high-grade dancefloor silliness.
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Like A Buzz (7" + insert)
Cat: TPR 64. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Like A Buzz (2:11)
  2. Physical Freak (1:35)
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NSR 005 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: NSR 005. Rel: 20 May 19
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Voigtmann - "Separation Attitude"
  2. The PGA - "Deep In The Bunker" (Dogleg Detour mix)
  3. Chris Geschwindner - "Dale's Lullaby"
  4. Henry Hyde - "Hello Spcshp"
Review: Since launching back in 2017, London label NorthSouth Records has released a quartet of EPs showcasing tracks from the likes of Christian Jay, Bilal, Rob Amboule and Henry Hyde. Here they return for the first time in 2019 with another action-packed, multi-artist extravaganza. Voigtmann kicks things off via the deep space chords, funky electronic motifs and intergalactic tech-house grooves of "Separation Attitude", before The PGA offers up a bass-heavy peak-time roller rich in retro-futurist riffs, watery electronics and crispy drums. Label regular Chris Geschwindner opens up side B with an attractive blend of two-step garage grooves and spacey tech-house melodies, while Henry Hyde delivers the synth-bass-propelled, electro fired melodiousness of "Hello Spcshp".
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Played by: Laidlaw
 in stock $9.01
  1. Gilbert - "Illumination"
  2. Mindless Evolving Objects - "Lunar Trace"
  3. Datawave - "Ionic Pulse"
  4. Zobol - "Scatterbrain"
  5. Nikolay Sunak - "Dance & Cry Baby"
Review: Distorted Sensory Perception is a platform showcasing honest, forward thinking sonics. Hailing its roots in weird, wonderful analogue techno, electro and progressive forms of electronic music that have something real to say. DSP's first transmission is a 5 track Various Artist release. An emotive electro EP Varying in speed, mood and style. Featuring tracks from Gilbert, Mindless Evolving Objects, Datawave, Zobol & Nikolay Sunak.
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Cat: TEKITA 08. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Labo 14 - "Track 1" (5:46)
  2. Labo 14 - "Track 2" (4:48)
  3. A6tematik - "Track 3" (5:05)
  4. A6tematik - "Track 4" (5:09)
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Shadows From Nowhere (Danilo Braca mix) (limited blue vinyl 12")
Cat: SPQR1135 / BSTX009RRBLUE. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Shadows From Nowhere
  2. Marie
  3. Shadows From Nowhere (Danilo Braca ReVision)
Review: In the previous reissues we talked so much about this fantastic piece and "Marie", a very cinematic and supportive song, that now it is appropriate to dwell on the re-visited version of Danilo Braca that extends beautifully on the AA side of this new remastered reprint. Danilo who lives in the big apple often frequents Ibiza, perhaps also for this he has been able to exalt the most rhythmic elements of "Shadows from Nowhere", putting the beautiful falsetto beats to excessive movements, just like the waves that wash themselves on the sandy beaches of the White Island. His teacher Mario Gentili from Layer Bows added a beautiful arrangement for the strings and his Italian-New York collaborator Alvise Marino spread some fragments of guitar powder on top. That's it. 9 minutes of pure bliss, but also of catchy rhythm!
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Cat: SPQR1135 / BSTX009RR. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Shadows From Nowhere
  2. Marie
  3. Shadows From Nowhere (Danilo Braca ReVision)
Review: In the previous reissues we talked so much about this fantastic piece and "Marie", a very cinematic and supportive song, that now it is appropriate to dwell on the re-visited version of Danilo Braca that extends beautifully on the AA side of this new remastered reprint. Danilo who lives in the big apple often frequents Ibiza, perhaps also for this he has been able to exalt the most rhythmic elements of "Shadows from Nowhere", putting the beautiful falsetto beats to excessive movements, just like the waves that wash themselves on the sandy beaches of the White Island. His teacher Mario Gentili from Layer Bows added a beautiful arrangement for the strings and his Italian-New York collaborator Alvise Marino spread some fragments of guitar powder on top. That's it. 9 minutes of pure bliss, but also of catchy rhythm!
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Cat: MIXMAGV 001. Rel: 20 May 19
Deep House
  1. Adamski - "Sunday Nite Confusion"
  2. Funtopia - "Beautiful People" (Acid All Day Acid All Night mix)
  3. Mr Monday - "Future"
  4. 808 State - "Flow Coma"
  5. Irresistible Force - "Live Jam At The Brain Club"
  6. Lunarci - "Sbassed"
  7. Audio One - "Attack" (11 Wardour Street mix)
  8. Nexus 21 - "Logical Progression"
  9. Ramjac - "Massif" (live At The Brain club)
  10. 0898 - "Firerazer"
  11. Altern-8 - "Come With Me" (Holocaust 7" edit)
  12. Simon Lovejoy - "Montmatre"
  13. Orbital - "Son Of Chime" (live At The Brain club)
Review: When we think of the rise of electronic dance music, especially the raves that blossomed in the late 80s/early 90s, we inevitably think of DJs... but there's another side to that story. Right from the start, live performers were at the heart of things; synth wizards who would plug in and play their analogue kit and send crowds as wild as any DJ. This album, curated by legendary promoter Sean McLusky for Mixmag - the world's biggest dance music and culture brand - showcases some of the most seminal artists from this golden era, led by the original synth wizard Adamski and also featuring seismic rare cuts from Orbital, Nexus 21, 808 State and a whole host more. These artists are the direct ancestors of today's stadium-filling live electronic acts, and it's time their music was celebrated.

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Cat: NEED 001. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Rare Pleasure - "Let Me Down Easy" (Danny Krivit edit) (8:02)
  2. Fatback Band - "Spanish Hustle" (Danny Krivit edit) (8:43)
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Revisited (12")
Cat: AFULTD 77. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Out Of Mind (6:20)
  2. Konfektion (4:11)
  3. Attack (7:25)
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Elsewhere LVI (140 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ERS 042. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Tolouse Low Trax - "Sketches Of A Destroyed Meadow"
  2. Infuso Giallo - "Torus"
  3. Claude De Tapol - "Du Train Jaune"
  4. Puma & The Dolphin - "The Grass Drum"
  5. T-woc - "Marty Eek"
  6. Houschyar - "Intercontinental"
  7. Lamusa II - "Artificiale"
  8. YNV - "Dw3"
  9. Bolva - "Rite II"
  10. Anatolian Weapons - "Float"
  11. URVERHEXT - "Ubertan"
  12. Velvet C - "Exalt Cut"
Review: Emotional Response is delighted to present elsewhere LVI. The 4th of soFa's compilation series, this double LP takes us to the darker side of the elsewhere ouvre, via another 12 artist / 12 track travelogue.

With certain future-retro feelings, this is club music for the open minded. An album that roams from dreamy ambient territories to rhythmic patterns - internationalism for the adventurous DJ.

Rusty slow-mo bangers and post-industrial synth-wave kidnap the listener to a dystopic and shady wasteland. Elements of ethnic folk, vintage vocoders and Gamelan samples all united on one homogeneous selection.

With artists now known to welcoming new brethren, this is an audio trip to leave reality behind. Exotic, hypnotic, tactile, trance-inducing meditations, washed down with a spoonful of magick.
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Played by: Dj soFa, Pletnev
 in stock $16.95
Cat: DONT 039. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Big Poncey Bastards (2:58)
  2. Imitone (3:24)
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Cat: VIS 313. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. One LFO
  2. One LFO (Luke Hess interpretation)
  3. One LFO (Delano Smith Reconstruction)
Review: Ataxia are the Detroit based DJ/Production duo Ted Krisko & Eric Rickers. They have clocked up a series of releases on highly respected labels from Detroit including Kevin Saunderson's KMS, Craig Craig's Planet E and Seth Troxler's Play It Say it.
Ataxia are also resident DJs at the current hot spots in the city, TV Lounge and Marble Bar leading to URB magazine describing the outfit as "another generation of electronic music innovators to come out of the Motor City." A
Their debut EP for 20/20 Vision sees Ataxia deliver a raw slice of Detroit techno with a riff that conjures up the ghost of Joey Beltram's - Energy Flash.

Luke Hess and Delano Smith work their magic reconstructing the track for the remixes. Luke Hess turns out a beautifully melodic slice of pure techno while Delano Smith produces a trademark slab of dubbed out deep house.

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 in stock $9.01
Aragon (reissue) (LP + inserts with obi-strip)
Cat: HRLP 029. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Leji (4:13)
  2. Horridula (4:51)
  3. Ayatori (4:37)
  4. Atatabitata (4:59)
  5. Teami No Onpu (4:36)
  6. Rikisha (3:52)
  7. Kakashi (5:12)
  8. Polaris (3:34)
 in stock $47.68
Split EP (12")
Cat: LGN 003. Rel: 20 May 19
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Manglus - "Midi True"
  2. Manglus - "Midi True" (Aoki Takamasa remix)
  3. Jan Klub - "Ksoc" (6:14)
  4. Jan Klub - "Ksoc" (Yoshitaca remix) (6:13)
 in stock $12.71
Cat: DMX 08. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Minimal Funk (5:37)
  2. November (4:19)
  3. Slam Jack (5:54)
  4. One Year Later (4:50)
 in stock $9.27
Cat: DNZT 006. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. The Prophets Smile
  2. Moon
  3. The Prophets Smile (Lory D remix)
Review: The willpower to guide the eye to the dreamlike. A profound devotion through research and music. A continuous trip the one into sound. and by whom decides to undertake it, made to build a productive space where a creative need finds its expression.
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Interceptor EP (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: VCS 001. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Hypericon (6:31)
  2. K2000 (6:07)
  3. Veron-X (5:43)
  4. Interceptor (6:17)
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Pride EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MDAL-02. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Pride 2019
  2. Pride 1996
  3. Choose To Live
  4. Running Away From Home
Review: Straddling the line between deep house and techno, MDA Lab's second release reissues the 1996 Nova Zembla classic "Pride", along with three new bangers: MDA Analog offers up "Pride 2019" - a slower and funkier version fit for the times. "Choose to Live" presents the listener an escape into positivity-laced reverie hinting at the deeper days of halcyon. Lastly "Running Away from Home" navigates more firmly back into techno realms.

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 in stock $9.01
Reunion EP (12")
Cat: WOW 008. Rel: 20 May 19
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Unstable (6:38)
  2. Reunion (6:58)
  3. Forget It (6:57)
  4. She Knows (6:58)
 in stock $9.80
Cat: NDATL 023. Rel: 20 May 19
Deep House
  1. Who Do You Love? (Ricky Cape Verde club mix) (8:10)
  2. Who Do You Love? (Josh Honeycomb mix) (8:12)
  3. Who Do You Love? (Josh Honeycomb mix extended Basement dub) (8:53)
  4. Who Do You Love? (Josh Honeycomb instrumental) (7:01)
Review: NDATL continues with a special remake of 80' classic "Who Do Love?" just in time for the spring, the brainchild of blind Cape Verdean keyboardist Ricky Corey who label boss Kai Alce met in the early 2000's Since then they have created such hits as "Feeding" featured on Alce's first NDATL's release and numerous other collaborations. On this project we sought out the legendary talents of Chez Damier & NDATL artist Kayenne to deliver a fresh new take on an already classic boogie tune, with their combined vocals the collective created something for the millenium! If that wasn't enough NDATL calls upon Josh Milan of Blaze fame & now his own Honeycomb imprint to give us crazy unexpected remixed boogie vibe, including an amazing 16min plus Dub/Instrumental that will be sure set the dancefloor on fire & clearly have us all singing "Who Do You Love?".
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Edits #001 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: 001. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Tighten Up (4:28)
  2. Stop & Bo (5:38)
  3. Master Blaster (6:08)
 in stock $11.39
POD Records : 5 Years Part 1 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: POD 019. Rel: 20 May 19
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Djebali & Stephan Bazbaz - "J'Adore"
  2. Boris Werner - "Omar Coming"
  3. Politics Of Dancing - "Peace"
  4. Rowlanz - "I Remember My Dream"
Review: Politics Of Dancing Records celebrate their 5th anniversary with two various artists EPs, involving a solid line up of talented producers. The first vinyl to be released introduces Djebali & Stephan Bazbaz, Boris Werner, Politics Of Dancing and Rowlanz, delivering four dance floor friendly quality House & Deep House cuts.

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Rise & Shine (Marcel Vogel remix) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LIH 036. Rel: 20 May 19
Deep House
  1. Rise & Shine (feat Frank Hooker)
  2. Whatcha Gonna Do (feat Maleke O'Ney)
  3. Whatcha Gonna Do (Marcel Vogel remix)
Review: This could be the anthem you are looking for. Here is the official Alan Dixon remix of Frank Bookers Gospel Anthem Rise and Shine that will tie any room together like Lebowskis carpet. The flip side has Alan Dixon s house stomper What Cha Gonna Do feat Meleke and a remix by Chief Lumberjack Marcel Vogel. Positive vibes all around.

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Khaab (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: EES 031. Rel: 20 May 19
Deep House
  1. Khaab
  2. Khaab (Project Runaway remix)
  3. Parvaaneh
  4. Parvaaneh (Alphonse remix)
Review: Especial returns in 2019 to celebrate a 5th year by carrying on it's mission to mix and match influences firmly worn, with a welcome to one the UK's most respected 'old skool' producers, a man who can flip from Garage to Breaks, Digi-dub to Deep House, all while riding a killer riddim. Little is known about Peter Riley aka Persian, except the near 20-year stream of superlative productions, more often than not self released on his blink and you'll miss it, Existence Is Resistance label.

Empire takes two cuts from these sought after slabs of vinyl and presents them here in specially extended versions, backed with remixes by new label heads Project Runaway and old hand, Alphonse.

In Project Runaway, the label presents a new project from Alek Lee (Antinote) and Stephan Bazbaz (No Waves), two respected producers in their own right, coming together to a deep heavyweight bass-percussion-dub reimagining, where Arabic and Hebrew sit side-by-side is literal (musical) harmony.

The flip pauses to present the raw power of Parvaaneh. Again extended especially for the EP, this bass and acapella, is a call to simply listen. Who else but to ask for a rework than another mysterious 'who he?', in Alphonse. First (re)discovered by the label in 2015, he has since gone on to release for Klasse Wrecks and Hypercolour to acclaim. Taking Parvaaneh's vocal to a Labyrinth basement, the squelching bass, raw sequencing and afro-vocals submerge and converge to hyno-effect.
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Cat: DMSR 1987. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Beyond The Galaxy (feat DJ Qbert) (7:25)
  2. Beyond The Beat (Scratch Tool) (3:26)
  3. 5 Cent Camel Ride (long version) (8:30)
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Nguru (12")
Cat: STMG 999. Rel: 20 May 19
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. GUS - "Saw Down" (6:36)
  2. Matip - "Xisac" (7:19)
  3. Crihan - "Voiajor" (9:16)
  4. Liro & Etro Hahn - "Vamos A Ver" (7:42)
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Cat: DM 0013V. Rel: 20 May 19
Deep House
  1. Bad (Sugar Hill remix) (6:35)
  2. Bad (Drumagick In Da House remix) (6:40)
  3. Bad (Gilbert Le Funk remix) (6:19)
  4. Bad (A.sihe club remix) (6:55)
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The Way You Haunt My Dreams (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: NAHAL 006. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. I Try Not To (3:34)
  2. Ghost (4:22)
  3. I Live In A Tree (6:09)
  4. Running (3:29)
  5. TV Behind My Eyes (4:03)
  6. I'll Keep Daydreaming (1:51)
  7. Good Evening Blues (4:01)
  8. Hollywood Films (2:06)
  9. Got To Give Me Shelter (3:51)
  10. That's What I Do The Best (2:06)
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