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Allysha Joy

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Light It Again
Cat: FW 221. Rel: 17 Dec 20
  1. Watercolours (4:28)
  2. Light It Again (4:46)
  3. Batter (6:20)
  4. Mardi (5:45)
Review: There's much to admire about this first solo outing in two years from rising soul-jazz star Allysha Joy, which sees her appear on DJ Gilla's First Word label for the very first time. Check first superb opener 'Watercolours', an opaque and drowsy chunk of horizontal neo-soul bliss rich in warming instrumentation, before admiring the more up-tempo, jazz-fired fuzziness of 'Light it Again', where the Australian's confident vocal performance rides a backing track that reminded us a little of Dego and Kaidi Tatham's 2000 Black operation. Elsewhere, 'Batter' is a slow and elastic slab of broken soul, while closing cut 'Mardi' brilliantly joins the dots between jazz, jazz-funk and broken beat.
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A Family Affair
Cat: FW 200. Rel: 22 Apr 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. Allysha Joy - "Better" (Kaidi Tatham remix) (5:36)
  2. Quiet Dawn & Sarah Williams White - "One By One" (4:27)
  3. Takuya Kuroda - "Fade" (KEARL remix) (5:20)
  4. Teotima - "But I Can't" (K15 remix) (4:35)
Review: Earlier this month, First Word Records dropped an epic, digital-only compilation in which members of the label's large family of artists either collaborated with or remixed each other. This 12" boasts four of the collection's undoubted highlights. The EP begins with a simply stunning Kaidi Tatham remix of Allysha Joy's soul-jazz treat 'Better' - think deep broken beat meets liquid jazz-funk and sultry neo-soul - and ends with a fiercely sub-heavy and surprisingly spaced out K15 broken beat rework of Teotima's 'But I Can't'. Sandwiched in between you'll find a jazz-funk-goes-bruk re-wire of Takuya Kuroda's 'Fade' by KEARL (that's K15 and Darkhouse Family's Earl Jeffers) and a wonderful fusion of squelchy synth-jazz and broken beat courtesy of Quiet Dawn and Sarah Williams White.
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Acadie Raw
Cat: GONDCD 025. Rel: 20 Sep 18
  1. FNFL
  2. Selfish
  3. Honesty
  4. Know Your Power
  5. Desire
  6. Akala
  7. Doom
  8. Eagle
  9. Swallow Me
  10. Enate
 in stock $8.22
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Allysha Joy
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