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DJ Sotofett

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  1. Ancient Electronic Plaza (7:06)
  2. Spitsbergen (4:19)
  3. Rainy Whistles (4:09)
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AMFIBIA 21 (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: AMFIBIA 21. Rel: 04 Jan 17
Deep House
  1. DJ Fett Burger - "Track 1" (3:47)
  2. DJ Sotofett - "Track 2" (3:31)
Review: This latest 7" from Sex Tags Mania offshoot Amfibia is something of a family affair. It was conceived and produced to celebrate the Fett brothers' recent tour of Japan, and contains a track each from the Norwegian eccentrics. As usual, it's hard to pin down exactly what they're up to - they do have a tendency to gleefully switch between styles at will - but both tracks are superb. DJ Fett Burger's A-side contribution puts oven-warm deep house motifs and laidback jazz breaks through a dub filter, resulting in something hazy, tropical and seriously saucer-eyed. In contrast, Sotofett's flipside excursion sticks closer to the dub script, effortlessly fusing an off-kilter, bass-heavy rhythm and ricocheting percussion hits with crystalline synthesizer melodies.
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Cat: VER 086. Rel: 09 Oct 13
Deep House
  1. Concrete Guajiro (version)
  2. Foliage (808 Stax mix)
Review: Killer hookup between Versatile and Sex Tags bosses! In Versatile's own words... "We booked DJ Sotofett a few months ago for a Versatile Party at Rex Club. He decided to stay in Paris a bit more, to work with Gilb-R in the Versatile studio. And here's the result! They jammed with Zombie Zombie, recording the infamous bongos of Cosmic Neman and the modular synths and saxophone of Etienne Jaumet. Then each of them took the parts and did a version on his own." The two cuts here are the first of several planned releases with B Side "Foliage (808 Stax mix)" the standout jammer here!
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Cobra EP (12")
Cat: VER 092. Rel: 18 Jun 14
Deep House
  1. Cobra
  2. Plantehaelvete (percussion version)
Review: One of the many highlights of Versatile's output last year was Concrete Guajiro, a 12" hookup between label boss Gilb'R and his Sex Tags counterpart DJ Sotofett that was the end result of some extended time together in the former's Paris studio. It's great to see the pair collaborating again on another record for Versatile and the results sound just as impressive! The pair once again took an impromptu approach to both "Cobra" and "Plantehaelvete" with one recording the track, and the other arranging on the fly. The end product is a perfect match of Versatile's finely cultured flair and Sex Tags unpredictable energy.
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Cat: THUG 013. Rel: 08 May 13
  1. Happy (DJ Sotofett Digi Dubi Trip mix Init!)
  2. LIS (DJ Sotofett Ona Dhug-Dropp mix)
  3. MIDI (DJ Sotofet mix)
  4. Happy (DJ Sotofett Slow Jungle Trippin')
Review: Last year Australia's Thug Records put out a double 12? release spilt between productions from Tevo Howard and the prolific Echovolt and Mathematics producer Simoncino; this 12" sees the latter's contributions given the extensive remix treatment from DJ Sotofett. You'd be forgiven for treating full remix EPs suspiciously, but when it's Sex Tags bossman Sotofett the remixer in question, it's a different matter entirely.. Given that Sotofett's productions run an extensive gamut of genres, it's unsurprising that his contributions to the EP of DIGGI-DUBBI-TRIPP-MIXES are so wide ranging: oddball deep house and dub seem to be the order of the game this time around. The 'slow jungle trippin' remix of "Happy" is a particular revelation!
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Cat: WANIA 98. Rel: 17 Oct 12
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
Review: Warehouse find! Sex Tags Mania co-founder DJ Sotofett's Dritfett EP is an unabashed homage to the visceral, brutal power of the 909; five tracks of pure drum-fuelled machine madness. "Track 1" sees a manic shower of exploding hi-hats rain down on a warbling bassline while "Track 2" is a more reflective affair, with a charming organ bassline at the fore. Flip over for three more Sotofett workouts; our pick of the bunch is "Track 5" which is characterised by some delirious snare rolls for guaranteed mind f*ckery on any dancefloor - it sounds like an outtake of "Plastic Dreams" at times. If you missed this first time round, don't make the same mistake again.
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Pulehouse (12")
Cat: WANIA 97. Rel: 18 Feb 12
  1. Pulehouse (Reggi mix)
  2. Sta Opp Med Sola (Chiang Mai version)
  3. Assa Med Den Derre Floyta
Review: Sex Tags Mania alumni DJ Sotofett returns with some more idiosyncratic house movements on the Wania label, after the blink and you'll have to shell out on Discogs Driftett EP that proved so popular last year (Jackmaster and Ben UFO among that single's more illustrious fan base). Lead track "Pulehouse (Reggi mix)" sounds like a Workshop artist covering "Pacific State" then subsequently getting bent out of proportion by John Heckle, deftly combining dreamy synth work with gurgling analogue textures and rippling, metallic drum sounds that threaten to pierce the ankle high sub bass. "Pulehouse's" soothing powers are intoxicating enough you can easily picture Move D ending one of his emotive sets at Freerotation with it while holding back the tears. It's complemented by two further tropical excursions on the flip with the lolloping rainforest beatdown of "Sta Opp Med Sola (Chiang Mai version)" complemented by the full on "scare a darkened room of people at 3am" psychedelic afro house wig out of "Assa Med Den Derre Floyta". Highly recommended.
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Dub Off (10")
Cat: HJP 086. Rel: 19 Dec 18
  1. Dub Off (3:42)
  2. Dub On (4:13)
  3. Dub On Dub (7:48)
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Cat: WANIA 5OH90. Rel: 10 Mar 14
Deep House
  1. Trans-Jungle-Ride (extended club mix)
  2. Cross-Jungle-Tide (393768 VIP mix)
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Cat: ACIDORECORDS 009. Rel: 09 Jun 11
  1. DJ Sotofett's 411 (intro)
  2. ASIS (part 2)
  3. Tim Love Lee The Tortoise (Sex Tags mania NYC mix)
  4. Bliss (DJ Sotofett Raggabald Dubplate verison)
  5. Bliss (DJ Sotofett Orgel version)
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Cat: SOPHAT 1. Rel: 24 Nov 16
  1. So Phat 1 12 Inch (Generic mix) (7:24)
  2. So Phat 1 12 Inch (alternate mix) (8:03)
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Cat: LATON 062. Rel: 16 Dec 15
Deep House
  1. 09-69 (intro) (0:46)
  2. TDD-DDRR-IPP MIX (6:01)
  3. Alternate Mix (feat FIT) (4:07)
  4. Higher Inda Jungle Mix (3:41)
  5. Breaking Set Of The Jungle Fantasy (4:25)
  6. Loud-Mix Subtle-High-Pitch Dense-But-Perfectly-Separated (3:35)
Review: The rise of Norway's DJ Sotofett - a man whose eclectic tastes and eccentric nature can be heard in every oddball release - has been one of the more pleasing dance music developments of recent years. Here he brings his refreshingly unusual approach to Austria's Laton label with six more chunks of distinctive oddness. Highlights are naturally plentiful, from the dusty drum machine beats, bleeping electronics and new age deep house chords of "Alternate Mix (feat FIT)", to the hallucinogenic chords, trippy electronics and sped-up 4/4 beats of "Higher Inda Jungle". Predictably, he doffs a cap to classic deep jungle on "Breaking Set of the Jungle Fantasy", while the title track is a humid, feverish blend of delay-laden drum machine work and tropical bird noises.
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Cat: FIT 013. Rel: 29 Dec 15
Deep House
  1. Tribute To "Sore Fingers" (8:29)
  2. DJ Sotofett meets Abu Sayah - "Houran" (percussion mix) (9:17)
Review: The perma quirky approach of Sex Tags man DJ Sotofett is what makes his productions so thrilling and his records so admired. Here, he pops up on Aaron 'Fit' Siegel's FIT Sound imprint, with a pair of formidable, percussion-heavy workouts. A-side "Tribute To Sore Fingers" is particularly potent, with the Sex Tags maniac layering dense African percussion over heavy, bleep-era bass and metronomic drum machine kicks. The flipside boasts a similarly drum-heavy Arabic workout, full of snaking, North African melody lines, dense ethnic hits (recorded by regular Sotofett collaborator Gilb'r) and subtle but booming electronics.
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Borft EP (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: BORFT 140. Rel: 16 Mar 17
Deep House
  1. Ol Pa Ibiza (6:01)
  2. Ol Pa Klubb (7:20)
  3. Ol Pa SM-Art Bar (4:50)
  4. Drikkepause (0:57)
  5. Nekta Ol Pa City Club (7:54)
Review: It's astonishing to think that Frak's Borft Records has now notched up three decades. The Swedish imprint remains as eccentric and essential as ever, as this label debut from inspired Norwegian oddball DJ Sotofett proves. By his standards, "Ol Pa Ibiza" and the stripped back "Ol Pa Klubb" are pretty straightforward, with the Sex Tags man laying ricocheting dub notes and percussion hits over a rock solid drum track and booming bassline. "Ol Pa SM-Art Bar" sees him channel the spirit of early British bleep techno and the darker end of Belgian new beat on a clandestine mid-tempo chugger, while "Drikkepause" is a quick-fire shot of ambience built around echoing bells. Finally, he heads for a dirty warehouse on the acid-laden, EBM informed sleaziness of "Nekta Ol Par City Club".
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Cat: AMFIBIA 28. Rel: 05 Feb 19
  1. Excerpt 1 (1:26)
  2. Excerpt 2 (0:36)
  3. Excerpt 3 (1:58)
  4. Excerpt 4 (2:02)
  5. Excerpt 5 (2:08)
  6. Excerpt 6 (2:11)
  7. Excerpt 7 (2:03)
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Twotinos (2xLP + insert)
Cat: LIFE 29. Rel: 01 Aug 17
Deep House
  1. Fear Mix (Fearmix) (12:59)
  2. Orga Fit (8:44)
  3. Desert Mix (2:55)
  4. Autiomaa (I) (Tribbal) (9:46)
  5. Autiomaa (II) (Tribbal Sound mix) (2:13)
  6. Kuume (Last Gitar) (6:33)
  7. Puhallus (One Mo, Pad Conga Vocoder mix) (9:10)
Review: Keys Of Life has been a label often praised and plaid by Norway's DJ Sotofett, so this collaboration with Helsinki's Jesse feels like a natural turn of events for both artists. Essentially genre-less the whole way through, Twotinos is best described as being downtempo music with an subtle afro edge, no doubt carried through by Sotofett's own predisposition to boogie and disco. Tribal and balearic in the best of ways, there is much to explore and dig into here, but our picks have to be "Orga Fit", a dreamy bounce of disco infusions and tropical manoeuvres, and the excellent electro-disco groove of "Kuume". The rest will certainly come in more than useful to any DJ looking for a bit of life in their transitions but, then again, that's what this label specialises in...
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DJ Sotofett Versions (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: JAZZPUU 12. Rel: 17 Oct 16
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. Day Is Over - "458 RT" (DJ Sotofett edit) (6:51)
  2. Mike Koskinen - "60 Winslow" (DJ Sotofett dub mix) (5:57)
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Current 82 (limited 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: LIFE 12IN27. Rel: 09 Jun 16
Deep House
  1. DJ Sotofett - "Current 82" (12 mix) (13:47)
  2. SVN - "Dark Plan 5" (extended mix) (7:21)
Review: The latest 12" from long-running Sahko offshoot Keys Of Life is the first of two split 'Balearic' releases from Sex Tags man DJ Sotofett and SUED co-founder SVN.. Sotofett's "Current 82" is a thing of rare beauty; an ambient house inspired chunk of lucid, mid-tempo dreaminess full of fluid chords, subtle, loved-up melodies and early Italian deep house bottom end. SVN continue the deep theme whilst doffing a cap to techno on flipside "Dark Plan 5". Their chords and pads are every bit as life-affirming as Sotofett's - even if they are a touch on the bittersweet side - but the accompanying up-tempo rhythm has a more ready-made dancefloor feel. Either way, both tracks are superb.
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Cat: HJP 074. Rel: 18 Aug 15
Deep House
  1. DJ Sotofett & Jaakko Eino Kalevi - "Ibiza" (with Thomas Paleo's Buddy Mende - dub) (5:24)
  2. DJ Sotofett & Jaakko Eino Kalevi - "Main Bar" (mix) (7:30)
  3. DJ Sotofett & Phillip Lauer - "Space" (feat Jeks - dub) (4:52)
  4. DJ Sotofett & Phillip Lauer - "Nimbus" (feat Jeks - mix) (8:58)
  5. DJ Sotofett & Phillip Lauer - "Spaced" (feat Jeks - outro) (1:49)
  6. DJ Sotofett & Karolin Tampere - "Nondo" (feat Maimouna Haugen) (6:09)
  7. DJ Sotofett & Karolin Tampere - "Nondo" (feat Maimouna Haugen - riddimix) (4:01)
  8. DJ Sotofett & Gilb'R - "Drippin for 97" (mix) (5:41)
  9. DJ Sotofett & Gilb'R - "97" (riddim run) (3:50)
  10. DJ Sotofett & Gilb'R - "97" (outro) (1:55)
Review: Serial collaborator DJ Sotofett pops up on Honest Jon's with a typically excellent doublepack built around a quartet of studio hook-ups. Aside from Versatile boss Gilb'r (here lending a helping hand on some African-influenced ambient house), most of the collaborators are new additions to the eccentric Norwegian's out-there audio universe. The two tracks with Phillip Lauer and JKS - an intergalactic ambient affair and a chunk of early Fila Brazillia style deep house - are particularly potent, while there's something deliciously warm and evocative about the Norwegian's explorations with Finn Jaakko Eino Kalevi. Best of all, though, are the two tracks with African vocalists Karlolin Tampere and Maimouna Haugen; "Nondo Riddimix", which boasts deliciously dense drums and sparse, exotic melodies, is arguably the highlight.
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Soukas Mix (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: WANIA 9107. Rel: 14 Oct 16
Deep House
  1. SJ Sototfett - "Soukas Mix" (11:23)
  2. Vera Dvale - "Dybden" (10:41)
Review: Serial Sex Tagger Sotofett flips to his other mothership for a casual drive to deepest Turkey. All smoky woodwind and eastern chords, wafting heavily over a roomy percussive drum arrangement, there's a great sense of mystic charm to his foggy sojourn. New artist Vera Dvale makes their debut on the flip with a dense drone that pulsates and quivers with a life of its own, gradually getting lighter and lighter towards the end. As with all Sotofett-related releases, this is a real record to lose yourself in.
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Detour Dub (12")
Cat: WANIA 9106. Rel: 02 Feb 18
Deep House
  1. DJ Sotofett - "Detour Dub" (12:49)
  2. Vera Dvale - "To Want You" (feat Merel Laine) (12:27)
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  1. I Cube - "VVV" (original mix) (6:16)
  2. Gilb'r & DJ Sotofett - "Foliage" (DJ Sotofett live Jazz mix) (5:13)
  3. John Cravache - "Le Desir De Rester Petit" (Cubo remix) (4:53)
  4. Zombie Zombie - "The Beach" (4:30)
Review: France's Versatile Records is a truly impressive label. They've been going string for over twenty years, and everything on its wonderful catalogue is worth a listen, whether you're a house fanatic or a jazz-funk head. They've been busy releasing vinyl EP's of this year's comprehensive 1996-2016 compilation, and this latest nugget forms part of the most recent years, where they've teamed up particularly closely with the likes of Sex Tags' DJ Sotofett. The opener is I:Cube's masterfully punchy and supremely executed "VVV" house bomb, followed by Sotofett's and label boss Gilb'r's "Foliages" - remixed here by Sotofett into a loose and jazzy version. I:Cube remixes John Cravache's "Le Desir De Rester Petit" on the flip under the Cubo name, the producer conjuring a dark and hypnotic tune, and Zombie Zombie make an appearance with their fuzzy electro house monster take of "Blue Monday" by New Order, entitled "The Beach". Solid.
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Pohja (10")
Cat: WANIATI 80. Rel: 04 Jul 17
Deep House
  1. Jesse - "Pohja" (DJ Sotofett mix) (6:52)
  2. LNS & DJ Sotofett - "Soft Peak Mix" (8:55)
Review: The latest missive from Sex Tags' eccentric Wania offshoot is a multi-artist affair, though as usual co-owner DJ Sotofett is in the thick of the action. On the A-side, the long-serving Norwegian producer offers up his interpretation of "Pohj", a killer cut from Finnish electro sorts Jesse. Sotofett's version is loose, dubby and loved-up, with the graf-loving DJ/producer re-casting the track into a meandering chunk of deep dancefloor hypnotism. While impressive and undoubtedly club-ready, we actually prefer the flipside ambient house bliss of Sotofett's latest hook-up with Freakout Cult artist LNS (AKA Laura Sparrow), "Soft Peak Mix". Built around sparkling, watery electronics and a relentless melody line that bobs and weaves throughout, it's a saucer-eyed chunk of horizontal brilliance.
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Missed Connection (12" + insert)
Cat: WANIATRE 2. Rel: 09 Oct 17
Deep House
  1. Missed Connection (club mix) (12:13)
  2. Missed Connection (Deep Tribal mix) (10:17)
Review: Norway b2b Canada part three: LNS and Wania boss Sotofett collaborate for the third time this year with the mystical odyssey that is "Missed Connection". Long-breath pads, snake-like FX and a deep breeze atmosphere wrap around the steady kicks lapping persistently to create a wave-like sensation, it's a great landing from the dizzying highs of their last collaborative composition "Jugando Con Fuego". For a more hypnotic experience, flip for the tribal mix where a tightly-weaved percussive roll provides more of a mesmerising sense of momentum. Connection made.
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Jugando Con Fuego (12" + insert) (1 per customer)
Cat: WANIATRE 1. Rel: 06 Oct 17
Deep House
  1. Jugando Con Fuego (club mix) (11:52)
  2. Jugando Con Fuego (Cosmix) (3:00)
  3. Jugando Con Fuego (Percussion mix) (4:36)
  4. Jugando Con Fuego (Sunrise mix) (7:18)
Review: LNS and DJ Sotofett clearly enjoy working together. "Jugando Con Fuego" is their second collaborative single in the space of six months for Sotofett's left-of-centre Wania imprint. As you'd expect from the eccentric Norwegian, each of the four available versions is notably different from the others. So, while the A-side "Club Mix" is a thrillingly loved-up, glassy-eyed trip into Latin-tinged Italian dream house territory (think Morenas covering Keys & Tronics Ensemble's "You x Me"), the "Cosmix" take is the kind of deep space ambient you'd once have expected to hear from Pete Namlook. Similarly, the tribal style "Percussion Mix" is entirely different in tone to the piano-driven "Sunrise Mix", which sounds like a long lost ambient house classic.
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Blot (12")
Cat: WANIATRE 3. Rel: 12 Dec 17
  1. Blot (extended mix) (11:38)
  2. Blot (Techno mix) (6:22)
  3. Blot (Fuge mix) (4:24)
Review: The second EP of this latest batch of Wania burners, from the talented DJ Sotofett, sees the Norwegian team back up with LNS, a recent addition to the Wania family who seems to be killing it on all fronts. Unlike the Salik outing, this 12" focusses on techno, the sort of original gear that manages to portray a minimal aesthetic without forcing it, or making it seem like a passing trend. The extended mix of "Blot" is a deep, wondrous techno journey that keeps the movement thanks to a punchy kick drum, but it's on the 'Techno mix" where the basslines truly comes out to bang hard - what an absolute driver! The 'Fuge mix', unsurprisingly, offers the ambient version, and while we're weary of bold statements, this might just be our favourite of the lot, spreading its gentle waves of euphoria like Vangelis on Blade Runner. 10/10.
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Cat: PAX 2020. Rel: 21 Oct 14
  1. Tim Love Lee & DJ Sotofett - "Moments Moving"
  2. Tim Love Lee - "Sow Mo Hope"
Review: Tummy Touch boss Tim Love Lee doesn't immediately spring to mind when you think of people DJ Sotofett might look to collaborate with, but the results are pretty damn special on the 13 minute "Moments Moving". The lead track on the first Peace Feast 12" in almost a decade, "Moments Moving" shimmers with a certain Balearic charm one would expect from Mr Love Lee, whilst Sotofett brings enough left of the field oddness to proceedings to woo the Sex Tags completists. Complementing that collaboration is "Slow Mo Hope", a fuzz laden solo production from Mr Tummy Touch that sounds like it's been culled from those early Sunday Best compilations.
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Okada (12")
Cat: HOTLINE 003. Rel: 09 Dec 13
  1. Rachael - "Okada"
  2. DJ Sotofett - "SO-PHAT Riddimix Is Junglized"
Review: There's always one record that arrives in early December and puts the kibosh on all those finely planned end of year lists, and this year it's a third transmission from the Hotline Recordings crew. Last seen straddling the line between spiralling techno and Theo Parrish-style house on an Idle Hands plate, the mysterious Rachael demonstrates "late nights and full ashtrays" do you the world of good here. Dominated by a broken rhythm and string lead, "Okada" hints at a grime influence, but offers something with a little bit more crafty funk. Hotline's choice of remixer proved inspired, with Sex Tags Mania co-founder DJ Sotofett drafted in to provide one of his now legendary jungle reworks. He's done a few of these - his effort for SW on Sued this year is another highlight, but his version of "Okada" is even more off the wall, throwing the original's thick bassline into the mix with synth trills, spinbacks and euphoric pads for the most genuine piece of jungle revivalism this year!
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Played by: Adryiano, Bartellow
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Cat: WANIA TI70. Rel: 12 Dec 17
Deep House
  1. Salik - "Inna Brixton" (5:51)
  2. DJ Sotofett - "Acid Site Mix" (6:27)
Review: DJ Sotofett's Wania imprint closes a wild and entertaining 2017 off with a pair of masterful EPs, both of them showcasing the Norwegian's genre-crossing tastes and outlook. First up is this steely 10", spear-headed by newcomer Salik, out of London Town. Up until now, the imprint has predominantly focussed on the US styles of dance music, a rough and ever-quirky blend of house and techno, but Salik's "Inna Brixton" verges on much more UK-centric territories with its near six minute spew of moody energy, clicking and bouncing steadily to the sound of deep, treacherous sub bass. The flipside features DJ SO-PHAT himself, coming through with a beatless away of acid-tinged melodies that blend into a tight little rhythm, before dissipating into a loose pool of drones and bass - Sotofett at his most outlandish. An essential buy.
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Played by: Adesse Versions
 in stock $6.32
Stalheim Mix (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: DENT 008. Rel: 09 Oct 17
  1. Skatebard - "Stalheim-Mix" (10:27)
  2. Skatebard - "Tristulf" (0:57)
  3. DJ Sotofett - "Digitalo-Mix" (16:20)
Review: Skatebard's Digitalo Enterprises has been keeping it real since the mid 00s, never failing to come through with what we like to call 'the truth'. Whether it's disco, house or even techno on the menu, the quirky Norwegian producer-DJ has got a touch of class across everything he does, and inviting fellow Norwegian DJ Sotofett to the catalogue is pure evidence of that. The head honcho is up first, rolling across the wax plate with 2 cuts: the first, "Stalheim-Mix" is a pacey, bass-heavy techno roller with a supremely progressive tone of voice, whereas "Tristulf" is made for pure meditation thanks to its slow, warm flow of Balearics. On the flip, DJ SO-PHAT adds to the ambient glow thanks to the placid waters of "Digitalo-Mix", a sparkling slice of synth experimentation that'll have the new age retroists gleaming with joy. Bloody lovely, we might say!
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No No 2 (12")
Cat: NONO 02. Rel: 22 Dec 14
  1. Snorre Magnar Solberg & DJ Sotofett - "Track 1"
  2. Snorre Magnar Solberg & DJ Sotofett - "Track 2"
  3. Snorre Magnar Solberg & DJ Sotofett - "Track 3"
  4. Snorre Magnar Solberg & DJ Sotofett - "Track 4"
  5. Snorre Magnar Solberg & SVN - "Track 5"
Review: Both the Club No No label and it's owner, Bergen-based artist Snorre Magnar Solberg, look to be compelling additions to the strange cluster of artists gravitating around the axis of sonic oddness that is Acido, Sex Tags and SUED. After a fine record on the latter in cahoots with SVN, Solberg returns with a second Club No No release that will pique the interest of any self professed SUED/Sex Tags nut. Both SVN and DJ Sotofett feature, each taking a side to collaborate with Solberg with some truly trippy results! The A-side houses four tracks from Solberg and Sotofett, all untitled, and they seem to segue into one another, with the results a transference of mood that is wholly mind-bending. Much the same can be said about the sole, longform collaboration between Solberg and SVN on the B-side, , an extended slab of freeform electronics which is reminiscent of the excellent Pod Blotz in one of her more contemplative moods.
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out of stock $8.71
  1. SW - "Glint" (3:12)
  2. Dresvn - "Dims" (1:42)
  3. Asis - "Part 4" (7:50)
  4. DJ Sotofett - "Jealous Dub" (4:23)
  5. DJ Fett Burger & Telephones - "252 Lakes In Asia" (Acido Liquid mix) (7:16)
  6. PG Sounds - "Power" (feat Paleo) (5:35)
Review: Back in September 2014, Acido Records dropped My House Is Not Your House, a multi-artist collection of eccentric, off-kilter tracks that defied easy categorization. This belated follow-up delivers six more quirky cuts, with a string of musical mavericks contributing cuts. There's naturally much to admire, from the hazy chords and deep space bongo hits of Dresvn's "Dims", and the dub-wise runnings of DJ Sotofett's fine "Jealous Dub", to the intoxicated, Middle Eastern market-goes-acid eccentricity of DJ Fett Burger and Telephones' "252 Lakes In Asia (Acido Liquid Mix)". Elsewhere, look out for a delightfully emotion-rich ambient cut from SW., and the trippy, early '90s chill out room quirkiness of PG Sounds closer "Power", which is built around the immediately recognisable meandering tones of Paleo.
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Dub Happy (7")
Cat: AMFIBIA 19. Rel: 21 May 18
  1. Tapes & DJ Sotofett - "Dub Happy" (3:29)
  2. DJ Sotofett - "Dubaton" (3:58)
 in stock $4.75
Topp Tonn (10")
Cat: AMFIBIA 16. Rel: 22 Dec 14
  1. Topp Tonn
  2. Topp Tonn (version)
Review: Next year sees both Tapes and DJ Sotofett debuting on Honest Jon's in one shape or another, and the pair close out 2014 with this rather fine 10" for the lesser spotted Sex Tags Amfibia operation. Those adventurous selectors out there wanting some house paced sonics laced with digidub fx will be all over Topp Tonn, and anyone that's been in the dance whilst Sotofett or Fett Burger were at the decks will probably be familiar with these two cuts. As usual with a Sex Tags release, this one is all about the curveball moments like where a killer synth line appears out of nowhere up top and leads "Topp Tonn" down a whole different path. In true dub tradition, the flipside Version scoops out the guts of the track for a skeletal riddim perfect for the early morning dancers.
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Host (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: MANIA 27. Rel: 04 Jan 17
Deep House
  1. Bjorn Torske - "Host" (DJ Sotofett Stoydubb) (11:08)
  2. DJ Sotofett - "Version" (feat Jenz Wohlrab) (9:14)
Review: The latest missive from the productive Sex Tags Mania crew brings together Norway's past and present. The 12" is headed up by DJ Sotofett's 12-minute dub of "Host", a previously unheard cut from Norwegian scene founder Bjorn Torske. It boasts wonky but fluid synth bass, sharp disco guitar notes, swirling effects, a deliciously loose and off-kilter rhythm, and more space echo and tape delay than you can shake a stick at. Sotofett enlists the help of pianist Jenz Wohlrab on the flip, layering constantly-evolving motifs over the kind of bongo-riffic percussion track that sits somewhere between indigenous tribal sounds, and spaced-out, Sun Ra style jazz. It's a little reminiscent of some of his collaborations wth Gilb'r, which is no bad thing.
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Arjun (12")
Cat: MANIA 29. Rel: 11 Sep 18
Deep House
  1. Arjun (5:34)
  2. Afroz (4:48)
Review: Sex Tags Mania chief Sotofett has had an ongoing friendship with Sydneysider Carlos Zarate, since appearing on the latter's Thug imprint with their collaborative Planetary Involvement EP back in 2016. Much like their previous outing, Arjun is another brazen tribute to the classic sounds of Detroit techno. From the classic hi-tech soul aesthetic of the title track with its celestial pads backed by bombastic electro-bass beats, plus sleazy G-funk leads. Speaking of which, the intergalactic funk of "Afroz" likewise gets its bass-heavy boom on, with melancholic strings and a wonky synth bass that's reminiscent of the Motor City's first wave - in particular Derrick May's Rhythim Is Rhythim releases.
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Cat: THUG 017. Rel: 03 Oct 16
Deep House
  1. Planetary Involvement (9:41)
  2. Planetary Dubb (6:45)
  3. Solar Mixxx (6:16)
Review: Sydney's Thug Records are back with label head honcho Zarate Fix teaming up again with DJ Sotofett on the Planetary Involvement EP. This follows up that great "Sands Of Time" release on Wania a little while back. The title track is a serving of emotive and deep techno that will appeal to fans of the Acido/SUED sound with its sonar blips, pan pipes and distant tribal chants and drums all working in perfect harmony. On the flip there's also "Solar Mixxx", a lush sci-fi ambient journey kinda sounding like a lost Rhythim Is Rhythm B side from way back.
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Cat: WANIATI 90. Rel: 23 Aug 16
Deep House
  1. Zarate Fix - "Sands Of Time" (5:01)
  2. DJ Sotofett - "Coiled" (Acid mix) (5:22)
Review: The latest Sex Tags Wania missive is a 10"-shaped soundclash between Phil Sherburne/Pitchfork agitator DJ Sotofett and a true legend of the Sydney scene in Carlos Zarate aka Zarate Fix (Thug/Sweet Chilli). On the A side, Zarate serves up "Sands Of Time," a smooth low-slung groove carried by exotic vocals reminiscent of Dead Can Dance's Lisa Gerrard; a nice touch. On the flip, Sotofett takes it down to grinding and slow-burning pace with the lysergic EBM styles of "Coiled (Acid mix)" which is one gutsy groove indeed; with a seriously nasty arpeggio covered in the right amount of rust and dust as we like!
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