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Dan Ghenacia

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The Egg EP (12")
Cat: APO 031. Rel: 05 Feb 19
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. A La Coque (6:21)
  2. Mykonos Heuvos (6:38)
  3. Sunny Side Up (6:30)
Review: Apollonia co-head and all-round Parisian legend Dan Ghenacia steps up for his label's latest release. On The Egg EP, you can really hear the various shades of French house presented by a true expert who lived and played throughout the city's best times for over two decades. From the sexy and slinky late night bounce of "A La Coque" which could have been easily played at his Batofar residency at the turn of the millennium, and the tripped-out and slammin' shuffle of "Mykonos Huevos" (taking the best of early '90s Chicago) to the emotive dancefloor drama of "Sunny Side Up" taking on the very best of Detroit influences such as Terence Parker or Blake Baxter.
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Ometeo (12")
Cat: APO 011. Rel: 13 Jan 14
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Ometeo
  2. Ometeo (Dyed Soundorom remix)
Review: The Apollonia train keeps rolling as Dan Ghenacia brings it back home for the first time in over a year with another heavy-lidded house work out that trades on the Frenchman's predilection for lean, bassy constructions. "Ometeo" is all suppressed intensity, holding down a shimmering beat while the synths come stalking in with a punchy presence that gives the track its guts. Fellow Apollonian tech-house enchanter Dyed Sondorom is in an equally stripped-down mood on his remix, getting into a groove and sticking with it. Occasional whispers of melody come snaking in but this one is all about the sizzling drums.
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Garden (12")
Cat: FNC0256. Rel: 29 Jan 08
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Garden
  2. Cycles
Review: Dan Ghenacia is the undisputed kingpin of the Paris techno scene, one of France's hottest DJ exports and runs the critically and popularly adored Freak n' Chic label. Not bad going for a man who admits he once refused to listen to "anything other than 120bpm deep house" and was told as a teenager that he wasn't "cool enough" to go raving. How times change! Dan's love affair with music ignited when he spent a year in California, soaking up early West Coast house and psychedelia. Dan parlayed this passion into a record selling business on his return to Paris, but as a true fan of the music he didn't just want to peddle vinyl - he wanted to play it. Now Freak N' Chic Brings you Dan's 'Garden' ep.
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Cat: AO 44. Rel: 17 Sep 15
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Just A Sin (Diego Krause remix) (7:08)
  2. The 2nd Degree (6:53)
  3. Just A Sin (8:35)
Review: Dan Ghenacia and Chris Carrier, two kingpins of the contemporary French house scene, team up for a collaborative EP on their native Adult Only label, specializing in deep, funky beats since the late 1990's. The duo serve up title track "Just A Sin" as an appetizer, a seriously pounding and head-first house banger tailor-made for the club, followed the main dish "The 2nd Degree", a deeper, more subtle DJ tool boasting a mean percussive edge. The dessert comes in the form of a remix of "Just A Sin", whipped up by Diego Krause in what the Germans would describe as being "effectively waxed". Powerful tools for the powerful deejay.
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The Blue EP (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: APO 027. Rel: 20 Mar 17
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. The Blue Grass (6:42)
  2. Kind Of Blues (6:26)
  3. Blue Stick (6:48)
Review: This collaborative 12" single brings together two veterans of the French tech-house scene, monsieurs Dan Gheancia and Chris Carrier. As a result, the quality threshold is naturally rather high. A-side "The Blue Grass" sets the tone, with Ghenacia and Carrier wrapping minor key chords and jammed-out motifs around a jazzy, brilliantly programmed tech-house rhythm. On the flip, you'll find the restless hustle of "Kind of Blues" - where looped, cyclical riffs and trippy spoken word chatter catch the ear - and the bass-heavy, driving tech-house funk of the slightly jazzy "Blue Stick". In other words, it's a rock solid collection of club-ready cuts.
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Cat: AO 030. Rel: 12 Dec 07
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Tumble Blur
  2. Delving Deeper
  3. Tumble Blur (dub)
Review: Adult Only celebrates the 30 mark with Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier delivering an ep with plenty to offer. 'Tumble Blur' is a deep,
thick, heavy-droppin' bass bomb that stays true to its title. The delicate, yet agressive heap of thick tech sounds are nicely
balanced with gorgeous chords and micro bits which create a frenzy. Ghenacia & Carrier nailed some old school techno dome
madness that brings the dome to mind and a big shot blow to the body. The next track, 'Delving Deeper' starts the hotness right
off the bat with an array of killer tons and low hummed chords glazed over a thumping kick. The kick hits into beatzie tech-house.
The guy inside the bump says, 'That's cool', no doubt on that tip- Ghenacia & Carrier got the heads bobbin' and the shoulders
poppin' on the movers. The 'Tumble Blur' dub keeps its foundation of abstraction intact, the elements are outbounded on a 'straight-
away' track. The chords and ruminating blend of beats mix for a subtle, quirkier version which is kept well in control. A nice reminder
that deep house is a globally open field for new directions.
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Cat: 3EEP 201402. Rel: 29 Jan 14
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Allez Ally (Dan Ghenacia remix)
  2. Allez Ally (El Prevost Deptford dub)
  3. Allez Ally (Shonky remix)
  4. Allez Ally (El Prevost original mix)
Review: Recently highlighted as one of the labels cultivating The Future Sound of Clapton, the long running Third Ear come through here with a release that's more Future Sounds of Paris! Returning to El Prevost's Ash EP, the label commission Apollonia pair Dan Ghenacia and Shonky to rework "Alley Ally" from El Prevost and D.Ham. In original form the track was already fairly warped - and indeed opened Fabric 70 from Apollonia - but is given a whole new lease of life on this set of remixes. Harder and funkier, Ghenacia and Shonky's respective efforts are complemented by a new "Deptford Dub" take from Prevost himself. Those mistaking dub version for instrumental be warned, this is dub in the traditional sense, heavy on the delay! The OG version is also included for those who missed first time round!
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Cat: APO 002. Rel: 30 Apr 12
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Close To The Edge (original mix)
  2. Close To The Edge (The Mole MMD remix)
Review: Appollonia have kept it all national with their collaborative EP by natives, Dan Ghenacia and Shonky, two ever-impressive house producers who have made a name for themselves in the last five years. "Close To The Edge" takes a Versatile take on things and delivers a 90s style track, with an addictive female vocal circling on and on around its shimmering beat layout. The Mole reinterprets the original with a comparatively more experimental edge - reducing the original to a swirling palate of shuffling, fast-tempo drums and intricate effects.
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Cat: MOSCD 254. Rel: 13 May 11
Deep House
  1. Black Strobe - "Paris Acid City"
  2. Home & Garden - "A Tribute To Paranoia" (Tim Shumaker mix)
  3. Johnny Dangerous - "Dear Father In Heaven" (Repercussion mix)
  4. BT - "Remember" (Mood II Swing dub)
  5. Billy Sprockets - "Dancefloor 101"
  6. Nightsource aka DJ Rasoul & Miguel Migs - "To Be Free"
  7. Soldiers Of Twilight - "Mainfloor"
  8. Soha - "Eve"
  9. Didier Sinclair - "Funky Taste"
  10. Lance Desardi - "Rememberance"
  11. Jovonn & DJ Deep - "Back In The Dark"
  12. Mustafa - "Circles" (feat Natalia - The Master mix)
  13. Audio Clash - "Live & Die" (Wild Pitch mix)
  14. Layo & Bushwacka! - "Love Life" (feat Robert Owens - Love From San Francisco remix)
  15. Chris Carrier, Guillaume & WARRIO - "Encense's World"
  16. Boo Williams - "Space 1999"
  17. Gemini - "Where Do I Go" (1997 mix)
  18. Children Of Planet Earth - "You Are The Future" (Stevie Sole Presents Guiro)
  19. Krikor - "Sometimes Sweet Susan"
  20. The Persuader - "What Is The Time Mr Templar"
  21. Phil Weeks - "It Put Me Well" (Fred Everything remix)
  22. D'Grinders - "Koka"
  23. Phil Weeks & Dan Ghenacia - "First Step"
  24. DJ Bertrand - "Fuckin' Filter" (Ivan Cube Cleaning dub)
  25. Crispin J Glover - "The Beat Goes On"
  26. Llorca - "My Precious Thing" (Llorca Old Skool mix)
  27. Touloulou - "Theme Of Guts" (The Rug Underground club mix)
  28. Cassio Ware, Chipe & The Og's - "I Wanna See You Freak (Like Dis)" (Kenny Dope remix)
Review: For this first instalment of Ministry of Sound's new Sound Of The City series, Dan Ghenacia revisits Paris in the late 1990s/early noughties, mixing up vintage underground house tunes from that period. That was, of course, a particularly successful period for French house music, yet this isn't really reflected in the tracklist. Sure, there's a smattering of home grown cuts from the likes of Black Strobe, Krikor, Soldiers Of Twilight and Phil Weeks, but most of the tracks come from the US and the UK. Thankfully, the quality of Ghenacia's mix and deep, chunky house selections including such forgotten gems as Mood II Swing's dub of BT's "Remember" more than makes up for this slight flaw.
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Dan Ghenacia
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