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Tags: Disco Funk
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The Journey Reworked EP
Cat: SHIFT 011. Rel: 12 Sep 22
  1. Boogie On
  2. It's Dancing Time
  3. Bring On The Music
  4. The Mass Fire
Review: bGerman DJ and producer Delfonic has been putting out great edits and reworks for some time on labels like Razor-N-Tape, Too Slow To Disco, or Nomada, but he has gained great recognition thanks especially to the Illegal Jazz series with his friend Kapote from Toy Tonics. Now comes his debut for Night Shift Records with an EP of four edits entitled 'The Journey Reworked' that reveals all his good work when it comes to giving new life to classic tracks and making them perfect for today's dancefloors. Side A opens with 'Boogie On', a classic that never fails with its funky guitar and signature piano, followed by 'It's Dancing Time', a dark dance track full of tropical disco vibes. On the B-side we find 'Bring On The Music', a perfect example of a funky disco rework with great voices and melodies, and to close 'The Mass Fire', an authentic hurricane of funky rhodes, boogie horns and crazy rhythms that will make you dance until dawn.
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est. release 12 Sep 22 $11.59
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Delfonic Edits Part II
Cat: NMD 039. Rel: 08 Feb 22
  1. Don't Stop Dancing (7:04)
  2. Into The Stars (7:04)
  3. Let The Music Take Control (6:41)
  4. Into The Galaxy (6:39)
Review: Under the Delfonic alias, Markus Lindner has been responsible for some wild and inspired re-edits, many crafted with his pal Kapote and in some way touched by jazz-dance or jazz-funk. Here he flies solo, offering a sequel to his disco-centric 2020 edits EP on Columbian label Nomada. He hits the ground running with 'Don't Stop Dancing', a thickset, house-style revision of a soaring, heavily orchestrated disco classic, before dipping the tempo on a simply gorgeous rework of Marcos Valle's disco-era MPB delight 'Estrelar' ('Into The Stars'). Lindner returns to loopy disco-house pastures on the delay-laden late-night stomp of 'Let The Music Take Control', while 'Into The Galaxy' is a bouncy, piano heavy disco-funk delight.
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Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $13.61
Oye Edits
Oye Edits (12")
Cat: RNT 031. Rel: 09 Nov 17
  1. The Flow (5:42)
  2. SPF (4:59)
  3. Music Is Love (8:02)
Review: On their latest 12", the Razor 'N' Tape crew has looked to Berlin, rather than Brooklyn, for inspiration. As the title suggests, the man at the controls this time round is Oye Records founder Markus "Delfonic" Lindner. He hits the ground running with "The Flow", a deliciously loved-up interpretation of one of the sweetest, baggiest and dewy-eyed disco-soul tunes around. While undeniably floor-friendly, there's no attempt made to beef up the track unnecessarily, with Lindner's addition percussion tending towards the subtle and reverential. Those hankering after something a little sweatier should check the disco-funk hustle of "SPF" (which comes complete with some seriously spacey synth solos) and Lindner's excellent rearrangement of a lesser-known cover of O'Jays classic "I Love Music".
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Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $13.61
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