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Release The Kraken EP
Cat: HOD 023. Rel: 03 Jul 19
Deep House
  1. Release The Kraken (feat Thumpasaurus) (4:56)
  2. Night Shift (5:52)
  3. Gloriole (5:37)
  4. Arrakis (5:33)
Review: Following hot on the heels of their fine "Truffles EP" on Heist, Fouk pops up on House Of Disco with another distinctive collection of sample-rich fusions of house, disco, boogie and P-funk. The Dutch duo sets the tone superbly via colourful opener "Release The Kraken", where Plantlife style vocals from Thumpasaurus rise above vibrant synths, thickset boogie bass and sweaty house drums. "Night Shift" is a synth-bass propelled dusty deep house roller - think tasty Rhodes stabs, sampled party atmosphere and loose but groovy drums, while "Gloriole" is an acid-flecked chunk of quirky house goodness. To round things off, they wrap more colourful P-funk synths around a dense, live-sounding rhythm on the bass-heavy deep house warmth of "Arrakis".
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TO2C: Tale Of 2 Cities Part 2
  1. FOUK - "Bunny's Too Tight To Mention" (6:28)
  2. Frank Booker - "Unburdened" (6:10)
  3. Vincenzo De Bull & Halve Soul - "Heavy Vibes" (7:42)
  4. Soul Of Habib - "Ra's Lament" (feat Freekwency) (5:57)
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The Roundup Part VI
The Roundup Part VI (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: HEIST 043. Rel: 29 Jan 20
Deep House
  1. Fouk - "Need My Space" (Detroit Swindle remix) (7:43)
  2. Perdu - "Sacramento" (Makez remix) (6:46)
  3. Demuir - "The 3nity Returneth" (Fouk remix) (5:41)
  4. Detroit Swindle - "Music For Clubs" (feat Lorenz Rhode - Perdu Culture mix) (7:17)
  5. Makez - "Random Visits" (Demuir Playboy edit) (6:01)
 in stock $12.53
24 Carrot #2
24 Carrot #2 (limited 12")
Cat: 24C 02. Rel: 07 Dec 20
Deep House
  1. Fouk - "Winner Winner" (4:48)
  2. Fouk - "Chicken Dinner" (6:20)
  3. Junktion - "Mustard" (5:03)
  4. Junktion - "Smokes" (5:26)
Review: 24 Carrot is the collaboration of two notable Dutch producers from Nijmengen: Daniel Leseman and Hans Peeman, both co-founders of deep house label Outplay. Leseman looks after the A side here on 24C02, with the sleazy, loungey and low slung groove of "Winner Winner" and we think you know what's coming next. Indeed "Chicken Dinner" proves humor is at the heart of what he does. Where he goes for that dusty, looped up and sampled-based aesthetic in the new Dutch tradition of Dam Swindle and Nachtbreaker et al. On the flip, Peeman dons the Junktion alias for the infectious funk attack of "Mustard", followed by some slo-mo mood music for night people on "Smokes".
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Cat: HODSTASH 004. Rel: 04 Jul 18
  1. Snacks - "Can I Get Witcha" (6:26)
  2. Fouk - "Elephants Yeah" (7:03)
  3. SDWTRX - "Midnight Run" (7:05)
  4. Harry Wolfman - "Nino" (6:31)
Review: Vinyl only edits sub label of House Of Disco returns, with its fourth edition in the series. A very funky and lo-slung sounding rendition of Arthur Russell (perhaps) on the groovy "Can I Get Witcha" by Snacks, newcomer SDWTRX delivers the sleazy yet smooth "Midnight Run" and label mainstay Harry Wolfman also appears - he is fresh off a great one on Outplay and serves up the dreamy and sun kissed bliss of "Nino".
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 in stock $11.12
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