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Mara Lakour

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JUUZ 001
JUUZ 001 (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: JUUZ 001. Rel: 09 Jul 21
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Erro - "Geomet" (9:50)
  2. Mara Lakour - "Elements" (7:03)
  3. Silat Beksi - "Mortal Practice" (7:52)
  4. Clarkent - "Ma Donna" (7:34)
Review: Hungarian label Juuz makes a bold debut here with a high class various artists EP. Each one is a relative newcomer to the scene, but they all bring something fresh. Erro's 'Geomet' is patient and sparse, with dreamy keys up top and a raw, dry groove. Mara Lakour gets a little more heartfelt with some colourful melodic motifs and Silat Beksi grinds out the sort of loopy tech groove that you latch onto and lose your mind to at 4am. Clarkent's prickly, mechanical 'Ma Donna' closes out with abstract sounds and freaky vocals that are designed to unsettle afterparty heads.
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Ocean IV
Ocean IV (140 gram vinyl 12")
Deep House
  1. Ocean IV
  2. Dune
  3. Elsewhere
  4. Aldoret
Review: The latest missive from Constant Sound's consistently interesting Aesthetic offshoot delivers four tracks of high-quality dancefloor fusion, where dreamy and melodic deep house sounds wrap around typically swung tech-house beats. It's an attractive formula provided by French duo Mara Lakour - most famous for their releases on Roots For Bloom and Normandy Records - and one they should considering exploring further in future. We're particularly enjoying the title track, where ethereal female vocal snippets seemingly drift above comforting chords and wriggling acid lines, and the billowing, marimba style melodies of 'Dune', though flipside cuts 'Elsewhere' and 'Alodret', the latter a locked-in trip into hypnotic early morning territory, are also rather good.
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Vol 2
Vol 2 (double 12" 再出版)
Cat: RUTI 014. Rel: 30 Jul 21
Deep House
  1. Mara Lakour - "Blue Mood" (7:29)
  2. Ketraj - "Odyssey" (5:20)
  3. Tell - "Fully Pumped" (6:12)
  4. Nephaze - "Seriously" (5:27)
  5. Vincent G - "Control Freak" (6:44)
  6. Janeret - "Echoes" (7:32)
  7. Gunnter - "Chordzzz" (5:39)
  8. Gunnter - "Jupitos" (5:55)
Review: Back in 2015, DJ Steaw and Gunnter's Rutilance Records label dropped the simply titled Volume 1, a double-pack compilation brimming with tasty deep house treats. Predictably, this follow-up is equally as potent and includes some stunning stuff. Check, for example, the classic New Jersey deep house revivalism of Ketraj's "Odyssey", the sub-bass heavy US garage stomp of Tell's "Fully Pumped" and the deep tech-house shuffle of Janeret's "Echoes". Label co-owner Gunnter rounds things off nicely with two fine tracks of his own (the piano-laden Balearic house goodness of "Chordzzz" being our pick), while those looking for something slower and baggier should head for the boogie-influenced bliss of Nephaze's "Seriously".
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Played by: Ben Gomori, SY
 in stock $24.29
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Mara Lakour
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