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Marcel Dettmann

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Marcel Dettmann

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Bad Manners 3
Cat: BADMANNERS 003. Rel: 02 Dec 19
  1. Eruq (Anthony Shake Shakir remix) (7:11)
  2. Works (Morphosis 2013 rework) (9:48)
Review: Bad Manners is techno titan Marcel Dettmann's second label and its second release finds Morphosis AKA Lebanese DJ and artist Rabih Beaini and Anthony "Shake" Shakir remix the bossman's own music. Shake's version of "Eruq" is a blistering one with manic percussive loops and busted bass, making a maximal wall of sound designed to tickle your eardrums, while Morphosis' 2013 rework of "Works" is deeper and more meditative with stripped back, gently pulsing disciplined drums, sonar pulses and train track like percussion. Two very distinct but equally functional tracks that will work in your set at different hours.
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DJ Kicks
DJ Kicks (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: K 7340LP. Rel: 12 Oct 16
  1. Cybersonik - "Technarchy" (Marcel Dettmann Third mix) (4:11)
  2. Levon Vincent & Marcel Dettmann - "Can You See" (6:09)
  3. Infinity - "Skyway" (Marcel Dettmann remix) (6:38)
  4. Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - "War Chant" (Marcel Dettmann edit) (8:15)
  5. Das Kombinat - "Waschmaschine" (2:32)
  6. Sandbenders - "Defekt" (6:57)
  7. Dan Curtin - "Paradise Lost" (5:46)
  8. Sterac - "Intersphere" (7:25)
  9. Nukubus - "People Move On" (Marcel Dettmann edit) (7:00)
  10. The Residents - "Kaw-Liga" (Nightmare mix) (5:07)
  11. Wincent Kunth & Marcel Dettmann - "Possible Step" (4:54)
  12. Marcel Dettmann - "Let’s Do It" (Rolando remix) (8:02)
Review: Berlin techno legend Marcel Dettmann is up next for !k7, compiling their latest edition of the esteemed DJ Kicks series. The Berghain resident merges new takes on classics; such as Cybersonik's "Technarchy" (Marcel Dettmann Third mix) and his remix of Infiniti's (aka Juan Atkins) "Skyway" alongside Mystic Bill's classic "U Won't C Me". Elsewhere, he dabbles in classic electro territory from Das Kombinat on "Waschmaschine", industrial proto-techno on Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia's "War Chant" (Marcel Dettmann edit) and some new exclusives from MDR HQ in the form of some interesting collaborations. There's some stripped and textured dub techno featuring Levon Vincent on "Can You See" and a jagged industrial experiment with fellow label mate Wincent Kunth on "Possible Step". While the mix is definitely reminiscent of one of his renowned 12 - 4 warm up sets, the vinyl edition (which comes as a bonus with this double vinyl release in gatefold cover) is a fine collection timeless techno and future classics.
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Marcel Dettmann
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