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10 Years: Part 1 Of 3
Cat: D3E 018LTD. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Deep House
AsTreJinkins - "Terror" (5:06)
New Digital Fidelity - "TOI00e" (3:20)
Moroka - "Skidly" (5:19)
Byron The Aquarius - "Tua Su Ra" (6:04)
Nico Lahs - "It's Spelled BARI" (6:23)
Review: French label D3 - which when pronounced in French sounds like their word for Detroit - is a decade old and celebrates the milestone with a special three-part EP series. As has always been the case over that 10 year period, the sounds it serves up are deep and housey. This various artists affair kicks off with AsTreJinkins' slow and propulsive 'Terror' before some nice airy and live sounding broken beats from New Digital Fidelity. Moroka picks up the pace with some hi-tek soul that sounds straight from the Motor City and Byron The Aquarius shows off his mastery of the keys again with a dreamy deep cut 'Tua Su Ra'. Nico Lahs shuts down with a heavyweight beatdown in the form of 'It's Spelled BARI.'
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Make Up The Edits 4
Cat: AR 021. Rel: 21 Oct 24
Back Door (Getting Down)
Badder Than Bad
Can't Touch Me Anymore
Shine My Love
Feel So Good Inside
You Can Win
You're In My Pocket
Review: Volume 4 of the Make Up series is another doozy and this one brings together accomplished house heads Camille, Chez Damier, and Nico Lahs in a celebration of underground disco classic "through the lens of 60's and 70's underground comix." Similar to these rebellious reads, the tracks on this release carved their niche with purists seeking distinct and thrilling sounds. Across the double album, Camille's contributions include Mystic Pleasure's 'Back Door (Getting Down)' and Cold Fire's 'Badder Than Bad' which both bring soulful melodies and infectious rhythms, Chez Damier adds Fascination's 'Shine My Love' and Bileo's 'You Can Win' with shimmering vocals and funky basslines and together, they make for an exhilarating mix of disco brilliance.

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Make Up The Edits 3
Cat: AR 013. Rel: 13 Mar 23
Dance To The Beat (Freakout) (6:08)
Dance To Freedom (7:02)
She's So Divine (6:53)
African Bump (5:42)
Sunny (6:36)
Happy Music (6:39)
Yes (5:21)
Changes (6:49)
Review: The superb Make Up series hits release number three and in doing so heads back to the trio that started it all. The combination of Chicago house originator Chez Damier, Adeen label head Camille and Italian talent Nico Lahs is a dream team indeed and they serve up some crucial edits that cover a wide sonic range. There are standout cuts on the first 12" such as 'Dance to Freedom' and 'African Bump' while jazzy grooves define 'Sunny' and 'Changes' is all about getting that dance floor vibing. This is another in-the-know musical voyage from this crew that more that deserves a spot on your shelves.

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Distant Shadows
Distant Shadows (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: UFIT 01. Rel: 15 Sep 23
Deep House
Time To Love (5:55)
Travlin' (6:51)
Make U Cum (6:18)
Distant Shadows (6:53)
Review: Underground trooper Nico Lahs never lets us go too long without hearing some fruits of his studio labours and so here he is on the all-new U Fit label out of Italy with his latest transmission. There is romance in the air on 'Time To Love' with its elastic bassline and steamy vocal coos all loosely tied to a rolling deep house beat. 'Travlin' is laced with lovely dreamy melodies and has more direct drums while 'Make U Cum' is another loose-limbed and late night jam with organic drums and perc and steamy chords. 'Distant Shadows' closes out with another balmy brew of diffuse pads and zoned-out chords over gentle drum loops.

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Easy Loving You
Cat: QUINTESSE 87. Rel: 23 Jun 23
Deep House
Keep On Groovin (6:29)
Freakin (5:39)
Come Get Me (5:39)
Easy Loving You (5:54)
Review: While Nicola Laporchio has received plenty of plaudits recently for his work as Cosmic Garden and NLXLB, he's released far more records of note - and over a longer period - as Nico Lahs. He recently delivered two terrific EPs under the alias on Omena, and here makes his debut on Quintessentials. He hits the ground running with the heads-down drive of 'Keep On Groovin', where a metronomic analogue bassline, bleeping melodies and layered percussion catch the ear, before breaking up the beats on the jazzy deep house warmth of 'Freakin'. Over on side B, 'Come Get Me' is an even deeper, classically dreamy affair with more than a few nods to the great Larry Heard, while 'Easy Loving You' is a languid, sample-rich shuffle that seems to make use of musical elements lifted from a groovy and organic dancefloor treat.
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Ancestors Call Part 2
Cat: OMLP 007B. Rel: 20 Feb 23
Deep House
Dancing Stars (6:32)
Ascension (5:34)
Astral Plan(T)s (7:57)
Love Sets You Free (6:29)
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Fundamentals (red vinyl 12")
Cat: PHONOGRAMME 33. Rel: 21 Dec 22
Deep House
One More Time (6:52)
Fundamentals (6:54)
Imagination (6:23)
Shake Dat (6:36)
Review: The cuddly deepness just oozes out of these new jams by Nico Lahs right from the off. 'One More Time' has smooth edges, humid pads and frictionless drums with just the right amount of skip to keep you locked. Elsewhere there is a more jumbled percussive sound to 'Imagination', which has scruffy kicks and Detroit pads to keep you vibing. 'Shake Dat' then gets a little more rough and ready, basement style. The chords are still lush but the drums punchy that bit harder to get the party amping. Textbook and timeless stuff.
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Tags: Tech House
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Step Into The Future EP
Cat: SEL 007. Rel: 05 Sep 22
Deep House
Step Into The Future (6:25)
Deepstate (6:37)
Cuz I Luv U So (5:33)
Flying High (5:40)
Review: Italian deep house talent Nico Lahs has been around for a while and always cooks up interesting sound wherever he lands. This time it is on the small but already well formed Selections label with four finely crafted grooves. This one follows his standout EP on cult Motor City label Moods & Grooves and explores more super deep sounds, starting with the cosmic and balmy depths of 'Step Into The Future.' The rickety and wooden drum sounds are impossibly warm and human, and from there 'Deepstate' layers up even more pads, chords, keys, vocal motifs and wispy hooks to soothe mind, body and soul. The flip side offers two more classic US house sounds that would be hard to age.
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Cat: MG 065. Rel: 23 Feb 22
Deep House
Always (6:03)
Dimensions (5:52)
Easy Going (6:30)
Redemption (6:34)
Review: For our money, Mike Grant's label Moods & Grooves is an underrated outlet from the Motor City. It has long been quietly going out its business, realising killer house 12"s from a mix of US mainstay and European greats. Nico Lahs is next up with this sublime offering. 'Always' is heavy, dusty, physical house for sweaty basements. 'Dimensions' gets you in a trance with its swirling pads and muffled vocal sounds and then 'Easy Going' brings some melodic wonkiness and loopy drum funk. 'Redemption' is a steamy end with pinging drums and layer up on layer of fuzzy sound.
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Visions (12")
Cat: DSR 030. Rel: 22 Jul 20
Deep House
The Right Way (6:16)
Futurism (5:21)
Mind Frames (6:41)
Visions (6:03)
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DSR House EP3
Cat: DSR 037. Rel: 22 Mar 23
Deep House
Nico Lahs - "Interstellar Ride" (6:23)
Nico Lahs - "Changes" (6:53)
Alfonso Bottone - "Amor Divino" (7:54)
Alfonso Bottone - "Make It Better" (7:03)
Review: New York City via Japan based imprint Dailysession returns this week with a 12' featuring two of house music's ascendant producers. On the first side of DSR House EP3, you've got Nicola Loporchio aka Nico Lahs, a Southern Italian DJ who's released on Metamorphic Recordings, Adeen and Ovum among others. His two contributions are 'Interstellar Ride' which channels the celestial vibes of early Larry Heard or Hieroglyphic Being, and remaining on a Windy City vibe with the following deep house jam 'Changes'. Over on the flip, Neapolitan Alfonso Bottone aka Wearing Shoes really delivers the goods on his absolutely spiritual 'Amor Divino' followed by the soulful mood music of 'Make It Better'.
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Cat: AR 018. Rel: 12 Feb 24
Funky/Club House
Phenomenal (DJ Spinna's Galatic remix) (7:18)
Phenomenal (Camille's Amapiano Suite) (7:34)
Phenomenal (Nico Lahs House remix) (7:03)
Phenomenal (Scott Hess Acid mix) (6:09)
Phenomenal (MAQman Stripped Soulful mix) (8:34)
Review: Robert Owens is absolutely one of the voices of his generation. He has lent his tender tones to more classic tracks than you could possibly mention and he continues to do so nowadays with a wholeness generation of producer who want a touch go his authenticity. He has recently achieved another career milestone with a superbly poignant new single that comes with sublime remixes. DJ Spinna's re-flip adds his usual sense of soul and Adeen Records label head Camille then brings some South African Amapiano vibes. Nico Lahs takes it on with a heavy house groove and Scott Hess brings some classic acid jack to his version.

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13 Years Later Album Sampler
Cat: LT 135. Rel: 03 Apr 23
Funky/Club House
Soul Renegades - "Real Change" (7:15)
Wipe The Needle - "Light Years Away" (7:25)
The James L'Estraunge Orchestra - "Broken Spells" (8:08)
Nico Lahs - "Happenstance" (5:58)
Review: Local Talk has quietly but assuredly become a vital voice in there underground. It has done so over the last 13 years and now makes that occasion by doing what it does best - serving up timeless club sounds that mix under many different subgenres. This is another feel-good offering from four of the label's talents or as the label puts it, "producers that we love and respect." There is funky bass and soulful vibes from the Soul Renegades opener, Wipe The Needle's 'Light Years Away' is a more serene cosmic journey and The James L'Estraunge Orchestra offer a broken beat and jazzed-up dancer in 'Broken Spells.' Nico Lahs brings some cuddly depths to his slow-mo house jam 'Happenstance.'
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