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Not Waving

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How To Leave Your Body
How To Leave Your Body (clear vinyl LP)
Cat: ELP 060. Rel: 02 Jun 21
  1. 99 (1:42)
  2. Hold On (5:03)
  3. Never Ready (4:16)
  4. You Are Always Younger Than The Future (4:34)
  5. My Sway (4:20)
  6. When You're Quiet (1:50)
  7. Define Normal (4:29)
  8. Last Time Leaving Home (part 2) (5:39)
  9. Self Portrait (1:12)
  10. Risentimento (1:33)
  11. My Best Is Good Enough (5:57)
Review: If you've not been excited about a new Not Waving album you should probably get your coat and leave us to it. The Italian-born, London-based electronic enigma has been responsible for some of the most innovative and engaging 'is this EBM?' sounds in recent years - pulsating, muscular, damaged, aggressive, vulnerable beasts - and as such anything bearing the name should pique an interest. And How To Leave Your Body, the latest in an already-extensive oeuvre, is perhaps the biggest curveball yet.

Forsaking the menace, grit and serrated blades we have come to expect from the chap also known as Alessio Natalizia, this is Not Waving realising the suggestions of euphoria and uplifting emotions in past work. Of course, there are no bubbling synth overtures here, and plenty of tense atmospheres are present. But on the whole, the feeling of the record is more positive, like a determined fightback in the name of good beginning to unfold.
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 in stock $25.27
Human Remixes
Human Remixes (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERS 016. Rel: 02 Mar 15
  1. Ability To Gain Access (Pye Corner Audio remix)
  2. Mathematical Man (Tomaga remix)
  3. Double Blind (L/F/D/M remix)
  4. Rain (Abul Mogard remix)
Review: Alessio Natalizia's Human Capabilities album was one of the highlights of the label in 2014, so it seems only right to get four artists to create their own unique versions for this EP. Starting with Pye Corner Audio, Martin Jenkins delivers a pulsating remix while Valentina Magaletti (Shit & Shine) and Tom Relleen (The Oscillation) take the industrial loops of "Mathematical Man" and provide an improvised jam of drums, bass and percussion. L/F/D/M's remix of "Double Blind" strips things back to the core of the track, looping it incessantly for maximum intensity before far away melodies bring you back again. The EP closes with a wonderous remix from drone specialist Abul Mogard, who again is at his best, taking the melodic ambience of the original and modulating it in to a brooding and emotional remix.
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 in stock $8.22
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Not Waving
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