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Dub Conference Vol 1
Dub Conference Vol 1 (limited double 12")
Cat: BLKRTZ 037. Rel: 28 Jul 21
  1. Appleblim - "Warsaw" (9:40)
  2. Appleblim - "Warsaw" (Shackleton remix) (9:19)
  3. Appleblim - "Bladed Shogun" (10:15)
  4. Appleblim - "Bladed Shogun" (Deadbeat remix) (12:04)
Review: BLKRTZ is back in action with this riveting new EP from UK bass expert Appleblim, who himself is now resident in the German capital. Dub Conference Vol 1 features the atmospheric and off-kilter beats of 'Warsaw', which goes on to receive an enchanting remake for ancient ritual rites by Shackleton. Over on the flip, he delivers something more straight ahead in the form of 'Bladed Shogun' which is a hypnotic and bass-driven affair that uses synth textures drowned in complex effects chains to create a momentum reliant less on rhythm and to impressive effect. Label boss Deadbeat lends his expertise on the remix up next, taking the track into typically cavernous and glacial territory.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $24.04
Departing Like Rivers
Departing Like Rivers (gatefold vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SEPTICLP 03. Rel: 06 Oct 21
  1. Something Tells Me/Pour Out Like Water (13:05)
  2. The Turbulent Sea (11:57)
  3. Shimmer Then Fade (11:57)
  4. One Of Us Escaped (8:28)
  5. The Light That Was Hidden (6:31)
  6. Few Are Chosen (3:19)
  7. Transformed Into Love (13:48)
Review: There's no denying the fact that Shackleton is one of the UK's leading dance and electronic innovators. Over the years, his recorded output has walked through many wardrobes, leading us by hand into previously un (or at least under-explored) worlds, occasionally leaving us there to fend for ourselves, but more often than not providing the full guided tour to show off just how amazing a place is.

Departing Like Rivers is certainly no exception, but the man himself would likely not really want us to dive too much into what it's about. Even the liner notes try to move the conversation away from meaning and focus things down on production and process. Let's just say this, then - this latest excursion is a masterpiece of cinematic synthesised movements, and an ambient triumph.
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 in stock $29.77
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