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Blue Hour Remixed 1
Cat: BLUEHOURMX 001 . Rel: 27 Oct 15
  1. Axis Motive (Answer Code Request remix) (4:57)
  2. Reference 97 (Marcelus remix) (6:05)
  3. Moments (Steffi remix) (7:33)
Review: After a series of 12" releases of original material, Blue Hour calls on some contemporaries to lay down the truth with Answer Code Request, Marcelus, and Steffi on board to remix. Up first, ACR tears into "Axis Motive", stripping everything back to a big kick drum fuelled by subtle breaks, and a gorgeous storm of pads - proper chimerical. Singular boss Marcelus rewires "Reference 97", and unlike his usually menacing approach, this tune is deep, visceral and full of soul; Berlin house Dj and producer Steffi adds some class and love to "Moments". A wonderful touch, and an altogether full-bodied EP.
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Continuum 1
Cat: 10YRDREF 001. Rel: 19 Oct 18
  1. Oscar Mulero - "Dancing Barefoot" (5:25)
  2. Steffi - "Mantamix" (6:15)
  3. Woo York - "Elusive" (6:10)
  4. Antonio De Angelis - "Tornante" (6:11)
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Focus (12")
Cat: BLPGRN 03. Rel: 08 May 13
  1. Redshape - "Focus"
  2. Steffi - "Attacke"
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Waking States
Waking States (hand-stamped vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: WAKING STATES. Rel: 15 Nov 17
  1. Exit The Ego (5:08)
  2. The Big White Bang (6:10)
Played by: DJ 3000
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World Of The Waking State
Cat: OSTGUTCD 41. Rel: 19 Sep 17
  1. Different Entities
  2. Continuum Of The Mind
  3. All Living Things
  4. The Meaning Of Memory
  5. Schools Of Thought
  6. World Of The Waking State
  7. Kokkie
  8. Mental Events
  9. Bounces Of Nature
  10. Cease To Exist
Review: Ostgut Ton has been trailing Steffi Doms' third album, World of the Waking State, as a departure for both artist and label. Certainly, it's an altogether more considered, complex and musically expansive set than its' predecessors. It's rich in evocative electronic soundscapes, whose scuttling rhythms look to IDM and vintage "intelligent techno" for inspiration. The assembled musical elements - think bubbly and occasionally wonky electronics, sweeping synthesized strings, deep space chords and Motor City melodies - often tend towards the heart-aching and melodious, lending the set a genuinely poignant feel. When Doms decides to change tack and head towards the dancefloor - see the ghostly, industrial electro assault of "Mental Events", sparkling positivity of "Cease To Exist" and bustling, intergalactic title track - the results are equally as inspired.
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Power Of Anonymity
Cat: OSTGUTTONCD 32. Rel: 20 Nov 14
  1. Pip
  2. Everyday Objects
  3. Selfhood
  4. Power Of Anonymity
  5. Bag Of Crystals
  6. Hard Hitting Horizon
  7. Bang For Your Buck
  8. JBW25
  9. Treasure Seeking (feat Dexter & Virginia)
  10. Fine Friend
Review: When announcing the release of her sophomore set, Steffi Doms told Resident Advisor that it was "much more about how I see the dancefloor these days" than her "conceptual" 2011 debut, Yours & Mine. While there are some IDM and vintage electro influnces - most notably on opener "Pip", throbbing electrofunk jam "Treasure Seeking" (a hook-up with old pals Dexter and Virginia) and the picturesque closing track "Fine Friend" - for the most part Doms sticks rigidly to the kind of club-friendly fodder with which she made her name. By and large, this means vibrant, Detroit-influenced techno, with the throbbing "Bag of Crystals" and sci-fi leaning "Selfhood" standing out.
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Yours & Mine
Cat: OSTGUTCD 16. Rel: 03 Feb 11
Deep House
  1. Lilo
  2. Piem
  3. Yours (feat Virginia)
  4. Arms
  5. Manic Moods
  6. Mine
  7. Nightspacer
  8. You Own My Mind (feat Virginia)
  9. Moving Lips
Review: Panoramabar resident and Klakson co-founder Steffi unveils her debut album, and as you'd expect from an Ostgut Ton release, it's an enjoyable collection of high-grade house. The Dutch DJ/producer is known for her love of quality analogue tackle (as anyone who has bought Klakson releases will confirm), and it's this jack-era ethos that's at the heart of Yours & Mine. "Arms", "Manic Moods" and "Mine" all throb to a Chi-town beat, with the latter's strings and percussion coming on like a lost TRAX flipside. Steffi also tries her hand at Motor City style machine soul, densely layered deepness and anthemic piano house - all with impressive results. It's notoriously hard to make a good quality house album that hangs together well, but with Yours Or Mine, Steffi has succeeded.

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Kill Me
Kill Me (12")
Cat: OTON 32. Rel: 04 Feb 10
Funky/Club House
  1. Kill Me (original mix)
  2. Kill Me (instrumental dub mix)
  3. Kill Me (Crushed Soul mix)
Review: Steffi and vocalist Elif Bicer make a big impression with this charming, slightly old-school deep house tune on. The fun and playful vocal reminds one of 90s acts like St. Etienne, matching sweet-as-syrup female vocals with house grooves. Released on Ostgut Ton, the label behind the infamous Berghain/Panorama, this is definitely a groove for Panorama, where Steffi is a resident DJ.
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Zatlap (12")
Cat: KLAKSON 025. Rel: 16 Feb 17
  1. Zatlap (7:18)
  2. Kopstoot (5:33)
  3. De Fles (5:53)
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Air Texture Volume VI
Air Texture Volume VI (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: AIR 006CD. Rel: 02 Oct 18
  1. Synkro - "Observatory"
  2. Appleblim - "Unfound"
  3. VIVEK - "Sad Smile"
  4. Answer Code Request - "Pasiris"
  5. Shed - "Into Bleeps"
  6. DBridge & Lewis James - "Verloren"
  7. Tracing Xircles - "Kaieteur Falls"
  8. Samuel Pling - "Bottomfeeder"
  9. Herron - "Touching"
  10. Steffi - "Between Form & Matter"
  11. Afik Naim - "Louie's Beat"
  12. Mosca - "Kidney Version"
  13. Stingray - "Last Shift"
  14. Shed - "When The Faces Went Down"
  15. Novocanemusic - "Steelmill"
  16. Actress - "Watercolour Challenge" (part II)
  17. Mesak - "Sauhu"
  18. FaltyDL - "Going West"
  19. 214 - "Shelby"
  20. As One - "The Ladder"
  21. Total Science - "Cowbell"
  22. Basic Soul Unit - "Light Out"
  23. Barker - "Terminal"
  24. Late Night Approach - "The Naus Galaxy"
  25. Martyn - "Moves"
  26. KiNK - "Tal Atonal"
Review: The infamous Air Texture imprint steps up with this new collaborative effort from some key producers across the house and techno reign. Berlin tech-house queen Steffi opens with the subtly pounding forces of "Between Form & Matter", leading the way for all sorts of sci-fi house rolling from the likes of Tracing Xircles, As One, Afik Naim and Late Night Approach. Crucially, you get some sick new tunes from a number of contemporary legends like Basic Soul Unit, Martyn and Answer Code Request. All of this goodness in two discs!
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Panorama Bar 05
Panorama Bar 05 (mixed CD)
Cat: OSTGUTCD 25. Rel: 10 May 13
  1. Palisade - "18:30"
  2. Endian - "Doze"
  3. Big Strike - "Hayday"
  4. Chris Mitchell - "Lonely Nights"
  5. BLM - "The Nest"
  6. Fred P - "Project 05"
  7. Naoki Shinohara - "Timeless"
  8. Juju & Jordash - "A Stab In The Dark"
  9. John Barera & Will Martin - "Reality"
  10. DJ Fett Burger - "Disco Tre"
  11. Juergen Junker - "Post Reunion"
  12. Steffi - "DB011"
  13. Dexter - "Jawada"
  14. DJ Skull - "Don't Stop The Beat"
  15. Obsolette Music Technology - "Latency"
  16. Trevino - "Juan Two Five"
Review: Arguably the most recognisable of Panorama Bar's resident DJs, Steffi follows Cassy, Tama Sumo, Prosumer and Nick Hoppner in cooking up the fifth batch of tracks to make the Panorama Bar mix series. Exclusive material comes from Big Strick, Fred P, Dexter, Juju & Jordash and Steffi herself, while other house cuts come from former drum and bass staples Endian (Commix) and Trevino (Marcus Intalex). Other veterans to feature in the mix include DJ Skull with his original '93 pressing "Don't Stop The Beat", while Steven Tang's Obsolete Music Technology chips in with "Latency". Newer sounds come from Fear Of Flying's BLM, US-based deep house producer Chris Mitchell, DJ Fett Burger and Will Martin collaboration with John Barera; one half of Boston outfit B-Tracks.
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