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Vin Sol

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Cat: CL 003. Rel: 07 Sep 16
  1. Jeremy Castillo & DJ Primo - "Mfka Comeer" (5:08)
  2. Jeremy Castillo & DJ Primo - "Erect Shop" (5:33)
  3. Vin Sol - "Real Tip" (5:47)
  4. Vin Sol - "Down" (4:20)
  5. Vin Sol & Jeremy Castillo - "Talk 2 The Hand" (5:04)
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Assassin (12")
Cat: UTTUBONUS 003. Rel: 13 Nov 13
  1. DJ Stingray - "Assassin"
  2. Vin Sol - "Edges Of A Vortex"
Review: Having first debuted on Unknown To The Unknown back in 2011, Detroit electro icon Sherard 'Stingray' Ingram makes a triumphant return to the label overseen by DJ Haus with one of his most intense productions yet! "Assassin" is vicious, ghetto ready electro at its nastiest and arrives at the end of a year when Ingram's been busy colluding with Drexciya pal Gerald Donald under the NRSB-11 banner. Complementing this, So Wavey Records boss (and sometime John Candy lookalike) Vin Sol gets the opportunity to have his anthem "Edge Of A Vortex" pressed on vinyl, after the track burnt an indelible digital hole in the internet when it first surfaced last year.
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Cat: CWS 003. Rel: 05 Apr 13
  1. I Can Feel It
  2. 666 Wayz
  3. High Volume
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Cat: UTTU 037. Rel: 26 Mar 14
Deep House
  1. Pol Style, Vin Sol & Matrixx Man - "Angry Frogz"
  2. Vin Sol & Matrixx Man - "Moderation"
  3. Pol Style, Vin Sol & Matrixx Man - "Powertop"
  4. Vin Sol & Matrixx Man - "Mz Jackie"
Review: Before we say anything, here's what the artist blurb said: "This is what happens when 3 Tumblr personalities manage to transcend time and space and use virtual reality to create some of the most warped ghetto house and techno this side of Second Life." There is no way we're going to argue with that. Heavy duty aggression mixed with a massive dose of slow-release intensity reaching through each tune makes this four tracker for the ever on-point Unknown to the Unknown a must-cop for techno and deep house heads looking for something harder.
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House Crime Vol 2 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HC 002. Rel: 28 Nov 16
Deep House
  1. Steven BC - "Flanger Zone" (7:02)
  2. Mall Grab - "2 B Reel" (5:29)
  3. Lawrence Lee - "Pyongyang Rhythm" (7:13)
  4. Jeremy Castillo - "Beat Dat" (feat Vin Sol) (4:24)
Review: Unknown To The Unknown spreads its wings with a new sublabel dedicated specifically to jacking house jams for proper white-knuckle party times. Steven BC turns the acid intensity up to 11 with the devastatingly on-point "Flanger Zone", while Mall Grab reaches for a classic bit of disco funk to sample and filter mercilessly. Lawrence Lee meanwhile opts for a playful, budget take on Eastern electro on "Pyongyang Rhythm" before Jeremy Castillo and Vin Sol return to primal Trax Records territory for "Beat Dat". It's a release that marks House Crimes out as a natural descendant from UTTU's irreverent approach to dance music, without compromising on the quality.
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Cat: SWR 007. Rel: 04 Nov 13
Deep House
  1. It's House (feat Tyree Cooper)
  2. It's House (Vin Zanzibar mix)
  3. Real Fresh (feat Matrixxman)
  4. Out The Box
Review: Vin Sol has been putting out some absolute heat through his own Soo Wavey imprint of late, and the rather plainly named "It's House" as about as much of a statement of the producer's intents as he's produced to date. Chicago legend Tyree Cooper provides vocals on the title track, which pulses and throbs with a classic mid-tempo, late night energy, while Sol's own "Zanzibar mix" brings up the tempo slightly for a a more chord-led peak time bumper. One the flip, the Matrixxman-featuring "Real Fresh" provides a classic 303 and 808 workout which comes custom built for warehouse raves everywhere, and the Sol original "Out The Box" channels more of that classic Chicago energy he's becoming increasingly adept at without being overly reverential.
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Supernatural EP
Cat: CKNOWEP 20. Rel: 23 Sep 19
  1. Tribal Dillusions
  2. Spraypaint On A Werewolf
  3. Alien Adjustment
  4. Hyper Tension
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Cat: SWR 009. Rel: 07 Jul 14
Deep House
  1. Cookies
  2. Spoiled Exile (feat Matrixxman)
  3. Pyramids
  4. Meltdown
Review: Vin Sol's most recent excursion, a collaborative EP on Unknown to the Unknown with regular studio partner Matrixxman, was something of a bombastic, in-your-face affair. Here, the producer returns to regular home Soo Wavey with a quartet of deeper cuts. "Cookies" kicks things off, delivering old school bass, cut-up vocal samples and stripped-back percussion. Matrixxman hook-up "Spoiled Exile" takes things deeper and darker, before "Pyramids" impresses by expertly combining sparse chords, simple beats and a rising and falling synth bassline. Finally, Sol pays tribute to Larry Heard with "Meltdown", a classic slab of evocative analogue deep house.
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Cat: DELFT 009. Rel: 24 Jun 15
  1. Memory Scan (5:59)
  2. Just Whisper (5:47)
  3. Solid Black (6:41)
  4. Rhythm 124 (4:51)
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Cat: CJFD 23. Rel: 18 Feb 15
Deep House
  1. Off The Chain
  2. Shox
  3. House Freaks
  4. Trac
Review: California's foremost John Candy lookalike Vin Sol has enjoyed a productive couple of years, delivering well-received solo and collaborative releases (mostly alongside regular sparring partner Matrixxman) for Unknown To The Unknown and his own So Wavey imprint. Here he pops up on Clone's Jack For Daze offshoot with four blasts of dancefloor-centric machine music. "Off The Chain" expertly blends the energy of original Chicago jack with metallic electronics and a touch of deep house warmth, while the sweatier "Sox" makes merry with restless percussive builds and a nagging electro hook. "House Freaks" sounds like a long lost Jungle Wonz classic, while "Trac" offers some stripped-back drum machine abuse for charged-up late night 'floors.
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Instinct (12")
Cat: LVX 029. Rel: 05 Oct 16
  1. Instinct (5:18)
  2. 1314 (4:38)
  3. Can't Cope (4:41)
  4. Instinct (Matrixxman remix) (5:16)
Played by: Ben Sims, DJ 3000
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Cat: CL 001 . Rel: 11 May 16
  1. Zone (5:25)
  2. Data Signal (4:48)
  3. WTS (5:11)
  4. Zone (Club Lonely remix) (5:36)
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Cat: NONPLUS 039. Rel: 09 Dec 16
  1. Creepin' In (6:43)
  2. Ineffect (4:40)
  3. Red Alert (5:59)
  4. Sky Pager (4:58)
Played by: Philippe Petit
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Cat: RN 006. Rel: 02 Feb 17
  1. Front Work (6:00)
  2. Owe Me (5:14)
  3. Miter (5:10)
  4. Bold Will Hold (5:59)
Played by: DJ 3000, Kid Who
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Cat: JPT 004. Rel: 25 Apr 19
  1. Fried (5:44)
  2. Air Rights (5:53)
  3. 808 Tele Funk (5:36)
  4. 808 Tele Funk (Dj Loui mix) (6:49)
Played by: Dawl
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Like This (12")
Cat: CJFD 27. Rel: 03 Feb 16
  1. Like This (5:20)
  2. Basement Game (5:43)
  3. Back 2 Something (4:30)
  4. Make Em Say (5:07)
Review: When he's not moonlighting as a John Candy lookalike, Vin Sol can be found proffering a fine contemporary take on US house tropes for the likes of UTTU, Delft, Icee Hot and his own Soo Wavey label. Having debuted on Clone's dependable Jack For Daze series last year with the Off The Chain 12", the Californian is back with another fresh four-tracker for the clubs, Like This. The title comes off like a tipsy update on Green Velvet classic "Percolator", whilst "Basement Game" is Poindexter style sleaze at a slightly pitched down tempo. On the flip "Back 2 Something" sees the Sol-master work pitch bent tones over a brutal, perma snapping drum machine groove whilst closer "Make Em Say" is a prime slab of Dance Mania inspired naughtiness.
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Cat: DANCETRAX 005. Rel: 13 Sep 17
  1. Ruff Rugged & Raw (6:19)
  2. 95 Toreback (4:58)
  3. Body Snatchers (5:22)
  4. My Mind (4:54)
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Cat: HNY 017. Rel: 12 Oct 17
  1. Moonchild (6:02)
  2. Electrical Storms (5:56)
  3. Patronize (6:13)
  4. Bondage Taped (5:13)
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Cat: DANCETRAX 014. Rel: 22 May 18
Deep House
  1. On Top (5:10)
  2. My Friend Is In The Main Room (5:27)
  3. Manage (5:31)
  4. Battery Leak (5:34)
Review: It's hard for us to believe, but Vin Sol's reliable Dance Trax series is now in its 14th instalment, and we just love how this man has continued to churn out the quality goods. No thrills, no gimmicks, just straight-up house music served raw; both "On Top" and "My Friend Is In The Main Room" are out and out bangers, capable of annihilating any dance floor with their wicked beats and bass infusions. On the B-side, "Manage" turns all loopy and twisted on the melodic slant, while "Battery Leak" chirps a placid wave of bleeps over more undercooked dance arrangements. Chicago fire, right here!
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Planet Trash (2xLP + transparent yellow flexidisc + poster)
Cat: DE 246. Rel: 17 May 19
  1. Masking Tape (4:42)
  2. Hardboilded (4:56)
  3. Misguided Until Today (4:40)
  4. Planet Trash (5:00)
  5. Bottom Of The Hill (feat Matrixxman) (6:00)
  6. Dissident (6:12)
  7. Sutro Tower (4:56)
  8. The Bohemian Club (4:06)
  9. Turned (4:32)
  10. Crumbling
Review: We are honored to announce the debut album from Vin Sol, who's taken club-goers on a trip with his tracks and sets for the past two decades. Vin Sol is a third-generation San Franciscan of Salvadorean descent who has released on Unknown to the Unknown, Clone, Delft, Honey Soundsystem, and Ultramajic. His DJ sets expertly span the genres of house, electro, techno, italo, disco, soul, funk, and whatever other finds he digs up. He's also a musical partner of Matrixxman, AKA Charlie Duff, with whom he started the Soo Wavey label. His current focus is on the wild monthly party and label Club Lonely, which he runs with Primo Pitino and Jeremy Castillo. 'Planet Trash' consists of 10 tracks spread across 2 slabs of vinyl and a bonus flexi disc. Vin started working on the album in the winter of 2017 while taking a break from making club tracks. Simultaneously he also wanted to disconnect from the grip of the internet and 24 hour news cycle. Spending more time outside, he became entranced by the Bay Area fog. Sutro Tower wholly enveloped in mist is a view that inspired the ambient tracks on the album. You will also hear hints of the Latin freestyle and classic acid that informed Vin's youth. By spring of 2018 Vin headed to Berlin to finish the album and work on a collaboration with Matrixxman, an homage to SF musical institution Bottom of the Hill that kicks off side C. Vin's musical approach is honest, using the tools of the trade to both innovate upon and pay respect to classic forms. All songs have been mastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Each copy is housed in a jacket using photos by Vin Sol, and designed by Kevin McCaughey of Boot Boyz Biz. It includes a 4-color giant newsprint fold-out poster and golden flexi disc.
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Dirty Laundry EP (limited 12")
Cat: SWR 006. Rel: 17 Jun 13
Deep House
  1. Washing Machine
  2. Not So Wicked
  3. Nocturnal Emo
  4. Fabric Softener
out of stock $11.49
Cat: IH 010. Rel: 05 Feb 15
  1. Lotus Position
  2. Lotus Position (Ghosts On Tape Natural Instinct mix)
  3. Interrog8
  4. What You See
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Never Thought (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: STAMP 002. Rel: 08 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. Never Thought
  2. Love Is Stronger
Review: After scoring points with their first installment, Vin Sol and Matrixxman are back with their second round of cheeky Sade edits for the modern analogue house brigade. On this occasion "Never Thought" rides on plaintive chord touches and an evenly paced salvo of drum machine rhythm, while a healthy bubble of square wave bass bubbles underneath Sade's inimitable vocals. "Love Is Stronger" takes more of a mellow Balearic approach, still solid in the rhythm section but with a more wistful melodic finish for the perfect kind of heartbreak house. As you would hope for with edits of these nature, there's still plenty in their construction to help them gel into a mix as well as melt the crowd into a loved-up mess.
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Cat: CL 002. Rel: 15 Jun 16
  1. Vin Sol - "Backside" (5:21)
  2. Matrixxman - "Freaker" (5:39)
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Vin Sol
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