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More Than Machine Part 2
  1. Smith & Selway - "Blink Of An Eye" (5:44)
  2. CYRK - "Repetition" (6:00)
  3. CJ Bolland - "The Demotic Script" (5:37)
  4. Vince Watson - "Cyclon" (5:51)
Review: As expected, Tronik has assembled another all-star cast for the second part of their ongoing More Than Machine series. First to strut their stuff are veteran producers Christian Smith and John Selway, whose 'Blink of an Eye' is the kind of energetic, full throttle club electro number that sounds like it should be accompanying a starship chase scene in a dystopian sci-fi music (an effect intensified by a combination of moody spoken word and vocoder vocals). Belgian veteran CJ Bolland delivers a surprise electro workout in the shape of the bustling and bleeping 'The Demotic Scene', while the effervescent Vince Watson smothers a deep electro beat in glistening synthesizer chords, deep pads and pleasingly emotive melodies
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! low stock $11.30
DnA (Re)sequenced
Cat: ESOL 019. Rel: 16 Nov 21
  1. Holographic (Carl Craig Ride Or Die anthem) (7:18)
  2. (Re)Evolution (Jon Dixon remix) (7:01)
  3. Second Wave (Steve Rachmad remix) (6:12)
  4. Universal Language (Claude Young remix) (5:35)
  5. Immersion (Stephen Brown remix) (6:47)
  6. Second Wave (John Beltran Pan Am remix) (7:44)
  7. Second Wave (Stephen Lopkin remix) (6:52)
  8. Metamorphosis (Shawn Rudiman remix) (6:17)
Review: Vince Watson released the DnA album in 2019, and now he's revisiting it for a bumper remix package from a frankly dizzying cadre of producers. First up is Carl Craig, who takes 'Ride Or Die' in predictably epic, soaring directions before Jon Dixon lays his ebullient, melodious touch over '(RE)volution'. Steve Rachmad whips up a tight and punchy strain of techno while re-versioning 'Second Wave', and Claude Young takes a delicate approach to 'Universal Language'. Stephen Brown creates a brooding, Detroit indebted mood on his mix of 'Immersion', John Beltran goes predictably far out with 'Second Wave' before Stephen Lopkin's own dreamy, sky-scraping take on the track. Shawn Rudiman completes this all-star cast with a supercharged, uplifting techno workout as he re-interprets 'Metamorphosis'. If you like classically-informed techno, you can't pass up this sterling package.
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Played by: Per Bojsen-Moller
 in stock $23.71
Make A Wish
Cat: ESOL 018. Rel: 02 Jun 21
Deep House
  1. Make A Wish (8:51)
  2. Forever (7:15)
Review: Vince Watson is in a positive mood on this new two tracker for Everysoul Audio. Both tunes bridge the divide between house and techno with a timeless style that makes them suited to a range of different settings. 'Make A Wish' is the deeper of the two, with a pensive bassline and suspensory melodies trapping you in a place of contemplation. 'Forever' (which was originally a live jam) then breaks out for a good time jam, with classically included house drums overload with golden chords and pixelated leads that will get hands in the air and big smiles on faces. The 909 works hard and the claps are irresistible
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 in stock $12.12
Via: The Mixes
  1. Progress (Joe Claussell remix) (11:05)
  2. Progress (Osunlade remix) (9:08)
  3. Progress (Manoo remix) (8:40)
  4. Via (Steve Bug & Langenberg remix) (8:44)
Review: It's not often you get such a heavyweight selection of long time house greats on one EP, especially as they are all in remixer mode. Scottish producer Vince Watson, now based in the 'Dam, is he man behind the originals, but first to flip is Joe Claussell the dub master who brings real spirituality to his work, In his hands, 'Progress' is a piano laced, deep and sine tingling house love affair, while Yoruba master Osunlade layers in his bright synths and layers of percussion to take you to a higher plane. After Manoo, Poker Flat boss Steve Bug links with longtime collaborator Langenberg for the most tech-edged version.
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 in stock $12.12
Items 1 to 4 of 4 on page 1 of 1


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