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Jazz It Up !!! Radioshow selection

Simone Vimercati

Simone Vimercati

Jazz It Up !!! Radioshow selection
An eclettic mix of new, old and classic sounds with no time and one common thing: Jazz music. This is the aim of JAZZ IT UP !!!. A weekly radio show of one hour where Jazz is mixed but without borders and limits of time and genres, which often bring this music to be a niche's phenomenon for experts and purists.
During this hour, I give you a cocktail of pleasant and good quality music that goes from instrumental to vocal jazz, from soul to funky, from latin to rare grooves or new electric sounds. This is also to show everybody that jazz is not a musical genre, but a style, an attitude to express ourselves through the music. This attitude keeps on evolving and it has no limits. It is a music that embraces many listeners' generations: from the youngest, who can discover the past's giants through new artists, to the the eldest who will get amazed by listening to the music's evolution of jazz, soul and funk.
I wish you a good listening: let you cherish by JAZZ IT UP !!!.
“Jazz It Up !!!” is available all over the world through: <br>

Web radio based in Milan (Italy) devoted to those who love jazz, funk, soul, latin, brazilian beats, reggae and also nujazz, nufunk, hip hop, nusoul, breakbeats and electronic music.

Web radio based in Milan (Italy): contemporary Urban Sounds and Visions from Italy.

DANCE & SOUL (On demand)
A crossover Jazz website based in Singapore with radio show from all over the globe.

CANORA WEB RADIO (Wed at 1pm and Fry at 9pm – GMT+1)
Web radio based in Madrid (Spain) playing jazz, funk, soul, mpb, latin jazz, reggae, eletronica & more.
Cat: MRBCD 066. Rel: 25 May 09
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. Wings
  2. Sunset Boulevard
  3. Hidden Conversations
  4. The Hood I Left Behind
  5. Once I Dreamed Of Heaven
  6. Fool Em I Fool R U
  7. Rice & Beans: Grace
  8. Jessie & Alice
  9. John Lee Hooker
  10. Live With Me
out of stock $14.15
Cat: 7559799287. Rel: 20 Apr 09
  1. Egyptian Fantasy
  2. Dear Old Southland
  3. St James Infirmary
  4. Singin' The Blues
  5. Winin' Boy Blues
  6. West End Blues
  7. Blue Drag
  8. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
  9. Bright Mississippi
  10. Day Dream
  11. Long, Long Journey
  12. Solitude
out of stock $16.32
Cat: STRUT 040LP. Rel: 06 Apr 09
  1. Masenqo
  2. Cha Cha
  3. Mulatu
  4. Addis Black Widow
  5. Fire In The Zoo
  6. Dewel
  7. Blue Nile
  8. Esketa Dance
  9. Chik Chikka
  10. Live From Tigre Lounge
  11. Chinese New Year
  12. An Epic Story
  13. Phantom Of The Panther
  14. Anglo Ethio Suite
out of stock $18.24
  1. Blessing Over The Candles
  2. Matovu - Bor'chu
  3. Sh'ma
  4. Micho Mocho
  5. Sanctification
  6. May The Words Of My Mouth
  7. Kiddush
  8. Torah Service - Adoration
  9. Final Amen
out of stock $10.88
Cat: LB020/JS 10005. Rel: 24 Dec 07
Deep House
  1. Mysterious Maiden (Soul Feast Reach extension produced by Joe Claussell)
  2. Mysterious Maiden (Yin & Yang club prodcuded by Joe Claussell)
out of stock $9.79
Cat: FM 004. Rel: 27 Nov 06
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. Dancing
  2. Vibe Change
out of stock $10.88
Cat: BMCD 002. Rel: 23 Mar 09
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. Missing Out On You (feat Michelle Amador)
  2. Everything Is Alright (feat Monday Michiru)
  3. Copperjug
  4. Kings & Queens (feat Jose James)
  5. Miss 17 (feat Selma-I)
  6. Put A Little Bit On It (feat Replife)
  7. Smooth Groove Criminal (feat Randy Mason)
  8. Oakland (feat Stephen Harwood Jr)
  9. You Feel Me (feat Alison Crockett - album edit)
  10. Luv (feat Ian Fisher)
  11. Flow (feat Jeni Fujita)
  12. In This Moment (feat Rosina Kazi)
out of stock $14.15
Cat: URLP 251. Rel: 01 Jun 09
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. Sleep
  2. Time Of Day
  3. We Fight
  4. Looking At your Face
  5. Continue To Call
  6. Running
  7. Stella
  8. Something Like?
  9. What You Do To Me
  10. All Around The World
  11. I Love Myself
out of stock $14.40
Cat: TRUEP 168. Rel: 28 Jul 08
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. One Woman Army (feat Laura Vane)
  2. Afro Love Forest (feat Kinny)
  3. Muddled Morning (feat Rizzle)
  4. Scrawny's Beat
  5. Me & You - "Sneaker Thief" (Hint remix)
out of stock $5.44
Cat: OS 022. Rel: 27 Apr 09
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. The Hook (DJ Spinna vocal remix)
  2. The Hook (original)
  3. The Hook (Rogall meets M Path Iq vocal remix)
  4. The Hook (DJ Spinna instrumental remix)
out of stock $8.70
Cat: URCD 244. Rel: 27 Apr 09
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. The Old Spot
  2. Brother John
  3. Cold & Wet (feat Fat Albert Einstein)
  4. Riff Raff Rollin
  5. Lord Kenji (feat Jim McComas)
  6. Doty's Leslie
  7. Tune Traveler
  8. Shadowfish (feat Team Scrub)
  9. Gourds Of The Desert
  10. Turtle Rock
  11. Heavy hands
out of stock $16.32
Cat: FMCD 005. Rel: 11 May 09
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. Petite Planete
  2. Illusions
  3. We Travel The Spacebeats
  4. Wind, Sand & Stars
  5. Invaderlude
  6. Space In Veda
  7. Flip-Flop
  8. Snare Of The Venus Fly-traps
  9. Low Motion
  10. When On Earth
  11. In Orbit
  12. Stars Collide
  13. Lights On
  14. Intersteller Outerlude
out of stock $14.15
Cat: URCD 242. Rel: 13 Apr 09
  1. Soul In The Hole (feat Shawn Lee)
  2. Jigsaw (feat Nicole Willis)
  3. Land Of Soul (feat Shawn Lee)
  4. Too Tired To Sleep (feat Fanny Franklin)
  5. Something (feat Karime Kendra)
  6. Whatever You're On (feat Paul Butler)
  7. Cruel Women (feat Fanny Franklin)
  8. Stay Away From Me (feat Darondo)
  9. Playboy Bunny (feat Darondo)
  10. Time To Say Goodbye (Karime Kendra)
  11. The Stuff (feat Ms Lee)
out of stock $16.32
Cat: LGNCD 002. Rel: 20 Apr 09
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. You Make Me Dizzy
  2. How Lonely Does It Get
  3. Booty Bella
  4. Low Down Groove
  5. Free
  6. She's Phoenix
  7. Love You Madly
  8. Last Goodbye
  9. Midnight To Morning
  10. Shake Off The Ghosts
  11. You Got The Down South
  12. This Is What It's All About (feat Trevor Loveys)
out of stock $14.15
Cat: IVRCD 002. Rel: 01 Jun 09
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. Suck It To Ya
  2. Mission (feat Badkat)
  3. Live Your Dreams
  4. Behind The Mountains
  5. Coisa Boa (feat Micheline Cardoso)
  6. Free Your Soul
  7. Trip To Bangkok
  8. Hiphop To Funk (feat Badkat & Lady Daisey)
  9. Music Control
  10. Get Crazy (ED Royal remix)
  11. Party Going On
  12. Tweak Da Jazz
  13. Too Funky
  14. Right Now
out of stock $14.42
Cat: GDM 019CD. Rel: 01 Jun 09
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Intro
  2. Let's Go (feat Peedi Crakk)
  3. Tonite (feat Musiq Soulchild)
  4. If Our Love Was A Song (feat Daniel Bedingfield)
  5. Ready To Go (feat Kanye West & Consequence)
  6. Get The F... Outta Here (feat MOP & Showtime)
  7. Everytime (feat Rosie Wilson)
  8. Too Late (feat Damon Albarn & Talib Kweli)
  9. Midnight Hour (feat Gentleman)
  10. I'll Be There For You (feat Jonas Myron)
  11. Fade Away (feat Jeymes Samuels)
  12. Girl I'm Gonna Make You (feat Arthur Baker)
  13. So Hard To Find My Way (feat Elmore Judd)
out of stock $13.07
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