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Juno Recommends Bass

Juno Recommends Bass

4 Dec 2012
Cat: HFT 026. Rel: 05 Nov 12
  1. E
  2. Find Shelter
out of stock $7.37
Cat: TEXT 015. Rel: 28 May 12
  1. Jupiters
  2. Ocras
Review: Oh yes, it's time for another slab of Text wax by Juno HQ favourite, Four Tet! Saying that it's been a good year for the London artist would be an understatement and it's safe to say that everything this man puts out if brimming with excellence. The beauty of "Jupiters" is that it struggles to fit into one specific genre, where those shuffling drums almost feel alive amid that growling bundle of sub-bass wizardry and elegant synth line madness. The B-side features "Ocras", a brilliant whirlpool of semi-house beats, deranged modular melodies and Four Tet's familiar experimentations into psychedelic atmospherics.
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out of stock $7.63
Cat: SWAMP 022. Rel: 10 Sep 12
  1. Decca
  2. Experiment 727
  3. Thang
  4. Rugged
Review: The Mancunian tones of Swamp81's resident MC Chunky are well known to those who tune in to the label's Rinse FM show on a regular basis. However, this debut EP, forwent any kind of vocal showcase for the kind of hefty, refined fusion of garage and techno we've come to expect from Loefah's empire. Arriving as a 12" doublepack featuring four tracks, The Chunky EP shows Chunky to have the production chops to match his skills on the microphone, showcasing a wide range of influences channeled through a uniquely dark mood; "Decca" is a straight up piece of rolling deep house with a shadowy basement vibe, while "Experiment 727? recalls the syncopated techno of Bambounou or Boddika's leaden beats, while on the second 12?, "Thang" is a masterclass in stripped back garage mechanics, and "Rugged" provides a lo-fi beat that ploughs the darkest recesses of instrumental grime for inspiration.
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 in stock $17.18
Cat: NS 013. Rel: 28 May 12
  1. Ensemble (club mix)
  2. Cake Boss
  3. Plaza
  4. Double Take
  5. Rezday
  6. Club Rez
Review: After breaking through with some powerful EPs on Night Slugs, Girl Unit came back to continue what he started. Interestingly, the grimey element in his earlier output has been replaced by a screamingly loud electro influence, positioned in the kind of snappy funk favoured by EDMX and his Breakin Records posse. From "Ensemble (Club Mix)" to "Plaza", the sharp edges of the synth work chafe against crisp drum machine workouts, leaving six cold crush bangers in their wake. It was something of a departure for Girl Unit, but he's absolutely nailed the target sound with tracks that will absolutely tear up the dance.
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out of stock $13.36
Cat: NSCC 001. Rel: 23 Apr 12
  1. Workout
  2. Video Drone
  3. Rubber Crash
  4. Hard Drive
  5. Girl Clap
Review: There was a growing sense that Night Slugs were in the early stages of reclaiming their reputation for prolific and wholly incendiary dancefloor material this year, returning to the sort of dominance that characterised their first year as a label. The launch of a Club Construction series adds another branch to an empire that already concurrently puts out full EPs, White Labels and artist albums, and also marks the first substantial material on the label from L-Vis 1990 in some time. The Night Slugs co-founder has been busy with Neon Dreams, his debut major label album and it's possible to frame this five track analogue only EP as a riposte from Connolly to those who had doubted his abilities for rawness given the polished nature of that opus. From the opening bars of "Workout" it's clear that the label's warning of this EP being "strictly for peak time usage" is all too prescient, leaning on an oft stated love of classic hi tempo Chitown ghetto house from the likes of Dance Mania and executing it with aplomb.
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out of stock $7.63
Cat: HFLP 007. Rel: 27 Feb 12
  1. Ignition Key
  2. Underbelly
  3. The Hope
  4. Dsy Chin
  5. July
  6. Action
  7. Cognitive Dissonance
  8. Gekko
  9. NE1BUTU
  10. Tulips
  11. If U Want
  12. Ignition Key
  13. Underbelly
  14. The Hope
  15. Dsy Chin
  16. July
  17. Action
  18. Cognitive Dissonance
  19. Gekko
  20. NE1BUTU
  21. Tulips
  22. If U Want
Review: Where Scuba's earlier work was typified by the same metallic sheen and monochrome hue, it's noticeable on his third album Personality just how much more colour he's letting into the mix. Whether it's the crisp electro breaks of opener "Ignition Key" or the joyous pop chimes of "July", the mood is overall far sunnier than the Scuba of before. There's drum & bass explorations being made on "Cognitive Dissonance", chart-baiting hooks aplenty and a wealth of vocal action from speeches to divas. All in all it's another essential, multi-faceted evolutionary step for the Berlin-based producer.
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out of stock $18.53
Cat: CONVEX 002. Rel: 14 May 12
  1. Passing Encounter
  2. Scarlet
Review: It's always a pleasure to see new dBridge material coming in and even more so when it's this darn good! The London-based neo-jungle legend has reasserted himself as a serious contender to the ever-changing world of club music in 2012 and this latest slab of wax for Jon Convex's label is a perfect translation of his drum & bass heritage into more modern contexts. The title track is a pouncing, half-step bomb complete with luscious vocals but it's all about the B here, where the burning bass line of "Scarlet" literally feels like an alteration of his past disciplines into a techno alternative.
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out of stock $8.72
Cat: HES 020. Rel: 23 Apr 12
  1. Zone
  2. Luv Zombie
Review: Hessle Audio continued their excellent form this year and introduced us to the new talents of Bandshell along with dropping that too-good-to-be-played, Objekt 12". Their long-time favourite, Elgato returned to Hessle Road with this stunning 2-tracker and its opener, "Zone" is a pleasingly odd bass rhythm, placing its deranged vocal firmly on top of the detached percussion elements swaying alongside the shimmering injections of lower frequencies. On the flip we have "Luv Zombie", another gorgeously far-out experimentation by our man Elgato, where his fast-paced drum shuffles meet distant waves of harmonics. This comes with a highly recommended stamp as per usual!
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out of stock $7.09
Cat: HES 021. Rel: 25 Jun 12
  1. Dust March
  2. Rise 'Em
  3. Metzger
  4. Dog Sweater
Review: Hessle Audio's emergence from hibernation in 2012 really has seen the label release some of the most extraordinary music of its life, and this EP from Bandshell might top the lot. Tapping into the grainy, murky sound world of the like of STL, Shed and Actress, this record explores strange rhythms constantly on the verge of breaking out into a frenzy. The title track is comprised of little more than rattling percussion and dense, fizzy bass, while "Rise 'Em" places a jungle breakbeat atop a mucky hum. On the flip, "Metzger" takes the vibe of classic dubstep and fills it with subtle melodies and clipped snares, but "Dog Sweater" is the real killer - a homage to soundsystem culture whose threadbare rhythms are the only thing to stop you being dragged into the track's viscous centre. Make no mistake, this is a serious new talent.
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out of stock $7.09
Cat: XLT 581. Rel: 27 Aug 12
  1. Love Is Gonna Lift You Up (Julio Bashmore remix)
  2. Love Is Gonna Lift You Up (Exemen remix)
Review: Can you imagine a more perfect mix - the innately soulful yet age-worn vocals of American singer Bobby Womack and the effervescent and vital bad-boy house of Julio Bashmore? XL really nailed it with this remix release of the highlight from Womack's latest album, with the Bristolian house god spending a good couple of minutes teasing the track in as vocals are looped and basslines drill into your head, before unleashing a classy and sunny beat for full orgasmic revelry. Exemen do a great job with the tune too on their rerub - geared up for dance floor panic with a dubby 2-step remake.
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out of stock $6.27
  1. Stableface (original mix)
  2. Stableface (Peverelist remix)
Review: "Stableface", one of the standout tracks from Lithuanian producer Eleven Tigers' debut album "Clouds Are Mountains" found itself pride of place on this 12" release from Soul Motive. Opening with an extended intro of cracked Burial-like atmospherics, the track soon gains a life of its own with its minimal 2-step beat and cracked vocal samples, complete with the kind of intricate melodicism of Four Tet. On the flip side Bristol's Peverelist turns in a fine reworking of the track. Taking the already sparse original and extending its panoramic reach even further, he concentrates on the micro qualities of the rhythms, opens up huge holes in the original's deft tapestry and creates a masterful reworking which brings out the dubstep within its DNA.
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 in stock $7.63
Cat: IAF 001. Rel: 01 Oct 12
  1. Smalltalk (Four Tet remix)
  2. Smalltalk (Matthew Dear remix)
Review: Ultraista's peculiar blend of krautrock and fragile electronic pop has been causing something of a stir this year. Following hot on the heels of their self-titled debut album came this remix 12" featuring reworks from two of electronic music's most mercurial talents, Four Tet and Matthew Dear. The former delivers an emphatically sparse and spooky mix that gives due prominence to the original vocal, laying it over a loose but percussive backing track whose swinging beats sound like garage re-invented by a jazz drummer. Dear, meanwhile, delivers a spinetingling chunk of murky electronica that's in turns overwhelmingly bittersweet and skittishly dark. Recommended.
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out of stock $7.09
Cat: RS 1206LP. Rel: 14 May 12
  1. New Colour
  2. The Animal Pattern
  3. As A Child (feat Machinedrum)
  4. Lying In The Reeds
  5. Dragon Blue Eyes
  6. Crystal Caverns 1991
  7. Raindance
  8. Dream Girl/Sky Surfer
  9. Earth's Lungs
  10. Cthulhu
  11. Stands Tidal Waves
  12. Spirals (feat Anneka)
  13. New Colour
  14. The Animal Pattern
  15. As A Child (feat Machinedrum)
  16. Lying In The Reeds
  17. Dragon Blue Eyes
  18. Crystal Caverns 1991
  19. Raindance
  20. Dream Girl/Sky Surfer
  21. Earth's Lungs
  22. Cthulhu
  23. Stands Tidal Waves
  24. Spirals (feat Anneka)
Review: It's a disregard for pretention that makes Matt Cutler's music work so appealing, whether it be the exuberant 90s house approach on last album Emerald Fantasy Tracks or his earlier hip hop-tempo bump. Galaxy Garden starts off on a more esoteric tip with the tropical electronica of "New Colour", which captures the cheeriness of Plaid, or more recently Oriol on Planet Mu, in its sunshine chimes. By the time we get to "Lying In The Reeds" we're up to a house tempo that harks back to the softer side of early Detroit, playing with melody in a way that made Kenny Larkin stand out early on. It's when "Crystal Caverns 1991" starts up that we reach the most blatant distillation of old-skool; kicking off a breakstep beat with sweet but punchy 90s synths, the track cuts into a deadly rave motif without so much as a pause in the beat and it's like being back in, er, 1991. It would be easy to write off an album like this as derivative, but no-one can listen to the music itself and call it an imposter. Every track reeks of originality, whether it be the surprising track structures, the superbly detailed production, even the evocative imagery that the music conjures up. If you ever needed an album that felt like wide-eyed, innocent joy, this would be an excellent place to start.
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Cat: CCBWL 001. Rel: 16 Jul 12
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
Review: Parisian label Clek Clek Boom inaugurated their white label series with figurehead French Fries at the helm for two bass- heavy edits that have been causing certain sections of the internet to lose their ish for some time now. On the A Side Thomas Bangalter's Roule classic "What To Do" gets rewired with that trademark Clek Clek Boom rudeness, sounding not dissimilar to a DJ Technics edit, all percolating low end and face slapping drum claps. On the flip, Amerie's much edited "One Thing" gets eased out into a swaggering and heavily pressurised rhythm that doesn't sound dissimilar to your man Blakey's work as Harmonimix.
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Cat: BF 028. Rel: 19 Mar 12
  1. Hello Darkness
  2. Bauplan (L-Vis 1990 & Bok Bok remix)
  3. We Are You In The Future (Redshape remix)
Review: Martyn's Ghost People LP was a highlight this year, both for the artist and Brainfeeder but the Dutchman's wizardry certainly didn't stop there. "Hello Darkness" blurries the lines between techno and the phenomenon known as bass music, like only Martyn knows how to. It's half-step beats are a fine match for the synth perversions going on in its backdrop and it was up to both L-Vis 1990 and Bok Bok to remix the original along with Berlin's masked fiend, Redshape. The former is a sweltering exchange of bass howls and detached percussion elements, whilst the latter indulges in 4/4 tricks even though it actually sounds more at home here in the UK than in the walls of Berghain!
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out of stock $6.53
Cat: LB LYNAM. Rel: 22 Oct 12
  1. Get This Straight
out of stock $7.63
Cat: SWAMP 023. Rel: 12 Nov 12
  1. Numb Nut (Soft Brain)
  2. Socks Off
Review: With his 12" for Swamp81 and single for Ten Thousand Yen providing some of the best bass releases of the year, Mickey Pearce's return to Loefah's label is something of a cause for excitement at Juno HQ. The fantastic artwork - which we're guessing explicitly references the classic Face magazine covers of the 90s - is worth the price alone, but thankfully the tracks are just as good; "Numb Nut (Soft Brain)" is a kicking fusion of minimal afro rhythms, abstract vocals and reverb-heavy tones held together with an indistinct bass glue, while "Socks Off" offers a similarly brilliant take on the grime-inspired formula, combining sinister strings and threatening vocals with heavy toms and malfunctioning handclaps. We're promised an album from the producer next year - on the strength of these tracks it should be something to look forward to.
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out of stock $8.45
Cat: XL 46061. Rel: 23 Apr 12
  1. Wildfire (album version)
  2. Wildfire (instrumental)
  3. Wildfire (Ovo remix feat Drake)
Review: This Young Turks US import 12" followed on from the whirlwind SBTRKT Stateside tour that took in SXSW among other things, and allowed his followers another chance to bask in the full glory of "Wildfire." An unquestionable highlight of SBTRKT's debut album from last year, the track is dominated by those piercing yet fragile vocals from Little Dragon front woman Yukimi Nagano. It's also one of those tracks that always get the more inquisitive ears sidling up to the DJ booth to make polite track ID enquiries, something which will only increase if you drop the Ovo remix that staples on a verse from Drippy Drake for good measure - this being the first time the remix has appeared on a format more tangible than low bitrate mp3.

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out of stock $9.80
Cat: CHURCH 000. Rel: 24 Sep 12
  1. Love Like This
Review: Rising Brighton producer Lorca sneaked out this white label bootleg / remix 12" for some fun and games with Faith Evans' classic funk-laden R&B jam "Love Like This Before". Jacking the vocal up to a pacey kick and clap combo, the chap made some subtle tweaks to the original, laying some tender Rhodes down on the chorus and keeping a healthy amount of sub bass low down in the mix, but it's been proven that the track will go off when the quick-off-the-mark spinners whip it out in the club.
out of stock $7.63
Cat: FORGOTTEN NOTES. Rel: 02 Jul 12
  1. Forgotten Notes (edit)
out of stock $10.85
Cat: ACLBL 003. Rel: 04 Jun 12
  1. Model
  2. Let Me See
  3. Belle
out of stock $8.72
Cat: HES 022. Rel: 10 Sep 12
  1. Clutch
  2. Underdog
  3. Piston
Review: This was Pearson Sound's long-awaited return to Hessle Audio this year, and his first material for the label since his contribution to last year's 116 & Rising compilation. Although his recent self released missive "Untitled" proved a welcome distraction it's clear that this release marks the next stage in whichever the producer may be heading. Eschewing the housier tones of the past few years of productions, Kennedy takes things back to basics, exploring the stripped back sounds of early instrumental grime. "Clutch" is as mechanical as its name suggests, combining thumping kicks and sharp-focus percussion with a sensibility not a million miles away from A Made Up Sound's right-angled techno. On the flip, "Underdog" is a cavernous stop-start DJ tool filled with glassy textures and high-voltage bass, while "Piston" is a schizophrenic battery of stuttering snares and contrasting melodic textures that have been frankly difficult to wrap your head around!
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out of stock $7.37
  1. Modeselektor - "Maik Teh Chicken"
  2. Martyn - "Red Dancers"
Review: Ahead of a second volume of curations for their Monkeytown label, Modeselektor waved this cheeky two-tracker under our noses. The German champs themselves are up on the A-Side, with the lean and mean throb of "Maik Teh Chicken". It's subtle, broken techno that plies an unusually deep trade for them, whereas Martyn is in a feisty mood with his side of the wax. "Red Dancers" is on a rough, broken beat tip with bouncing drums, snaking acid lines and an eerie sustained note hovering in the background. It's fearsome stuff executed with the panache we've all come to associate with the flying Dutchman.
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out of stock $9.80
Cat: CCB12 005. Rel: 16 Jul 12
  1. Night
  2. Brawl
Review: "Tigers didn't raise him but he bears all the mysteries of the wild world inside of him" is the mystical description 50 Weapons lay on the shoulders of Parisian DJ and producer Bambounou who helms the latest 12" on the rising Clek Clek Boom imprint. If you're not familiar with the brilliantly monikered Bambounou, then you're gonna want to be after indulging in this double dose of diverse bass dynamism. Lead track "Night" dips it's toes in the classic UK Garage sound whilst being dominated by the thick bass tones and rave strings that push things forward, whilst "Brawl" is a rowdy concoction of grime and house.
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out of stock $8.72
Cat: NSLP 002. Rel: 04 Jun 12
  1. Backseat Becomes A Zone While We Glide
  2. Her
  3. The Courts
  4. BAD
  5. How We Relate To The Body
  6. Club Thanz
  7. Hyatt Park Nights (part 1)
  8. Hyatt Park Nights (part 2)
  9. Strawberries
  10. Love Is Real
Review: For all of the genre bending insanity of his early singles on Night Slugs, it's unlikely that anyone could have foreseen Jam City coming out with an album like this. Across ten tracks the producer delivering music that runs the gauntlet between Prince influenced funk that flickers like a burnt out neon sign, Chicago house that sounds like it was made in an echo chamber and Philly club that sounds like it was made for an athletics commercial. Despite its air of detached ADD hyperreality it's an album that's never cold, and never once looks down on the listener ... in short, absolutley essential.

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out of stock $16.91
Cat: SMR 010B. Rel: 02 Apr 12
  1. Stableface (Dark Sky remix)
  2. Stableface (Macc remix)
Review: Bristol hub Soul Motive scored a massive coup in enlisting Punch Drunk boss Peverelist to remix "Stableface", one of the standout tracks from Clouds Of Moments, the 2010 debut set from Lithuanian experimental dubstepper Eleven Tigers. That they choose to complement it with two further remixes is tantamount to treating us, with both Dark Sky and Macc on board to further re-contextualise the cracked atmospherics. In the hands of Dark Sky, "Stableface" is twisted into a brooding dark side steppah with subtle hints of jungle pressure pervading the lower reaches, the 50 Weapons trio playfully teasing with the vocal before dropping in a bassline that can only be described as rude. On the flip, Macc showcases his enviable drumming skills with a heavily cinematic roller of a remix dominated by those rumbling, live rhythms.
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out of stock $9.00
Cat: HEK 018. Rel: 01 Oct 12
  1. We Laugh We Scream
  2. Nar
  3. Freak Dub
Review: Not content with one release on Untold's Hemlock imprint this year, Randomer returns with another three tracks of what the label describes as "deranged acid breakbeat music". "We Laugh, We Scream" sees an overdriven 303 stretched to its limits and concrete drums go up against a Dance Mania inspired vocal, while "Nar" adopts a more linear approach, combining a weighty industrial feel with chopped up strings and creaking bass. Finally, "Freak Dub" is described by the label as sounding like Dillinja making house music - something that sounds quite accurate in light of the track's stomach churning bass and metallic clatter.
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out of stock $7.91
Cat: MIX 021. Rel: 04 Jun 12
  1. Half On A Baby (Mosca remix)
  2. Half On A Baby (Dubbel Dutch remix)
  3. Half On A Baby (Mosca remix dub)
Review: Dre Skull's Mixpak Records scored quite the coup when they got Jamaican bad boy Vybz Kartel amongst their ranks with last year's Kingston Story LP, and now they follow that up with some floor-friendly, autotune-heavy versions of "Half On A Baby" from Mosca and Dubbel Dutch. Mosca's take is a measured garage house cut with a steady bassline and the heavily processed vocals ticking away at an even pace, while Dubbel Dutch plumps for the Soca break in a rowdy style. The whole of the B-side is given over to a dub of Mosca's mix, reaching out to those who don't feel the robotic voice vibes. Recommended.
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out of stock $7.63
Cat: WRND 015. Rel: 23 Jul 12
  1. Trojan
  2. Pacific
Review: Fresh the success of his debut release for 2nd Drop, rising star South London Ordnance returns on Well Rounded for another pair of hybrids ready for the floor. "Trojan" starts off with a charming salvo of piano chords before dropping into a churning bassline which adds some UKG flex to its deeper vibes. "Pacific" meanwhile is an expert piece of bowel loosening darkroom techno with a Chicago house interlude that we can imagine going off in the confines of Plastic People as much as it could on a sunshine drenched boat party. Big tip!

out of stock $7.63
Cat: RS 1209. Rel: 27 Aug 12
  1. Pyramid Lake
  2. Black Ink
Review: Otherwise known as Rob McAndrews, former James Blake collaborator Airhead is fast becoming one of the most interesting producers on the R&S roster since Blake's movement to more mainstream concerns. Taking a more explicitly rhythmic direction than previous release which concentrated on lush acoustic textures, "Pyramid Lake" combines rapidfire percussion, breathy vocal samples and lo-fi VHS textures to create the most unlikely club banger you'll hear this year. "Black Ink" meanwhile sounds like a maelstrom of kickdrums tumbling up and down a rubber staircase with stray hi-hats and handclaps thrown into the mix. Undeniably one of the best R&S cuts this year.
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out of stock $8.72
Cat: STYRAX REC. Rel: 24 Sep 12
  1. Tomorrow's Child
  2. Pretenders To A Crown Long
  3. Saboteur
Review: Though best known for their tech-house offerings, Berlin label Styrax have already dipped their toes in the murky world of bass with a release from Synkro last year, and now they turn to Ghostlight, a collaboration between Ghostek and Roof Light for more. "Tomorrow's Child" showcases a mastery of swung garage mechanics, dub textures and melancholy atmospherics. "Pretenders To A Crown Long" is characterised by its deep subs recalling classic dubstep, while "Saboteur" is a more rolling affair, pulsing with deep low-end and spectral ambience.
out of stock $6.27
Cat: NSCC 03. Rel: 17 Sep 12
  1. Bring In The Katz (feat Pork Chop)
  2. Bring In The Katz (L-Vis 1990 dub)
Review: When Night Slugs launched their Club Constructions series, the ethos behind it was an outlet for "raw and tracky material aimed straight for the dancefloor" and this third volume nails that to a tee. KW Griff's "Bring In The Katz" isn't widely known outside of the Baltimore House scene from which it sprouted recently, but is really worthy of the wider appreciation it will undoubtedly now receive. While anyone who witnessed the short lived explosion of Bmore in London clubs will attest a whole night of it does tend to drag, the precision with which Griff executes the staple elements of 808 drums and the Think break catch your attention while Pork Chop hypes proceedings perfectly. An L-Vis 1990 Dub on the flip - showcased to devastating effect on the Night Slugs Boiler Room - transforms the track from its Baltimore origins into a continuous onslaught of hyper rhythmic stabs and vocal samples. Does what it says on the tin and then some,
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out of stock $7.63
Cat: HES 023. Rel: 29 Oct 12
  1. Game
  2. Release
  3. Trouble
  4. Majestic 12
  5. Time Bomb
  6. Middleman
  7. Aware
  8. High
Review: As one third of the Hessle Audio triumvirate, Kevin McAuley - better known as Pangaea - has been responsible for some of the label's best releases. The eight track Release represents his most potent statement to date; continuing the rolling pirate radio techno direction he started with last year's Hex and Inna Daze EPs. Beginning with the Missy Elliot sampling "Game", he sets out the stall for the rest of the EP, a combination of tough, steeled-up steppers rhythms and dub techno textures. Whether listening to the abstract melodies of the title track, the blistering pace of the searing "Majestic 12" or the broken garage of Middleman, its clear that Pangaea is still light years ahead of the competition.
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out of stock $18.82
  1. Capracara - "House Of Dolls"
  2. Palace - "Mandy"
  3. 5kinandbone5 - "Make U Understand"
  4. Dubbel Dutch - "B Leave"
Review: It's almost impossible to keep on top of the Unknown To The Unknown release schedule, such is their relentless energy in putting out material across all formats. This UTTU Rec In Effekt! 12" has probably been our most anticipated release from DJ Haus' label though, granting a physical release to a quartet of Trans-Atlantic heaters that have appeared in the digital domain over the course of the last twelve months. It's an all-UK show on the A Side, commencing with the killer "House Of Dolls" from Capracara which fully demonstrates his masterful command of funked out house grooves. A perfectly bumped beat offsets an organ stab drenched in cavernous delay, whilst digital squalls flit around the nether regions. Alongside this, Palace is on a throwback midnite 2-step flex with "Mandy" sounding every bit like the one track Four Tet should have slipped into his Fabric mix. Flipside and West Coast duo 5kinandbone5 mangle up R&B and darkside garage with aplomb on "Make U Understand" whilst the excellent Dubbel Dutch takes the rhythmic template of drum & bass and fuses it with a modern bass mainframe, taking its R&B sample and combining it with icy synth stabs which create a sound much like a Detroit take on bass.

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out of stock $7.63
Cat: CCB12 007. Rel: 17 Sep 12
  1. Rolling 84's
  2. Slab
  3. Trunk Music
Review: ClekClekBoom is one of those labels that just refuses to adhere to hype and trends. This year they've put together a fine selection of artists, amongst them Bambounou and the inimitable French Fries but this time it was up to Chaos In The CBD to inject some duly needed neo-grime house beats to the roster. The title track is a skipping house belter, dressed approvingly in a delicious coating of subtle sub-bass swirls and deranged vocals. Over on the flip, "Slab" takes a hip-hop vibe and spins it effortlessly into a slo-mo house bomb - giving us the real ish. Finally, "Trunk Music" takes more familiar UK bass elements to create a chilling two-step bomb filled to the brim with spewing mutant bass lines and syncopating hi-hats. Raw as hell and needed.
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out of stock $8.72
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