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Staff Picks: Best of 2021

Juno Records Staff Picks

Juno Records Staff Picks

Staff Picks: Best of 2021
Our staff here at Juno Records select their top music picks to hit the shelves in 2021, featuring brand new albums, singles, reissues and re-masters.
Cat: FARO 220CD. Rel: 01 Feb 21
My Heart
Nina Nenem
Praca Da Alegria
Behind The Moon
out of stock $10.33
Cat: FVR 170. Rel: 15 Feb 21
Assia (feat Pat Kalla) (3:54)
Ben Bene La (feat Lass) (4:51)
Women Can Do (feat Ayuune Sule) (5:39)
Mbaal Mu Teer (feat Lass) (3:18)
Water Get No Enemy (feat Pat Kalla) (5:05)
Tu Mens Devant Moi (feat Rama Traore) (4:10)
Faut Pas (dub 2000) (3:32)
Fighting Slowly (feat Ayuune Sule) (5:26)
Faut Pas Dire Des Choses Comme Ca (feat Pat Kalla) (4:38)
LYMYE-A (feat David Walters, Pat Kalla & Lass) (5:25)
Manu Ecoute Ca (feat Pat Kalla) (4:33)
Ku La Foon (feat Lass) (4:15)
Francois, Va Te Laver (feat Pat Kalla) (3:59)
Tenor Jam For Manu (feat Boris Pokora) (3:37)
Review: Favorite Recordings presents Voiciii, the third album by Voilaaa - the nom de plume of Bruno 'Patchworks' Hovart. It features guest vocalists such as Pat Kalla and Lass who he has worked with previously, but also new ones such as David Walters, Rama Traore and Ayuune Suule. There's also the addition of saxophonist Boris Pokora. The LP is a tribute to major artists of influential African sounds, such as Fela Kuti and Manu Dibango: from the empowering groove of 'Women Can Do', the late night boogie-down antics with a message on 'Water Get No Enemy' to the spiritual life music of LYMYE-A' - a delightful album from start to finish.
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 in stock $24.08
Cat: HYPE 015. Rel: 25 Jan 21
The Jackpot (4:55)
Rona City Blues (5:10)
out of stock $14.56
Cat: BWOOD 236CD. Rel: 01 Feb 21
Bokani Dyer - "Ke Nako"
The Brother Moves On - "Umthandazo Wamagenge"
Lwanda Gogwana - "All OK"
The Wretched - "What Is History"
Sibusile Xaba - "Umdali" (with Naftali, Fakazile Nkosi & AshK)
The Ancestors - "Prelude To Writing Together"
Thandi Ntuli - "Dikeledi"
Iphupho L'ka Biko - "Abaphezulu" (feat Siyabonga Mthembu & Kinsmen)
Review: Brownswood's latest must-check offering gathers together fresh musical inspirations and jazz mutations from South Africa, shining a light on some of the country's most forward-thinking musicians. The set was curated by pianist/songwriter Thandi Nithuli and Siyabonga Mthembu of psychedelic jazz-rock fusionists Brother Moves On, a pair whose disparate musical approaches and open-minded attitude successfully shaped the album's eclectic, fluid flow. Highlights are plentiful, from the deep downtempo jazz-souk of 'Umthandazo Wamagenge' by Brother Moves On and the discordant, dubbed-out post-rock/jazz fusion of Wretched's 'What is History' (featuring black panther Kwame Toure and Winnie Mandela), to the warming acoustics of Sibusile Xaba's 'Umdali' and the organic, exotic spiritual jazz opus that is Iphupho L'ka Biko's 'Abaphezelu'.Simply stunning.
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out of stock $6.59
Cat: K7 394EP. Rel: 22 Feb 21
Vellichor (7:22)
96 Back vs Special Request - "Petrichor" (4:53)
Compassion (9:10)
Review: Ahead of the release of Special Request's frankly spellbinding new DJ Kicks mix, !K7 serve up an EP with three of the standout cuts from it. The brisling melodies and rugged electro of 'Vellichor' open up and immediately take you to the stars. Then comes a collab with fellow Leeds artists and someone Woolford has always been keen to praise, 96Back. Their 'Petrichor' - the word given to the smell after fresh rainfall - is a moody piece of ambient with flashes of synth, sweeping filters and pensive pianos, Closing out is 'Compassion,' a frazzled bit of cavernous bass with icy chords and melancholic feels.
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out of stock $11.11
Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) (4:48)
The King Has Lost His Crown (3:29)
out of stock $13.23
Cat: BWZ 767LP. Rel: 21 Jun 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Sir Benni Miles (2:39)
Roaches Don’t Fly (1:44)
Black Sunlight (feat Kayana) (2:34)
Indian Summer (2:52)
Aubergine (feat Fielded) (3:16)
God’s Feet (2:09)
Peppertree (2:08)
Scaffolds (2:57)
Falling Out The Sky (feat Earl Sweatshirt) (3:33)
Wishing Bad (feat Curly Castro & Amani) (3:51)
Chicharrones (feat Quelle Chris) (3:25)
Squeegee (2:57)
Robert Moses (1:34)
Stonefruit (4:19)
Review: Surprisingly, long-serving underground rap duo Armand Hammer (AKA ELUCID and Billy Woods) have never recorded an album under the guidance of a single producer. Haram, then, is a unique item in their discography, produced as it is by a lone beat-maker, sometime Mobb Deep, Dilated Peoples and Ghostface Killah collaborator the Alchemist. Musically the album is alternately pin-sharp and drowsy, with sparkling synths, obscure instrumental samples and warming tones riding loose, jazzy and largely laidback hip-hop beats. As you'd expect, ELUCID and Billy Woods are in fine form throughout, spitting rhymes that their label accurate describes as a mixture of "the profane and the pure".

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out of stock $53.45
Cat: MI 0657LP. Rel: 26 Apr 21
Orion From The Street (4:05)
Do Me A Favour (3:18)
Not When You're In Love (3:35)
Out Of The Frame (3:09)
When You Last Heard From Linda (2:41)
No Pressure (3:37)
In This City (3:28)
I'm The One Who Wants To Be With You (2:36)
Meant To Be (2:32)
Invisible Days (3:45)
The Curtained Room (2:44)
You Get Better (3:09)
out of stock $17.46
Cat: FAM 008. Rel: 26 Apr 21
Die Prophezeiung (Hadone version) (6:24)
Der Weg Des Kriegers (MRD version) (5:37)
Die Augen Des Teufels (Stigmata version 1) (6:03)
Blick Des Bosen (Exium version) (5:34)
Kein Entkommen (Hector Oaks As DJKAOS11 version) (6:27)
Bisswunden (Introversion version) (6:12)
Verlorene Seelen (0 Phase version) (5:19)
Feuersturm (DJ Boss version) (4:50)
Die Augen Des Teufels (Stigmata version 2) (5:42)
out of stock $24.08
Cat: STH 24305. Rel: 12 Apr 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Nobody's Fault (3:22)
Here It Comes (3:20)
Sunny Afternoon (2:49)
Rolled Up (feat Mac DeMarco) (3:04)
Lost Again (2:47)
Break Away (3:29)
Kids (feat Kyle) (3:16)
Run Right Back (3:18)
Miracles (feat Emily King) (4:50)
Music (3:23)
out of stock $22.21
Cat: CPU 01100000. Rel: 29 Mar 21
Electric Engine (5:13)
Night Drive (5:10)
Pleasure Activism (5:55)
The Race (5:08)
Review: Although he never confirmed it when he launched the project in 2006, Blackploid is an electro-fired alternative alias of sometime International Deejay Gigolos artist Martin Mastike - and not, as some speculated all those years ago, a Drexciya side project. You can see why some would have though Blackploid to be a Drexciya product though. This surprise EP for Sheffield's CPU Records is full of Drexciyan tropes, with three out of the four tracks delivering the kind of high-grade, sci-fi-fuelled electro brilliance that we've long associated with the legendary Detroit outfit. Highlights include the thrusting, bleep-heavy brilliance of 'Night Drive', the surging, space disco-influenced heaviness of 'Night Drive' and the raw, angular techno stomp of opener 'Electric Engine'.
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out of stock $10.06
Cat: LLESS 025. Rel: 12 Apr 21
What Will Enlightenment Give Me
Freedom & Desire
Recognize Your Limitations
Focused & Absorbing
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Convey Sense Of A Being
Being Yourself
Experiences & Perceptions
Review: The third full-length excursion from Toki Fuko (real name Sergey Korotaev), subtly expands on the dub techno and deep techno sounds of his first two sets, offering a string of psychedelic, mind-altering concoctions that sound just as good at home as they would in the club. Most notable this time round is the Russian producer's use of female spoken word snippets - seemingly all drawn from the same source - to add an extra level of mind-melding headiness to his find fusions of IDM, ambient techno, deep techno, dub techno and deep electro. With warped bass, echoing melodic motifs, creepy electronics and punchy beats to the fore, the album is akin to an intoxicating, hallucinatory trip through the farthest reaches of psychedelic electronic music.
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out of stock $23.28
Track 1 (5:55)
Track 2 (6:32)
Track 3 (5:53)
Track 4 (6:58)
Review: There's very little collaborative work by Chez Damier and Ron Trent, especially the cuts they made during the days of Prescription Records, that isn't timeless and top-drawer. You could certainly say that about the four tracks that make up 1994's now reissued Hip To Be Disillusioned Volume 1. The untitled opener is loopy, deep and hypnotic in their trademark early morning style, while the track that follows - a version of Primitive Arts LP cut 'Sometimes I Feel Like' - is a little warmer and more positive in tone but no less chunky and locked-in. The flipside opens with a rolling, early morning loop jam (think deep, chunky bass, delay-laden synth stabs and crunchy drums), while the closing cut is a wickedly stripped back version of previous single 'I Feel The Rhythm'.
...Read more
out of stock $14.02
Cat: ACRELP 016LTD. Rel: 08 Mar 21
Deep House
Pizza Dust (7:53)
Secret Soup (2:00)
On Tik (feat Pinty & Simeon Jones) (4:18)
The Vault (1:28)
Tempora (4:38)
Morley's Preference (feat Simeon Jones) (5:43)
Outie (feat DJ Morris) (3:22)
Black Dragon Loop (5:18)
Green Parquet (5:24)
Four Teslas (4:34)
No Sun (5:27)
Scum Of The Earth (feat Thick Richard) (9:00)
out of stock $25.39
Cat: SAIKE 02. Rel: 22 Mar 21
Alice (7:02)
Horny Consequences (6:16)
Snake Does Cry (Unpolished mix) (6:14)
Review: A year on from its hard hitting debut, French label Saike returns with a second sizzling offering of no frills bangers. Once again it comes from the duo of Viper Diva who mix up rave, techno and trance into shiny, maximal tunes. 'Alice' is a real stomper, with trippy chords up top and turbo charged kicks, while 'Horny Consequences' is very much not sexy in anyway, but it sure is powerful thanks to the over driven drums and ghoulish vocals. 'Snake Does Cry (Unpolished mix)' close son a big euro-trance vibe, which is sure to send hands in the air.
out of stock $12.17
Cat: DC 236. Rel: 29 Mar 21
Fine Line (6:35)
Altered Cycle (6:36)
Curved Blade (6:28)
Natural Desire (6:12)
 in stock $13.76
Cat: RTTD 018. Rel: 22 Mar 21
Expert Text Reader (6:43)
Ray Mentor (5:35)
Messiah (5:57)
Twisted Helix Posture (7:33)
Review: French electro veteran dynaRec has always sat a little to the side of the masses in the scene, which is precisely what makes his music so damn special. Clearly, Helena Hauff agrees, and so dynaRec makes an appearance on Return To Disorder with this colourful, animated four-tracker. 'Expert Text Reader' is a party monster with broad appeal - it's actually redolent of the electroclash era thanks to its catchy arps and vocoder hooks. 'Ray Mentor' takes things tougher and freakier, while 'Messiah' turns up an unexpected 4/4 jacker with some mean swing and rowdy synth riffs to get people bumping hard. 'Twisted Helix Posture' finishes the EP off on a future-synth-pop tip that will have robot souls short circuiting all over the place.
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out of stock $8.99
Cat: UIQ 0012. Rel: 22 Mar 21
Tany (3:39)
Bassous (3:30)
Where Do You Go (4:49)
Penicillin Duck (4:11)
Keen Demag (4:08)
Bro! (Love It) (4:26)
Review: Anyone who needs proof that dance music can permeate the boundaries of nations, cultures and societies wants to check Zuli, if you haven't already. The Cairo-producer, who has found favour with the likes of Wire and Pitchfork, makes music that sounds like a delivery of drum 'n' bass thundering through a weighty dose of techno, topped with the staccato trappings and trap, juke and footwork - not necessarily predominant sounds on the Egyptian club scene, which is often more house and progressive focussed.

His latest EP, All Caps, is basically six calling cards for the music maker's style. Opening on ferociously unforgiving, industrial-leaning hardcore, even the most low-slung here, 'Penicillin Duck', or the more melodic (the choppy waves of synth on 'Keen Demang') feel like someone has hit the Melt button on your mind. Tread carefully, then, but definitely be sure to tread.
...Read more
out of stock $13.76
Cat: DEEDEE 005. Rel: 29 Mar 21
Song Of Co-Aklan (3:43)
Passed-out Dog (3:06)
My Child Is Alive! (3:28)
Crow Mother (3:44)
St Wellbeing Axe (2:35)
Owl In The Parlour (4:02)
Let's Flood The Fairground (3:32)
The Lobster's Dream (4:48)
The Copper Beech (4:13)
The Knockout Artist (3:24)
Falling Out North St (3:32)
Unrealtime (3:38)
out of stock $18.78
Cat: LB 0097LPMARB. Rel: 06 Dec 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Promises (Movement 1) (6:24)
Promises (Movement 2) (2:31)
Promises (Movement 3) (2:31)
Promises (Movement 4) (2:31)
Promises (Movement 5) (4:27)
Promises (Movement 6) (8:50)
Promises (Movement 7) (9:28)
Promises (Movement 8) (7:22)
Promises (Movement 9) (2:30)
Review: Last October, acclaimed saxophonist Pharoah Sanders turned 80 years young, and his input on this album is testimony to the fact he has clearly aged like a fine wine. Not that this is to suggest preceding outings were anything less worthy than this collaborative project, which sees Sam Shepherd, the British electronic artist better known to most as Floating Points, write nine spectacular arrangements which are then performed by said brass legend, alongside The London Symphony Orchestra.

The results are spectacular, and wildly far-reaching, albeit firmly rooted in jazz with classical undertones. From the movements that made this final cut, some are whisper quiet and delicate to the point of risking breaking off if you were handling haphazardly. Others are booming loud, musical jumbo jets landing at the end of another great crescendo. Whether hushed or monumental, though, we can feel every note and bar of this masterpiece.
...Read more
 in stock $24.34
Cat: SPCTR 016. Rel: 01 Mar 21
Intro (2:51)
Mortal Fools (3:56)
Excerpt (1:01)
Version Epilogue (3:26)
Skarby Sezamu (feat Adam Repucha) (2:54)
Pond (live) (4:47)
Iskiereczka (1:19)
Wheel (2:24)
Horned Heart (feat Katarzyna Karpowicz) (8:45)
Angels (feat John Glacier) (1:39)
Untitled (2:20)
Fern Flowers (4:31)
out of stock $15.86
Cat: FIRELP 544. Rel: 08 Mar 21
Heartlow (4:08)
The Revolution Of Super Visions (5:01)
Stages Of Phases (5:02)
Lux (1:28)
Modern Reputation (5:58)
Flock (3:24)
Sunset Dreams (with Andy Votel) (4:28)
All The Things You Do (4:22)
Pyramid Schemes (5:08)
Solarised (5:24)
Finally Jane Weaver is getting to make the album she has always wanted. Or one of the albums she has always wanted to make. That's the party line behind Flock. And while the idea of a bastion of experimental, avant-garde, leftfield, psychedelic electronica secretly longing to put out a record that is nothing-but-nothing-but accessible pop music might surprise some, who the hell are we to question the inner workings of a genius?

Naturally, considering Weaver's reputation for turning everything into works of art, she approaches the challenge with resolute commitment, and pulls it off with aplomb. Understandably moving away from regular label haunt Finders Keepers, the Manchester imprint primarily concerned with unearthing weirds from the bottom of the forgotten pile, it's a sweet, sexy, easy going thing that simply won't leave you alone.
...Read more
out of stock $22.21
Cat: REC 184. Rel: 08 Mar 21
Domestic Tasks (2:43)
L'amour Et La Violence (3:15)
Look (2:53)
A Ballet (2:37)
Divine (1:45)
Intromission (1:24)
Fingers Of Steel (3:13)
Stuck In A Summer Love (2:29)
Comment Revoir Oursinet? (3:06)
Ricky L'adolescent (2:50)
Against The Law (2:46)
 in stock $13.50
Marco Cassanelli - "Camden Town" (7:23)
Sibling - "Valhalla" (6:33)
Federsen - "Evolution" (7:32)
Genning - "Q3" (6:18)
out of stock $11.38
Cat: UAR 001. Rel: 01 Mar 21
Deep House
Omar S/Norm Talley - "Muggy Detroit Heat" (5:56)
Norm Talley/Moodymann - "Jus Hangin" (feat Charlotte OC - mashed up by D'Julz) (7:21)
Review: There is a heavyweight selection of names on this first release from Norm Talley's promising new label Upstairs Asylum. Firstly, the man himself is a Motor City heavyweight who links with fellow luminary Omar S on the opener 'Muggy Detroit Heat.' It's an intense and steamy house track that bristles with raw melody. On the flip, French house icon D'Julz reworks a tune by Norm in cahoots with the one and only Moodymann. This one is all cuddly chords, romanic vocal chops and warm, rough edged house beats for those cosy basements.
 in stock $13.23
Cat: ATA 023. Rel: 01 Mar 21
Deep House
Major (5:15)
Major (4:11)
Finger-Snapped (4:22)
Finger-Snapped (5:12)
Review: The always pleasingly leftfield French maverick Pepe Bradock has been busy of late. Now he returns with a third instalment of his on going Dactylonomy series and again breaks all the rules. Opener 'Major' is choppy house with knackered kciksand frazzled pads swirling round the groove. Next up is a more hunched over and heavy house kicker that is dark and filled with industrial texture. 'Finger-Snapped' is one of Bradock's most straight up house tunes for a while, and it bangs. The harmonies, garage-flecked drum work and wigged out synths all get you going, only for the closer to be a brilliantly raw stomper.
...Read more
out of stock $15.61
Asc - "Honed Edge" (6:53)
Sciama - "Foreque" (7:00)
Sam Kdc - "Gordian Knot" (5:58)
Asc & Semblance - "Simulacra" (8:40)
Asc & Sam Kdc - "The Inevitable" (6:58)
Saturne - "Hypnosis" (6:56)
Asc - "Penrose Stairs" (6:29)
Synth Sense - "Broken Sword" (7:04)
out of stock $22.49
Cat: FIGUREX 24. Rel: 01 Mar 21
Balance (6:22)
Cylinder (5:47)
New Dawn (6:22)
Ray (5:42)
out of stock $14.81
Cat: HOSP 681. Rel: 01 Mar 21
Redcloud (4:52)
Replica (4:49)
9 Digest (4:35)
Mouth In Reach (5:21)
Cellygrin (5:00)
For The Butterfly (4:19)
Slowland (4:44)
Corporate Cross (5:52)
Mantis Print (6:43)
out of stock $27.51
Cat: MOVCL 057. Rel: 01 Mar 21
Dance No 1 (19:21)
Dance No 2 (23:01)
Dance No 3 (18:37)
Dance No 4 (23:33)
Dance No 5 (20:16)
out of stock $39.96
Cat: ATONAL 007. Rel: 01 Mar 21
I (2:13)
II (8:55)
III (3:04)
IV (4:48)
V (13:25)
VI (5:30)
VII (4:13)
out of stock $21.16
Cat: BEATSOST 1CD. Rel: 28 Oct 19
Sextant - "Drug Oriented"
69 (Carl Craig) - "Desire"
Model 500 - "The Chase"
LFO - "Track 4"
Leftfield - "Song Of Life"
Twitch - "Skeng Teng" (feat Killa P)
Liquid Liquid - "Optimo"
Joey Beltram - "Energy Flash"
Outlander - "Vamp"
Human Resource - "Dominator"
N-JOI - "Anthem"
Luma - "John Broadwood"
Plastikman - "Spastik"
Hudson Mohawke - - "Scud Books"
Orbital - "Belfast"
The Joubert Singers - "Stand On The Word"
out of stock $14.56
Cat: CDLXLP 03. Rel: 01 Mar 21
Psych/Garage Rock
Greenfuz (2:22)
Googoomuck (3:42)
Rockin' Bones (2:23)
Voodoo Idol (3:45)
Primitive (4:48)
Caveman (3:49)
The Crusher (1:50)
Don't Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk (2:09)
Can't Find My Mind (3:22)
Jungle Hop (2:25)
The Natives Are Restless (2:59)
Under The Wires (2:43)
Beautiful Gardens (3:31)
The Green Door (2:20)
New Kind Of Kick (4:06)
out of stock $25.39
Cat: Y 12TH. Rel: 15 Feb 21
Turbe In Sviluppo (2:57)
A Man (2:42)
Angelo Azzurro (3:37)
Biscotti 180 (2:36)
Regina (3:25)
Boxe (2:43)
Delete Instagram (3:27)
Swan (4:32)
Paradise Channel (3:29)
Novo Eden (4:31)
Blind (3:39)
Blood Money (bonus track) (3:14)
out of stock $24.61
Cat: SIG 028. Rel: 15 Feb 21
Deep Dubstep
Bad (6:34)
Badder (6:33)
Review: Although Rhythm & Sound and Basic Channel man Mark Ernestus has worked with or remixed many different artists over the years, we didn't expect him to join forces with D&B scene stalwarts Calbre and DRS. Yet that's exactly what's on offer here, as the Hardwax founder delivers two typically deep, dubbed-out techno outings crafted from portions of the pair's collaborative cut 'Badman', which is due to feature on Calbre's forthcoming sixteenth studio album, Feeling Normal. Both 'Bad' and 'Badder' are typical of Ernestus' ultra-deep and hypnotic style, with snippets of the duo's original instruments, beats and vocals echoing in and out of a warming, all-encompassing, sub-heavy groove. In a word, it's superb.
...Read more
 in stock $15.34
Cat: BKEDITDS 03V. Rel: 15 Feb 21
Track 1 (13:08)
Track 2 (12:35)
out of stock $23.81
Cat: XL 1188LP. Rel: 16 Aug 21
Dad & Frankie (2:37)
Sparko (feat Herron) (2:14)
Swag (feat Kav, James Massiah & Bathe) (3:55)
Better (feat Lea Sen) (5:10)
Bernard? (3:49)
Runnersz (2:29)
'Rraine (feat Edna) (3:36)
Glorious Amateurs (3:21)
S Gets Jaded (1:16)
Froth Sipping (3:00)
Layer 6 (4:31)
In Drink (2:52)
Playground (feat Goya Gumbani) (2:55)
Born Slipping (feat Tyson) (4:39)
Review: It may have taken a while - his massive debut single 'Hyph Mngo' was released 12 years ago - but Joy Orbison has finally got round to recording his debut album. It's a highly personal affair, peppered with speech snippets from various family members (including his mum, dad, sister, cousins and famous uncle, Ray Keith). It's a narrative device that works well, providing a unifying thread throughout a woozy, musically eclectic concoction that sees the now veteran UK producer give his distinct spin on ambient, slow house, two-step garage, deep house, post-dubstep beats, dubbed-out soundscapes, British bass music, experimental electronica, cutting-edge deep D&B and much more besides. It's perhaps not the all-out assault on the dancefloor some may have expected, but it is a genuinely brilliant and entertaining album.

...Read more
 in stock $19.85
Cat: INTGRD 007. Rel: 08 Feb 21
Minimal/Tech House
Fast Track To Bliss (7:21)
Club Forgiveness (6:52)
Ikquion Lovers (6:33)
VCF Freq (6:57)
out of stock $9.79
Cat: WSR RF2. Rel: 23 Aug 21
Hi Press (5:10)
Earthrise (5:34)
Injury Time (5:42)
Amber Glows (5:31)
Review: The first anyone heard from Robert Fleck was an early drop on Well Street back in 2018, and it's been quiet since then. Anyone following Well Street knows it's a hot tip for upfront artists in the fractured fissures of the UK underground, and Fleck makes a welcome return to prove the point. There's a lot of different touchstones you could point to on this release, from nimble-footed broken beat and a whiff of nu jazz orchestration, not to mention a bass music sensibility and an appreciation for deeper strains of UK techno. But more than all that, Fleck merges his unique spread of influences into something fresh and unique, comfortably slipping between conventional genre markings with the kind of flair we've come to expect from Well Street.
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 in stock $10.58
Cat: GHSTPHN 005. Rel: 30 Aug 21
Deep Dubstep
Hotline (3:25)
Come Over (3:16)
Hit Diff (2:13)
Blame (2:35)
Review: By now, we should all be familiar with Ghost Phone's unique formula, namely chopped, screwed, twisted and re-imagined R&B workouts provided by a never-named crew of mystery producers. The Bristol based imprint has moved the goalposts once more on volume five, first fusing grime and dub techno and the pleasingly stoned and weighty 'Hotline', before opting for more extensive vocals, glassy-eyed chords and bustling beats on 'Come Over'. 'Hit Diff' raises the bar further by combining jungle breaks and the forthright attitude of ghetto-tech, while 'Blame' is a deliciously warming, loved-up slab of hazy R&B brilliance. If there's a more inventive and inspired rework series out there, we've yet to find it.
...Read more
out of stock $12.17
Cat: ORN 030. Rel: 09 Aug 21
Deep House
New Speak (7:21)
Old Speak (5:41)
New Speak (Nail remix) (6:38)
Review: Harvey Jones is on a roll this year, landing releases on Ranges and Echocord and promptly following them up with this refined joint for Ornate Music. He's got a full bodied take on tech house that favours deep, meditative moods but expresses them through bold, richly rendered synth lines and crisp but warm drums. 'New Speak' has a taut house groove powering it, but the mellifluous ebb and flow of the chord line keeps things soft and sensual, while 'Old Speak' plumbs into a dub techno irrigation system without shirking it's responsibilities to the dancefloor. Nail's remix of 'New Speak' amps up the bump, hitting that sweet spot where chunky house music can still cool you down.

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Cat: HHANDS 018. Rel: 05 Jul 21
Foul Play (5:27)
Lotus (5:44)
Hood Mentality (4:27)
R2D2 On Crack (5:06)
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Cat: LIVITY 048. Rel: 12 Jul 21
Grapefruit (6:26)
Microshift (5:12)
Make It Circular (5:18)
Constant (4:41)
Review: Manchester's Lack is back on Livity Sound a year after his last masterclass on the Inside EP. Once again he takes out his scalpel and does some precision work together together UK bass, minimalism, dub and techno. Every track is floaty light yet muscular. The drums hit hard but are also somehow barely there. Floating ambient pads drift next to skeletal jungle rhythms and dark bass hops or lurches beneath the precision drum programming. 'Grapefruit' is a downtempo opener to get the vibe going, then the quiet artistry of 'Microshift' gets the party going, 'Make It Circular' is for the heads at 5am and the fluttering melodies of 'Constant' make a shout for tune of the EP.
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Cat: HDB 134. Rel: 24 May 21
Chemz (12:29)
Dolphinz (9:04)
After his surprise drop with music writer and producer Blackdown on the Keysound label last month, the enigmatic Burial is now back with a fresh new EP all of his own. It comes on his longtime home of Hyperdub and features two more of his deft designed, ghostly deep dubstep post-nightbus joints. 'Chemz' is a strict raver filled with rushed up sounds, plenty of dance floor love and big hooks that is many different tracks, moods and vibes all rolled into one. As always, these Burial sounds look back to go forwards and do so in thrilling fashion.
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Cat: SMALLHOURS 004. Rel: 10 May 21
Minimal/Tech House
Liquid Earth - "Dog Brain" (5:24)
Youandewan - "Aquapath" (6:26)
Andy Hart - "155" (6:07)
Mculo - "The Wrench" (6:01)
Review: Berlin based brit Youandewan's Small Hours returns with more classy house and tech sounds for exactly that time of the night. The boss himself offers the trippy melodic patterns of 'Aquapath' which rides on icy shining hi hats and old school baseline while 'Dog Brain' from Liquid Earth is a more scintillating tech-edged cut which hurries through raw percussion. Andy Hart's '155' pairs lovely skipping kicks with bright synth puddles and last of all Mculo layers up neon synth sequences with jittery claps and hits to make for a compelling bit of future funk. These always sell out in quick time, so do not sleep here.
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Cat: 93TI 002. Rel: 24 May 21
Drum & Bass / Jungle
TROY (5:14)
Put It On (5:12)
Blazin' (5:39)
UNITY (5:07)
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Cat: ORN 029. Rel: 08 Feb 21
313151 (9:15)
44151 (5:46)
313154 (5:58)
Review: Nail has been busy in lockdown with a few releases now surfacing in early 2021. The former DIY Discs and Classic man knows exactly how to craft infectious house tunes with high pressure vibes and mind melting synths. He does that here from the off on Ornate music. '313151' is bleepy techno that never lets up while '44151' has drunken synth sounds tumbling over one another and making you move in weird ways. '313154' is a class closer with undulating acid taking you deep down a rabbit hole with no way back.
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Cat: MUKAT 080. Rel: 15 Nov 21
You Got Me Thinkin' (3:32)
You Got Me Thinkin' (Exclusive unreleased instrumental version) (3:33)
Review: As played by DJ Koco, J Rocc,The Allergies, Smoove.... Big b boy drums, punchy brass,twangy guitar and a timeless killer vocal workout from Tyra Hammond. Irresistable soul drenched funk fodder !! Initially out on New Zealand imprint On The Crate Records back in 2006 and later featured as a 12'' EP on Mukatsuku in 2007 but long since deleted the label re visits again this bonefide monster classic yet again this time in 7 inch format with a never heard before unreleased instrumental version on flipside.
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Cat: SS 085. Rel: 04 Oct 21
Deep House
In Motion (11:23)
Don't Play (feat Ava) (10:07)
Review: Theo Parrish is one of those characters who manages to unite lovers of both house and techno, indeed producing offerings that seem to make the distinction utterly redundant. How does he doe it? Well, if this pair of new tracks are anything to go on, it's the simple trick of making tracks that combine the soufulness and rootsy earthiness of house with a trippy sense of the futuristic and psychedelic that elevates them out of the ordinary.
Take, for instance 'In Motion's simple piano stabs and the subsequent off kilter groove that builds up around them. Or, equally, the cheeky bass keyboard manoeuvres that form the backbone of 'Don't Play' featuring Ava, funky enough to be Stevie Wonder but then matched with caustic, scything hi-hats that have more than a hint of the surreal and robotic about them. Best of all, it doesn't feel like a compromise, it feels like a full on creation that acknowledges both traditions but refuses to follow either slavishly.

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Cat: INSTINCT 17. Rel: 18 Oct 21
UK Garage
Wine (6:46)
Babeh (4:11)
I Know (5:17)
Review: As is often the way, this new one Instinct is as rude as flicking the bird in a pair of Nike TNs and a full tech fleece. It comes from Soul Mass Transit System, a Leeds based duo made up of D. Jason and Baby J known for their retro tinged garage bangers. 'Wine' is all naughty bass, slamming drums and jungle samples, while 'Babeh' gets more down and dirty on tightly programmed kicks, dark bass and echoing vocals that are all made for the peak time. Last of all, 'I Know' is a cluster of percussive hits and reversed effects, warped bass and twisted rhythms that make for perfect body music.
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Cat: INSTINCT 15. Rel: 22 Feb 21
UK Garage
Bit Darker (4:46)
Old Spice (5:40)
Review: Pinder has been spotted making sterling moves around the UK garage resurgence alongside Peaky Beats, but now he's going it alone on the seemingly unstoppable Instinct. It's great to hear this promising producer in full flight, dropping the kind of high-definition, willfully crafty 2-step that by rights should have dancefloors popping off. With enough smarts to satisfy the headphone shufflers too, these four tracks play with classic UKG tropes in artful ways, displaying a razor sharp instinct for how to maximize impact with the right hook at the right time.
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Cat: OM 031. Rel: 08 Nov 21
Deep House
Trailing Dub (5:22)
Tides (5:24)
Kilopascal (3:46)
Tides (Saine remix) (5:38)
Don't Think Too Hard (6:07)
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Cat: UR 044MCMRP. Rel: 20 Dec 21
Deep House
Hardlife (9:03)
Hardlife (Aaron Carl remix) (5:05)
Review: Some two decades after it first slipped out of Underground Resistance's Motor City studio and into record stores worldwide, one of UR's most magnificent moments has been given a deserved reissue. Largely produced by 044 (real name Gerald Mitchell) and featuring vocals from one of his relatives (one Ron Mitchell), 'Hardlife' is not so much a sci-fi techno anthem as a mid-90s US garage/soulful house workout with sparkling, undeniably intergalactic, Motor City synths. As it did back in 2001, it comes backed with a fine remix from the late Aaron Carl that successfully re-frames the track as sparse, bouncy chunk of soul-fired peak-time techno.
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Cat: XL 1166LP. Rel: 08 Nov 21
Everything In Its Right Place (LP1: Kid A) (4:15)
Kid A (4:44)
The National Anthem (5:50)
How To Disappear Completely (5:52)
Treefingers (3:47)
Optimistic (5:25)
In Limbo (3:18)
Idioteque (5:10)
Morning Bell (4:36)
Motion Picture Soundtrack (4:12)
Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box (LP2: Amnesiac) (4:04)
Pyramid Song (4:53)
Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors (4:01)
You & Whose Army? (3:06)
I Might Be Wrong (4:58)
Knives Out (4:18)
Morning Bell/Amnesiac (3:12)
Dollars & Cents (4:47)
Hunting Bears (2:01)
Like Spinning Plates (4:13)
Life In A Glasshouse (4:16)
Like Spinning Plates (Why Us? version - LP3: Kid Amnesiae) (5:08)
Untitled V1 (1:49)
Fog (Again Again version) (2:18)
If You Say The Word (4:27)
Follow Me Around (5:15)
Pulk/Pull (True Love Waits version) (3:02)
Untitled V2 (3:45)
The Morning Bell (In The Dark version) (2:28)
Pyramid Strings (0:18)
Alt Fast Track (1:54)
Untitled V3 (2:07)
How To Disappear Into Strings (1:33)
Review: The latest of Radiohead's reissues is an utter avalanche of material. 'Kid A Mnesia' itself is an 'album mashup' between their two albums Kid A and Amnesia; both projects are remastered and released side-by-side on the same LP. It doesn't stop there: for the fanatics, there's an exclusive third disc, Kid Amnesiae, which contains formerly unheard material both recording sessions, as well as Kid Amnesiette, a cassette of B-sides. This ultra-deluxe edition is, decidedly, one for the ultra-fans. Besides the radical electronic fever dreams making up both projects, this version contains the never-before-heard song 'If You Say The Word' on the bonus CD. Remastered on vinyl and cut at half the speed of the original LP, it's an audiophile's banquet. Also watch out for the exclusive booklet of drawings that come with the special edition of this special edition.
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Cat: DOC 230LP. Rel: 01 Nov 21
Father Bird, Mother Bird (Sunbirds) (2:55)
Connaissais De Face (Tiger?) (3:03)
Dearest Alfred (MyJoy) (3:15)
First Class (Soul In The Horn remix) (6:16)
If There Is No Question (Soul Clap Wild But Not Crazy mix) (7:19)
Pelota (cut A Rug mix) (5:05)
Time (You & I) (Put A Smile On A DJ Face mix) (9:15)
Shida (Bella's Suite) (8:35)
So We Won't Forget (Mang Dynasty version) (6:29)
One To Remember (Forget Me Nots dub) (5:10)
The remix album is probably pretty hard to crack in terms of putting it together. On the one hand, you want a broad selection of producers to take the work and make it new again. But there's also a very real risk of winding up with a bunch of random tracks with no real coherent thread to ensure the LP is actually going to get enough people buying to warrant engineering, mastering, and pressing costs.

Khruangbin have certainly cracked it with these takes on tracks from their most recent and perhaps most lush long form outing to date. We have sophisticated micro house, percussive slo-mo disco, slick-to-the-touch downbeat grooves and surrealist pop, all of which work both individually and together, the result being a record that not only knows its own mind, it can easily convince others, too.
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Cat: LAUNCH 234S. Rel: 30 Aug 21
Psych/Garage Rock
The Sun & Moon (4:34)
Stonegoat (2:44)
Dreambuilding (2:47)
Dig My Grave (3:08)
It's Time For Fun (3:57)
Relax (4:05)
Union Of Mind & Soul (3:06)
The Snake Of Addis Adaba (3:41)
Goatfizz (4:44)
Let It Burn (edit) (3:40)
Friday (part 1) (4:06)
Fill My Mouth (3:03)
Queen Of The Underground (6:02)
Review: There aren't many musical collectives who can genuinely claim to boast a unique, impossible-to-pigeonhole trademark sound, but GOAT is certainly one of them. Incredible live and even better on wax, their intense and intoxicating sound offers a genuinely mind-melding fusion of acid rock, psychedelia and African music. The shadowy Swedish band are at their unique, cacophonous best on Headsoup, a genuinely thrill-a-minute trip whose highlights include the hypnotic funk-rock of 'Stoneoat', the low-slung, flute-laden mysticism of 'Let t Burn' (edit) and the riotously brilliant 'The Snake of Addis Ababa'. This edition, which is pressed to translucent green vinyl, also includes a bonus seven-inch with two more insanely good cuts.
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Cat: HVNLP 196C. Rel: 13 Sep 21
Music Again (5:40)
Pond House (4:09)
Fonteyn (4:46)
Little K (5:49)
Blue Kite (4:40)
I Remember It Well (4:01)
Penlop (5:26)
Broad River (5:39)
Review: Saint Etienne's landmark 10th studio album comes 30 years after the outfit put out their notable debut, Foxbase Alpha. The much loved London crew have since become cult favourites in the downtempo and chilled out electronic realm. This new record much to the delight of fans, has been made largely from samples and sounds drawn from their halcyon period between 1997 and 2001. A such the whole record was made remotely, rather than together in a studio, and in collaboration with film and TV composer Gus Bousfield. The sounds are optimistic and nostalgic at the same time and come on all formats including this limited edition clear wax.
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Cat: CELTD 005. Rel: 03 May 21
Expression Directe (4:52)
TBX72 (6:15)
Fixed Based Operator (4:57)
Squawk (4:25)
Review: French veteran Maelstrom makes a notable debut here on Cultivated Electronics. The always precision groove specialist brings drive focus and intent to all four cuts, with the devastating funk of 'Expression Directe' opening in fierce fashion. 'TBX72' rides on buying drums, with whip-snapping synths flashing about the mix and coruscated textures bringing it further to life. There is both elastic drum work and musical synth touches to 'Fixed Based Operator' before 'Squawk' looks you in a gurgling baseline with slapping hits and wild acid sounds all popping right off
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Cat: LEA 001. Rel: 08 Mar 21
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Engineers Origins (5:06)
Look Up (5:14)
Probability 1 (5:06)
Review: Cult UK crew Sneaker Social Club have got another belter on their hands here with an EP from Low End Activist that channels this country's rich history of sound system culture. Its importance in the Afro-Carribean communities it stemmed from is in sharp relief across the tunes, which are drawn from a VHS recording of Muzikon Sound System, captured in 1988 on the Blackbird Leys estate in Oxford. And you can feel the vibes and the heat of that day in the area bass, intense drums and pressurised perc of the tracks here.
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