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Breakbeat Recommendations Best Of 2011

Juno Recommends Breakbeat

Juno Recommends Breakbeat

Breakbeat Recommendations Best Of 2011
5 Dec 2011
Cat: BOMBMUSIC 002. Rel: 13 Jun 11
  1. Do You Want More
  2. Rhythm Method
  3. Ladies Love Cool Jams
Review: Veteran Australian sample plunderer Nick Thayer returns to the always dependable Bomb Strikes imprint with a triplet of speaker worrying bumps that demonstrate the producer has lost none of his bounce. Hogging the A Side, "Do You Want More" cheekily snips off the hook from a UK rock classic and marries it to a heavyweight synth lead that gets full marks from the head nod committee. From such rowdy beginnings Thayer continues in similar fashion on the flip with the AV8 leaning bump of "Rhythm Method" swerving between synth heavy bumps and more sample centric moments, whilst the concept for "Ladies Love Cool Jams" is fully unveiled in the title, focusing on one of rap's greatest.
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out of stock $6.54
  1. Prosper - "Freak Hop" (part 1)
  2. Badboe - "Freak Hop" (part 2)
  3. Breakbeat Junkie vs DJP - "Freak Hop" (part 3)
  4. Audited Beats - "Freak Hop" (part 4)
Review: Breakbeat Paradise comes through with this twelve of expert nu-funk from an international cast of players with France, the UK, Canada and Denmark all repping! It's the Gallic sample fiend Prosper who lays down the gauntlet on "Freak Hop Part One" which slips in a spot of everyone's favourite Hispanic potheads before working in a record 4,726 further samples (we got our intern to count them) before the track finishes in sultry form. Danish don Badboe takes up the reins on the sequel which ups the pressure with some slick B Boy attitude whilst almost matching Prosper in the sample stakes. Not to be outdone, the UK is fully repped by Breakbeat Junkie and DJP who drop some vociferous old school vibes on the third part - just wait for those MOP horns to drop! Finally Canada's Audited Beats goes for the low slung vibe - cramming more bounce into the ounce amidst the usual dizzying array of samples.
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out of stock $6.81
Cat: ROCA 04. Rel: 01 Aug 11
  1. Ganja (feat Rodney P)
  2. Summertime (feat Penny)
  3. Get It On Now (feat MC Fava)
  4. Is It True (feat Richard Kim)
out of stock $9.09
Cat: ZEST 12035. Rel: 27 Jun 11
  1. Be-Bop 2 Hip-Hop
  2. Grand Fandango
  3. Moonbug
out of stock $7.96
Cat: INSANE 011. Rel: 04 Apr 11
  1. Head Banger
  2. Head Banger (radio edit)
  3. We Blow Up The Spot
  4. Shake 'Em Up
out of stock $7.96
Cat: BBP 035. Rel: 05 Sep 11
  1. Whatta Joint
  2. Joint
  3. Bhangra Jam
  4. Wopbabalubop Bulapbub Boom
out of stock $6.25
Cat: DC 003. Rel: 19 Sep 11
  1. Betty Beat
  2. Regulate
  3. Party Episode
  4. It's Not Cricket
out of stock $7.96
Cat: FATHOP 004. Rel: 27 Jun 11
  1. Skorpio Dope Jam (It's A Trip)
  2. The Headlock (DJ Spatts version)
out of stock $6.81
Cat: HASU 001. Rel: 01 Jul 13
  1. Movin Marlena
  2. Bring Back The Wiggle
  3. Funk Soul Slide
  4. Super Beast
out of stock $4.54
Cat: BOMBMUSIC 003. Rel: 12 Sep 11
  1. Nickeldeon
  2. Shake
  3. Better Things (feat Mooque)
  4. Handz Up
out of stock $7.96
Cat: FB 002. Rel: 11 Jul 11
  1. Funky Music Party (Beat intro mix)
  2. Funky Music Party (Scratchapella intro mix)
  3. Funky Music Party (DJ Tool Scratchapella)
  4. Party Of The Century
  5. Manifest Party
Review: The inimitable funkateers known as Funk Burners return with a second round of self styled Funky Burner party heaters effortlessly proving there ain't no party like a Funk Burners party across the five tracks/tools. Anyone with a base appreciation of samples will recognise much of what makes up the two variants of "Funky Music Party" though it's the devilish potency with which the Burners assemble the bumping rhythms and funked out riffery that impresses on both the beat heavy and scratchadelic versions. An accapella tool is also included for the more imaginative minds out there. On the flip "Party Of The Century" is a pretty self explanatory shameless melding of many a party mentioning track across a neat mid tempo disco rap bump, whilst "Manifest Party" ramps up the speed but retains the hip-hop feel.
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out of stock $7.40
Cat: BBP 034. Rel: 22 Aug 11
  1. One Of Those Days (feat MC Coppa)
  2. One Of Those Days (feat MC Coppa - Pimpsoul remix)
  3. Make It Happend
  4. Make It Happend (Bryx remix)
out of stock $6.25
Cat: FATHOP 003. Rel: 24 Jan 11
  1. Noise Of The B-Boy (Break Faster mix)
  2. Murder Scene Concerto (In Bass)
Review: The third instalment in Fat Hop's series of jukebox 72 singles sees self-confessed 'ageing hipster' Itsu Uno deliver another pair of B-boy friendly breakbeat bombs. In the best traditions of the cut-and-paste record - think Steinski's "Lessons" or "Say Kids What Time It Is" by Coldcut - "Noise Of The B-Boy" whips through a barrage of classic funk breaks at a furious pace, adding all manner of floor-friendly samples and thunderous basslines. It's fast, funky and incessant - funk and breaks dancefloors will love it. Flipside "Murder Scene (Concerto In Bass)" offers a pleasingly heavy hip-hop tempo mash-up of Psycho strings, hip-hop vocal samples and tight scratching.
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out of stock $7.11
Cat: GFP 05. Rel: 03 Oct 11
  1. Playa
  2. Throwing It Wild (feat MC Kyla)
  3. Two Blue
  4. G Thing
out of stock $9.09
Cat: BOMBBAT 3. Rel: 07 Mar 11
  1. Pimpsoul - "This Time"
  2. Parker - "Hear Ya Say"
  3. Slynk - "Woah Now"
  4. Neon Steve - "I Got Tha"
Review: Bomb Strikes drop their first twelve of the year filled with all the weaponry a house party needs on one handy twelve inch. Pimpsoul commences proceedings with the chunky mid tempo electro bounce of "This Time" which craftily utilises a well known vocal hook, twisting it around the speaker worrying crunch. Bomb Strike regular Parker occupies similar territory on "Hear Ya Say" opting for a classic psychedelic rock staple to base his multi-layered sampledelic sound around. Antipodean talent Slynk opens the B Side with the Tom Drummond featuring "Woah Now" an expert uptempo melding of p-funk, boogie and filtered breaks whilst the excellently monikered Neon Steve goes all schizoid analogue freakout on the punchy dubstepper "I Got The".
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out of stock $6.81
Cat: W 12. Rel: 07 Nov 11
  1. SMOV & Umbo - "Cumin Home"
  2. SMOV & Suonho - "Nas UFO"
out of stock $6.25
Cat: AFAFW 25. Rel: 11 Apr 11
  1. Revive The Message
  2. Sweet Potato Pie (Connected)
  3. Love Fuzz
  4. Hotstepper
out of stock $6.81
  1. The Breakbeat Junkie vs DJP - "Time To Roll"
  2. The Breakbeat Junkie vs DJP - "Time To Roll" (All Good Funk Alliance electro remix)
  3. The Breakbeat Junkie - "Flip The Mink"
  4. DJP - "Controlling The Club"
Review: The Breakbeat Junkie and DJP join forces for the latest drop on the Baffin Island Beat Brigade label - with the results just the sort of incendiary prime time club heater you'd imagine. First up the boys join forces on the mid tempo bump of "Time to Roll" all heavily filtered hunks of funk horn and big slices of synth bass dirt. The always dependable All Good Funk Alliance ramp up the tempo for the accompanying remix - twisting the track into a killer electro funk odyssey replete with jagged laser beam synths and plenty of rhythmic shifts. On the flip it's solo efforts ahoy as The Breakbeat Junkie takes the lead with a homage to DJ Mink via "Flip The Mink" which contains loads of classic breaks whilst DJP ends proceedings with "Controlling The Club" - an exercise in the producer's adeptness at flipping a million well known samples.
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out of stock $10.22
Cat: JTP 027. Rel: 17 Oct 11
  1. Return Of The Original Dancefreaks (part 1)
  2. Return Of The Original Dancefreaks (part 2)
out of stock $6.81
Cat: ROCA 03. Rel: 30 May 11
  1. Funky Town (club edit)
  2. Funky Town (Nick Thayer remix)
  3. Funky Town (Slynk remix)
  4. Funky Town (Zamali remix)
out of stock $6.81
Cat: WASS 005LP. Rel: 12 Sep 11
  1. Hooked On Swing
  2. Karabine
  3. Get A Wiggle On
  4. Blow Your Horn
  5. Voodoo Juju
  6. Cascade
  7. Black Milk
  8. Jitterbug
  9. Apple Sauce
  10. Hip To The Jive
  11. Solitaire
  12. You Better Run
Review: Signed by Wass Records head Smoove to inject a healthy jazz and swing flavour to the label, this debut album from Renegades of Jazz's David Hanke stays loyal to the original beats when he samples them - as on opener "Hooked On Swing" or the brass-packed "Get A Wiggle On". Pitched somewhere between electro-swing and more hip-hop orientated cut and paste samplers, this is an album full of thrills and spills, with plenty of jazz and beats to keep fans of multiple genres.
out of stock $17.03
Cat: BIGMP 11. Rel: 25 Apr 11
  1. Watchtower
  2. Love Loves
  3. On The Eastside
  4. Soultime
out of stock $6.54
Cat: CB 029. Rel: 30 May 11
  1. Amen
  2. For An Angel
out of stock $7.96
Cat: CHOP 005. Rel: 04 Jul 11
  1. Music Turns Me On (DJ Butcher Mashup)
  2. Wanna Know (DJ Butcher Mashup)
  3. Simon Says Space (DJ Butcher Mashup)
  4. The Beat (DJ Butcher Mashup)
out of stock $10.22
Cat: CB 030. Rel: 18 Jul 11
  1. Watch The Club Go
  2. Tetris
out of stock $8.53
Cat: HDB 007. Rel: 04 Jul 11
  1. Dr B's $ Bills
  2. Funky Honey
  3. Super Stitch Up
  4. Theo's Theme
Review: Heavy Duty Booty return for a seventh round of funkafied delights with Portuguese tweaker Mr Bird once again at the helm. The A Side contains the Latinised bombastic sounds of "Dr B's $ Bills" which dovetail nicely with the incessant funk riffery of "Funky Honey" with sweet vocal hooks soon joined by a grimy moog lead! On the flip "Super Stitch Up" provides DJs with an alternate take on the oft requested Stevie Wonder classic which bolts on a great big funk break to give the track a nice dirty feel. It's probably the centrepiece of a release that ends on the uptempo jazz funk stomp of "Theo's Theme".
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out of stock $9.09
Cat: JCITY 004. Rel: 11 Apr 11
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. DJ Yoda & Herve - "Eva" (remix)
  2. DJ Yoda & A Skillz - "Back & Forth" (feat Izza Kizza)
  3. DJ Yoda & Nick Thayer - "Pop Music"
  4. DJ Yoda & Nick Thayer - "Toot It Up" (feat Gotty Boi Chris - Nick Thayer remix)
out of stock $6.25
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