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Disco Recommendations July 2013

Juno Recommends Disco

Juno Recommends Disco

Disco Recommendations July 2013
2 Jul 2013
  1. Ptaki - "Krystyna"
  2. Ptaki - "Marek"
  3. Maciek Sienkiewicz - "Syntetyczna Kobieta Lux"
  4. Maciek Sienkiewicz - "Song For Mohindar"
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Cat: BIS 008. Rel: 24 Jun 13
  1. Desperate Pleasures
  2. Space Tropics
  3. Okavango Delta
Review: Tim Sweeney's burgeoning Beats In Space welcomes a new if familiar (not to mention beardy) face into the fold in the shape of Tornado Wallace. The Desperate Pleasures 12" marks another release in a resurgent year for Australian producer Tornado Wallace, following turnouts for ESP Institute and Kinfolk (the latter as part Coober Pedy University Band) Musically, Wallace himself describes the three tracks as "designed for late night wanderings through Botswanan jungles" and there's a discernible degree more thickness to his productions here. "Okavango Delta" adds notable Afro beat elements and field recordings into its sprung synth textures, while the balmy downtempo guitar and Italo elements of both the title track and "Space Tropics" call to mind Fabio Frizzi's Zombie Flesh Eaters soundtrack. Amazingly colourful artwork and vinyl too!
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Cat: DD 029. Rel: 10 Jun 13
  1. Might Even Dance
  2. Love Itch
Review: The mighty Disco Deviance and the mighty Popular People's Front join forces for a righteous slab of dancefloor wax. Leading the way is a splendidly dirty extension of Five Special's "Why Leave Us Alone" which discards with the original's song based structure in favour of that final part, teasing out new levels of dirt from that break and turning it into an electro funk bomb worthy of a full floor. On the flip, "Love Itch" sees the iconic Fad Gadget make their Disco Deviance debut with "Love Parasite" brilliantly transformed into a grubby proto house monster. Those expect Frank Tovey's voice might be disappointed but you can't front on what PPF have done to the track with this edit, which could happily fit into a house or techno set.
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out of stock $7.27
Cat: ERC 010. Rel: 01 Jul 13
  1. The Dream
  2. The Calling (long)
  3. Meditasian (short)
Review: Emotional Rescue reaches ten releases and their second to be defined as a "cosmic classic" though that doesn't really do The Dream by The Ganges Orchestra full justice. Discovered and championed by a young Daniele Baldelli, The Dream mixed duggis, shenai, tabla, conga and guitar through Indian raga and European rhythm structures to create a unique musical vision. Long known to more open minded collectors and DJs, the whole EP has long been sought after and staple of many sunset and sunrise experiences. For this reissue, Emotional Rescue take it further with a longer version, previously unreleased track "The Calling" which is essentially an ambient version of "The Dream" and has been extended especially for this release by The Invisible Hands. In addition they also provide a short edit of the original releases 24 minute epic "Meditasian".

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out of stock $7.27
Cat: SS 2. Rel: 21 Jan 19
  1. Track 1 (8:00)
  2. Track 2 (7:35)
Review: The inaugural and highly sought after Secret Squirrel release came our way exactly a year ago... Could this be an annual thing? That would be a shame, as these edits really are very special. On the A-side we have what appears to be a high-NRG/newbeat reversion of Eddy Grant's "Nobody's Got Time" while the B-side is a much more subtle sample-based bassline chugger that loops and wriggles with filtered charm. Proper wholesome disco, these won't be secret for very long... Get on it!
out of stock $9.42
Cat: BEGIN 06. Rel: 17 Jun 13
  1. Heres Comes The Sun
  2. Help Me
out of stock $7.53
Cat: IFEEL 026. Rel: 24 Jun 13
  1. Boutade (original version)
  2. God Is Gracious
  3. Boutade (2013 techno redux)
Review: International Feel returns with the re-release of a record that inspired the label's foundation in Punta Del Este, Uruguay back in 2009. Originally released back in 2008 on the rarely seen and now seemingly dormant Misericord label, "Boutade" by Belgian duo Mugwump was exclaimed by the revered Bill Brewster as "one of the tracks of the noughties" and listening back to the thick acid bassline, slightly over the top orchestration and a chugging 107BPM groove now it's hard not to disagree. It certainly sounds as ripe for the modern disco floors as it did some 5 years ago, and this new edition also sees Mugwump turn in a "2103 Techno Redux" which isn't necessarily techno but does update the track.

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out of stock $8.34
Cat: BISX 3. Rel: 24 Jun 13
  1. Amor
  2. Nada
  3. Shake
out of stock $10.50
Cat: TW ELEVENA. Rel: 01 Jul 13
  1. Glamour Thing
  2. Tipping the Gulf
  3. Tipping the Gulf (Jamie Blanco remix)
  4. Beholden (part 1)
Review: After appearances in the last 12 months across World Unknown, Let's Play House, Endless Flight and Futureboogie, Geordie trouble starters Last Waltz add Tusk Wax to their canon of labels with the first of two releases. The usual hand stamped, individually numbered, weighty 180g vinyl factors are present and correct yet there's still room for the concluding chapter in the sleeve. The thrusting, lusting "Glamour Things" isn't shy, pairing motorboat arpeggios with satisfyingly weighty drums, whilst the detuned "Tipping the Gulf" tumbles along with a certain lopsided glee. An accompanying Jamie Blanco remix ramps up the original's lead synths with decidedly epic cosmic results, whilst "Beholden (Part 1)" sees Last Waltz play with the work of Foals in calming, cosmic fashion.

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 in stock $8.60
Cat: COMBI 012. Rel: 24 Jun 13
  1. W - I'm Feeling Excite
  2. X - Loving Ecstasy
Review: The C.O.M.B.I. shaped journey through the disco alphabet assisted by the well respected curatorial hands of a certain Eric 'Dr Dunks' Duncan reaches letters W & Y and thus the penultimate point before all good things come to an end. Side W is classic strutting vocal disco (is that a high pitched lead male or female vocal?) whilst Side Y opts for a funkier groove with some killer flanging from Mr Duncan! It's been a killer journey through the archives of obscure disco of alleged Japanese origin since the C.O.M.B.I. series commenced way back in 2007 and contemporary Disco DJs will need to look elsewhere for their secret weapons soon.
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Cat: MR 001. Rel: 01 Jul 13
  1. More Fry
  2. Now Show
Review: Fresh from NYC, My Rules are an anonymous editor crew closely related to the likes of Keep It Cheap and C.O.M.B.I. Both "More Fry" and "Now Show" conjure up the spirit of The Loft with their extended, lolloping grooves that seemingly go on forever. "More Fry" is the more psychedelic of the pair with wistful guitar moans and a thundering, groove. "Now Show" leans more towards traditional disco vibes with more prominent strings, a tight cheeky horn refrain and yet another amorous bassline. Jump on this while you can.
out of stock $10.50
Cat: SE 001. Rel: 24 Jun 13
  1. Clap Your Hands
  2. Mr Paganini (Impact Mix)
  3. Harlem
Review: Last seen brandishing a pair of Stillove4music releases circa 2009, Bruce Ivery resurfaces in style with the debut release on the newly established Street Edits label. "Clap Your Hands" kicks things off, hogging the A Side with a loopy retro disco style and a bassline that flows like Chic's "Everybody Dance". Face down, Ivery lays out two cuts, opening with an Impact mix of "Mr Paganini" (a possible reference to Ella Fitzgerald) fuelled by synthesisers and pumping drum machines, while the four-four kicks and thumping bassline of "Harlem" - sampling Bill Withers - parades around the track like ballroom dancers stomping and twisting to grungy strings and vamped melodies. If you liked those Stillove plates you'l dig this!

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out of stock $7.53
Cat: WD 19. Rel: 17 Jun 13
  1. BG Baarregaard - "Tokyo Nights"
  2. Mamy Blue (Sandrobianchi & Tripman edit)
  3. Vins - "California Woman"
  4. Vins - "Dear Clay"
out of stock $8.60
Cat: ERL 002. Rel: 01 Jul 13
  1. Paraphrase Mine
  2. Paraphrase Mine (Headman remix)
  3. Centreville Lapse
  4. Centreville Lapse (Timothy J Fairplay remix)
Review: Emotional Relish welcome in their second EP of 2013 with some solo work from Scott Fraser after a previous collaboration with Headman and Nitzer Ebb vocalist Douglas McCarthy. The Light Sleeper EP pairs two trademark Fraser cuts with remixes from the aforementioned Relish boss and fellow Weatherall acolyte Timothy J Fairplay. A drab bassline wades "Paraphase Mine" into the murkier exclaves of synthy territory, allowing Headman to lighten the mood by adding some tonal difference in his mix. Fraser sets his arpeggios to flutter and bounce in "Centreville Lapse" with marching snares set to a Severed Heads styled reverb. Fairplay does away with the tracks nosier components, demystifying Fraser's original for a warmer, eat petting remix.

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out of stock $8.60
Cat: ISIT 029. Rel: 17 Jun 13
  1. Dovodah!
  2. Dovodah! (Doug Lee remix)
  3. Burning Palms
  4. Burning Palms (Hardway Bros remix)
Review: Fresh from releasing his latest LP, the sublime Won Ton Sunrise on Bear Funk, Mr Max Essa reports back to Is It Balearic for 12" duties on the meditative disco bliss of Dovodah. Essa's inherent musicality and mastery of the groove shines through on the title track, with the titular refrain offering a notable if delay laden heartfelt sense amidst the glistening, chugging beat. Mr Lee Douglas is on equally inspirational form with the subsequent remix, turning proceedings into a rush inducing cowbell monster worthy of the moodiest basement parties. Flipside, "Burning Palms" is most definitely Balearic as some acoustic strumming takes centre stage - think A Mountain Of One settling in for a summer of studio recording in the Ibizan hills. Sean Johnston's Hardway Bros remix is as revelatory as the A Side effort from Douglas, bringing a heavy chug to the fore and laying down all manner of dubby fx.
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out of stock $7.27
Cat: PPU 048. Rel: 10 Jun 13
  1. Oof
  2. Sussegad (live version)
  3. Popular (live version)
Review: Atlanta-based Moon B delivers his second transmission for the PPU label with the killer Sussegad! Both the masterfully lo-fi modern funk of his PPU debut and the subsequent analogue thump of Moon B's Entropic Feelings 12" for newcomers Going Good have been characterised by a nonchalant disregard for the art of the track title, rife as they are with "untitled" arrangements. Lead track "Oof" was apparently inspired by the producer's performance at Brooklyn event Mutual Dreaming, so consumed with creative urges after the party was he. Complementing this are two of his rugged gems culled from that aforementioned performance at Mutual Dreaming. Essential cuts for fans of modern analogue funkateering.
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Cat: POM 003. Rel: 10 Jun 13
  1. Witches
  2. Stingray
Review: Rekids sub label Pyramids Of Mars reaches it's fifth release and further strengthens it's dedication to the finest in left of centre discoteria, unveiling the refined sounds of Rouge Mecanique. Most newcomers would balk at the idea of following releases from Matt Edwards in The Machine mode or Joe Claussell, not this 25 year old Parisian whose style can be best described as sleazy psychedelia for the sensual disco lovers. Imagine DJ Nature editing The Skatt Brothers for Golf Channel and you're in the right frame of mind for title track "Witches". B Side cut "Stingray" veers even further off the beaten path; Pyramids Of Mars hit the nail on the head describing it as Ry Cooder, Didier Marouani and Andrew Weatherall leaving the party at 5am to hit the studio to make a blues record. A mooted Rouge Mecanique LP should be sublime on the basis of this.
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out of stock $7.27
Cat: CTG 001. Rel: 10 Jun 13
  1. Folks Prescription (The Doctor Edit)
  2. Jimmys Weakness (JC Edit)
out of stock $7.53
Cat: DP 001. Rel: 24 Jun 13
  1. Oz Theme (Em Vee edit)
  2. Oz Theme (original mix)
  3. It's Better Than Good Time
out of stock $12.90
Cat: ZEDDLP 029. Rel: 10 Jun 13
  1. Broken Glass - "Rather You Than Me"
  2. Sapphire - "Come & Dance With Me"
  3. Harold Butler - "Do It Anyday"
  4. The Impossible Dreamers - "Spin"
  5. Expansives - "Life With You" (instrumental)
  6. Jady Kurrent Band - "Standing There"
  7. Magnum - "Squivatch"
  8. Ben - "I Would Have To Be A Fool"
  9. Batiste Brothers Band - "Never Leave Your Baby"
  10. Manteca - "Afro Funky"
  11. Nadie La Fond - "Three Way Situation" (James Glass edit)
  12. Popcorn - "Song For You"
Review: Z invite respected crate digger Glass to compile their third compendium and he's done a grand job, building on the already commendable reputation the series has developed. Expanding the boogie and funk reputation of the series he's included rare reggae (Harold Butler's soft-skank "Do It Anyway") and infectious, frenetic Afrofunk from Manteca. Other essential rarities include Glass's own edit of Nadie La Fond's soppy wet talkbox orgy "Three Way Situation" and the drum and piano drama of The Impossible Dreamers' "Spin".
out of stock $20.19
Cat: LHR 04. Rel: 10 Jun 13
  1. Enta Habibi
  2. How We Used To Get Down
  3. Disco Love (interlude)
  4. Larry's Outer Space Adventure In Porn
  5. Elevator Funk
  6. Lost In Sound
  7. Feetsurfin
  8. No Champagne
out of stock $11.57
Cat: MW 007. Rel: 17 Jun 13
  1. Muskrat Love (T2mm edit)
  2. Mamy (Coyote edit)
  3. Linda (Al Gobi rework)
  4. Really - Last Waltz
Review: Dropping in the same week as the latest plate on parent label Is It Balearic, the seventh round of Magic Wand Edits arrives brandishing a quartet of choppers delights from Messrs Coyote, Al Gobi, Last Waltz and The Two Mamarrachos. It's the latter Spanish pair that open proceedings with a wonderfully laid back take on America's "Muskrat Love" adding some substance to the beat for the appreciation of contemporary discotheque DJS. This one's been racking up Soundcloud plays for two years now so props to Magic Wand for scooping it up. Coyote are in fine form on "Mamy" whilst recent Disco Bloodbather and Ibiza denizen Al Gobi demonstrates his capacity for the slower approach with the excellent Gordon Lightfoot revision - touch of the Terje RVNG of The NRDs on this one. Tusk Wax's Tyneside correspondents Last Waltz opt for the Eddie C approach with equally good results of the delay heavy tweaker "Really". Solid Disco for the Disco.
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out of stock $7.53
  1. Mid Air - "Ease Out"
  2. Samson & Delilah - "I Can Feel Your Love Slippin' Away"
  3. WAGB Band - "I Can Get You Over"
  4. Lisa Hill - "I'm On The Real Side"
  5. UDM - "To Please You"
  6. Brenda Watts - "Love Treatment"
  7. Last Poets - "Long Enough"
  8. Electric Smoke - "Freak It Out"
  9. Radiance - "You're My Number 1"
  10. Lowrell Simon - "Love Massage"
Review: Originally released in CD format back in 2008, Z Records come through with a timely vinyl pressing of the Destination: Boogie compilation put together by label boss Dave 'Joey Negro' Lee and Sean 'dusty fingers' P. As the suffix suggests, this compilation handily draws together all manner of 80s classics from the boogie and electro funk canon and is a must for any budding Greg Wilson's out there. Naturally pared down from the sizeable original 20 track Double CD release, this double vinyl edition nonetheless still brandishes ten cuts primed for the open minded discotheques and you'll be hooked as soon as the 1983 one hit wonder "Ease Out" from Mid Air reverberates into action.
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Cat: DOPEBEASTS 001. Rel: 25 Feb 13
  1. All The Joy That You Bring
  2. The Beat
  3. The Message
out of stock $7.53
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