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Techno Recommendations March 2016

Juno Recommends Techno

Juno Recommends Techno

Techno Recommendations March 2016
7 Mar 2016
Cat: SUSH 025. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. Track 1 (8:41)
  2. Track 2 (8:06)
  3. Track 3 (8:59)
  4. Track 4 (7:11)
  5. Track 5 (7:10)
Review: 13 months on from his last outing for the label, Detroit veteran Delano Smith returns to Sushitech. From Silence is typical of his output for the imprint, and presents an evocative late night fusion of shuffling techno hypnotism and locked-in deep house. "A1" sets the tone, with warm, delay-laden riffs stretching out across a hazy, trance-inducing groove. The more up-tempo "B1" keeps a similar ethos while moving further towards techno territory, as does the more obviously dubby "C1". "D1" is a deep, picturesque treat with a brilliant extended breakdown, while closer "D2" is as toasty and comforting as a drunken, fireside cuddle. It's this track - dreamy and tactile, with slightly looser beats - that arguably stands out, despite the high quality threshold throughout.
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out of stock $26.52
Cat: POLY 004. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. With Patsy (7:42)
  2. Swimming (7:53)
Review: It certainly feels as if Tessela and Truss are making up for lost time with Poly Kicks. Tessela's all-conquering Hackney Parrot heralded the label's arrival back in early 2013, but Poly Kicks was put on hold until late last year when a fresh 12" from the UK producer announced its return. After a Haroon Mizra-helmed deviation into the first of a series of locked groove releases, Tessela lines up the fourth Poly Kicks 12" with the swift one-two punch to the guts of bass bins everywhere that is Swimming With Dance. Up top, "With Patsy" finds Tessela expertly constructing a tribalist swerver punctuated by an endlessly messed with vocal loop. "Swimming" will be just as deadly in the club!
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out of stock $11.12
Cat: CBS 020. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. Echo 8 (6:04)
  2. Wokabeat (6:05)
  3. Meckwiki (6:04)
  4. Say How (5:37)
Review: Back in 2009, Fachwerker Mike Denhert was employed by Clone to launch their robust, no-nonsense Basement Series with the Umlaut2 12" which packed a memorable Levon remix. Denhert's entered the Clone Basement several times since then, this 12" is his fourth for the series! The title track sets the tone, with steely percussive hits and razor-sharp stabs riding a swinging, funk-fuelled groove. "Wokabeat" is deeper, darker and more obviously bass-heavy, with Denhert adding skipping cymbals as a neat contrast. Arguably best of all, though, is closer "Say How", whose cut-up vocal samples and sweaty rave stabs perfectly compliment his tracky, locked-in, snare-heavy techno groove. There are few surprises, but all four tracks hit home hard.
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out of stock $9.69
Cat: VV 019. Rel: 08 Feb 16
  1. Query A
  2. Query B
  3. Query C
  4. Query D
Review: "Privacy has released well-received records with labels like Lobster Theremin and Klasse Wrecks. Now he thinks it's a good idea to enlist with the ranks of determined weirdos over at Valcrond Video. Why? The Valcrond offices are replete with alluring snacks. Cornucopia-level amounts of treats, both sweet and salty. Mr. Privacy would hang around all day eating stuff and listening to Siamese Dream with Luke until the office manager who keeps things in line was forced to ask them both to leave. A deal was struck: In exchange for a continued flow of free snacks and treats, Privacy agreed to provide these 4 tracks. In the same way Privacy is unable to resist a warm chocolate croissant, no one who plays records in public for a living will be able to resist these audio delights."
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out of stock $9.11
Cat: TCST 02. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. World Turning
  2. Open Minded Meltdown
  3. Untitled
  4. Inspired Rhythmic Program
Review: It's been just over a year since Cale Sexton emerged out of Melbourne's suburban sprawl into the centre of its thriving club scene, in which time the sets he's delivered from behind a nest of wires and hardware have gained recognition as some of Melbourne's most compelling and sought after. Moving across a vast terrain of reference points, Sexton constructs dense soundscapes held together by tight programming, all of this culminating in the powerful live delivery he's become known for. These four songs mark an impressive debut EP, and the second release on Melbourne imprint Temporal Cast.
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out of stock $9.11
Cat: TABR 034. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. New Machine
  2. Victims Of The Dance
  3. Street Waves
  4. Night And Day
  5. 17 Seconds
  6. Desire
  7. Real World
  8. Rorschach Techniks
  9. Expect Nothing
  10. The Modern Dance
  11. No Tears
  12. No Escape
Review: "We are excited to finally announce and share 'Presentiment', the second Long Player from The Connection Machine. This release is particularly special for us as it will be the first time in over 20 years that Jeroen and Natasja have put an album out on vinyl. Despite having a string of aliased releases in the '90s on the mighty U-Trax, a 12" during the early days of Carl Craig's Planet E, a remarkable album 'Painless' on Down Low Music, and most recently a series of in demand E.P.s with Lost Trax on Tabernacle, their output has remained tantalisingly infrequent. With 12 tracks that capture their unique and awe-inspiring sound, 'Presentiment' opens you up to a world that only The Connection Machine have access to."
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 in stock $18.81
Cat: LACK 009. Rel: 08 Feb 16
  1. Like It Is (6:28)
  2. Shapes (6:32)
  3. Scanned Mirrors (6:37)
  4. Friends Section (6:25)
out of stock $9.69
  1. The Exaltics - "Do I Have To Repeat Myself" (4:45)
  2. Helena Hauff - "Culmination Of Frustration" (5:24)
  3. Perseus Traxx - "MK Ultra" (4:48)
  4. Drvg Cvltvre - "The Dead Envy The Living (UNM)" (6:25)
  5. Ekman - "Landmarks" (5:12)
Review: Artwork of the week goes to this Solar One 12", with the label enlisting Lowlands don Mehdi Rouchiche to work his Godspill magic on the collective talents of Helena Hauff, Perseus Traxx, The Exaltics, Drvg Cvltre and Ekman. Perseus Traxx's moustache is quite something! These artists join forces for the Signs Of Decay 12", a powerful collective statement on the desiccation some "hard and dirty acid tracks" can do to a dancefloor. Don't come here looking for any lofty concepts, this is just five of the best banging their boxes in the name of all that is grotty and lysergic. Fans of Hauff's Panzerkreuz material will be delighted with the demonic, red lining sounds of her contribution "Culmination Of Frustration."
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out of stock $12.53
Cat: DNSKER 02. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. FLA-1 (7:23)
  2. FLA-2 (5:18)
  3. FLA-3 (6:20)
  4. FLA-4 (5:42)
  5. FLA-5 (4:21)
  6. FLA-6 (4:42)
  7. FLA-7 (5:34)
Review: This third album from UK techno producer Samuel Kerridge is based on his performance at the Atonal Festival in Berlin. It's hard to say that anything that he does is dancefloor-based, but there is greater recognition of club strictures here than on his previous releases. "FLA 4" and "FLA 5" are typical of his sound - all tangled, dense textures and screeching noise - but elsewhere, the work follows a different direction. "FLA 1" sees dense, in your face beats combined with a paranoid vocal sample, both "FLA 2" and "FLA 3" integrate glitchy percussive threads with distorted broken beats and the insane pulses of "FLA 7" sounds like Blacknecks on steroids, but without the tough kicks.
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out of stock $18.24
Cat: AXP 002. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. Mutiny (7:45)
  2. Disorder (6:49)
Review: Native New Yorker Adam "X" Mitchell has long been a fan of collaboration, with a long list previous sparring partners including Ancient Methods, Navario Suaro and, of course, his brother Frankie Bones. For Mutiny & Disorder, he's joined forces again with fellow techno veteran Alistair "Perc" Wells. The duo begin in typically retro-futurist fashion on "Mutiny", whose rising and falling synth lines, dense beats and clanking hits recall the early days of Roman techno. The "back-to-the-future" feel continues with the warped riffs, spacey electronics, apocalyptic textures, surging sub-bass and thunderous rhythms of flipside workout "Disorder".
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out of stock $9.41
Cat: DM3D 012. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. Pagan Woman (2:14)
  2. Love Trade (6:16)
  3. Ready To Escape (6:23)
  4. The Hated SZ (6:05)
  5. Living Doll (5:25)
  6. The Sorcerer (6:33)
  7. Journey Home (7:06)
  8. We Move As One (3:24)
Review: French label Dement3d continue their fine run of techno double packs on their first release of 2016, which offers an almighty soundclash between Concrete residents Antigone and Francois X. Both can be considered key artists in the current Paris scene; Antigone has delivered a succession of killer 12"s since his emergence in 2011 on Construct Reform whilst Francois X first made his name on DJ Deep's Deeply Rooted House in 2009 before co-founding the Dement3d label in 2011. We Move As One is the end result of the pair working together over the past three years following an invitation fo Antigone to join Francois X in "Dement3d's inner circle headquarters". One of the tracks here, "The Hated SZ," was made the very first night the pair started working together and it was clearly the impetus for them to continue collaborating. Let's count ourselves lucky they did, as these eight tracks make up a fine collection of nocturnal techno.
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out of stock $20.24
Cat: DOLLY 024. Rel: 29 Feb 16
  1. Lone Passenger (8:10)
  2. Voltage Player (7:08)
  3. High Strung (5:55)
Review: The majority of Obsolete Music Technology output from Chicago's Steven Tang has come through his own Emphasis Recordings label since he first started producing under the name back in 2007. He did however break with tradition by contributing an Obsolete Music Technology slab to Dolly in 2012, and Tang now returns with a second offering for Steffi's label. Across the three tracks, Tang's mastery of his craft is more than evident, displaying a rawness that is often craved but not always achieved these days. It's hard to pick out a favourite here, with the title track's classic Chicago vibe complemented by the more intense racing "Voltage Player" and the cascading rhythmic hits of "High Strung". Class always tells, and this Love Passenger 12" has it by the bucketload.
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out of stock $9.11
Cat: RISE 303. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. Lettermore (5:23)
  2. Lettermullen (4:59)
out of stock $11.68
Cat: SKUDGEW 13. Rel: 08 Feb 16
  1. 2058 (5:44)
  2. Less End (4:50)
  3. U (5:11)
  4. Track 4 (4:31)
Review: Despite racking up a series of highly rewarding records for the likes of Borft, Skudge, and Tabernacle, Swedish producer Daniel Andreasson is as well regarded as he should be! Maybe this will change with a second 12" for the Skudge White label, NN EP, which features a quartet of productions that show off a different side to Andreasson. If the prospect of Braindance, Scandinavian style appeals then you will you will definitely like this 12". Lead cut "2058" sets the tone for the whole record, combining overworked 909s with heavenly acid-tinged basslines reminiscent of TM404 acid and sampled breaks you'd expect from a Sotofett 'Inna-Jungle-Mix'!
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out of stock $8.84
Cat: JG 010. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Steel (6:02)
  2. SOL740 (5:30)
  3. Cut (5:37)
  4. Castor (5:43)
Review: Jealous God arrive at their tenth issue, seemingly treating the minor landmark as the point they no longer include mix CDs, but the crepuscular focus of the music remains ever intact. It's yet another label debut, with Berlin-based New Yorker Hayden Payne getting his most high profile release to date under the Phase Fatale name. Once heavily involved in New York's cold wave scene, Payne's move to Berlin and the adoption of Phase Fatale has seen him develop an EBM flavoured style of techno that is eminently suited to the Jealous God cause. Lead cut "Steel" sounds like Silent Servant hocked up on steroids, contrasting nicely with the stealthier pump of "SOL740". On the flip, the rhythmic construction of "Cut" is reminiscent of Jam City reworking Front 242, whilst "Castor" is pure sonic brutality.
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out of stock $11.97
Cat: UF 001. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. Self Evident (7:04)
  2. Telepathy (4:38)
  3. Saturn (Version) (6:38)
  4. Moving Star (5:11)
Review: Underlying Form is a new vinyl only label run by Northern Irish DJ/Promoter Darren Allen. The first release, a debut for Darren, sets the tone for the labels future with 4 tracks of deep and abstract minimal techno on the 'Invisible Landscape EP'.
 in stock $6.83
Cat: TURBO 176. Rel: 08 Feb 16
  1. Thinking About Acid (Jori Hulkkonen remix) (5:35)
  2. Thinking About Acid (Joeski remix) (6:04)
  3. Thinking About Acid (Zia remix) (5:10)
  4. Thinking About Acid (General Ludd remix) (6:59)
out of stock $10.84
Cat: COMMAND 002. Rel: 08 Feb 16
  1. Are You Here (6:15)
  2. In The Afterglow (5:43)
Review: The shady house artist who goes by the name of Nthng has already released a pair of bruisers on Lobster Theremin's off-shoot, Mork, two EP's that were successful in solidifying his sound as one of grit, power and industrial charisma. He's now up on Pacific Command for the label's second outing, and it has to be said that "Are You Here" is nothing short of spectacular, a tune that takes techno around the bend thanks to some high-powered breakbeats and icy melodies; it reminds us of Skee Mask's output for Ilian Tape, that sort of flex. On the flipside, "In The Afterglow" is straighter and colder in its approach, but Nthng still manages to get that sense of space and freedom through in his arrangement. A pair of quality cuts, that's for sure.
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out of stock $10.55
  1. Desertion (Phase Fatale remix) (5:09)
  2. Being (Ancient Methods remix) (6:34)
  3. Far (Blush Response remix) (6:06)
  4. Without (Codex Empire remix) (6:04)
out of stock $13.67
Cat: DSR/C 6. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. Athabaskan Languages (5:03)
  2. Sarsi (2:34)
  3. Sirenik (8:21)
  4. Hellegat (6:15)
Review: Since making his debut in 2013, techno producer Gunnar Haslam has barely put a foot wrong. Here he returns to Delsin - a label he first graced in 2014 - with more left-of-centre, industrial-tinged dancefloor jams and otherworldly ambient explorations. Opener "Athabaskan Languages" is raw, rough and ready, and places the action around the kind of hard-to-describe rhythm that borrows heavily from the wonky time signatures of jazz. "Sirenik" and "Hellegat" are more straightforward techno affairs, with just the right balance between rolling grooves and dark, stripped back intensity. The EP also includes a superb chunk of blissful, deep space ambient in the shape of "Sarsi".
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out of stock $9.41
Cat: UIQ 002. Rel: 08 Feb 16
  1. Robotic Handshakes In 4D (5:14)
  2. Compactpact (2:19)
  3. 131001G (2:33)
  4. Robotic Jabs In 4D (3:32)
  5. Ahmed? (4:46)
  6. Dr Beckett (3:06)
Review: Lee Gamble's UIQ imprint got off to a promising start last year with the Wrong Headspace 12" from Latvian artist N1L. Gamble's purview for the label is clearly international as this second UIQ release dips into the world of Zuli, aka Ahmed El Ghazoly, Egyptian multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ based in Cairo. Limited to 400 copies. Jagged beat experiments merge with high definition sound design plus classic and exotic instrumentation on "Robotic Handshakes in 4D", it's an apt title, really. New frontiers in bass music are explored on "131001G", texturised minimal techno on "Ahmed?" and rather abrasive bass assisted noise experiments like on final track "Dr Beckett". What next for UIQ? Consider us intrigued.
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out of stock $10.25
Cat: DC 150. Rel: 08 Feb 16
  1. Wilford (7:53)
  2. Obsessed (5:41)
  3. Mirror (7:51)
out of stock $9.69
  1. Cream Soda - "One More Night Stand" (5:12)
  2. 6TMA - "Joan Manuel Serato" (5:08)
  3. Mark Archer - "Twilo Bite" (6:48)
  4. Andreas Gehm - "Your House" (6:06)
out of stock $12.83
Cat: CDT 01. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. Doublespeak
  2. Safety In Numbers
  3. Stateless
  4. Utopia
Review: Coup d'etat is a collaborative project from Kane Ikin and Harvey Sutherland. Working from their respective fringes of electronic music and produced in moments of respite between extensive touring and recording commitments, the project offers a glimpse into the pair's mutual influences and inspirations; part Maurizio, part Moroder. Kane Ikin, a meticulous producer of abstract forms and polyrhythms, weaves percussive static and drone amongst Sutherland's considered syntheziser work - a leftfield turn from Harvey's brighter moments. Ikin also traverses new rhythmic territory and signals a departure from earlier ambient works. The inaugural release for new imprint CDT, the 12" was mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy and features full sleeve artwork from Traianos Pakioufakis.
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 in stock $1.14
Cat: ELL 034. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. Magma (8:38)
  2. Obsidian (6:59)
out of stock $7.70
  1. Stanislav Tolkachev - "How To Deal With A Bad Trip" (7:30)
  2. I/Y - "IUD" (5:53)
  3. +Platfform - "Signal" (5:12)
  4. Stefan Vincent - "No Other Way But Down" (7:44)
Review: Buenos Aires-based techno label Krill Music started their Habitat series with a veritable bang, drawing for productions by Tom Dicicco, Charlton, Thomas Hessler and more on a double 12" pack that arrived in the summer of 2013. Fast forward a few years and a third Habitat offering is made by Krill, bringing together another weighty band of contemporary techno exponents led by Stanislav Tolkachev. The appropriately named "How To Deal With A Bad Trip" presents the Ukrainian at his most unhinged, channelling Jamal Moss levels of mind warping psychedelia whilst retaining that distinctive Tolkachev stomp. Berlin pair I/Y are in a similarly rampant mood on "IUD," whist Norse techno producer +Platfform offers a more driving and straight up production with "Signal". As for Stefan Vincent, "There is No Way But Down" for his deep closing contribution.
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out of stock $10.25
Cat: LIES 066. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. Kunqiu Rises (5:22)
  2. Nasturtium Leaves (3:42)
  3. Anekantavada (4:36)
  4. Infinite & Cyclical (4:55)
  5. Lemma 3.2 (1:36)
  6. Nonservo (7:43)
  7. Naukratis (6:43)
  8. Reacle (4:33)
  9. Elaea (4:59)
Review: In a vast discography that has spanned well over a hundred releases in the past five years, Ron Morelli's LIES label have issued twelve artist albums thus far. This latest Gunnar Haslam long player means the New Yorker has been responsible for a quarter of these LIES albums! Clearly Haslam is as comfortable within the creative expanses afforded by an album as he is laying down cuts on a 12". Lebesgue Measures finds Haslam essentially picking up where he left off on 2014's Mirrors and Copulations, offering a further evolution in his superbly crafted approach to techno. Across the nine tracks, Haslam plots a measured journey into supple acid lines, expertly programmed drums and occasionally incandescent sonic detail.
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out of stock $15.68
Cat: DABJ 1218. Rel: 29 Feb 16
  1. Luna (4:52)
  2. Rudderless (5:07)
  3. Save It (For Yourself, You Tory Scum) (5:52)
  4. Sneakin' Out (5:44)
Review: Casio Royale returns with a second volume of In Basements for Glasgow's finest Dixon Basement Avenue Jams. "Luna" is booming and funky as hell, plus check that melody. "Rudderless" gets on with the fierce acid techno side of things just nicely too. On the flip, there's "Save It (For Yourself, You Tory Scum)" another contender for title of the year; this is dirty, Chicago style hard house reminiscent of classic Green Velvet, even with its helium induced monologue while "Sneakin' Out" gets that classic Derrick L. Carter style tech house happening, reminiscent of classic Tone Theory or Sound Patrol. Tip!
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out of stock $9.97
Cat: LTBLK 007. Rel: 08 Feb 16
  1. Longhorn (5:53)
  2. Tool (4:55)
  3. Oil Rig (6:46)
Review: The seventh installment in Lobster Theremin's Black Label series comes from frequent contributor Daze, who delivers another trio of tracks seemingly inspired by the dark potential of industrial-influenced lo-fi techno. "Longhorn" sets the tone, with distorted, almost chilling melodic hooks riding a clattering wave of drum machine beats and discordant, metallic hits. He celebrates the almost limitless potential of percussion on the gnarly, thrill-a-minute drum track "Tool", before expertly combining alien electronics, freakish acid lines and relentless rhythms on the delightfully out-there "Oil Rig". All three tracks are gritty, dark and unrelenting, and should appeal to those who pay close attention to the output of labels such as L.I.E.S and Berceuse Heroique.
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out of stock $11.40
Cat: MORD 024. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. Tenebris (6:02)
  2. Omicron (5:06)
  3. P&K (5:00)
  4. Diminished (5:06)
out of stock $9.11
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