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Juno Recommends Techno: April 2024

Juno Recommends Techno

Juno Recommends Techno

Juno Recommends Techno: April 2024
Cat: LMS 1725118. Rel: 22 Apr 24
The Moebius (6:57)
Speed Freak (7:06)
Macro Head (6:47)
Oolaa (6:36)
Desert Storm (11:44)
Fahrenheit 303 (8:22)
Steel Cube Idolatry (7:47)
High Rise (6:38)
Chime (live) (6:06)
Midnight (live) (6:33)
Belfast (7:31)
Review: Orbital's debut album is classic album in the techno genre. A name that needs no introduction really, Orbital defined rave and techno through the 90s creatively and performance wise. This self-titled or as many know it by, 'The Green Album' features perhaps the most popular songs of the rave generation in 'Chime' and 'Belfast'. However, tracks like 'Midnight', 'Steel Cube Idolatry' and 'The Mobius' are the birthmarks of Orbital finding their sound that would turn them into Glastonbury legends and soundtrack pioneers. This edition is true to the original 2x12 making it desirable for those new to the album, those who want a second copy or those who want to complete their Orbital collection. Orbital's roots begin here and have them at their most raw. Do not miss out on having a part of rave history with this record!
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Cat: ECHOSPACE 012RE. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Seconds To Forever (6:13)
Seconds To Forever (Reshape) (7:24)
Beyond The Clouds (reprise) (22:40)
Review: ''Seconds To Forever' is one of the most beloved tracks in the Echospace arsenal. Originally released in 2010, this reissue is being pressed on transparent blue vinyl. Fans of Stephen Hitchell will be excited to see these rumoured reissues finally seeing daylight. 'Beyond the Clouds' is on the B-side as well which makes this perhaps, the most desirable EP in this history of the label. We are just glad to see Stephen Hitchell back releasing physical music - and these are still classics of the dub techno genre.
 in stock $15.95
Test 7 (7:54)
Test 3 (vocal version) (7:13)
Test 2 (8:05)
Test 3 (7:10)
Review: The now ten year old 'Acid Test 09' sees a special tenth Anniversary Edition repress with a new vocal mix of the track 'Test 3'. The original EP, released in 2014, saw acid nomad Tin Man team up with techno dreamweaver Donato Dozzy for three slices of deep acid and dubby, bleepy ambient; this special anniversary version adds a surprise new vocal mix on the A2, with either Dozzy or Tin Man himself gracing the beats with a set of carefree, moony phonic impressions, lyrically concerning the object of his affections looking oh so good on the dancefloor. We already know and love the rest; it's up to you to put the new addition to the test.
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Cat: MPM 46. Rel: 22 Apr 24
Alpha Key (6:08)
Future Remedy (5:50)
Pathetic (5:45)
Outsider (6:02)
Review: Robert Hood's 'Alpha Key' EP is a future classic of the techno genre. The title track is a relentless, industrial beast with a pounding beat, rattling percussion, and tribalistic, mechanical overtones. Its energetic counterpart, 'Future Remedy', is a true crowd-mover with a driving beat, hypnotic chord progressions, and a euphoric atmosphere. 'Pathetic' takes on a darker, more introspective tone, featuring heavy chords, throbbing basslines, and a haunting, industrial soundscape. The EP concludes with 'Outsider', a relentless stomper with a crushing beat, layered rhythms, and an almost cinematic intensity. Overall, 'Alpha Key' is a great example of Hood's mastery of the techno genre, showcasing his ability to blend power, experimentation, and raw emotion.
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Cat: 405053 8903638. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Rhapsody In Red (Archive One - remastered) (3:23)
Protective Custody (4:50)
No One's Driving (4:21)
The Woki (5:33)
Southside (4:36)
Wisdom To The Wise (6:04)
Tale Of Two Cities (5:46)
The Storm (edit) (2:58)
Miles Away (4:57)
Thunder (5:24)
Protective Custody (Red Series) (4:56)
Zeno Xero (5:54)
Wisdom To The Wise (6:10)
Gonk (5:13)
Thunder (5:20)
The Storm (edit) (6:59)
The Storm (instrumental) (4:37)
Wisdom To The Wise (Umek remix - Red Rare) (7:06)
Wisdom To The Wise (Aux 88 remix) (4:49)
Thunder (DJ Rush remix 2) (4:25)
Protective Custody (Magic mix) (5:39)
No One's Driving (The Chemical Brothers remix - Red remixes) (5:41)
Wisdom To The Wise (Robert Hood remix) (9:14)
The Storm (Surgeon dub) (6:01)
Southside (DJ Sneak remix) (6:37)
Review: Dave Clarke's Red Series remains a vital benchmark in the evolution of UK techno. Released between 1993 and 1996, the three-volume run even managed to brush the UK top 40 back in the good old days when anything felt possible. Tracks like 'Wisdom To The Wise' will forever be etched in the make up of techno, and for very good reason. Now the whole series is being given a lavish reissue treatment which takes in all the original releases along with additional discs of rare, archival tracks and remixes, all bundled up in a box with a booklet and autographed by the Baron himself.
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Cat: MOSAIC VS02. Rel: 22 Apr 24
Passenger (7:26)
With That (5:37)
Treading Water (7:43)
Review: Mosaic main man and peerless UK dub techno titan Steve O'Sullivan has paired off against Fletcher for this latest heavyweight 12". As ever the foundations are solid on the opener 'Passenger' - smooth drums and bass perfectly sit with one another, but this one really comes alive with the most impossibly subtle but inescapably uplifting little chords that suggest that no matter what shit you have going on in your life, things will be OK. It's a classic amongst many on this label. 'With That' is another tight, compelling and tech tinged dub roller with real bite and drive, and 'Treading Water' then blisses you out with its liquid chords and sense of endless infinite groove.
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Cat: AX 118. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Tear Drop Nebula (Reworked mix) (5:27)
The Phonetic World (5:03)
Neptunian Landing (4:03)
Unidentified (7:49)
Review: Jeff Mills continues to gift us some utterly astounding house-tempered work from the Millsart project on this latest 12". Neo Tantric Parts draws from the deep well of Millsart archives, with 'Tear Drop Nebula' especially benefitting from a new mix as it shuffles percussion and vibraphone chimes around microtonal cascades which give the music a particularly giddy quality. 'The Phonetic World' has a punchy presence without losing that lighter style Mills adopts under this alias, while 'Neptunian Landing' heads into spookier territory with some faithful 909 hats for guidance. Watch out for 'Unidentified' though, a truly tweaked-out slice of space lounge gear for watching the walls of you mind melt after one too many solar flares.
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 in stock $15.13
Cat: YRE 050. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Soulful Season (5:58)
My Future & My Past (6:13)
Raw Note (5:44)
Bad Nights & Better Nights (6:33)
Review: REKAB has been making strong moves in the world of techno with his classic inspired but futuristic blend of melodic techno. The My Future & My Past EP showcases that. 'Soulful Season' opens the album with a magical and traditional Detroit techno sound, featuring playful melodies and ambient touches. Key piano notes impact the tune, setting the tone for the rest of the album. The title track, 'My Future & My Past,' is a robotic funk and techno fusion with a touch of electro. The beautiful melody adds a touch of soul to the track. Side 2 opens with 'Raw Note,' featuring an addictive groove and memorable keys. 'Bad Nights Better Nights' closes the album with a deeper groove, combining UK ambient techno and IDM influences. Overall, Soulful Season is a diverse and engaging album that showcases the artist's range and versatility.
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Cat: PUP 003. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Rising (5:22)
Freak (3:58)
Hide & Seek (5:46)
Organic Mechanism (4:28)
Shred (4:52)
Pins & Needlees (5:32)
Review: D Dan is fast becoming a fan favorite in the techno scene, with multiple releases on the high profile Lobster Theremin label. This is the third release on his own label, Summerpup, and the second from himself. 'Rising' is a white knuckle ride of hard techno reminiscent of Ben Sims, Surgeon and Bryan Zentz, while 'Freak' and 'Hide & Seek' are demented storytellers in the science fiction genre. Think Jeff Mills and Axis. For the second side, 'Organic Mechanism' is a percussive and eerie workout for the headstrong. Fans of Tresor, Johannes Heil, Regis, Oliver Ho and the like should feel right at home with these uptempo loops and late 90s sounds.
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Cat: 49N7EP 007. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Cosmic One (8:46)
Cosmic Two (6:02)
Cosmic Three (7:29)
Cosmic Four (3:57)
Review: Old muckers Mr G and Duncan Forbes drop their fourth collaborative project 'Cosmic One'. It comes in the form of four creative flips of one stroboscopic deep house banger, with the two taking the source material and reworking it into a further three prime-time club missiles. 'Cosmic Three' is our pick of the bunch, with syncopated claps opening up the track, and allowing the bubbling chords and shuffling b-line room to shine through the gaps in the texture. Bound to light up any self-respecting dancefloor, this one.
 in stock $14.87
Cat: DC 297. Rel: 29 Apr 24
Let's Begin (6:06)
Computerized (5:24)
Red Room (6:38)
Review: Drumcode supremo Adam Beyer has become increasingly more prolific in recent years, signalling a creative renaissance that recalls the undoubted quality of his work in the late 1990s and early 2000s. His first outing of 2024, which follows a quartet of EPs last year, is predictably strong and packed to the rafters with future Drumcode anthems. Fittingly, he starts with 'Let's Begin', where mutilated vocal loops, mind-mangling rave noises and unsettling melodic motifs dance atop a typically thunderous and breathless big room techno groove, before opting for a dirtier, acid-flecked groove, metallic noises and sped-up hip-hop vocal samples on 'Computerized' (hip-techno anyone?). To round things off, he goes darker and denser still on the loopy techno power of 'Red Room', which pleasingly also boasts the same Aisha vocal sample as the Orb's 'Blue Room'.
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! low stock $15.95
Cat: OS 004. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Rivers (5:38)
Tide (5:03)
MT15 (6:44)
Parallel (5:36)
Review: Parallel is the fourth EP by Altinbas on his own label, Observer Station. The beats are pounding and rough for those strong advocates who like their techno tough. The gold in 'Tide' is found in the ever-changing percussion elements that propel it to addiction. For the second side, 'MT15' keeps things moving, employing key rave claps and a nice ride to the support the pulsating driver. Lastly, the title track takes some edge of tension with a great balance of melody over the mechanical loop. Hats off to Altinbas for taking the 90s warehouse techno sound and updating it while still paying homage to it.
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 in stock $14.60
Shade (7:29)
Train (7:29)
Warble (7:29)
Train (Anthony Linell remix) (6:09)
Warble (Artefakt remix) (6:39)
Review: Following his impressive debut on Submersive's VA Osmotic Particles in 2021, Toki Fuko returns with his inaugural solo release on the label. His Hues of Movement EP comprises three original tracks and remixes by Anthony Linell and Artefakt, all of which embody Submersive's ethos of deep, hypnotic techno. Fuko impresses as always with his well crafted soundscapes blending electrical pulses with catchy drum sequences. Linell's Train remix fuses his style with Fuko's to make for a dub-influenced journey while Artefakt's 'Warble' remix takes things into darker worlds filled with unrelenting tension.
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 in stock $16.21
Cat: WRSR 1. Rel: 01 Apr 24
High Pressure (8:35)
Sono (7:21)
Fazed (7:00)
Quadrata (7:31)
Review: Federsen's Robot Says R EP is an atmospheric journey of deep techno, showcasing his prowess with minimal soundscapes. 'High Pressure' opens the 12' with its captivating crystalline textures and mid-tempo groove, capturing a nocturnal essence. 'Sono' takes a melodic turn, evoking the classic styling of Detroit techno, hypnotic and mesmerizing. On the B-side, 'Fazed' delivers an addictive bassline-heavy groove, while the minimalist approach creates a driving momentum. Closing the EP, 'Quadrata' incorporates elements of house music, developing gradually into a deep and evolving soundscape. With its multifaceted tracks, Federsen invites listeners to immerse themselves in its late-night techno ambiance. You can always count on Federsen for an excellent combination of blending a classic sound, well-produced techno, yet still being danceable and emotion provoking.
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Cat: DUBWARS 003. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Fat Lady Sings (6:50)
Body Memory (5:55)
Footprints (5:33)
Iceman Cometh (6:17)
Review: Gunjack, one of Planet Rhythm's techno veterans, enchants with his bold, hard techno style in Footprints. The EP opens with 'Fat Lady Sings', a high-energy track that merges intense techno and euphoric house chords over a relentless beat. 'Body Memory', true to Gunjack's prowess, showcases his intricate percussion. It's a dancefloor anthem with a relentless driving force, destined to ignite crowds. The title track, 'Footprints' is a prime-time dancefloor weapon, its infectious stabs and galloping technocracy creating an unstoppable groove. The EP's last track, 'Iceman Cometh', echoes Basic Channel's iconic chord stabs, infusing acid elements to deliver a captivating finish. With its masterful blend of pounding rhythms, exciting movement in the percussion, and relentless energy, 'Footprints' solidifies Gunjack's status as a quality techno producer.
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Cat: AL 090LP. Rel: 29 Apr 24
Faust (3:38)
No One's Coming (3:38)
Aria (3:57)
All Day Long (3:51)
Collision (3:47)
Dreamstates (4:22)
Higher Power (3:32)
GURU (4:10)
Pantheon (4:34)
Wilderness (3:38)
Talk To Me (3:53)
Mental Powers (5:09)
Tataki (5:26)
Tibet (6:45)
Review: Renowned Greek DJ and experienced producer Argy makes his anticipated return with his newest album, New World, released on the Afterlife label. With 14 tracks in total and most of them clocking in at between three and a half and five minutes, Argy doesn't beat around the bush, giving people what they came for. These tracks ebb and flow quicker than normal techno tracks, giving them a much more straightforward and popular feel. Argy's singing over the tracks fit very well, like in 'All Day Long'. The rhythms are strong while the beats are pulsing and dynamic. Argy is known to be a fantastic techno producer. Singles off the album include 'Higher Power', 'Aria', and 'Pantheon'.
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 in stock $37.04
Cat: ANA 013. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Dax J - "Ares" (5:13)
Kaiser - "Kal" (6:28)
ANFS - "Amete" (5:41)
Jerm - "Kaki" (4:53)
Review: Analogue is the Greek label which takes no prisoners in its pursuit of pure techno perfection and that's abundantly clear on this latest Various Artists drop, as Dax J kicks into gear with the searing, pummelling intensity of 'Ares'. It's a proper fist-shaker which sets you up for the hi-octane rumble of Kaiser's 'Kal' and ANFS' industrial jackhammer 'Amete'. That leaves Jerm to clean up with another weapons grade sheller driving ever-downwards in the ultimate ticket to peak time submission. This is techno in the toughest sense of the word - a very specific sound executed perfectly.
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Cat: SPITTLEDD 08. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Sigma Tibet - "Pablo" (4:32)
B Logic - "Aliasing" (4:12)
Grey Area - "Beyond Belief" (4:24)
Mont Blanc - "Let Your Body" (4:31)
Straight Beat - "Afterwork" (4:09)
Love Nation - "Let's Make It Right" (4:11)
Soul City Crew - "One Day" (3:56)
Visions Factory - "Solitary Dancers" (3:54)
Periferico - "In A Freedom World" (4:30)
Beat 4 Life - "Dat's Life" (4:26)
Review: The Milano Undiscovered series has been expertly overseen by Fred Ventura and now clocks up a third installment. It again delves into Milan's dynamic techno and house scene between the years of 1988 and 1992. Unveiling a trove of unreleased demos, it highlights the city's burgeoning underground culture during this period. Influenced by the pioneering sounds of Chicago, Detroit, London, and Sheffield, Milanese producers embarked on a creative journey, crafting their own distinct interpretations of electronic dance music. These demos offer a glimpse into the innovative spirit and diverse sonic landscape that defined Milan's contribution to the global dance music scene during this transformative era.
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Cat: KNT 341. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Dubplate Vibing (11:11)
Complete With U (8:21)
Keep Tryin' Dub (3:31)
Review: Techno scene stalwart Steve O'Sullivan has long dabbled in dub techno, usually under the Blue Train alias. Now he has a new dubbed-out alias, Blue Channel, a moniker that doffs a hat to German dub techno greats Basic Channel/Rhythm & Sound. This is the first volume in a multi-part EP series that sets out O'Sullivan's soulful, hazy and sub-heavy agenda. 'Dubplate Vibing' itself (side A) sits somewhere between purist vocal dub, pitched-down steppers and the epic, locked-in rhythmic sound worlds of purist dub techno. He ups the tempo and sticks to more authentic dub techno territory on the brilliant (and very Basic Channel-esque) 'Complete With U', before opting for a more minimalistic traditional digi-dub sound of 'Keep Tryin Dub'.
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