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This Week: Coldwave/Synth

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Morning Velvet Sky (limited 12")
Cat: ELKREC 4. Rel: 15 Jan 18
  1. Morning Velvet Sky (Richard Norris remix) (8:19)
  2. Morning Velvet Sky (album version) (4:37)
  3. Morning Velvet Sky (Richard Norris dub) (8:17)
 in stock $10.06
Cat: SC&P 004. Rel: 15 Jan 18
  1. Chain Store
  2. Nowhere To Nowhere
  3. Popcorn
  4. Chain Store (Manfredas remix)
  5. Nowhere To Nowhere (Mondowski remix)
Review: After equally wonderful turns from Junto Club, Deeds and Curses!, emergent deviant disco denizens Snap Crackle & Pop invite a band called Uncanny Valley to offer up their unique brand of deathly wave music shot through with on-point beyond the grave vocals. "Chain Store" is a nightmarish march through wobbly synths while "Nowhere To Nowhere" plots a strident course with its bouncing beat and fulsome, undulating bass. "Popcorn" flips the script with its uptempo thrust, but the vintage synth-pop threads are still the dominant force in the music. Manfredas drops a remix of "Chain Store" that maintains the freakiness with a slow but heavy house lurch, and then Mondowski strips the meat from "Nowhere To Nowhere" and leaves a potent, skeletal club treatment behind.
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 in stock $10.91
Arsenal (green vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: OWN 010. Rel: 15 Jan 18
  1. There Was A War (1:06)
  2. Oh, A Mother Had Three Sons (5:02)
  3. I Will Become An Engine Operator (6:30)
  4. Who (1:30)
  5. Dreadnought Maria (5:39)
  6. Tymish Marches (2:09)
  7. Arsenal (5:20)
  8. Let Us Start Working! (2:25)
  9. Kiev Qui Dort (1:21)
  10. Petliura Wounded Me With A Bullet (1:12)
  11. Vilna Ukraina (7:06)
  12. Where Is The Husband, Where Is The Son (4:28)
 in stock $17.82
Nite (gatefold green vinyl LP)
Cat: IDIB 56GREEN. Rel: 15 Jan 18
  1. Nite (5:50)
  2. Glass Slipper (7:19)
  3. Birds Of Prey (1:31)
  4. Sleepwalker (4:22)
  5. City Beds (5:34)
  6. Nite (instrumental) (4:22)
 in stock $21.55
Danzas Electricas (2xLP + 7" 再出版)
Cat: MMLP 404. Rel: 15 Jan 18
  1. Human Flesh - "Monarch In My Kingdom" (Kilian Krings Ajustement) (4:35)
  2. SM Nurse - "Dare To Die" (Dunkeltier Restauration) (5:18)
  3. Frieder Butzmann & Thomas Kapielski - "Do The Vopo" (Panoptique Ajustement) (5:54)
  4. Tomohiro Sekido & Keiko Sekido - "Track 4" (Mori Ra Ajustement) (6:39)
  5. (Tnemetsuja Reitleknud/Dniknnamrebo) Gnos Yppah (6:25)
  6. Armand Frydman - "Vox" (Shiny Boots Ajustement) (4:22)
  7. Futurologischer Congress - "Korperwarme" (Misha Geleyn Ajustement) (5:44)
  8. Bunnydrums - "Too Much Time" (Smagghe & Cross Ajustement) (6:00)
  9. Stefan Egger - "Power Synthi" (Sneakers Bakalao Ajustement) (6:22)
  10. The Client Brothers - "Punk Funk" (Guillaume Des Bois Ajustement) (5:06)
  11. Love Mission (Dunkelier Restoration) (6:23)
  12. Dacapo - "Cogito" (Sacha Mambo Ajustement) (4:48)
  13. Jan Fex - "Drommar Haller Mig Vaken" (Johan Ressle Ajustement) (4:01)
 in stock $39.07
Items 1 to 5 of 5 on page 1 of 1

This Week: Coldwave/Synth

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