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Copenhagen (Record Store Day 2020)
Copenhagen (Record Store Day 2020) (limited 2xLP (side 4 etched)) (1 per customer)
Cat: 202020 017.
Review: It's no secret to anyone who has done their homework on US alternative rock of the early 90s, and specifically East Coast alternative rock, that Galaxie 500 should have been much bigger. Nevertheless, they remain one of the most under-appreciated and overlooked bands of their era, a bolt of beautiful but raucous indie guitar stuff that only lasted four short years, and three albums, but really was something special.

This reissue of their live album, a recording of the final show of their last European tour, certainly reflects this point. Seeming to call on influences from relatively disparate sub-genres of the day - the end of post punk, bloody-nosed rock and, in many ways, something along the lines of what was happening thousands of miles away in Manchester at the time, it's a soaring stunner that has as much stadium drive (the epic 'Fourth of July') as it does woozy and weird experimentation ('Spook').
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Idiot Savants
Idiot Savants (180 gram white vinyl LP)
Cat: DEMREC 658.
Review: By now most people know the story behind Rumours - one of the most decadent records ever made. It's not just the tales of cocaine-fuelled studio sessions and internal band strife that give this album edge, though. Lyrically the environment had a huge impact, relationship breakdowns and fuel for squabbles are common themes, but the sound itself is undeniably sharp and polished - like the glint of a knife as the light hits its blade or, perhaps more appropriately, a mirror.

Regardless of the background turbulence, this is quite simply one of the finest moments in pop and soft rock. 10million copies were sold within one month, and tracks like 'Go Your Own Way', 'The Chain' and 'Gold Dust Woman' became legendary genre classics. Most importantly, though, they still sound good today, reflecting the glory and talent that was the Mac in their finest hour.
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Prep (pink vinyl LP)
Cat: BANT 19309.
Review: The term 'yacht rock' is arguably among the most divisive to be coined in music over the last few years. For some, the idea of over-biting to beats while leaning against the sun-kissed bow of a multi-million super-vessel sounds pretty good. Others prefer to write the trend off as nostalgic session music, a kitsch reminder of how unabashed and slick pop once was.
We're in the first camp, not least when it comes to Prep - the London four piece known for applying a particularly sparkling sheen to their music, which is grounded in modern R&B and electronica, but has its heart, or at least feet, very much in the white chinos of days gone by. The track 'On & On' has already caused waves this year (no pun intended) with its laidback Metronomy-esque groove, and if you enjoyed that the rest of what's here will fall into place.
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Cosmic Dancer
Cat: 405053 863968.
Review: As one or two critics pointed out when the Angelheaded Hipster covers album arrived, Mark Bolan is something of a disputed musical genius who remains misunderstood by both naysayers and allies alike. The latter arguably downplaying the chart-topping pop-glam status he enjoyed during his 1970s T-Rex heyday, shortly before commercial and artistic decline led to mediocrity. Meanwhile, those who write him off as only relevant in that period forget the decade of broad work that preceded it.

What we can all agree on, though, is that he wrote some incredible songs that achieved universal adoration, and Cosmic Dancer ranks in the top flight. Nick Cave's contribution to the aforementioned tribute LP stays true to the source material, all emotionally charged lyrics set in heartbroken balladry. A delicate, piano-led ode to the narrator's lost youth, and a promise that despite the passing of time an energy will always prevail.
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Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition
Review: 25 years is an awful amount of time when you really think about it. Certainly more than long enough for Elliott Smith's 'Expanded' to make it into the list of revered contemporary classics among cult musos. Looking back now, the mid-1990s seem like a lifetime ago, but the stunning guitar work, deeply personal and poignant songwriting that defined his landmark self-titled sophomore solo LP hasn't waned one bit.

Occupying a place that's perhaps somewhere between Alex Chilton and acoustic grunge, iconic tracks like 'Needle In The Hay' can't help but raise hairs on arms, even if you don't remember its quietly powerful impact when it first landed. 'Single File' still has that air of wonder and eccentricity to its lilting guitars, 'The White Lady Loves You More's meditative qualities are just as gradually awesome and the bonus disc - Smith's first ever solo live performance, recorded in 1994 - lays bare the late-artist's raw talent.
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Take It Down To The Wire (Live 1985)
Take It Down To The Wire (Live 1985) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: OZITDANLP 9998.
Review: The establishment rued the day Mark E. Smith came along, whether they were in the political elite or the music industry itself. The Fall's lead singer is unarguably Manchester's greatest contribution to pop culture simply because of his biting wit and predisposition for calling spades spades, twats twats. Thankfully, though, he and his band were also responsible for some unbelievably good post punk fare, alongside some exceptionally frenetic live shows, meaning it's about more than just attitude.

Even if you caught the troupe on stage in the years immediately preceding Smith's death, aged 60, the energy was palpable. Perhaps logically, though, Take It Down The Wire Live 1985 captures the essence of both frontman and outfit as they were at their peak. Unforgiving, uncompromising, broken, hopeful and altogether priceless. All hail Britain's "strange kind of antimatter treasure," we really didn't know what we had until it was gone.
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Three Mile Ditch
Three Mile Ditch (limited red vinyl LP)
Cat: CCR 004LPX.
  1. Cowboy
  2. Three Mile Ditch
  3. Midnight Ride
  4. Fly Inside
  5. A Love You'll Never Know
  6. Meat Chuck
  7. Everyone's Friend
  8. White Cliffs
  9. Silver Trees
  10. You Looked Happy To Me?
Review: Somebody left the gate open... The Wytches' label describe them as 'swampy', and there's something in that term. Known to those who know as a rock band that lunge, wobble and ooze in equal measure, it's easy to picture some beast or other slowly emerging from the quagmire whenever you're tuning in, and Three Mile Ditch is doing that reputation no disservice.

Scuzzy, slimy and frequently screaming hard rock 'n' roll that sounds like it's about to bust a gut before descending into an even sleazier and deeper version of itself, so much of what's here could be dubbed an earworm by the time the halfway point arrives it's hard to know which way you came in, let alone where the exit is. Don't worry though, getting lost amongst the grooves and grind is a joy in itself.
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