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Coming Soon: Industrial/Noise

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Repeat Itself
Cat: PRECEPT 017. Rel: 02 Sep 19
  1. About UFO
  2. External Mind Fog
  3. A Foolish Game
  4. Brain Eaters
  5. Go Sideways
  6. In Front Of You
  7. Absenteeist
  8. Nothing Between
  9. Quiet Movement
  10. Metalhead
  11. Repeat Itself
coming soon $10.22
Palais (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: CDALP 003. Rel: 16 Sep 19
  1. Palais
  2. Living Nothingness
  3. Brink Reality (part 2)
  4. Stel Sand
  5. You Told Yourself This Would Get Worse
  6. Defied
  7. Take Away My Greed
  8. Repenting
  9. Safeword
  10. Non For The Sane
  11. Dead To Romance
  12. Life, Lust + Death
Review: 'Palais' is a 12 track multi-faceted exploration of Kris Baha's musical sensitivity. The one man band's namesake LP title, 'Palais' is based around the concepts of alienation, detachment, melancholia and lust. All songs written, performed, recorded and mixed by Kris between 2015 - 2018 in Berlin, laced in his signature industrial sound. 'Palais' encompasses a range of shades from dance-floor works ' Living Nothingness', 'Brink Reality (Part 2)' & 'Non For The Sane' to experimental cinematic undertones 'You Told Yourself This Would Get Worse'. Also embodied are modern classics like the machine funk metallics of 'Steel Sands' and 'Defied', a year 2042 cyber punk hit. There's even a dark room inspired theme for the black leather lovers. From his own batch of psychedelia to post-punk and electronic romanticism this album is full of surprises and we at Cocktail d'Amore Music are absolutely proud to present this outstanding work.

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Played by: ROTCIV
coming soon TBA
Hope (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: PLA031 / MNQ112.
  1. Erector
  2. Sunset Sex
  3. Invocation
  4. Cold Blood
  5. Head Stop
  6. Mission England
  7. Dereliction
  8. Black Madonna
  9. Gag
  10. Something In The Air
  11. There Is No Night
Review: The second album to be reissued by Mannequin and Platform 23 Records of the music from Bourbonese Qualk, Hope saw the politically active musical entity expand on their mix of music, art and politics.

Staunchly independent, doing the recording and design via their Recloose Organisation label, by 1984 the group had occupied a large disused building on the Old Kent Road, becoming the base for the band's activities as well as other creative and political activism.

Recorded at the Ambulance Station, Hope is full of unceasing drum machine rhythms, electro pulses, echoing samples and lo-fi synths matched with strummed guitars and dub bass. The accompanying drones and snarled vocals go beyond any early 80's industrial tag to be something more unique, with the uncompromising, conceptual and avant flashes showing a more experimental buzz, an awkward quasi-funk noisy nuisance.

Remastered by Rude 66, this is music as much for then and today, a radical, revolutionary cultural force that acts as a positive social charge.

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coming soon TBA
Cat: CTICTVLP 2019. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. T3.2
  2. T3.3
  3. T3.4
  4. T3.5
  5. T3.1
  6. T3.6
coming soon $20.45
Manifest (LP)
Cat: BDNX 003. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Manifest
  2. The New Flesh
  3. Catalyst
  4. Dissect
  5. Maria's Dream
  6. Exo
  7. Ingest
  8. Rivalry
  9. Liwanag
  10. Refracted
coming soon $16.12
Entrer Dans La Couleur
Entrer Dans La Couleur (transparent vinyl LP)
coming soon $23.79
There Is Nothing Left But The Enjoyment Of Senseless Destruction
coming soon $14.32
La Dimensione Umana
Cat: OFI 006LP.
coming soon $16.88
Blossoms (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: THRILL 507LP. Rel: 11 Oct 19
coming soon $24.05
Blossoms (limited clear vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: THRILL 507LPX. Rel: 11 Oct 19
coming soon $26.09
Fragmentos De Ocio En El Hocico Del Cerdo
Cat: MEC 038. Rel: 06 Sep 19
coming soon $27.88
Lunatic House
coming soon $24.30
Signos De Abberracion
Signos De Abberracion (limited gatefold coloured vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: OUT 996997.
  1. Pandemonium
  2. Instincts Of Perversion
  3. Untold Blasphemies
  4. Bloodshed
  5. Childs Eternity
  6. Forgotten Tears Mastered
  7. Un Alma Y El Vacio
  8. Twisted Lines
  9. En Otro Lado
  10. Wounds
  11. Callate El Hocico
  12. Silent Wrath
coming soon $28.64
Odio Bajo El Alma
Odio Bajo El Alma (limited gatefold coloured vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: OUT 992993.
  1. Cuando La Maldad Despierta
  2. Odio En El Alma
  3. Beings Of Relief
  4. Final Resource
  5. Hell On Earth
  6. Gota De Sangre
  7. Temple Of Lies
  8. Sexo Bajo Testosterona
  9. Sad Scorn
  10. Slow Death
  11. Face To Face
coming soon $28.64
Glennascaul (2xLP)
Cat: DE 258. Rel: 13 Sep 19
  1. Konstruktivists
  2. Carlou
  3. Two Hands Held
  4. How You Say
  5. White Design (part 1)
  6. Half Hearing
  7. New York
  8. Incognito
  9. Maribel
  10. White Design (part 2)
  11. Sierra Nevada
  12. New York (remix)
  13. Ikon
Review: Konstruktivists is the Industrial project of Glenn Michael Wallis from Kent, England. In the late '70s Wallis was a "control agent" for Throbbing Gristle and the Industrial Records crew. Influenced by Krautrock bands like Can, NEU!, Cluster/Harmonia as well as Tuxedomoon, Yello, Chrome, and SPK, Glenn began to record his own material. After several cassette releases, Konstruktivists' first LP 'A Dissembly' was released in 1982 followed by 'Psykho Genetika' in 1983 and 'Black December' in 1984. That same year Wallis collaborated with his friend Chris Carter, of Throbbing Gristle and Chris and Cosey fame, on CTI's 'Conspiracy International One'.
In 1985, Glenn spent a week at Chris and Cosey's studio recording 11 tracks that would become the 'Glennascaul' album originally released on Nigel Ayers' Sterile Records. Produced and mixed by Chris Carter, it marked a complete change in style for the band towards a beat-orientated rhythmic sound. 'Glennascaul' is proto electro at its very best, with Glenn's hallucinogenic vocals on top. A musical collage designed to invoke images in the mind. The back cover clearly states "No guitars. No Fairlights." For this deluxe reissue we've added two bonus tracks recorded around the same time, now vinyl for the first time ever. All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The record is housed in an exact replica of the original jacket featuring cover art, which is a co-production of Trevor Brown, Nigel Ayers and an image Glenn Wallis supplied. Each copy includes a double-sided 8x11 insert with liner notes by Nigel Ayers, press clippings, and photos.
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coming soon $23.28
Sonic Citadel
Sonic Citadel (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: THRILL 505LP. Rel: 11 Oct 19
coming soon $26.09
Sonic Citadel
Sonic Citadel (limited green vinyl 2xLP+ MP3 download code)
Cat: THRILL 505LPX. Rel: 11 Oct 19
coming soon $27.62
Nel Sud
Nel Sud (limited orange vinyl LP)
Cat: LTI 068 19.
coming soon $21.23
Contemplator Caeli
Cat: TR 14. Rel: 06 Sep 19
coming soon $31.46
Spiritual Noise Vol 1
coming soon $39.90
I (split clear & black vinyl LP)
Cat: LAUNCH 170S. Rel: 25 Oct 19
coming soon $20.45
I (coloured vinyl LP)
Cat: LAUNCH 170. Rel: 25 Oct 19
coming soon $20.45
Devour (LP)
Cat: SBR 226LP. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Homeostasis (2:00)
  2. Spit It Out (2:00)
  3. Self-Regulating System (2:00)
  4. Deprivation (2:00)
  5. Pristine Panic/Cheek By Jowl (2:00)
coming soon $24.30
Devour (coloured vinyl LP)
Cat: SBR 226LPC1. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Homeostasis (2:00)
  2. Spit It Out (2:00)
  3. Self-Regulating System (2:00)
  4. Deprivation (2:00)
  5. Pristine Panic/Cheek By Jowl (2:00)
coming soon $20.45
Interzone (LP)
Cat: AHLP 001. Rel: 07 Oct 19
  1. Escape From The World
  2. The Sound Of The Crowd In The Temple
  3. Interzone
  4. Horrock
  5. Human (The Tears You Cry)
  6. Extreme Exciting
  7. Penetratio Brevis
  8. Drugs (no vox)
coming soon $14.58
DOA: The Third & Final Report Of Throbbing Gristle
DOA: The Third & Final Report Of Throbbing Gristle (transparent green vinyl LP + 8 page booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: TGLP 3. Rel: 06 Sep 19
  1. IBM
  2. Hit By A Rock
  3. United
  4. Valley Of The Shadow Of The Death
  5. Dead On Arrival
  6. Weeping
  7. Hamburger Lady
  8. Hometime
  9. AB/7A
  10. E-Coli
  11. Detah Threats
  12. Walls Of Sound
  13. Blood On The Floor
coming soon $19.19
Throbbing Gristle's Greatest Hits
Throbbing Gristle's Greatest Hits (transparent orange vinyl LP + 8 page booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: TGLP 7. Rel: 06 Sep 19
  1. Hamburger Lady
  2. Hot On The Heels Of Love
  3. Subhuman
  4. AB/7A
  5. Six Six Sixties
  6. Blood On The Floor
  7. 20 Jazz Funk Greats
  8. Tiab Guls
  9. United
  10. What A Day
  11. Adreanalin & Dialogue
coming soon $19.19
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Coming Soon: Industrial/Noise