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The Sojourner (reissue)
Cat: PLP 6950. Rel: 27 Jul 20
  1. Music Is Nothing But A Prayer
  2. Ecstasy
  3. The Sojourner
  4. Circles
  5. Trace Of Trane
  6. Vibration Love Call
  7. Malika
  8. Optimystical
  9. Peace
Review: Another fine deep spiritual Jazz reissue on Japanese label P-Vine that came out on Strata East originally in 1974. Soaring vocals are charismatic of this album and it features the track Optimystical which Andres previously sampled.
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coming soon $32.23
Brazil 45 Boxset :Curated By DJ Format
Cat: MRB 7160. Rel: 29 Aug 20
  1. Oz Brazoes - "Momento B/8"
  2. Marisa Rossi - "Deixa Eu Te Amar"
  3. Free-son - "Grande Poder"
  4. Toni Tornado - "O Journaleiro"
  5. Manito - "The Gang's Back Again"
  6. Agnaldo Raylo - "Sumauma"
  7. The Modern Tropical Quintet - "Gamboa"
  8. Antonio Adolfo & Brazuca - "Voo De Apolo"
  9. Free-son - "Daruiz"
  10. Os Novos Bahianos - "Colegio De Aplicacao"
coming soon $35.35
Guilherme Coutinho E O Grupo Stalo
Guilherme Coutinho E O Grupo Stalo (numbered LP with obi strip)
Cat: MAR 022. Rel: 05 Jun 20
  1. Atalala
  2. As Feras
  3. Foicera
  4. Rio Corrente
  5. Macareu
  6. Fuga
  7. Flauta De Bambu
  8. Tema Pro Alvarito
Review: Since it was first released in the collective's native Brazil in 1978, the self-titled debut album from Guilherme Coutinho E O Groupo Stalo has become a sought-after item amongst collectors of Latin jazz. This reissue - the first of any kind - proves why. Offering a mixture of samba-soaked Latin jazz rhythms, sweet vocals, spacey analogue synthesizer sounds, Azymuth style electric piano motifs, MPB style songwriting and Brazilian jazz-funk stylistic tropes, it's a joyously sunny and quirkily off-kilter affair that impresses from start to finish. Production wise it's a little loose and fuzzy round the edges, but that only adds to the album's obvious allure. Recommended!
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coming soon $27.55
Soul Jazz Records Presents Brazilian Funk Power: Brazilian Funk & Samba Soul
  1. Jorge Ben - "Meus Filhos, Meu Tesouro"
  2. Cassiano - "Onda"
  3. Joelma - "Sem Comprimisso"
  4. Bande Black Rio - "Maria Fumaca"
  5. Jorge Ben - "Taj Mahal"
  6. Tim Maia - "Gostava Tanto De Voce"
  7. Toni Tornado - "Sou Negro (I'm Black)"
  8. Aquarius Band - "Cissy Strut"
  9. Luiz Gonzaga Jnr - "O Comeco Da Festa"
  10. Balanca Pova - "Novo Dia"
coming soon TBA
BONFIDO 001 (hand-stamped 140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BONFIDO 001. Rel: 15 Jun 20
  1. Panama Cardoon - "Olofofu"
  2. Fixed Angles - "Tabou"
  3. Sirhan - "Le Flute"
  4. Chico & Bianca - "Anole"
Review: BONFIDO DISQUES is a new born label with a vision towards nostalgic Exotic Disco and Afro Cosmic House remakes for the dancefloor. For their first instalment they compiled 4 dj-friendly, fast paced heaters that will definately save the night. A fusion of banging spicy drums and rare 80's melodies for the body and soul on a limited edition, hand stamped 12".

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coming soon TBA
Vinyl 2 :Discombobulated Wiring
Cat: DISC CODE 00651 E.
  1. Discombobulated Wiring (Joe's 1995 Cassette Tape demo)
Played by: Vincent Inc
coming soon TBA
Sol (reissue)
Cat: MAR 18. Rel: 25 Dec 20
  1. Maranatha
  2. Patrice
  3. El Que Se Fue
  4. Squeeze
  5. Someday
  6. You Don't Understand
  7. Bird Of Beauty
Played by: Andrea passenger
coming soon $26.25
Electric Murder
Cat: KALITA 005LP. Rel: 27 Jun 20
  1. Funky Boogie Woogie
  2. I Don't Want To Share Your Love
  3. Electric Murder
  4. Inspiration
  5. Shake
  6. April Girl
Review: In 1983 a group of Nigerian musicians in London headed into a studio in Hoxton Square and recorded their sole LP: a boogie and disco-infused set called 'Electric Murder'. The album was released the same year on a tiny Nigerian label, meaning that copies of this obscure classic have been sought after ever since. As this beautifully packaged and produced reissue proves, 'Electric Murder' has lost none of its lustre. Highlights come thick and fast throughout, from the slap-bass heavy celebration of opener "Funky Boogie Woogie" and the deep disco brilliance of "Electric Murder", to the low-slung, delay-laden disco-funk gem "Shake" and sugary, synth-laden slow jam "April's Girl", a track that boasts some suitably super electric piano solos.
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coming soon $19.24
To Know Without Knowing
  1. Mulatu
  2. Kulun Mankwaleshi
  3. To Know Without Knowing
  4. Mascaram Setaba
  5. Living On Stolen Land
  6. Ambassi Lemdi
coming soon $17.94
  1. Overture
  2. Adventure
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Night Cruising
  6. Realize
  7. Track 7
  8. Good Friend
  9. Mystical Composer
  10. Tomorrow
coming soon $33.54
Modiehi (LP)
Cat: MRBLP 219.
  1. Modiehi
  2. Khomo Tsaka Deile Kae?
  3. Molato Ke Eng
  4. Re A Hlopheha
  5. Toitoi
  6. A Mohau
  7. Bosiu Bona
  8. Lenyalo
  9. Ke Eo Terene
  10. Ha Se Nna Fela
  11. Siyahlupheka
  12. Ungioambela Amanga
coming soon $21.82
Original Ghanaian Highlife & Afrobeat Classics Volume 2
Original Ghanaian Highlife & Afrobeat Classics Volume 2 (hand-numbered 7" in gold ink hand-stamped sleeve) (1 per customer)
Cat: MUKAT 073. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Ebo Taylor & Uhuru Yenzu - "What Is Life ?"
  2. Pat Thomas - "Gyae Su" (Mpaebo LP version)
Review: Mukatsuku presents the second volume of killer Ghanaian highlife/afrofunk monsters this time focusing on two artists legendary in the genre. First up first time on a 45 from 1980 is '' What Is Life '' from the Ebo Taylor & Uhuru Yenzu album ''Conflict Nkru! ''. Amazing brass,flute and afrocentric rhythms lay the path for the track once heard never forgotten. On the flip first time ever on a 45 Pat Thomas who features on volume 1 of the series comes correct with possibly the best version (and there are a few ) of ''Gyae Su'' . With its jangly african guitar licks and infectious chorus lines the feel good factor is set to maximum. Another dope afro burner on Mukatsuku and sure to sell out fast. 500 hand numbered copies in gold inked stamped sleeve and no repress
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coming soon $7.54
Heat Rock Vol 5
Heat Rock Vol 5 (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: HR 005. Rel: 05 Jun 20
  1. King Most - "Rhythm Rug" (My Favorite edit Ever)
  2. Altered Tapes - "Ego Drip" (Outta This Horn remix)
Review: If hot-to-trot and heavyweight funk re-fixes are your thing, you should already be familiar with the work of Chicago-based Heat Rock Records. Their latest limited seven-inch delivers two must-check workouts. On the A you'll find the "Rhythm Rug" edit by San Francisco scalpel fiends King Most, a cut-and-paste concoction that peppers a sunny, hip-hop tempo good-time soul-funk groove with excerpts from the acapella version of rap classic "Can I Kick It?" Over on the flip, label regulars and Windy City heroes Altered Tapes provide something even wilder: a hot-stepping fusion of Afro-jazz horns, dancehall style drums and what sound like occasional Q-Tip vocal snippets.
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Played by: Originals
coming soon $13.26
Riddims Of Culture 2
Riddims Of Culture 2 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 090. Rel: 24 Feb 20
  1. Riddim Of Inari (extended mix) (4:51)
  2. Mi C'Yaan (3:18)
  3. When Will You Come Down? (4:01)
  4. Picayune (3:13)
  5. Cricket (part II) (3:07)
  6. Ancient Nomads (4:07)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Emotional Rescue continue to explore the fruitful early '90s exploits of The New Morning, a Munich-based crew who took their lead from the Afro-Cosmic scene pioneered in Northern Italy by DJs like Danielle Baldelli and Beppe Loda. On this second installment of spiritually charged, low tempo club killers, you get the chants and percussion of "Riddim Of Inari", tightly looped West African funk of "Mi C'Yaan" and the stunningly evocative "When Will You Come Down?". There's more rolling rhythmic business to be enjoyed on "Picayune" while "Cricket (part II)" amps up the distortion without losing the groove, and then "Ancient Nomads" seals off this volume in style with a slow, hard-slapping beat to get fully entranced too.
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coming soon $11.43
Riddims Of Culture 3
Riddims Of Culture 3 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 091. Rel: 24 Feb 20
  1. Kongo Bina (Trance vocal) (7:19)
  2. Roots & Culture (4:24)
  3. Flatline (3:36)
  4. Satan (dub) (3:37)
  5. Riddim Of Inari (Tribal mix) (5:52)
  6. Anthems (4:06)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Emotional Rescue take one final trip into the archives of The New Morning - the Munich-based Afro-cosmic project active in the mid-'90s. This third round of tripped-out dancefloor delights draws on a global panoply of sounds once again, starting in a mystical mood with "Kongo Bina" before firing up the party stove with "Roots & Culture" and slapping down a heavyweight chug on the fierce n' slow "Flatline". There's plenty more fireballs on the B-side, not least the looped-up funk of "Satan (Dub)" and the heavy hitting percussion of "Riddim Of Inari (Tribal Mix)". "Anthems" finishes the final volume of this valuable reissue series on a stirring, melancholic note with powerful choral voices and sentimental melodic refrains - the perfect emotional set closer.
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coming soon $11.43
O Som Psicodelico De LCV (reissue)
O Som Psicodelico De LCV (reissue) (180 gram numbered vinyl LP with obi strip)
Cat: MAR 026.
  1. Amazonas
  2. Tanganica
  3. Ye Mele
  4. Zize Baio
  5. Un Jour Christine
  6. Song For My Father
  7. Chatanooga Choo Choo
  8. Pourquoi
  9. Birthday Morning
  10. O Dialogo
coming soon $26.78
Let's Make A Deal
  1. Linda Majika - Let's Make A Deal - "Linda Majika - Let's Make A Deal"
  2. Thoughts Visions & Dreams - "Step Out Of My Life" (feat Ray Phiri)
coming soon $13.00
Eastern Flowers
Cat: MRB 7177. Rel: 26 Jun 20
  1. Magnolia
  2. Tulip
coming soon TBA
Studio One Rockers (reissue)
Studio One Rockers (reissue) (green vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: SJRLP 451.
  1. Sound Dimension - "Real Rock"
  2. Marcia Griffiths - "Feel Like Jumping"
  3. Freddy McGregor - "Bobby Babylon"
  4. Horace Andy - "Skylarking"
  5. Lennie Hibbert - "Village Soul"
  6. Brentford All-Stars - "Greedy G"
  7. Johnny Osbourne - "Truth & Rights"
  8. Ernest Ranglin - "Surfin’"
  9. Michigan & Smiley - "Eye Of Danger"
  10. Dawn Penn - "No, No, No"
  11. The Skatalites - "Phoenix City"
  12. Prince Jazzbo - "Crabwalking"
  13. Jackie Mittoo - "Hot Milk"
  14. Lone Ranger - "Badder Dan Dem"
  15. Credric Brooks - "Ethiopia"
coming soon $27.30
Carlos Dafe (reissue)
Carlos Dafe (reissue) (numbered LP with obi strip)
Cat: MAR 025.
  1. Da Alegria Raiou O Dia
  2. Hello Mr Wonder
  3. Crianca Maravilhosa
  4. Ze Marmita
  5. Adeus
  6. Passarela
  7. Pra Nao Padecer
  8. Escorpiao
  9. Bem Me Querer
  10. Acorda Que Eu Quero Ver
  11. Vice Versa
  12. O Metro
  13. Menina Dos Olhos De Mel
coming soon $26.78
All I Do
  1. All I Do (feat Yoshinori Monta - Ryuhei The Man 45 edit)
  2. All I Do (Ryuhei The Man 45 edit instrumental)
coming soon $20.01
Game No 1
Game No 1 (12")
Cat: RHRSS 27. Rel: 08 Jun 20
  1. Game No 1
  2. Last Night (You Moved Me)
coming soon $13.78
K Frimpong & Vis A Vis
  1. Aboagyewaa
  2. Ohene A Oda Apakan Mu
  3. Abrado
  4. Acheampomaa
coming soon $25.74
Weekend Lover (reissue)
Cat: DQKL 07102. Rel: 26 Jun 20
  1. Chocolate Lips - "Weekend Lover"
  2. Miho - "Heartbeat"
coming soon $24.18
Seker Oglan EP
  1. Seker Oglan
  2. Sari Kiz
  3. Karam
  4. Kol Havasi
Played by: DJ Kobayashi, LEGO EDIT
coming soon $13.51
Han Tome
Han Tome (7")
Cat: HR 7S170. Rel: 26 Jun 20
  1. Han Tome (Viagem remix)
  2. Han Tome (Flutemental mix)
Review: The original 12 "was released in 1998. Side-A is a beautiful and deep beat track sampled from Luiz Eca's masterpiece of Latin piano" Consolacao ". Side-B includes "Flutemental", which has become a hot track overseas due to being included in a compilation selected by DJ CAM, and a track sampled by The Afro Blues Quintet "Spartacus" and Eddie Pazant of Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers.
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coming soon $22.87
Noshtta EP
Noshtta EP (12")
Cat: BJR 051. Rel: 05 Jun 20
  1. Cebando
  2. Atlantis
  3. Dallas
  4. Carousel
coming soon $19.24
Wabi Sabi
Wabi Sabi (7")
Cat: MRB 7176. Rel: 26 Jun 20
  1. Hanami
  2. Shinrinyoku
coming soon TBA
Moondog New Sound
  1. Oasis
  2. Single Foot
  3. Bug On A Floating Leaf
  4. Sand Lily
  5. Logrundr In A
  6. Log In E
  7. Log In B
  8. First Flower
  9. Ground In D Minor
  10. Marche Funebre
  11. Schneeflocken
  12. Fleur De Lis
  13. Barn Dance
  14. Elf Dance
coming soon $15.59
Vibration Love Celebration
Cat: DQKLO 7100. Rel: 26 Jun 20
  1. Love Celebration
  2. Life
coming soon $24.18
Circle (reissue)
Circle (reissue) (coloured vinyl 7")
Cat: SC 707 COLOUR. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Circle
  2. Circle (Gerardo Frisina Re edit)
coming soon TBA
Fela's First: The Complete 1959 Melodisc Session
coming soon TBA
  1. Tacutun
  2. Cumbia Reggae Funky
Played by: Galletas Calientes
coming soon TBA
The Dancing Devils Of Djibouti
Cat: OSTLP 009. Rel: 05 Jun 20
  1. Buuraha U Dheer (The Highest Mountains) (feat Asma Omar)
  2. Raga Kaan Ka'Eegtow (You Are The One I Love) (feat Asma Omar)
  3. Kuusha Caarey (The Pearl Necklace) (feat Guessod Abdo Hamargod)
  4. Raani (Queen) (feat Hassan Omar Houssein)
  5. Alto's Interlude (feat Mohamed Abdi Alto)
  6. Uurkan Kaadonaya (I Want You) (feat Hassan Omar Houssein)
  7. Halkaasad Dhigi Magtiisa (That's Where You'll Leave His Reward) (feat Hassan Omar Houssein)
  8. Iiso Daymo (Look At Me) (feat Guessod Abdo Hamargod)
  9. Suuban (Joy) (feat Hassan Omar Houssein)
  10. Wiil Wille (The Jumping Man)
coming soon $20.54
Future Toyi Toyi (LRS2020)
Cat: AHED 7025. Rel: 20 Jun 20
  1. Future Toyi Toyi (Gqom radio edit)
  2. Crystallise (Hip Hop 7" edit)
coming soon $8.31
African Rhythms 1970-1982
Cat: STRUT 233LP. Rel: 17 Jul 20
  1. Oneness Of Juju - "African Rhythms" (album version)
  2. Oneness Of Juju - "Follow Me"
  3. Oneness Of Juju - "Nooky"
  4. Oneness Of Juju - "River Luv Rite"
  5. Roach Om - "No Name #3/Love Is/My N*Gg*R & Me"
  6. Juju - "Nairobi / Chants"
  7. Oneness Of Juju - "Chants / Don't Give Up"
  8. Oneness Of Juju - "Be About The Future"
  9. Juju & The Space Ranger - "Got To Be Right On It" (original 45 version)
  10. Oneness Of Juju - "Space Jungle Funk"
  11. Oneness Of Juju - "West Wind" (previously unreleased)
  12. Juju & The Space Rangers - "Plastic" (original 45 version)
  13. Plunky & Oneness Of Juju - "Every Way But Loose" (original version)
  14. Okyerema Asante - "Sabi" (feat Plunky - Black Fire mix)
  15. Okyerema Asante - "Asante Sana" (feat Plunky)
  16. Oneness Of Juju - "Bootsie's Lament" (unreleased version)
coming soon $25.48
Poison Fruit
Poison Fruit (limited splattered vinyl LP + orange vinyl 7")
Cat: FARO 208XLP. Rel: 27 Jun 20
  1. Aroeira
coming soon $38.47
Kankyo Ongaku Japanese
Cat: LITA 167LPC.
coming soon $72.78
Boogie Legs
Boogie Legs (limited LP with obi strip)
Cat: TWM 48.
  1. Boogie Legs
  2. Tinini Yanana
  3. Everyday
  4. My Best Friend's Girl
  5. Shake Your Ya-Ya
  6. My Shining Star
coming soon $32.23
Timeless EP
  1. KC (DJ Mitsu The beats remix)
  2. Voyage
  3. When You Smile Featuring Chihiro (feat ChihiRo - Swing O remix)
  4. When You Smile Featuring Chihiro (feat ChihiRo)
coming soon $22.10
Jibiti (7")
Cat: F UR 7391. Rel: 03 Jul 20
  1. Jibiti (Bosq remix)
  2. Jibiti (Bosq remix instrumental)
coming soon $12.74
Direct To Disc Sessions
coming soon $23.13
L'Homme Orchestre/Gor Sayina
  1. Tideo
  2. Nadaxmi
  3. Sey
  4. Adou Calpe
  5. Yaye Boye
  6. Gor Sayina
  7. Ale Lo
  8. Woudje Yaye
coming soon $22.10
Fundo De Mare Palinha
Fundo De Mare Palinha (limited gatefold 180 gram vinyl 10" LP)
Cat: AADE 012. Rel: 10 Jul 20
  1. Fundo De Mare Palinha
  2. Italiana
  3. Mare Lili
  4. Nha Antonia Engracia
  5. Ribera Prata
  6. Abole
Review: In 1976, seven Cabo Verdean musicians going by the name Voz Di Sanicolau gathered in a small recording studio in Rotterdam where they laid down an album of fearsome coladeira songs inspired by the music of their home island of Sao Nicolau.

The album took only a few days to record, which may explain the unexpected urgency that fires each track. Treble-soaked electric guitar lines snake back and forth through percussion-and-cavaquinho driven rhythms rooted in the sound of the islands established by the previous generation of Cabo Verdean emigres; subtle keyboards wash through the background, and the vocals, traded between Joana Do Rosario and To-Ze, alternately push the music forward and soar above it. The resulting album is both deeply felt and fiercely executed, and in its grooves one hears the sound of some of the finest Cabo Verdean musicians of their era locked in complete unity of purpose.

It should have been the beginning of something extraordinary; but the pressures of making ends meet forced the musicians back to their day jobs, and Voz Di Sanicolau vanished as quickly as they had appeared, leaving their lone album, Fundo de Mare Palinha, as sole proof of their existence. Forty-four years later the album sounds as fresh as it did the day it was recorded. It is unknown if dutch sound engineer Frans Rolland, who oversaw the recordings, knew he was helping to make history: during these sessions, Joana Do Rosario, whose majestic vocals were crucial to the sound of Voz Di Sanicolau, became the first Cabo Verdean woman ever to appear on a long playing record.
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coming soon $18.98
Keleketla (2xLP)
Cat: AHED 024. Rel: 03 Jul 20
  1. Future Toyi Toyi
  2. International Love Affair
  3. Shepherd Song
  4. Freedom Groove
  5. Crystallise
  6. Broken Light
  7. 5&1
  8. Papua Merdeka
  9. Swift Gathering
coming soon $21.82
Soft Landing (reissue)
Cat: NAS 2073. Rel: 27 Jun 20
  1. Ode To Naska
  2. Hot Wing
  3. May Storm
  4. Lady Boogie
  5. Snappin'
  6. Ami
  7. Quaser
  8. Bon Voyage
coming soon $44.71
Me Guesta Boogalo
Cat: HR7 S 160. Rel: 26 Jun 20
  1. Me Guesta Boogaloo
  2. Pasttime Paradise
coming soon TBA
Yo Traigo Boogaloo
Cat: VAMPI 210LP. Rel: 20 Jun 20
  1. Boogaloo En Ambiente
  2. La Sonora Llego
  3. Como Yo No Hay Dos
  4. Peruvian Guaguanco
  5. Congalanque
  6. Yo Traigo Boogaloo
  7. Probandolo Se Sabe
  8. Linare's Blue's
  9. Sabor Tropical
  10. Tutu Tata
coming soon $27.03
Boogie Legs
Boogie Legs (silver vinyl LP limited to 100 copies)
  1. Boogie Legs
  2. Tinini Yanana
  3. Everyday
  4. My Best Friend's Girl
  5. Shake Your Ya-Ya
  6. My Shining Star
coming soon $29.11
Wabi Sabi (Collector's Edition)
Wabi Sabi (Collector's Edition) (limited white vinyl 7")
Cat: MRB 7176WH. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Hanami
  2. Shinrinyoku
coming soon $22.10
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