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Coming Soon: Minimal House/Tech House

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Minimal House / Tech House

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Watergate 27 EP #1
  1. Adana Twins - "Jupiter" (Kollektiv Turmstrasse remix)
  2. Sabb & Black Circle - "Vega"
  3. JAMIIE & Niko Schwind - "Suwedi"
  4. Emanuel Satie & Nanghiti - "Forever More"
coming soon $10.33
Rewind The Days Of Youth
Rewind The Days Of Youth (pink vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: LT 076. Rel: 20 Nov 20
  1. Departure (LP 1)
  2. Rewind The Days Of Youth
  3. Bound Together
  4. Nowhere
  5. Interlude (LP 2)
  6. 4th Journey
  7. Tomorrow Comes Today (feat Quails)
  8. Arrival
coming soon $23.38
NSR 008
NSR 008 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: NSR 008. Rel: 07 Dec 20
  1. Corroded
  2. Pass Over
  3. Viktrak
  4. The Free
Review: A plethora of different dancefloor flavours from Frankfurt's Chris Geschwidner, across four tracks, that take in the warmth and soul of house and the cold steel beauty of techno and bound them up into something fresh and altogether new. 'Corroded' has the colliding drum machines and handclaps of vintage techno or even electro, but welded to a skippy, playful beat that is a definite mood lifter, while dreamy synths seductively cut a swathe around the metronomic hypnotism. 'Pass Over' is smoother, sleeker and combines a bleep techno approach to the soundscape with a bed of comforting Detroit-style synths and strings. 'Viktrak' has more classic Motor City influences but a more classic garage-slanted beat regime - imagine Derrick May's 'Nude Photo' overhauled by Roy Davis Jr. 'The Free' ends the set off with simple but effective electro funk flourishes and a sense of sunny optimism, bringing this lively, accessible but deep affair to a close.
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coming soon TBA
Super Cool EP
Super Cool EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SECRET 029. Rel: 09 Nov 20
  1. Sem Crew
  2. Grillz 
  3. Front Door
  4. Love U
Review: "Silvestre returns to Secretsundaze with his follow up to the 'Silvestre Is Boss EP'

The Portuguese producer has always lifted inspiration from Rap, R&B and Reggaeton but this EP showcases a more stripped down sound with four rugged, ruffed up house heaters.
To quote Silvestre himself "I wanted to make bangers, my current inspirations have been coming from UK Drill, Ghetto House, Randomer and Jimmy Lacoste."AA

The 'Supercool EP' features more of Silvestre's voice than previous EP's weaving it into the tracks like most producers use vocal samples, obviously inspired by Dance Mania and old skool Chicago records. 'Love U' then flips the script and brings the vocals upfront with a paean to an unrequited crush.ASilvestre is evidently a man of many tricks but this new spin on raw club bangers is really working for me and can't wait until I can hear these played loud in a dark sweaty club!

Since his last Secretsundaze release Silvestre has released two EP's on Meda Fury (including remixes from friends and contemporaries from Principe Discos) and a track on the R&S NHS compilation alongside the likes of Lone, Djrum, Anz, TSVI, Yak and Fausia. A
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coming soon TBA
Meuse EP
Meuse EP (12")
Cat: CEC 038. Rel: 30 Oct 20
  1. Meuse
  2. Flirt
  3. Reponce Profonde
coming soon $11.69
Travelers Of The Future
Cat: HPR 010. Rel: 27 Oct 20
  1. Travelers Of The Future
  2. Far From Home
  3. Awareness
coming soon $11.95
Wrong System EP
Cat: DXLREC 003.
  1. Timepiece
  2. Wrong System
  3. Tom Cat
  4. Tom Cat (Spacetravel remix)
coming soon $12.77
The Rave Age
  1. Virtual World
  2. The Rave Is On
  3. The New Age
  4. Obsessions Of The Mind
  5. VirtualPicnic2 (Children Of The Rainbow)
  6. Amby Tang
coming soon $25.54
River Of No Return
  1. Stay Here
  2. River Of No Return
  3. Ten More Miles
  4. The Drunken Priest
coming soon $10.06
Tribes Of The Metronome
  1. Tribes Of The Metronome
  2. About You
coming soon $10.33
Mindoor (2xLP)
Cat: LOG 73LP. Rel: 30 Oct 20
  1. Listen (feat Dandy Jack)
  2. Sympatico (feat Dandy Jack & San Proper)
  3. Layback (feat Tin Man)
  4. Love (feat Dave Aju)
  5. Coronark (feat Ark)
  6. MD 404 (feat Ben Vedren)
  7. Prospectin' (feat The Mole)
  8. Bless You (feat Ernesto Ferrayra)
  9. Goodwill (feat cuthead)
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est. release 30 Oct 20 $25.54
Hypersonic EP
Cat: DSD 021. Rel: 13 Nov 20
  1. White Bricks
  2. Steel
  3. Waverider
  4. White Bricks (Adam Pits' Topsy Turvy mix)
  5. Steel (Ciel's Tokyo Drifting mix)
coming soon $12.24
Em Casa EP
Em Casa EP (12" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: CARPET 06. Rel: 16 Nov 20
  1. Jogar Em Casa
  2. Jogar Em Casa (Saudade remix)
  3. Reminiscencia Do Trance
  4. Bom E La No Meio
coming soon $15.50
Octophonic Beige 001
Cat: OCTOB 001. Rel: 30 Oct 20
  1. Back To Eden
  2. Flocks Of Birds
  3. Hey Stop Thinking
  4. Lili
coming soon $12.24
Polybius EP
Cat: TVIRLTD 005. Rel: 30 Oct 20
  1. Prince De Takicardie - "LSD"
  2. Prince De Takicardie - "Polybius"
  3. Komponente & Kurilo - "It's Alive"
  4. Komponente & Kurilo - "Antagonist"
coming soon $10.33
Moving Thoughts EP
  1. FSK24 & Dirk Reflect - "Sliding Doors"
  2. FSK24 - "Noisy Activities"
  3. Dirk Reflect & FSK24 - "Three Way"
  4. Dirk Reflect - "Midnight Gate"
coming soon $14.13
Feeling Of Nausea EP
Feeling Of Nausea EP (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: LILAS 001.
  1. Feeling Of Nausea
  2. Eva Mozz
  3. French Kiss
  4. French Kiss (Olivian Nour Rmx)
coming soon $13.03
Simulacra (180 gram 2xLP)
Cat: SVDA 1000. Rel: 11 Jan 21
  1. Contracultura
  2. Aura
  3. Fulcra
  4. Schema
  5. Observa (feat Ntem)
  6. Tundra (feat Saba)
  7. Recognitia (feat Ntem & Saba)
Review: Celebrating his 25th year as a producer and DJ, London's Silverlining announces his first ever double-vinyl artist project, 'Simulacra', a collection of emotive yet powerful body music fresh from his South London studio. Known for his diverse and bassline-driven grooves, this work sees him straddle between the stripped-back house and techno that we have come to adore on his acclaimed Silverlining Dubs series, with eclectic forays into territories of electronic musicality unexplored by him until now. Adopting a similar analogue workflow and kit-list to that used for his 1990s productions, the collection retains his trademark sonic brilliance, whilst demonstrating, once again, that his ideas are far from running out.

Subtly interwoven into its mood and lyrics, the album explores themes of dependence on misrecognised digital identities, and the importance of real world tangibility. For the album's artwork, Silverlining has collaborated with celebrated print-making artist, Leonie Bradley, whose work explores similar themes.

This versatile collection of new music from Silverlining caters both for tasteful record collectors, and deeper DJs alike, with its extensive yet consistent spectrum of flavours.

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coming soon TBA
Manipulate Our Reflections (incl Relic remix)
Cat: CB 019. Rel: 14 Dec 20
  1. Manipulate Our Reflections
  2. Vvoid
  3. Manipulate Our Reflections (Relic remix)
Review: Having impressed with his 2019 debut album on Negentropy, the breaks/tech-house/minimal techno fusion of Rhythm Tension, Zweizig has been given a chance to showcase his wares on Constant Sound's popular Constant Black offshoot. The headline attraction is undoubtedly opener 'Manipulate Our Reflections', a spaced-out chunk of hypnotic late-night science that wraps wonky, Villalobos style electronic noises and pulsing pads around a locked in (but also surprisingly swinging) tech-house groove. Relic provides a chunkier and groovier remix that boasts darker noises and a more beefed-up sound, while bonus cut 'Vvoid' is a twisted, undulating acid-jacker.
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coming soon TBA
Cat: ATIPICLAB 011. Rel: 30 Nov 20
  1. Reki
  2. Re Viens
coming soon $11.14
Against Adversities EP
Cat: LMML 18. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Undefined 034
  2. D089
  3. 2.30 AM
  4. Rehda N Pluhg
coming soon $13.87
Syncopate EP
  1. Syncopate
  2. Syncopate (Fabe remix)
  3. Space Jam
  4. Perimeter
coming soon $12.77
Mama Wants Me Slim EP
Cat: NMS 008. Rel: 13 Nov 20
  1. Mama Wants Me Slim
  2. Saude
  3. Defrag
  4. Shy
coming soon $10.87
MTMLTD 008 (limited 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MTMLTD 008. Rel: 02 Nov 20
  1. Mihai Pol - "Up"
  2. Miroloja - "Cut Me"
coming soon $13.59
No Room EP
No Room EP (12")
Cat: VRV 009. Rel: 30 Nov 20
  1. No Room
  2. Phantom
  3. Shake
  4. True Blue
coming soon $11.95
OGEWHITE 007 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: OGEWHITE 007.
  1. Contrapoint Y
  2. Where I'm
  3. Sass
  4. Heads Down
coming soon $12.50
Third Phase
Cat: SND 008. Rel: 02 Nov 20
  1. Phil Evans - "Bell Skit"
  2. Def Engine - "Escape Moot" (Marco Bely edit)
  3. Bowyer - "Big Beat Manifesto"
  4. Tom Joyce - "Riding Zone"
coming soon $13.32
  1. Clear Air
  2. Vitamins
  3. Mother Nature
  4. Dedicated To The Victims
coming soon $13.59
Trident Vol 3
  1. Dubfound - "PDLK"
  2. Amin Ravelle - "Cursor"
  3. Dorothy's Dream - "Lo Que Quieres"
coming soon $12.24
Snorkeling In Dewsbury EP
  1. Snorkeling In Dewsbury
  2. Snorkeling In Dewsbury (Paolo Mosca Progressive mix)
  3. Sometimes You Can
  4. Hot Rod
coming soon $12.24
N3 (12")
  1. Serotonine
  2. Serotonine (alternate mix)
coming soon $13.03
Dead Rail 05
  1. 33 Y 1/3
  2. 1975
coming soon $11.69
LUSH 01 (12")
Cat: LUSH 01. Rel: 30 Oct 20
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
coming soon $10.33
Never Ending Winding Roads
Never Ending Winding Roads (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PFRLP 39. Rel: 13 Nov 20
  1. Ludic Loops
  2. Hijacked Minds
  3. Yellow Snake
  4. Locked Away In My Head
  5. Electro Harmonix
  6. The Awakening
  7. The Clock Is Ticking
  8. A Concious Machine
  9. Confidence Dub
  10. Raindance 101
  11. Upon Mountains
coming soon $21.73
Utopia (2xLP)
Cat: SYST 00103. Rel: 13 Nov 20
  1. Childhood
  2. Hotel Kalimba
  3. Heartstone
  4. Heroes
  5. Super Cactus
  6. Sonntag
  7. Come Down (feat Zara)
  8. No One Else (feat Zara)
  9. Garden Of Souls
  10. Sin
  11. Climax
  12. Utopia
  13. Infinity Inside (feat Alice Rose)
coming soon $22.28
Dusty Mornings
Cat: 8BIT 162. Rel: 15 Nov 20
  1. Dusty Mornings
  2. Gritty Fuze
  3. Spirit Walk
coming soon $10.33
Advanced Electronic Systems
Advanced Electronic Systems (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: EYA 13. Rel: 01 Feb 21
  1. AES
  2. Barlow's Lens
  3. Desolation Of Kind
  4. Gene's Paranoia
Review: After years refining his craft in studio and playing at his own Space Division party, Matthew Dexter marks his solo debut EP with four forward thinking, contemplative yet energetic cuts on EYA Records. 'Advanced Electronic Systems' is unmissable. Limited copies.

Read more
coming soon TBA
Rebellion Der Traumer
Rebellion Der Traumer (limited gatefold red vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: CNS 0063RC. Rel: 20 Nov 20
  1. Affekt
  2. Sphare
  3. Kontakt
  4. Deine Distanz
  5. Was Bleibt
  6. Heimat
  7. Uneins
  8. Schwindelig
  9. Goldmarie
  10. Addio Addio
coming soon $27.17
Because Of You EP
Because Of You EP (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: RELIKT 008. Rel: 15 Nov 20
  1. Because Of You
  2. Spring Dreams
  3. That Look
  4. Because Of You (Irv.in. remix)
coming soon $10.33
Isolation Tapes 3
Cat: GRU 114. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Intimacy (feat Lady Vale)
  2. Outta Limits
  3. Neon City Lights
coming soon $10.33
Dame Shit EP
Cat: DM 003Z. Rel: 30 Oct 20
  1. Dame Shit
  2. Make It
  3. Dame Shit (Paul Walter Break From Ovi remix)
  4. Dame Shit (Paul Walter In Between Ovi remix)
Played by: James Reid
coming soon $10.87
Simulation EP
  1. Infected Simulation
  2. Ramu Gate
  3. Escape Plan
  4. Ain't No Moe Taco
coming soon $12.77
Navaho (12")
Cat: OYB 001.
  1. Navaho
  2. Navaho (Denis Kaznacheev remix)
  3. Navaho (David Delgado Pez Patagui remix)
coming soon $10.06
Bullet Catch
Bullet Catch (12" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: CODEM 001.
  1. Bullet Catch
  2. Milky Hat
  3. Riffle Shuffle
  4. Cognitive Slant
coming soon $13.32
The Message EP
Cat: WGVINYL 076. Rel: 30 Oct 20
  1. The Message (feat Bajka)
  2. The Message (Henrik Schwarz dub)
  3. Hyenah & Floyd Lavine - "Soul Rise"
  4. Not Enough (feat Lazarusman)
  5. Not Enough (feat Lazarusman - acappella)
coming soon $10.33
Dark Matter
Dark Matter (2xCD)
Cat: TDG 45. Rel: 27 Nov 20
coming soon $15.76
Moments (LP)
Cat: PETS 121. Rel: 30 Oct 20
  1. Sunrise (feat James Yuill)
  2. Life
  3. Nothing
  4. Meditate (feat Heather Chelan)
  5. Moment (feat Angienowak)
  6. Listen
  7. Love
  8. Memories
  9. Sleep (feat Demetrius)
  10. Time (feat Jaw)
  11. It's OK
  12. Tomorrow
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est. release 30 Oct 20 $17.39
JOOICE 003 (12")
Cat: JOOICE 003. Rel: 06 Nov 20
  1. DHO
  2. Bugie
  3. Wheres My Kiss
  4. Conversation
coming soon $12.24
Urza (12")
Cat: CPT 002. Rel: 18 Dec 20
  1. Urza
  2. Planetary
  3. Traumatize
  4. Sacro E Profano
coming soon $12.24
Sunbeam (remastered)
Cat: DPXRE 1. Rel: 30 Oct 20
  1. Sunbeam
  2. Fictional Frequency
coming soon $11.41
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Coming Soon: Minimal House/Tech House