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Coming Soon: Post Rock/Experimental

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Post Rock / Experimental

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A Full Circle
A Full Circle (limited trifold double 10")
Cat: LPGRON 165. Rel: 29 Aug 20
coming soon $33.80
Sigur Ros
Sigur Ros (2xLP)
Cat: 019029 6852824. Rel: 02 Oct 20
coming soon $34.35
Microphones In 2020
Cat: EPCD 119. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Microphones In 2020
coming soon TBA
Go (red vinyl LP)
Cat: 019029 6837586. Rel: 02 Oct 20
coming soon $26.45
Shiver (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 019029 6835711. Rel: 02 Oct 20
coming soon $29.99
Arrow (LP + MP3 download code in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: BING 159.
  1. Rune (3:49)
  2. Effektology (3:52)
  3. Zeaxanthin (8:34)
  4. Pattern Recognition (2:55)
  5. Canyons (3:11)
  6. Pre-fabled (5:46)
  7. Thorns (6:54)
  8. Remainder (5:32)
coming soon $21.80
Shiver (gatefold vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 019029 6836626. Rel: 02 Oct 20
coming soon $26.45
Songs For Peacock
Songs For Peacock (limited blue vinyl LP)
Cat: ORD 49 BLUE.
coming soon $20.18
Another Language
coming soon $14.45
Jettison (LP)
Cat: BSM 271. Rel: 15 Jan 21
coming soon $22.89
Shiver (CD)
Cat: 019029 6836572. Rel: 02 Oct 20
coming soon $12.54
Plays The Stooges
Plays The Stooges (yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: LPMH 8224. Rel: 28 Aug 20
coming soon $33.80
0.7 (reissue)
coming soon $21.80
Fast Edit
Fast Edit (LP)
Cat: BIS 005. Rel: 11 Sep 20
coming soon $18.53
Vertigo (pink vinyl LP)
Cat: PWORD 8. Rel: 14 Aug 20
  1. Bamboo (4:17)
  2. Changing Colours (7:35)
  3. Pale Leaves (6:01)
  4. Pleasure Unknown (4:41)
  5. Raga (5:12)
  6. Stilletto Heart (5:33)
  7. Sundown (4:24)
  8. Vertigo (4:34)
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est. release 14 Aug 20 $19.90
The Artless Cuckoo Vol II
The Artless Cuckoo Vol II (12" limited to 100 copies + 3 inlays: a poster inlay with the front cover design but with cut out eyes, a flyer and a signed card with individual art)
Cat: FDTL-001.
  1. Flow Of Imagination
  2. Road To Tashkent
  3. Rega Rega Rega
  4. Pavlov’s Dog (Interlude) (Pavlov’s Dog (Interlude))
  5. Another Song For The Undecided
  6. I’ve Never Been There Before
  7. Der Anfang Ist Staunen
  8. My Illusion
  9. Flow Of Imagination (reprise)
coming soon TBA
Plays The Stooges
coming soon $13.64
Charles F Bleistift
Cat: CRAM 300457. Rel: 18 Sep 20
coming soon $13.07
Rough & Tumble
Cat: LPALIVE 0210. Rel: 21 Aug 20
coming soon $27.81
Songs For Peacock
Cat: ORD 49.
coming soon $17.99
Cat: SRR 103. Rel: 21 Aug 20
coming soon $17.99
Lofi Dimensions
Lofi Dimensions (180 gram orange & turqouise splattered vinyl LP limited to 150 copies)
Cat: POST 014ORANGE/TURQOUISE. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Under A Warm Rain
  2. Moms
  3. Potted Plants
  4. Simple Bliss
  5. Retreat
  6. Ever Last
  7. Short Walk Through Memories
  8. Hound Dog
  9. Ride With You
  10. Can't Hurt Me
  11. Rolling Fields
  12. Alien Afternoon
  13. Standing In The Sun
  14. A New Hope
Review: Traditionally the liner notes of an album take on a kind of third-party address, where a writer is delivering their thoughts about how an album makes them feel without breaching that space where they are representing themselves or the moment in time directly to the reader. The goal is typically a kind of timelessness, but as we live in unprecedented times, unconventional methods take on new life, and hopefully importance. In the spirit of that idea... man, is this the kind of album we all need right now. So many of us feel like we're constantly walking a tightrope, are feeling like we can't unwind, are in genuine need of a few moments of respite. Every so often an album emerges from an artist that most likely did not realize when they were composing how timely the results would be, and Lofi Dimensions is exactly that kind of record. It doesn't really matter why it's coming when it is, what's important is that it's here, offering peace to the perturbed and inspiration for the downcast. The American Dollar have long been one of those artists operating in a kind of middle ground, a band with a long history of creating moving instrumental rock that has somehow avoided ever becoming synonymous with modern American post-rock acts. They retain a sort of autonomy in a valued position just outside the boundaries of classification. Blending electronic textures with moving guitar and keyboard melodies, their music has always traveled somewhere in the spaces between trip-hop, electronic, post-rock and ambient, and this inability to be defined is ultimately what sets them apart from the trappings of genre, allowing them to be whatever they want The American Dollar to be in a given moment, always on their terms.
Read more
coming soon $25.36
Stella Mori
Stella Mori (turqoiuse marbled & gold splattered vinyl LP limited to 200 copies)
Cat: POST 015. Rel: 18 Sep 20
  1. Orsus
  2. In Tenebris
  3. Ad Caelum
  4. Broken Crowns
  5. Oblivion
  6. Burden Of Memory
  7. Rise + Fall
  8. Stella Mori
Review: When one considers the American post-rock bands that emerged at the outset of what would become the modern era of the genre, the moment when a once fringe experimental form transitioned into a recognized faction of contemporary alternative music, there are only several still active today. Salt Lake City's I Hear Sirens are a member of that circle, having released their debut EP in 2007, followed by two LPs including 2013's Between Consciousness and Sleep, an album that has achieved a place of high regard with fans. However, the moment of their greatest acclaim has since stood as their culminating statement. But now their highly anticipated new record Stella Mori marks the continuation of their inspired exploration into instrumental music and its power to foster emotional release, invite reflection, reward vulnerability, and become the artistic abstraction of a limitless number of interpretations for each individual listener.
Read more
coming soon $27.26
Petrichor (CD)
Cat: TMR 689C. Rel: 06 Nov 20
coming soon $16.08
Petrichor (LP)
Cat: TMR 689V. Rel: 06 Nov 20
coming soon $19.62
Breathe In/Out
coming soon $14.45
The Thread
Cat: REVERB 146.
coming soon $14.45
Like Flies On Sherbert (reissue)
Cat: 901073 C. Rel: 04 Sep 20
  1. Boogie Shoes (2:30)
  2. My Rival (3:19)
  3. Hey! Little Child (3:52)
  4. Hook Or Crook (2:24)
  5. I've Had It (2:24)
  6. Rock Hard (2:48)
  7. Baby Doll (2:40)
  8. (Stranded On A) Dateless Night (2:31)
  9. Girl After Girl (2:21)
  10. Waltz Across Texas (4:46)
  11. Alligator Man (2:39)
  12. Like Flies On Sherbert (2:08)
  13. Baron Of Love (part II) (4:06)
  14. No More The Moon Shines On Lorena (4:43)
  15. She's The One That's Got It (1:58)
coming soon $17.44
No Title (Mudai)
Cat: PLP 6995. Rel: 18 Sep 20
coming soon $40.34
Arche (LP)
Cat: PLP 6987. Rel: 16 Sep 20
coming soon $40.34
Le Rite
Le Rite (CD)
Cat: CSR 280CD.
  1. Incipit
  2. Le Rite
  3. Demiurge Thaumaturge
  4. Gæstebud
  5. Exuvie
  6. Senta Mera
  7. Etter Regnet
  8. Exorcisme Apocryphe
  9. Homelie Du Trépasse
  10. Monastery
  11. Ekklesia
  12. My Celestial Journey
coming soon $12.81
Tautology (limited trifold clear vinyl 3xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: JNR 332LPC1. Rel: 18 Sep 20
coming soon $38.16
Tautology (trifold 3xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: JNR 332LP. Rel: 18 Sep 20
coming soon $35.44
Tautology (3xCD)
Cat: JNR 332CD. Rel: 18 Sep 20
coming soon $23.72
In The Stone
Cat: UTR 134. Rel: 11 Sep 20
coming soon $7.63
Espacio De Tiempo: 2009-2019
coming soon $16.08
Senicarne (CD)
Cat: HRR 352CD.
  1. La Republique Du Vide
  2. Contreforts
  3. Riveloup
  4. Vertes Vignes
  5. Young Pines
  6. Atlantique
  7. Sand Mountain
  8. Sequoia
  9. The Loneliest Whale In The World
coming soon $14.17
Little Darla Has A Treat For You Vol 30: Summer 2020
Cat: DRL 3542.
coming soon TBA
Deities (2xCD)
Cat: PINNA 02. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Brahma, The Creator (CD 1)
  2. Indra, The Rainmaker
  3. Yellow Sapphire
  4. Saraswati, The Wise
  5. Garuda, The Wings Of Vishnu
  6. Vishnu, The Protector
  7. Blue Sapphire
  8. Krishna, The Divine
  9. Peacocks & Swans
  10. Lakshmi, The Golden One
  11. Lotus Blossom
  12. Rama & Sita (CD 2)
  13. Hanuman, The Monkey God
  14. Soma, The Moon God
  15. Parvati, The Powerful
  16. Durga, The Warrior
  17. Temples
  18. Ganesha, The Remover Of Obstacles
  19. Kali, The Mother Goddess
  20. Cobras & Garlands
  21. Nandi, The Protector Of All Four-Legged Animals
  22. Shiva, The Destroyer
coming soon $27.00
Cat: BYM 066.
coming soon $19.62
Turn Back Metropolis
Cat: PRJ 053/FDCD123. Rel: 04 Sep 20
coming soon $11.45
Sense Of Gravity
Cat: REX 174. Rel: 28 Aug 20
coming soon $11.99
Touch (cassette)
Cat: MR 044.
coming soon $9.00
The Shadow Of Your Guard Receding
coming soon $21.26
Clear Your Screens
  1. First Use All The Gs (Moon Landing)
  2. Evening State (ICA)
  3. Iyahbhoone (Plan K)
  4. The Reflector (Shunt Vaults 2)
  5. Denture Beach (Moon Landing)
  6. Glorious Stranger (Moon Landing)
  7. Heart Disease (Shunt Vaults 1)
  8. Where The Birdlands (Moon Landing)
  9. Unhook That Boy (Islington Mill)
  10. Everywhere But Here (ICA)
  11. Aair Care (Islington Mill)
  12. When It Breaks On You (Islington Mill)
coming soon $9.80
Ten Tacos & One Burrito
coming soon $19.62
Body Glue
Body Glue (CD)
Cat: KR 10145. Rel: 14 Aug 20
coming soon $18.27
Stations (LP)
Cat: BSR 128.
coming soon $27.53
coming soon $21.80
All You Love Is Need
All You Love Is Need (CD + MP3 download code)
Cat: AAR 003CD.
  1. Terminal Velocity
  2. Salvia
  3. Sub-Continent
  4. Station Drift (part 1)
  5. Forensic Dub
  6. Bruise
  7. Hybrid Threat
  8. Station Drift (part 2)
  9. Dark Routines
  10. Pumpkin Face
  11. Double Agent
coming soon $11.45
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Coming Soon: Post Rock/Experimental