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Hexinverter Mindphaser Module
Hexinverter Mindphaser Module (eurorack CV modulation/oscillator/waveshaper/ring modulator module)
Cat: 689801 Rel: 31 Aug 21
Complex oscillator with simultaneous thru-zero PM, wavefold/shaping and separate linear FM bus in the analog realm
Notes: The CARRIER in Mindphaser is the oscillator core that feeds the WAVESHAPER and TZ-PM BUS sections responsible for the final complex signal OUT. Switchable external hard and soft sync are offered. Over 8 octaves of VCO range are possible, perfect for FM and PM sidebands. There are V/oct, linear FM and exponential FM inputs which are all independent of the TZ-PM functionality. Linear FM happens inside the CARRIER's core, separate from the external TZ-PM BUS! Toggle the SHAPE of the signal feeding the WAVESHAPER with the button. The colour and display of Mindphaser updates as you change the base waveshape!

Built around the same analog triangle core VCO as the CARRIER, with a button press, the MODULATOR switches easily between LFO and audio range modes for maximum versatility. Besides the features it shares with the CARRIER, there is also PW modulation on the square output, which is great for a sub oscillator or MOD BUS Source.

This isn't a classic waveshaper! Featuring FOLDing harmonics up to 5 octaves above the fundamental frequency, internal FEEDBACK, and full range AM. A HIGH and LOW clipping switch offers even more harmonic experimentation! Switchable inverting attenuators on each CV input!

Thru-zero phase modulation in the ANALOG realm! Unlike its digital counterpart, analog TZ-PM has its own character we've come to expect from analog circuitry. Best of all, it can be combined with the WAVESHAPER and is independent of the CARRIER's linear FM circuitry!

This is where things get interesting- select from the PULSE, RAMP or SINE output of the MODULATOR (or inject your own SOURCE) and vary the bus INDEX manually or with CV. Control the overall INDEX here! MOD BUS send destinations include classic linear FM, AM, wavefolding, feedback and TZ-PM INDEX, with variable amounts and polarities!
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Malekko Varigate 4+ 4-Channel 8-Step Gate Sequencer Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The Varigate 4+ is a 4-channel, 8-step sequencer that includes most features of the original Varigate 4, PLUS the new option to output both CV (quantized or unquantized) and gates simultaneously. Other new features include a Play/Stop function, Preset Banks (4×4), Glide Per Step, Scales and can also be configured as master for the Malekko Voltage Block as well as a slave to the Varigate 8+ if you're looking to expand your total channels and presets (up to 14 channels and 100 presets with V8+).

Each Channel (or Track) correlates with it's own sequencer (so 4 independent sequencers). The addition of the Gate/CV Switch allows for switching between 4 channels of CV, 2/2 for 2 channels of CV and 2 channels of gates, or all 4 channels to output only gates. Additionally, each step of a sequencer can be programmed with Probability for gates, Repeats, Glide and Notes (when in a CV mode). There is a also a Randomization feature for Repeats, Notes and Glide. Channel parameters for Scales, Sequence Direction (Forward, Reverse, Pendulum and Random), Sequence Length, Division, Multiplication and Pulsewidth are all easily accessible using Track Mode.

Easy Preset Recall makes the Varigate 4+ perfect for live performance. Pair it with the Malekko Voltage Block for maximum control.
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System80 860 MK2 Module
System80 860 MK2 Module (synth module)
Cat: 816840
Eurorack filter/mixer module
Notes: The System80 860MK2 is a 10 HP updated version of the popular JOVE filter. It is a Eurorack interpretation of the multi-mode filter found in the Roland Jupiter-6, a 1980s analogue polysynth.

The 860 MK2 replaces both the 14 HP JOVE and the 8 HP 860 MK1. It has been updated and improved in several ways, including memory recall of the filter mode, a quad OTA filter core, internal voltage references, a fully attenuated 2 input audio mixer, and a steel back cover.

40 mA +12V
30 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
32 mm deep
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Korg Modwave Wavetable Synthesiser
Korg Modwave Wavetable Synthesiser (wavetable synthesiser)
Cat: 810353 Rel: 30 Sep 21
Hybrid wavetable synthesiser
Notes: Synthesis powerhouse with distinctive wavetable timbres, Kaoss Physics, and Motion Sequencing 2.0.

In 1985, Korg's DW-8000 combined digital wavetables with rich analog filters to give users sounds which were impossible to create with analog oscillators. It's still a cult favorite today.

modwave builds on the DW legacy and transforms it into a modern monster synth, featuring incredibly deep wavetable oscillators, gorgeous filters, wildly flexible modulation, unmatched polyphony, comprehensive pattern sequencing, and immediately satisfying hands-on control.

modwave also introduces two unique new tools for creating dynamic motion: Kaoss Physics and Motion Sequencing 2.0. Kaoss Physics combines an x/y Kaoss pad with modulatable game physics to create a responsive, interactive controller that isibesides being powerfuli a lot of fun. Motion Sequencing 2.0 brings the organic, continuously evolving patterns of the wavestate's Wave Sequencing 2.0 into the world of motion sequencing, including multiple lanes and real-time recording.

Like Wave Sequencing 2.0 (wavestate) and altered FM (opsix), modwave's evolved wavetable synthesis delivers its own brand of completely unique sounds and a knob-per-function layout that makes customizing those sounds fast and easy. To start, there are hundreds of preset sounds empowered by this new architecture, organized by front-panel category buttons, and all instantly customizable via the four Modulation Knobs. modwave's distinctive wavetable timbres deliver aggressive basses & leads, and lush ambient pads will add a new dimension to your tracks. Those who want to dig deeper will find an endless source of discovery; you'll be finding new things in this synth for a long, long time. Save as many new sounds as you like; there's room for thousands more.

Start with over 200 wavetables, each containing up to 64 waveforms- from thousands of individual waves. Use the 30+ Modifiers to change their basic character, and the 13 Morph Types to process them in real-time. Create new hybrids from any two wavetables using the unique, realtime A/B Blend. Quick math: that's over 230 million wavetable variations out of the box, before you even add modulation. No need to stop there, though! Load your own custom wavetables in Serum or WaveEdit formats; there's room for thousands more. Or, layer wavetables with samples from the built-in, multi-gigabyte PCM library.

Each Program has two full-featured wavetable oscillators, plus a sub oscillator/noise generator and any of a dozen stereo filter types, including the aggressive MS-20, sweet Polysix, and the newly enhanced Multi Filter. Animate almost any parameter using the massively flexible modulation system, with four triggerable envelopes, five LFOs, dual mod processors and two key-track generators- plus multi-lane Motion Sequencing and Kaoss Physics.

Even with all that synthesis power, playing up to four simultaneous wavetables per voice in a single Program, the modwave still achieves 32-voice polyphony, incredible for a wavetable synth. Layer two Programs together for double the possibilities.
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Sonicware LIVEN 8bit Warps Synthesiser
Cat: 762318 Rel: 31 Oct 21
8Bit Synth Groove Box.
Notes: The LIVEN 8bit warps combines an 8-bit waveform memory synthesizer with a step sequencer.

Carefully selected preset waveforms and editable user waveforms along with high-quality filters and effects can be used freely to create a wide spectrum of sounds. The LIVEN 8bit warps can generate classic retro game sounds of course, but its unique 8-bit sound can also be used in a range of music genres, including EDM, hip-hop, techno and rock.

Powerful functions for live electronic music performance include 16 physical control knobs, parameter locking for each sequencer step, a looper, and SYNC IN/OUT and MIDI IN/OUT connectors to make synchronized performance with other equipment easy.

All these powerful functions are in a device that weighs only 790 g. Play it anywhere at any time.
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IO Instruments KALLICHORE Six Voice Digitally Controlled Oscillator Module
Cat: 795935
CV modulation/MIDI/oscillator/ring modulator synth module
Notes: SIX VOICE FPGA based oscillator

Three pairs of DCOs controlled by CV&MIDI

MONO, 3 and 6 POLY VOICE mode

Internal & external SYNC, 3 RINGMODs


FREQ range from 0,1 Hz to 10 KHz


Modulation via 3 CV INs & DCO 4/5/6

Multiple MOD sources to one target

300 programs

TFT display & continuous potentiometer

Easy user interface for studio & live

Future features planned via SD Card update


Width: 20 HP
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Norand Mono Analogue Synthesiser
Norand Mono Analogue Synthesiser (analogue synthesiser)
Cat: 825184
A uniquely designed analogue synthesis engine
Notes: Fully-featured analog synthesizer - unique take on analog synthesis

Under the hood, Mono hosts a uniquely designed analog synthesis engine. Discover a wide palette of sounds in a minimalistic, two oscillator, one filter set-up.

Oscillator block

From soothing detuned sinewave to heavily modulated sawtooth, Mono's sound source is versatile and full of character.

Filter block

Designed with an emphasis on sound-character and originality, mono filter let you sculpts the oscillators output in every way possible. A unique filter for a unique synthesizer.

A World of Modulations

Mono introduces contextual modulation, a unique modulation system that gives you full control over every parameters. Each have their own envelope and audio-frequency modulator. By simply touching a knob to select the underlying parameter, unleash Mono's full creative potential.

Feature-rich sequencer

From simple note sequence to complex ratcheted phrase with parameter automations, Mono's sequencer does it all, with a straight-forward user-friendly interface. Each of Mono's 2048 patterns stores a patch (or preset) with all modulation parameters, as well as a 64-step sequencer with automation events!


Easily record and edit patterns, either with direct control or external keyboard. Get immediate visual feedback of what's happening, without menu-diving.

Sequence anything

Note trigs, parameter automations, Mod note, ratchet ... Mono sequencer allows the user to sequencer everything step by step without limitations

Powerful Undo-Redo

Never restrain your creativity by fear of loosing previous work. Mono's undo-redo allows for up to 1024 actions to be Undoed.

Large onboard memory

Mono stores up to 32 projects, each with 64 patterns with patch memory. Each 64-steps pattern stores a patch with all modulations, and up to 3200 automation events.

A ton of creative features

Mod Note Mode: Save 40 patch state into project memory, play saved state using internal or external keyboard.

Note Randomizer: Add between 1 and 4 notes to the current page, quantized to the active scale.

Custom Accent: Fully customize which parameter are affected by accented steps.
Per-Step Controls: Microshift, ratchet, and probability can be set on a per step basis.

Modulation features:
13x dedicated AD envelopes
20x dedicated modulator

Modulator (modulation oscillator):
4 waveforms
Type settings : Free/Synced/Audio-Rate
Audio-Rate anti-aliased, quantized to OSC1
Free from 0.1 to 80 seconds
Envelope :
Attack-Decay segment from 10us to 20s

Up to 64 step per pattern
Individual length/scale/beat-division per pattern
Individual microshift/ratchet/probability per step
Per step parameter automation (offsets)
Copy/paste anything
Undo/Redo anything with 1024 events history
Mod Note mode
Fast, clock independent project Load/Save

Quantized note randomizer
Ranged parameter automation randomizer

Step randomizer
Mod note randomizer
Microshift/Probability/Ratchet randomizer

32 projects
64 patterns with patch memory per projects
3200 parameter automation per pattern
40 mod note per projects

23x transilluminated potentiometer
24x illuminated silent mechanical switch
23x 808-style switch

MIDI In/Out/Thru
1x 1/4" unbalanced main audio out jack
2x 1/8" eurorack Clock/Reset input
2x 1/8" eurorack CV outputs
2x 1/8" eurorack Gate outputs
48kHz internal CV D/A converters
Flash-EEPROM upgradable OS
MIDI class compliant USB-B port

Balanced audio outputs
Output level: +15dBu maximum
Output impedance: 200 Ohm
CV Outputs
Voltage range: -8V/+8V
1V/oct resolution : 3cents of a semitone

Electrical specification
Unit consumption: 10W typical
Recommended power supply: 15V DC, 2A

Physical specifications:
Machined aluminum front panel
ABS-PC back panel
Dimensions: W320xD150xH42
Weight: approx. 1.6kg
Miscellaneous: 2-year Norand warranty

Included in the box:
High-quality power supply
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Hungry Robots The Wardenclyffe Deluxe Effects Pedal
Cat: 826920
Lo-fi ambient modiulator pedal - expansion of the Wardenclyffe pedal
Notes: This pedal is a Deluxe expansion of the Wardenclyffe pedal, with the same great Wardenclyffe vibes, and base circuit and coding. Here's what's new (spoiler: it's a lot).

The Deluxe now has tap tempo control, as well as a wider range of modulation rates, and an LED rate indicator. Also new is an independent control over the level of the ambient PAD. The CLOCK knob controls the operating frequency of the DSP.

Lower frequencies turn the signal into an ultra-muddled, borderline unusable, muddled lo-fi mess. The DETUNE toggle splits the signal into two and tastefully detunes one of them for a lush chorus effect. The CRUSH toggle adds a gnarly bit crusher to the signal.

The three small knobs on top are a Vinyl Noise simulator, to mimic an old record player. The Snake knob adds a filtered white noise/hiss to the mix. The Campfire knob adds a crackle effect. The Pop knob (adds a random popping effect. The Wardenclyffe was already a very solid pedal, but it's now got a claim to be the most feature packed lo-fi pedal out there.
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Soma Laboratory Cosmos Drifting Memory Station Effects Pedal
Cat: 839944 Rel: 31 Oct 21
A drifting memory station designed to work with meditative states through music.
MRP:$775.90 SAVE 17%
coming soon $646.58
Mackie ONYX24 24-Channel Mixer With Multi-Track USB
Cat: 785661
24-channel premium analogue mixer with multitrack USB
Notes: Incredible sound quality, multitrack recording, and professional built-in effects make Onyx Premium Analog Mixers with USB the ultimate compact, affordable solution for live audio, home recording, and content creation.

If there's one thing Mackie engineers can do in their sleep, it's design a mixer that sounds great, is easy to use, and is packed with flexible features. Sounds pretty good right? So if you mix live sound, record in your home studio, or live stream, this is the heart of your audio.

Onyx Series mixers feature bright, easy to read buttons that shine bright in the darkest places so you will always know whats going on with your mix. On top of that, the full-color display of Studio Command makes it easy to adjust effects and SD card recording/playback.

To create the Perkins EQ, Cal Perkins started with the Wien Bridge circuit topology - a very musical design inspired by the hallowed "British" desks of the 60s and 70s. This design essentially trades boost/cut capability for a wider, highly musical Q filter. After a mind-numbing amount of math, Cal was able to specify capacitor and resistor values that would give the EQ an extra 6dB of control (i15 dB) without excessively narrowing the "Q" or bandwidth of the filters.

Line inputs: 16
Mic inputs: 11
Aux sends: 3
Compressors: 8
USB I/O: 24x4

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MRP:$1,147.16 SAVE 17%
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Knobula Poly Cinematic 8 Voice Polyphonic Synthesiser Eurorack Module
Cat: 838490 Rel: 31 Oct 21
A powerful compact synthesiser that brings big synth polyphony to Eurorack
Notes: 8 Voices, 56 Oscillators, 0 Presets

Introducing Poly Cinematic. The powerful compact synthesiser that brings big synth polyphony to Eurorack. It's simple to use with a dedicated knob or switch for each parameter, giving you immediate access to all the controls that really matter in the world of polyphonic pads and stabs. No presets, no menus, just a good honest tactile experience that puts pure sound synthesis at your fingertips.

Poly Cinematic can be played via midi as well monophonically over CV/Gate. As a monophonic module it can play one of 8 chord stacks, selectable using CV control, so it is as much a 56 oscillator mono synth as it is a luscious poly synth.

Here is a list of main features:

7 oscillator supersaw per voice

3 oscillator syncable wave shaped square/pulse

3 oscillator detuned tonewheel organ

8 chord memory controlled by cv/gate

Detune control with unison/5th/sub octave sweet spots

3 filter types: lowpass, notch and highpass

Built in high quality reverb
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Eowave 6U 104HP Eurorack Module Flat Studio Wooden Case With Power
Cat: 812446
Wooden powered eurorack module case
Notes: Eowave's cases are finished by hand in raw multi-ply, the nature of this means you may find slight blemishes. The intention is that you apply your own custom finish, if you feel that you want to. Simply remove the m5 screws with an size 3 allen key and then you can sand, paint, varnish or oil the surface of the wood.

Tech Specs

- 6U in 104HP
- 6cm Deep
- With/without power
- 4A supply included
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Cosmotronic Vortex Complex Oscillator Module
Cosmotronic Vortex Complex Oscillator Module (eurorack oscillator/synth voice module)
Cat: 831106 Rel: 31 Aug 21
Complex oscillator featuring two independent VCOs
Notes: Thru Zero Complex Oscillator

A new complex oscillator, featuring two independent VCO's. Both voices have a unique signal path and flavour. Complex cross modulations entangle them together, opening up completely new timbral territories.

Features include the Thru Zero trinity; Frequency, Phase and Amplitude modulation.

Each oscillator also has its own Low Pass Filter, which works great to mellow the harsher tones from complex intermodulations.

Each VCO has great tracking and temperature stability, there is no distinction between a carrier and modulator.

The FM bus lets you modulate the index of each individual voice, with linear and exponential inputs for external sources. There are also inputs for Sync in, with both soft and hard sync.


The left VCO signal chain starts with a shape function, that let's you morph between triangle and saw. This waveform is also available as a separate output.

Next is a sinusoidal wavefolder, which changes its response dramaticaly based on shape of the waveform. The circuit is based on a modified version of a design by Barrie Gilbert from 1977, popularized by Open-Music-Labs (used with permission).

This circuit also creates the possibility of Thru Zero Phase Modulation, here the depth is controlled with the third slider. The source is normaled to VCO 2, but external modulation sources can be patched in, and the depth can also be modulated with CV.

Lastly there's a 2-pole Low Pass Filter, before going out the MAIN output. All parameters can be CV controlled, and feature handy attenuators at the inputs.


The first slider is a continuous waveform shaper, that morphs from sine to tri to saw.

This waveform then enters the Thru Zero Amplitude Modulation (Ringmod) section. The slider sets the depth of modulation, with the source normalized to VCO 1. The depth can be CV controlled, and an external source can be patched as well. The result is also available on a separate output, pre wavefolder/filter (VCO 2 sine).

The third slider is a wavefolder, it's based around a novel wavefolding topology, with a unique and more aggressive sound compared to the sinusoidal folder of VCO 1.

The wavefolded signal goes into a 2 pole Low Pass Filter, and out of the MAIN output.
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MRP:$944.15 SAVE 17%
coming soon $786.79
ACL WT-Quad LFO Module
ACL WT-Quad LFO Module (eurorack clock generator/CV modulation/digital/function generator/LFO/oscillator/quad/utility module)
Cat: 824302
Four individual, digital, wavetable based low frequency oscillators (LFO) with an easy and intuitive user interface featuring a 1.8" OLED color display
Notes: WT-QUAD-LFO module - an ultra precise wavetable lfo with fantastic possibilities.

The WT-QUAD-LFO module consists of four individual, digital, wavetable based low frequency oscillators (LFO) with an easy and intuitive user interface featuring a 1.8" OLED color display.

The module can be updated easily by inserting a flash drive with the firmware files in the USB port on the front panel.

The oscillators and their respective controls, inputs and outputs are organized in four channels.

The frequency of each oscillator can be linearly or exponentially (1V / Oct.) controlled through the voltage applied to the corresponding CV input.

Each LFO channel can output one of the predefined waveforms (including sawtooth, ramp, square, sine, triangle), morph between two different waveforms or generate a random waveform. It can be externally reset through the Sync input.

Each Trigger output can be set to output a specific phase of the corresponding waveform.

The module offers cross frequency modulation (FM) and internal sync between LFO channels. It features also phase distortion and phase spreading of the outputs, including a classical quadrature mode (90- phase spread). Frequency relationships between the four LFOs can also be set.


4x CV inputs
4x Sync inputs
4x Clock inputs
4x LFO outputs
4x Trigger outputs
1.8 " OLED Display with 160 x 128 pixel
4x push encoder
USB port for firmware update
Size: 14HP
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MRP:$671.61 SAVE 17%
coming soon $559.66
LA Circuits EM-6A Chronograph Sequential Rhythm Generator Module
Cat: 816046
Sequencer eurorack module
Notes: The EM-6A Chronograph Sequential Rhythm Generator is the result of two years of in-depth research of analog vintage step sequencers. This device features:

Three rows of 8-step CV generators with individual CV ranges and CV outputs for each row.

Illuminated Start/Stop, Skip and Reset buttons with independent CV inputs.

Internal clock with external CV input and clock output. External clock input with manual step functionality.

Pulse output functionality.

LED lamp indicators for each step position.

LED lamp indicators to illuminate trigger status.

A versatile frequency detector and divider circuit, which generates square wave signals derived from the frequency transmitted to its signal input jack.

The divider section provides five outputs and five corresponding LED indicator for visual representation of the output rhythmic patterns.

A sequential switch section, allowing the user to select a specific input to be routed to a specific module chain. This process may be accomplished via clock or via manual switching.


Dimensions: 84 HP (3U)
Panel: 2.00 mm Anodized Aluminum
Power: +/- 12V | 94 mA
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MRP:$2,162.23 SAVE 17%
coming soon $1,797.22
Cre8audio NiftyCASE Modular Synth Case
Cat: 825939
A powered modular case with MIDI to CV
Notes: At 84hp wide the NiftyCASE isn't super tiny or super huge, in fact, it's just right for all of the cardboard boxes bought to ship it to you in. Aside from the 84hp width NiftyCASE features ample +12v -12v and +5v power for your modules. It will also take Din MIDI from any DIN MIDI device and USB MIDI from your computer and turn it into eurorack compatible CV, gate, mod, and clock.

MIDI to CV, gate, clock, and mod

It's all built into the case. Make your instrument and don't waste precious hp (space for modules) on power and MIDI tools. you can plug NiftyCASE into your computer via USB or 5pin MIDI DIN device and send it MIDI. It will convert it into CV, gate, mod, and clock. Sequence with your DAW, jam with your controllers, or do something wacky, NiftyCASE has got you covered.


Built-in power saves space for more of your modules, and keeps things good and easy.

As is, you can plug up to 10 modules into NiftyCASE's 10 gang flying bus that provides a peak 1500mA of +12v, 500mA -12v, and 500mA +5v, covering all industry standard power requirements

Useable case area = 84hp
Internal depth = 55mm
Weight = 1.8kg
6.8cm x 44.6cm x 18.6cm
Range of cv out 1 = 0-10V
Range of cv out 2 = 0-10V
Voltage output gate 1 - off =0 on =5(off = 0 on = 4.65)
Voltage output gate 2 - off =0 on =5(off = 0 on = 4.65)
Voltage output mod = 1-10V
Voltage output clock - off =0 on =5
Power output for modules
+12V - 1500mA peak output**
-12V - 500mA peak output**
+5V - 500mA peak output**
1/4" ts mono output on rear
MIDI in via USB and 5 pin Din
MIDI thru via 5 Pin Din and USB

Included in the box:

NiftyCASE switching power supply with blades for NA, EU, UK, and AU

* Please note that the right and left sides of NiftyCASE fit very flush. It is recommended to favour a module with a pcb 1mm or more narrower than it's front panel for use on the left and right sides of the case (this amount or more of tolerance is fairly common on many modules).

** The NiftyCASE power supply is designed only to power modules that are being used in the NiftyCASE. Modifying the case or using it otherwise to power external cases & external modules is not advised.
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coming soon $192.35
Soma Laboratory Enner Synthesiser
Soma Laboratory Enner Synthesiser (analogue synthesiser)
Cat: 839950 Rel: 31 Oct 21
A very expressive sound tool that can generate bits, pads, FX, noises, clicks, glitches, but also function as a cool vocal mic with built-in analogue FX and much more!
MRP:$632.68 SAVE 17%
coming soon $527.24
IO Instruments KALYKE Dual Function Generator Module
Cat: 795940
Dual function generator module
Notes: DUAL FUNCTION GENERATOR in audio range speed

LFO section with continuous potentiometer for wide frequency range

OFFSET, PHASE SHIFT and various waveforms

Multiple OUT and negative polarity OUT

LFO modulation to ADSR

Two trigger OUTs of ADSR (AD / AR)

Four modulation INs to control ADSR and its LFO mod

ADSR with selectable curves, loop and ratched mode

Two presets for both channels

Width: 16 HP
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coming soon $180.75
LA Circuits EM-105 Bauhaus Variable Waveshape Oscillator Module
Cat: 816005
CV modulation/oscillator/waveshaper eurorack module
Notes: The EM-105 Bauhaus Variable Waveshape Oscillator is a true analog VCO with excellent stability, designed to provide highly precise waveform sculpting.

Bauhaus offers over 6 octaves of accurate 1V/oct tracking, a toggle for tuning range, and a frequency range beginning as low as 7 seconds per cycle. "Frequency" is controlled with a vernier dial.

The "Waveshaper" section is made up of 2 potentiometer controls: "pulse/square shape wave" and "sawtooth/triangle/sine wave", also allowing for CV control via the corresponding CV inputs.


Dimensions: 12 HP (3U)
Panel: 2.00 mm Anodized Aluminum

70 mA +12V
70 mA -12V
50 mm deep
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MRP:$396.29 SAVE 17%
coming soon $329.09
Grendel Grenadier RA-99 Synthesiser
Grendel Grenadier RA-99 Synthesiser (analogue synthesiser)
Cat: 825407
Tabletop all-analog CV-Gate synth module with 3-VCF formant filter bank, versatile modulation, variable shape VCO + suboctave and noise, semi-modular patchability
Notes: In the spirit of sonic exploration and musical evolution, Grendel bring you the RA-99 Grenadier, an all-analog synthesizer with an original and unique tone palette. It implements parallel formant synthesis with a bank of three voltage controlled filters to generate tones inspired by the human voice, without being limited by the conventional boundaries of speech modeling. Twenty patch points give you extensive self-patching options plus creative compatibility with analog modulars, sequencers and keyboard controllers.


The RA-99 sound engine is based on an accurate voltage controlled oscillator with variable wave shape. The VCO has multiple CV (control voltage) inputs for creative stacking of the various CV sources available in your studio. There are two 1 volt per octave inputs for melody. It also has a 5 volts per octave input that is ideal for creating octave modulations from an LFO with 5V output. Finally, the 15 volts per octave input is suited to narrow pitch modulations like vibrato and pitch bend. The CV inputs of the RA-99 VCO have wide response bandwidth, allowing FM with audio frequency waveforms.

A subharmonic square wave is generated at a frequency 1 octave below the VCO. Activating the SUB switch mixes this with the VCO output. Raw subharmonic waveform is available from the SUB OUT jack.

Noise Source

A pink noise generator is included to add complexity to the sound. Pink noise is mixed with the VCO at the input to the filter bank. Pink noise volume is adjustable with the knob labeled P-NOISE, and by CV input to the NOISE CV jack. The noise source also adds a subtle amount of jitter to the VCO waveform.


The RA-99 modulation section contains a pair of multifunction waveform generators called MOD1 and MOD2. They can provide (1) gated attack-release envelope, (2) triggered decay envelope, (3) pulse LFO with variable pulse width, or (4) saw-triangle LFO with variable symmetry. In envelope mode, the output is a true exponential slope. In addition, RA-99's MODs can create time delayed gate events, serve as low-frequency audio VCOs (with limitations), or act as frequency dividers. Both MODs have variable output level that is sweepable from normal to inverted polarity. Either MOD1 or MOD2 can serve as the main volume envelope.

Filter Bank

The Grenadier RA-99 filter bank combines one low pass and two band pass filters to produce full-bodied tones with resonant character of vowels. The filter bank has three control parameters: ALPHA, BETA, and FILTERS. These parameters are also fully controllable with CV inputs.

Power Input

This unit requires 12 volts DC and draws a maximum current of 100 mA. Polarity of the AC adapter connector does not matter. It can be tip positive or tip negative.

* Grenadier RA-99 will also operate from 9 volts DC, but please note that the pink noise source will be unavailable in this situation, and distortion may be heard in the output.

The unit is protected against over-voltage with a built-in self-resetting fuse.

It is OK to use a daisy-chain cable to share power with other 12V gear from a single AC adapter, provided the total current demand (mA) does not exceed the AC adapter's rating.

Power Switch?

For simplicity, this unit does not have a power switch. It is on whenever its AC adapter is connected to mains power. It is recommended that you plug its AC adapter to a power strip with on-off switch built in.

Main Audio Output

Use a common 1/4" shielded audio instrument cable (mono, TS type) to connect the synth's output to a line input of a mixing board, computer sound interface, keyboard amplifier, or effect processor.

The output impedance is 220 ohms, so it is unnecessary to connect it to a high impedance (HI-Z) input.

You may plug headphones in to this jack, but you'll only hear sound on one side.

A DI Box may be necessary on stage to connect to a PA system.

Patch Points

VCO: 1V/oct (x 2), 5V/oct, 15V/oct, Timbre CV In (controls wave shape)
MOD1: Gate In, Rate CV In, Vari Out, Gate Out
MOD2: Gate In, Rate CV In, Vari Out, Gate Out
Filter Bank: Alpha CV In, Beta CV In, Filter CV In
Audio: Subharmonic Out, VCF audio In, Mix audio In, Noise VCA CV


CV-Gate In: 1 V/oct, +5V Gate
Patch cables: 3.5 mm mono
Audio output: 1/4" analogue unbalanced
CV output range: 0 to +5 volts
MIDI: Not included
Polyphony: Monophonic


Power Input: 12 VDC @ 1.2 Watt
Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 6 cm
Mass: 0.53 kg
Case Material: Anodized aluminum
RoHS-Compliant: YES
Lead-free: YES
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Winterbloom Castor & Pollux Eurorack Module
Winterbloom Castor & Pollux Eurorack Module (eurorack oscillator module)
Cat: 834702 Rel: 30 Sep 21
Dual Juno-inspired oscillator.
Notes: Twins that dance in and out of phase, never completely together but never fully apart, bound to each other in the infinite universe.

Castor & Pollux is a Roland Juno-inspired oscillator. It contains two digitally-controlled analog oscillators implemented using a faithfully modernized version of the original Juno 106 design. Like its inspiration, it can give you that wonderful '80s sound with independent and mixed ramp, pulse, and sub outputs. But the twins do not stop there- the second oscillator can be used to layer in thick detuned sounds, harmonically complex hard synced waveforms, or as a fully independent second voice.

The cherry on top is the internal LFO that can apply subtle pitch shifting to the second oscillator. This gives a sound that echos back to the Juno's legendary chorus while giving the module its own unique voice.


Size: 14hp

Two separate oscillators with a 7 octave range

A flexible set of outputs (9 total):

Separate ramp, pulse, and sub outputs for each oscillator

Each oscillator has its own mixer to combine the ramp, pulse, and sub waveforms into a single output

A combined output with a cross-fade mixer

Pitch CV in (0v to 6v) and pitch offset knobs (-1 oct to +1 oct) for each oscillator - the pitch offset knobs have a non-linear response which makes it easier to tune the oscillators.

Pulse-width CV in and knob for each oscillator

Hard sync mode that syncs the second oscillator to the first

Built-in low-frequency oscillator (LFO) that can be used to modulate the pitch of the second oscillator. It can also be used to provide pulse-width modulation to both oscillators.

+12v 100mA*, -12v 35mA, 25mm deep

100% open source hardware, firmware, and software

* Current draw can be reduced to as low as 65mA by reducing the LED brightness.
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Arturia KeyStep 37 Black Edition Controller & Sequencer
Arturia KeyStep 37 Black Edition Controller & Sequencer (MIDI keyboard controller/sequencer)
Cat: 837038 Rel: 31 Oct 21
An inspiring limited edition 37-note controller packed full of creative musical ideas, featuring intuitive sequencing, unique chord & scale functionality, and tactile MIDI controls
Notes: KeyStep 37 Black Edition goes beyond an easy-to-use 64-step sequencer, arpeggiator and MIDI keyboard. It's responsive, dynamic, expanded in every direction to encourage musical exploration -the controller that's built to inspire.

This Limited Edition Black Edition includes 3 CV cables, Arturia Analog Lab Intro virtual instrument, and Ableton Live Lite.

More is more

The familiar KeyStep formula, expanded. KeyStep 37 Black Edtion features a velocity-sensitive 37-note keybed, complete with aftertouch and RGB LED feedback, while remaining lightweight andcompact.

At the center of the control panel, you'll find 4 new knobs with an LED screen, giving you instant access to inspiring new expressive tools and MIDI tweaking - total creative control.

Music made interactive

The new controls unlock KeyStep 37's unique & enhanced Chord mode. Choose from 12 chord types, an array of strum effects, and spread the voices out into complex velocity-sensitive parts that respond like a stringed instrument. Map out KeyStep 37's 3-octave keyboard range with a scale of your choice using Scale mode. Any key you play will automatically quantize to the nearest note in the chosen scale. Tap into the inner workings of your MIDI hardware and software with assignable 16 MIDI CC pa-rameters across 4 switchable banks. Use the 4 new controls to tweak settings on the fly for dy-namic performances. The core of your setup KeyStep 37 Black Edition is designed to be put in control. An accessible interface, a compact design and comprehensive connectivity make it the perfect centerpiece for your rig - whatever your needs. Hook up your synth hardware with MIDI in/out. Control your favorite VST instruments with MIDI over USB. Use CV pitch, gate and mod connections for modular integration. Analog sync in/out keeps everything in time without hassle. The best bit? Use it all at the same time. Included is a free copy of Ableton Live Lite, an accessible music-making suite for your Mac or PC. Register KeyStep 37 Black Edition for your free download and get creative right out the box - let the music flow freely.

Included Software:

Analog Lab Intro
Ableton Live Lite
MIDI Control Center
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Pioneer DJ VM-70 Active Monitor Speaker
Cat: 821663
Active 6.5" DJ/studio monitor speaker
Notes: The active VM-70 produces clear audio with fast-attacking, punchy bass. The speaker can be tuned to suit the characteristics of any room, making it perfect for recreating a club sound when you're DJing or providing a flat frequency response when you're producing music in a home or professional studio setting.

Every VM series speaker includes a Class D amplifier with 96 kHz sampling DSP to enable wide-bandwidth audio reproduction. Its highly efficient performance results in low distortion and high-energy sound. The 4-mm-thick rigid aluminum front baffle further suppresses resonance and vibrations, delivering sound that's authentic to the original source.

Aramid fiber woofer cones provide outstanding punch that you'll feel in the bass and low-mid frequencies. These newly developed cones are 30 percent lighter than conventional paper-lined Aramid cones, making them stronger with deeper sound.

The Vortex Bass Accelerator ensures that low-end audio is tight and free from unwanted vibrations, as ribs in the bass reflex port mean that air flows freely from the speaker to deliver pure sound.

Mid and high-frequency sounds are delivered with power thanks to the constant directivity horn, which also creates a broad, uniform listening space. The shape of the horn and the woofer edge are specially designed so the flat playback frequency crosses over to the tweeter easily, resulting in a natural sound.

All VM series speakers are voiced flat to ensure you hear the natural sound of the music. To help you tweak the output and find the sound that's perfect for the room you're working in, each speaker includes DSP settings. On the rear panel, you'll find 2 knobs: Low EQ and High EQ. Without needing to look, you can click the knobs into 4 different positions each, giving you 16 possible EQ settings that are simple to engage. Choose the one that sounds best for DJing or producing music in your home or studio, depending on the shape, size, and construction of the room.

The brand-new design of the hexagonal aluminum front baffle brings a fresh look, as well as improved sound quality and durability. It cuts down unwanted vibrations for lower distortion while the tweeter protective guard reduces the risk of damage to the high-frequency diaphragm. And the Alumite treated brushed texture gives the speakers a professional finish so they look right at home next to Pioneer DJ gear.

Width: 229 mm
Height: 341 mm
Depth: 312 mm
Weight: 7.7 kg
Maximum Sound Pressure: 112 dB
Amplifier Output: Class D with 96kHz DSP
LF: 70 W / 4 O
HF: 30 W / 4 O
Frequency Range: 37 Hz - 36 kHz Hz
Impedance: 10 kO
High EQ: 4 selective EQs
Low EQ: 4 selective EQs
Cross Over Frequency: 3 kHz
Power Supply: AC 100-240 V, 50 Hz / 60Hz
Enclosure: Bass reflex
Enclosure material: MDF vinyl laminate
Baffle material: HIPS with 4mm Aluminum Plate

Inputs: XLR/TRS combo x 1 (balanced input), RCA x 1 (unbalanced input)

What's in the Box:
VM-70 x 1 (not sold as a pair)
Power cable x 1
Cushioned feet pads x 1 (4pcs/1 sheet)
Precautions for Use
Instruction Manual
Warranty (for some regions)
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Arturia KeyStep Pro Black Edition Controller & Sequencer
Arturia KeyStep Pro Black Edition Controller & Sequencer (MIDI keyboard controller/sequencer)
Cat: 837036 Rel: 31 Oct 21
Black Edition hardware keyboard with advanced multi-track sequencer and arpeggiato
Notes: KeyStep Pro Black Edition gives musicians incredible sequencing and performance power in a compact, versatile controller with 37 slim keys. Letting you fully articulate your musical ideas, this expressive little sequencer truly puts the power at your fingertips. Control and animate your instruments the way you truly want to, it removes the barriers between you and the music you want to create.

EXCLUSIVE: The Black Edition includes 14 CV cables, Arturia's Analog Lab Intro virtual instrument, and Ableton Live Lite to get your productions under way.

Unlock your potential

Take full control of your modular rigs, outboard synths, and software studio all at the same time. 4 independent polyphonic sequencer tracks, a 16-part integrated drum sequencer, intuitive controls that make even complex performances a breeze, and unparalleled connectivity. If you prefer keys to pads, you're in for a treat. KeyStep Pro Black Edition features a great-feeling 3 octave keyboard with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch: 37 slim keys with an expressive feel.

Hit the stage

KeyStep Pro Black Edition makes gigging easy and fun, with instant and intuitive access to inspir-ing performance features. Multi-mode arpeggiator, randomness, easy chord mode, global trans-pose, and real-time recording for creating on the fly. The crisp OLED displays and LED-illuminated controls will help you see it all in the dark, too!

Unite your gear

Your ever-growing collection of boutique modular gear, vintage synths, and software instruments can finally perform in unison, thanks to the jaw-dropping connectivity KeyStep Pro Black Edition has to offer. 4 CV, Gate and Mod outputs, 8 dedicated drum Gate outputs, Clocks, MIDI in, 2 MIDI outs, a solo metronome output, sustain input to let you get expressive with your performance, and USB for easy power and DAW/softsynth control.

Virtual genius

If you prefer to create music "in the box", KeyStep Pro can also help your creativity come alive. Easily sequence and arpeggiate your virtual instruments, sync it with your software studio, and switch to the dedicated Control mode to control parameters in your favorite synths and effects. The possibilities are limitless.

Included Software

Arturia Analog Lab Intro
Ableton Live Lite
Arturia MIDI Control Center
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Dnipro DOT Eurorack Module (black faceplate)
Dnipro DOT Eurorack Module (black faceplate) (eurorack clock modulator/sequencer module)
Cat: 834881 Rel: 30 Sep 21
3 channel trigger sequencer
Notes: Dot is a handy feature-packed tool for generating and managing rhythmic triggers in your system. It can fire drums, generate variable pulses, divide clocks, create rhythms on a fly with several twist of a knob or with deep, careful pattern programming. Both generative and manual program techniques can be combined, i.e., you can create pattern with Euclidean algorithm and then edit it in X0X style or shift it with xv inputs to a new levels of variety.

Despite of its slim form factor, DOT has 3 channels of patterns on a board and can be extended with additional DOTs, that can be chained together.

Technical details:

Size: 6 HP

70 mA +12V

7mA -12V

0 mA 5V

42 mm deep

4mS, 7v triggers
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Mackie ONYX16 16-Channel Mixer With Multi-Track USB
Cat: 785663
16-channel premium analogue mixer with multitrack USB
Notes: Incredible sound quality, multitrack recording, and professional built-in effects make Onyx Premium Analog Mixers with USB the ultimate compact, affordable solution for live audio, home recording, and content creation.

If there's one thing Mackie engineers can do in their sleep, it's design a mixer that sounds great, is easy to use, and is packed with flexible features. Sounds pretty good right? So if you mix live sound, record in your home studio, or live stream, this is the heart of your audio.

Onyx Series mixers feature bright, easy to read buttons that shine bright in the darkest places so you will always know whats going on with your mix. On top of that, the full-color display of Studio Command makes it easy to adjust effects and SD card recording/playback.

To create the Perkins EQ, Cal Perkins started with the Wien Bridge circuit topology - a very musical design inspired by the hallowed "British" desks of the 60s and 70s. This design essentially trades boost/cut capability for a wider, highly musical Q filter. After a mind-numbing amount of math, Cal was able to specify capacitor and resistor values that would give the EQ an extra 6dB of control (i15 dB) without excessively narrowing the "Q" or bandwidth of the filters.

Line inputs: 12
Mic inputs: 7
Aux sends: 1
Compressors: 4
USB I/O: 16x4

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FMR Audio RNC1773 Really Nice Compressor
Cat: 823964
Compact and cost-effective stereo compressor with a high-fidelity audio path and compression scheme
Notes: What It Is

FMR Audio's first product, introduced over 18 years ago, the Really Nice Compressor (RNC) is a compact and cost-effective stereo compressor with a high-fidelity audio path and compression scheme. The RNC provides quality compression at a budget price.

How It Sounds

The RNC provides two modes of operation. One allows the RNC to be used for special effects, like snappy snares or popping basses. The other provides near-invisible signal compression for sensitive material where compression artifacts are less desirable (like natural vocals, acoustic guitar or the program bus). The RNC yields clean, airy compression with few artifacts and little high-end loss, even at massive gain reduction! The amazing performance is why- even after almost 20 years- many professionals are calling the RNC one of the best sounding compressors for under $2000.

How It's Done

The RNC achieves such high performance at a low cost by using using a microprocessor to replace discrete sidechain components (resistors, diodes, capacitors, opamps, transistors, etc) with chunks of software, thereby reducing the component cost. This approach, however, still processes the main audio in the analog domain, avoiding the problems associated with digital audio conversion (e.g., latency, digital artifacts). Even the problem of "scratchy" pots and switches are avoided: no audio flows through the front-panel controls. The front-panel pots and swtiches merely feed DC voltages to the microprocessor and it takes care of adjusting parameters and signal path with components - like sealed-relays and VCAs - located close to the input/output jacks avoiding noise pickup and audio quality reduction due to aging controls! With this blend of technology, the RNC offers the accuracy and precision of digital control with the clean tonal character of an all-analog signal path. The RNC's digital control permits accurate repeatability of your favorite settings.
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Dreadbox Darkness Effects Pedal
Cat: 823160
Digital stereo reverb pedal
Notes: Darkness is the deficiency or absence of light.

Dreadbox Darkness is a Digital Stereo Reverb effect pedal suitable for fretted instruments and synthesizers. Instead of having several switched algorithms, DAarkness has a single versatile and flexible algorithm, that can create from small and smooth reflections up to huge shimmering and endless reverbs.

100 mm wide
140 mm high
150 mA / 9 V DC / Negative Center


Circuit: Analog

Bypass: CMOS

Audio: Mono

Inputs / Outputs
IN/OUT : TS Unbalanced 6.4mm jack

Power Supply:9VDC BOSS style center pin negative 2.1mm (NOT INCLUDED)

Dimensions (cm): 14 x 10 x 5.6

Current Draw: 150mA
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Studio Electronics SE-3X Analogue Mono Synthesiser
Cat: 833339 Rel: 30 Sep 21
Three-voice paraphonic synth with four discrete, classic hardware filters
Notes: The SE-3X is a new model in the SE range that sits above the illustrious SE-1X; this model has significant hardware features and software upgrade from the SE-1X.

New hardware additions include:
2 types of saturation
2 new additional analog VCF types for a total of 4 filter types 4 Voltage Controlled Discrete Analog Filters: SE Classic 24dB Moogr; SE Classic 24dB ARPr; SE Classic Juno/Jupiter:

Numerous software enhancements including 3 note paraphonic capability, enhanced modulation and envelope types, and improved workflow with easier/simpler navigation of menus (including some requested user features)

Three + Four = Heaven. The SE-3X: a three-voice paraphonic synth with four discrete, classic hardware filters.

Seen where the sound of success was heard, the SE-1(X)'s popularity with hitmakers, film composers and sound designers has spanned decades, and the 'X never quite rode off into the sunset. Now, it's blazing back with software sweetening and sweeping hardware refinements - innovations worthy of 30 years of rack time... and your time. Built attractively, built solidly, bringing you the bump 'n' thump and higher frequency clarity and warmth that has been the secret weapon of legends. Complete '3X software for '1X users is available as a Flash ROM chip upgrade.

New features

Paraphonic Mode: for easy and electric 3X chords and colors.
Front Panel control for Oscillator Mix.
Front Panel control for Oscillator 2 & 3 Fine Tune.
OMEGA / SE-02 Envelope routines in addition to the original linear & magical quasi-exponential Envelopes.
Exponential Glide routine from the OMEGA and '1X Linear Glide.
New Front Panel Screen Jumps & Shortcuts.


Two fuzz modes: 70s & 90s. Front panel switchable.
RESONANT FILTER COLLECTION: 24 dB MINI, 24 dB ARP, 24dB, 6dB, "Mix Mode" JUNO/JUPITER. SEM remains the built-in filter. Front panel switchable.

The software of the SE-3X in detail:

The exponential glide routine from the Omega: Now you can choose that or the original linear glide.

The Omega/CODE Envelope routines: These show up as EXP2 in the Envelope window; this is in addition to the original linear and magical quasi-exponential Envelopes.

Page 2 Mix knobs for the Oscillators: Due to space restrictions, the SE-1(X) didn't allow direct control, requiring navigating to the Audio Mixer page for tweaksitedious. Now holding Shift and using the Pulse Width pots to adjust Oscillator mix levels brings balance and satisfaction.

OSC 2 & 3 Fine Tune: Hold Shift and rotate 2 & 3 Frequency knobs. Another useful and efficient jump-cut.

LFO Gate from our Boomstar and Mini V-30, a venerable and most funky feature from the ARP Odyssey and 2600; LFO 3 can now gate the Envelopes: hold Shift and press LFO 3, or send it CC #9. MIDI sync applies, of course when received.

Lastly for spice and "poly" nice nice, Paraphonic Mode: This allows the 3 oscillators to be played by 3 different MIDI notes, for easy and electric 3X chords. All 3 oscillators still go thru the same VCF and VCA, so it's not truly polyphonic. But with some care and creativity in programming, it can sure swing like it. Check out Marc St. Regis' SoundCloud demos to see just how warm & snappy the PARA can sound, especially when a DAW is in control.


Voices: Monophonic, with 3 note Paraphonic mode.
Audio Outputs: 1
External Audio Inputs: 1
Interface: 1 rotary encoder, 24 knobs, 20 square switchesi17 illuminated, one three-way toggle (filter fuzz), one 5-way rotary switch (filter selection), power.
Main Display: 20 x 4 blue backlit liquid crystal.
Memory: 8 banks of 99: 396 patches in ROM, 396 in RAM.
Weight: 11 lbs.
Dimensions: 3 rack spaces, 8 inches deep.
Power: 90 - 250 volts AC auto switching.
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LA Circuits EM-601 Technicolor Solid State Reverb & Echo Module
Cat: 815999
Clock modulator/effect/filter eurorack module
Notes: EM-601 Technicolor Solid State Reverb & Echo is a dynamic analog bucket-brigade reverberation and echo module, utilizing a special 3328-stage 6-tap buck-brigade chip. The module consists of two modes: Concurrent and Discrete.

In Concurrent mode, the input signal is processed through 6 simultaneous BBD terminal taps. These internal tap networks have been designed to maximize natural reverberation effects.

In Discrete mode, the input signal is processed through a 3328-stage tap, thereby creating a warm delay line. The delay time ranges from 20 mS to approximately 250 mS.

The Clock Frequency control adjusts the reverb / delay time. This frequency may also be modified by applying a CV to the fixed or variable inputs within the Time Modulation section. Moreover, a CV applied to the variable input can be both attenuated and inverted using the corresponding knob. Modulation of the BBD Line using an external LFO can result in lovely chorus/vibrato effects- very similar to those found in vintage BBD pedals of the 1970s and 1980s.

Most analog delays using BBD suffer from a common "clock noise" problem. To prevent this issue from arising when utilizing the on-board clock, we have designed a unique filtering circuit with meticulous care that is highly resistant to noise.

The Feedback / Repeats knob adjusts the feedback from the module's output to input. Unity is exceeded when the knob is turned clockwise by approximately 65%. When feedback approaches its maximum level, self-oscillation will occur.

The Blend knob provides mix control between the pure dry signal and the fully effected signal. When turned to zero, only the pure dry signal will be heard. When the Blend knob is turned to its maximum level, only the effected signal will be heard. The Blend control may also be modulated using the Blend CV input.


Dimensions: 14 HP (3U)
Panel: 2.00 mm Anodized Aluminum

30 mA +12V
30 mA -12V
50 mm deep
O 5.00 (1 Votes) Average Rating
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FMR Audio RNLA7239 Really Nice Levelling Amplifier
Cat: 823968
Compressor reminiscent of some classic opto compressors
Notes: What It Is

Years ago, many RNC users pined for less invisible compression and requested that FMR Audio offer a more "colourful" compressor, suitable for bass guitar, drums and other sources in need of added sonic texture. In response, the FMR designer went to the RNC archives and resurrected a version of RNC software that had been rejected for release because it wasn't invisible enough! The result: a compressor reminiscent of some classic opto compressors used to just "level" the signal rather than tame every transient. To celebrate the RNLA's sonic "colour", a bright red knob* was chosen as a visual metaphor. Although the most recent version ships with a less ostentatious red-striped knob (not shown), the RNLA's sonic colour remains bolder than ever...

How It Sounds

"Thick" and "gooey" is how some customers have described the RNLA's sound. The RNLA is, admittedly, much "gentler" and not as apt to grab'n'run with the signal. Like an old-timey photocell, the RNLA is a little resistant to responding right away, but requires the signal to be there for a while to get the photocell to act. This action yields a soft musicality to the compressor's action that adds a desirable characteristic to the source signal.

How It's Done

The RNLA and the RNC share much of the same hardware, but run different algorithms to achieve the desired effect. The RNLA exercises the well-known dictum (among dynamic processor designers) that, after the static characteristics of the signal path, the main contributors to a processor's sound are the shapes of the attack & release envelopes. The RNLA's software then transforms the sidechain signal into a drive signal for the VCA that both slows things down a bit and totally reshapes the crisp and quick action of the RNC's "normal" mode. This reshaping (and slow down) are the primary sonic drivers behind the RNLA's "thick and gooey" sound!
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Intellijel VCO 1U Eurorack Module
Intellijel VCO 1U Eurorack Module (eurorack oscillator module)
Cat: 839567 Rel: 31 Oct 21
A triangle core, Syncable, Multi-Waveform Analog Oscillator & LFO in an extremely compact form factor
Notes: VCO 1U:

Mighty oscillations, mini size.

A triangle core, Syncable, Multi-Waveform Analog Oscillator & LFO in an extremely compact form factor.

Perfect as a utility modulation source but equally capable to be used as a primary sound source. Patch it up and let it rip!

Width: 14HP
Depth: 38mm
Power: 19mA @ +12 / 16mA @ -12
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coming soon $149.48
Arturia MatrixBrute Noir Limited Edition Analogue Synthesiser
Cat: 827525 Rel: 31 Aug 21
49-key black edition analog synthesizer with modulation matrix with CV and MIDI, and onboard effects
Notes: The Arturia MatrixBrute Noir is a hugely versatile analog synth that features three Brute oscillators, two output filters, five analog effects, and a vast modulation matrix. Take the flexibility of an analog modular system and add the convenience of digital controls for a complete sound design machine. MatrixBrute Noir is a sleek looking Black Edition of the popular MatrixBrute.

Analog sound, digital brain

MatrixBrute Noir features the best aspects of both worlds. Pure analog sound creation and shaping, with comprehensive digital mapping and preset storage behind the scenes.

Feel right at home sitting at MatrixBrute's control panel; with access to Arturia's trademark sawtooth, pulse, and triangle waves, as well as the unique Brute waveshapers.

MatrixBrute Noir also features two superb filters: Arturia's acidic Steiner-Parker, and a creamy ladder filter based on Bob Moog's legendary design.

The power of the matrix

The possibilities expand almost infinitely when you start integrating the modulation matrix.

Letting you virtually patch hundreds of points, you'll discover sounds you never thought possible. The matrix has many different functions, and also lets you save and recall presets, and acts as an advanced step-sequencer.

Macro magic

So many knobs to tweak, so many sounds to shape. With such a limitless array of possibilities, you'll quickly realize the downside of only having one pair of hands.

Fortunately, MatrixBrute Noir features 4 macro encoders that let you stack several parameters into one knob, putting you in full control of your performance.

The key to performance

49 full sized keys feature velocity and aftertouch for an expressive performance.

The true analog effects section adds that sparkle to the sound, keeping it all in the analog domain for that extra grit. Widen up the pads with the stereo chorus, mono and stereo delays to add space and repetition, a classic vintage style flanger, and a touch of reverb for the finishing touches.

Stag-ready design

With instant preset recall, true invention in a live setting awaits at your fingertips. Choose from an expanded sonic palette of presets, 256 of which can be stored on the MatrixBrute at any time, and let the ride begin. Combined with an impressive arpeggiator and sequencer, you can evolve your melodies and textures with power and deep originality.

Included Software:

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Eowave 6U 84HP Eurorack Module Wooden Flat Case With Power
Cat: 812445
Wooden powered eurorack module case
Notes: Eowave's cases are finished by hand in raw multi-ply, the nature of this means you may find slight blemishes. The intention is that you apply your own custom finish, if you feel that you want to. Simply remove the m5 screws with an size 3 allen key and then you can sand, paint, varnish or oil the surface of the wood.

- 6U in 84HP
- 6cm Deep
- With/without power
- 4A supply included
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Mackie ONYX12 12-Channel Mixer With Multi-Track USB
Cat: 785665
12-channel premium analogue mixer with multitrack USB
Notes: Incredible sound quality, multitrack recording, and professional built-in effects make Onyx Premium Analog Mixers with USB the ultimate compact, affordable solution for live audio, home recording, and content creation.

If there's one thing Mackie engineers can do in their sleep, it's design a mixer that sounds great, is easy to use, and is packed with flexible features. Sounds pretty good right? So if you mix live sound, record in your home studio, or live stream, this is the heart of your audio.

Onyx Series mixers feature bright, easy to read buttons that shine bright in the darkest places so you will always know whats going on with your mix. On top of that, the full-color display of Studio Command makes it easy to adjust effects and SD card recording/playback.

To create the Perkins EQ, Cal Perkins started with the Wien Bridge circuit topology - a very musical design inspired by the hallowed "British" desks of the 60s and 70s. This design essentially trades boost/cut capability for a wider, highly musical Q filter. After a mind-numbing amount of math, Cal was able to specify capacitor and resistor values that would give the EQ an extra 6dB of control (i15 dB) without excessively narrowing the "Q" or bandwidth of the filters.

Line inputs: 10
Mic inputs: 4
Aux sends: 1
Compressors: 2
USB I/O: 12x4
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Flame Vocorder Analog Spectral Looper Eurorack Module
Flame Vocorder Analog Spectral Looper Eurorack Module (eurorack envelope follower/filter/noise/sampling/oscillator/effect module)
Cat: 834524 Rel: 30 Sep 21
A compact combination of an analogue vocoder and a digital CV recorder (looper).
Notes: The Flame Vocorder module is a compact combination of an analogue vocoder and digital CV recorder (looper). At its heart is an 8-channel analogue vocoder with a total of 16 analogue bandpass filters for analysis and synthesis.

The analogue analysis envelope CVs are digitised and output to the analogue VCAs of the synthesis bands via a DA converter.

With the help of the record function, the envelope CVs of the analysis channels can also be recorded digitally and played back in the loop. You can manipulate the playback in different ways: swap channels on the fly (rerouting), change speed and playback direction, etc.

The module can also be used for "normal vocoding": the envelopes are always looped through via AD/DA conversion (direct vocoding) and can of course also be recorded. During playback, the analysis unit is ineffective because the envelopes are played back from the memory.

There are two audio inputs for analysis (voice, drum etc) and synthesis (instrument).

For internal synthesis, there is a monophonic digital oscillator with three waveforms and an analogue noise generator. There is also an unvoiced/voiced switch (controls the highpass with noise for sibilants). A respective mix control is responsible for both synthesis sources.

The VCO has a 1V/oct input and an additional direct audio output.

The synthesis filters have audio outputs for odd/mono and even (mixing of even/odd channels).

The looper-recorder has the following functions: Record, Start, Stop buttons.

A triple toggle switch for playback direction forward, backward, ping-pong, another for the type of triggering: loop, one-shot, gated.

You can record for about one minute. The playback speed is adjustable (also via CV).

The sampled loop remains in the battery-buffered memory even after switching off.

In addition, there is a control for rerouting the filter channel assignments from analysis (or recorded channel) to the synthesis filters, also accessible via CV. A freeze function is also available.

The Filter/Cutoff knob manually controls the synthesis bands with a combined lowpass/bandpass/highpass algorithm, so the synthesis filters can also be used as simple audio filters.

Power consumption: max. 220mA at +12 V and 190mA at -12 V

HP : 12
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Grendel DC-2 Drone Commander 2 Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 825198
All-analog synth voice module with dual VCOs, multiple LFOs, envelope and two filters
Notes: The Grendel DC-2 Drone Commander 2, introduced in 2021, represents the Main + Expander from the earlier Grendel DC-2e system fused together as a single eurorack module of 35HP width. DC-2's front panel features a low-glare brushed aluminum finish, anodized, in both silver (natural) and black. This module requires a rear clearance depth of 72 mm behind the rails in your euro case. The DC power requirement is 120 mA (+12 V), 2.5 mA (-12 V).

Almost all of the DC-2 circuitry is exactly as in the DC-2e, with minor updates. Notably, the v/oct inputs have been re-organized. DC-2 has two 1V/oct inputs, and a 15v/oct input suitable for pitch bender or vibrato modulation - all three v/oct inputs affect both VCO 1 and 2 simultaneously. This differs from the DC-2e, which has separate 1v/oct inputs for each oscillator, plus one 1v/oct input that affects both.

Another noteworthy update to the DC-2 is an increase in dynamic range, less noise, and hotter audio outputs at both the 1/4" and 3.5mm output jacks.

The published user manual for the DC-2e also applies to DC-2, except for what's mentioned above!

Drone Commander 2 is an all-analog synth voice module. It incorporates two VCOs, two VCFs, two synchronized sawtooth LFOs, a special dual sinewave LFO dedicated to VCO PWM, an attack-release envelope generator that controls low pass gate, and a triggered variable shape 'Slide' LFO. There are 12 control voltage I/O patch points, 4 clock and gate I/Os, 2 audio outputs, and 1 audio input. All 12 solid metal knobs double as push-pull switches for secondary functions such as signal routing, envelope gate on/off, and filter mode.

The warm, dark, and unique tone of DC-2 is attributable to extensive use of discrete transistor OTAs in its circuits - 86 discrete transistors in all - and no generic synth chips.
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Cre8audio Capt'n BIG-O Eurorack Module
Cre8audio Capt'n BIG-O Eurorack Module (eurorack oscillator/waveshaper module)
Cat: 838381 Rel: 31 Oct 21
An analogue VCO with waveshaping.
Notes: Capt'n Big-O is for people who like big massive analogue sounds-. 100% analog components, no oscillator on a chip here.

Width = 14hp

Depth = 26mm

100% analog, original design (not an oscillator on a chip)

Waveforms - sine, triangle, saw, and square

Wave folder/waveshaper - routed by default to sine but patchable to any waveform or external source

Drive circuit - essentially a 75x overdriven VCA (5V output)

Linear and exponential frequency modulation (FM)

Hard sync

Pulsewidth modulation

120mA power draw when running +12V rail

108mA power draw when running -12V rail

Frequency range of oscillator: full range - LFO through audible spectrum

Input voltage range of oscillator = -10V to +10V
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Erica Synths Matrix Mixer Studio Mixer
Erica Synths Matrix Mixer Studio Mixer (patchable matrix mixer)
Cat: 838368 Rel: 31 Oct 21
A 16-input, 16-output desktop patch matrix, routing and mixing signals with high precision, creating buffered multiples and random patches
Notes: As Eurorack users may know, it can be challenging to change a patch radically during a performance, therefore diverse performances require large systems or they end up being extremely experimental. But what if you could repatch your system with the push of a single button? The Erica Synths Matrix Mixer is a 16 - input, 16 - output desktop patch matrix - it can route and mix signals with high precision, create buffered multiples and random patches. It can also interface external instruments with your Eurorack system, and - it's not limited to Eurorack!

You can use the Matrix Mixer with semi-modular synthesizers, as well as through adapter cards with the EMS Synthi and Buchla Music Easel. Thanks to simple patch changes via panel buttons or MIDI program change messages, the Matrix Mixer will be particularly useful in performances that combine Eurorack and other performance instruments, such as drums, guitars, wind instruments, etc. Make your modular performance stand out and enjoy the Matrix Mixer!
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coming soon $585.16
Twisted Electrons MEGAfm Synthesiser
Cat: 835670 Rel: 30 Sep 21
MEGAfm uses and abuses the vintage YM2612 FM chip originally found in the Megadrive/Genesis games console
Notes: Twisted Electrons are proud to present MEGAfm, a result of several years of development.

MEGAfm uses and abuses the vintage YM2612 FM chip originally found in the Megadrive/Genesis games console.

Beautiful dirt

Unlike most FM synthesizers that are very clean and digital, the YM2612 has very characterful tone allowing a broad sound palette ranging from beautiful plucked strings to growly distorted bass lines.

Tactile operators

Hardware FM synthesizers are infamous for their reduced controls and complexity to program, with tiny LCD screens and only a couple of buttons to operate a load of menus...
With its 32 operators faders, 14 knobs and 15 buttons MEGAfm offers unprecedented hands-on FM control!

Every knob and fader can easily be modulated by the easy to use LFOs.

Make it a double!

The YM2612 chip offers 6 voices of crispy FM, 4 operators per voice and 8 algorithms.

MegaFM features 2 chips for a total of 12 voices spread across two outputs (or summed to one).

Dimensions: 30CM x 13CM x 5CM
Dual 6.35mm TS output and 6.35mm Stereo Headphones output
DIN5 MIDI input with MIDI channel learn and thru/out
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Rare Waves Hydronium Analogue Synthesiser (phantom black)
Cat: 825218
All-analog monophonic synth with acid-synth style playability
Notes: Rare Waves Hydronium is an excellent analog synth for electronic music producers. This is a great-sounding music instrument with MIDI and CV-Gate control. It's available as a DIY kit, or pre-assembled - in tabletop format and Eurorack.

The Rare Waves Hydronium is a semi-modular synthesizer with unmistakable true analog tone. Its rich array of CV patch points can interconnect with other analog synthesizers to inspire your music deeper and further in the creative zone.

While it is designed to fulfill the role of a TB-303 inspired acid synth, Hydronium is not a clone circuit. Instead it is an all-new design with its functions re-imagined and extended a little beyond what you might expect from the clone genre.

Its tone is based on a single VCO, a resonant low-pass filter, and a simple decay envelope. And as you'd anticipate of any acid synth, it has programmable glide (pitch slide) and dynamic accents for individual notes.

Hydronium's classic tone is a natural choice for sequenced basslines. Switch the envelope to gate mode, and it also serves as a lead synthesizer when you need a bright, clean sawtooth or pulse waveform in the mix.

It can be played either by MIDI control or CV-Gate. In addition, its built-in MIDI-to-CV converter with post-glide v/oct output lets you use it as a bridge between your MIDI controller and other analog synthesizers.

Hydronium features an audio effects loop that is positioned between its filter and VCA. This is a good place for distortion effects, phaser, and certain other effects that tend to increase the noise floor when patched to a synth's line out. The pre-VCA effect return silences the self-noise from the effect, preserving full dynamic range even when you bend its tone with a high-gain fuzz pedal, for example.
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Elektrofon Klang Eurorack Module
Elektrofon Klang Eurorack Module (eurorack controller/quad/quantizer module)
Cat: 835247 Rel: 30 Sep 21
A 4 voice polyphonic controller.
Notes: «Klang» is a 4 voice polyphonic controller. It stores, traverses and manipulates chord progressions.


«Klang» is a unique take on polyphonic control within Eurorack.

Displaying chords in a circular clock-like display, and giving the user immediate control over every aspect without "menu diving" makes for an easy to use and inspiring module.

The module can store up to 99 chords, where each chord is made up of 4 voices.

Each voice is represented by a colored indicator on the clock-face which in turn is controlled by an encoder.

The indicators points to notes on the chromatic scale drawn in 360- around the clock-face.


The big grey encoder in the middle of the module lets you browse the chords - the active chord and total chord count is shown just above the encoder on the display.

The + button lets you ad a new chord. The new chord is added after the currently active chord, and the new chord is then set as the active chord.

The - button removes the current chord.


The module has 3 inputs - 1 trigger input and 2 bipolar CV inputs.

Trigger input

The trigger input triggers a chord change.

If the direction input is unconnected, a single trigger results in a single step in the forwards direction.

Direction input (+-5V)

The direction input normalizes to a single step in the forwards direction.

You can feed this input a bipolar CV (+-5V).

Direction maps the total chord count to 5V. This means that +5V results in a single trigger progressing +n steps, where n is the total chord count.

A negative voltage will do exactly the same but resulting in backwards stepping.

0V equals no movement.

Transpose input (+-5V)

This bipolar CV lets you transpose the current chord up or down within 1 octave.

It is therefore a 5V/oct input.

The reason for this is that it is intended to be used with an analoge voltage source like the Pressure Points from Make Noise, or any other analoge sequencer.

It is much easier to fine tune a 5V/oct signal with a regular potentiometer than a 1V/oct signal.


Each voice has a separate color coded 1V/oct CV output.
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Zlob Modular VC F3DB Eurorack Module
Zlob Modular VC F3DB Eurorack Module (eurorack distortion/dual & stereo/envelope follower/equaliser/filter module)
Cat: 840188 Rel: 31 Oct 21
A 16hp 6-channel VC fixed filter bank, with lots of clipping/distortion and self oscillation/feedback
Notes: VC F3DB stands for Voltage Controlled Fixed Filter Feedback Distortion Bank. The simplest description is it's a 6 band voltage controlled fixed filter bank. But with the additions of so much gain, clipping, feedback, and self-oscillation it becomes a very flexible and unique sound sculpting tool capable of; graphic equalization over 6 octaves, multi-band distortion, spectral processing, crude vocoding, self modulation, and even as an instrument on its own. With no input it can be used as a pseudo chaotic "harmonic" feedback oscillator.
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Twisted Electrons µAcid8 Synthesiser
Cat: 689783 Rel: 30 Sep 21
Bass synthesiser featuring 6 high quality potentiometers
Notes: uAcid8 is a portable 8-bit bass synthesizer that adopts the characteristic wavetable engine of the popular acid8 including 12 waveforms and the essential functions of its highly acclaimed step sequencer. Square, Saw and Triangle are each available in 4 flavours (Normal, Distorted, Fat / Detuned, Harmonized / Techno). The mobile 8-bit "Dreckschleuder" offers some new tricks such as transposition automation, filter wobbler, stutter and vinyl spin-down effects. uAcid8 can be supplied with power either via micro USB or 2 (AAA) batteries. The micro-USB interface can also be used for the USB-MIDI connection.
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Dnipro Metamorph Eurorack Module (black faceplate)
Dnipro Metamorph Eurorack Module (black faceplate) (eurorack controller/CV modulation/sequencer module)
Cat: 834880 Rel: 30 Sep 21
Versatile 4 stage x 3 channel cv source with built in sequencer and glide
Notes: Metamorph is a versatile 4 stage x 3 channel cv source with built in sequencer and glide. Inspired by a Serge Tcherepnin concept, Metamorph is designed to control several parameters at once and creates a complex CV source for eurorack system. Each channel is represented by a column of pots, while each column is divided into 4 individual stages by rows, with corresponding button and gate out. It is possible to change stages manually by pressing stage buttons or to sequence them by external sources, like clock, LFO, envelopes etc. Metamorph has a special user sequence feature, which allow to program play order and duration of the stages, create unique sequence with individual timing per stage and memorize it.

Operating Metamorph is quick and immediate in a good analog fashion, with single control per function. Two modules can be linked together to create a 8-step sequencer with dual CV outs per channel. Additionally, every channel has a deep glide control for performing fast or really slow voltage slides between stages. And, of course, there are ordinary sequencer CV inputs, like reset, hold and revers direction.

Technical details:

Size: 20 hp

50 mA +12V

20A -12V

0 mA 5V

28 mm deep

output ranges: 0V to 5V, 0V to 10V, -2.5V to 2.5V, -5V to 5V

Link two Metamorphs to create a 8-step sequencer.

It is possible to chain two modules with an optional link cable. After linking, both modules will create an 8 step sequencer and share their CV outputs.
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Materia Urania Hand Drawn Maths Alternative Panel
Cat: 821836
Black & gold blank panel
Notes: Maths alternative Panel with black and gold finish.
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coming soon $31.87
Arturia BeatStep Pro Black Edition Controller & Sequencer
Cat: 837034 Rel: 31 Oct 21
Industry standard 3-track sequencer with huge connectivity in limited edition colour
Notes: For the adventurous performer, nothing comes close to the Arturia BeatStep Pro. Now available for a limited time in stylish black, BeatStep Pro has been designed to become the center of your music world. Perform using your vintage monosynths, outboard modules, and drum machines all at the same time using its comprehensive CV/Gate connections, all while controlling virtual instruments and syncing with your DAW via MIDI/USB.

EXCLUSIVE! Includes 14 CV patch cables, Analog Lab Intro, and Ableton Live Lite.

Connect to anything

When searching for the perfect sequencer, you need something that will have your whole studio performing in sync. BeatStep Pro will do just that; featuring CV / Gate output, 8 drum gate outputs, a multi-mode clock sync, and MIDI in & out. Sync your modular synths to your DAW project, all while creating a live performance using its intuitive controls.

The professional's choice

Don't let its small size fool you, BeatStep Pro is no toy. Its advance sequencers can create patterns up to 64 steps long, with velocity, gate time, and note tie available per step. The 16 track drum sequencer can be customized for knobs, step buttons, and velocity & pressure sensitive pads, and output MIDI CC, note data, as well as program changes. BeatStep Pro even features a real-time roller & looper touch strip for on-the-fly pattern performances.

Included Software:

Analog Lab Intro
Ableton Live Lite
Arturia MIDI Control Center
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AE Modular 4VCA Eurorack Module
AE Modular 4VCA Eurorack Module (eurorack utility module)
Cat: 836542 Rel: 30 Sep 21
Quad VCA, switchable DC/CV, audio & mix output
Notes: The 4VCA is a quad VCA, switchable DC/CV and audio (same like 2VCA), and: A mix output! So you can use it also a 4-channel CV controllable mixer for audio or CV.
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IO Instruments DIA High-End Preamplifier Module
IO Instruments DIA High-End Preamplifier Module (external/filter/preamp synth module)
Cat: 795949
Preamplifier module


Up to 80dB MIC GAIN

Low distortion and noise

High CMRR, sweet sound

Variable HI and LO PASS

PAD switch - 20dB



All switching is with relays


XLR, 6,3 & 3,5 mm OUTs


Width: 12 HP
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Tubbutec 6equencer 3U Eurorack Module
Tubbutec 6equencer 3U Eurorack Module (eurorack MIDI/sequencer module)
Cat: 834725 Rel: 30 Sep 21
A 606 inspired drum sequencer and midi interface
Notes: Tubbutec 6equencer (pronounced sequencer, sixquencer, or whatever you prefer) is a TR-606 inspired step sequencer.

It is available in different Eurorack form factors (1U and 3U) and despite being compact has many powerful features.

6equencer is optimized for live performance and allows quick programming and editing of drum patterns.

User interface:

The 6equencer user interface features 16 buttons with LEDs and a FUNC button.

Each LED can be red, blue or purple.

Typically a blue LED will indicate a mode or setting, while a red LED will indicate an active step or parameter.

When both, red and blue LEDs are turned on, the resulting color will be purple. This means both are set (e.g. a step is set and a parameter is selected).

Inputs and Outputs:

6equencer has 8 instrument outputs and can be clocked via analogue clock or midi clock.

The clock input doubles as a midi input, the RESET or RUN/STOP input doubles as midi output.

It is possible to trigger analogue drum modules, analogue drum machines or midi based drum machines.

Drum patterns and songs

6equencer has 8 instrument channels and is pattern based. Each pattern can have up to 16 steps and 16 different patterns can be programmed.

Multiple patterns can be chained to a 'song'. Each song consists of up to 32 patterns, a single pattern can occur multiple times in a song.

You can record a new song while another is playing and start the new song in sync. This allows very flexible and intuitive live performances.

Performance features:

Many features exist to ease pattern programming and live performance:

Multiple play directions can be selected including a musically usable random mode. The play direction can be changed for patterns and for songs independently. Changing the direction will not cause 6equencer to lose sync as it remembers the "original" play position.A handy performance tool is the MUTE mode. Here you can activate and deactivate instruments while the sequencer is playing and without modifying the patterns. Furthermore, the Low Tom and High Tom instruments can be used to control the probability of other instruments playing.While the sequencer is running, TAP mode can be used to record steps live. Here the instrument buttons can be used to enter rhythms.

In CLEAR mode, the current steps are cleared as long as CLEAR is pressed.Patterns and tracks can also be copied and pasted, allowing the quick programming of variations.

Link multiple 6equencers:

Multiple 6equencer modules can be connected to form patterns with more than 16 steps or used in parallel to effectively get more instrument channels.

Up to 4 6equencers can be connected for a maximum of 64 steps per pattern or 32 instrument channels. The connection is achieved via a 'LINK' connector on the back of the module.

An optional LINK Patchbay can be used to dynamically connect multiple 6equencers. 6equencer automatically detects if it is part of a chain and acts accordingly - Even while it is running. The LINK connection can also be used to directly connect the 6m0d6 drum module.

Config Menu:

More features are accessible via a config menu. You can define:

Midi input and output channels
Pulse lengths or gate output
Accented pulse length
Clock mode
Clock dividers
LED brightness
and LINK mode

It is rarely necessary to change settings in the config menu, but to ease its use reference cards are provided.
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