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Back Catalogue: Deep Dubstep

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Cat: ONEDROPEP 05. Rel: 08 Sep 09
  1. Ride De Riddim Dub (feat Jah Seal)
  2. Far Out Dub
  3. Mother Earth (feat Kaya T)
  4. Poppy Hop (feat Ras Perez)
out of stock $10.07
The Raven (12")
Cat: OSMUK 017. Rel: 29 May 12
  1. Biome - "The Raven"
  2. Kryptic Minds - "Hybrid" (Biome remix)
Played by: Corticyte
out of stock $6.33
Cat: SJR 161-12WHITE. Rel: 06 Jul 12
  1. Digital Mystikz - "Wait"
  2. Kode 9 - "Magnetic City"
Played by: Soul Jazz Records
out of stock $7.08
Cat: DETUND 013. Rel: 08 Jun 10
  1. Function Kero (Soundmurderer dubstep remix)
  2. Function Kero (Matt Herdman remix)
  3. Function Kero (Corbin Davis remix)
  4. Function Kero
Played by: Svreca
out of stock $8.09
Revolt (12")
Cat: ORTS 003. Rel: 06 Jan 12
  1. Instinct - "Revolt"
  2. Killa & Instinct - "Drones" (remix)
Played by: Fused Forces
out of stock $6.58
Bass 96 (12" promo)
Cat: BNL 001. Rel: 26 Jan 11
  1. Bass 96
  2. Hnads In The Air
Played by: TMSV
out of stock $6.58
Cat: MEDI 080. Rel: 18 Feb 14
  1. Electro Magnetic Destroyer
  2. Propaine
Review: Deep Medi Musik introduce K Man with the machine-gunning Electro Magnetic Destroyer EP. In terms of sub-bass and gnarly musicality it rates up there with recent 12"s from familiar artists like Goth-Trad, Mala, Commodo and Kahn. The title-cut is an industrial-tinged and deep dubstep melee of warbly basslines, growling synths and beefy drums all wrapped up in a sinister rhythm. Then there's "Propaine", the perfect weapon to wake up the neighbours, and even though its groove is broken, it remains fluid and very duurty.
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Played by: AxH, RDG
out of stock $7.85
Dub O Dup (limited hand-numbered 12")
Cat: ARLP 002. Rel: 19 Jan 13
  1. Dub O' Dup
  2. As Above
  3. Shame Is A Lonely Word
  4. Southern Hemi
  5. Sleep Wake Dub
  6. Rail To Rail
out of stock $22.78
Dread (12")
Cat: MEDI 064. Rel: 27 Nov 12
  1. Dread
  2. Late Night Blues (feat Rider Shafique)
Review: While dubstep continues to splinter into its myriad variations, from toe-curling pop to ear-splitting bangers and everything in between, it's reassuring to find a continued stream of producers interested in exploring the original space the genre occupied, where the evolutionary path is a much slower one. Kahn represents a strong case on his debut for Deep Medi, which is by and large a classicist approach to dubstep (as you might well expect for Mala's imprint). In his previous outings he has tackled a staggering range from synth heavy steppers, refined and modernist garage, to raucous grime and rootsy digi-dub. The incendiary vocal lick that kicks off "Dread" rasps and spits with the grit of 80s dancehall, instantly recalling the addictively unsettling grunts and groans of ragga MCs on the earliest jungle tracks. With some considered vocal assistance from Rider Shafique, "Late Night Blues" comes on startlingly stripped-back, fuelled by a crisp beat and soothing sub bass rumble. The glacial chord swell and distant clangs only serve to cool things even further, and once again the delay gets opened up to fire the drums off into the ether. It's a pristine turn, eschewing fireworks and shifting dynamics for a slow and steady twist-out, building up the feedback but never letting it run away from itself.
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Played by: Dub gabriel
out of stock $6.83
Cat: DRUNK 021. Rel: 30 Mar 11
  1. Like We Used To
  2. Helter Skelter
out of stock $7.85
Kahn EP (heavyweight vinyl double 12")
Cat: BLACKBOX 032. Rel: 04 Apr 13
  1. Prophet (feat Rider Shafique)
  2. Badman City (feat Flowdan)
  3. Snake Eyes (feat Jabu)
  4. Cover Me
  5. No More
Review: Chameleonic Bristolian Kahn continues his peerless run of releases with a killer self-titled double 12" release for the Blackbox label that's filed alongside his Deep Medi and Hotline transmissions in our affections. The immediate standout track is undoubtedly "Badman City" which features the incomparable vocals of Flowdan, the Bug collaborator who was sampled on Kahn & Neek's superb "Percy". Whilst Flowdan's delivery on that Bandulu cut was lifted roughly from his barrelling live MCing, here he's in notably more menacing form. Rider Shafique and fellow Young Echo acolyte Jabu also provide vocals with the latter's delivery on "Snake Eyes" sounding somewhat akin to Tricky aping Mike Skinner. A bold release from one of the UK's most impressive talents.
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Played by: Shiftee
out of stock $12.66
Illy (12")
Cat: DRUNK 025. Rel: 21 Nov 11
  1. Illy
  2. Tehran
out of stock $7.85
Gorgon Sound Versions (limited 12")
Cat: MEDI 084. Rel: 28 Jan 15
  1. Dread (4:40)
  2. Late Night Blues (feat Rider Shafique) (5:30)
Review: We've been waiting for this one for a minute!!! Kahn & Neek's Gorgon Sound outfit finally unleash this mighty re-fix of Kahn's 2012 Deep Medi outing "Dread". Warm skanks, gravelly toasting and a rolling muscular momentum, it's a whole new tune. "Late Night Blues" gets a similarly massive facelift as the deep space is replaced by crisp live drums and added textures. Quintessential version material for the dance hall.
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Played by: DNN
out of stock $6.83
Abattoir (limited 12")
Cat: MEDI 083. Rel: 05 Feb 15
  1. Abattoir (5:07)
  2. Over Deh So (5:04)
Review: Some hot new bass pressure from Kahn on Deep Medi Music which arrives swiftly after Mala's label issued those crucial Gorgon Sound refixes of his 2012 dancefloor killer Dread. Naturally the hood popping riddims are in full effect from the Young Echo member. After a climatic, horn heavy, mutant ragga intro, "Abattoir" drops into monophonic bass roll of drums accompanied by science fiction atmospheres and skittering drums. "Over Deh So" is a more liquid in its groove, providing a fitting alternative, with pulsing, dubbed-out synths exchanging progressions with sinister cathedral tones for a track you could imagine lifting the roof off a rave held by a secret occult of Gregorian monks.
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Played by: Jamie Trench
out of stock $6.83
Silverfish (12")
Cat: OSMUK 021. Rel: 04 Sep 12
  1. Silverfish
  2. Lone Wolf
Played by: Boywonder
out of stock $8.09
Unity Dub (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: LIONCHG 003. Rel: 03 Sep 13
  1. Unity Dub
  2. Rudebwoi
Played by: I Love 45's!
out of stock $7.85
Hunter (12")
Cat: OSMUK 029. Rel: 30 Apr 13
  1. Hunter (feat Flowdan)
  2. Snagglepuss
Review: Two important things to note here. One: Kaiju's 12"s sell out on the regular, and Osiris seldom repress. Two: Flowdan is on mic duties. With such a distinctive tone and menacing lyrical style, his flow suits Kaiju's liquid, slime-like sonics so well, they were made for each other. Flip for the more spacious, eerie soundscapes of "Snagglepuss". Cute title, dark groove. Kaiju are on fine form right now.
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Played by: Be-1ne
out of stock $7.85
Play Music Selecta (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SCOB 024. Rel: 01 Apr 11
  1. Play Music Selecta (feat Little John & Jah Thomas - Mungo Hi-Fi remix)
  2. Sugar Plum Plum (feat Little John - RSD remix)
  3. Sugar Plum (instrumental)
out of stock $6.58
1999-2009 (double 12")
  1. Crapshot
  2. Dockie1b
  3. Mind2disk Exe
  4. Sex Not Bombs 1.4
  5. Strange Fragment
  6. Lovers
  7. Cigarette Tree
  8. Disco Orgel Johnny
  9. Tawk Is Jeep
  10. Megg
  11. TX Mania
  12. Test Object 2
  13. Teee Yui
  14. Sarcasm In Your Eyes
  15. Speedles
  16. MS Wheatherforce41.7C
  17. Christians
  18. Auf Wiedersehn
  19. Fairytal
out of stock $16.19
Cat: AMB 1206. Rel: 06 Sep 12
  1. Fallen
  2. Mia
  3. August Fades
out of stock $5.57
Ilove04 (12")
Cat: PIPS 013. Rel: 04 Aug 10
  1. ILove04
  2. Lilt
out of stock $6.58
Cat: RUFFCUT 001. Rel: 09 Jul 13
  1. Killa Dinna
  2. Killa Inna Jungle
Played by: AxH
out of stock $8.35
Opposing Rhetoric Part 1 (silver marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: OSMUK 031A. Rel: 16 Jul 13
  1. Two Curious Gypsies
  2. Static Tension
  3. Unit51
Played by: Ipman, Killawatt
out of stock $7.85
Sidewinder (12")
Cat: BLKBXXX 06. Rel: 02 Dec 11
  1. Sidewinder
  2. Sidewinder (Ipman Worldwide remix)
out of stock $6.06
Darkplace (12")
Cat: TEMPA 079. Rel: 31 Jul 13
  1. Darkplace
  2. Sur Place
Review: Regular conspirators Killawat and Ipman step up to the plate for Tempa once more on the appropriately titled Darkplace. Brandishing some artwork that reveals them to fans of cult C4 comedy at its finest, the title track also lifts an eerie vocal sample from Garth Marengi's Dark Place (we think) before veering off into deepest snaking sub bass territory - seriously don't stand too near the bass bins when this one's in full flow. Whilst this is classic Killawat and Ipman material the flip "Sur Place" adopts a more broken techno rhythm that sounds a lot closer to Killawat's recent outings for Osiris. Great plate from the Tempa crew!
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Played by: Killawatt
out of stock $6.33
Open Water (limited hand-numbered 12")
Cat: OSMUK 037EP. Rel: 25 Mar 14
  1. Open Water (Killawatt version)
  2. Open Water (Ipman version)
  3. Open Water (Monic version)
  4. Open Water (Metrist version)
Review: Osiris Music continues to frolic at the boundaries of bass creativity with this genuinely unique release. The original of "Open Water" is nowhere to be seen..... And the person responsible for its genesis isn't credited. Truly anonymous, it's down to the remixers to apply their own narrative. And with no reference points, it means you've effectively got complete different tracks. Each one shudders with promise, but highlights include the tribal drama of Monic's version and the industrial strength off-beat drum textures of Metrist's version. Limited to 320 presses, this is special in every sense. Jump on it now.
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out of stock $8.09
Rock Bottom (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: RINSE 015. Rel: 12 Oct 12
  1. Rock Bottom
  2. Octopus
out of stock $6.33
Lost (7")
Cat: HDB 039. Rel: 30 Sep 10
  1. Lost
  2. Frequencies (feat Pupajim)
out of stock $5.57
Neph (12")
Cat: TNM 001. Rel: 02 Nov 12
  1. Neph
  2. Phi
Played by: Airhead, Corticyte
out of stock $7.85
Tusk EP (12")
Cat: RS 1107. Rel: 02 Aug 11
  1. Tusk
  2. Fens
  3. Cypher
  4. Pim
out of stock $7.08
Livity Sound #4 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: LIVITYSOUND 004. Rel: 16 Apr 12
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
Review: ** Repress from the Livity Sound dons **The Bristol based Livity Sound imprint, run by Peverelist, Kowton and Asusu, is fast becoming a buy on sight label thanks to releases which seem to pay no attention to genre or fads, swerving between raw house, experimental dubstep and swung techno from record to record. This time round it's Kowton's turn to step up, and on the A-Side absolutely rips it up with the track's turn of the century grime strings and savage claps which sound like a more brooding version of Helix's recent drop on Night Slugs. On the flip he strips it right back with a thumping percussive creeper which makes impressive use of the most sparing of elements which would no doubt be best served in the darkest of basements. Awe inspiring stuff.
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out of stock $7.08
Cat: CBR 002. Rel: 02 Nov 11
  1. Dont Make Sense
  2. 2012
  3. In 2 Minds
  4. Outer Limit (feat Team Starfleet)
Played by: Danny Drive Thru
out of stock $6.33
Boookey (12")
Cat: DEEPD 004. Rel: 31 Jan 12
  1. Boookey
  2. Alone
Played by: Fused Forces
out of stock $8.09
Monster (12")
Cat: NMGR 001. Rel: 09 Apr 15
  1. Monster (5:11)
  2. Despite (5:38)
Review: Prolific South London producer Kromestar has been a celebrated name on the dubstep circuit for the best part of a decade, dropping acclaimed singles on a wide variety of labels, including Hotflush, Deep Medi and Dubstar. Here he debuts on the brand new Nebula Music Group imprint, delivering a veritable assault on the senses in the shape of "Monster" - all ragged, pulverizing wobble bass, cheeky rave vocal stabs and massive, reverb-laden beats. It sounds like the sort of record that will be greeted with rapturous cheers when dropped at up-coming summer festivals. Flipside "Despite" is an altogether deeper concoction, with classic dubstep rhythms and heavy dub bass being joined by spooky melodies and spitting electronics.
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Played by: AxH
out of stock $8.35
Cat: GDKR 001. Rel: 06 Apr 11
  1. Mental Universe
  2. Trianglez
Played by: Boywonder
out of stock $6.58
Aksum (12")
Cat: TEC 061. Rel: 06 Jun 12
  1. Aksum
  2. When Two Paths Cross
Played by: Boywonder
out of stock $6.58
Cat: BLACKBOX 010. Rel: 04 Mar 11
  1. Kryptic Minds - "Can't Sleep" (feat Alys Be)
  2. Kryptic Minds vs Emika - "Make You Sleep"
Review: D&B-turned-dubstep duo Kryptic Minds seem to have somewhat of a predisposition towards the darker shades of dubstep with their trademark murky basslines, inky black soundscapes, haunting vocals and deep dubs. "Make You Sleep" is no exception to the rule; employing Emika's whispering lyrical prowess with heavy, solipsistic bass and rolling subs, it's another superb venture, building hype for the release of their album, due out later this year (we can't wait!) On the flip, insomnia troubling cut "Can't Sleep" (feat. Alys Be) continues the vibe with more contemplative, melodic blissed out music from the pair, rounding the release off to perfection.
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Played by: Kryptic Minds, Emika
out of stock $6.06
No Fear Of Future (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: OSMUK 028EP. Rel: 25 Apr 13
  1. Swung Operations
  2. Reaching Through
  3. Cunning Juncture
Review: Kryptic Minds and Killawatt... Dub collabs don't come much bigger, or deeper. "Swung Operations" is just one lolloping, swampy swing. A fantastic DJ tool and a great way to build up the tension, it's simple but devilishly effective. "Reaching Through" looks to Detroit for inspiration; think Robert Hood or early Mills; the relentless rhythm and aquatic washes of synth are the epitome of mesmerising. "Cunning Juncture" finishes on a mildly disjointed, discordant note with distant sheet metal slamming percussion and rising sense of paranoia. Brutal.
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out of stock $8.09
Axis Shift (grey marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: OSMUK 033. Rel: 20 Aug 13
  1. Axis Shift
  2. Solarized Formation
Review: A truly heavyweight collab affair, Kryptic Minds and Sleeper have unleashed each other's beast with both of these cuts. "Axis Shift" is an uncompromising techno-minded behemoth, all double kicks and industrial growls. "Solarized Formation" is heavier again thanks its pneumatic stuttering rhythm and harrowed groans buried deep in the mix. Powerful stuff, and available on grey marbled vinyl... this is a very special release.
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Played by: Hadji
out of stock $7.59
Arcane (12")
Cat: BLACKBOX 016. Rel: 28 Jul 11
  1. Kryptic Minds & Youngsta - "Arcane"
  2. Kryptic Minds - "Can't Sleep" (feat Alys Be - Scuba remix)
Review: Black Box do the smart thing and roll out "Arcane", one of the highlights of Can't Sleep, their second album length deviation into dubstep, for the vinyl release it so rightly deserves. Produced in sync with Rinse stalwart Youngsta, "Arcane" positively ripples with 808 menace, with jagged subs constantly growling and threatening to bite amidst a backdrop of eerily reverberant sonics that tunnel deep into your thoughts. Equally impressive is the B Side where Hotflush boss Paul Rose dons his Scuba moniker to endear "Can't Sleep" with some of his trademark mid range growl over a increasingly menacing 4/4 thump.
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Played by: Snooks, ADAM FAZ
out of stock $6.06
Cat: TKG 005. Rel: 17 Aug 11
  1. What It's Not (feat Juakali)
  2. Fall (feat Amalia)
  3. What It's Not (feat Juakali - Grievous Angel remix)
out of stock $6.58
  1. unknown (Alter Echo & E3 remix) (3:39)
  2. Behind The Noise (J:Kenzo remix) (7:38)
  3. Mineral (Gulls remix) (4:29)
  4. Lucid Dream (Headland remix) (8:45)
 in stock $15.95
Cat: HDB 082. Rel: 22 May 14
  1. Mala - "Expected, Level 10"
  2. DVA - "Technical Difficulties"
  3. Kuedo - "Mtzpn"
  4. Kode9 - "Xingfu Lu" (Helix remix)
Review: Hyperdub kick off the vinyl side to their ten-year celebrations with this weighty four-tracker from some of the leading lights from the label's story. Mala is in a strident mood with "Expected, Level 10" carrying through that extra touch of melody from the Mala In Cuba LP. DVA cuts loose with the leftfield scattershot groove of "Technical Difficulties", reveling in tonal experimentation and jagged rhythmic flair to a stunning end. Still locked into the sci-fi trap tangent that characterised Severant, Kuedo turns out the haunting "Mtzpn" and Helix pops up for a remix of Kode9's "Xingfu Lu" that strips down to bare essentials with a little starlit soul rubbed into the framework.
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 in stock $5.57
Cat: CBR 001. Rel: 20 Jul 11
  1. Solar Cycle
  2. Merkabah
out of stock $7.08
Cat: K7 293EP. Rel: 21 Mar 12
  1. Photek & Kuru - "Fountainhead (DJ-Kicks)"
  2. Photek - "Azymuth"
  3. Photek - "No Agenda"
Played by: Ney Faustini
out of stock $5.82
Cat: MANTRA 001. Rel: 02 Jul 14
  1. Quantum Soul & Katya Gabeli - "Emergence"
  2. Quantum Soul - "Nemawashi"
Review: Bristol label Deeper Vibrations expand operations here with the launch of Mantra, a sister label dedicated to digging even deeper into the DNA of dubstep for releases that are geared equally for club play or headphone rotation. With a discography that's become characterised by a rare talent for matching rhythmic toughness with real musicality, Guy Chambers work under the Quantum Soul banner makes him a perfect candidate to inaugurate proceedings on Mantra. The lead track is a hook up with Dutch musician Katya Gabeli that results in a sumptuous exercise in horizontal beat science and it's more than matched by the solo flipside cut "Nemawashi".
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Played by: AxH
out of stock $9.37
Route 1 Audio Volume 2 (yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: ROA 006. Rel: 12 Jul 16
  1. RNDM - "Soulfire" (dub) (5:34)
  2. C-Side - "Kingdom Dread" (4:44)
  3. Ncomfortable - "One Love" (feat Talabun MC) (6:32)
  4. Monkixx - "Kick Back" (3:51)
  5. Kiite - "Kevala" (3:47)
  6. Bigseuf - "BBB" (4:05)
  7. Galactic Steppa - "Step In 2" (4:39)
Review: Following a successful Pledge Music crowd fund, Route 1 Audio have put together another heavyweight wax slab with seven of their many talented affiliates. The yellow disc opens with the deeper, sub-rumbling axis of Route 1's remit with RNDM's "Soulfire" and C-Side's "Kingdom Dread" before dipping into the punky D&B energy of Ncomfortable's "One Love". Monkixx and Kevala take us back on deeper trip with dreamy fractured takes on UKG while Bigseuf and Galactic Steppa close the show with booty-busting juke and future-retro jungle respectively. No bass stone uncovered.
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out of stock $8.35
Ramsgate (7")
Cat: LIONCHG 7003. Rel: 06 May 16
  1. J Robinson & Who Dem Sound meets Cessman & K Man - "Ramsgate" (3:25)
  2. J Robinson Who Dem Sound - "Ramsgate" (dub) (3:26)
out of stock $8.35
  1. Ta-ku - "Jey KIds"
  2. DJ Dials - "Pillowforts"
  3. Koreless - "Away"
  4. Synkro & Indigo - "Knowing You"
out of stock $10.38
Dualism (12")
Cat: OSMUK 020. Rel: 31 Jul 12
  1. Thelem & Killawatt - "Dualism"
  2. Thelem - "Saturn Colour"
Played by: District
out of stock $8.09
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Back Catalogue: Deep Dubstep
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