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Back Catalogue: Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime

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Dirty Dubstep / Trap / Grime

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In For The Kill
In For The Kill (CD single)
Cat: 2700304. Rel: 12 Mar 09
  1. In For The Kill
  2. In For The Kill (Skream's Lets Get Ravey remix)
out of stock $3.81
Frisky (CD single)
Cat: CDR 6814. Rel: 04 Jun 10
  1. Frisky (radio edit)
  2. Frisky (Craze & Hoax remix)
out of stock $2.17
The Best Of Tunnel Vision
Cat: ESKIBEAT 1. Rel: 04 Oct 07
  1. Tunnel Vision (intro)
  2. 16 Bar Rally (feat Rage/Esco/Jammer & Godsgift)
  3. E3 Talent (feat Snoopy)
  4. Crash Bandicoot Freestyle
  5. I'm On Point Fans
  6. Checkmate (feat Frisco)
  7. Nothing Less Freestyle
  8. Highlander Freestyle
  9. Bad Em Up (feat JME)
  10. House Of Fire (feat Frisco)
  11. A Lot To Learn
  12. Sometimes (feat Frisco & Scorcher)
  13. She's A Rider
  14. Eskiboy Intro
  15. I'm A Sinner
  16. He's Too Much
  17. Friday 13th Freestyle
  18. Pump Up Tone Up
  19. E3 Link Up (feat All In One/Black Rain & Mega)
  20. Roam Around The Street
  21. Racist People (feat Trim & Scratchy)
  22. Boy Better Know Freestyle
  23. Intro
  24. Mum I'm Stronger
  25. Cool Off
  26. Nightbus Dubplate
  27. U Would Get Wile Up
  28. At The Beginning
  29. He Don't Wanna (feat Caramel Brownie)
  30. Who's On The Photo (feat Caramel Brownie)
  31. You & I (feat Shola Ama)
  32. I'm A Fly Boy
  33. Nast Jack War (dub)
  34. Footsie War (dub)
  35. All In One War (dub)
  36. Eyes Colsed (feat Jammer)
  37. Face Your Fears
  38. Sky Is Falling (feat Jookie Mundo)
  39. Sorry Sorry Pardon What
  40. Newham Generals War (dub)
  41. Nasty Jack War (dub 2)
  42. Don't Do It (feat JME)
  43. One Line Flow (remix)
  44. Sister Sister
  45. Paranoid Freestyle
  46. Nan I Am London
Played by: Logan Sama
out of stock $6.51
Bambaataa Eats His Breakfast
Cat: ZIQ 246CD. Rel: 21 Aug 09
  1. The Coconut Kestrel
  2. Eva
  3. How Do You Feel?
  4. Can't See Me (feat Profisee)
  5. Say 'N Do (feat Profisee)
  6. Schlump Funk
  7. SK1 - The Damager
  8. 6 At Le Mans
Played by: XLR8R, Groove Magazine
out of stock $10.87
Lea Lea
Lea Lea (CD)
Cat: WAHCD 025. Rel: 05 Oct 13
  1. Wonderer
  2. Dry
  3. Dead Girl Walking
  4. Apartheid
  5. Black Or White
  6. AK47
  7. One In Three
  8. Silence
  9. The Road
out of stock $9.77
Worldwide Family Volume 1
Cat: BWOOD 061CD. Rel: 30 Dec 10
  1. Uphigh Collective - "Blend Revised" (feat Delvis)
  2. Damage Is Done - "Meeting Point"
  3. Exile - "Rake"
  4. Dela & The Headlesshunters - "London Town"
  5. Grooveman Spot - "Take Back"
  6. Brassroots - "Good Life"
  7. 74 Miles Away - "Same Dream Again" (feat AHU & Miles Bonny)
  8. INT - "Raw Funk"
  9. Karlmarx - "Mists"
  10. Onra - "The Perfect Match"
  11. Tokimonsta - "Park Walks"
  12. Trilogy - "Automata"
  13. Airhead - "Stilt Beetles"
  14. Illum Sphere - "One For Dimlite"
  15. Steve Lynx & Hellrazor - "I Don't Think So"
  16. Andreas Saag - "Nobody Here"
  17. Greymatter & Klic - "Thinking About You"
  18. Harrison Blakoldman - "Full Speed!!!"
  19. Afrikan Sciences & Kebbi - "5 Spot"
  20. Ave Blast & Cosmos Rodriguez - "Glow In The Dark"
  21. Kemeticjust - "I Got Life" (feat Terrance Downs)
  22. Cooly G - "Gritting"
  23. Zed Bias & Eddy Ramich - "Lost Elevator"
  24. Seiji - "The King"
  25. Kalbata - "Silver Balls"
  26. Ku Bo - "Twist Up"
  27. Chuck Maurice & Simbad - "Summer Badness"
Review: Professional quiet talker Gilles Peterson unveils the first in hopefully a long line of new Worldwide compilations, entrusting the tracklisting duties to two members of the WW extended family in the shape of ace London dwelling French producer and DJ Simbad and Belgian jock Lefto. Armed with the license to gather up an army of international prospects, the duo has excelled, delivering 27 stellar jams across the two CDs. There are names you'll recognise such as Cooly G, Seiji and Zed Bias but these are sandwiched between a host of lesser known but equally talented producers and bands. It's this melange of the known and unknown that sets the standard for future editions of Worldwide Family. Echoing his show on Studio Brussels, Lefto's CD leans heavily on the beat heavy head nodders from the US and mainland Europe until the delightful cover of Inner City's "Good Life" from UK act Brass Roots, whilst Onra's heavy disco vibes on "The Perfect Match" and Tokimonsta's exercise in bottom heavy vocal click-clackers end the set on a high note. At 15 tracks in length Simbad's selection provides more musical scope, kicking off with manipulated ethereal sampledelica of Airhead and including Illum Sphere's amazing ode to Dimlite before slipping in some shimmering beatdown from Swedish talent Andreas Saag. Next level afro jazz leanings from the Bay Area duo Afrikan Sciences & Kebbi leads into deep future house bizniz from Ave Blaste & Cosmo Rodriguez, a Franco Paraguayan duo based in London, whilst contributions from the aforementioned Cooly G, Zed Bias and Seiji adds some real contemporary heat to selection. Presented in a lovely gatefold CD digipak with brilliant artwork from Grems Industry, this is a sterling way to commence the New Year from Brownswood!
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out of stock $13.03
Keepers Of The Light
Keepers Of The Light (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: LDN 029CD. Rel: 27 Mar 12
  1. No Fixed Abode - "Secret Lagoon"
  2. Amen Ra - "Steelz"
  3. Amen Ra - "Candy Rain"
  4. No Fixed Abode - "Sunset" (Mumbai Slum Edition)
  5. Amen Ra - "Essence Investigation"
  6. Double Helix - "Supreme Architecture"
  7. Double Helix - "LDN"
  8. Double Helix - "Rush"
  9. Low Density Matter - "Questions"
  10. Low Density Matter - "Blue Steel"
  11. Amen Ra - "Simple Things"
  12. Amen Ra - "Low Maintenance"
  13. No Fixed Abode - "Strangelands"
  14. Amen Ra - "From Whence We Came"
  15. Amen Ra - "Broken Glass"
  16. No Fixed Abode - "Indian Street Slang"
  17. Amen Ra - "Fairytales"
  18. Amen Ra - "Akashic Visions"
  19. Amen Ra - "Hidden Life Force 2"
  20. Double Helix - "No Worries"
  21. Double Helix - "Bass 2 Dark"
  22. Double Helix - "Chamber Of Light"
  23. Double Helix - "Inferno"
  24. Double Helix - "Deep Life"
  25. Double Helix - "Voyages"
  26. Amen Ra - "One Toke Wonder"
Review: With the series of 12" s garnering ever more praise amongst dubstep purists, Keysound capitalise on the appreciation of the LHF collective and issue forth a whole album's worth of material under the appropriate title Keepers Of The Light. The reason the crew is heralded is not because of some stout insistence on making endless monochrome 2003 style dubstep, but because the vitality the genre poses at its best is evident throughout their output. There's a heavy focus on Indian classical samples in many of the tracks which harks back to Dusk & Blackdown's Margins Music, but really the whopping 26 track selection is pushing a brand of freshness in a half-step context which is all their own.
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out of stock $12.04
Me Me
Me Me (CD)
Cat: NONPLUSCD 002. Rel: 20 Apr 11
  1. Trophy Wife
  2. Quarter Life Crisis
  3. Squeeze Me
  4. Pinch Me
  5. Dare Me
  6. Face Me
  7. Defrade Me
  8. VHS
  9. White Noise
  10. Hello Hell
Review: Mildly mysterious London trio LOL are an odd proposition. Their sound, in particular, is hard to pin down, coming on like a trip-hop head's take on dubstep-pop after an hour or two in the studio with Instra:Mental. At times, this debut album is mournful and introspective (the guitar-laden "Dare Me", the swirling "VHS"), at others forceful and mildly threatening ("Hello Hell", "Pinch Me"). It's also occasionally scratchily upbeat ("Squeeze Me"), and sometimes sounds like a 21st century bass head's take on Moloko ("Faze Me", "Quarter Life Crisis"). At first, this fusion of styles and influences is slightly unsettling, but Me Me will quickly grow on you. It's certainly a promising debut.

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out of stock $10.61
International Rudeboy
Cat: FW 60CD. Rel: 07 Jul 11
  1. Dreader Than Dread (feat Jimmy Screech)
  2. Rebel Hifi (feat Spikey Tee)
  3. Rudest Dude
  4. Still Splendid (feat Roots Manuva)
  5. The Hiatus (feat Rucl)
  6. Mile High Dub
  7. Sundance (feat Rucl)
  8. Rude To Your Parents
  9. Drink Triples, See Double, Act Single
  10. Tip Toe Skank
  11. Never Gonna Drink Again
  12. Don't Want No (feat Midnight Republc & Florelie Escano)
  13. International Rudeboy
out of stock $11.41
Sebenza (CD)
Cat: HDBCD 015. Rel: 24 Aug 12
  1. Sebenza
  2. Animal Prints
  3. DL
  4. Limb
  5. Zulu Compurar
  6. Hustla
  7. Nothing Like Us
  8. Thatha Lo
  9. Safe & Sound
  10. Primus Stove
  11. International Pantsula
  12. Spitting Cobra
  13. Work
  14. Uthando Lwaka
out of stock $14.13
Islands (CD)
Cat: LDN 048CD. Rel: 17 Sep 14
  1. New Pen
  2. Run Down
  3. Obsessed
  4. Imminent
  5. Talk Trim
  6. Mistakes
  7. Shake
  8. Shudder
  9. Make It Count
  10. That Old Darkness
  11. Double-Decker Back Seat
  12. Out Of The Blue
  13. Waiting For The Night
  14. Angry Hiss
  15. Island
out of stock $13.59
Proto (CD)
Cat: TECCD 019. Rel: 12 Feb 15
  1. Border Drone
  2. Dance Energy (89 mix)
  3. Chaos Engine
  4. Legion
  5. Hall Of Mirrors
  6. Bagleys
  7. Proto
  8. Room 2 Lazer
  9. Move Your Body
  10. Cold
out of stock $10.06
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Back Catalogue: Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
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