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Back In Stock: Disco/Re-Edits

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Walk Dance Talk Sing
Cat: WDWLP 001. Rel: 08 May 15
  1. Like A Fool (6:02)
  2. The Come On (7:33)
  3. Hear My Song (6:01)
  4. Echo (7:06)
  5. Scrap The Book (5:28)
  6. Witch Doctor (6:33)
  7. Something More (6:06)
  8. WTDS (5:41)
Review: 18 years after making their debut on Paper Recordings, Jim Baron, Chris Todd and Danielle Moore show no signs of flagging. While it's been a while since their last studio album - the 2020 Vision released When We On in 2011 - they've hardly been shirking, complimenting a punishing schedule of live and DJ gigs with regular studio sessions. Walk Talk Dance Sing, the band's eight full-length proper, sees them in fine form, delivering warm, rich and hugely enjoyable blends of deep house, disco, boogie, soul and funk. There are few surprises, but you wouldn't expect any. Instead, the 11 tracks focus on what they do best, and few do it better. Not everything is quite as magical as recent single "Witch Doctor", but highlights are pleasingly plentiful.
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Under The Influence Vol 3: A Collection Of Rare Soul & Disco
Cat: ZEDDCD 029. Rel: 06 Jun 13
  1. Broken Glass - "Rather You Than Me"
  2. Manteca - "Afro Funky"
  3. Harold Butler - "Do It Anyday"
  4. Doug Hream Blunt - "Gentle Persuasion"
  5. Nadie La Fond - "Three Way Situation" (James Glass edit)
  6. Sweet Talks - "Do The Beat"
  7. The Impossible Dreamers - "Spin"
  8. Electric Chairs - "So Many Ways"
  9. Energy Crisis - "Energy" (instrumental)
  10. Jimmy Roma - "Beyond The Galaxy"
  11. Attitude - "Pretty Little Girl"
  12. Rexy - "Nervoso"
  13. Expansives - "Life With You" (instrumental)
  14. Prophet - "You Really Turn Me On"
  15. Popcorn - "Song For You"
  16. Jady Kurrent Band - "Standing There"
  17. Ben - "I Would Have To Be A Fool"
  18. Magnum - "Squivatch"
  19. Eleanore Mills - "Same Routine"
  20. TCB Band - "Children Of The Future"
  21. Sapphire - "Come & Dance With Me"
  22. Robbie Cee - "Beautiful People" (instrumental)
  23. SPG - "Loveland"
  24. Batiste Brothers Band - "Never Leave You Baby"
Review: San Francisco-based crate digger, DJ and producer James Glass is the latest disco nerd to take up Joey Negro's invitation to show off about the depth of his record collection. Predictably, his two-disc selection is packed full of unknown and unheralded gems, from the post-disco weirdness of Electric Chairs' " So Many Ways" to the shuffling, Wurlitzer organ-boasting "Nervoso" by Rexy, and Expansives' quirky electrofunk jam "Life With You (Instrumental)". A word, too, for the "Cocaine in My Brain"-inspired reggae disco goodness of Harold Butler's "Do It Anyday", which is a summer anthem in waiting.
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Played by: Lay-Far, I Love Disco!
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Disco Giants Volume 11: 20 Full Length Disco Classics Of The 80's
Cat: PTG 34191. Rel: 29 Aug 14
  1. Atlantic Starr - "Circles"
  2. SOS Band - "Just The Way You Like It"
  3. Total Contrast - "Takes A Little Time" (Bandito mix)
  4. Xavier - "Work That Sucker To Death"
  5. Teena Marie - "Lovergirl" (Special 12" dance mix)
  6. Rene & Angela - "I'll Be Good" (full version)
  7. One Way - "Don't Think About It"
  8. Val Young - "If You Should Ever Be Lonely" (club mix)
  9. Ollie & Jerry - "There's No Stopping Us" (club mix)
  10. Class Action - "Weekend"
  11. Everlyn "Champagne" King - "Hold On To What You've Got"
  12. George Benson - "Shiver"
  13. Patrice Rushen - "Feels So Real (Won't Let Go)"
  14. Maze - "Back In Stride" (feat Frankie Beverly)
  15. Maze - "Bad Times (I Can't Stand It)" (feat Frankie Beverly)
  16. Captain Rapp - "Use Me, Lose Me (Lose Me, Use Me)"
  17. The Paul Simpson Connection - "Sucker For Candy"
  18. Rozlyn Sorrell - "Serious"
  19. Soul Club - "I Want Your Guy"
  20. Cashmere - "Can I"
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Fac Dance: Factory Records 12" Mixes & Rarities 1980-1987
Cat: STRUT 087CD. Rel: 21 Oct 11
  1. Section 25 - "Looking From A Hilltop" (megamix)
  2. A Certain Ratio - "Wild Party"
  3. Quando Quango - "Love Tempo"
  4. 52nd Street - "Express"
  5. Swamp Children - "Little Voices"
  6. Biting Tongues - "Boss Toyota Trouble"
  7. The Durutti Column - "For Belgian Friends" (Valuable Passages version)
  8. Royal Family & The Poor - "Art On 45"
  9. A Certain Ratio - "Knife Slits Water" (12" version)
  10. Section 25 - "Dirty Disco"
  11. Blurt - "Puppeteer"
  12. X-O-Dus - "See Them-A-Come"
  13. New Order - "Confusion" (original 12" mix)
  14. Shark Vegas - "Pretenders Of Love"
  15. 52nd Street - "Cool As Ice" (Jellybean mix)
  16. Streetlife - "Act On Instinct" (Hot Swedish mix)
  17. The Hood - "Salvation!" (Nitromix)
  18. Abecedarians - "Smiling Monarchs"
  19. Quando Quango - "Atom Rock" (Mark Kamins mix)
  20. Marcel King - "Reach For Love" (New York remix)
  21. 52nd Street - "Look Into My Eyes"
  22. Quando Quango - "Genius"
  23. Swamp Children - "You've Got Me Beat"
  24. The Durutti Column - "Madeleine"
Review: Factory Records has always been a source of fascination for music historians and reissue merchants, though their focus has usually been on the label's indie credentials. Here crate-digging experts Strut take a different approach, shining a light on the label's contribution to dancefloor culture in the post-punk years. Largely steering clear of the biggest anthems, FAC Dance offers a good mix of familiar tunes ("Love Tempo", "Confusion", "Cold As Ice" etc), long-forgotten gems (see the alt electro-funk of A Certain Ratio and Marcel King's E'd-up Hacienda anthem "Reach For Love") and genuine curiosities (check The Duratti Column's dubbed-out proto Balearica, the piano-laden Latino vibes of Quando Quango's "Genius" and Biting Tongues oddball post-punk Afro-fusion). A fitting tribute to a truly visionary label.
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Played by: AJELLO, Manu•Archeo
 in stock $15.92
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