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This Week: Disco/Nu-Disco

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Cat: ERC 049 / JAMWAXMAXI 14. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Stop This Fussing & Fighting (8:05)
  2. Mad Blank (5:12)
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Cat: SCR 1238. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Hard To Fall (feat Cry No Mas) (5:56)
  2. Le Freq (feat Giana Scola) (6:01)
  3. Arizona Heart (5:34)
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Cat: BDS 100645HR1BLACK. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Special Thing (4:24)
  2. I Like The Way That You Feel (4:50)
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Black Rox 004 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SRBR 004. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Date With The Rain (Soft Rocks edit) (11:38)
  2. Le Beat Is Technotronic (Roots Unit edit) (6:12)
Review: The fourth release on Black Rox finds the Africa-loving label looking to a fine pair of suitors to do the business on a fine pair of edits. Soft Rocks is up first, channelling all the sun of the source material into a track called "Date With The Rain". It's a sweet natured jam layered with gorgeous vocals, perfect Afro guitar licks and a bubbling organ line. Roots Unit takes over on the B side with the more tricky-to--pin-down affair that puts snaking percussion at the front of the mix and loops up some mantras and chants for a truly head-spinning end result.
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Cat: 008 A. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Stomp (4:25)
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Dimitri From Paris Presents Le Chic Remix (hand-stamped 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: DFPLCR 01EP. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Sister Sledge - "Thinking Of You" (Dimitri From Paris remix) (6:31)
  2. Sister Sledge - "Thinking Of You" (Dimitri From Paris instrumental) (6:10)
  3. Chic - "Le Freak" (Dimitri From Paris remix) (6:26)
  4. Chic - "Le Freak" (Dimitri From Paris instrumental) (6:40)
Review: In general, we'd say it was unwise to tamper with Chic & Sister Sledge back catalogue, especially such stone cold classics as "Thinking of You" and "Le Freak". That said Dimitri From Paris has a brilliant track record when it comes to breathing new life into familiar favourites and there's no doubt that he's hit the mark once again here. On the A-side, the veteran Frenchman stretches out "Thinking of You", subtly extending it using the multi-track parts, first for a sing-along, end-of-night vocal version and then a tasty instrumental take. On the flip, he tries the same with "Le Freak", brilliantly building up the action in layers before unleashing one of the most famous grooves of all time. Guaranteed dancefloor gold.
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Unschuld Der Sinne (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BAPXX 3. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Surfin' Dead (7:06)
  2. Unschuld Der Sinne (5:51)
  3. Ab In Die Ewigkeit (4:44)
Review: Frankfurt based retrovert Stefan Haag aka Chinaski is usually more affiliated with the Live At Robert Johnson camp, but finds an equally fitting home here on Bordello a Parigi with his post-Italo exploits. All in all it's a very neon-lit affair on the Unschuld Der Sinne EP, the title track is ever evident of this with its glimmering, laser-ish synths and powerful "Axel F" style arpeggios. However "Surfin' Death" him pursue some more EBM style aesthetics that are currently in vogue. There's more of this style explored on the muscular neon-lit body music of "Ab In Die Ewigkeit which is reminiscent of Belgian legends Front 242.
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Pick Up (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: PAMPA 031. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Pick Up (12" extended disco version) (9:57)
  2. The Love Truck (9:47)
Review: When it comes to crafting lengthy, disco fired dancefloor treats, DJ Koze has previous form. His "Extended Disco Version" of Lapsley's "Operator" quickly became a White Isle anthem in the summer of 2016, and we fully expect "Pick Up" to be one of the disco-house hits of 2018. Based around spine-tingling samples from a heart-felt, orchestrated 1970s disco treat - think Tom Trago's "Use Me Again", and you're close - the veteran producer slowly builds the pressure before really letting loose in the closing stages. B-side "The Love Truck" is an altogether deeper, dubbier and dreamier affair, seemingly designed for leisurely warm-up sets and gentle, early morning shuffling.
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Cat: STILOVE4MUSIC 048. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Disco In The Ghetto (6:41)
  2. Good Night Tonight (7:15)
  3. Listen To Me Baby (6:55)
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Din Don (limited 12")
Cat: BST X032. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Din Don (vocal) (5:40)
  2. Din Don (instrumental) (5:36)
Review: Silvana Noris was tragically overlooked back in her mid 80s heyday, laying down just three singles before drifting onto pastures new. Best Italy have dug out her shimmering Din-Don single and given it the new lease of life it so richly deserves, helped a little by DJ Harvey testing the cut out on his turntable travels. Noris' vocal is a curious wonder to behold, hitting a low register and imparting a gravelly tone that sits atop the punchy boogie production. Another slice of disco manna makes its way back into the limelight thanks to Best.
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Played by: Roland the Realest
 in stock $16.81
Cat: FAKELOVE 02. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Track 1 (6:49)
  2. Track 2 (5:50)
  3. Track 3 (6:41)
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Sekele I Like It (12" 再出版)
Cat: BETINOS 002. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Sekele I Like It (10:57)
  2. Feet On The Ground (2:58)
  3. Sekele I Like It (Baptman & Betino Philly Vibe mix) (6:21)
  4. Feet On The Ground (Vas Moody rework) (4:41)
Review: A couple of years back, Rafael Top Secret - a selector known for digging deep for inspiration - delivered a tidy re-edit of "Sekele I Like It", a previously little-known Afro-boogie cut by French artist Robert "Bobby" Helms. Copies of the 1980 album it came from, Lay Down, Girl, now go for serious money, prompting this licensed reissue. Helms' brilliant, horn-totin' original is accompanied by another cut from that album, "Feet On The Ground" - a straight-up disco affair - and two new flipside remixes. Baptman and Betino's "Philly Vibe" mix of "Sekele I Like" is a largely instrumental interpretation that includes some killer electric piano solos, with Vas Moody's "Feet On The Ground" remix taking that track in a tightly-wound dub disco direction.
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Cat: DH 013. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Pine Marten (3:43)
  2. Daubenton's Bat (6:49)
  3. Pine Marten (club) (5:52)
Played by: Benjamin Fröhlich
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The Garden Of The Hesperides (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: S4AW 015. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Paramaribo Calling (Lounge mix) (4:41)
  2. The Garden Of The Hesperides (5:42)
  3. Paramaribo Calling (8:02)
Review: San Laurentino (real name Lorant Talpai) first appeared on London's Electric Minds back in 2010 and has since appeared on top labels such as Mathematics, Let's Play House and Live At Robert Johnson. Like the latter, Smile For A While is a Frankfurt Am Main based imprint devoted to old-school house. That being said, there's a timeless quality to Talpai's new release. From the deeply hypnotic tones of "Paramaribo Calling" (Lounge mix) awash in celestial pads, FM synthesis and those gorgeous kalimba melodies, the new age deep house of "The Garden Of The Hesperides" that's powered by those emtove breakbeats and the original version of "Paramaribo Calling" reminiscent of the legendary Vangelis Katsoulis.
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Played by: Benjamin Fröhlich
 in stock $10.73
Cat: IMGANENES 079. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. My Way (6:22)
  2. Innermotion (feat Andre Espeut) (4:13)
  3. Innermotion (Balearic Boogie reprise) (4:53)
  4. The Boogie Is Back (feat Mikie Blak) (4:21)
  5. The Boogie Is Back (instrumental) (4:22)
Review: Los Charly's Orchestra's Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel collect a few of their finest butt-shakers and stamp them down on a big juicy 12 for all our boogie needs. "My Way", originally released last year, kicks off with smouldering, hip-slinking ease before the disco-tinged "Intermotion" gets the spotlight across two bass-slapping versions. Finally we glide back to 2015 for two takes on the sunny-side viber "The Boogie Mine". Blame it on the boogie...
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Cat: SC 7022. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Love Generator (4:19)
  2. Moon Bounce (4:01)
Review: When it comes to new boogie and synth-soul with an authentic flavour, you can't beat Chicagoan institution Star Creature. Predictably, their latest 7" should be another essential purchase for synthesizer lovers everywhere. It comes from Love's High, a collaborative project helmed by storied Israeli beat-maker Soul Supreme and vocalist Marlon Penn. "Love Generation" is a jaunty and colourful affair, with Penn's sumptuous vocal and hooky trombone motifs rising above waves of synth-bass and glistening electronic melodies. Turn to the flipside and you'll find intergalactic instrumental "Moon Bounce", which fittingly reminded us of Moon B and Dam Funk.
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Played by: Tim Zawada
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Cat: DS 1. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Track 1 (7:03)
  2. Track 2 (8:10)
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Cat: AS 878AB. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. So You Wanna Be A Star (12" single version) (5:15)
  2. So You Wanna Be A Star (Danny Krivit edit) (7:15)
Played by: Roland the Realest
 in stock $10.15
Domino (limited hand-stamped 12" + sticker)
Cat: HR 005. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Domino (Outdoor mix) (5:48)
  2. Domino (Indoor mix) (6:32)
  3. Outro (1:12)
Review: Oh gosh. Following last year's self-titled sandy-toed diamond, Phil Mison's Noche Espanola hits the vibe bullseye once again with this stunning 400-only summer anthem in waiting. Fittingly vibrant, feel-good and measured with its big chords, chorus vocal and cheeky horns, this has so much to offer it oozes out over two versions and sun-kissed outro. Instant mood-raiser, this will be hammered all summer we guarantee it.
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 in stock $10.15
Gator Boots Vol 9 (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: GB 09. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Be You (5:55)
  2. Over (6:33)
  3. You Know The Deal (6:59)
 in stock $13.05
Cat: SCR 1242. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Citlalmina (6:13)
  2. Where Do We Go Now? (5:38)
  3. Rio Magdalena (HazMat remix) (6:52)
  4. Rio Magdalena (6:29)
 in stock $15.07
Party Freaks/Dance Together (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: BST X031. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Party Freaks (4:35)
  2. Dance Together (4:05)
Review: Alan Shelly was an intermittent feature in the late 60s and early 70s soul and funk scene, but his one-off 7" Party Freaks / Dance Together released in Italy in 1975 remains a treasured gem for those who crave the most potent secret weapons for their record crates. Of course, Best Italy are no slouches when it comes to such records and they have dutifully snapped up the original masters of these sought after jams and given the full, uncut mixes a proper, beautifully remastered airing on 12". "Party Freaks" has a raucous, West African flavour to it that can't fail to set the crowd alight, while "Dance Together" takes things in a looser, jammed out direction - both tracks are pure fire, and it's a damn good thing Best have dusted them down.
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Played by: LEGO EDIT
 in stock $16.81
Beat Girl (12" 再出版)
Cat: HITD 001. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Beat Girl (5:28)
  2. Wonderful (8:18)
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Spring (12")
Cat: GAMM 122. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Dorothy Norwood - "He's A Friend" (SMBD '79 edit) (4:16)
  2. William Bros - "Never Could Have Made It" (SMBD '81 edit) (5:31)
  3. Mighty Clouds Of Joy - "Glow Love" (SMBD '79 edit) (4:15)
Review: After a long and dark winter, SMBD thought we all could do with some uplifting and soulful Spring music. He's back with his third seasonal EP on GAMM and this bunch of jams have been his personal DJ weapons over recent years. They're now given a sweet edit for your dancing pleasure. From the uplifting gospel vibes on Dorothy Norwood's "He's A Friend" (SMBD '79 edit), the boogie down vibe of William Bros "Never Could Have Made It" (SMBD '81 edit) and finally on the flip is the Mighty Clouds Of Joy's "Glow Love" (SMBD '79 edit) that is a disco-fied soul explosion and sure to burn up the dancefloor anytime.
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Cat: NANG 174. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Magic Fly (The Orb remix) (7:02)
  2. Magic Fly (Greg Wilson & Peza remix) (6:43)
  3. Magic Fly (Richard Norris remix) (7:25)
  4. Magic Fly (Sare Havlicek extended version) (8:03)
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Ella EP (12")
Cat: OMBRAINTL 005. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Ella (feat Doog) (6:01)
  2. Ella (feat Doog - Il Est Vilaine remix) (5:23)
  3. Smokey Red Lights (feat Doog) (6:38)
  4. Smokey Red Lights (feat Doog - Arthur Johnson remix) (5:08)
  5. Ella (Curses Smoking-lights dub) (6:39)
Review: Next up on Ombra International is Theus Mago, a DJ and producer from Mexico as well as co-founder of the Duro label. From the grinding, neon-lit synthpop of "Ella" (feat Doog) which is followed by some sombre minimal synth journeys - such as the remix up next by Il Est Vilaine and the haunting "Smokey Red Lights" again featuring the nonchalant vocals of Doog. Belgian Arthur Russell (La Dame Noir) delivers a punk-funk rendition up next and label head honcho Curses delivers a cheeky indie-dance version -which also will appeal to fans of the Tel Aviv sound - popularised by the likes of Red Axes and Autarkic.
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 in stock $11.02
Cat: CRS 510. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Get Away (5:47)
  2. Fools Have Tried (4:32)
  3. Feel The Groove (5:53)
  4. Foxy Sourcy Lady (4:48)
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Running (12")
Cat: DA 004EP. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Running Wave (4:20)
  2. Running Wave (Gerd Janson edit) (6:49)
  3. Railroad Track (4:30)
  4. File's Detective (5:02)
  5. Space Work (2:50)
  6. Space Work (Brassica remix) (6:36)
Played by: Benjamin Fröhlich
 in stock $10.73
  1. Kamajo
  2. African Reggae Disco
  3. Living In The Box
  4. City Lights
  5. Awa Dupe
  6. Nos Magia
  7. Blaka Doti
  8. This Is Love
  9. Ijo Ya
  10. African Love
Review: Dutch dude Arp Frique won plenty of praise for his 2017 debut 12" on Rush Hour Store Jams, which featured contributions from Senegalese and Cape Verde musicians. On this surprise debut album, he continues the same approach, delivering a scintillating set of tracks that gleefully join the dots between Afro-disco, jazz-funk, boogie, Caribbean reggae-disco, bossa-soul and the kind of up-tempo, synth-laden madness that defies easy categorization. Throughout, the presence of live drums, vocals and instrumentation gives the album a loose and fluid feel, as if what we're listening to is not a fresh album, but rather a long lost African rarity from the turn of the '80s. As debut albums go, it's a bit of a corker.
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 in stock $16.53
She's Hot With 2 000 Watt's (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: TF 001. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Liberty City Jam (5:18)
  2. Another World (4:48)
  3. DJ Of The Year (4:23)
  4. I Need You (3:20)
  5. In Hollywood (3:45)
  6. Feeling The Fire Of Desire (3:52)
  7. She's Hot With 2,000 Watt's (5:25)
  8. Chocolate Stuff (4:13)
  9. More Chocolate Stuff (3:19)
Review: Terrestrial Funk is a new label promising a broad approach to music new and old, but they're kicking off in style with the rarest of funk LPs from Lang Cook, a little known Miami man who was active in the late 70s and early 80s. She's Hot With 2000 Watts is a joy to listen to, kicking off with the snappy cop show funk of "Liberty City Jam" and the blissful reverie of "Another World". There's a whiff of Rick James in the air when Cook sings on "DJ Of The Year", while "Feeling The Fire Of Desire" has an undercurrent of surreal dub processing that nudges this record into outsider territory. Proudly lo-fi and loaded with DIY charm, this is a holy grail brought back in reach for all dedicated funk heads.
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Played by: Andrea passenger
 in stock $27.83
Thank U Mamma (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DWAPS 2152. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Thank-U-Mama (5:57)
  2. Marina Drive (6:47)
  3. It's Not Serious (5:52)
  4. Stormy Rain (5:17)
  5. You (5:56)
Review: Cameroonian legend Victor Edimo's rare and collectable Decca Nigeria album Thank U Mamma enjoys its first reissue since being released in 1981. Five tracks tight but crammed full of vibes, this is one of the funkiest, sunniest and most vibrant albums to come out of Lagos in the early 80s. From the blissed, bless 'thank you' vocal loop of the title track to the blazing feels of "Marina Drive" to Victor's signature freak bass licks on "You", this is such a beautiful album from start to finish.
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Hunchin' All Night (unmixed CD)
Cat: RHMC 001CD. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Carlos Maria & Nuno Canavarro - "Blue Terra"
  2. Aby Nagana Diop - "Liital" (Michael Ozone Liital Rhythm)
  3. Boncana Maiga - "Komya Hondo"
  4. Stanislas Tohon - "Owhaaou" (Raphael Top Secret edit)
  5. Don Laka - "Stages Of Love"
  6. Blak Beat Niks - "Ritual Of Love" (Ron vocal Beat Down mix)
  7. Larry Heard - "Burning For You"
  8. Villa Abo - "Made On Coffee & Wine"
  9. Mappa Mundi - "Trance Fusion" (Hunee faster edit)
Review: You'd expect a compilation curated by open-minded DJ/producer Hunee to be eclectic in nature, and Hunchin' All Night is just that and more. Marketed simply as "a collection of his favourite dancefloor cuts from the '70s until modern time", the CD is packed with obscure and inspired jams in a variety of styles. Compare, for example, the gentle but tribal rhythms and new age synthesizers of Carlos Maria and Nuno Canavarro's "Blue Terra" with the glistening, mid-80s Balearic jazz-funk brilliance of Stanislas Tohon's "Owhaaou" (as re-edited by Dutch digger Raphael Top-Secret), or even the Clavinet-heavy Highlife brilliance of Pat Thomas's "Yesu San Bra Disco Hi Life". And that's before we get to the acid-flecked techno madness of Villa Abo and Hunee's wonderfully dreamy and dubbed-out pulse of Mappa Mundi's "Trance Fusion".
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 in stock $16.53
Cat: LGS 001. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Poolside - "And The Sea" (Baio 305 Vibes version) (5:07)
  2. David Marston & Dan Izco - "In My Eyes" (feat Novelty Daughter) (4:19)
  3. Zombies In Miami - "Temple Of Love" (6:23)
  4. Marvin & Guy - "Asbek" (6:43)
  5. Larry Gus - "4 Fran Ten" (2:25)
  6. Vito & Druzzi - "Charlie Rose" (6:17)
  7. Turbotito & James Curd - "Lost" (6:29)
  8. Midnight Magic - "Through The Motions" (4:47)
  9. Woolfy Vs Projections - "Your Past Behind" (4:12)
  10. Moscoman - "Play No Game" (feat Mo Rayon) (4:28)
  11. Daniel T - "Moonlight Bounce" (3:54)
  12. PLSD (Peaking Lights Acid Test) - "Jungle Dancing" (6:30)
 in stock $22.33
Cat: CHVL 204. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Dance To The Funk (5:24)
  2. You Make Me So Happy (3:33)
  3. Trust In Me (3:28)
  4. Come & Go Away With Me (4:14)
  5. Reachin' Out (3:22)
  6. Time Is Wasting (3:29)
  7. I Think I'm Falling In Love With You (3:39)
  8. Don't Be Lonely (3:35)
 in stock $18.27
Extend The 80s: Groove (unmixed 3xCD)
Cat: BMGCAT 142TCD. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Loleatta Holloway - "Love Sensation" (Tom Moulton 12" mix)
  2. Coffee - "Casanova" (extended)
  3. Shalamar - "There It Is" (12" mix)
  4. The Whispers - "And The Beat Goes On" (extended)
  5. Crown Heights Affair - "You Gave Me Love" (12" mix)
  6. Midnight Star - "Midas Touch" (extended)
  7. Taana Garden - "Heartbeat" (club mix)
  8. SAW - "Roadblock" (original 1987 Rare Groove mix)
  9. The Sugarhill Gang - "Apache (Jump On It)"
  10. Lakeside - "Fantastic Voyage" (extended)
  11. Princess - "Say I'm Your Number 1" (remix Numer 2)
  12. The Mint Juleps - "Every Kind Of People" (Parts 1, 2, & 3)
  13. Inner Life - "Moment Of My Life" (12" Verson)
  14. The Real Thing - "Can You Feel The Force" (John Luongo Disco remix)
  15. Shalamar - "I Can Make You Feel Good" (extended)
  16. Fatback Band - "I Found Lovin'" (12" version)
  17. Candido - "Jingo" (original 12" mix)
  18. Raw Silk - "Do It To The Music" (club mix)
  19. NYC Peech Boys - "Don't Make Me Wait" (Maw mix)
  20. The Belle Stars - "The Clapping Song" (extended)
  21. Grandmaster Flash, Melle Me & The Furious Five - "The Message"
  22. Funky 4+1 - "That's The Joint" (long version)
  23. Raze - "Break 4 Love" (original 12" mix)
  24. Funk Deluxe - "This Time" (12" version)
  25. War - "You Got The Power"
  26. Mandy Smith - "I Just Can't Wait" (The Cool & Jazz version)
  27. The Sugar Hill Gang - "Rapper's Delight"
  28. Positive Force - "We Got The Funk" (12" mix)
  29. Inner Life - "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" (Larry Levan Garage mix)
  30. Carrie Lucas - "Dance With You"
 in stock $5.79
Cat: TIRK 090. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. T-Coy - "Carino"
  2. Chaz Jankel - "Glad To Know You"
  3. Escort - "Cocaine Blues"
  4. Luxxury - "Hold On" (feat The Reynolds)
  5. Chakachas - "Jungle Fever"
  6. Fab 5 Freddy & Beside - "Change The Beat"
  7. Psychemagik - "Mink & Shoes" (feat Navid Izadi)
  8. Bassheads - "Is There Anybody Out There?"
  9. Sheila & B Devotion - "Spacer"
  10. Space - "Magic Fly"
  11. Red Rack'Em - "Wonky Bassline Disco Banger"
  12. Electronic - "Getting Away With It"
Review: It's been nine years since evergreen electrofunk DJ Greg Wilson last dropped a volume in the Credit to the Edit series. This third collection of personal re-edits and commissioned reworks is therefore long overdue. Serial Wilson-watchers may already familiar with some of the edits on show - particularly his epic tweak of Escort's Dillinger-inspired modern disco epic "Cocaine Blues" and a similarly lengthy, stretched-out take on T-Coy's seminal British house cut "Carino" - but there's naturally of plenty of lesser-known and unheard revisions to set the pulse racing. We'd direct you towards his teased-out, end-of-night version of Electronic's "Getting Away With It" (whose lyrics poke fun at Morrissey), a twisted version of Red Rack'em's "Wonky Bassline Disco Banger" and a chugging rub of Space's trippy Euro-disco classic "Magic Fly".
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 in stock $10.73
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This Week: Disco/Nu-Disco

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