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Back Catalogue: Balearic/Downtempo

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Balearic / Downtempo

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Slow Dance In Suburbia
  1. This A This A Barber
  2. Track 2
  3. Average Joe On The Couch
  4. One Day Of Jackals & Safari Ride Dub
  5. Track 5
  6. Drive In Special
  7. This A Dub
 in stock $22.74
Buddha Bar: Elements
Buddha Bar: Elements (limited numbered unmixed 4xCD box set)
Cat: 338847 2. Rel: 08 Jan 21
  1. Tebra - "Jovano" (CD1: Earth)
  2. Kled Mone - "Manastir"
  3. Tebra - "Sve Na Crno"
  4. Calavera Manya - "Mir"
  5. Tebra - "Yutro"
  6. Tebra - "Mande Le"
  7. Raw Main & Tebra - "Jadran"
  8. Tebra - "Hemija"
  9. Tebra - "Zanos"
  10. Tebra - "Sevdah"
  11. Rudhaman - "Balafon"
  12. Tebra - "Shiva"
  13. Ali Kuru - "Bir Kapiyim Simsiyah" (CD2: Water)
  14. Ali Kuru - "Disarda Yagmur"
  15. Ali Kuru - "Uzayda Kuslar Var"
  16. Ali Kuru - "Imkansiz Kal"
  17. Ali Kuru & Mercan Dede - "Napas"
  18. Ali Kuru & Jacob Groening - "Uyumanin Yolu Yok"
  19. Ali Kuru - "Yuregine Deprem"
  20. Ali Kuru - "Soytari"
  21. Ali Kuru - "Haz"
  22. Ali Kuru - "Umut"
  23. Ali Kuru - "Yalnizliktan Sogumus Daglar"
  24. Anatolian Sessions - "Alcyone" (CD3: Air)
  25. Islandman - "Chaldene"
  26. Anatolian Sessions - "Kasimpati"
  27. Majnoon - "Humanity"
  28. Nasiri - "Equinox"
  29. Tigran - "Dreamcatcher" (Duduk mix)
  30. Meither - "Gelevera"
  31. Mula - "Libermantra" (feat Jonas Burger)
  32. Ipek Ipekcioglu & Adir Jan - "Berf U Zin"
  33. Elif - "Waiting For The Sunrise" (feat Itai)
  34. Elias Dore & Lads - "Savannah Heat"
  35. Jean Vayat - "Anahata"
  36. Hot Oasis & Adam Husa & Weam Ismail - "Jameelah"
  37. Fotiz Liberis - "Away" (CD4: Fire)
  38. Bahramji & Mahmood Schriker - "Lonely City" (radio edit)
  39. Anja Stark & Hibrid - "Vazduh" (Ravin remix)
  40. Jose Solano - "Beautiful Fields"
  41. Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Yasmin Levy - "Vivir" (SIS Project Deep House remix)
  42. Be Svendsen - "Man On The Run" (Be Svendsen remix)
  43. Ribas Abbas - "Red Roses"
  44. Aura - "Las Mariposas"
  45. Mouma & Baso - "Etincelles"
  46. Ali Kh - "Oya" (feat Youssef Baklouti - Alexander Ben remix)
  47. Masco - "Gujarat"
  48. Hans Vom Schneggeloch - "Spiceroute"
  49. Sandhog - "Gyoza"
 in stock $35.54
Cat: REC 169. Rel: 19 Jun 20
  1. A Ballet
  2. Stuck In A Summer Love
  3. Venezia
  4. Domestic Tasks
  5. Oui
  6. Atomic Smile
  7. Hazy Feelings
  8. Won
Review: It may be his umpteenth studio album, but "Domesticated" feels like Sebastien Tellier's "comeback" set- a feeling enhanced by the genuine sparsity of material from the swooning Frenchman in recent years. He says his aim while recording the set was to create a "new lush, futuristic pop sound", and to a degree he has succeeded. Variously informed by warm ambient, vividly coloured future R&B, downtempo synth-pop, Balearica, '80s synth-pop and the deeper end of the electrofunk spectrum, the resultant songs are immersive, comforting and undeniably warming. While it's perhaps not cutting edge in the way he intended, it's wonderfully polished, slick and entertaining, with Tellier's distinctive drawl remaining the focal point throughout.
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 in stock $11.37
  1. Heavens Gonna Burn Your Eyes (feat Natalia Clavier)
  2. Love Has No Heart (feat Shana Halligan)
  3. Ghetto Matrix (feat Mr Lif & Natalia Clavier)
  4. Passing Stars (feat Elin Melgarejo)
  5. Until The Morning (feat Natalia Clavier)
  6. Depth Of My Soul (feat Shana Halligan)
  7. Sweet Tides (feat Lou Lou Ghelichakhani)
  8. Lebanese Blonde (feat Elin Melgarejo)
  9. Weapons Of Distraction (feat Puma)
  10. The Forgotten People (instrumental)
  11. Marching The Hate Machines (feat Frank Orrall)
Review: Back in 2017, Thievery Corporation's Rob Garza and Eric Hilton performed a now legendary concert in their home city of Washington D.C in which their band was backed by a fully-fledged orchestra. Three years on, they've decided to commit the orchestrated alterations to album. The results are largely superb, with the pair's slinky dub, lounge music and hip-hop influenced grooves and traditional guest vocals now coming accompanied by orchestral arrangements that veer from the subtle and sympathetic to the swooping, soaring and grandiose. Some of the versions of Thievery Corporation classics are particularly potent, with "Weapons Of Distraction" and "Lebanese Blonde" - one of their most celebrated early cuts - standing out.
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 in stock $11.37
Lady Of Mine (reissue)
  1. If I Should Fall In Love
  2. I'm In Love With An Angel
  3. Sincerita
  4. Sulla Luna
  5. Tomorrow May Never Come
  6. Lady Of Mine
  7. Wild Dream
$13.07 SAVE 40%
 in stock $7.85
Exotica (CD)
Cat: VSAC-2001. Rel: 12 Aug 04
  1. Abide With Me
  2. Message
  3. Roots Erotica
  4. Steppin'
  5. Subliminal Message
  6. Roots Erotica (Tribal Wind mix remixed by Kinkaj)
  7. Leave A Message (Message remixed by Goma)
  8. Steppin' (remixed by Shiro The Goodman)
  9. Trial Production Is Coming...
 in stock $25.59
Ununiform (CD)
Cat: K7S 350CD. Rel: 22 Sep 17
  1. Obia Intro
  2. Same As It Ever Was (feat Scriptonite)
  3. New Stole (feat Francesca Belmonte)
  4. Wait For Signal (feat Asia Argento)
  5. It's Your Day (feat Scriptonite)
  6. Blood Of My Blood (feat Mina Rose)
  7. Dark Days
  8. The Only Way (feat Terra Lopez)
  9. Armor (feat Avalon Lurks)
  10. Doll (Hole Cover - feat Avalon Lurks)
  11. Bang Boogie (feat Smoky Mo)
  12. Running Wild (feat Mina Rose)
  13. When We Die (feat Martina Topley-Bird)
  14. Track 14
 in stock $9.66
Fall To Pieces
Cat: K7S 391CD. Rel: 04 Sep 20
  1. Thinking Of
  2. Close Now
  3. Running Off
  4. I'm In The Doorway
  5. Hate This Pain
  6. Chills Me To The Bone
  7. Fall Please
  8. Take Me Shopping
  9. Like A Stone
  10. Throws Me Around
  11. Vietnam
 in stock $11.37
Adrian Thaws
Adrian Thaws (CD + booklet)
Cat: K7 317DCD. Rel: 06 Sep 14
  1. Sun Down (feat Tirzah)
  2. Lonnie Listen (feat Mykki Blanco & Francesco Belmonte)
  3. Something In The Way (feat Francesco Belmonte)
  4. Keep Me In Your Shake (feat Nneka)
  5. The Unloved (skit)
  6. Nicotine Love (feat Francesco Belmonte)
  7. Gangster Chronicle (feat Bella Gotti)
  8. I Had A Dream (feat Francesco Belmonte)
  9. My Palestine Girl (feat Blue Daisy)
  10. Why Don't You (feat Bella Gotti)
  11. Silly Games (feat Tirzah)
  12. Right Here (feat Oh Land)
  13. Silver Tongue - "When You Go"
  14. ESP (feat Liz Densmore - bonus track)
  15. Different People (feat Francesca Belmonte - bonus track)
 in stock $15.64
Items 1 to 9 of 9 on page 1 of 1
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Back Catalogue: Balearic/Downtempo
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