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Bestsellers: Drum And Bass

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Inner City Life
Inner City Life (limited 12")
Cat: LMS 5521380. Rel: 16 Apr 21
  1. Inner City Life (2020 Remaster) (7:00)
  2. Inner City Life (Binary State remix) (7:08)
  3. Inner City Life (DBridge Sonic Nostalgia mix) (6:17)
  4. [Re:Jazz] - "Inner City Life" (6:40)
Review: Timeless is Goldie's most iconic and enduring album. In 2021, it is now an unreliable 25 years old. As well as it getting its own standalone reissue, the most famous single from it also gets a re-release alongside some big remixes from key contemporary players. The 2020 Remaster kicks off and immediately sends shivers down your spine. Binary State then go for a dark, twisted, deep version, DBridge's Sonic Nostalgia mix is a real stepper with a menacing bassline and he closing cut is a lush and lounge-y [Re:Jazz] that is pure perfection.
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 in stock $13.87
Denham Audio & Friends
Denham Audio & Friends (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: CHEEKY 001. Rel: 23 Apr 21
  1. Denham Audio & Coco Bryce - "Single Minded People" (5:06)
  2. Denham Audio & Mani Festo - "So Good" (5:47)
  3. Denham Audio & LMajor - "Down On Me" (8:04)
  4. Denham Audio & Kazuho - "Love Addiction" (6:30)
 in stock $13.87
Meet At Infinity EP
Meet At Infinity EP (140 gram vinyl 12" + sticker & insert)
Cat: WSR GHW1. Rel: 26 Apr 21
  1. Meet At Infinity (5:21)
  2. Kepler438 (5:25)
  3. They Live (5:28)
  4. Hidden Dimension (4:38)
Review: Well Street continues to set out its stall within the realm of contemporary bassweight experimentation with this return to the fray from Ghost Warrior. Previously spotted on 31 Records, re:st and The Collection Artaud, Peter Ivanyi is the quintessential grey area producer, dealing in futuristic extrapolations of the D&B formula, where monochrome textures and dense dub atmospheres hover around needlepoint rhythms and ruthlessly controlled bass swells. With an icy demeanour offset by delicately deployed chords (at least on 'Kepler438', this is exquisitely executed, highly futuristic brain food for those who believe in D&B as much more than a raging soundtrack to a skank.
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 in stock $11.57
The Fat Of The Land
Cat: XLLP 121. Rel: 29 Jun 97
  1. Smack My Bitch Up (2:00)
  2. Breathe (2:00)
  3. Diesel Power (2:00)
  4. Funky Shit (2:00)
  5. Serial Thrilla
  6. Mindfields
  7. Narayan
  8. Firestarter (2:00)
  9. Climbatize
  10. Fuel My Fire
 in stock $21.70
Fokuz All Stars Part 3
Cat: FOKUZ 106RP3. Rel: 30 Apr 21
  1. Seba - "Sweet Magnolia" (feat Jenna G) (5:58)
  2. Seba & JR Vallo - "Whisper" (Bert H remix) (6:20)
Review: Previous volumes in the four-part Fokuz All Stars series boasted tracks and remixes from the likes of Phaction, Satl, Calibre, Edlan, Artificial Intelligence, Kaspar and Lenzman. This edition - the third in total - focuses on the work of long-serving Swedish D&B producer Seba. A-side cut 'Sweet Magnolia' is simply sublime, with the Scandinavian adding heart-aching piano motifs, melancholic trumpet solos and Jenna G's terrifically expressive vocals to a punchy, rolling groove. Over on the flip Bert H remixes Seba's JR Vallo collaboration, 'Whisper', re-framing it as a deep, warm and spacey liquid-funk roller complete with booming sub-bass, aquatic synth sounds and dreamy chords. Luscious!
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 in stock $11.57
Dirty (12" in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: CRIT 163. Rel: 23 Apr 21
  1. Dirty (4:35)
  2. Lucid (4:31)
  3. Master Key (feat Jakes) (4:55)
  4. Going Ahead (4:32)
 in stock $14.18
Headz Roll
Headz Roll (12")
Cat: RAZORS 16. Rel: 23 Apr 21
  1. Loxy & Ink - "Headz Roll" (Ink, Loxy, Resound & Gremlinz remix) (5:36)
  2. Loxy, Ink & Resound - "Think" (5:19)
 in stock $11.29
Blue EP
Blue EP (double 12" 再出版)
Cat: LDN 046. Rel: 16 Apr 21
  1. Solitaire
  2. Checkmate
  3. Simple Things
  4. Charms
  5. Blue
  6. Blue (Logos Vapour dub)
  7. Routine
  8. M141
Review: Must grip double pack action from the Keysound crew here as UK producer Sully graces us with his first full release in some three years. A guest appearance on the debut album from E.m.m.a. last year reminded us how good a button pusher Sully was, and the eight track Blue finds him shifting focus away from the 2-step and footwork inspired sounds of his debut LP Carrier in favour of some Junglist excursions. Sully's expertise at classic break-based "rollage and choppage" is on full display across seven cuts here with fellow Keysound artist Logos chipping in with a beatless vapour dub of the title track. There's a looseness and rawness to much of the music here that will immediately hook anyone who is partial to a bit of Amen-based fun and games.
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 in stock $12.15
The Nightingale Floor EP
Cat: REPRV 025. Rel: 30 Apr 21
  1. Fabian (6:59)
  2. The Nightingale Floor (7:06)
  3. Embers Fade (7:03)
  4. Yugen (6:11)
 in stock $12.15
The Chopper Remixes XXV
The Chopper Remixes XXV (limited grey marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: DREADUK 44M. Rel: 29 Apr 21
  1. The Chopper (Bou remix) (5:16)
  2. The Chopper (Traumatize VIP) (4:54)
 in stock $10.71
Come To Daddy
Cat: WAP 094. Rel: 15 Aug 97
  1. Come To Daddy (Pappy mix)
  2. Flim
  3. Come To Daddy (Little Lord Faulteroy mix)
  4. Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
 in stock $11.57
Shadow Boxing
Shadow Boxing (12" 再出版)
Cat: 31RSSHADOW 25. Rel: 31 Mar 21
  1. Shadow Boxing (Benny L remix) (8:15)
  2. Shadow Boxing (The remix) (9:00)
Played by: Jerome Hill
 in stock $10.12
Infinite Tension EP
Infinite Tension EP (red marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SMDE 21. Rel: 28 Apr 21
  1. Infinite Tension (6:48)
  2. Spiral (6:02)
  3. FK (feat Quartz) (5:21)
  4. Turmoil (6:24)
 in stock $13.03
Fokuz All Stars Part 4
Cat: FOKUZ 106RP4. Rel: 30 Apr 21
  1. Sleazy Bitch (Ivy Lab remix) (6:05)
  2. I Stayed Around (Lenzman remix) (5:37)
Review: The fourth and final part of the excellent Fokuz All Stars series homes in on the work of long-serving producer Random Movement, an artist who has been part of the Fokuz Recordings' family since 2015. On side A you'll find the 2016 Ivy Lab remix of 'Sleazy Bitch', a classic chunk of club-ready drum & bass headiness in which liquid synth sounds, hazy vocal samples and twinkling electronics ride a chunky bassline and rolling beats. Over on the flip there's a second chance to cop Lenzman's vintage revision of 'I Stayed Around', a sparkling romp through ultra-positive, sun-kissed D&B pastures that remains a warm and alluring treat.
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 in stock $11.57
Anachronism EP
Cat: SNKR 030. Rel: 09 Apr 21
  1. Tyrant (5:58)
  2. Lost In The Asylum (5:16)
  3. Shadows Passed By (6:02)
  4. Etch vs Luo - "Amygdala" (7:35)
 in stock $11.57
Life As We Know It & Life As We Knew It
  1. Almost There (CD1: Life As We Know It)
  2. Little Bit Lighter (feat Etherwood)
  3. Give Me A Break
  4. The Hills
  5. Home For Good (feat Emba)
  6. Could Have Been Us
  7. Endlessly Unlimited
  8. Love For The Fallen (feat DRS)
  9. In The Moment (feat Tempza)
  10. History
  11. First Love (Logistics remix)
  12. Grow (feat Blu Mar Ten - Kove remix)
  13. History (Technimatic remix - CD2: Life As We Knew It)
  14. Wanderer (Mitekiss remix)
  15. Could Have Been Us (Winslow remix)
  16. Little Bit Lighter (feat Etherwood)
  17. Walking On Water
  18. Almost There (Deadline remix)
  19. The Hills (Krakota remix)
  20. Remind Me (SPY remix)
  21. Give Me A Break (Emba remix)
  22. Love For The Fallen (feat DRS - Satl remix)
  23. In The Moment (feat Tempza - Monrroe remix)
  24. Endlessly Unlimited (LSB remix)
  25. Home For Good (feat Emba - Villem remix)
! low stock $7.82
Landmarks (gatefold teal marbled vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: LIQUICITY 011V. Rel: 30 Apr 21
  1. Tantra (5:19)
  2. Skyfalls (feat Smote) (5:15)
  3. Echoes (4:33)
  4. I Found U (feat T:Base & TRAC) (4:33)
  5. Glacier (1:34)
  6. Existential (6:05)
  7. Painted Smiles (4:53)
  8. Calling On You (feat Phil Tangent) (4:40)
  9. Warehouse Tune (feat Nymfo) (4:34)
  10. Morning Sun (4:29)
  11. Endless Thoughts About The Past (4:02)
  12. Landmarks (1:20)
 in stock $26.04
Cellular EP
Cellular EP (white vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FLXA 088. Rel: 05 May 21
  1. Cellular (feat Hijack MC) (5:07)
  2. Nikola (4:41)
  3. Tric City (4:47)
  4. Biometric (4:43)
Review: Northern trio Data 3 finally press their debut album on wax, highlighting each of the three EPs that the LP comprises. 'Cellular' was where it all began. Originally released two years ago in 2019, each of the four cuts still hold serious weight; the static electricity and tension the title track, the rough-house tear-up flavours of 'Nikola', the relentlessness and demonic vocal of 'Tric City' and the interplanetary finale 'Biometric' all still hit as hard as they did when first release. Watch out for the other two parts: 'Atomic' and 'Molecular'.
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! low stock $13.59
Broken 1
Broken 1 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BRK 001. Rel: 30 Apr 21
  1. 2094 (3:50)
  2. Take U Back (3:38)
  3. Break Down The Wall (4:48)
  4. All The Yous That You Have Been (5:01)
 in stock $11.57
Cityscapes EP
Cityscapes EP (blue vinyl 12")
Cat: LT 074RP. Rel: 22 Jan 21
  1. Cityscapes (6:29)
  2. Sequence 2 (5:57)
  3. Make It Real (6:54)
  4. (I Can) Feel It (6:30)
! low stock $12.72
Feeling Normal
Cat: SIGCD 016. Rel: 26 Feb 21
  1. Barren
  2. Change With Me
  3. Time To Breathe (with Cimone)
  4. Has To Happen
  5. Feeling Normal
  6. Badman (with DRS)
  7. Good Times
  8. Say Enough (with DRS)
  9. Miami
  10. Predictable
  11. Man Got Sandwich
  12. Wrong
  13. Regular Bull
Review: Dominick Martin AKA Calibre has made many fine albums in his time, but even by his standards Feeling Normal - his 17th solo set - is something special. While naturally rooted in the soulful, emotive style of drum & bass that he's become renowned for, the album's 13 tracks also incorporate rhythmic and musical elements drawn from two-step garage, the sub-heavy end of UK techno, ultra-deep house, dub techno and dubstep. As a result, the vast majority of the cuts on show neatly sidestep convention, delivering hybrids that gleefully celebrate the impact of soundsystem culture on the UK bass continuum while also offering something new, fresh, melodious, hugely listenable and exceptionally entertaining.
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 in stock $12.72
One Track Mind EP
Cat: SPEAR 139. Rel: 26 Apr 21
  1. 4ME Dub (5:13)
  2. Sayu (4:54)
  3. One Track Mind (5:00)
  4. Waiting For You (5:40)
Review: Monsieur Murkt Villem returns to Spearhead four more of his trademark bubblers. As always the vibes range from smooth to sublime; '4ME Dub' warms up the fire with dubwise sunshine, all horns and a luxury rolling bassline. Elsewhere 'Sayu' takes us into Tokyo Prose territory with its bold piano strokes and unhurried pace while 'One Track Mind' takes us on more of an introspective heads-down trip before 'Waiting For You' ends with a wry hint of soul thanks to its fretless bass and honeyed vocal. Four track mind.
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 in stock $11.57
Destruction (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: VIVID 05. Rel: 15 Mar 21
  1. Destruction (5:50)
  2. The Source (6:03)
  3. Back Up (6:01)
  4. One Time (5:34)
Review: Following searing drops from the likes of Borai and Tamoshi, Vivid come correct once more with this blistering 12" from Yosh. You may have spotted Yosh elsewhere, such as with the formidable One More Night EP for Timeisnow, but now they're back on familiar ground for more of that head-tweaking breakbeat science. There are more ragged ructions like lead track 'Destruction', and dreamier fare such as the blissful 'The Source', but throughout it's the diversity in drum palettes and needlepoint editing skills that make Yosh's tracks so vibrant and deadly. Miss this at your peril.
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 in stock $9.83
Myth & Fire
Cat: LORE 011. Rel: 28 Apr 21
  1. Myth & Fire (7:47)
  2. 2 The People (6:20)
Review: Power up! Dead Man's Chest returns with two more jet-powered hardcore head trips. 'Myth & Fire' is straight up 1993 material with its reggae samples rubbing sweaty shoulders with rifle-like rave stabs while breaks rattle and slam relentlessly beneath. 'The People' is a darker, 3am affair with a hornet-like bassline, some incredible drum breaks and a dizzying range of samples weaving in and out over the top. Firing.
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 in stock $13.03
Sellasie I Sound
Cat: PLVLGN 003. Rel: 13 Apr 21
  1. Sellasie I Sound (4:59)
  2. Valve Sound VIP (4:28)
Review: Considering the label's roster, clout and history, V Recordings don't throw the word 'legend' around unless they mean it. And boy do they mean it for this 003; two unreleased corkers from Karl Francis here covering two different chapters of his sound. On the A we have 'Selassie I Sound' capturing his 94/95 era with badass Amen choppage and that rich soundsystem treacle vibe to the bass. On the B we have the late 90s Dillinja with a much more chiselled steppy beat as he flips the Cybotron classic into VIP mode. Neither track has been released before. All aboard!
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 in stock $11.57
Video Nasties
Cat: DROOGS 008. Rel: 21 Apr 21
  1. Overlook - "Video Nasties" (6:26)
  2. Karim Maas - "Dimensions" (6:33)
Review: Following their recent duels on 'Ultra-Violence' and 'Heart Of Darkness', Overlook and Karim Maas collide on Droog wax once again. This time taking a side apiece, the theme remains bleak, tense and very old school Metalheadz. Overlook's 'Video Nasties' rattles with cavernous echoes, chiselled two-step and wheezing pipes while Karim's 'Dimensions' adds a whole raft of drama with its distorted one-note growls, tense synth line and rattling breaks. Both were tailored for those darkroom 3am moments we've been craving so much of in the last year.
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 in stock $10.40
Memoryland (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BGM 003. Rel: 05 May 21
  1. Welcome Wav (0:38)
  2. Life Is Perfecto (7:12)
  3. Nostalgic Body (5:49)
  4. Model Castings (feat No Joy) (4:22)
  5. Suburbilude (2:08)
  6. Punksong (1:33)
  7. Night/Day/Work/Home (8:16)
  8. Gravure Idol (4:42)
  9. I Regret The Jet-Set (1:33)
  10. Self Service 1999 (7:14)
  11. Slippery Plastic Euphoric (5:48)
  12. After The After (6:33)
  13. Dirty (interlude) (1:09)
  14. End - Curve Of Forgetting (6:16)
  15. Heaven (feat Sarah Bonito) (5:32)
  16. The Ultraviolet Room (2:23)
Review: Voraciously prolific, forever far-out, Montreal artist CFCF looks back to look forward on his eighth studio album Memoryland. An album that takes all his influences from early jungle and hardcore to shoegaze indie, chews them up and spits them back with wry, cynical 2020s energy, the album is a mystery tour around CFCF's tastes and inspirations from dreamy sing-along pop punk ('Punksong') to warm and grainy filtered disco house ('Self Service 1999') to bubbly trance-tinged house music ('Slippery Plastic Euphoric') and sugar-sweet two-step ('After The After') Nostalgic but also provocative and very forward-looking, this is arguably CFCF's most comprehensive and ambitious album to date. Thanks for the memories.
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 in stock $27.76
Diamond Life 10
Cat: PEARL 10. Rel: 23 Apr 21
  1. L Major - "Roll Away" (clean) (6:02)
  2. Decibella - "Love" (5:56)
! low stock $11.57
How Bout U?
Cat: RFRSH 001. Rel: 26 Jul 18
  1. How Bout U? (7:08)
  2. Busy Get Busy (5:07)
  3. Acid (4:37)
! low stock $9.55
Back To Det Oldskool Classics
Cat: IRDET 001. Rel: 09 Apr 21
  1. Flavour For The Ravers (4:53)
  2. Junglist Massives (5:02)
  3. Let Me (6:07)
  4. Dubplate Special (5:58)
 in stock $11.57
Logical Regression
  1. E Hill & Mathieson - "Second Realm" (6:40)
  2. DJ Style 90.6 - "Don't Cry" (4:54)
  3. 2Deep - "Metamorphosis" (5:40)
  4. DJ Progress - "Can You Reach?" (6:28)
Review: Following their 'Regeneration' EPs, new wax-only foundation-focused imprint Hardcore Vinylists present Logical Regression, an all-out exploration of the fundamental breakbeat sciences. E Hill and Mathieson go for the full on Helter Skelter feels with their stunning rave breakdown, DJ Style 90.6 digs deep into a more hardcore sound with a slower tempo and big velvet pads before 2Deep adds a little Krome & Time-style spaciness and soul into the mix with 'Metamorphosis' before DJ Progress closes on the dreamiest cut of the bunch - 'Can You Reach?'. Close your eyes and it could still be 1993.
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Played by: Sikka
 in stock $15.91
Tribe EP
Tribe EP (12")
Cat: FOKUZ 105. Rel: 09 Apr 21
  1. Love So Much (4:32)
  2. Mystery (4:35)
  3. Tribe (4:32)
  4. Hold Ya Hands (4:59)
 in stock $11.00
Fokuz All Stars Part 2
Cat: FOKUZ 106RP2. Rel: 12 Mar 21
  1. Lenzman - "String City" (Artificial Intelligence remix) (4:54)
  2. Humanature - "Whisper" (Bert H remix) (4:54)
  3. Kasper - "Departure" (Technimatic remix) (5:05)
Review: A jewel in the Dutch D&B crown, Fokuz look back and dig deep through the vaults for their current Fokuz All Stars series. First up is Lenzman with one of his earliest cuts 'String City' getting a rainbow reboot by Artificial Intelligence, Humanature's 'Whisper' gets a heavyweight murk-over by Bert H while Technimatic's star-gazing take on Kasper's 'Departure' remains one of their most powerful reboots of all time. Watch out of those bassline variations. Damagement!
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 in stock $11.57
I Live I Learn
I Live I Learn (coloured vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: NHS 409LP. Rel: 07 Dec 20
  1. I Live, I Learn (feat Fae Vie) (4:51)
  2. Severn Summers (4:11)
  3. Behind The Glass (feat Kate Wild) (5:10)
  4. Antiphony (3:48)
  5. When I Heard You (4:30)
  6. Sunflowers (feat Thomas Oliver) (4:35)
  7. Pancake's Breakfast (3:10)
  8. Fall Beneath You (feat Etherwood) (4:35)
  9. Breathing Room (1:28)
  10. Listen Close (feat Telomic) (4:16)
  11. Keeno & Obsel - "Fear" (4:51)
  12. Oracle (4:52)
  13. Unreachable (feat Whiney & Ebson) (4:07)
  14. The So-Called Impossible (5:05)
Review: A mainstay at camp H through his prolific work on the now defunct Med School imprint, Keeno makes his Hospital debut with his fourth album I Live, I Learn. Opening with the full orchestral impact and gospel level vocals of the title track, we're then whisked on a tour of Keeno's contrasts; the Chris Rea style guitars of 'Severn Summers', the big disco flavour of 'When I Heard You', the slower breaks and clippy strings of 'Pancake's Breakfast', the almighty vocal sample and score-like epic flare of skit 'Breathing Room' and the darkest, most club-focused jam of the bunch 'Listen Close'. Live, learn, loving this...
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Played by: Sikka
 in stock $17.95
Spread Love
Cat: NHS 419T. Rel: 02 Apr 21
  1. Spread Love (feat Pete Simpson - Full Length mix) (6:59)
  2. Spread Love (feat Pete Simpson) (5:53)
  3. Contact (5:18)
Review: After its recent appearance on Hospital Records' 25th anniversary compilation, Makoto's superb D&B cover of Al Hudson & The Soul Partners' 1978 disco classic, 'Spread Love', has been released as a single. It's well worth picking up, specifically for the A-side 'Full Length Mix', which ekes out the life-affirming, mood enhancing pleasure by another minute or so. It's a terrific version - as is the original mix, which you can find on the flip - and features British soul man Pete Simpson, backed by a big group of backing singers, belting out the loved-up lyrics atop swooping disco strings, warm synth sounds, booming bass and skittish D&B beats. Bonus cut 'Contact' is worth a listen to, featuring as it does floaty ambient intros, aggressive post-jungle beats, wavy vocal samples and some seriously bowel-bothering sub-bass.
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 in stock $10.71
Little Spaces
Cat: NHS 414CD. Rel: 19 Mar 21
  1. Sleepwalker (feat Charlotte Haining)
  2. Girl On A Bike
  3. One Day At A Time (feat Lalin St Juste)
  4. Can't Stop, Won't Stop
  5. Instincts (feat Lea Lea)
  6. Jonas
  7. Shelter (feat DJ Rae)
  8. Helarctos
  9. Souled Out
  10. Warm Glow (feat Ed Scissor)
  11. Shift Break
  12. Sweeter
  13. No Quick Fixes (feat Pete Simpson)
  14. The Moment (feat Lea Lea)
Review: Under the now familiar Nu:Tone alias, Dan Gresham has never been a prolific maker of albums. Even so, it still a surprise to find that Little Spaces, his fifth full-length excursion, is actually his first album for seven years. So, was it worth waiting for? Undeniably. Gresham's drum and bass beats remain alternately skittish, shuffling and crunchy, with warm and weighty sub-bass sitting beneath, while the soul-fired sonic sparkle and aural colour that has long been a trademark of his productions (think ear-pleasing synth sounds, simmering orchestration, nods to jazz-funk and intricate musical arrangements) remains to the fore. As a result, it's an album packed to the rafters with highlights, with our current faves including DJ Rae collaboration 'Shelter', future liquid classic 'Souled Out', and the string-laden 'Sweeter'.
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 in stock $7.23
93 Till Infinity EP
93 Till Infinity EP (red marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: 93TI 001. Rel: 26 Feb 21
  1. 93 Till Infinity (6:21)
  2. On & On (4:34)
  3. Miss Fat Booty (5:44)
  4. Big Poppa (6:16)
 in stock $11.57
Hold Your Colour
Cat: BBK 2LPX. Rel: 14 Sep 18
  1. Prelude (0:53)
  2. Slam (5:41)
  3. Plasticworld (feat Fats & TC) (6:25)
  4. Fasten Your Seatbelt (feat The Freestylers) (6:32)
  5. Through The Loop (6:12)
  6. Sounds Of Life (feat Jasmine Yee) (5:14)
  7. Girl In The Fire (4:50)
  8. Tarantula (feat DJ Fresh & $pyda & Tenor Fly) (5:30)
  9. Out Here (6:04)
  10. Hold Your Colour (5:26)
  11. The Terminal (5:41)
  12. Streamline (5:18)
  13. Another Planet (7:30)
  14. Still Grey (7:48)
  15. Blood Sugar (bonus track) (5:17)
! low stock $23.13
Keepin' It Raw
Cat: SYMM 034. Rel: 16 Apr 21
  1. Keepin' It Raw (Calyx & Teebee remix) (4:03)
  2. Conversations (feat MC Fats & Cleveland Watkiss - Breakage remix) (3:45)
Review: Break's 2018 stepper 'Keep in It Raw' gets some special remix treatment here to close down the series. Calyx & Teebee step up first and layer in plenty of menace, with saw tooth synths bringing the sort of textures that are befitting of the tune's name. The crispy, stepping drum breaks are ever on the move and soulful hints come from the buried vocals. ON the flip, Breakage steps up with his take on 'Conversations' feat MC Fats & Cleveland Watkiss. It's a tune laced with fizzing static electricity, dub wise vocals and fantastic fills. Turn it up loud.
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 in stock $10.40
Cat: EXIT 090. Rel: 28 Apr 21
  1. All Creation (4:53)
  2. Dark Days (feat Yorobi) (4:53)
  3. Transitions (5:33)
  4. To Give (4:09)
 in stock $14.18
New Day
New Day (12")
Cat: SDEVNYL 011. Rel: 12 Feb 21
  1. Nookie vs SoulStructure - "New Day" (7:33)
  2. The Invisible Man - "Skyliner" (Tim Cant & SoulStructure remix) (5:56)
 in stock $11.29
Impulse 1 (Commix remix)
Cat: DISBLP 005. Rel: 12 Mar 21
  1. Impulse 1 (Commix remix) (7:12)
  2. Black Widow (5:38)
 in stock $11.57
Maneuver EP
Maneuver EP (limited red marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: WPN 008. Rel: 04 May 21
  1. Maneuver (6:19)
  2. Tesem (6:08)
  3. The Search (6:55)
  4. Heshar (with Homemade Weapons) (5:44)
Review: While Copenhagen's RDG is best known for trips and excursions around the 130-140 field, here we find him jumping on Homemade Weapons' Weaponry imprint with four slabs of steaming 170 drumfunk. Rhythmic ridiculousness from the off, the switches and rifle-like snares on the title track 'Maneuver' tell you all you need to know. Elsewhere 'Tesem' runs us through the Arctic Circle with its icy pads and pick-axe staccato breaks, 'The Search' flips us into a percussive tribal experience while the finale track (a collab with Homemade Weapons) goes all-out techno. Fast lane business. f
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BOOYAKA 002 (limited 12" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: BOOYAKA 002. Rel: 02 Apr 21
  1. Absolute (4:13)
  2. Look Man (5:03)
  3. Jhoole (4:09)
Review: The burgeoning Booyaka series is back with a second sizzling instalment, this time from Bukkha and Nuphlo. They waste no time in getting down to business with 'Absolute' pairing brilliant drum programming with ruching bass and what sounds like the patter of tabala drums. It's moody but deep and inviting, then 'Look Man' bashes you over the head with old school jungle breaks sounding crisp as you like while the bass swings low. 'Jhoole' close sin liquid fashion with soulful leads and the sort of heartfelt piano keys that make you feel good.
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The Times & Places EP Vol 2
The Times & Places EP Vol 2 (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: TUNNEL 002. Rel: 21 Apr 21
  1. Gridzone - "Why Not?" (6:33)
  2. Midlife Crisis - "Choked Beats" (5:37)
  3. NewKiller - "The Dark" (5:51)
  4. Gold Soundz - "L/C/A" (5:20)
Review: Time Tunnel launched last August with a killer EP that sold out in double quick time. The second issue is another various artist affair featuring the same four talents, all on fine form. Gridzone immediately nails you to the floor with his hardcore breaks before 'Choked Beats' maintains the same energy but in a more dreamy, pad laced environment. NewKiller's 'The Dark' heads off into a dark future rave where high speed drums melt your mind, and last of all Gold Soundz closes down with the ragga-tinged rudeness of his stepper, 'L/C/A.'
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Ragga Preservation Society EP
  1. DubGanaGana (0:44)
  2. AmenBreadren (feat Sipreano) (2:03)
  3. SoundDedication (3:00)
  4. DanceGwaan (EazeUp!) (3:00)
  5. NoCompetition (feat K!dlat) (3:01)
  6. BubblersInter-rude (feat Sipreano) (0:51)
  7. TellURudeBwoy (feat wzrdryAV) (2:41)
  8. ChannelTwo (Murderousdub) (1:26)
  9. ForwardTheBass (3:08)
  10. GunRingoX1&2 (feat Sipreano) (3:04)
  11. InterOuterNational (2:21)
Review: Preservation-by-expansion: each creation on this 11-track LP-sized-EP takes ragga elements, motifs, samples, recordings and artefacts and explores and celebrates them within different contexts and templates. The results of these far out fusions include the jazz-like footwork of "DanceGwaan", the hardcore foundation homage "SoundDedication", the Bleep-style "BubblersInter-rude" and the booty-busting ghetto funk of "TellURudeBwoy". Expand your collection today.
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Thermal EP
Thermal EP (grey splattered vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: CRIT 146. Rel: 22 May 20
  1. Thermal (3:43)
  2. Business Techno (3:56)
  3. Camberwell (3:09)
  4. Glock 19 (2:59)
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Voices (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: CRIT 149. Rel: 07 Aug 20
  1. Enei - "Voices" (4:58)
  2. Enei - "Recoil" (4:32)
  3. Enei & Particle - "Fame" (feat Jakes) (4:39)
  4. Enei - "Rollin Machine" (4:34)
Review: We can happily confirm that Enei is in startingly good form on his first solo release for nigh on 12 months, delivering a quartet of cuts rich in bombastic bass, punchy D&B drums and his usual aggressive, forthright electronic sounds. He hits the ground running with opener "Voices", a peak-time ready affair where quick-shot Amen fills and echoing vocal snippets occasionally punctuate a typically rolling affair, before reaching for one of the biggest and darkest basslines known to humankind on the enormous "Recoil". Veteran Bristol mic man Jakes lends his distinctive rap flow to hot-stepping Particle collaboration "Fame", while skittish closing cut "Rollin Machine" very much lives up to its title.
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Music For The Jilted Generation
Cat: XLLP 114. Rel: 03 Apr 94
  1. Intro
  2. Break & Enter
  3. Their Law (feat Pop Will Eat Itself)
  4. Full Throttle
  5. Voodoo People (2:00)
  6. Speedway (Theme From Fastlane)
  7. The Heat (The Energy)
  8. Poison (feat Maxim) (2:00)
  9. No Good (Start The Dance)
  10. One Love (edit) (2:00)
  11. 3 Kilos
  12. Skylined
  13. Claustrophobic Sting
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Sawtooth (reissue)
Sawtooth (reissue) (blue vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: XLLP 120. Rel: 08 Dec 17
  1. Treading (5:35)
  2. Piper (5:58)
  3. S4 (5:25)
  4. Wish U Had Something (6:24)
  5. Detroit (5:23)
  6. 2 Of Us (6:19)
  7. Tychonic Cycle (6:47)
  8. Moving Thru Air (5:55)
  9. I Let U (5:09)
  10. Obedience (6:37)
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