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Polar Sequences (remastered)
Cat: BIO 32LP. Rel: 10 Jan 19
  1. Cimmerian Shaft (13:03)
  2. Snapshot Survey (8:24)
  3. White Lightning (10:07)
  4. Countdown To Darkness (6:27)
  5. Corona (9:54)
  6. Meltwater (8:51)
  7. Fjellheisen (14:23)
Review: "Polar Sequences" has always been one of Biosphere's most icy and evocative albums. It first appeared in stores in 1996, though its roots lie in a collaborative performance that took place atop a mountaintop in Tromso - Biosphere's home city - a year earlier. Alongside Bobby Bird of British ambient techno outfit Higher Intelligence Agency, the Norwegian crafted a unique live show that blended chilly, windswept ambient textures and gently unfurling electronic melodies with re-processed field recordings of Tromso and its surroundings. As an album, "Polar Sequences" subtly refined and reworked this performance with breathtaking and spellbinding results. This reissue contains all six tracks from the original release, as well as a worthy bonus: the original 14-minute field recording that provided the basis for the original live show.
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Beyond The Wave Image & Synthetic Terrain
Cat: UDACHA 016. Rel: 17 Dec 18
  1. Indigo Swamp
  2. Yellow Bird Singing
  3. )(-
  4. Naam Drops
  5. After Dream Image
  6. Figizi
  7. See That Slack Times
  8. -
  9. Beam Machines
Review: For the latest release on the weird and wonderful Udacha label, Moscow based artist and producer Vasiliy Stepanov aka P SH steps up to the plate. With a selection of abstract and warped electronics, the Russian artists presents a wide variations of cuts, including pop, dub, soul, fourth world, tribal, comedic and all other distinctive and magical vibes. With highlight tracks such as Naam Drops, Indigo Swamp and pretty much every composition, the LP should appeal to all the lovers of the other dimensions
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Polar Sequences (remastered)
Cat: BIO 32CD. Rel: 10 Jan 19
  1. Cimmerian Shaft
  2. Snapshot Survey
  3. White Lightning
  4. Countdown To Darkness
  5. Corona
  6. Meltwater
  7. Fjellheisen
Review: "Polar Sequences" has always been one of Biosphere's most icy and evocative albums. It first appeared in stores in 1996, though its roots lie in a collaborative performance that took place atop a mountaintop in Tromso - Biosphere's home city - a year earlier. Alongside Bobby Bird of British ambient techno outfit Higher Intelligence Agency, the Norwegian crafted a unique live show that blended chilly, windswept ambient textures and gently unfurling electronic melodies with re-processed field recordings of Tromso and its surroundings. As an album, "Polar Sequences" subtly refined and reworked this performance with breathtaking and spellbinding results. This reissue contains all six tracks from the original release, as well as a worthy bonus: the original 14-minute field recording that provided the basis for the original live show.
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Floral Shoppe
Floral Shoppe (white vinyl LP + poster)
Cat: OESB 92. Rel: 26 Sep 18
  1. Track 1 (3:26)
  2. Track 2 (7:13)
  3. Track 3 (3:20)
  4. Track 4 (2:44)
  5. Track 5 (4:43)
  6. Track 6 (6:28)
  7. Track 7 (7:34)
  8. Track 8 (2:29)
  9. Track 9 (2:07)
  10. Track 10 (1:11)
  11. Track 11 (2:05)
Review: Originally released in 2011, the Floral Shoppe LP by Ramona Andra Xavier aka Macintosh Plus has been considered by some to be the defining album of the vaporwave genre. Based in Portland, Oregon she has has actively released her music online since the age of 14 and produced over 40 full length albums, spanning dozens of aliases since 2005. This reissue by Todd Ledford's Olde English Spelling Bee features all 11 of the original tracks: collection of lo-fi '80's pop mutations that fans of the genre still consider as seminal - not to mention being highly sought after.
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Foreign Affairs (Woo & Felicia Atkinson mixes)
  1. Marine (Woo version) (4:35)
  2. AA Cleo (Felicia Atkinson version) (3:19)
Review: Alexis Georgopoulos and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma's Fragments Of A Season was one of the highlights of Emotional Response's output in 2017, centred around blissful, Balearic instrumentation that shone a spotlight on the considerable talents of these accomplished artists. Now the label is revisiting the material with a couple of finely selected versions, the first coming from Emotional regulars Woo, who dutifully inject "Marine" with their effervescent, otherworldly expressions and create a glistening masterpiece in the process. Felicia Atkinson then tackles "AA Cleo" and sends it out onto the horizon in a haze of reverb romanticism, muffled percussive rumbles and murmuring vocals.
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Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Cat: AMB 3922LP. Rel: 28 Jun 18
  1. Xtal (4:51)
  2. Tha (9:02)
  3. Pulsewidth (3:48)
  4. Ageispolis (5:21)
  5. I (1:12)
  6. Green Calx (6:05)
  7. Heliosphan (4:50)
  8. We Are The Music Makers (7:45)
  9. Schottkey 7th Path (5:02)
  10. Ptolemy (7:14)
  11. Hedphelym (6:04)
  12. Delphium (5:27)
  13. Actium (7:36)
Review: In line with the timely reappraisal of all things R&S related, the resurgent Apollo have seen the opportunity to bring one of their most celebrated records back for another round. Aphex Twin's ambient recordings mature magnificently with age, sounding ever richer and more emotive as the rest of electronic music continues to play catch up all around. From the gentle breakbeats of "Xtal" to the aquatic techno lure of "Tha", the airy rave of "Pulsewidth" to the heartwrenching composition of "Ageispolis", every track is a perennial example of how far ambient techno could reach even back then. It's just that no-one quite had the arm-span of Richard D. James.
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In Rainbows
Cat: XLLP 324. Rel: 02 Jan 08
  1. 15 Step
  2. Bodysnatchers
  3. Nude
  4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  5. All I Need
  6. Faust Arp
  7. Reckoner
  8. House Of Cards
  9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
  10. Videotape
Review: "In Rainbows", Radiohead's seventh album, finally gets a physical release! It's one thing downloading this landmark album, but to actually hold this is something special. Not only do you get increased sound quality, but you also get the amazing artwork from Stanley Donwood. This album includes "Nude", a live favourite for many years that was originally written during the "OK Computer" sessions. More minimal that their "Kid A" period, "In Rainbows" does something that very few albums have done - its sound is distinct from previous Radiohead albums, but is still clearly Radiohead. Hail to the kings, they are back on top form. Get this album while you can.
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Tomorrow Comes The Harvest
Cat: 677863 0. Rel: 26 Sep 18
  1. Locked & Loaded (7:46)
  2. Altitudes (7:03)
  3. On The Run (8:07)
  4. The Seed (7:11)
Review: Back in 2016, legendary Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen approached techno pioneer Jeff Mills with the idea of working together. A series of live gigs and off-the-radar studio sessions followed, with the first fruits of their joint efforts finally appearing on this must-have 10". As you'd expect, the duo's collaborative work combines Allen's traditional Nigerian polyrhythms, traditional Afrobeat instrumentation, and the far-sighted, sci-fi inspired electronic futurism that has always marked out Mills' work. The result is a quartet of cuts that could arguably be described as retro-futurist Afro-tech - all delay-laden beats, basslines and organs subtly sparring with gentle acid lines, Motor City electronics, beguiling deep space textures and shimmering, 31st century motifs. It's arguably Allen's stylistic contributions that dominate, but that's no bad thing.
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Notions Of Progress
Notions Of Progress (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SF 65D 369.1. Rel: 04 Jun 18
  1. False Prophets (7:05)
  2. Cosmic Drift (5:56)
  3. You Lost Your Mind (5:13)
  4. Immovable (dub) (6:17)
Review: Surface Records has never pulled any punches as one of the UK's toughest techno labels, and The 65D Mavericks have embodied the same spirit with their charged, lyrically provocative approach. After a lengthy hiatus label and artist are back in action, and sounding as fierce as ever. "False Prophets" is not for the faint hearted - an avalanche of thunderous drums and expletive-laden diatribes. "Cosmic Drift" is marginally more meditative, but still positively unhinged in its execution. "You Lost Your Mind" flails around a muddy, punky swamp of deviant sonic behaviour, and "Immovable (dub)" throws one last curveball into the long grass, stripping out the bark without losing the bite of this proudly individual group of techno marauders.
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Oil Of Every Pearl's Un Insides
Oil Of Every Pearl's Un Insides (gatefold red vinyl LP + poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: TRANS 368X. Rel: 07 Dec 18
  1. It's Okay To Cry (3:52)
  2. Ponyboy (3:15)
  3. Faceshopping (3:55)
  4. Is It Cold In The Water? (3:31)
  5. Infatuation (4:43)
  6. Not Okay (1:49)
  7. Pretending (5:56)
  8. Immaterial (3:50)
  9. Whole New World/Pretend World (9:10)
Review: The best thing since Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful", Denmark and Norway's Aqua, to '90s R&B, Trance and '00s Dubstep combined is Sophie's Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides. With more meta-references than you can poke a brain at, the album and its hyper-array of sounds is set to light up the couture cosmo of New York City as much as it is a teenager's bedroom south of the border. In effect, Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides is one of the most colourful excursions through music you can have, striking off a plethora of pop music iterations, to rave, deep ambient and the most experimental of dance music. A seriously defining album by one of modern day music's greatest minds. Roll out the red carpet.
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2012-2017 (2xLP)
Cat: OP 048. Rel: 18 May 18
  1. This Old House Is All I Have (3:41)
  2. I Never Dream (6:46)
  3. Some Kind Of Game (6:52)
  4. Hopeless (5:43)
  5. Such A Bad Way (4:55)
  6. Flash In The Pan (7:31)
  7. City Fade (5:41)
  8. Now You Got Me Hooked (5:52)
  9. Know You (4:24)
  10. You're Going To Love Me & Scream (5:36)
  11. Rave On You (9:55)
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Remixes Volume 1
Remixes Volume 1 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 046-1/MT 012. Rel: 29 May 18
  1. Autarkic - "Screaming (To Be With You)" (feat The White Screen)
  2. JD Twitch - "Dalbouka"
  3. Sneaker - "I Looked For You"
  4. Die Orangen - "Rattling Ghosts"
Review: After teaming up to release the scintillating works of C Cat Trance in their original 80s form on Screaming Ghosts, Emotional Rescue and Malka Tuti join forces once again to deliver a ludicrously talented roster of remixers who catapult John Rees Lewis' cult group into thrilling new spatial and temporal zones. Autarkic decides to go for the full-tilt cover version on "Screaming (To Be With You)", with ample help from The White Screen, while JD Twitch roughs up "Dalbouka" into a quintessential slab of ethno-motorik body music. Sneaker's take on "I Looked For You" emphasizes the atmospheric tension in the original, giving the track a cinematic scope, and Die Orangen's "Rattling Ghosts" finishes the record on an appropriately ominous, subtly industrial tone.
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In C (reissue)
In C (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram clear audiophile vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MOVCL 039C. Rel: 07 Jan 19
  1. In C (part 1) (24:03)
  2. In C (part 2) (18:22)
Review: "In C" is a musical piece that was composed by American pioneer Terry Riley in 1964. A series of short melodic fragments, it is often cited as the first minimalist composition and landmark within the genre. The piece has been played and recorded many times over the last 55 years, with performances going from as little as fifteen minutes or as long as several hours. The original recording of the piece was created by 11 musicians, while a performance in 2006 at the Walt Disney Concert Hall is said to have featured 124 musicians. Riley (b. 1935) is deeply influenced by both jazz and Indian classical music, and worked heavily with tape music techniques and delay throughout his career.
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Collapse EP
Collapse EP (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: WAP 423. Rel: 14 Sep 18
  1. T69 Collapse (5:21)
  2. 1st 44 (6:01)
  3. MT1 T29r2 (6:00)
  4. Abundance10edit[2 R8's, FZ20m & A 909] (6:18)
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That's When The Animals Turned Into Humans
  1. That's When The Animals Turned Into Humans (feat Paul Arambula) (5:13)
  2. Na Numbers (feat Simone Of Twoonky) (4:59)
  3. I Thought It Was Summer (5:57)
Review: Next up on Macadam Mambo, label boss Sacha has a special treat for you. As Longitude is the Berlin based synthesist and composer Eva Geist joined by Ondula, which started to make its place on the new electronic scene after brilliant releases last year on Mark Knekelhuis' imprint and an appearance on Ein Welt. Check out the tripped-out and low slung oddball groove of "That's When The Animals Turned Into Humans" on the A before flipping over to the hypnotic, brass-laden "Na Numbers" and venture further down the rabbit hole on the psyched-out vibe of "I Thought It Was Summer". This will appeal to fans of indie dance by the likes of Superpitcher, Moscoman or Red Axes.
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Mkwaju (LP)
Cat: WRWTFWW 025. Rel: 14 Nov 18
  1. Mkwaju (6:28)
  2. Shak Shak (3:22)
  3. Lemore (5:59)
  4. Tira-Rin (4:28)
  5. Pulse In The Mind (5:47)
  6. Flash-Back (12:57)
Review: Having previously reissued Mkwaju Ensemble's inspired 1981 debut "Ki-Motion", WRWTFWW now turns its attention to their equally impressive follow-up from the same year, "Mkwaju". Beginning with a breezy chunk of Marimba-driven four-to-the-floor bliss, the album sees the Japanese trio - whose members included legendary percussionist and ambient artist Midori Takada - shuffle between hypnotic, Steve Reich-influenced minimalism ("Shak Shak"), melodious fusions of new age electronica and modern American classical ("Tira-Rin"), and glacial ambient soundscapes ("Pulse In The Mind"). Best of all, though, is "Flash-Back", a dense and intoxicating percussion workout that stretches out over 13 mind-bending minutes.
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Cocoon Crush
Cat: PAN 97CD. Rel: 07 Jan 19
  1. Lost & Found (Lost mix)
  2. Dazzle Anew
  3. 35
  4. Nervous Silk
  5. Deadlock
  6. Rest Yr Troubles Over Me
  7. Silica
  8. Runaway
  9. Secret Snake
  10. Another Knot
  11. Lost & Found (Found mix)
Review: Despite building his reputation as a creator of tough, left-of-centre club material, Objekt is smart enough to realize that the full-length format offers more room for experimentation and personal musical exploration. Like its predecessor, 2014's "Flatland", "Cocoon Crush" rarely goes in search of dancefloor thrills, instead offering up a refreshingly eclectic, fearlessly experimental take on off-kilter electronica that not only draws heavily on IDM, glitch-hop and ambient, but also regularly veers from glassy-eyed, melodious positivity, to intense, paranoid darkness. It's a blend that guarantees great results, and we're not surprised if he jettisons functional club music for good.
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Irisiri (LP + poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: PAN 86LP. Rel: 08 Jan 19
  1. Peripheral (3:03)
  2. Inclined (2:32)
  3. Not Worried (2:29)
  4. Inkling (2:04)
  5. MTTM (2:55)
  6. Inhale Baby (feat Odwalla1221) (2:56)
  7. Curtains (2:58)
  8. Slyly Child (2:24)
  9. Switch (4:35)
  10. Trespasses (4:51)
  11. MMXXX (feat Moor Mother) (2:35)
  12. CLIT (1:08)
  13. OS In Vitro (4:36)
Review: Alexandra Drewchin may only have made her debut in 2015, but she's already onto album number three. "Irisiri", the full-length in question, could well be her strongest to date. The album's genius lies in the New York-based artist's ability to fuse experimental electronica tropes - glitchy beats, skewed tones, K-addled chords, atmospheric field recordings and fuzzy white noise - with elements more often found in neo-classical, trip-hop, minimal wave and ambient productions. Smartly, these entertaining, imaginative and out-there soundscapes come peppered with self-penned vocals (both sung and poetically spoken), which not only offer a focal point but also expand on the producer's lofty themes.
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The Threats Of Memories
The Threats Of Memories (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: DPROMDLP 141. Rel: 11 Jan 19
  1. The Sadness Of Things (22:34)
  2. The Dead Side Of The Moion (21:59)
  3. BubbleHead (23:06)
  4. DreamBreath (21:22)
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Black Replica
Black Replica (LP + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: MP 312. Rel: 31 Dec 18
  1. Spider Theory (1:26)
  2. Black Feathers (3:51)
  3. Twilight Pupil (4:31)
  4. Replicant Vestiges (2:16)
  5. Nether Realm (1:05)
  6. Ephemeral (3:56)
  7. Mathematische Augen (3:02)
  8. Spiderweb Symmetry (4:56)
Played by: Mark Forshaw
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Em Paz
Em Paz (LP)
Cat: GOS 003LP. Rel: 14 Mar 18
  1. Wave Introduction (3:29)
  2. Sunset Salute (7:48)
  3. Mythical Sunflare (4:04)
  4. A Day Of Radiance (5:18)
  5. Mystic Motion (6:05)
  6. Healers On Fire (4:04)
  7. Melting (5:05)
  8. Ceifa (3:57)
Review: It's been a long time between drinks for Kaoru Inoue, who returns with a new album after five years away. This time round, and in keeping with the rules governing Groovement's Organic Series, the experienced Japanese producer has put together a set seemingly inspired by the early ambient of Brian Eno and Jon Hassell's "Fourth World" experiments. The latter's unique, hybrid electronic/acoustic approach can be heard in the tumbling guitars, strings and tablas of "Sunset Salute", or the sharp violins, cyclical electronics and post hip-hop beats of "Mythical Sunflare", while the meditative drones and yearning Jonny Nash guitars of "Mystic Motion" sound like a mythical studio hook-up between Terry Riley and Gaussian Curve. And so it goes on, with each track revealing itself as more masterful and majestic than its predecessor.
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One Instrument Sessions
One Instrument Sessions (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ONEINST 002. Rel: 03 Dec 18
  1. Aria (Synthesis Technology - E340 Cloud Generator) (21:47)
  2. The Morning After (Roland SH-01A) (7:44)
Review: The first release on One Instrument saw artists like Korridor, Serena Butler and Yair Elazar Glotman demonstrating new experimental sides to their studio practice. The second release comes from Italian master Neel, who presents two distinct demonstrations of his unique touch and deep gear knowledge. The A side is a lingering ambient piece captured from the tail end of a session using the E340 Cloud Generator oscillator, while the B side focuses on the Roland SH-01A, itself an update of the iconic SH-101. The results of these two intriguing, limitation oriented excursions are as compelling as you would expect.
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Lueur (hand-numbered 12" + MP3 download code limited to 200 copies)
Cat: TTRLP 013. Rel: 11 Jan 19
  1. Prisme (12:26)
  2. Brackets (6:39)
  3. Epicycle (11:57)
  4. Aperture (5:49)
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Cosmogramma (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WARPLP 195. Rel: 29 Apr 10
  1. Clock Catcher
  2. Pickled!
  3. Nose Art
  4. A Cosmic Drama (intro)
  5. Zodiac Shit
  6. Computer Face/Pure Being
  7. ... And The World Laughs With You (feat Thom Yorke)
  8. Arkestry
  9. Mmmhmm (feat Thundercat)
  10. Do The Astral Plane
  11. Satelllliiiiiiiteee
  12. German Haircut
  13. Recoiled
  14. Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph
  15. Drips/Auntie's Harp
  16. Table Tennis (feat Laura Darlington)
  17. Galaxy In Janaki
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Los Angeles
Los Angeles (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: WARPLP 165. Rel: 05 Jun 08
  1. Brainfeeder
  2. Breathe Something/Stellar Star
  3. Beginners Falafel
  4. Camel
  5. Melt!
  6. Comet Course
  7. Orbit 405
  8. Golden Diva
  9. Riot
  10. Gng Bng
  11. Parisian Goldfish
  12. Sleepy Dinosaur
  13. Roberta Flack (feat Dolly)
  14. Sex Slave Ship
  15. Auntie's Harp
  16. Testament (feat Gonja Sufi)
  17. Auntie's Lock/Infinitum (feat Laura Darlington)
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Cat: WAP 105. Rel: 20 Mar 99
  1. Windowlicker (6:10)
  2. Unknown Title (7:49)
  3. Nannou (5:44)
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Safe In The Hands Of Love
Safe In The Hands Of Love (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: WARPLP 293. Rel: 12 Oct 18
  1. Faith In Nothing Except In Salvation (1:33)
  2. Economy Of Freedom (4:56)
  3. Honesty (5:02)
  4. Noid (3:30)
  5. Licking An Orchid (feat James K) (4:33)
  6. Lifetime (3:43)
  7. Hope In Suffering (Escaping Oblivion & Overcoming Powerlessness) (feat Oxhy & Puce Mary) (4:56)
  8. Recognizing The Enemy (4:48)
  9. All The Love We Have Now (3:22)
  10. Let The Lioness In You Flow Freely (5:32)
Review: Yves Tumor is undoubtedly an artist with a unique musical perspective. That was evident from his 2016 PAN debut, "Serpent's Head", an album of impossible-to-pigeonhole brilliance that drew on a dizzyingly disparate array of styles. Now operating on Warp Records, he continues to mix and match genre boundaries to suit his will on hotly anticipated follow-up "Safe In The Hands of Love". It's another doozy, with the Turin-based artist offering a thrill-a-minute sound soup that flits from pastoral folktronica, experimental IDM and mangled R&B futurism, to wall-of-sound indie-pop, doom-laden orchestral ambient and blissful, hallucinatory dream-pop. While putting Tumor (real name Sean Bowie) in a stylistic box is impossible, we can safely say that he'll soon be joining the top tier of maverick pop experimentalists.
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BAH 044
BAH 044 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BAH 044. Rel: 08 May 18
  1. Eclectic Day (9:20)
  2. Smokin' The Roach (6:08)
  3. The Box (5:51)
Review: Horton Jupiter has been skirting around various cosmically-inclined outfits for many years now, but this release marks his first outright solo venture, and where better for it to blast off from than the celestial circus sideshow of Bahnsteig 23? The record launches in a fit of kosmische bravado, all nagging arpeggios, warbling leads, sustained guitars and a healthy dose of drama. "Eclectic Day" is certainly a fitting title. "Smokin' The Roach" is an equally bombastic affair, although with a chirpier disposition and some Italian-sounding vocals, and then "The Box" finishes the EP off with a grungy trip through bongo beatdowns and fuzz guitar for those who like their psych music with a vintage twist.

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Brainfeeder X
Brainfeeder X (4xLP box set in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: BF 077. Rel: 20 Nov 18
  1. Teebs - "Why Like This?"
  2. Jeremiah Jae - "$easons"
  3. Lapalux - "Without You" (feat Kerry Leatham)
  4. Iglooghost - "Bug Thief"
  5. Tokimonsta - "Fallen Arches"
  6. Miguel Baptista Benedict - "Phemy"
  7. Matthewdavid - "Group Tea" (feat Flying Lotus)
  8. Martyn - "Masks"
  9. Mr Oizo - "Ham"
  10. Daedelus - "Order Of The Golden Dawn"
  11. Jameszoo - "Flake"
  12. Taylor McFerrin - "Place In My Heart" (feat RYAT)
  13. Mono/Poly - "Needs Deodorant"
  14. Thundercat - "Them Changes"
  15. DJ Paypal - "Slim Trak VIP"
  16. Thundercat - "Friend Zone" (Ross From Friends remix)
  17. Brandon Coleman - "Walk Free" (Flying Lotus remix)
  18. Thundercat - "King Of The Hill" (feat Badbadnotgood)
  19. Lapalux - "Opilio"
  20. Ross From Friends - "Squaz"
  21. Georgia Anne Muldrow - "Myrrh Song"
  22. Dorian Concept - "Eigendynamik"
  23. Louis Cole - "Thinking"
  24. Iglooghost - "Yellow Gum"
  25. Woke - "The Lavishments Of Light Looking" (feat George Clinton)
  26. PBDY - "Bring Me Down" (feat Salami Rose Joe Louis)
  27. Jeremiah Jae - "Black Salt"
  28. Flying Lotus - "Ain't No Coming Back" (feat Busdriver)
  29. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - "Kazaru"
  30. Taylor Graves - "Goku"
  31. Little Snake - "Delusions"
  32. Strangeloop - "Beautiful Undertow"
  33. Mono/Poly - "Funkzilla" (feat Seven Davis Jr)
  34. Teebs - "Birthday Beat"
  35. Moire - "Lisbon"
  36. Locust Toybox - "Otravine"
Review: Anniversary compilations tend to fall into one of two camps, with labels either offering up a straight retrospective or a collection of previously unheard material. "Brainfeeder X", the tenth anniversary set from Flying Lotus' eclectic and experimental imprint, delivers the best of both worlds. Disc one tells the story so far, joining the dots between ambient, jazz, instrumental hip-hop, distorted techno and wonky house via cuts by the likes of Martyn, Daedelus, Taylor McFerrin, Thundercat and DJ Paypal. Disc two, meanwhile, showcases exclusive, unheard material, with highlights including the dream-time soul of Thundercat and BADBADNOTGOOD's "King of the Hill", the sunrise-ready deep house of Ross From Friends, the madcap IDM rush of Dorian Concept and the high-octane jazz-rap madness of Flying Lotus and Busdriver's "Ain't No Coming Back".
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Catch Wave (reissue)
Catch Wave (reissue) (LP + insert + photo)
Cat: SV 158. Rel: 31 Oct 18
  1. Mano Dharma '74 (26:27)
  2. Wave Code #e 1 (22:16)
 in stock $27.26
Switch Holo
Switch Holo (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: FR 044. Rel: 16 Nov 18
  1. Stream Philter (5:44)
  2. Screens (3:08)
  3. Tactic (5:09)
  4. Switch Holo (5:09)
 in stock $9.52
On Reflection
On Reflection (limited blue vinyl LP)
Cat: SLANG 50167LT. Rel: 14 Dec 18
  1. Qprism (3:47)
  2. Dicker's Dream (8:24)
  3. No Reflection (4:15)
  4. Mirror Can Only Lie (5:16)
  5. Phone Call From The Future (4:25)
  6. Keeping Txme (4:39)
  7. Shimmer (1:11)
  8. Moon In Water (4:28)
  9. You Can Have It Immediately (4:04)
 in stock $16.42
Beside Herself
Beside Herself (2xLP + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: RERVNG 12LP. Rel: 09 Nov 18
  1. A Little Piece (2:12)
  2. Ghosts Before Breakfast (3:35)
  3. Dreamplay 2 (2:47)
  4. Beside Myself (2:28)
  5. Liberation Day (4:12)
  6. The Sky Is Falling (1:49)
  7. Beginning (2:38)
  8. No More Law In Gotham City (3:59)
  9. Time Piece (5:47)
  10. A Void Dance (4:34)
  11. Mother (3:49)
  12. Beside Herself (3:04)
  13. Dinosaur Dancing (4:17)
  14. An Accident Waiting To Happen (2:21)
  15. Reverie (2:40)
  16. De Dunk (6:05)
  17. Night Music (3:22)
  18. Antigone (4:56)
  19. Antarctica (1:33)
Review: Between 1980 and 87, Michele Mercure released a small but perfectly formed collection of cassette and vinyl-only albums that showcased her unique and ear-pleasing fusion of electronic and acoustic instrumentation. It's these albums - and those Mercure put out as Michele Musser - which RVNG Intl has mined for "Beside Herself", a superb primer on the Pennsylvania-based artist's little-known career. The genius of Mercure's work - aside from her firm grasp of mood and melody - was her innate ability to blend elements of Berlin School and new age ambience with elements of experimental electronica, surprisingly cinematic soundscapes (she often earned a living composing for TV, film and theatre) and more rugged industrial influences. It's a formula that makes for absorbing and hugely enjoyable listening.
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 in stock $25.14
Red Dragon
Red Dragon (LP + inserts)
Cat: PI 212. Rel: 14 Dec 18
  1. Red Dragon (feat Coco O) (4:13)
  2. Paloma (part 1) (5:47)
  3. Paloma (part 2) (2:12)
  4. Fool (2:36)
  5. Spender (feat Dawda Jobarteh) (2:04)
  6. Swarm (3:27)
  7. Stages (5:51)
  8. Minna (2:38)
  9. Isles (feat Soho Rezanejad) (1:47)
  10. Fever (3:32)
  11. The Falcon Preset (feat Frederikke Hoffmeier) (1:16)
  12. Rehearsal (3:08)
 in stock $16.41
In Another Life
In Another Life (180 gram vinyl LP + poster + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: CST 136LP. Rel: 12 Oct 18
  1. In Another Life (24:12)
  2. Everybody's Paris (part 1) (7:35)
  3. Everybody's Paris (feat Andre Ethier - part 2) (5:07)
  4. Everybody's Paris (feat Dan Bejar - part 3) (6:40)
 in stock $17.47
Black Helicopters
Black Helicopters (LP + insert)
Cat: NATURAL 023. Rel: 05 Dec 18
  1. BH (intro) (0:37)
  2. Unite Fight (1:56)
  3. Deep State (1:54)
  4. Ultra Tuned In Hearing (1:18)
  5. Now U Know (feat Gone) (2:38)
  6. Phalaris Staggers (2:10)
  7. Just Say No (1:46)
  8. Blue Beam (3:26)
  9. Blackbirds (feat FVDXVD) (2:27)
  10. PSYOP (2:24)
  11. Dreamland (2:58)
  12. Prime Knowhow (3:03)
  13. Totalitarian Outlook (2:08)
  14. Kill Yo Brain (feat Calsutmoran) (3:02)
  15. Mind Eye (2:22)
  16. Mutually Assured Destruction (1:00)
  17. Stuck (1:32)
  18. Far Away (1:05)
Review: If you're in the mood for a mind-altering collage inspired by "a typical day in Trump's America", you've come to the right place. Agnarkea's debut album, "Black Helicopters", brilliantly fuses spoken word snippets from Mid-West conspiracy theories with dystopian field recordings, unsettling ambient soundscapes, fuzz-fuelled analogue basslines, industrial noise and beats that draw on the Richmond, Virginia-based producer's past as a maker of experimental hip-hop beats. It's a brilliant piece of work, all told, full of intriguing individual tracks that come together to form one inspired, thought provoking narrative. Props should go to Natural Sciences boss Alex Hall for signing it and giving Agnarkea's work a wider audience.
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 in stock $14.81
Remixes Volume 2
Remixes Volume 2 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 046-2/MT 013. Rel: 29 May 18
  1. Red Axes - "Shake The Mind"
  2. Jamie Paton - "Take Me To The Beach"
  3. Prins Thomas - "Sudaniyya"
  4. Khidja - "Simple Helen" (feat Borusiade)
Review: Emotional Rescue and Malka Tuti serve up another round of top shelf remixes and revisions of John Rees Lewis' mid-late 80s project C Cat Trance, following in the wake of the Screaming Ghosts compilation. First up to bat are Red Axes, who bring a seductive line in loose and limber drumming to "Shake The Mind" that should suit the Fourth World dancefloor massive just fine. Jamie Paton brings a tough, clamouring intensity to "Take Me To The Beach," while Prins Thomas takes a truly spiritual approach when weaving the intricate arpeggios and percussion of "Sudaniyya." Khidja and Borusiade team up on "Simple Helen," presenting a dense and hazy trip into exotic territory with sinister undertones.
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$9.52 SAVE 25%
 in stock $7.14
Enginetics & Plasmalterations
Cat: ISLE 006. Rel: 21 Nov 18
  1. Vivi-Q Flight Path (3:19)
  2. Orbitiara (4:09)
  3. Nick & Kev Set Controls For The Waning Moon (5:51)
  4. Loneliest Animals Of Them All (4:52)
  5. Disrecalling The Assassatoir (2:19)
  6. Unfathomed Fathoms (6:35)
  7. Tranquatic Slakes (3:57)
  8. Extinct Song (8:24)
Review: Tucked away in a shed in Portland, Kevin Palmer continues to cultivate an unmistakable sound, grown around a seemingly untiring exploration of the machines that he works with. He has previously alluded to doing much of his production work in the small hours when his family are asleep. After over a dozen full length releases thus far, his newest one comes courtesy of Glasgow's 12th Isle and sees the Working Nights boss explore more introverted expressions in afterhours soul reflection on Enginetics & Plasmalterations. Mind the baffling titles, these jams are totally hot: from spooked-out minimal house jams like "Nick & Kev Set Controls For The Waning Moon" that treads the same territory as Lowtec or STL, to his idiosyncratic version of dub techno as heard on "Orbitiara or "Unfathomed Fathoms". Elsewhere there's noisy soundscapes, sublime ambience to knackered house - this one will cerianly to appeal to the insomniacs and loners out there and it's tremendous.
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 in stock $16.41
Vurstep (Shed & Forest Drive West remixes)
Cat: BOOGIE 004. Rel: 02 Jul 18
  1. Vurstep
  2. Dream Wisdom
  3. Vurstep (Shed remix)
  4. Vurstep (Forest Drive West remix)
Review: Appleblim teams up with the Middle Eastern label Boogie Box once more for some hybridized explorations on the cutting edge of soundsystem music. "Vurstep" is a wildly psychedelic banger that keeps the rhythms broken while the sound design levels tap into the same delirious vein as his ALSO work with Second Storey. "Dream Wisdom" takes things in a smoother direction, riding on laid back breaks and plush threads of melody in a vintage ambient techno style. Shed steps up to remix "Vurstep" and delivers one of his pointed masterclasses in stripped, UK-leaning techno, and then Forest Drive West trips the whole thing out with a heavily dubbed meditation.
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OHM (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ARV 001. Rel: 22 Jan 18
  1. Christ - "Rom"
  2. Norken & Nyquist - "Od Detot"
  3. Solipsism - "Vice Is Nice"
  4. Nyquist - "Fornax"
  5. Analogue Audio Association - "Antikorper"
  6. Cyan341 - "What's Going On"
  7. Mick Chillage - "From Ripples"
Review: After years spent supporting the underground IDM scene digitally, Glasgow label Ambidextrous makes the leap to vinyl with this killer compilation of ear-catching deep techno and electronica. Christ brings a bubbling range of synth tones to "Rom" before Norken and Nyquist drop some brooding electro tones over rolling beats on"Od Detot". Solipsism has a more sassy house sound to impart, while Nyquist goes into full electro mode on his own. On the flip, Analogue Audio Association have some edgy acid to throw down, Cyan341 brings a touch of boogie flex to the record and Mich Chillage rounds the record off with emotive outboard electronics of a reflective nature.
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Played by: Derek Carr
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MANA 004
MANA 004 (limited LP)
Cat: MANA 004. Rel: 20 Mar 18
  1. Track 1 (7:00)
  2. Track 2 (5:30)
  3. Track 3 (5:19)
  4. Track 4 (4:33)
  5. Track 5 (4:57)
  6. Track 6 (5:48)
Review: With this being the Mana label's third release so far, we're only just beginning to see what the label is really about...unsurprisingly, we're well into it! Their last LP was Benedict Drew's inimitable Crawling Through Tory Slime, so this appearance from the largely enigmatic De Leon feels and sounds like the right thing for them to be doing. While this LP was released on cassette back in 2014, it feels absolutely justified for it to be released on vinyl, especially given the quality of the instruments contained within. The six untitled tracks are a long development of one idea, one vision that carries the instruments forward. Through intricate percussion swings, subtle infusions of field recordings, and just about any sort of distortion going, De Leon's world is a vast and complex one, backed by a pulsating rhythm which transcends all other forms of dance music. Timeless.
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 in stock $15.87
Tokyo Flashback (reissue)
Tokyo Flashback (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP + inserts + MP3 download code)
Cat: BE 001/012. Rel: 10 Nov 17
  1. Marble Sheep & The Run-Down Sun's Children - "22 February 1991" (8:10)
  2. High-Rise - "Mainliner" (10:22)
  3. Ghost - "Tama Yura" (10:07)
  4. White Heaven - "Blind Promise" (alternate take) (4:52)
  5. Fushitsusha - "Here - You" (10:17)
  6. Verzerk - "Crime & Laughter" (7:10)
  7. Kousokuya - "End Of Dawn" (7:34)
  8. Keiji Haino - "Right Now" (7:56)
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If You're Into It I'm Out Of It
  1. Opium (15:30)
  2. Nostep (3:39)
  3. Expressure (5:01)
  4. What You Call A Life (4:59)
  5. Water (4:40)
  6. Brilliance (7:11)
  7. Dead (Too) (6:11)
  8. Damaged III (4:30)
  9. Release (4:29)
  10. High Life (Theme) (11:04)
  11. My Confession (9:54)
Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $24.61
Timeless (LP + inserts limited to 150 copies)
Cat: DPR 001. Rel: 03 Dec 18
  1. The Lucky Country (5:16)
  2. Timeless (9:40)
  3. Silent Feet (6:48)
  4. Isfahan (3:23)
  5. Chelsea Bridge (6:37)
  6. Lush Life (6:11)
  7. (In My) Solitude (5:13)
 in stock $25.67
Third (reissue)
Third (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 479761 2. Rel: 20 Jan 17
  1. Silence (4:59)
  2. Hunter (3:56)
  3. Nylon Smile (3:21)
  4. The Rip (4:29)
  5. Plastic (3:29)
  6. We Carry On (6:27)
  7. Deep Water (1:33)
  8. Machine Gun (4:45)
  9. Small (6:52)
  10. Magic Doors (3:34)
  11. Threads (5:40)
 in stock $18.79
Solo Piano
Solo Piano (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP in deluxe sleeve)
Cat: MOVCL 007. Rel: 17 Mar 14
  1. Metamorphosis 1
  2. Metamorphosis 2
  3. Metamorphosis 3
  4. Metamorphosis 4
  5. Metamorphosis 5
  6. Mad Rush
  7. Wichita Sutra Vortex
 in stock $23.55
The Eraser
Cat: XLLP 200. Rel: 06 Jul 06
  1. The Eraser
  2. Analyse
  3. The Clock
  4. Black Swan
  5. Skip Divided
  6. Atoms For Peace
  7. And It Rained All Night
  8. Harrowdown Hill
  9. Cymbal Rush
Review: As Radiohead tour the world and then regroup to record their new album, Thom Yorke releases his own record, 'The Eraser' on XL Recordings. A collection of nine new songs, the record was written and played by Thom and was produced by Nigel Godrich. Variously hailed as "The Best Band In The World" (Q Magazine), "Rock's Best Live Band" (Rolling Stone) and the band were placed at number 1 of Spin Magazine's 40 most influential artists, Radiohead has arguably become the most acclaimed and adventurous force in modern music. Over six studio albums the group have proved that it is possible to make massive creative leaps whilst continuing to grow in worldwide stature. Their records set new benchmarks for others to aim towards, whilst their live shows reach levels of intensity and exploration that few can match.
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 in stock $16.41
AZD (limited clear vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code in silvered sleeve)
Cat: ZEN 241X. Rel: 14 Apr 17
  1. Nimbus (0:55)
  2. Untitled 7 (5:11)
  3. Fantasynth (5:02)
  4. Blue Window (3:41)
  5. Cyn (3:20)
  6. X22rme (5:04)
  7. Runner (5:10)
  8. Falling Rizlas (2:26)
  9. Dancing In The Smoke (6:23)
  10. Faure In Chrome (5:49)
  11. There's An Angel In The Shower (7:32)
  12. Visa (4:28)
Played by: Flori, TML, Thread London
 in stock $20.64
Kid A (reissue)
Kid A (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: XLLP 782B. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. Everything In Its Right Place (4:07)
  2. Kid A (4:40)
  3. The National Anthem (5:50)
  4. How To Disappear Completely (5:54)
  5. Treefingers (3:44)
  6. Optimistic (5:16)
  7. In Limbo (3:32)
  8. Idioteque (9:39)
  9. Morning Bell (3:18)
  10. Motion Picture Soundtrack (0:54)
 in stock $20.10
Garden Of Delete
Garden Of Delete (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: WARPLP 266. Rel: 10 Nov 15
  1. Intro (0:27)
  2. Ezra (4:26)
  3. ECCOJAMC1 (0:33)
  4. Sticky Drama (4:15)
  5. SDFK (1:28)
  6. Mutant Standard (8:03)
  7. Child Of Rage (4:48)
  8. Animals (3:50)
  9. I Bite Through It (3:12)
  10. Freaky Eyes (6:25)
  11. Lift (4:02)
  12. No Good (3:16)
Review: NYC sound artist and Software label boss Daniel Lopatin is back with his eagerly awaited eighth studio album. A self-proclaimed 'cybernetic rock' album influenced by his time touring with Nine Inch nails and Soundgarden in 2014. There's '"Ezra" which reaches near trance moments, the glitchy R&B digitalism of "Sticky Drama" which features a turn, mid track, reaching a level of mayhem comparable to Shapednoise. There is a moment of what we can only describe as 'indie trance' on the psychotic epic "Mutant Standard". Not forgetting the disturbed nu-gaze of "I Bite Through It", a real highlight on here. Commercial music was said to have influenced the album too. "Freaky Eyes" and "Lift" deconstruct pop music via sampling/resampling and loop points, adding Lopatin's own bizarre intricacies on top. He has undoubtedly become known as one of the most unique voices in electronic music today and this is further testament to his standing. Difficult listening for curious ears.
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Played by: Rivet
 in stock $18.26
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