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Bestsellers: Experimental/Electronic

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Luzoscura (mixed CD + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALK 001CD. Rel: 07 May 21
  1. Sasha - "Corner Shop"
  2. DJ P - "Power"
  3. BAILE - "Gone"
  4. Trypheme - "Music For An Imaginary Fashion Publicity"
  5. Just Her & Nolan - "Breathe You" (feat Keisha Mar)
  6. Sasha & Franky Wah - "I'll Never Change" (LoS edit)
  7. Dark Sky - "Reserve Parachute"
  8. MJ Cole - "Maestro"
  9. Lau Ra - "I'll Wait"
  10. QRTR - "Forest Sprint"
  11. Enui - "Us"
  12. The Micronaut - "Koelsa"
  13. Jody Barr - "Accidental Lovers" (feat Felicia Douglass)
  14. Because Of Art - "Essence"
  15. Polymod - "Cycles"
  16. Rival Consoles - "Not Really"
  17. Cortese - "Circles"
  18. Nocow - "Atent"
  19. Sasha - "HNDI"
  20. Alex Banks - "Resurgence"
  21. Felsmann & Tiley - "Yin/Yang"
Review: During last year's various lockdowns, Sasha spent plenty of time updating his Luzoscura playlists on streaming services, using them as a vehicle for material he liked that didn't quite fit into regular club sets. Now things are easing, he's decided to deliver a CD version, mixing together a handful of his own unreleased productions with all manner of deep, melodic, atmospheric and smile-inducing treats. While it's musically and rhythmically diverse - within the first handful of tunes you'll hear breakbeat, two-step, deep tech-house and electronica beats - and boasts more bass-weight than you might expect, the focus is on sofa-bound listening, with bright and breezy electronics, warming chords and lilting instrumentation catching the ear. Combine this with Sasha's impeccable track selections and you have a genuinely entertaining mix.
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 in stock $12.88
Her Revolution
Her Revolution (limited 12")
Cat: XL 1106T. Rel: 11 Dec 20
  1. Her Revolution (5:44)
  2. His Rope (5:18)
 in stock $10.25
Anthropomorphic Sympathy
Anthropomorphic Sympathy (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: MGM 05. Rel: 23 Sep 19
  1. You (5:55)
  2. Sopine (4:58)
  3. Dimlove (5:30)
  4. -*- (4:05)
  5. Empathy Master (4:28)
  6. For Edmond Belamy (2:38)
  7. Interlude (2:13)
  8. Anthropomorphic Sympathy (5:11)
  9. Singularity (3:44)
  10. November Subitizing (5:45)
  11. Juniper (4:51)
  12. Lived II Time (2:50)
  13. Allopoiesis (3:10)
  14. Korwar (4:23)
Review: Having built up his self titled label alongside his sterling work as part of Oscillat, Lazare Hoche and Will & Ink, the one and only Malin Genie delivers his debut solo album. Moving beyond the pure club focus of his singles and EPs, the Genie has seized this opportunity to present a widescreen panorama of his sound, leading in with the subliminal ambience of "You" as a springboard to explore breaks, electro, techno, and especially IDM. There are so many ideas swirling round Anthropomorphic Sympathy, it's hard to know where to begin describing it. A true headphone commute for the deep listener to burrow into.
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Played by: M50, Yuzo Iwata, Malin Genie
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Uwami (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ATFA 042LP. Rel: 07 May 21
  1. Jaiva Low (feat Hapas music, DJ KS & Patna) (5:24)
  2. Emcimbinii (feat Tap Soul, Licy Jay & Eto) (7:00)
  3. 9 Days (feat DJ Saxo Boy) (5:19)
  4. Emonate Oe Bethela D Vosho (feat Kapzela, Licy Jay & MLG) (5:04)
  5. Downfall Revisit (4:56)
  6. Stiwawa Quitter (4:41)
 in stock $19.34
Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Cat: AMB 3922LP. Rel: 24 Oct 19
  1. Xtal (4:51)
  2. Tha (9:02)
  3. Pulsewidth (3:48)
  4. Ageispolis (5:21)
  5. I (1:12)
  6. Green Calx (6:05)
  7. Heliosphan (4:50)
  8. We Are The Music Makers (7:45)
  9. Schottkey 7th Path (5:02)
  10. Ptolemy (7:14)
  11. Hedphelym (6:04)
  12. Delphium (5:27)
  13. Actium (7:36)
Review: In line with the timely reappraisal of all things R&S related, the resurgent Apollo have seen the opportunity to bring one of their most celebrated records back for another round. Aphex Twin's ambient recordings mature magnificently with age, sounding ever richer and more emotive as the rest of electronic music continues to play catch up all around. From the gentle breakbeats of "Xtal" to the aquatic techno lure of "Tha", the airy rave of "Pulsewidth" to the heartwrenching composition of "Ageispolis", every track is a perennial example of how far ambient techno could reach even back then. It's just that no-one quite had the arm-span of Richard D. James.
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 in stock $23.43
Passing Shades
Passing Shades (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: DE 279. Rel: 20 Nov 20
  1. Flow (6:51)
  2. The Beauty's In The Waste (5:41)
  3. Alibi (4:09)
  4. Mute (3:30)
  5. Twin Studies (5:00)
  6. This Flame (4:48)
  7. Earthly Ark (4:44)
  8. Nevermore (3:28)
Review: Group Rhoda is the solo project of Mara Barenbaum, who makes a fine return to Dark Entries with a labyrinthine trip though dark and chilly wave. Barenbaum's striking voice brings a haunting and ethereal quality to each cut while the synths undulate on their own whim. "Passing Shades is an investigation of the metaphysics of loss and the transitory nature of the material world" say press notes but that doesn't mean it is all doom and gloom. There are moments that manage to be mystifying and revelatory at the same time, as well as offering points of celebration and release such as on the kicking 'The Beauty's In The Waste', amongst other highlights.
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In Rainbows
Cat: XLLP 324. Rel: 02 Jan 08
  1. 15 Step
  2. Bodysnatchers
  3. Nude
  4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  5. All I Need
  6. Faust Arp
  7. Reckoner
  8. House Of Cards
  9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
  10. Videotape
Review: "In Rainbows", Radiohead's seventh album, finally gets a physical release! It's one thing downloading this landmark album, but to actually hold this is something special. Not only do you get increased sound quality, but you also get the amazing artwork from Stanley Donwood. This album includes "Nude", a live favourite for many years that was originally written during the "OK Computer" sessions. More minimal that their "Kid A" period, "In Rainbows" does something that very few albums have done - its sound is distinct from previous Radiohead albums, but is still clearly Radiohead. Hail to the kings, they are back on top form. Get this album while you can.
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 in stock $21.98
Music From Calendars 2017-2020
  1. Frozen Air
  2. Synthi A Surrounding The Garden Is A Fog
  3. Artificial Placement Of Emotion
  4. Blacked Out Windows
  5. Commensalism
  6. Near Field
  7. Alertions
  8. Riverbed
  9. Obscured By Dark Intervals
  10. Humanoid Propagate
  11. Memories Of A Yesterday
 in stock $13.77
Black Replica
Black Replica (marbled vinyl LP + booklet + MP3 download code 再出版)
Cat: MP 312. Rel: 23 Apr 21
  1. Spider Theory (1:23)
  2. Black Feathers (3:51)
  3. Twilight Pupil (4:32)
  4. Replicant Vestiges (2:16)
  5. Nether Realm (1:05)
  6. Ephemeral (3:56)
  7. Mathematische Augen (3:02)
  8. Spiderweb Symmetry (4:55)
Played by: Mark Forshaw
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Dead Cities (25th Anniversary Edition)
Dead Cities (25th Anniversary Edition) (gatefold 180 gram 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 353746 3. Rel: 16 Apr 21
  1. Herd Killing (2:10)
  2. Dead Cities (6:34)
  3. Her Face Forms In Summertime (5:57)
  4. We Have Explosive (5:55)
  5. Everyone In The World Is Doing Something Without Me (4:46)
  6. My Kingdom (5:46)
  7. Max (3:05)
  8. Antique Toy (5:33)
  9. Quagmire/In A State Of Permanent Abyss (6:43)
  10. Glass (6:47)
  11. Yage (7:35)
  12. Vit Drowning/Through Your Gills I Breathe (5:35)
  13. First Death In The Family (4:50)
While everyone alive with working ears in the 1990s can remember the first time they heard 'Papua New Guinea', on the whole the work included on this, FSOL's second album, doesn't quite strike the same chords with non-obsessives. Nevertheless, give the LP one play and you'll realise this is seminal British rave on record, and arguably the finest moment in Garry Cobain (no relation to Kurt) and Brian Dougans' careers.

Which isn't to dismiss what came before or what would follow, more to say there's a reason why this is considered a landmark release by those in the know. Kissing frenetic breaks and chaotic sampling goodbye, Dead Cities ushered a new wave of lush tranquility into the band's formula, in turn helping establish a blueprint for the deep progressive tones that would come to dominate dance culture by the end of the 1990s. Now on vinyl for the first time, it's an essential investment.
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 in stock $30.46
Vol 1
Vol 1 (LP + booklet)
Cat: MMJ 004. Rel: 12 May 21
  1. Folj Inte Efter (3:40)
  2. Speglar Mig (2:29)
  3. Ooverblicklig Kansla (2:42)
  4. Andra Takter (2:12)
  5. Omojligt/Mojligt (2:30)
  6. Harda Tag (3:07)
  7. Langst Bak I Kon Till Fralsningen (2:39)
  8. Lugn (3:16)
  9. Andetag (3:40)
  10. Jag Ska Visa Er (2:22)
 in stock $26.66
Rhapsodia/Battements Solaires
Rhapsodia/Battements Solaires (LP + MP3 download code in debossed sleeve)
Cat: REGRM 025. Rel: 06 May 21
  1. Rhapsodia (17:12)
  2. Battements Solaires (17:36)
 in stock $22.26
You Can See Your Own Way Out
You Can See Your Own Way Out (limited clear vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DLP 02. Rel: 11 May 21
  1. Never Sleep At Night (5:55)
  2. Dark From Daybreak (3:17)
  3. Moon On The Lake (2:25)
  4. You Can See Your Own Way Out (4:12)
  5. White Sand (3:41)
  6. Mr Sophistication (4:07)
  7. The Closer You Get To Being Invisible (2:08)
  8. Black Across White (6:42)
  9. City Walls (3:01)
  10. Shining Sea (2:57)
 in stock $20.80
Music Has The Right To Children
Music Has The Right To Children (gatefold 2xLP + sticker)
Cat: WARPLP 55R. Rel: 18 Oct 13
  1. Wildlife Analysis
  2. An Eagle In Your Mind
  3. The Color Of The Fire
  4. Telephasic Workshop
  5. Triangles & Rhombuses
  6. Sixtyten
  7. Turqoise Hexagon Sun
  8. Kaini Industries
  9. Bocuma
  10. Roygbiv
  11. Rue The Whirl
  12. Aquarius
  13. Olson
  14. Pete Standing Alone
  15. Smokes Quantity
  16. Open The Light
  17. One Very Important Thought
Review: Widely regarded as Boards of Canada's finest hour, Music Has The Right To Children finds itself the subject of a well-deserved 2LP gatefold reissue from Warp Records. One of the most defining records of what was known for better or worse as IDM still sounds as timeless as it did in 1998, as the library tones of "Wildlife Analysis", thick downtempo rhythms of "Roygbiv" and out of focus melodies of "Olson" prove. Essential!
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 in stock $22.26
Meet At Infinity EP
Meet At Infinity EP (140 gram vinyl 12" + sticker & insert)
Cat: WSR GHW1. Rel: 26 Apr 21
  1. Meet At Infinity (5:21)
  2. Kepler438 (5:25)
  3. They Live (5:28)
  4. Hidden Dimension (4:38)
Review: Well Street continues to set out its stall within the realm of contemporary bassweight experimentation with this return to the fray from Ghost Warrior. Previously spotted on 31 Records, re:st and The Collection Artaud, Peter Ivanyi is the quintessential grey area producer, dealing in futuristic extrapolations of the D&B formula, where monochrome textures and dense dub atmospheres hover around needlepoint rhythms and ruthlessly controlled bass swells. With an icy demeanour offset by delicately deployed chords (at least on 'Kepler438', this is exquisitely executed, highly futuristic brain food for those who believe in D&B as much more than a raging soundtrack to a skank.
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 in stock $11.71
Sara Dale's Sensual Massage
Cat: IF 102. Rel: 22 Sep 20
  1. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage I (4:45)
  2. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage II (3:52)
  3. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage III (1:29)
  4. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage IV (8:17)
  5. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage V (2:40)
  6. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage VI (2:13)
  7. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage VII (4:45)
  8. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage VIII (5:10)
  9. Sara Dale's Happy End (4:59)
  10. Sara Dale's Bombers (4:21)
  11. Medieval Flange (2:33)
  12. Plinkerton (2:57)
  13. Volcanozo (5:18)
  14. Aftertouch (1:38)
  15. Gamatalo (4:30)
  16. Them From Blue I (2:21)
  17. Them From Blue II (2:20)
  18. Theme From Blue II/(Silence)/The Hills Are Alive (11:10)
Review: If anyone sees the mind-bending 1980 movie Altered States, tell it we have its soundtrack. Or not. Perhaps late to the sensory deprivation tank party, Coil made much of the music here to accompany filmed scenes of erotica, as the title suggests, although this is more about tantric suggestions of cheekiness and sensuality than most of the orgies you might have in mind.

All very New Age, its crystalline sounds gradually move into more rhythmic tracks, like the suggestively-titled hypnotic pop of 'Happy End'. Polished off with the added bonus of a few cuts taken from the band's work Themes For Derek Jarman's Blue, this is very much one of those archive collections that anyone who knows needs to own, and those who don't need to learn about.

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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $49.21
Sirius City
Sirius City (blue vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: AR/RLB 0052. Rel: 04 May 21
  1. Sirius City (5:03)
  2. UFO (4:38)
  3. Call Me, Acid (6:12)
  4. Stars (4:03)
Review: Following on from last year's impressive Redlight debut, Scott Hess is back on his Adeen label with another selection of warm and inventive house cuts splashed with colour and analogue wobbles precision-engineered to catch your ear. Lead track 'Sirius City' leans on a harmonically rich lead line and plenty of off-kilter wriggles to appeal to those who want some cheekiness in their tunes. 'UFO' sports a tasteful acid tweak running in between plush pads and snappy drums, while 'Call Me, Acid' plays around with telephone tropes to make a bleepy jam that will have the ID requests flying in. 'Stars' offers something sweeter to complete the set, spacing out the beats to leave the synths plenty of room to cavort around a celestial name-checking session for deep house dreamers.
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 in stock $11.71
Athenian Primitivism
Cat: ISLE 011. Rel: 05 May 21
  1. Desire As Love (7:11)
  2. Disco Veduno (2:21)
  3. Maternal (4:37)
  4. The Turkish Bath (3:48)
  5. Smile Again (5:09)
  6. Future Basin (7:03)
  7. Disco Bwaba (3:33)
  8. Blue Skin Dancer (5:22)
  9. Oaks (8:25)
  10. Abstraction (1:18)
  11. The Remainder Of Abstraction (1:43)
  12. Beneath The Statue (1:50)
  13. Lullaby (3:56)
  14. The Most Peculiar Acquisition Of The Insects (5:12)
  15. Letter To Mother (1:38)
Review: Looking back while looking forward, Christos Chondropoulos means to show us a very different time and place with this collection of recordings originally committed to cassette, crafted over a five year period of time. Fittingly retro and patient approaches considering the biggest musical influence here is arguably Ancient Greece and its traditions of sound, despite being born from dated parts the whole is still capable of pushing forward into new territories.

Old but new, or new but old, either way this is historic epic, experimental percussive electronica and drug chug stuff, all realised with the kind of atmosphere that invokes silver screen legends in times of heroes, where accuracies of aesthetic are less important than drama and action. Perhaps not really traditional, then, nevertheless you'll struggle not to feel transported far beyond with this one.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $23.74
Terrorama (Soundtrack)
  1. Meneer De Televisiepresentator (1:14)
  2. Boek (5:16)
  3. Dat Wat Komt (2:29)
  4. Popjes (7:25)
  5. Kiekeboe (2:38)
  6. Huis Invasie (0:44)
  7. Terrorama (8:02)
  8. Ontvoering (0:54)
  9. Met Een Ouderwets Scheermes (4:05)
  10. Mickey (4:22)
  11. De Strijd (2:04)
  12. Gelukkig Einde (1:01)
Played by: Ali Renault, Rogér
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 in stock $5.85
Mar Interior
Mar Interior (LP with obi-strip)
Cat: ABST 020. Rel: 07 May 21
  1. Litoral De Roca (4:37)
  2. Columnas De Agua (4:22)
  3. Ak Deniz (4:15)
  4. Hemeroskopeion (4:54)
  5. Teselas (5:19)
  6. Desde Manana (5:34)
  7. Orillas Opuestas (5:14)
  8. Dunas De Posidonia (5:04)
Review: Mecanica Clasica draw on the rich history and culture of the ancient Mediterranean on their stunning new album Mar Interior, which roughly translates as Inland Sea. Kosmische and fourth world music are the main references as the group distill the history and legacy of ancient civilizations into eight cinematic tracks that sound both futuristic yet mythological. The work of Craig Leon, Brian Eno and Cluster is a clear influence here, while environmental recordings add to the spaced out ambient synths and gently pulsing rhythms. Shimmering, hypnotic and mystic, this is as immersive and expressive as worldy ambient sounds get.
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 in stock $22.85
Heisei No Oto: Japanese Left Field Pop From The CD Age 1989-1996
  1. Jun Sato - "Lorang"
  2. Synagetic Voice Orchestra - "A Tale"
  3. Fumihiro Murakami - "Miko"
  4. Eiki Nonaka - "Phlanged Vortex"
  5. Love, Peace & Trance - "Yeelen"
  6. Tadahiko Yokogawa - "Stop Me"
  7. Ichiko Hashimoto - "L'ete"
  8. Yosui Inoue - "Pi Po Pa"
  9. Kina Tomoko - "Ink"
  10. Adi - "Co-Cu-U"
  11. Xacara - "Night In Aracaju"
  12. Poison Girl Friend - "Nobody"
  13. Dream Dolphin - "Take No Michi"
  14. Keisuke Sakurai - "Harai"
  15. Hiroki Ishiguro - "Unity"
  16. Dido (Shizuru Ohtaka & Michiaki Kato) - "Mermaid"
  17. Keisuke Kikuchi - "Retro Electric"
Review: Having previously delivered ocean-deep compilations dedicated to Brazilian electronic music, '90s ambient and "deviant European pop" of the 1980s, Music From Memory has now joined forces with crate diggers Eji Taniguchi and Norio Sato to shine a light on leftfield Japanese pop, all of which was initially released on CD between 1989 and '96. The showcased music is actually far more diverse than you might expect; while undeniably synthesizer heavy with ample use of drum machines, stylistically the set flits between ambient, new age, electronica, deep synth-pop, breakbeat-sporting post-house dance-pop and what we in Europe might describe as "Balearica". It's an eye-opening collection all told, but one that's genuinely packed to the rafters with slept-on, must-have gems.
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 in stock $19.91
Homogenic (LP)
Cat: TPLP 71. Rel: 20 Sep 97
  1. Hunter
  2. Joga
  3. Unravel
  4. Bachelorette
  5. All Neon Like
  6. 5 Years
  7. Immature
  8. Alarm Call
  9. Pluto
  10. All Is Full Of Love
 in stock $18.46
Extended (limited cassette) (1 per customer)
Cat: MTR 111TAPE. Rel: 07 May 21
  1. Minibus (1:23)
  2. Dentist (1:42)
  3. Sekt Um 12 (3:07)
  4. Tacken (3:21)
  5. Hood (feat Jackson) (2:15)
  6. Rainy (1:52)
  7. Hyena Dancehall (2:50)
  8. Butlin’s Minehead Interlude (1:03)
  9. Bangface (2:31)
  10. 1000 Kicks (0:45)
  11. Pulls (2:16)
  12. Soda (2:25)
  13. Paradiso (1:44)
  14. Kupfer (4:46)
  15. U8 (2:06)
  16. Ohm (2:05)
  17. The Germs (1:26)
  18. Stadtschloss (1:25)
  19. Disc (2:59)
  20. Movement (feat Paul St Hilaire) (3:19)
  21. Keller (1:30)
  22. Mean (2:45)
  23. KlangKrieg (3:13)
  24. Cthulhu Drums (2:44)
  25. Bilbao (2:36)
  26. Lockdown (7:27)
  27. Devotion Is Such A Strong Word (1:11)
 in stock $11.14
Music For 3 Books
Cat: CDTOT 81. Rel: 07 May 21
  1. Viewed From Outside
  2. The Whispering Masses
  3. Orrery
  4. Fracti
  5. Episode
  6. Magnify Within The Thought
  7. Replace I With You
  8. Viewed From Trains
  9. External Limits
  10. To Become Silent
  11. Skylines
  12. Turbulent Haze
  13. Restricted Conversation Between Occupants
  14. Take Umbrage
  15. Outsourced
  16. Viewed From The Pedestrian's Angle
  17. Disseminate
 in stock $13.77
Never The Right Time
Cat: LOVE 119CD. Rel: 23 Apr 21
  1. Away Not Gone
  2. Never The Right Time
  3. Repetitive Strain
  4. Don't Know How
  5. When It Hits
  6. The Beginning
  7. Answers
  8. Dove Stone
  9. Hard To Tell
 in stock $14.36
Botany Department
Botany Department (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: GOS 006LP. Rel: 10 May 21
  1. Sune (4:12)
  2. Otis (4:02)
  3. Espiral (5:26)
  4. Metade (2:51)
  5. Okino (4:58)
  6. Torsqe (1:55)
  7. Avesso (5:35)
  8. Qazil (6:31)
Played by: Rui Maia, Kaoru Inoue
 in stock $23.43
Bach: The Goldberg Variations
Bach: The Goldberg Variations (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: DOS 500H. Rel: 19 Feb 15
  1. The Goldberg Variations (part one)
  2. The Goldberg Variations (part two)
 in stock $11.14
Tomorrow Comes The Harvest
Cat: 677863 0. Rel: 26 Sep 18
  1. Locked & Loaded (7:46)
  2. Altitudes (7:03)
  3. On The Run (8:07)
  4. The Seed (7:11)
Review: Back in 2016, legendary Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen approached techno pioneer Jeff Mills with the idea of working together. A series of live gigs and off-the-radar studio sessions followed, with the first fruits of their joint efforts finally appearing on this must-have 10". As you'd expect, the duo's collaborative work combines Allen's traditional Nigerian polyrhythms, traditional Afrobeat instrumentation, and the far-sighted, sci-fi inspired electronic futurism that has always marked out Mills' work. The result is a quartet of cuts that could arguably be described as retro-futurist Afro-tech - all delay-laden beats, basslines and organs subtly sparring with gentle acid lines, Motor City electronics, beguiling deep space textures and shimmering, 31st century motifs. It's arguably Allen's stylistic contributions that dominate, but that's no bad thing.
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 in stock $12.31
Black Magic
Black Magic (limited gatefold transparent purple vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: CLOLP 2293. Rel: 06 May 21
  1. The Call Of The First AEthyr (with Jozef Van Wissem - LP1: remixed) (2:50)
  2. Innavigable Soul (with Hawkestrel) (4:13)
  3. The Human Curse (with Ritualz) (3:39)
  4. At Sea (with Umberto) (4:10)
  5. The Pentagram (with Aimon) (4:03)
  6. Rise Above You (with Neoslave) (2:42)
  7. The Fate (with AINOMA) (4:35)
  8. The Poet (with VV & The Void) (3:35)
  9. The Call Of The Second AEthyr (with Witch & The Vale) (3:04)
  10. Golden Dawn: Part I (Children Of The Universe)/Part II (Snowdrops)/Part III (A Nameless Grave) (with Kill Shelter) (3:37)
  11. Introduction (LP2: remastered) (2:19)
  12. The Call Of The First AEthyr (Enochian) (1:20)
  13. The Call Of The First AEthyr (English) (1:35)
  14. The Call Of The Second AEthyr (Enochian) (0:35)
  15. The Call Of The Second AEthyr (English) (0:43)
  16. La Gitana (1:48)
  17. The Pentagram (1:00)
  18. One Sovereign For Woman (0:54)
  19. The Poet (0:50)
  20. At Sea (1:37)
  21. Fingernails (0:43)
  22. The Titanic (1:48)
  23. Hymn To The American People On The Anniversary Of Their Indepemdence (2:47)
  24. Excerpts From The Gnostic Mass (2:06)
  25. Vive La France (2:17)
 in stock $33.98
Cat: OM 46. Rel: 22 Apr 21
  1. Californium (Charles Webster remix) (10:27)
  2. Carbon (Francois Tetaz remix) (6:51)
  3. Bismuth (Malcome McGeorge & Roger Horberry remix) (7:01)
  4. Sunchemical (album version) (5:57)
! low stock $14.65
Sick & Panic
Sick & Panic (limited 1-sided 12" picture disc)
Cat: CV 001V. Rel: 07 Jul 20
  1. Sick & Panic (First mix) (12:33)
Review: Macintosh Plus is perhaps not the best-known pseudonym of Ramona Andra Xaxier - she's much wider known for her work as Vektroid - but it's certainly one of her most historic. Xavier released an album under the alias way back in 2011 but has done little with the name since. "Sick & Panic", a fresh single-sided salvo pressed to an attractive and eye-catching picture disc, is therefore a more than welcome return. Musically it's a vibrant but fiendishly experimental affair, with Xavier delivering a madcap, 12-minute sound collage rich in glitchy, cut-up samples, Vaporwave synth sounds, fizzing electronics, wild electric guitar solos, tipsy bursts of mind-altering digital noise and occasional leftfield rhythms. It's alluringly odd all told, and thanks to some clever construction the whole thing makes perfect sonic sense.
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Crush (140 gram vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: ZEN 259. Rel: 18 Oct 19
  1. Falaise (1:30)
  2. Last Bloom (1:30)
  3. Anasickmodular (1:30)
  4. Requiem For CS70 & Strings (1:30)
  5. Karakul (1:30)
  6. LesAlpx (1:30)
  7. Bias (1:30)
  8. Environments (1:30)
  9. Birth (1:30)
  10. Sea-watch (1:30)
  11. Apoptose (part 1) (1:30)
  12. Apoptose (part 2) (1:30)
Review: A new album from Sam Shepherd AKA Floating Points is always cause for celebration, but even by his standards "Crush" is rather special. Largely eschewing the ambient jazz soundscape shuffle of 2017's "Reflections - Mojave Desert", it sees the Shepherd showcase his musical dexterity in stunning fashion via cuts that wrap shimmering neo-classical strings around what sound like modular electronics and rhythms that variously touch on broken beat, off-kilter experimental D&B and Autechre-style IDM. Of course there are ambient and experimental soundscapes showcased, but it's the fact that the album contains a swathe of formidably dancefloor-focused cuts in the style that first made him standout that pleases us most. Highlights include recent single "LesAlpx", the dreamy "Anasickmodular" and the "People's Potential" style deep house intricacy of "Last Bloom".
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Kid A (reissue)
Kid A (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: XLLP 782B. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. Everything In Its Right Place (4:07)
  2. Kid A (4:40)
  3. The National Anthem (5:50)
  4. How To Disappear Completely (5:54)
  5. Treefingers (3:44)
  6. Optimistic (5:16)
  7. In Limbo (3:32)
  8. Idioteque (9:39)
  9. Morning Bell (3:18)
  10. Motion Picture Soundtrack (0:54)
 in stock $23.15
Come To Daddy
Cat: WAP 094. Rel: 15 Aug 97
  1. Come To Daddy (Pappy mix)
  2. Flim
  3. Come To Daddy (Little Lord Faulteroy mix)
  4. Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
 in stock $11.71
Tomorrow's Harvest
Tomorrow's Harvest (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: WARPLP 257. Rel: 07 Jun 13
  1. Gemini
  2. Reach For The Dead
  3. White Cyclosa
  4. Jacquard Causeway
  5. Telepath
  6. Cold Earth
  7. Transmisiones Ferox
  8. Sick Times
  9. Collapse
  10. Palace Posy
  11. Split Your Infinities
  12. Uritual
  13. Nothing Is Real
  14. Sundown
  15. New Seeds
  16. Come To Dust
  17. Semena Mertvykh
Review: Given that it's been eight years since the last Boards of Canada album, Tomorrow's Harvest should, by rights, push Daft Punk's Random Access Memories in the hype stakes. Certainly, it's a fine set. During their sabbatical, Marcus Eoin and Michael Sandison have lost none of their power to amaze and impress. Chords drone, samples hiss, synths shimmer and beats swing. There are intense ambient moments and intoxicating, post-IDM dreamscapes. It is in turns icy, warm, introspective and blindingly picturesque. Throughout, Tomorrow's Harvest is impeccably atmospheric, conjuring images of windswept Scottish moors, becalmed Cornish bays and maudlin pagan ceremonies. As comeback records go, it's pretty darn good.
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The Mix (Special Edition)
The Mix (Special Edition) (limited white vinyl 2xLP + 20 page booklet)
Cat: 019029 5272128. Rel: 09 Oct 20
  1. The Robots (8:53)
  2. Computer Love (6:35)
  3. Pocket Calculator (4:32)
  4. Dentaku (3:27)
  5. Autobahn (9:28)
  6. Radioactivity (6:53)
  7. Trans Europe Express (3:20)
  8. Abzug (2:18)
  9. Metal On Metal (4:59)
  10. Home Computer (8:03)
  11. Music Non Stop (6:38)
Review: Kraftwerk never bothered releasing a standard 'greatest hits' album. Instead, in 1991 they offered up The Mix, a set of brand-new digital recordings of some of their best-loved tracks. It received a lukewarm reception at the time, in part because it was marketed and reviewed as a remix album (which it isn't), but it's actually a thrill-a-minute romp that has formed the basis of their live shows ever since. It contains some fantastic re-arranged takes on such familiar favourites as 'Radioactivity', 'The Robots', 'Computer Love' and 'Autobahn', the latter of which is quite radically different (and, surprisingly, jazzier). This time round, it comes presented on ice-white vinyl and comes accompanied by a smart looking 20-page booklet.
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Trip Hop
Trip Hop (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 336406 6. Rel: 19 Apr 19
  1. Massive Attack - "Teardrop" (5:26)
  2. DJ Shadow - "Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt" (6:35)
  3. Tricky - "Hell Is Around The Corner" (3:45)
  4. Goldfrapp - "Lovely Head" (3:45)
  5. Kid Loco - "A Grand Love Theme" (3:59)
  6. Morcheeba - "Otherwise" (3:44)
  7. Moby - "Natural Blues" (4:14)
  8. Nightmares On Wax - "Les Nuits" (6:15)
  9. DJ Cam - "Birds Also Sing For Anamaria" (4:16)
  10. Alex Gopher - "The Child" (radio edit) (3:40)
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Amazonia (CD)
Cat: 194398 58232. Rel: 09 Apr 21
  1. Amazonia (part 1)
  2. Amazonia (part 2)
  3. Amazonia (part 3)
  4. Amazonia (part 4)
  5. Amazonia (part 5)
  6. Amazonia (part 6)
  7. Amazonia (part 7)
  8. Amazonia (part 8)
  9. Amazonia (part 9)
Review: The latest album from legendary French electronic adventurer Jean-Michel Jarre is a soundtrack of sorts. Amazonia was created as a 52-minute score to accompany a new "immersive exhibition" of photographs and films of the Brazilian Amazon region by award-winning snapper and videographer Sebastiao Salgado. Jarre's music, which comes wrapped in field recordings from the Amazon region (sounds of nature, of course, but also logging and deforestation), is typically symphonic and stirring, with his usual synthesizer sounds being joined by occasional orchestration and slivers of drum machine percussion. It's a hugely atmospheric and emotive concoction, as you'd expect from a composer, musician and producer of Jarre's stature.
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Suddenly (LP)
Cat: SLANG 50247LP. Rel: 28 Feb 20
  1. Sister (2:12)
  2. You & I (4:04)
  3. Sunny's Time (2:47)
  4. New Jade (3:37)
  5. Home (2:37)
  6. Lime (2:56)
  7. Never Come Back (5:00)
  8. Filtered Grand Piano (0:53)
  9. Like I Loved You (4:04)
  10. Magpie (3:56)
  11. Ravi (4:30)
  12. Cloud Song (6:49)
Review: It's quite shocking it's been six years since the last Caribou album, 2014's knockout "Our Love". Dan Snaith has never felt the need to rush his music out, and there was an interim Daphni album in 2017 to be fair to the guy, but here we are with a new set that sees Snaith returning to a little of the delicate songwriting and winsome electronica he forged his reputation on in the early days. There's a lot going on in here, from smooth as silk yacht rock-isms to deliriously modernist cut ups and more than a few wild pitch shifts to keep listeners on their toes. It's playful and heartfelt, and rarely lingers in one place for too long while still retaining a sense of calm. It may be not at all what you expected from Caribou's return, but we'd wager it's even better than you hoped.
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Janara (LP + insert)
Cat: OMLP 20. Rel: 06 May 21
  1. Janara (5:25)
  2. Anatema (7:21)
  3. Terror (5:44)
  4. Cumana Sibilla (3:51)
  5. A' Strega (7:14)
  6. Tormento (6:29)
  7. Labirinto (6:36)
  8. Tema Di Anna (2:34)
Review: Italy's Jose Manuel spent some time opening his mind and exploring new musical horizons before he wrote this new album for Optimo. As part of that he worked a lot with the main traditional instrument of the Italian region Campania, namely the Tammorra. It is a large drum but is not to be confused with a typical tambourine. Its presence here lends the album a sense of tradition, ritual and ceremony, and all around it choral voices, deft synth work and experimental rhythms all unfold. At times ambient and abstract, at others dark and ready for the dance floor, this is a truly beguiling record.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
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It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Cat: SC 414LP. Rel: 02 Oct 20
  1. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (4:10)
  2. Be My Husband (4:40)
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I Will Survive
I Will Survive (7" + insert)
Cat: SC 433LP. Rel: 29 Mar 21
  1. I Will Survive (4:40)
  2. RNC 2020 (3:13)
The most surprising thing about this staggering 7" is the fact the artist formerly known as Anthony Hegarty hasn't released 'I Will Survive' before. Gloria Gaynor's testament to the strength of the human spirit, and particularly the resilience people call upon when facing a broken heart, has long been an anthem of global queer and counterculture. Anonhi, either as lead singer of rightly lauded Anthony & The Johnsons, or as latter day soloist, is an icon of those same scenes, laying claim to being the only transgender person ever nominated for an Academy Award ('Manta Ray', from the movie Racing Extinction).

The results are everything we could have hoped for, rethinking the disco anthem as an acoustic number equal parts teary-eyed pride and sorrow, Anonhi's famous baritone crying out over strings and guitars. Backed with the frenzied distorted riffs and rage of 'RNC 2020', it's a formidable release.
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Seidingur (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: XOZ 009. Rel: 12 Apr 21
  1. Going Back (7:16)
  2. As We See It Coming (5:25)
  3. Shiva (7:21)
  4. Seidingur (5:52)
Review: There are more seismic ruminations from the deepest depths of Iceland's dub techno scene afoot, as Ohm shores back up on X/OZ with more of that densely packed, heavily textured techno tackle. 'Going Back' opens the EP up in a submersible, riding a looming sub bass and pinging out sonar blips into the encroaching gloom. 'As We See It Coming' turns up the intensity with some sharply chiselled percussion and an eerie line in synth tones, while 'Shiva' locks into a truly propulsive, fully balanced techno workout. 'Seidingur' is perhaps the purest dub techno offering on the record, teasing out the rhythms and letting the chords swirl in the mix for a classically rooted, classily executed trip.
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Satosphere Sessions
Satosphere Sessions (CD limited to 100 copies)
Cat: ECHOSPACE SATCD1. Rel: 21 Dec 20
  1. Satosphere Sessions
 in stock $17.28
Exterior Lux
Exterior Lux (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: AKULP 1026. Rel: 07 May 21
  1. Going Nowhere (2:58)
  2. Exterior Lux (3:46)
  3. Walkabout (3:16)
  4. Wakhan Corridor (2:37)
  5. Chiroptera (3:50)
  6. Vetiver (3:29)
  7. Officer (3:58)
  8. Fuis Le Feu (5:19)
  9. Legere Dentelle (2:22)
  10. No Guitar Today (2:49)
  11. Je Me Suis Endormi (3:48)
 in stock $26.94
Cassius Select & Ebb
Cat: RB 0004. Rel: 06 May 21
  1. Cassius Select - "Scrooge" (4:29)
  2. Cassius Select - "Who Teh" (3:32)
  3. Ebb - "Alloy" (5:53)
  4. Ebb - "Visions" (5:04)
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Oxygene (LP)
Cat: 888430 246812. Rel: 05 Oct 15
  1. Oxygene (part 1) (5:47)
  2. Oxygene (part 2) (9:38)
  3. Oxygene (part 3) (2:47)
  4. Oxygene (part 4) (4:44)
  5. Oxygene (part 5) (9:38)
  6. Oxygene (part 6) (6:30)
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Black Sands (10th Anniversary Edition)
Black Sands (10th Anniversary Edition) (limited gatefold grey vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 140SX. Rel: 26 Mar 21
  1. Prelude (1:24)
  2. Kiara (3:44)
  3. Kong (3:58)
  4. Eyesdown (feat Andreya Triana) (5:30)
  5. El Toro (3:46)
  6. We Could Forever (4:18)
  7. 1009 (4:33)
  8. All In Forms (4:50)
  9. The Keeper (feat Andreya Triana) (4:49)
  10. Stay The Same (feat Andreya Triana) (4:45)
  11. Animals (6:45)
  12. Black Sands (6:50)
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In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
  1. Kid For Today
  2. Amo Bishop Roden
  3. In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
  4. Zoetrope
Review: When it comes to a reissue such as this it can't be understated just how arresting the work of Boards of Canada can be in the right situation. This EP, that came to light in between Music Has The Right To Children and Geogaddi, represents the enigmatic duo at their most powerful, channeling their energy into four long-form tracks that draw on all of their combined strengths. "Kid For Today" is haunting and dark but utterly heartbreaking, whilst "Amo Bishop Roden" heads into more mysterious territory. "In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country" is eerie in its titular invitation to join a cult, and "Zoetrope" tips its hat to Terry Riley et al in its looping phrases, but really there's no describing the magnificence of these gems, pleasingly reissued on vinyl to beat the Discogs chancers.
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Played by: M50
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Syro (tri-fold 3xLP)
Cat: WARPLP 247. Rel: 18 Sep 14
  1. Minipops 67 (Source Field mix)
  2. XMAS EVET10 (Thanaton 3 mix)
  3. Produk 29
  4. 4 Bit 9D Api E 6
  5. 180db
  6. Circlont6a (Syrobonkus mix)
  7. Fz Pseudotimestretch E 3
  8. Circlont14 (Shrymoming mix)
  9. Syro U473t8 E (Piezoluminescence mix)
  10. Papat4 (Pineal mix)
  11. S950tx16wasr10 (Earth Portal mix)
  12. Aisatsana
Review: It's rare that an electronic album is the biggest album of the year, or at least the most hyped. That's certainly the case with Syro, Richard D James first official release under his Aphex Twin moniker for some 13 years. So, is it in any good? For starters, it sounds like an Aphex Twin album. Listen through to the 12 tracks, and many of his familiar staples are present - the "Digeridoo" era rave breakbeats, the mangled synth-funk mash-ups, the intoxicating ambient-era melodies, the warped basslines and the skittish drill & bass style rhythms. There's madness, beauty and intensity in spades. In other words, it's an Aphex Twin album, and - as so many have pointed out since the album's release was announced - there's no-one else quite like Richard D James.
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