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Back Catalogue: Folk/Americana

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Folk / Americana

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Myopia (CD)
Cat: 483717 3. Rel: 21 Feb 20
  1. Camera's Rolling
  2. Broken Sleep
  3. Island Of Doom
  4. Roscian
  5. Myopia
  6. Drosera
  7. Can't Be
  8. Promise Keeper
  9. Parliament Of Owls
  10. Won't You Call Me
Review: You can't help but be impressed by the trajectory evident in Agnes Obel's work since she first stopped us dead in tracks on 2010's debut, "Philharmonics". Instrumentally, she's still a maestro capable of grabbing you by the tear ducts with stunning, graceful melodies. But lyrically, she might be on course to becoming one of the most expressive we've got. And that's something to treasure. "Myopia" doesn't feel celebratory, mind. In fact anything but. It's an atmospherically dark, nocturnal journey into equally dark themes, told with nighttime language. From asking corpses what the other side is like, ahead of their physical bodies being lowered into the lightless ground ("Island Of Doom"), to the pain and frustrations of insomnia (the appropriately-named "Broken Sleep"), it's not an album that will ready you for the arrival of spring, but it's easy to find yourself falling for its understated melancholia.
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 in stock $12.30
Seven Classic Albums Plus Bonus Radio Tracks
  1. John Henry (The Tin Angel - with Larry Mohr)
  2. Old Cotton Fields At Home
  3. The Frozen Logger
  4. Run, Come See Jerusalem
  5. Old Blue
  6. Water Boy
  7. Santy Anno
  8. I Was Born About 10,000 Years Ago/The Biggest Thing
  9. Riding My Car (Car Song)
  10. No More Cane On The Brazos
  11. Payday At Coal Creek
  12. Buked & Scorned
  13. Rock Island Line
  14. Poor Little Jesus (My Eyes Have Seen)
  15. Bald Headed Women
  16. Motherless Children
  17. I Know Where I'm Going
  18. The Foggy Dew
  19. I've Been Driving On Bald Mountain/Water Boy
  20. Ox-Driver Song
  21. Down On Me
  22. Saro Jane
  23. Three Pigs
  24. No More Cane On The Brazos
  25. Jumpin' Judy
  26. Battle Hymn Of The Republic
  27. Santy Anno (Odetta Sings Ballads & Blues)
  28. If I Had A Ribbon Bow
  29. Muleskinner Blues
  30. Another Man Done Gone
  31. Shame & Scandal
  32. Jack O' Diamonds
  33. Buked & Scorned
  34. Easy Rider
  35. Joshua
  36. Hound Dog
  37. Glory Glory
  38. Alabama Bound
  39. Been In The Pen
  40. Deep Blue Sea
  41. Gods Gonna Cut You Down
  42. Spiritual Trilogy: Oh Freedom/Come & Go With Me/I'm On My Way
  43. Rise Up, Shepherd, & Follow (Christmas Spirituals)
  44. What Month Was Jesus Born In?
  45. Mary Had A Baby
  46. Somebody's Talking 'Bout Jesus
  47. Virgin Mary Had One Son
  48. Go Tell It On The Mountain
  49. Shout For Joy
  50. Poor Little Jesus
  51. O Jerusalem
  52. Ain't That A-Rockin
  53. If Anybody Asks You
  54. Beautiful Star
  55. Children Go Where I Send Thee
  56. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands (All The Gates Of Horn)
  57. Sail Away Ladies, Sail Away
  58. The Gallow's Pole
  59. Lowlands
  60. The Fox
  61. Maybe She Go
  62. The Lass From The Low Countree
  63. Timber
  64. Deep River
  65. Chilly Winds
  66. Greensleeves
  67. Devilish Mary
  68. All The Pretty Little Horses
  69. The Midnight Special
  70. Take This Hammer
  71. Ballad For Americans (Ballads For Americans & Other American Ballads)
  72. This Land
  73. On Top Of Old Smokey
  74. Hush Little Baby
  75. Dark As A Dungeon
  76. Great Historical Bum
  77. Payday At Coal Creek
  78. Going Home
  79. Pastures Of Plenty
  80. If I Had A Hammer (Odetta At Carnegie Hall)
  81. Red Clay Country
  82. When I Was A Young Girl
  83. The Gallow's Pole
  84. God's A-Gonna Cut You Down
  85. John Riley
  86. John Henry
  87. Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho
  88. All The Pretty Little Horses
  89. Prettiest Train
  90. Meeting At The Building
  91. No More Auction Block
  92. No More Auction Block
  93. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
  94. Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down
  95. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands (Studs Terkel radio Show)
  96. Muleskinner Blues
  97. The Gallow's Pole
  98. Hound Dog Bay At The Moon
  99. The Fox
  100. I've Been Buked, I've Been Scorned
  101. The Lass From The Low Countree
  102. Another Man Done Gone
  103. Take This Hammer
 in stock $6.85
Magdalen Accepts The Invitation
  1. Pipestone I Won't Be Back
  2. You'll Find The Morning
  3. Excelsior Park
  4. Christina Hi
  5. April In Your Cloud Garden
  6. 31 Patience Games
  7. Children Of The Street Car
  8. Silent Mary
  9. Elmira's Fountain
  10. Black Locust
$13.72 SAVE 25%
 in stock $10.29
Folk N' Roll Vol 1: Tales Of Isolation
Cat: 724367. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. Pulled Out Of The Market
  2. Mr Landlord
  3. Lockdown On Date Night Tuesday
  4. From Six Feet Away
  5. Isolation Anonymous
  6. Shower Song
  7. Pyramind Justice
  8. Isolation Boredom Syndrome (IBS)
  9. Isolation Depression Syndrome (IDS)
  10. Isolation Blues (Blame It On The Pathogen)
  11. Ballad Of Nana Doline
 in stock $13.72
Appalachia (180 gram yellow vinyl LP + CD + poster + insert)
Cat: EISEN 162V. Rel: 12 Aug 20
  1. They Ride Through The Skies On Horse Drawn Chariots (5:07)
  2. Appalachia (4:01)
  3. The Binding Will Of Mountains (12:20)
  4. They Ride Through The Skies On Horse Drawn Chariots
  5. Appalachia
  6. The Binding Will Of Mountains
 in stock $23.74
Don't Let The Ink Dry
Cat: 37D 009CD. Rel: 22 May 20
  1. Tudor
  2. Lover Not Today
  3. Mother
  4. After The Love
  5. For Redemption
  6. Bluebird
  7. She Says
  8. I Used To Dream In Color
  9. So Still For You
  10. Blue Moon
  11. 29 Daisy Sweetheart
  12. A Lone Swan
 in stock $9.72
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Back Catalogue: Folk/Americana
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