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Bestsellers: Funk Soul & Jazz

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Coffee Cold
Coffee Cold (transparent green vinyl 7" limited to 150 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: FMG 10GREEN. Rel: 12 May 21
  1. Coffee Cold (3:24)
  2. Space (1:54)
Review: While Canadian composer/producer Galt MacDermot will always be most famous for composing the score to legendary musical "Hair", he was also responsible for some killer jazz, soul and funk records in his time, too. Take "Coffee Cold", for example. Originally tucked away on his obscure 1966 jazz-funk LP, Shapes of Rhythm, the track sees him adding fluid jazz-piano solos to a chunky breakbeat-driven instrumental workout. On the flip you'll find "Space", a jaunty - if strangely mixed - fusion of lolloping but crispy drum breaks and jousting Harpsichord and piano solos. The track is arguably best known for being sampled on Busta Rhymes's "Woo-Hah", though before that it featured on MacDermot's 1969 soundtrack album, Woman is Sweeter.Limited green vinyl edition.
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Black To The Future
Black To The Future (gatefold orange marbled vinyl 2xLP) (1 per customer)
Cat: 357113 0. Rel: 14 May 21
  1. Field Negus (feat Joshua Idehen) (3:03)
  2. Pick Up Your Burning Cross (feat Moor Mother & Angel Bat Dawid) (3:44)
  3. Think Of Home (3:30)
  4. Hustle (feat Kojey Radical) (5:13)
  5. For The Culture (feat D Double E) (4:01)
  6. To Never Forget The Source (2:57)
  7. In Remembrance Of Those Fallen (5:01)
  8. Let The Circle Be Unbroken (6:33)
  9. Envision Yourself Levitating (8:12)
  10. Throughout The Madness, Stay Strong (5:50)
  11. Black (feat Joshua Idehen) (2:43)
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Never Gonna Stop
Never Gonna Stop (white vinyl 7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ZP 52WHITE. Rel: 05 May 21
  1. Never Gonna Stop (5:13)
  2. Deuzy Vibe (4:22)
Review: Although the Australian outfit Regime roots are in revivalist funk, 'Never Gonna Stop' sees them turn their hands to warm, loved-up and sun-kissed soul of the kind that was once all the rage in the mid 1970s. The grooves are toasty, the male and female lead vocals effortlessly soulful, and the instrumental touches - think languid jazz guitar solos, sweeping strings and lazy, trumpet-heavy horn arrangements - little less than superb. Flipside 'Deuzy Vibe', a P-funk flavoured, turn-of-the-80s boogie-soul style affair, is almost as good. There aren't that many of these -vinyl 45s around, so buy now to avoid disappointment.
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 in stock $13.80
Life's A Bitch
Cat: FF45 012. Rel: 04 May 21
  1. Life's A Bitch (3:45)
  2. (It Ain't) All Good (4:03)
Review: Cornish funkateer Daytoner rarely fails to deliver the goods, with his semi-regular seven-inch missives being amongst his most potent releases. He's at it again here, delierving two confirmed party-starting workouts that combine live funk and soul style instrumentation topped off with classic hip-hop acapellas. He begins with 'Life's a Bitch', where fast crew rap flows lifted from a much-loved hip-hop cut ride undulating bass guitar, laidback funk breaks and glistening guitars. He flips the script a little on flipside '(It Ain't) No Good', delivering hip-hop tempo beats, deep bass, luscious electric piano motifs and smart use of one of the most celebrated R&B vocals of the 1990s.
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 in stock $11.74
I Ain't Got The Love
Cat: BLKG 2. Rel: 04 May 21
  1. I Aint Got The Love (remastered edit) (2:41)
  2. Ghettos Of The Mind (intro re-edit) (1:01)
  3. Hurts So Bad (remastered edit) (3:41)
Review: Black Hole's second release in the Sample Series finds Black Cash & Theo link up for a trio of heart breaking blue-eyed soul sounds, all served up as special remastered edits. 'I Ain't Got The Love' opens with the pained and yearning vocals over aching drum breaks with melancholic strings adding to the emotional turmoil. It's a beautiful tune where 'Ghettos Of The Mind' is a freaky interlude of looped vocals that are haunting and paranoid. 'Hurts So Bad' is a well loved soul gem that emerges on a rousing, heart bleeding vocal from slow, pensive moods to empowering highs and back again.
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 in stock $10.55
Crossed Track
Crossed Track (limited 7")
Cat: MSH 110. Rel: 13 May 21
  1. Crossed Track (4:15)
  2. Similar Beat (3:47)
Played by: Voodoocuts
 in stock $11.74
Love & Hate In A Different Time
Love & Hate In A Different Time (12" 再出版) (1 per customer)
Cat: GABRIELS 1LP. Rel: 01 May 21
  1. Loyality (2:39)
  2. In Loving Memory (2:55)
  3. Professional (3:56)
  4. Love & Hate In A Different Time (4:45)
  5. The Blind (4:17)
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There Is No End
There Is No End (limited gatefold 2xLP) (1 per customer)
Cat: 354118 0. Rel: 07 May 21
  1. There Is No End (0:26)
  2. Rich Black (feat Koreatown Oddity) (4:17)
  3. Coonta Kinte (feat Zelooperz) (3:09)
  4. One Inna Million (feat Lava La Rue) (3:21)
  5. Stumbling Down (feat Sampa The Great) (3:55)
  6. Crushed Grapes (feat Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon) (1:49)
  7. Gang On Holiday (Em I Go We?) (feat Jeremiah Jae) (3:03)
  8. Mau Mau (feat Nah Eeto) (3:09)
  9. Tres Magnifique (feat Tsunami) (3:23)
  10. Hurt Your Soul (feat Nate Bone) (2:59)
  11. Cosmosis (feat Okri & Skepta) (4:45)
  12. My Own (feat Marlowe) (3:47)
Review: Review: Even after his death, Tony Allen is still delivering ground-breaking and genre-bending releases. There is No End, a posthumous album largely recorded in 2019 but finished (with Allen's blessing) following his death by co-producers Vincent Taeger and Vincent Taurelle, veers away from the Nigerian drummer's Afro-beat, Afro-jazz and Afro-disco roots, instead combing his brilliant polyrhythms with elements of grime, dubstep, hip-hop, soul and funk, plus vocals from a veritable who's who of MCs, spoken word artists and singers. The results are hugely impressive and forward-thinking, offering a fittingly on-point post-script to Allen's exceptional career.
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 in stock $30.52
Niagara (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: TS 4502. Rel: 13 May 21
  1. Niagara (4:31)
  2. Agua De Luna (4:41)
 in stock $8.81
Melodies Record Club 001: Four Tet Selects
  1. Jackie McLean & Michael Carvin - "De I Comahlee Ah" (extended) (12:22)
  2. Chris McGregor's Brotherhood Of Breath - "MRA" (6:48)
Review: The cult Melodies International label run by Floating Points and Mafalda starts a new series here. Melodies Record Club will find each curated by a different guest DJ or producer with the first one selected by the always on point Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet. He picks some of the tracks he used to spin at the legendary Plastic People and first up is an extended version of 1975 tune 'De I Comahlee Ah' by jazz stars Jackie McLean and Michael Carvin. Chris McGregor's Brotherhood Of Breath takes care of the flip with the big band energy and excellent horn work of 'MRA.'
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Good Good Good
  1. Good Good Good (3:11)
  2. Good Good Good (instrumental) (3:10)
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Without You
  1. East Coast Affair - "Without You" (feat Avelino Pitts & L Ross) (7:04)
  2. Mary Love' Comer - "Come Out Of The Sandbox" (East Coast Love Affair mix) (6:43)
Review: Having recently made their debut via a fine lovers' rock cover of Eddie Kendricks classic 'Date With The Rain', East Coast Love Affair (AKA "the Athens of the North house band", according to member and label founder Euan Fryer) return with something rather different. 'Without You' is a deliciously dreamy, effortlessly soulful vocal deep house number that's as immersive, warm and comforting as a loved-up hug from that special person in your life. It sounds like it could have been made in NYC or NJ in the very late 1980s, but that's no bad thing. Over on the flip Fryer and his collaborators provide an authentic, boogie era-style extended remix of Mary Love Comer's 'Come Out of The Sandbox', giving it a reverential but far more DJ-friendly twist.
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Sing A Simple Song
Sing A Simple Song (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: MSR 027. Rel: 29 Apr 21
  1. The Meters - "Sing A Simple Song" (2:59)
  2. The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - "Giggin' Down 103rd" (2:59)
Review: Matasuna Records' reissue-focused releases tend towards the obscure, though their picks are always nigh on essential. Here they branch out from South American, Caribbean and African funk and soul to pay tribute to two hugely important American outfits of the sixties and seventies: The Meters and The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band. You'll find the latter's sought after 1968 single 'Giggin' Down 103rd' - a fiery, horn-heavy chunk of righteous, club-ready funk - residing on the flipside, marking the first time it's been available since the band initially released it. The headline attraction though is undoubtedly the Meters' cover of Sly & The Family Stone's 'Sing a Simple Song', with the celebrated combo delivering a typically crunchy, organ-rich instrumental take full of punchy drum-breaks and heavyweight guitar licks.
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 in stock $12.33
If You Want My Lovin'
If You Want My Lovin' (blue vinyl 7") (1 per customer)
Cat: ZP 64BLUE. Rel: 30 Apr 21
  1. If You Want My Lovin' (Sunshine mix) (4:49)
  2. Hardly Need To Say (4:22)
Review: Izipho Soul is one of our favourite labels here at Juno HQ. The music it serves up is of the sort that makes you need it in your bag as soon as you hear the first few seconds. June Evans is the latest lung busting vocalist to swoon her way into our hearts with a sunshine mix of this dazzling performance from 1981 over golden chords, leggy drums and a killer synth bassline that is phat as hell. Flip it over for 'Hardly Need To Say,' an achingly beautiful lament over a fusion groove that glows bright and exudes warmth. Utterly essential.
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Devil's Workshop
Cat: PBBLP 003. Rel: 29 Apr 21
  1. Time To Listen (4:23)
  2. The Light (2:50)
  3. Brainstorm (3:50)
  4. Warm Dust (4:18)
  5. Peace (3:50)
  6. Disaster Time (3:48)
  7. The Curse (3:24)
  8. Blind Man (3:44)
  9. Mountains Of Madness (4:01)
  10. Strange Sensations (3:35)
Review: DJ Format has long been a master of cut-and-paste production, most frequently crafting barnstorming funk and hip-hop fuelled club cuts made almost entirely out of samples lifted from dusty old records. He's applied the same techniques on Devil's Workshop, his new instrumental album, but this time he's opted for a stranger selection of source material and an undeniably cinematic feel. While calling it "DJ Shadow's Endtroducing for the 21st century" would be a bit of a stretch, the producer's combination of eccentric musical snippets (you'll find elements repurposed from folk, psychedelic, jazz, rock, spoken word, easy listening, Mod and weird soundtrack records), low-slung basslines and head-nodding hip-hop beats is certainly in the same sonic ballpark. As a result, it's Format's most detailed, considered and impressive work to date.
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 in stock $21.73
Belladonna (remastered)
Cat: MRBLP 229. Rel: 29 Apr 21
  1. Belladonna (11:42)
  2. Summer Rain (8:14)
  3. Remadione (3:46)
  4. Mayday (5:40)
  5. Suspension (6:10)
  6. Hector's House (4:34)
Review: British trumpeter and bandleader Ian Carr put out his most revered album in 1972. Its iconic fusion of jazz and rock has become a sought after rarity. Featured musicians include members of bands like Nucleus, Brian Auger's band, Soft Machine and Stan Tracy Group, and they all help lend the record a psychedelic, proggy aesthetic, with swirling melodies making for moody but funky tunes. Tracks like 'Mayday' put expressive solos and complex arrangements front and centre, while 'Suspension' is a more laidback joint for sinking into. The gorgeous meandering lilt of 'Summer Rain' is our personal favourite.
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 in stock $19.67
At The BBC (reissue)
At The BBC (reissue) (trifold 180 gram vinyl 3xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 354156 0. Rel: 07 May 21
  1. Stronger Than Me (3:51)
  2. Take The Box (3:49)
  3. Teach Me Tonight (feat Jools Holland) (3:18)
  4. Rehab (3:43)
  5. Tenderly (feat Jools Holland) (1:12)
  6. Tears Dry On Their Own (3:23)
  7. Monkey Man (feat Jools Holland) (3:19)
  8. I Heard It Through The Grapevine (feat Paul Weller & Jools Holland) (3:53)
  9. Don’t Go To Strangers (feat Paul Weller & Jools Holland) (4:35)
  10. Love Is A Losing Game (2:37)
  11. Know You Now (3:54)
  12. Fuck Me Pumps (3:42)
  13. In My Bed (4:37)
  14. October Song (3:42)
  15. Rehab (3:55)
  16. You Know I’m No Good (3:28)
  17. Just Friends (3:17)
  18. Love Is A Losing Game (2:50)
  19. Tears Dry On Their Own (3:11)
  20. Best Friends, Right? (3:04)
  21. I Should Care (3:39)
  22. Lullaby Of Birdland (2:35)
  23. Valerie (3:51)
  24. To Know Him Is To Love Him (2:30)
  25. Know You Now (3:21)
  26. Tears Dry On Their Own (3:18)
  27. You Know I’m No Good (4:16)
  28. Just Friends (3:15)
  29. He Can Only Hold Her (3:15)
  30. I Heard Love Is Blind (3:11)
  31. Rehab (3:48)
  32. Take The Box (3:26)
  33. Some Unholy War (3:24)
  34. Back To Black (3:51)
  35. Valerie (3:37)
  36. Addicted (2:50)
  37. Me & Mr Jones (2:49)
  38. Monkey Man (2:51)
 in stock $34.64
Listen To The Sound
Cat: RR 01. Rel: 04 May 21
  1. Listen To The Sound (4:04)
  2. That Beat (3:28)
The first release from Regulate Recordings sets out its stall in fine fashion. The tidy 7" brings together elements of funk, hip hop, party breaks and plenty more into a pair of authentic old school sounds. They come from a Manchester DJ, T2Funk, who used the extra time he had during lockdown to explore his record collection and link up with producers and turntablists to form a collective and release their own jams on 45s. 'Listen To The Sound' has a real 80s swagger with plenty of great mic work and scratching, then 'That Beat' is a more rolling bit of boom bap with big horns.
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 in stock $14.98
The American Negro
The American Negro (trifold 2xLP + postcard) (1 per customer)
Cat: JIDED 1LP. Rel: 14 May 21
  1. Revisionist History (1:28)
  2. The American Negro (4:39)
  3. The Black Broadcast (0:45)
  4. Revolutionize (3:23)
  5. Double Consciousness (0:37)
  6. Watch The Children (1:55)
  7. Dying On The Run (2:32)
  8. Intransigence Of The Blind (0:54)
  9. James Mincey Jr (2:44)
  10. Disadvantaged Without A Title (0:39)
  11. Mama (You Will Make It) (1:51)
  12. The Black Queen (0:07)
  13. Margaret Garner (2:56)
  14. Race Is A Fallacy (1:50)
  15. Light On The Horizon (3:06)
  16. A Symphony For Sahara (3:06)
  17. America Is Listening (0:27)
  18. The March On America (2:20)
  19. Paradox Of The Positive (0:07)
  20. The Death March (2:09)
  21. Black Lives Matter (1:21)
  22. Rotten Roses (3:08)
  23. Jim Crow's Dance (1:20)
  24. Patriotic Portraits (2:08)
  25. George Stinney Jr (5:01)
  26. Sullen Countenance (2:10)
Review: Adrian Younge's new album is undoubtedly his most powerful yet. He says it "dissects the chemistry behind blind racism, using music as the medium to restore dignity and self-worth to my people." It is an unapologetic critique of the current systems that suppress people of colour and the malevolent psychology that taps into that. Musically, this is a deeply soulful record with elaborate orchestration and some top level guests. Next to the album, Younge has also made a short film (TAN) and 4-part podcast (invisible Blackness) on the same subject that make for vital listening.
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 in stock $37.88
You & Me
You & Me (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: OSP 5005. Rel: 10 May 21
  1. You & Me (radio edit) (4:23)
  2. Magic (4:51)
 in stock $13.22
Chase The Dream
Cat: SL 455025. Rel: 12 May 21
  1. Chase The Dream (2:07)
  2. Chase The Dream (B Boy mix) (3:09)
Review: This 7" is taken from Funkshone's sophomore long player, '2.' It is a hard breaking, funked up b-boy anthem that makes a long awaited appearance on 45rpm with Mike Bandoni's trademark drum grooves set against the usual Funkshone wall of sound. UK broken beat maestro Kaidi Tatham does his magical thing on the flute, too, for good measure. DJ Skeme Richards made the OG a big hitter on the scene after using it in his set at the Red Bull BC Boy Finals in Brazil in 2012. On this special release it gets a 'never-heard-before' b-boy cut up on the flip.
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! low stock $11.16
Sauna Research
Sauna Research (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: RREP 06. Rel: 13 May 21
  1. Sauna Research (4:09)
  2. Aquarium Trousers (3:38)
Review: Jackson Bailey AKA Tapes has long been able to producer masterful, memorable music with some of the cheapest-sounding electronic equipment around. He's at it again on 'Sauna Research', a picturesque and ultra-deep fusion of slow-motion dub and bittersweet electronica that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face despite the melancholic nature of the track's drifting synthesizer chords. He continues in a similar vein on the slightly more squelchy flipside 'Aquarium Trousers', where lilting lead lines and immersive chords bubble away atop a lo-fi drum machine beat and tactile, electrofunk-influenced synth bassline. These won't hang around for long, so grab one while you can.
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 in stock $11.46
One Flight Up (reissue) (Tone Poet Series)
One Flight Up (reissue) (Tone Poet Series) (gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 328710 1. Rel: 07 May 21
  1. Tanya (18:16)
  2. Coppin' The Haven (11:20)
  3. Darn That Dream (7:31)
 in stock $38.74
Chemical Plant Zone
Cat: CLMN 186. Rel: 07 May 21
  1. Chemical Plant Zone (4:19)
  2. Sagat Theme (3:03)
 in stock $7.34
Revisiting The Sunshine (reissue)
Revisiting The Sunshine (reissue) (brown vinyl 7" 再出版)
Cat: BBR 019BROWN. Rel: 04 May 21
  1. Revisiting The Sunshine (4:01)
  2. Funky Sensation (4:19)
Review: One of Canada's most influential hip-hop protagonists Jorun Bombay returns to local Halifax label Black Buffalo, an imprint that launched in 2005 with a white vinyl limited 45 issue....Following his recent edit series comes this fantastic cover of RA in the form of "Revisiting The Sunshine". Authentic to its soulful core, the release is perfectly timed as we're all beginning to miss the summer moving into the colder months. It's backed by an equally sunny shakedown version of "Funky Sensation" getting a precision Bombay treatment. Sensational.
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 in stock $21.12
Burning Spear
Burning Spear (7" 再出版)
Cat: DYNAM 7089. Rel: 28 Apr 21
  1. Burning Spear (LP version) (4:02)
  2. Burning Spear (7' version) (3:31)
Review: Now this is a benchmark for proper low slung funk. London's Dynamite Cuts present this classic by legendary funk/soul outfit S.O.U.L. The acronym stands for Sounds Of Unity and Love, and consisted of four gentlemen from Cleveland, OH USA that formed in the early 1970s. 'Burning Spear' has a groove you'll recognise from the first beat, as it has been sampled in many hip-hop tracks over the years. The A side version is taken from their What it is? LP. On the flipside is the rare and more collectable version; a variation with more focus on the percussion which was originally released on 7' in 1971. Essential for those in the know.
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 in stock $12.91
Damn Right I Hit Em Up
Damn Right I Hit Em Up (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: SSR 225. Rel: 19 Apr 21
  1. Damn Right I Hit Em Up (vocal version) (4:09)
  2. Damn Right I Hit Em Up (instrumental) (4:20)
Review: DJ Soopasoul is back on his own Soopastole Edits label, this time paying tribute to the more great funk sounds and killer drum breaks. The artist is well versed in subtly reworking the classics, bringing them up to date and adding his own unique flavour. He opens this limited 7" with 'Damn Right I Hit Em Up' which rides rough over a tight bass riff, with biggie's raps up top and a big beat pumping the vibe. Flip it over for the instrumental version, which strips it right back to the bare essentials.
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 in stock $11.74
The Shape Of Jazz To Come (remastered)
The Shape Of Jazz To Come (remastered) (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: ATLANTICSD 1317. Rel: 10 May 21
  1. Lonely Woman (6:55)
  2. Eventually (6:55)
  3. Peace (6:55)
  4. Focus On Sanity (4:54)
  5. Congeniality (4:23)
  6. Chronology (9:03)
 in stock $31.41
Bring Backs
Bring Backs (gatefold LP)
Cat: 277891. Rel: 23 Apr 21
  1. Teki (5:33)
  2. People (feat Kaya Thomas-Dyke) (3:27)
  3. Mind The Gap (feat Lex Amor) (3:26)
  4. Run Outs (4:52)
  5. Last Card (Bumper Cars) (4:30)
  6. Coasting (4:49)
  7. Attune (7:04)
  8. Once A Year (1:22)
  9. Organic Rust (4:34)
! low stock $21.12
Time Waits
Cat: BBR 24. Rel: 05 May 21
  1. Time Waits (4:09)
  2. Is It You (3:21)
Review: The ever vital Boogie Back has another pearler on its hands here. This 7" is an SOS Band influenced double header produced by Ernie McKone, with Cheri Maree on the vocals. Firstly, 'Time Waits' pairs nice analogue drum work and big, pixelated chords straight from the 80s. It's a sugar sweet tune with a buttery smooth vocal that will get those rumps wiggling. Flip it over and you will find 'Is It You', a more slow and sentimental tune with splashy chords and bendy bass. The vibe is steamy and romantic, with the sort of tempting groove that you won't be able to resist.
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 in stock $13.22
Kind Of Blue
Kind Of Blue (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: DOL 725H. Rel: 21 Mar 18
  1. So What (9:22)
  2. Freddie Freeloader (9:46)
  3. Blue In Green (5:30)
  4. Flamenco Sketches (11:35)
  5. All Blues (9:23)
 in stock $10.55
Untitled (Black Is)
Untitled (Black Is) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: FL 00005LP. Rel: 15 Sep 20
  1. Out The Lies (2:04)
  2. Stop Dem (3:37)
  3. Hard Life (4:33)
  4. Don't Shoot Guns Down (1:52)
  5. Wildfires (3:32)
  6. X (1:25)
  7. Sorry Ain't Enough (5:04)
  8. Black Is (1:47)
  9. Bow (feat Michael Kiwanuka) (4:00)
  10. This Generation (feat Laurette Josiah) (0:51)
  11. Why We Cry Why We Die (2:44)
  12. Black (3:57)
  13. US (1:04)
  14. Eternal Life (4:00)
  15. Only Synth In Church (0:59)
  16. Monsters (3:29)
  17. June Child (0:58)
  18. Miracles (4:18)
  19. Hold Me (2:45)
  20. Pray Up Stay Up (3:40)
Review: The mysterious Sault troupe is back with a call to action and revolutionary soul soundtrack that really bangs the box. "Ain't nothing gunna keep us silent" the lead singer yelps on 'Stop Der', which is an immediate banger after the soothing ambience and closely mic-ed whispers of the opener, which muse on what it means to be black. The rest of the record is a hard hitting mix of crisp drums and empowering vocals, with elements of classic soul as well as contemporary jazz colouring the grooves. This is powerful music with an even more powerful message.
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 in stock $31.41
Passing Ships (Tone Poet Series) (reissue)
Passing Ships (Tone Poet Series) (reissue) (gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP + 1-sided LP)
Cat: 328740 1. Rel: 07 May 21
  1. Sideways (4:09)
  2. Passing Ships (7:00)
  3. Plantation Bag (8:28)
  4. Noon Tide (9:49)
  5. The Brown Queen (6:22)
  6. Cascade (6:25)
  7. Yesterday's Tomorrow (5:10)
Review: Iconic jazz label Blue Note continues with is carefully considered reissue program under the Tone Poet banner, which places lots of focus on audiophile quality pressings. This one focusses on Andrew Hill, who was often said to be one of the most distinctive pianists and composing talents in the game. This session was first recorded in 1963 yet for some reason remained unrelated until 2003, when it finally made it to CD. Now presented on vinyl it features a fine ensemble including Woody Shaw and Dizzy Reece on trumpet, Julian Priester on trombone, Joe Farrell on saxes, and more on bass, horns, drums and tuba. The results are hugely moving.
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 in stock $56.35
Chick A Boom
Chick A Boom (yellow vinyl 7" limited to 300 copies 再出版)
Cat: VAMPIC 45003. Rel: 27 Apr 21
  1. Chick-A-Boom
  2. Cycles Of You
Played by: I Love 45's!, Originals
 in stock $13.50
Eclipse: Part Three
Eclipse: Part Three (double 7")
Cat: VR 2087. Rel: 14 Apr 21
  1. Stand On The Word (Louie Vega original version) (4:46)
  2. Hot Music (feat Lisa Fischer) (4:38)
  3. Pastime Paradise (feat Josh Milan) (3:58)
  4. Berimbau (feat Josh Milan & Lisa Fischer) (4:06)
Review: Unlike its predecessors, the third and final part of Elements of Life's reissue of their 2013 double-CD Eclipse does not come on a 12" double-pack, but rather a double seven-inch. It contains some genuine gems from Louie Vega's disco/Latin/house fusion collective, starting with a suitably rousing, celebratory and mood-enhancing diso-boogie cover of Joubert Singers' classic 'Stand on the Word'. The EP also sports two other tidy covers - a rich, sun-splashed jazz-funk take on Stevie Wonder classic 'Pastime Paradise' and a lazy, hazy, carnival-ready interpretation of Brazilian standard 'Berimbau' - as well as a deliciously jazzy EOL original called 'Hot Music'.
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Maze Of Sounds
Cat: MOS 71. Rel: 11 May 21
  1. Sweet Path (4:04)
  2. Maze Of Sounds (alternate take) (3:46)
Review:  Earlier this year, veteran composer/producer Janko Nilovicjoined forces with Russian combo the Soul Surfers to deliver Maze of Sounds, a killer collection of fresh library funk sounds. This tidy "45" kicks off with one of the album's most potent tracks, 'Sweet Path', a wonderfully laidback and sun-kissed jazz-funk number rich in simmering strings, chunky bass, eyes-closed jazz guitar and some genuinely lovely group harmony backing vocals. Over on the flip you'll find a fine (and previously unheard) version of album title track 'Maze of Sounds'. This version frames the track as lusciously languid exotica, with slow-motion Hammond B3 lines and echoing guitars atop woodblock clicks, jazzy bass guitar and horizontal funk breaks.
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Played by: Osmose
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Move On Up
Move On Up (7" 再出版)
Cat: URDC 14. Rel: 07 May 21
  1. Nautilus - "Move On Up" (feat Mizuki Kamata) (4:22)
  2. Mizuki Kamata - "Track 2" (feat Nautilus) (4:18)
Review: Nautilus are a Japanese band named after the iconic Bob James song, which also tells you a lot about their style - which is a mix of modern rare groove that also embodies elements of jazz, funk, disco, soul and hip hop. In just five years they have built up a solid global fan base and this new single explains why. 'Move On Up' (feat Mizuki Kamata) is both filled with golden era acid jazz goodness, but also slick modern jazz tinged grooves that fit right in with the contemporary landscape. ON the flip, 'Track 2' is more slow and late night, a tender basement jam for cuddly dancing.
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Played by: I Love 45's!
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Sunny Juice
Cat: FF45 011. Rel: 29 Mar 21
  1. Sunny Juice (3:38)
  2. Skeelo Wonder (3:43)
Review: Smoove is back on Friday's Funky 45 with another of his irresistible mash ups. Larger than life, hard hitting and designed for maximum impact on inebriated dance floors, the opener marries vocals from 'Juice' with 'Sunny', adds some hefty drums played by label mate Dr Rubberfunk and the results are real, if not subtle. Reverse it for a collision of Skee-lo's perma-anthem, 'I Wish' chopped up with the funky keys and soul of Stevie Wonder's classic of the same name. These are bait tunes, but we all need a bit of that from time to time.
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5 (LP)
Cat: FL 00002. Rel: 17 Feb 20
  1. Up All Night (4:20)
  2. Don't Waste My Time (3:15)
  3. Foot On Necks (3:14)
  4. Why Why Why Why Why (4:02)
  5. Pink Sands (1:52)
  6. Let Me Go (3:18)
  7. Masterpiece (5:45)
  8. Add A Little Bit Of SAULT (0:20)
  9. Something's In The Air (3:12)
  10. Think About It (2:49)
  11. Wild Hundreds (part 5) (0:50)
  12. We Are The Sun (3:58)
  13. Wild Hundreds (part 55) (1:28)
  14. BABE (3:41)
 in stock $20.84
A Love Supreme (reissue)
A Love Supreme (reissue) (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: ACL 0001. Rel: 17 Mar 21
  1. A Love Supreme (part I - Acknowledgement) (7:43)
  2. A Love Supreme (part II - Resolution) (7:27)
  3. A Love Supreme (part III - Pursuance) (10:42)
  4. A Love Supreme (part IV - Psalm) (7:07)
 in stock $11.74
Parliament Edits (reissue)
Parliament Edits (reissue) (limited sky blue vinyl 7" 再出版)
Cat: BBR 024SKYBLUE. Rel: 04 May 21
  1. Knee Deep (edit) (4:12)
  2. Mothership Bonus Beats (remix) (3:54)
Review: Jorun Bombay likes to muck about with all sorts of different beats, but he always does it with real skill and personality. That's made him one Canada's most revered hip hop stars and here he tackles the one and only Parliament. His version of "Knee Deep" with its extra bass weight and shrill synth lines bring the party vibes thanks to the feel good pianos. "Mothership Bonus Beats" on the flip is a late night, slow and sleazy jam to get you in the mood. The squelchy synth bass is to die for, the drawn out horns linger long in the air making it a perfectly steamy cut.
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GGP/RMX (limited red & blue vinyl 2xLP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: 356529 6. Rel: 07 May 21
  1. Kora (Cornelius remix) (4:20)
  2. Atomised (Machinedrum remix) (6:14)
  3. Embers (Yosi Horikawa remix) (4:06)
  4. F Maj Pixie (Rone remix) (4:17)
  5. F Maj Pixie (Squarepusher remix) (6:24)
  6. Open (Nathan Fake remix) (4:34)
  7. Signal In The Noise (808 State remix) (5:35)
  8. Totem (James Holden remix) (8:09)
  9. To The Nth (Shunya remix) (6:51)
  10. Petit A (Clark remix) (6:13)
  11. Don't Go (Portico Quartet remix) (5:20)
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ACR:EPA (limited red vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: 12MUTE 631. Rel: 07 May 21
  1. Wonderland (Jam 6) (5:07)
  2. Keep It Together (Jam 5) (3:42)
  3. Down & Dirty (Jam 2) (5:40)
  4. Feel No Fear (Jam 1) (5:21)
Review: Soon to be followed by two more from the mighty Ratio - ACR:EPC and ACR:EPR - EPA is the opening chapter in a triptych born from nothing. Or at least no fixed plan or specific agenda. A day spent jamming in the studio with close friend of the band and regular vocal collaborator, Denise Johnson, the recordings here and on the pair still to come represent the work they did that day, shortly before the world lost the woman in question forever.

Passing away in July 2020, well before her time, this is ACR paying tribute to another integral part of the Manchester music Factory. From the hypnotic and woozy 'Wonderland', where Donna Summer meets acid jazz, to the more straight-laced disco material - delivered with an edge you'd expect in terms of instrumentation and vocals - EPA is a fitting way to honour her legacy.
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Black To The Future
Black To The Future (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 356216 6. Rel: 14 May 21
  1. Field Negus (feat Joshua Idehen) (3:03)
  2. Pick Up Your Burning Cross (feat Moor Mother & Angel Bat Dawid) (3:44)
  3. Think Of Home (3:31)
  4. Hustle (feat Kojey Radical) (5:08)
  5. For The Culture (feat D Double E) (4:01)
  6. To Never Forget The Source (2:58)
  7. In Remembrance Of Those Fallen (5:01)
  8. Let The Circle Be Unbroken (6:34)
  9. Envision Yourself Levitating (8:11)
  10. Throughout The Madness, Stay Strong (5:49)
  11. Black (feat Joshua Idehen) (2:42)
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Imminent (12")
Cat: 508734 23. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Imminent (feat Joshua Idehen) (6:31)
  2. Super Zodiac (Noss DJ remix) (3:46)
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 in stock $9.24
Bump & Hustle Music
Bump & Hustle Music (limited 7")
Cat: DYNAM 7093. Rel: 12 Apr 21
  1. Bump & Hustle Music (4:59)
  2. Fulton County Line (4:46)
Review: If you've ever been to a rare groove party - or a soul and funk one, for that matter - there's a fair chance you'll have heard Tommy Stewart's 'Bump & Hustle Music'. The song first featured on the American artist's self-titled debut album in 1976, but later became an anthem on the London rare groove scene. It remains an infectious, feel-good, life-affirming treat, with addictive female vocals, twittering flute motifs and much-sampled horn riffs riding a languid, rolling groove. Over on the flip you'll find another fine track taken from the same album: the sweeping, string-laden disco sweetness that is 'Fulton County Line'.
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Shades Of Blue (mono)
Shades Of Blue (mono) (heavyweight vinyl LP 再出版) (1 per customer)
Cat: JMANLP 107X. Rel: 09 Apr 21
  1. Blue Mosque (4:12)
  2. Latin Blue (3:27)
  3. Just Blue (5:34)
  4. Sailin' (4:56)
  5. Garrison '64 (5:58)
  6. Blue Doom (2:22)
  7. Shades Of Blue (7:05)
  8. Big City Strut (3:55)
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September (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: ASX 591S. Rel: 21 Apr 21
  1. September (3:02)
  2. I Love Without A Love (2:15)
Review: Jo Ann Hamilton hailed from Georgia and was brought up on a diet of soul, Motown and r&b. At the tender age of seven she joined the Gospel Choir from the Melton Chappel church and then got into the disco scene. Five decades later she has linked with Kevin Fingier in Buenos Aires, Argentina for this fantastic new 7" that is imbued with classic funk, soul and swing. Opener 'September' is a massive Northern Soul gem that would have slayed back then and still does now. On the flip is the more obscure 'I love Without A Love' which is funky, tropical and infectious.
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A Cosmic Poet Revisited
A Cosmic Poet Revisited (audiophile vinyl 12")
Cat: TC 011. Rel: 07 May 21
  1. Osana (Kuniyuki remix) (10:24)
  2. Roulo (Kay Suzuki remix) (8:45)
  3. La Reine (Khidja remix) (8:57)
Played by: Lexx
 in stock $13.50
DJ Kicks
DJ Kicks (mixed CD)
Cat: K7 402CD. Rel: 14 May 21
  1. Light Of The World - "London Town"
  2. Aged In Harmony - "You're A Melody"
  3. Glass Beams - "Taurus"
  4. KOKOROKO - "Uman"
  5. Atmosfear - "Invasion"
  6. Universal Togetherness Band - "More Than Enough"
  7. Royale - "I Want Your Body"
  8. Don Blackman - "Just Can't Stay Away"
  9. Gerry Read - "90s Prostitution Racket"
  10. Naomi Daniel - "Stars" (Dos Cult mix)
  11. LNS - "Bitumen"
  12. DJ Boring - "Gardenia"
  13. Jennifer Loveless - "In 10000 Places"
  14. HAAi - "Good Ol'Fashioned Rugs"
  15. Jayda G - "All I Need"
  16. Fred Again - "Diana (You Don't Even Know)"
  17. House Of Jazz - "Hold Your Head Up"
  18. 250 Lbs Of Blue - "Rejoice! (People C'mon)" (Spen New vocal mix)
  19. FIT Siegel - "Tonite" (feat L'Renee - Detroit mix)
  20. DJ Koze - "Homesick" (feat Ada)
  21. Benny Sings - "Summerlude"
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