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New releases this week: House

New House vinyl in stock + the latest preorders
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Gingko Remixed
Cat: PLAYRJCPP 00. Rel: 20 Jan 22
  1. Gingko (DJ Gerd Janson dance mix) (6:41)
  2. Gingko (Lauer remix) (7:33)
  3. Gingko (DJ City remix) (6:52)
  4. Gingko (Nice Girl remix) (5:54)
 in stock $15.61
Fat Ass Pigeons
Cat: RHSTOREJAMS 009. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Fat Ass Pigeons (8:29)
  2. The Elite (Awanto 3 remix) (8:36)
 in stock $8.37
OG Trax Vol 1
OG Trax Vol 1 (1-sided blue marbled vinyl 12" limited to 100 copies)
Cat: OG 1000BLUE. Rel: 20 Jan 22
  1. Alfonso Bottone - "In My Mind" (5:35)
  2. Petronio - "The Rainbow" (5:30)
  3. Sandro Pandullo - "View Of Space" (4:25)
 in stock $15.61
Big Beat Manifesto Vol IV
Cat: PP 063. Rel: 20 Jan 22
  1. Wetwork (6:18)
  2. Harderthan (3:41)
  3. The Year 2000 (7:14)
  4. Second Dance (7:05)
Played by: Evan Michael
 in stock $14.49
Fingerprintz EP
Fingerprintz EP (white vinyl 12")
Cat: MAD 0530WHITE. Rel: 18 Jan 22
  1. Where Is Love (8:30)
  2. I Feel It (6:08)
  3. I Remember (7:04)
  4. The Boom Can (7:05)
Review: 27 years after it first hit record stores in the United States, Kerri Chandler's Finger Printz EP returns on white vinyl. This is a very good thing indeed, because it remains one of the popular deep house DJ/producer's most consistently on-point EPs. It begins with 'Where Is Love', a chunky, peak-time ready workout built around swinging drums, a tuneful bassline and the kind of synth stabs that Chandler would later redevelop on all-time anthem 'Bar a Thym'. 'I Feel It' is a more hypnotic late-noght number featuring hard-wired organ stabs, skippy New Jersey druns, jazzy keys and seriously weighty bass, while 'I Remember' is a sweatier concoction for those sweat-soaked peak-time moments. Closing cut 'The Boom Can', meanwhile, is funky, deep, warm and groovy in equal measure.
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! low stock $14.78
Alan EP
Alan EP (12")
Cat: IT 001. Rel: 20 Jan 22
  1. Alan A (5:03)
  2. Alan B (4:46)
  3. Linton TT (3:31)
Review: Any EP whose artwork has the face of the one and only Alan Partridge on it is ok by us. The titles, too, make reference to Norwich's premier radio personality: 'Alan A' is a breezy house tune with wispy melodies and dubby drums all rolling deep with a humid open air atmosphere. 'Alan B' is a broken beat exploration of cavernous cosmic spaces with gentle new age motifs up high and warped synths down low. The final track, 'Linton TT" is a spaced out cut that sounds like Vangelis making minimal techno. It's hard to imagine the man himself liking it, but we sure do. Cashback.
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 in stock $12.82
Hypnotise (12")
Cat: SSM 050. Rel: 18 Jan 22
  1. Hypnotise (Tedd Patterson remix) (6:50)
  2. Hypnotise (Moplen remix) (7:35)
  3. Hypnotise (Danism & Train remix) (6:32)
 in stock $13.10
Flex Trax
Flex Trax (12")
Cat: TOYT 126. Rel: 20 Jan 22
  1. I Want To Dance (5:34)
  2. Muzyka (6:22)
  3. I Want To Dance (Jex Opolis '89 remix) (6:51)
  4. I Want To Dance (Jex Opolis '99 remix) (6:05)
Played by: DJ ROCCA
 in stock $10.02
RM 15003
  1. Direkt - "Fluorine" (7:42)
  2. Guy From Downstairs - "Genelor" (6:41)
  3. Martin M - "Outer Space" (6:31)
  4. Venda - "Simone" (6:47)
Review: Hungary's Room 15 label seduces with another expertly designed minimal house EP featuring four different artists with subtly different sounds. Direkt brings silky electronic funk with icy lines and squelchy bass that gets right under your skin. Guy From Downstairs offers something a little more direct and rubbery with his 'Genelor' which has all manner of freaky voices pacing about the mix, and Martin M's 'Outer Space' mines cosmic depths and turns out all sorts of freaky little motifs and alien designs. Venda's 'Simone' is armed through with soulful pads as the slippery drums and bass roll on.
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 in stock $12.26
Las Salinas
Cat: BAL 03. Rel: 17 Jan 22
  1. Las Salinas (4:52)
  2. Las Salinas (Francesco Farfa Heavenly remix) (6:23)
  3. Las Salinas (Flavio Vecchi remix) (8:50)
  4. Las Salinas (Tools mix) (4:48)
Played by: LEGO EDIT
 in stock $12.82
Rapture EP
Cat: HHS 015. Rel: 18 Jan 22
  1. Rapture (6:34)
  2. Inside Of Me (6:20)
  3. My Crib (5:33)
  4. My Crib (Sidney Charles remix) (7:01)
Review: Following an action-packed 2021 that included releases on Up The Stuss, Shall Not Fade amd Berg Audio, tech-house/deep house fusionist DJOKO (real name Johannes Kolter) kick-starts 2022 with another quietly impressive EP. The German producer opts for a positive vibe, intergalactic chords, glassy-eyed electronics and rolling, funk-fuelled house beats on 'Rapture', before peppering a low-slung, garage-influenced groove with turn-of-the-'90s bleeps and classic house vocal samples on 'Inside of Me'. Over on the reverse, 'My Crib' is a typically atmospheric, sunny and melodious tech-house box jam, which Sidney Charles successfully turns into a more dubby-sounding peak-time shuffler. Excellent stuff all told.
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 in stock $12.55
The Final Front Ear
Cat: PERMVAC 2321. Rel: 20 Jan 22
  1. Melodies On The Meridian (5:41)
  2. Quantum Field Trip (5:42)
  3. The Final Front Ear (7:10)
  4. Journey To Now-Here (8:16)
 in stock $9.76
Harmonic Frequencies
Harmonic Frequencies (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: TCLR 042. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Harmonic Frequencies (4:11)
  2. Music To Heal To (6:23)
  3. Voices (4:27)
  4. Escapism (2:54)
Review: Emma Kirby's ascendance was assured with the release of her Euphoric Melodies EP last year. Released on Technicolour, it followed up on the promise of the Every Body Is Welcome EP for Femme Culture which preceded it. Now she's following up with her third release as Elkka, Harmonic Frequencies. The EP was preceded by the title track last September, which points to a continuation of her refined sound. Fluttering melodies and rave-ready dynamics bounce off each other with abandon, exuding positivity every step of the way. There's an expansive spirit to the EP as Kirby continues developing her sound, not to mention a truckload of good vibes to see us into the Spring in style.
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 in stock $11.71
Q Box Remixed (LaFontaine, Octal Industries, Thor & Waage mixes)
Cat: XOZ 010. Rel: 19 Jan 22
  1. Haus I Krukku (6:47)
  2. Attflat (feat Octal) (6:57)
  3. Gegnum Skraargat (10:27)
  4. Spaelt (5:56)
  5. Haus I Krukku (LaFontaine remix) (6:43)
  6. Attfalt (feat Octal - Octal Industries remix) (7:31)
  7. Gegnum Skraargat (Thor remix) (7:52)
  8. Spaelt (Waage remix) (6:22)
Review: Rumbling beat, mindbending dub chord and atmospheric safari by one of the absolute veterans of the Icelandic techno scene. Q-Box was originally released in 1999 on the legendary Thule Records and has since then been one of the ultimate go-to dub techno track for DJs worldwide. Now, 22 years later, the release has been remastered - and to add a little sprinke to the cake we have worthy remixes from some of the mightiest of the current Reykjavik techno scene.
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 in stock $21.19
Optical (12")
Cat: CRM 265. Rel: 18 Jan 22
  1. Optical (8:03)
  2. Gridd (8:07)
Review: Following up last year's '&Hope' EP on their Sum Over Histories label, German duo Frankey & Sandrino return this week with a new two tracker featuring two typically atmospheric house journeys for Crosstown Rebels. Embrace the pure dancefloor drama of A side cut 'Optical', a futuristic affair perfect for those eyes closed moments on the dancefloor. Turn over and you have the mesmerising journey into the deep that is 'Gridd' which will captivate you with its rich sonic tapestry that's weaved together using multi-layered melodies.
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 in stock $12.55
Storm EP
Storm EP (12")
Cat: WWM 010. Rel: 19 Jan 22
  1. Storm (6:54)
  2. Roosblom (7:22)
  3. Toevlug (7:08)
  4. Skarrel (7:22)
Review: Vladimir Gnatenko submerges you fathoms below the surface here with his beautifully deep, dreamy, trance-y take on techno for this new EP on Where We Met. The Kyiv artist opens with 'Storm,' an emotional track with warm but heavy grooves and none synths that drift about like fireflies around a cosmic campfire. 'Roosblom' is a little more dystopian but still has those succulent drum and bass combos with more exquisitely deft synth motifs. 'Toevlug' is like a techno lava lamp with smooth broken beats and deep space pads. Closer 'Skarrel' is a real mind melter with subtle acid and punchy drum work that is all about losing yourself on the dance floor at 4 am. Sensational.
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Played by: Jane Fitz
 in stock $11.71
Foreign Dreams
Cat: WAFTR 002. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Paranoia (7:12)
  2. Shamooli (8:04)
  3. Urgull (11:49)
 in stock $11.15
Mind Borders
Cat: NR 003. Rel: 18 Jan 22
  1. Haokah - "Clearview" (7:31)
  2. Haokah - "Misted Mind" (7:32)
  3. Simone Adinolfi - "Out Of Now" (15:23)
 in stock $13.37
Hej Skal Vi Knalde? EP
Cat: PARTOUT 1201. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Hej, Skal VI Knalde (7:58)
  2. Anything (6:12)
  3. Unknown (7:52)
  4. Hitboy (4:06)
 in stock $11.15
The Mountain
  1. Valentin Huedo - "Tonight" (feat Bird) (6:17)
  2. Valentin Huedo - "Salines Sunrise" (7:45)
  3. Valentin Huedo & Igor Marijuan - "Neo" (8:33)
Review: Although he's been active as a producer since the mid 2000s, Valentin Huedo still has only a handful of solo and collaborative 12" singles to his name. This outing on the popular All Day I Dream label is a welcome return to action all told and marks his first vinyl release since 2014. Female singer Bird provides attractive and seductive lead vocals on superb EP opener 'Tonight', a warming chunk of hybrid deep house/tech-house fusion rich in sustained chords, bubbly electronic lead lines and glassy-eyed intent. Huedo's ability to deliver tactile, sun-kissed dancefloor gold is successfully showcased on the melody-rich 'Salinas Sunrise', while Igor Marijuan hook-up 'Neo' is a sparkling, gorgeous and effortlessly summery affair capable of calming your mind while moving your feet.
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 in stock $13.67
The Elite
The Elite (12")
Cat: YSD 118. Rel: 20 Jan 22
  1. Sista Georgia (11:33)
  2. Karma Debt (8:09)
  3. Saffron (5:24)
Review: The Yoruba label is a home to some of house music's most spiritual sounds. It is music with genuine depth and real artistry and next up is Afefe Iku with a stunning three tracker that takes you into another dimension. First up is the quietly intense and steamy 'Sista Georgia' with its dark-soul strings and spoken word vocal licking you in as the wood block hits swing nicely. 'Karma Debt' is more playful, with vast great kick drums and jazzy keys up top. 'Saffron' closes out with a melancholic house groove, warming xylophone melodies and an intoxicating atmosphere.
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Played by: Fog
 in stock $19.79
Deviation EP
Cat: CRTL 014. Rel: 19 Jan 22
  1. Deviation (feat Mutado Pintado) (5:00)
  2. Electro Emotions (4:03)
  3. Heaven On Earth (5:08)
  4. The Acid Never Dies (5:08)
  5. The Last Day (5:08)
Review: Prolific Belgian producer Thomas Blanckaert aka Innershades makes his debut on London-based label Cartulis Music with the Deviation EP, a killer five-tracker packed full of punchy electro cuts. The funky and futurist Detroit vibe of the title track features some serious attitude on the mic courtesy of Mutado Pintado, while the visceral kicks of 'Electro Emotions' underpin some gliding 303 acid and a tapestry of neon-lit synth textures. Over on the flip, prepare to lose yourself under the strobe lights with 303 techno epic 'Heaven On Earth' while 'The Acid Never Dies' will also have you reaching for the lasers - tip!
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 in stock $12.55
Mr Jones
Mr Jones (clear vinyl double 12")
Cat: REKIDS 077CLEAR. Rel: 18 Jan 22
  1. Desire (12:37)
  2. Mr Jones (8:09)
  3. Remember (feat Luke Hess) (8:46)
  4. Black White (9:22)
  5. So Wrong (8:53)
  6. Sheer (5:25)
Review: ** REPRESS ALERT ** Russian DJ/producer Nina Kraviz recorded 'Mr Jones' back in 2013 which receives a reissue on REKIDS here on clear double vinyl. A fine collection of sturdy DJ tools, it features the sensual deep house cut 'Desire' featuring her own vocals, the sonar transmissions of 'Remember' which ventures into techno territory in collaboration with Detroit dub techno engineer Luke Hess, as well as the dreamy hypnotic beats of 'Black White' and closing it out with the minimal basement jam 'Sheer'.
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 in stock $27.05
This Too Shall Pass EP
Cat: PARTOUT 902. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. No Hay Tiempo (6:43)
  2. Thinking Machine (7:13)
  3. Vacum (6:38)
  4. Florecer (7:15)
 in stock $11.15
  1. MMO Theme (4:35)
  2. Xumba Xumba (3:58)
  3. Okilele (4:53)
  4. Jack Sparrow (5:33)
 in stock $15.61
20 Years Sound Of Speed Records 3
  1. Manuel Darquart - "Next Dance" (4:39)
  2. S3A - "Sleepy Fire" (5:57)
  3. Satoshi - "New Dawn" (feat Kuniyuki - Satoshi & Makoto remix) (5:37)
Review: Established Japanese label Soundofspeed presents the third edition in its 20 year celebrations series. This one features Kiwi duo Manuel Darquart with the late-night mood music of 'Next Dance' which is all over the A side. Flip over and more lo-slung goodies await, firstly it's the slo-mo boogie-down disco vibe of French dusty house expert S3A's 'Sleepy Fire', followed by Satoshi on 'New Dawn' (featuring Kuniyuki). The latter track featured on the last edition in the form of the Percussion Mix, but this version is a serving of sublime Jupiter jazz as remixed by Satoshi & Makoto.
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 in stock $17.01
When The Morning Comes (Rydm Sectors, Nico Lahs & KETAMA remixes)
  1. Alton Miller - "When The Morning Comes" (feat Amp Fiddler - Rydm Sectors remix) (5:57)
  2. Alton Miller - "When The Morning Comes" (feat Amp Fiddler - Nico Lahs remix) (6:29)
  3. Alton Miller - "Ever Wonder" (Nico Lahs remix) (6:32)
  4. Alton Miller - "Ever Wonder" (KETAMA remix) (6:18)
Review: Bari meets Detroit on these superb remixes on offer here of Alton Miller & Amp Fiddler's 2010 anthem 'When The Morning Comes'. On the A side, Rydm Sectors deliver a rolling stomper of a rendition that still retains the deepness of the original, followed by the ever reliable Nico Lahs who serves up a dusty, KDJ influenced perspective and proceeds to rework 'Ever Wonder' over on the flipside side in emotive late night fashion. As does local duo KETAMA (Cosmic Rhythm) who hand in a soulful Afro house inspired remix.
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 in stock $11.15
Cuando Brilla La Luna
Cuando Brilla La Luna (180 gram yellow marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: CCR 004. Rel: 20 Jan 22
  1. Cuando Brilla La Luna (En La Cima Del Mundo mix) (4:45)
  2. Cuando Brilla La Luna (Mr Marvin Tribal mix) (7:05)
  3. Cuando Brilla La Luna (Fabrice Rawmix) (5:50)
  4. Cuando Brilla La Luna (Fabrice La Luna dub) (5:01)
 in stock $14.49
Here I Come
Here I Come (1-sided coloured vinyl 12" (comes in different coloured vinyl, we cannot guarantee which one you will receive))
Cat: MEVS 002. Rel: 20 Jan 22
  1. Here I Come (6:53)
  2. The Chi (4:45)
Review: Also known as Belizian Voodoo Priest, Miggedy and Steve Maestro, the somewhat mysterious Mortimer Snerd III makes a first appearance with this cool slab of single-sided wax. We're talking sample-focused house heaters here, with lead track 'Here I Come' being especially feisty. Riding an old funk loop and jacking it up with a rabble-rousing stomp, it's a simple but utterly effective damager to get people pushing themselves harder. 'The Chi' is a deeper affair which scatters its source material across a moody, bass-heavy arrangement for those teasing moments in the mid-section of a set.
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 in stock $15.61
When Love Is Over
Cat: GCV 007. Rel: 18 Jan 22
  1. When Love Is Over (Micky More & Andy Tee edit) (6:24)
  2. Make It Happen (Micky More & Andy Tee mix) (6:33)
Played by: Osmose
 in stock $13.67
Forbidden Planet EP
Cat: OVNIE 004. Rel: 19 Jan 22
  1. OG Zlatan - "Nissan Skyliner" (7:40)
  2. DMC - "The Big Mac" (7:33)
  3. Bowyer - "Collecting Mice" (6:23)
  4. Matteo - "Beer For My Bear" (6:23)
Review: More multi-artist action from the Ovnie imprint, whose previous compilation style EPs have flitted between styles (think electro, breaks and deep house) while keeping the quality threshold high. This time round, they're on a Detroit-influenced sci-fi techno tip, first offering up the chunky, booming bass, attractive intergalactic melodies and crunchy drums of OG Zlatran's 'Nissan Skyliner', before DMC delivers squelchy acid lines, synthesized fretless bass and far-sighted synth sounds ('The Big Mac'). Bowyer reaches for lo-fi bleeps and fluid tech-funk bass on the surprisingly funky and spacey 'Collecting Mice', which Matteo joins the dots between melodious techno, bleep and early breakbeat hardcore on 'Beer For My Bear'.
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 in stock $11.99
Third Nature EP
Cat: STEP 04. Rel: 20 Jan 22
  1. Bedtime Ritual (6:25)
  2. Geysers (5:05)
  3. Memories Of The Secret (5:43)
  4. Triptych (5:25)
 in stock $13.10
Tree House
Cat: SGX 03. Rel: 17 Jan 22
  1. Tree House (Booty Tribute mix) (5:11)
  2. Tree House (dub mix) (8:45)
 in stock $13.10
A Light From Afar
Cat: BONN 24. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. A Light From Afar The Beginning Of The World (6:53)
  2. Jonathan's Snoozy Dub (9:39)
  3. Relax (8:18)
  4. Sunrise Location (7:06)
 in stock $12.82
Venus At Sunrise EP
Venus At Sunrise EP (double 12")
Cat: SCRTC 012. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Venus At Sunrise (9:44)
  2. Venus At Sunrise (Melchior Productions LTD remix) (9:45)
  3. Venus At Sunrise (A R remix) (8:44)
  4. Venus At Sunrise (Ion Ludwig Cosmic Roller remix) (9:20)
 in stock $27.33
Reconstructed (15th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: SUSH 47/48/49. Rel: 17 Jan 22
  1. Skank (Cobblestone Jazz Reconstruction)
  2. Control (Amorf Reconstruction)
  3. Stabilize (Ion Ludwig Reconstruction)
  4. Control (Steve O'Sullivan Reconstruction)
  5. Dim Dim (Melchior Productions LTD Reconstruction)
  6. Redeem (Soulphiction Reconstruction)
  7. Stabilize (Leonel Castillo Reconstruction)
  8. Stabilize (Mark & Matt Thibideau Reconstruction)
Review: Sushitech presents the last part of its 15th anniversary reissues series. Timeless reworks of Paul St. Hilaire & Rhauder's now classic 2018 release 'Reconstructed', featuring legendary producers such as Rominimal heroes Amorf who provide a typically hypnotic reinterpretation of Control, Dutch minimal house maestro Ion Ludwig retains the dubby elements of the original on his rework of 'Stabilized' and likewise Steve O'Sullivan remains in glacial and cavernous territory on another sublime perspective of 'Control'. Elsewhere, Thomas Melchior serves up a typically arcane venture into the deep on his version of 'Dim Dim', while the much missed Soulphiction provides the perfect majestic backdrop for St. Hilaire's amazing vocals play centre stage on his version of 'Redeem'.
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 in stock $36.79
Turn Up Marty
Cat: SNFKC 007. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Captain Lulu (6:03)
  2. Broken Ring (5:56)
  3. Turn Up Marty (6:07)
  4. Odd Goblin (feat VieLaJoie) (6:05)
 in stock $11.15
The Calm Before The Storm EP
Cat: BATRD 01. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Edge (5:47)
  2. Quetiapine (5:54)
  3. Track 3 (5:44)
  4. Track 4 (5:14)
 in stock $13.37
Beautiful People
Beautiful People (white vinyl 12")
Cat: SRB 015WHITE. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Beautiful People (Underground Network mix) (9:06)
  2. Beautiful People (Beautiful reprise) (5:40)
  3. Beautiful People (club mix) (9:28)
  4. Beautiful People (Mood II Swing dub) (5:25)
Review: First released way back in 1994, Barbara Tucker's 'Beautiful People' is arguably one of the greatest soulful house records ever made. Instantly recognisable thanks to its gospel-influenced chorus and "deep, down inside" vocal refrain, it remains capable of rocking any peak-time dancefloor. This white vinyl reissue boasts the best of the 1994 mixes. On side A you get the full vocal 'Underground Network Mix' and the blissful, organ-rich, ultra-melodic 'Beautiful Reprise' instrumental. Over on the flip there's a chance to cop Little Louie Vega and Kenny Dope's bouncy, piano-heavy club mix and the peerless, sub-heavy, melody-rich Mood II Swing Dub.
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Played by: Paul Starey
 in stock $13.67
Departements D'outre Tombe
  1. Mystere De L'Agriculture (4:48)
  2. Exode Brutal (3:45)
  3. Departements D'Outre-Tombe (4:51)
Review: A decade long collaboration between Clement Cosset and Tom Nomine, Veronique Samsung have channeled their electronic experiments through improvisation with analogue machines and a guitar, without turntables or computer. The Nantes-based duo intends to bring back their live shows in the club, accompanied by stunning visual effects. Recorded with the help of homeboy Simo Cell, the artwork and the song titles on Departements D'outre Tombe evoke the desertification of the countryside, as well as ongoing social and climatic changes. Whether it's the celestial, neon-lit electro groove of 'Mystere De L'Agriculture', the Detroit acid influence of the mesmerising epic 'Exode Brutal' or introspective off-kilter beats as heard on the title track - this is one of the week's highlights.
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 in stock $10.88
Acid Funk Vol 3
Acid Funk Vol 3 (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: NYC 010. Rel: 18 Jan 22
  1. Acid Planets (4:54)
  2. Acid Vision (4:35)
  3. Acid Adventure (4:26)
  4. Acid Mystery (4:27)
Played by: LEGO EDIT
 in stock $14.78
XTC: The Lost Scrolls
XTC: The Lost Scrolls (limited white vinyl 12")
Cat: XTCW 001. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. XTC (5:00)
  2. XTC V (4:59)
  3. XTC V (Foamek remix) (5:26)
  4. Horns (2:11)
  5. Horizon (4:43)
Review: Four years on from the release of his original XTC EP on Hot Haus Records, Serbian old school revivalist X Coast has decided to give us a peak at the 'Lost Scrolls' - basically the other tracks in the suite that weren't released first time around. They're typically nostalgic in tone, with the Serb making extensive use of vintage house vocal samples, Korg M-1 organ riffs, squelchy TB-303 basslines and warehouse-ready riffs. 'XTC' is a mid-tempo, turn-of-the-90s style loved-up house workout, while 'XTC V' is a pacey affair rife in alternative rave riffs and organ stabs. Foamek's high-intensity revision of the latter track is a slamming techno-rave beast, while 'Horns' and 'Horizon' rep the more downtempo end of the late '80s dancefloor spectrum with predictably lovable results.
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 in stock $12.82
Machine Connect
Cat: HE 007. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. No Connection, Good Connection (8:41)
  2. Machine Connect (8:13)
  3. La Maskarena (10:58)
 in stock $12.55
Interlife (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: PP 060. Rel: 20 Jan 22
  1. Lotus Bass (4:42)
  2. Somewhere Close By (4:14)
  3. Oxi Rain (6:57)
  4. Silent Jam (2:38)
  5. Transit (6:03)
  6. Lucid Savanna (4:45)
  7. Interlude Ameland (2:47)
  8. There Are No Finish Lines (5:49)
  9. Polyphonie 1 (4:04)
  10. Are You Familiar? (2:00)
  11. Salient Dream (2:14)
 in stock $28.72
Shortwave Memories
Cat: BIO 36LP. Rel: 20 Jan 22
  1. Tanss (6:43)
  2. Interval Signal (5:25)
  3. Night Shift (6:04)
  4. Formanta (4:16)
  5. Shortwave Memories (5:52)
  6. Infinium (10:50)
  7. Shruthi-12 (8:51)
  8. Transfigured Express (9:10)
Review: After a run of reissues and a boundary-blurring fusion of classical music and electronica (January 2021's Angel's Flight), Norwegian ambient veteran Geir Jennsen AKA Biosphere has gone back to basics on Shortwave Memories. Ditching software and computers for analogue synths, drum machines and effects units, Jennsen has delivered album that he claims was inspired by the post-punk era electronics of Daniel Miller and Matin Hannett, but instead sounds like a new, less dancefloor-conscious take on the hybrid ambient/techno sound he was famous for in the early 1990s. The results are uniformly brilliant, making this one of the Norwegian trailblazer's most alluring and sonically comforting albums for decades.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
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Rx Bounces
Cat: WSR 015. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Negative Response (3:32)
  2. Brudenel Dreams R8 (5:14)
  3. Galdem (5:11)
  4. Reality In Zeros (2:12)
  5. Hummdinger RX (5:00)
  6. True Supplier (3:10)
  7. Uncase RX (3:41)
  8. Tea & The Tree (3:06)
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Yet Another Kito Jempere Album
Yet Another Kito Jempere Album (140 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ERS 048. Rel: 17 Jan 22
  1. A King Of Comets (feat New Composers & Lovvlovver) (5:38)
  2. Sikao Qi Yun (feat Jimi Tenor, Minako Sasjima & Lovvlovver) (7:23)
  3. Sergio Leone (feat Lovvlovver, Gadzhi, Roman Englisgh & Juravlove) (6:46)
  4. Talking In My Dreams (feat Wolfram & Lovvlovver) (3:59)
  5. Untitled Ritual (feat Noteless) (7:31)
  6. Time Traveller (5:26)
  7. Your Ghost In Me (feat Hard Ton, Noteless & Ruf Dug) (10:33)
  8. After The Storm (feat Maajo) (5:43)
  9. Why You Guys Broke? (feat Rich Thair) (1:58)
  10. A Mirage Seen At Buffalo (feat Gadzhi, Lovvlovver, Lipelis, Roman English, Noteless & Jimi Tenor) (12:27)
  11. Et Que Je Dorme (feat Miriam Sehhon & Lovvlovver) (4:12)
  12. Every Minute Is Too Late (2:29)
Review: The acclaimed Kito Jempere joins Cherrystones and DJN4 on the label for 2020, with an album full of international minds. Working with array of collaborators across a cast of friends including Jimi Tenor, Wolfram, Hard Ton, Lipelis, Rich Thair (Red Snapper), Ruf Dug, Cedric Gasaida (Azari & III) and many more, presenting this, his third long play.

A hail of freedom of thoughts and voices before these changed times, recorded and shared across continents. Kito - following releases with DFA, Lo Recordings, Bordello A Parigi, Hell Yeah and Duca Bianco - acts as curator rather than conductor, the idea not to transform the contributions but allow them absolute.

Sending music and receiving back, nothing was touched to keep the truth and honour. From Tokyo to London, Berlin to his base in St Petersburg, trusting the chosen artists led to a broad palette, as his 4/4 driven funk expands with Jazz horns to Motorik percussion, Avant-Reich vocals to White Isle melodies, J Pop Balearics to Chanson stories wrapped around Club memories.

A true world meeting, crossing borders and genres. An eye on the dance floor and week long chill outs. With remixes from the likes of Samo DJ, Lipelis, Cable Toy and more to follow, this is more than Yet Another Kito Jempere Album.

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Music For The Contrarian
Cat: JJW 003. Rel: 18 Jan 22
  1. Murkuh Blip (6:49)
  2. Somebody (7:19)
  3. Right Back (7:58)
  4. Right Back (dub mix) (8:02)
  5. See You (6:33)
  6. So Kind (8:02)
  7. Bad Eyes (6:30)
  8. Bad Eyes (Beau Warehouse mix) (6:33)
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Model Man
Cat: MR 0099LP. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Emoclew (1:17)
  2. Don't Cry (feat Hamzaa) (3:32)
  3. Sweet Surrender (3:27)
  4. ESC (Holding Back) (feat Rationale) (4:27)
  5. Hurt (feat Arctic Lake) (3:06)
  6. Trappist-1 (3:43)
  7. Wait Till Tonight (5:28)
  8. Take Me There (5:04)
  9. Distant Memory (1:46)
  10. Sidewinder (4:05)
  11. Clarity (4:04)
  12. Impromptu No1 (Apogee) (10:13)
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Bienaimee (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: MHQ 011. Rel: 21 Jan 22
  1. Saison 1 (7:00)
  2. Bains (7:30)
  3. Amorgos (7:36)
  4. Aegean (5:58)
  5. Bienaimee (1:30)
  6. Aventura (7:06)
  7. Notte (7:46)
  8. Saison 2 (7:23)
  9. Plaisir (5:48)
  10. Eclisse (1:31)
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