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The Fireside Sessions
Cat: 250734 430. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Reaching Out To You
  2. On The Edge Of All This
  3. The Curve Of Earth
  4. Dance With Me
  5. Light Years
 in stock $8.72
Soft Effects EP (reissue)
Cat: OLE 1490CDS. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Mountain To Sound
  2. Waiting For The Kid To Come Out
  3. I Could See The Dude
  4. Get Out The State
  5. Loss Leaders
 in stock $9.11
Apart (CD single)
Cat: 672887 3. Rel: 01 Jun 18
  1. Iguana Bird
  2. Bad Dreams
  3. Movies
  4. Cigarillo
  5. Tomorrow (feat Scarlett Johansson - remix)
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The Invisible Girls
  1. Scandinavian Wastes
  2. Huddersfield Wastes
  3. Toy Of A Toy
  4. Time Is Slipping
  5. Yeah Yeah Yeah
  6. Procession
  7. Concorde Drone
  8. Collective Project
  9. First Aspect Of The Same Thing
  10. The Music Room
  11. Second Aspect Of The Same Thing
  12. Space Music
  13. Three Short Pieces For Trio
  14. All Sorts Of Heroes
  15. All Sorts Of Heroes
  16. All Sorts Of Heroes
  17. All Sorts Of Heroes
  18. All Sorts Of Heroes
  19. All Sorts Of Heroes
  20. All Sorts Of Heroes
  21. All Sorts Of Heroes
  22. All Sorts Of Heroes
Review: In many ways, The Invisible Girls was one of the more curious products of the Factory Records production line. Initially founded by legendary producer Martin Hannett and keyboardist Steve Hopkins in 1978 to provide backing tracks for poet John Cooper Clarke, they went on to release a number of singles with singer/songwriter Pauline Murray. Intriguingly, this first retrospective ignores their work with Clarke and Murray, instead focusing on largely unreleased experiments that touch on ambient, jazz, wayward electronics, Section 22 style post-punk darkness, and occasional forays into dub disco-influenced new wave noodling. It's a fascinating collection, and includes a suite of tracks ("All Sorts of Heroes") that brilliantly pitches Hopkins' jazz-influenced piano playing against Hannett's vivid imagination with predictably thrilling results.
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 in stock $13.66
Disco Not Disco: Leftfield Disco Classics From The New York Underground (remastered)
  1. Yoko Ono - "Walking On Thin Ice" (re-edit)
  2. Liquid Liquid - "Cavern"
  3. Loose Joints - "Tell You (Today)" (vocal)
  4. Ian Dury & The Seven Seas Players - "Spasticus Autisticus" (version)
  5. Material - "Over & Over"
  6. Was (Not Was) - "Wheel Me Out"
  7. Dinosaur - "Kiss Me Again"
  8. Don Cherry - "I Walk"
  9. Common Sense - "Voices Inside My Head"
  10. Nicky Siano - "Move"
  11. Indian Ocean - "School Bell/Tree House"
Review: Second time around for Joey Negro and Sean P's peerless collection of post-punk era New York club cuts, a compilation that proved hugely influential when it was first released way back in 2000. The track listing strangely omits one track present on the original release (the full 16-minute version of Steve Miller Band's "Macho City"), but otherwise it's a faithful reproduction. Highlights come thick and fast throughout, from the eccentric electrofunk of Yoko Ono's "Walking On Thin Ice" and P-funk influenced strut of Material's "Over And Over", to the skittish jazz-goes-dub disco bustle of Don Cherry's "I Walk" and the low-slung percussive voodoo of Nicky Siano's "Move". The undisputed master of NYC leftfield disco, Arthur Russell, is represented via cuts from Loose Joints, Dinosaur and Indian Ocean.
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Played by: Pete Haigh
 in stock $9.45
Drawn In Basic
Cat: MORRMUSIC 083. Rel: 04 Sep 08
  1. Test Your Dreams
  2. Only Hope
  3. Days
  4. Porcelain
  5. Royal Gold
  6. Steve
  7. The Holy See
  8. Younger
  9. Man Overboard
  10. Raimondo
  11. Faithful
  12. Bear Arms
  13. Destinies
  14. Breathes The Best
  15. Shipwreck
  16. Heaven Knows
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 in stock $10.68
This Is Glue
Cat: TIM 128CD. Rel: 09 Feb 18
  1. Blown Up
  2. Hatred
  3. Psych Slasher
  4. Right Time
  5. Choking Sick
  6. Exaltation
  7. In Heaven
  8. Under The Bed
  9. Dogged Out
  10. Scenic Route To Nowhere
  11. Going Down Slow
  12. Divided
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 in stock $10.17
Modern Anxiety
Cat: 194397 27732. Rel: 15 May 20
  1. Modern Anxiety
  2. Call On Me
  3. In The Afternoon
  4. Alone
  5. Playground Love
  6. Melt
  7. No Vacancies
  8. Paper Moons
  9. Human
  10. Enough
 in stock $10.41
Between You & Me
Cat: 006700 3124324. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. Skin
  2. On The Line
  3. Reasons
  4. Messages
  5. Shine
  6. Alone
  7. When I Dream
  8. Gone
  9. Flaws
  10. Tell Me When You Leave Tonight
  11. Between You & Me
 in stock $11.39
Life Is Crazy
Cat: ABT 085CD. Rel: 02 Oct 20
  1. Years From Tonight
  2. Nothing As It Seems
  3. I Believe In Everything
  4. A Moment
  5. Life Is Crazy
  6. Thrill Me
  7. Mysteries
  8. Save My Life
  9. Vanishing
  10. In The Silence Of The Crowd
 in stock $11.39
Songs Of The Saxophones
Cat: FTH 308CD. Rel: 04 Jun 18
  1. Time Is Like A River
  2. Picture
  3. Aloha
  4. Singing Desperately
  5. Just Give Up
  6. Alone Again
  7. Work Music
  8. Mysteries Revealed
  9. Find I Forget
  10. Afterglow
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 in stock $11.38
Magic: Selections From 1999-2010
  1. Sweetmeat
  2. Willy Whispers
  3. The Captain's Song
  4. Isle Of The Blue Flowers
  5. Dark Dreams Aboard The Hesperus
  6. Lord Fishgarlic's Last Expedition
  7. Night Of The Macaw
  8. The Ballad Of Johnny Freak
  9. The Dream Spider Of The Laughing Horse
  10. Big Dipper On The Spearman's Floor
  11. Savage
  12. Black Tulip Wings
  13. Golden, It Is, Beautiful
  14. My Little Doll
  15. Supernatural Services
  16. The Vampire's Song
 in stock $13.96
Scouting For Girls: 10th Anniversary Edition
  1. Keep On Walking
  2. She's So Lovely
  3. It's Not About You
  4. The Airplane Song
  5. Heartbeat
  6. Elvis Ain't Dead
  7. I'm Not Over You
  8. I Need A Holiday
  9. The Mountains Of Navaho
  10. I Wish I Was James Bond
  11. Heartbeat (live)
  12. I Wish I Was James Bond (live)
  13. Elvis Ain't Dead (live)
  14. It's Not About You (live)
  15. The Airplane Song (live)
  16. I Need A Holiday (live)
  17. The Mountains Of Navaho (live)
  18. Keep On Waling (live)
  19. Michaela Strachan (live)
  20. She's So Lovely (live)
  21. The Colour Of The Call (2006 demo)
  22. Summer Love (2006 demo)
  23. Stupid Love Song (2006 demo)
  24. Happy (2006 demo)
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 in stock $7.36
Open Up Your Head
Cat: 712158. Rel: 14 Aug 20
  1. Transplant
  2. All I Want To Hear You Say
  3. Do You Really Wanna Know
  4. Lie To Me
  5. Call Me Out
  6. Closer
  7. Forever
  8. Weight In God
  9. Ready For More
  10. Violet
  11. Shake
  12. Damage Done
  13. You Over Anyone
  14. Moving On
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 in stock $8.48
Act Surprised
Cat: FIRECD 547. Rel: 24 May 19
  1. Phantom
  2. Celebrate The Void
  3. Follow The Breath
  4. Medicate
  5. See-Saw
  6. Vacation
  7. Stunned
  8. Fool
  9. Raging River
  10. Sunshine
  11. Act Surprised
  12. Battery
  13. Belief
  14. Leap Year
  15. Raykjavik
Review: After six years, legendary Massachusetts group Sebadoh - friends of Subpop from back in the day - deliver a new album called "Act Surprised". It adds a revitalised bevy of local blues tales and happy go lucky songs to an audience that can be assured the spirit of American punk, grunge, shoegaze and rock is still strong in Sebadoh. That '90s movie soundtrack motif - whether the band wanted it or not - is still there and sounding unique and finely restored. With accents and sounds of both the music and voices giving rise to memories of when bands like Weezer, Pearl Jam and Tool were dominating the airwaves, it's good to know that the grungy low slung feels of Sebadoh are still in their melancholic, easy going, Massachusetts way.
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 in stock $11.12
Awake In The Brain Chamber
Cat: TSM 003. Rel: 02 Dec 20
  1. 3, 4, 5 Let's Stay Alive
  2. Dreaming Is Alright
  3. Talos' Corpse
  4. Everything's Under
  5. Everything Starts
  6. Angel Come
  7. A New Disaster
  8. So Far Down
 in stock $14.25
Against (CD)
Cat: PJM 12166. Rel: 21 Feb 20
  1. Spira Mirabilis
  2. Shades Of Humanity
  3. Rise Again
  4. Going Nowhere
  5. Digital Revolution
  6. Endless Promises
  7. Purgatory
  8. Against
  9. Deep Solitude
  10. Outsiders
  11. My Last Breath
  12. Don't Let Me Fade
$14.81 SAVE 25%
 in stock $11.10
Singles 1992-1994
Cat: SMR 118. Rel: 19 Jan 21
  1. Liquid Indigo
  2. Ignite The Air
  3. Deep Thinker
  4. Elizabeth's April
  5. Last Words
  6. Loveblind
  7. Way Too High
  8. Honey Sweet
  9. Secret Shine
 in stock $12.25
Always Now (remastered)
Cat: FBN 3045CD. Rel: 13 Apr 15
  1. Friendly Fires
  2. Dirty Disco
  3. CP
  4. Loose Talk (Costs Lives)
  5. Inside Out
  6. Melt Close
  7. Hit
  8. Babies In The Bardo
  9. Be Brave
  10. New Horizon
  11. Haunted
  12. Charnel Ground
  13. Human Puppets
  14. Knew Noise
  15. Up To You
  16. Girls Don’t Count
  17. Oyo Achel Ada
  18. After Image
  19. Red Voice
  20. One True Path (peel session)
  21. Babies in the Bardo (peel session)
  22. Hit (peel session)
  23. Je Veux Ton Amour (7")
  24. Loose Talk (Costs Lives) (live)
  25. Human Puppets (live)
  26. Knew Noise (live)
  27. Friendly Fires (live)
  28. Girls Don’t Count (live)
  29. New Horizon (live)
  30. Haunted (live)
  31. You’re On Your Own (live)
  32. Floating (demo)
  33. Friendly Fires (outtake)
  34. One True Path (outtake)
Played by: Enfant Terrible
 in stock $16.86
First Taste
Cat: DC 738CD. Rel: 02 Aug 19
  1. Taste
  2. Whatever
  3. Ice Plant
  4. The Fall
  5. I Worship The Dog
  6. The Arms
  7. When I Met My Parents (part 1)
  8. I Sing Them
  9. When I Met My Parents (part 3)
  10. Radio
  11. Self Esteem
  12. Lone Cowboys
 in stock $11.12
Freedom's Goblin
Cat: DC 675CD. Rel: 26 Jan 18
  1. Fanny Dog
  2. Rain
  3. Every 1's A Winner
  4. Despoiler Of Cadaver
  5. When Mommy Kills You
  6. My Lady's On Fire
  7. Alta
  8. Meaning
  9. Cry Cry Cry
  10. Shoot You Up
  11. You Say All The Nice Things
  12. The Last Waltz
  13. She
  14. Prison
  15. Talkin 3
  16. The Main Pretender
  17. I'm Free
  18. 5 Ft. Tall
  19. And, Goodnight
Review: Ty Segall, one of the leading lights and most hard-working artists of America's west coast garage scene, perfectly balances quality and quantity with 'Freedom's Goblin', his tenth studio album under his own name (include his live records, aliases and collaborations, and the total body of work effectively doubles). Having seemingly ditched the songwriting rules he had set himself on previous albums, 'Freedom's Goblin' sees Ty Segall at his most explosive and full-throttle, inventively exploring the many avenues of sub-genres of rock and psychedelia. Consisting of 19 ironclad songs that clock in at nearly eighty minutes, this is an expansive and exhilarating album that never becomes tiring. The wild combination of flawless production (co-engineered by the legendary Nirvana producer Steve Albini) and Segall's balance of raw power and melodic sensibility, makes 'Freedom's Goblin' another astoundingly high-calibre addition to an already colossal catalogue.
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 in stock $9.68
Deforming Lobes: Live
Cat: DC 716CD. Rel: 29 Mar 19
  1. Warm Hands
  2. Squealer
  3. Breakfast Eggs
  4. The Crawler
  5. Finger
  6. They Told Me Too
  7. Cherry Red
  8. Love Fuzz
Review: To be a fan of Ty Segall must be a rewarding thing as the Californian singer-songwriter can deliver at the very least one album per annum. This does nothing to diminish the quality of his much loved and trusted music and this time around, with the help of his backing group the Freedom Band, he delivers a live album recorded at Los Angeles' Teragram Ballroom. Mixed by American legend Steve Albini, this album even comes with a rendition of a Segall track commissioned by Comedy Central, and though "Deforming Lobes" may be on a slightly different tip from Segall's cover album "Fudge Sandwich" - and the four albums he released in 2018 - there's no denying the raw take of a wild, uncensored performance.
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 in stock $12.25
Familial (CD)
Cat: BELLACD 250X. Rel: 27 Aug 10
  1. By Some Miracle
  2. Beyond Reason
  3. A Simple Life
  4. All Eyes On You
  5. Don't Look Down
  6. Broken Promises
  7. The Ties That Bind Us
  8. Patron Saint
  9. Falling
  10. The Witching Hour
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 in stock $12.39
Type II
Type II (CD)
Cat: LAUNCH 187CD. Rel: 15 May 20
  1. The Passover
  2. Skimmington Ride
  3. Valentine's Day At The Gym
  4. Betting Shop
  5. Need Battery
  6. La Riconada
  7. Garden Of Eden/2000 AD
Review: Although Sex Swing have emerged from London's ever-fertile independent scene, their roots are pretty global. And speak volumes about what to expect from the band. Members have also been involved with Dead Neanderthals, a free jazz project, Seattle's masterful drone metal dons Earth, and a band called Dethscalator. Among other endeavours. As you might assume, then, their combined take on dark electronic rock comes stacked with unnerving doom and a feeling of foreboding menace. Cacophonies abound, the aural turmoil of 'Skimmington Ride''s climactic finale showcase just how loud and disorientating things can get, without forsaking musicality within those walls of keys and chords. A contrast to 'Garden Of Eden', which keeps itself on a direct and frantic course bound for the album's conclusion - think sweat, spilt beer and blood on the dancefloor. Packing plenty to satisfy fans of everyone from Liars and Idles, its uncompromising and unforgiving stuff.
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 in stock $9.61
Cat: CDSTUMM 423. Rel: 06 Aug 18
  1. Celebrate
  2. Taking Over
  3. Reverse The Curse
  4. Marigold
  5. Sooner Or Later
  6. Present Tense
  7. Even So
  8. Truth
  9. Vowel Movement
  10. The Valley
 in stock $8.93
Kitchen Sink
Cat: 405053 8600926. Rel: 26 Jun 20
  1. Club Cougar
  2. Ladies For Babies (Goats For Love)
  3. Buckfast
  4. Dillydally
  5. Trad
  6. Kitchen Sink
  7. Kite
  8. Ukrainian Wine
  9. Wasps Nest
  10. Walk
  11. Prayer Mat
 in stock $10.30
Singles Party (1988-2019) (Deluxe)
Singles Party (1988-2019) (Deluxe) (2xCD in hard-book sleeve)
Cat: LMS 5521304. Rel: 19 Jul 19
  1. Break My Heart
  2. Heroine
  3. You're History
  4. Run Silent
  5. Dirty Mind
  6. Stay
  7. I Don't Care
  8. Goodbye Cruel World
  9. Hello (Turn Your Radion On)
  10. My 16th Apology
  11. I Can Drive
  12. Bitter Pill
  13. Pulsatron
  14. Bad Blood
  15. It's A Trip
  16. All The Queen's Horses
  17. C U Next Tuesday
  18. Stay (acoustic version)
  19. Cat Worship
  20. You're History (Catz 'n Dogz remix)
  21. You Made Me Come To This (Hmd Pulsatron mix)
  22. Pretty Boy
  23. Mr Wrong
  24. Remeber My Name
  25. Do I Scare You?
  26. Excuse Me John
  27. Singles Party
  28. Heroine (Heavenly mix)
  29. Black Sky (The Black dub)
  30. Break My Heart (Shep Pettibone dub)
  31. Goodbye Cruel World (Bto remix)
  32. You're History (Brothers In Rhythm remix)
 in stock $16.81
Drunk Tank Pink
Cat: DOC 204CD. Rel: 15 Jan 21
  1. Alphabet
  2. Nigel Hitter
  3. Born In Luton
  4. March Day
  5. Water In The Well
  6. Snow Day
  7. Human, For A Minute
  8. Great Dog
  9. 6/1
  10. Harsh Degrees
  11. Station Wagon
 in stock $9.41
Perfect Version
Cat: HARCD 114. Rel: 12 Jul 19
  1. Natural
  2. Parking Lot
  3. Shape
  4. Tired
  5. Harder To Do
  6. Around The Block
  7. A Couple Highs
  8. Perfect Version
  9. I Lied
  10. Empty Cup
$15.10 SAVE 30%
 in stock $10.57
Under Your Sky
Cat: 405053 8489422. Rel: 04 Oct 19
  1. I Want It All
  2. NYC (Sing It Loud)
  3. Waiting
  4. Magic Man
  5. Dreams
  6. Time To Go
  7. Give It All Up
  8. One Day
  9. Now & Then
  10. Step Inside
  11. Under Your Sky
 in stock $10.91
Shhe (CD)
Cat: TPLP 1536CD. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Eyes Shut
  2. Saint Cyrus
  3. Emma
  4. Beds
  5. Boy
  6. Maps
  7. Maps 2
 in stock $8.72
All Or Nothing
Cat: FATCD 157. Rel: 14 Feb 20
  1. Trust In Us
  2. Initiative
  3. Follow Me
  4. No Apologies
  5. For Your Pleasure
  6. About You
  7. Lies
  8. Expert Advice
  9. Body Clock
  10. All Or Nothing
 in stock $6.99
The Official Body
Cat: FATCD 147. Rel: 17 Jan 18
  1. The Hype
  2. Wild Child
  3. Asking For A Friend
  4. Suddenly Gone
  5. Shave Your Head
  6. Discover
  7. Control Yourself
  8. My Dad's A Dancer
  9. New Values
  10. Overtime
$9.97 SAVE 40%
 in stock $5.99
Talk Loud
Talk Loud (CD)
Cat: PRC 409CD. Rel: 16 Oct 20
  1. In Gloves
  2. Fraid I Might Die
  3. Talk Loud
  4. Price Tag
  5. The Pool
  6. Trash
  7. View From The Sky
  8. Boiling Water
  9. Accidental Interaction
  10. Nighttime Party
  11. Good Thing
 in stock $10.02
Midnight Marker
Cat: BIS 034CD. Rel: 25 May 18
  1. Midnight Marker
  2. Gateway
  3. Test Pattern
  4. Lover's Code
  5. The Keeper
  6. Tomorrow
  7. No Road
  8. Tropical Storm
  9. 15 & 4
  10. Draw The Shades
$10.68 SAVE 25%
 in stock $8.01
Sing High! Sing Low!
Cat: CROSS 02CD. Rel: 06 Jun 20
  1. Dry Light
  2. Hearth Bite
  3. Song Of Wandering
  4. Day Flowers
  5. The Valley Spirit
  6. Salt Light
  7. Out Back
  8. Talk To Me
  9. The Fire Dream
$14.54 SAVE 25%
 in stock $10.90
A Shipwreck In The Sand
Cat: VR 458. Rel: 26 Mar 09
  1. A Great Fire
  2. Vices (feat Liam Cormier)
  3. Broken Stars
  4. American Dream
  5. Their Lips Sink Ships
  6. I Knew I Couldn't Trust You
  7. Born Dead (feat Scott Wade)
  8. A Shipwreck In The Sand
  9. I Am The Arsonist
  10. You're All I Have
  11. We Are Not The World
  12. A Hero Loses Everyday
  13. The Tide Raises Every Ship
  14. The End (feat Lights)
$9.81 SAVE 25%
 in stock $7.36
Sad Party
Sad Party (CD)
Cat: MM 170CD. Rel: 23 Jan 20
  1. Planet Arfth
  2. Hollow
  3. No Summer
  4. Smother
  5. Goldenboy Is Sleeping
  6. Happiness
  7. Never Who I Wanna Be
  8. Cloudjuice
  9. Constellations
$14.25 SAVE 30%
 in stock $9.97
Holy Broken
Cat: SHRUG 008CD. Rel: 12 Apr 10
  1. The Fever You Fake
  2. Folded Uniforms
  3. Unchanged The Lock
  4. Stolen Stars & Light
  5. X Is For Christmas
  6. Nailed In Air
  7. Plastic Furs
  8. Holy Broken
$17.96 SAVE 25%
 in stock $13.46
Depayse (CD)
Cat: SLANG 50212. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. Everybody
  2. Everyone
  3. On Being
  4. Depayse
  5. Ya Sudan
  6. Stranger
  7. Be Here Now
  8. The Searching
  9. Mango
Review: London's krautrock, prog, electronica, free jazz and funk rock fusion specialist returns with his fourth full length for the mighty City Slang! "Depayse" remains fully laced with Ahmed Abdullahi Gallab's subtle Sudanese flair, singing praises and the word of love in "Everyone". The title track sees ambient jazz percussion give a giant runway for a massive guitar solo to take flight while album closer "Mango" delivers something of a West London-Caribbean vibe. In between is an album full of dips and climbs through the hill tops of a sunny afternoon somewhere in the feel-good malaise of Sinkane's multi-instrumental talents.
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 in stock $7.40
Holding On To A Dream
Cat: MI 0550CD. Rel: 20 Sep 19
  1. Fly Away
  2. No Giving Up
  3. Deployed (feat Little Dragon)
  4. No More Seperation
  5. The Sun Will Shine
  6. Somewhere
  7. Lean Into This
  8. Speak Up
  9. Trust
  10. See U Again
  11. Pin Me Down
Review: Who remembers Joel Wastberg aka sir Was' 2017 LP, "Digging A Tunnel"? It was one of those albums that achieved cult status not just because of its star's unarguable talent, but its means of production. Recorded close enough to a train line to feel the locomotives shaking the studio itself, it had to be loud, daring and striking to drown out the passing carriages. "Holding On To A Dream" is an altogether quieter affair because the two years between then and now have afforded our man luxuries like a real place to refine his wares. And refine them he has. "No Giving Up" is smooth pop perfection. "The Sun Will Shine" takes us closer to soul, while "Deployed" emphasises electronics to create something closer to early-MGMT's intimate moments than MGMT seem capable of these days - Little "does-no-wrong" Dragon's guest appearance accentuating the notion that this is exquisitely crafted stuff, and far from by numbers.
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 in stock $8.77
Umoja (CD)
Cat: LEWIS 1071CD. Rel: 19 Jun 20
  1. Sua Alma (feat D'Alma)
  2. In The End
  3. Afande (feat Idd Aziz)
  4. Kourou (feat Modou Toure)
  5. Azon De Ma Gnin
  6. Amigos E Inimigos (feat D'Alma)
  7. Sun
  8. Sudan (feat Idd Aziz)
  9. Dourle (feat Modou Toure)
  10. Lehin Ti Aye Ba Iku
 in stock $9.97
Life & Love
Cat: LEWIS 104CD. Rel: 12 Jun 20
  1. Take My Time
  2. Inside
  3. Don't Call My Name
  4. Shyma
  5. Penny In A Well
  6. Fountayne
  7. The Bay
  8. Hurry & Enjoy
  9. The Moment
  10. I Won't Be There
 in stock $9.97
Oracolo (reissue)
Cat: LEWIS 106CD. Rel: 12 Jun 20
  1. Mandala
  2. Oracolo
  3. Old Days
  4. Detroit
  5. Left With A Gun
  6. Rubber Gloves
  7. Summer
  8. The Man Behind The Mirror
 in stock $13.39
Shapes & Traces
Cat: IR 001CD. Rel: 08 Jul 20
  1. Sand Patterns
  2. Beneath The Lake
  3. Beyond The Claering
  4. Interphase
  5. Guduud
  6. The Atmosphere
  7. Soft Landing
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Spare Ribs
Cat: RT 0197CD. Rel: 15 Jan 21
  1. The New Brick
  2. Short Cummings
  3. Nudge It (feat Amy Taylor)
  4. Elocution
  5. Out There
  6. Glimpses
  7. Top Room (feat Dr Lisa McKenzie)
  8. Mork N Mindy (feat Billy Nomates)
  9. Spare Ribs
  10. All Day Ticket
  11. Thick Ear
  12. I Don't Rate You
  13. Fish Cakes
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Divide & Exit (reissue)
Cat: EE 005CD. Rel: 30 Oct 20
  1. Air Conditioning
  2. Tied Up In Nottz
  3. A Little Ditty
  4. You're Brave
  5. Strike Force
  6. The Corgi
  7. From Rags To Richards
  8. Liveable Shit
  9. Under The Plastic & NCT
  10. Tiswas
  11. Keep Out Of It
  12. Smithy
  13. Middle Men
  14. Tweet Tweet Tweet
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Eton Alive
Cat: EE 001CD. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. Into The Payzone
  2. Kebab Spider
  3. Policy Cream
  4. OBCT
  5. When You Come Up To Me
  6. Top It Up
  7. Flipside
  8. Subtraction
  9. Firewall
  10. Big Burt
  11. Discourse
  12. Negative Script
Review: Unabashed satirical wares straight outta Nottingham, Sleaford Mods somewhat charming embrace of British provincialism sees the semi-ironic nature of their music nestle itself in a space shared with Jamie T, Mike Skinner and Blackout Crew. Slightly wayward, political and patronising, their music can sometimes come off something like a scene out of Peep Show, though however tongue-in-cheek their commentary of the UK life can be, it's a gloriously proud album of cultural identity, and in among references to chip tune, bedroom produced beats, alternative Madchester-era sounds to rap and spoken word, it's a record embracing hoodies and trainers as much as it does anarchy and builder's tea. Oi!
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Live In Paris
Cat: SP 1191CD. Rel: 27 Jan 17
  1. Price Tag (live)
  2. Oh! (live)
  3. What's Mine Is Yours (live)
  4. A New Wave (live)
  5. Start Together (live)
  6. No Cities To Love (live)
  7. Surface Envy (live)
  8. I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone (live)
  9. Turn It On (live)
  10. Entertain (live)
  11. Jumpers (live)
  12. Dig Me Out (live)
  13. Modern Girl (live)
Review: One of the most welcome comebacks of recent times was that of Sleater-Kinney, the three-piece whose angular, militant and emotionally charged post-punk has maintained every iota of its power and potency over the last twenty years. This is in full evidence on this pulse-racing live effort, on which the ecstatic sound of the Parisian audience rings out with equal force to the evergreen strains of these life-affirming trailblazers. More recent and expansive material from the recent 'No Cities To Love' sits happily with golden oldies such as 'Dig Me Out' and 'I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone', heralding a band fully in the throes of a vibrant second coming.
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The Center Won't Hold
Cat: 779084 2. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. The Center Won't Hold
  2. Hurry On Home
  3. Reach Out
  4. Can I Go On
  5. Restless
  6. Ruins
  7. Love
  8. Bad Dance
  9. The Future Is Here
  10. The Dog/The Body
  11. Broken
Review: Socio-political commentary abounds Sleater-Kinney's latest. The title references Yeats' "The Second Coming", and while the catalyst for this call for help isn't clear we are so desperately lost as a civilisation, bound by the chains of what Adam Curtis calls oh dear-ism, the specific sickness is irrelevant. Our symptoms are universal. This is clearest on "Can I Go On". In contrast to the aforementioned, with its furious guitars and anguished vocals, it's a poppier, almost-80s affair. Yet it discusses exhausted, wired-in people, questioning if we are worth saving. Perhaps "Love" will help? A jerking, proto-electro infused effort that charts (presumably) the band's early years touring in a van. When things made sense. But nostalgia isn't salvation, especially when the distorted vocals and scuzzy riffs of "Bad Dance" tell us to get down before it's all over. Hope lost in a deliciously textured, provocative record.
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