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Liam Gallagher John Squire
Cat: 505419 7893940. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Raise Your Hands (4:11)
Mars To Liverpool (3:41)
One Day At A Time (3:42)
I'm A Wheel (3:37)
Just Another Rainbow (5:29)
Love You Forever (3:32)
Make It Up As You Go Along (2:13)
You're Not The Only One (3:58)
I'm So Bored (4:39)
Mother Nature's Song (4:08)
Review: The upcoming collaborative studio album between Liam Gallagher and guitarist John Squire is set to shine a refreshed light on the current state of Britpop. Consisting almost entirely of round-bellied rock, leading the charge is the arresting 'Just Another Rainbow' - here the pair are heard in neat unison, painting a picture of unfazed Gallagher-esque nonchalance in the face of a promised utopia - and 'Mars To Liverpool' - concerning the experience of realising a relationship is over before it's too late. Squire and Gallagher make for an exciting pairing, their synergy fleshed out by the album's stellar, full-bodied mix.
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 in stock $23.73
General Patton vs The X Ecutioners
General Patton vs The X Ecutioners ('silver streak' silver marbled vinyl LP + poster + MP3 download code (indie exclusive))
Cat: IPC 275LP2. Rel: 29 Feb 24
X-Men Doctrine & Declaration: Target=40:40:11N 73:56:38W (1:30)
General P Counterintelligence: Target=37:47:36N 122:33:17W (1:31)
IGet Up, Punk! 0200 Hrs (Joint Special Operations Task Force) (1:01)
Roc Raida: Riot Control Agent/Combat Stress Control (1:48)
Improvised Explosive Device 0300 Hrs (1:51)
IVaqueros Y Indios! (Joint Special Operations Task Force) (2:29)
Precision Guided Needle-Dropping & Larynx Munitions (PGNDLM) (0:54)
Duelling Banjo Marching Drill (1:02)
Battle Hymn Of The Technics Republic (1:54)
IFire In The Hole! 0400 Hrs (Joint Special Operations Task Force) (1:04)
Convulsive Antidote For Nerve Agent Autoinjector (CANAA) (2:57)
Modified Combined Obstacle Overlay (MCOO) Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love The Turntables (2:41)
Surprise Swing Insurgency/Tabla & Tongue Twist Counterattack/Dragon Seeks Path (3:44)
IKamikaze! 0500 Hrs (Take A Piece Of Me) (2:12)
We'll Paint This Town - Throat & Phonograph Fire Support Coordination Measures (TPFSCM) (1:38)
Imitative Electromagnetic Deception (IED)/Digital Nonsecure Voice Terminal (DNVT) (2:00)
AWOL Block Party Brawl 0600 Hrs (1:45)
Eastside Multichannel Tactical Scratch Communications (EMTSC) (2:19)
IPimps Up, Aces High! 0700 Hrs (Westside Swashbuckling Parade) (2:15)
Warcry/Infrared R'n'B Hallucination/Jungle Operations Exfiltration System (2:36)
LOL - ILoser On Line! (Hate The Player, Hate The Game) (1:54)
Low Altitude Vocal Parachute Extraction System (LAVPES) (2:10)
Battle Damage Assessment & Repair/White Flag Surrender/Wake Me Up In Heaven (2:40)
Review: A collaborative album made and released by Mike Patton and NYC's hip-hop DJ trio the X-Ecutioners, General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners is a landmark album in the big-smoked turntablists' discog, thanks to its then-newfangled embrace of elements of two nascent genres: free jazz and glitch. In fact, the album is themed around a war between the two vastly different styles, which makes it a worthy, but lesser-known contemporary to many other artists fusing the styles at the time, such as Amon Tobin. However, this album is more in the vein of Wu-Tang than future angst; this reissue via Ipecac serves to rejolt its underground infamy.
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 in stock $29.52
Tell Me To Relax: Live At Muziekcentrum Vredenburg Utrecht May 27th 1984 FM Broadcast
Cat: JACK 047CV. Rel: 23 Feb 24
Such A Shame (5:16)
My Foolish Friend (4:38)
Have You Heard The News? (5:24)
The Party's Over (5:43)
Dum Dum Girl (3:44)
Tomorrow Started (2:33)
It's My Life (3:57)
Talk Talk (5:31)
Call In The Night Boy (7:37)
Hate (4:22)
 in stock $21.88
The Bends
The Bends (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: XLLP 780. Rel: 10 Jun 16
Planet Telex (4:20)
The Bends (4:03)
High & Dry (4:18)
Fake Plastic Trees (4:52)
Bones (3:06)
(Nice Dream) (3:53)
Just (3:54)
My Iron Lung (4:38)
Bullet Proof... I Wish I Was (3:28)
Black Star (4:07)
Sulk (3:43)
Street Spirit (Fade Out) (4:14)
 in stock $24.78
No Elvis Beatles Or The Rolling Stones: The Singles 1977-1979
White Riot (1:59)
1977 (1:40)
Capital One Radio (2:37)
Listen (2:09)
Remote Control (3:01)
Londons Burning (live) (2:10)
Complete Control (3:14)
City Of The Dead (2:23)
Clash City Rockers (3:48)
Jail Guitar Doors (3:01)
(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais (6:56)
The Prisoners (3:12)
Tommy Gun (2:54)
1-2 Crush On You (2:33)
English Civil War (2:10)
Pressure Drop (1:07)
 in stock $20.03
Where's My Utopia?
Where's My Utopia? (limited utopian orange vinyl LP + booklet + stickers (indie exclusive))
Cat: 585083 8. Rel: 29 Feb 24
An Illusion (3:22)
We Make Hits (3:13)
Down By The Stream (3:02)
The Undertow (4:37)
Dream Job (2:40)
Fizzy Fish (3:33)
Petroleum (3:35)
When The Laughter Stops (3:18)
Grifter's Grief (3:26)
Blackpool Illuminations (7:17)
A Vineyard For The North (4:45)
Review: Where's My Utopia? is the follow up to the Leeds band's critically-acclaimed debut record The Overload, which arrived in January 2022. A co-production between Yard Act and Gorillaz member Remi Kabaka Jr., this latest album comes across as a meditation on the contemporary post-Fordist condition of the creative worker. Speaking about 'Dream Job', the band's James Smith said: "'Dream Job' feels like an apt introduction to the themes explored on Where's My Utopia? - though not all encompassing. In part I was scrutinising and mocking myself for being a moaning ungrateful little brat, whilst also trying to address how the music industry is this rather uncontrollable beast that hurtles forward unthinkingly, and every single person involved in it plays their part." Echoing the conflicted inner turmoil of reluctant bandleaders such as Mark E Smith of the Fall - "it's a constant battle" - and the sonic affect of Talking Heads, the album addresses a question central to our times: what do you do when everything you've ever wanted suddenly lands in your lap, but the questions still keep on coming? How do you handle fame and success, when your fans secretly resent the structures that elevated you to that status? Despite these contradictions, all this doesn't stop James Smith, Ryan Needham and Sam Shipstone from delivering a rip-roaring album as expected. If they can find the motivation to make such effective music despite their doubts (meditating on present conditions of poverty while keeping up a smile), then so, perhaps, can you.
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 in stock $27.69
Wall Of Eyes
Wall Of Eyes (limited gatefold blue vinyl LP in spot-varnished sleeve (indie exclusive))
Cat: XL 1394LPE. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Wall Of Eyes (4:56)
Teleharmonic (5:01)
Read The Room (5:05)
Under Our Pillows (6:04)
Friend Of A Friend (4:25)
I Quit (5:21)
Bending Hectic (7:46)
You Know Me! (5:11)
Review: Recorded between Oxford and Abbey Road, The Smile (Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, and Tom Skinner of Sons Of Kemet) is the second full-length LP by the fantasy troupe, following up 2022's A Light For Attracting Attention. On first announcement, speculation abounded that it was tangentially related to Radiohead's 2011 album The King Of Limbs, since the phrase "wall of eyes" appeared in its promo material - though this album is decidedly different in sound and centres in on themes such as the isolation of fame and Kaufman-esque surrealisms.
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 in stock $27.69
Grand Rapids EP
Cat: SR 1CD. Rel: 26 Feb 24
Prose Kaiser
He Did The Clock
Images From A Dead Planet
No Crowns For Valdez
Circle Of One
The Metal Clip That Goes Ove
Review: At 66 years young, Guiding By Voices main man Robert Pollard has a whopping 3,000 songs registered to his name with BMI, while outside of his primary project, he's released 22 solo albums as well as a plethora of lesser known works put out under obscure aliases. His latest alter ego, Rip Van Winkle, features a backing band shrouded in mystery on their debut EP The Grand Rapids, which redirects Pollard's eccentric and unique penmanship down the realms of neon-hued post-punk and frosted cold meets new wave machinations.
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 in stock $10.54
Tangk (Deluxe Edition)
Tangk (Deluxe Edition) (limited gatefold translucent yellow vinyl LP + booklet in holographic sleeve)
Cat: PTKF 30418. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Idea 01 (3:38)
Gift Horse (4:05)
Pop Pop Pop (4:05)
Roy (4:10)
A Gospel (3:44)
Dancer (3:06)
Grace (3:47)
Hall & Oates (2:24)
Jungle (4:03)
Gratitude (3:38)
Monolith (2:50)
Review: Incomparable post-punk Bristolians IDLES return with their highly anticipated fifth "love album" Tangks, following on from the internal viciousness and midlife malaise of 2021's Crawler, with a collection of rough-throated, anthemic bursts of earnest gratitude. Re-uniting with exceptional hip-hop desk-man Kenny Beats, this time sharing production credits with Nigel Godrich (who's worked with the likes of Radiohead and REM) as well as the group's own eccentric former dentist-turned-crossdressing or perpetually half-naked guitarist Mark Bowen, the work exudes a creative camaraderie and sonic confidence only achieved over time through hard graft. Take one earful of disco-punk lead single 'Dancer', which features both James Murphy and Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem on backing vocals, and the post-punk-positivity balance the band are striving towards on LP5 should begin to take shape. As gravel-voiced vocalist Joe Talbot summarises their latest endeavour - "Love is the fing".
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 in stock $26.11
I Live By The River: The Singles 1979-1981
Cat: ZTR 04. Rel: 23 Feb 24
I Fought The Law (2:40)
Groovy Times (3:28)
Gates Of The West (3:27)
Capital Radio Two (3:19)
London Calling (3:21)
Armagideon Time (3:45)
Bankrobber (4:33)
The Call Up (5:10)
Stop The World (2:33)
Hitsville UK (4:23)
Police On My Back (3:16)
The Magnificent Seven (3:31)
 in stock $20.03
From Pirate Satellite: The Singles 1981-1985
Cat: ZTR 05. Rel: 23 Feb 24
This Is Radio Clash (4:12)
Know Your Rights (3:35)
First Night Back In London (3:00)
Rock The Casbah (3:38)
Long Time Jerk (5:07)
London Calling (live) (3:31)
Should I Stay Or Should I Go (3:09)
Straight To Hell (3:44)
Inoculated City (2:31)
Cool Confusion (3:15)
This Is England (3:35)
Do It Now (3:08)
Career Opportunities (live) (2:09)
 in stock $20.03
Cigarettes After Sex
Cat: PTKF 21461. Rel: 03 Jul 17
K (5:18)
Each Time You Fall In Love (4:50)
Sunsetz (3:33)
Apocalypse (4:48)
Flash (4:32)
Sweet (4:49)
Opera House (6:02)
Truly (4:01)
John Wayne (4:16)
Young & Dumb (4:30)
Review: The last ten years have seen no shortage of bands with their delay pedals set to stun intent on capturing an aura of dreamlike radiance. Yet Texas 'pop-noir' troupe Cigarettes After Sex are no ordinary shoegazers, for a variety of reasons - frontman Greg Gonzalez' androgynous and dulcet tones may be part of the appeal, yet moreover it's the quality of the songwriting here, which never falls prey to the style-over-substance traps of their peers. Indeed, this debut is more than enough to justify the considerable hype around this outfit, being a collection of ditties as sultry as they are atmopsheric.
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Played by: Sock Free Hideaway
 in stock $22.13
Familiar Faces
Familiar Faces (limited yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: YVR 4026. Rel: 23 Feb 24
Mothers Talk (4:21)
Broken/Head Over Heels (7:54)
Memories Fade (4:42)
Mad World (3:49)
Everybody Wants To Rule The World (4:28)
The Hiurting (3:48)
Shout (6:31)
Suffer The Children (4:17)
 in stock $16.62
In Rainbows
Cat: XLLP 324. Rel: 02 Jan 08
15 Step
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
All I Need
Faust Arp
House Of Cards
Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Review: "In Rainbows", Radiohead's seventh album, finally gets a physical release! It's one thing downloading this landmark album, but to actually hold this is something special. Not only do you get increased sound quality, but you also get the amazing artwork from Stanley Donwood. This album includes "Nude", a live favourite for many years that was originally written during the "OK Computer" sessions. More minimal that their "Kid A" period, "In Rainbows" does something that very few albums have done - its sound is distinct from previous Radiohead albums, but is still clearly Radiohead. Hail to the kings, they are back on top form.
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 in stock $24.78
Disintegration (remastered)
Disintegration (remastered) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 5324563. Rel: 20 May 10
Pictures Of You
Last Dance
Fascination Street
Prayers For Rain
The Same Deep Water As You
Played by: Ron Like Hell
 in stock $22.13
OK Computer
OK Computer (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: XLLP 781. Rel: 21 Jun 16
Airbag (4:43)
Paranoid Android (6:23)
Subterranean Homesick Alien (4:29)
Exit Music (For A Film) (4:24)
Let Down (4:57)
Karma Police (4:23)
Fitter Happier (1:57)
Electioneering (3:52)
Climbing Up The Walls (4:43)
No Surprises
Lucky (4:17)
The Tourist (5:19)
 in stock $24.78
I Want It Acoustic: Gibson Amphitheatre University City CA 11 Dec 2005
Cat: JACK 015CV. Rel: 24 Sep 23
Personal Jesus (5:49)
Walking In My Shoes (5:05)
Precious (5:07)
I Want It All (5:11)
A Question Of Lust (4:43)
Sinner In Me (5:39)
John The Revelator (3:31)
Behind The Wheel (5:02)
Enjoy The Silence (6:51)
Shake The Disease (4:36)
 in stock $21.08
Love & Flowers
Cat: BCR 175. Rel: 12 Feb 24
Love & Flowers (45 edit) (3:09)
You (2:57)
Review: Building on the triumph of Les Imprimes' inaugural album, Reverie, Big Crown Records presents two standout tracks from the album pressed onto this 7". For the A-side, Morten provides an edit and infuses the mix with an extra dose of depth reminiscent of Larry Levan's style. The result is striking and hits harder, igniting the dancefloor with its infectious rhythm while delivering a resonant message about the consequences of investing too much in the wrong relationships: On the B-side, 'You' bursts forth with a captivating crescendo, setting the stage for a sublime sweet soul melody. This beautiful declaration of love and reassurance is equally enchanting both musically and lyrically. Morten Martens' talent for arrangement shines through on both of these lovely tunes.
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 in stock $10.02
Where's My Utopia?
Where's My Utopia? (maroon vinyl LP + poster (indie exclusive))
Cat: 585083 7. Rel: 29 Feb 24
An Illusion (3:28)
We Make Hits (3:06)
Down By The Stream (3:44)
The Undertow (3:54)
Dream Job (3:06)
Fizzy Fish (3:07)
Petroleum (3:43)
When The Laughter Stops (6:19)
Grifter's Grief (4:21)
Blackpool Illuminations (3:26)
A Vineyard For The North (4:42)
Review: The return of Yard Act. Where's My Utopia? is the follow up to the Leeds band's critically-acclaimed debut record The Overload, which arrived in January 2022. Written in snapshots of time between a relentless touring schedule and produced jointly by the band and Gorillaz' Remi Kabaka Jr, the quartet's second act is a giant leap forward into broad and playful new sonic waters. Across the record, influences ranging from Fela Kuti to Ennio Moricone via Spiller's 00s pop smash 'Groovejet' make themselves known, signifying a significant shift onwards and outwards from the raw new wave/indie sound of its predecessor.
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 in stock $25.84
Days Like These: Live 1998-2015 (Signed Edition)
Days Like These: Live 1998-2015 (Signed Edition) (limited coloured vinyl 4xLP box set + autographed print in spot-varnished slipcase)
Cat: DEMRECBOX 91X. Rel: 01 Mar 24
Hundred Mile High City (LP1: Travellers Tunes: live At Sterling Castle (1998))
Travellers Tune
Besides Yourself
This Understanding
The Riverboat Song
Debris Road
Lining Your Pockets
It's My Shadow
You've Got It Bad
Get Away
Day Tripper
Second Hand Car (LP2: live acoustic At The Jam House (2006))
She's Been Writing
The Word
This Day Should Last Forever
Beautiful Thing
Won't Get Grazed
Great Man In Waiting
Here In My Heart
Matilda's England
God's World
Foxy's Folk Faced
Make The Deal
Still Trying
My Time
Fleeting Mind
Better Day (LP3: live At The Bridgewater Hall with Q Strings (2015))
So Low
I Wanna Stay Alive With You
This Day Should Last Forever
Village Life
She's Been Writing
Have You Got The Right
Another Time To Stay
Profit In Peace
We Made It More
Fleeting Mind (LP4: live At The Bridgewater Hall with Q Strings (2015) - Continued)
Drive Away
One For The Road
Travellers Tune
Get Blown Away
The Circle
Robin Hood
Huckleberry Grove
The Day We Caught The Train
Review: This one is an absolute treat for fans of Ocean Colour Scene - a special signed edition of their Days Like These: Live 1998 - 2015 albums on Demon. There are three in all (Travellers Tunes: Live From Sterling Castle 1998, Live Acoustic At The Jam House 2006 and Live at The Bridgewater Hall With Q Strings 2015.) and they are a fine reminder of the much loved UK indie band and all their most glorious moments. As well as all the most popular hits, there are special acoustic versions of some tunes and much more. Ocean Colour Scene are one of Britain's finest bands and this live album will show you why.
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 in stock $81.73
We Love Your Ears: Optimo 25 Part 1
Cat: OPTIMO 2501. Rel: 31 Jan 24
Brainticket - "Places Of Light" (3:59)
TJ Lawrence - "Fireplay" (5:01)
Robert Rental - "Double Heart" (2:56)
African Head Charge - "No, Don't Follow Fashion" (5:44)
Keith Hudson - "Nuh Skin Up" (7:13)
Smokin Cheeba - "When I Was A Youth" (5:54)
The Wad - "15 Inches" (9:00)
Idjut Boys & Laj - "Foolin' (Beatin On Dave)" (7:00)
JBB Et Soprann - "Tibi Lap" (5:54)
Review: Unusually, Optimo's JD Twitch and Jonny Wilkes have taken the unusual step of not announcing the tracklist for their two-part 25th anniversary compilation ahead of release. Ordering, then, requires a leap of faith, but given the sheer breadth, diversity and quality of the music they've been playing over the last quarter of a decade, there's no doubt we're in safe hands. It's not a 'best of Optimo anthems' collection, or merely a bunch of peak-time favourites; instead, we're promised a mixture of unusual warm-up favourites and confirmed dancefloor workouts in a wide range of style that have long been favourites of the two Glasgow-based DJs - many of which will, inevitably, be slept-on, forgotten or under-appreciated gems.
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 in stock $31.11
Greatest Hits (remastered)
Greatest Hits (remastered) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 571543 4. Rel: 30 Jun 17
Boys Don't Cry (2:40)
A Forest (4:44)
Let's Go To Bed (3:32)
The Walk (3:29)
The Lovecats (3:41)
Inbetween Days (2:58)
Close To Me (3:42)
Why Can't I Be You? (3:15)
Just Like Heaven (3:31)
Lullaby (4:11)
Lovesong (3:28)
Never Enough (4:29)
High (3:29)
Friday I'm In Love (3:29)
Mint Car (3:28)
Wrong Number (5:56)
Cut Here (4:10)
Just Say Yes (3:30)
 in stock $22.94
MTV Unplugged In New York (remastered)
MTV Unplugged In New York (remastered) (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: GEF 24727. Rel: 21 Feb 13
About A Girl
Come As You Are
Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam
The Man Who Sold The World
Pennyroyal Tea
On A Plain
Something In The Way
Oh Me
Lake Of Fire
All Apologies
Where Did You Sleep Last Night
 in stock $27.16
Ants From Up There
Ants From Up There (gatefold 2xLP + 20-page booklet)
Cat: ZEN 278. Rel: 04 Feb 22
Intro (0:54)
Chaos Space Marine (3:36)
Concorde (6:01)
Bread Song (6:13)
Good Will Hunting (5:00)
Haldern (6:06)
Mark's Theme (1:32)
The Place Where He Inserted The Blade (6:59)
Snow Globes (9:09)
Basketball Shoes (12:55)
 in stock $23.73
(What's The Story) Morning Glory? (remastered)
(What's The Story) Morning Glory? (remastered) (trifold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: RKIDLP 73. Rel: 21 Jun 22
Roll With It
Don't Look Back In Anger
Hey Now
The Swamp Song
Some Might Say
Cast No Shadow
She's Electric
Morning Glory
The Swamp Song
Champagne Supernova
 in stock $27.69
Softscars (limited white & blue 'ink spill' vinyl LP + poster + booklet (indie exclusive))
Cat: ZEN 294IN. Rel: 05 Oct 23
XWX (2:18)
Sulky Baby (4:31)
Softscars (3:11)
4ui12 (2:50)
Ghosts (3:41)
Dazies (4:27)
Fish In The Pool (2:27)
Software Update (3:43)
Inferno (1:47)
Bloodbunny (3:56)
Cyber Meat (2:58)
Aphex Twin Flame (3:36)
Review: On their third LP, British-Singaporean singer-songwriter Nat Cmiel is moving in a new direction - not only with a move from Bayonet Records to Ninja Tune, but also favouring a guitar-led indie rock sound, a departure from the critically acclaimed 'Serotonin II' and Danny L Harle produced 'Glitch Princess'. Lead single 'sulky baby' is a bright affair, distorted guitars circling Yeule's brand of gloomy lyrics sang with a smile. 'dazies' gets off the mark with a killer electric guitar lead, giving way to a plucked ambience with a computerised Nat ringing off a word association of a person kicked to the curb. When Kin Leonn isn't working their production magic, Yeule's self-production breaks the space. 'fish in the pool' is an ambient piano interlude with light-as-a-feather vocal adlibs, something that wouldn't be out of place in a Studio Ghibli production.
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 in stock $23.73
Filthy Underneath
Filthy Underneath (red vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: EMINVY 1. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Even Light (4:01)
Topless Mother (3:14)
Food For Fuel (5:02)
You Drive, I Shoot (2:54)
Keeping Score (4:15)
Sad Lads Anonymous (5:09)
Greatest Dancer (5:26)
See My Girl (4:38)
Twenty Things (5:26)
Hyperrealism (3:58)
French Exit (4:55)
Review: Nadine Shah releases her fifth album Filthy Underneath on EMI North. The follow up to 2020's critically acclaimed Kitchen Sink and 2017's Holiday Destination, Filthy Underneath chronicles a period of unprecedented turbulence in Shah's life. And yet, the experience of listening to it is oddly life-affirming - a parade of ghosts spanning the entirety of Nadine's thirty-seven years, moving with balletic beauty to the music that Nadine and long-time co-writer and producer Ben Hillier have created around them, with renewed emphasis on placing melody and movement front and centre.
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 in stock $31.62
Heaven Or Las Vegas (remastered)
Heaven Or Las Vegas (remastered) (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: CAD 3420. Rel: 11 Jul 14
Cherry-Coloured Funk
Pitch The Baby
Iceblink Luck
Fifty-Fifty Clown
Heaven Or Las Vegas
I Wear Your Ring
Wolf In The Breast
Road, River & Rail
Frou-Frou Foxes In Midsummer Fires
Played by: Dmitry Distant
 in stock $30.06
Joy As An Act Of Resistance
Cat: PTKF 21581. Rel: 12 Oct 18
Colossus (4:04)
NFAMWAP (5:15)
I'm Scum (3:10)
Danny Nedelko (3:26)
Love Song (3:04)
June (3:38)
Samaritans (3:32)
Television (3:11)
Great (2:45)
Gram Rock (2:27)
Cry To Me (2:24)
Rottweiler (5:25)
! low stock $20.56
Nevermind (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DGC 24425LP. Rel: 11 Sep 13
Smells Like Teen Spirit
In Bloom
Come As You Are
Territorial Pissings
Drain You
Lounge Act
Stay Away
On A Plain
Something In The Way
 in stock $27.69
Pornography (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 602547 875471. Rel: 02 Sep 16
One Hundred Years (6:39)
A Short Term Effect (4:22)
The Hanging Garden (4:37)
Siamese Twins (5:22)
The Figurehead (6:18)
A Strange Day (4:56)
Cold (4:27)
Pornography (6:33)
Played by: Dmitry Distant
 in stock $14.24
OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017
OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017 (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 3xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: XLLP 868. Rel: 23 Jun 17
Airbag (4:44)
Paranoid Android (6:21)
Subterranean Homesick Alien (4:34)
Exit Music (For A Film) (4:24)
Let Down (5:00)
Karma Police (4:26)
Fitter Happier (1:55)
Electioneering (3:54)
Climbing Up The Walls (4:45)
No Surprises (3:52)
Lucky (4:19)
The Tourist (5:23)
I Promise (3:59)
Man Of War (4:28)
Lift (4:07)
Lull (2:26)
Meeting In The Aisle (3:05)
Melatonin (2:11)
A Reminder (3:50)
Polyethylene (parts 1 & 2) (4:23)
Pearly (3:37)
Palo Alto (3:52)
How I Made My Millions (3:10)
Review: Twenty years ago it sounded like an oddly poignant evocation of pre-millennial tension. Two decades later it stands as an eerily prescient glimpe into the technological alienation and dislocation of of a new era. Yet more importantly, OK Computer is no more or less than a sparkling, dramatic and moving collection of songs that haven't lost any of their impact in the interim. The sound of a band stubbornly refusing to follow up the stadium-strafing stylings of its predecessor The Bends - and instead bursting headlong into experimentation and wild creativity -is portrayed in still more vivid colours by the alarmingly strong collection of out-takes and B-sides collected herein, Yet there's no getting away from the chill and spark that marked out OK Computer from everything surrounding it in the post-Britpop malaise, and continues to do so in the pre-Brexit counterpart.
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Prelude To Ecstasy
Prelude To Ecstasy (oxblood red vinyl LP + fold-out poster (indie exclusive))
Cat: 585190 4. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Prelude To Ecstasy (1:28)
Burn Alive (3:10)
Caesar On A TV Screen (3:42)
The Feminine Urge (3:22)
On Your Side (4:21)
Beautiful Boy (3:27)
Gjuha (4:17)
Sinner (2:50)
My Lady Of Mercy (4:44)
Portrait Of A Dead Girl (2:57)
Nothing Matters (4:25)
Mirror (0:49)
Review: London based newfound baroque indie-pop darlings The Last Dinner Party have been at the centre of some controversy ever since they released their hit debut single 'Nothing Matters' earlier in 2023. Gigging relentlessly over the past few years, the group would draw the ire of Twitter addicts who accused the band of the dreaded "industry plant" label in a similar vain to the negativity lobbed at Wet Leg in 2022. While likely stemming from a minor support slot for The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park before they'd unveiled any studio material, the power of the aforementioned lead single as well as the subsequent follow up 'Sinner', have quelled much of the grumblings. Following support slots for Lana Del Rey and Florence & The Machine, as well as appearing on Jools Holland, the uphill battle the women have faced thus far looks set to finally summit with the arrival of their highly anticipated debut full-length Prelude To Ecstasy in early 2024. Mark our words, this will be one the first releases of 2024 you see plastered all over the internet and again this time next year during the AOTY round up. Think Kate Bush meets Siouxsie & The Banshees with a smattering of Warpaint, and you're (almost) on the right track.
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Hail To The Thief
Hail To The Thief (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: XLLP 785. Rel: 04 Jul 16
2 + 2 = 5 (3:18)
Sit Down Stand Up (4:19)
Sail To The Moon (4:23)
Backdrifts (5:23)
Go To Sleep (3:21)
Where I End & You Begin (4:31)
We Suck Young Blood (4:53)
The Gloaming (3:33)
There There (5:22)
I Will (2:02)
A Punchup At A Wedding (4:58)
Myxomatosis (3:51)
Scatterbrain (3:21)
A Wolf At The Door (3:23)
 in stock $24.78
Being Funny In A Foreign Language
Being Funny In A Foreign Language (clear vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: DH 01242C. Rel: 13 Oct 22
The 1975 (4:14)
Happiness (5:02)
Looking For Somebody (To Love) (3:02)
Part Of The Band (4:17)
Oh Caroline (3:30)
I'm In Love With You (4:23)
All I Need To Hear (3:29)
Wintering (2:46)
Human Too (3:41)
About You (5:23)
When We Are Together (3:39)
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Spare Us The Cutter: Live At Tiffany's Glasgow Scotland 11th July 1983
Cat: JACK 043CV. Rel: 09 Feb 24
Over The Wall (6:43)
Heads Will Roll (3:58)
Silver (3:22)
Simple Stuff (2:32)
A Promise (3:19)
Porcupine (4:54)
All That Jazz (2:49)
Rescue (4:10)
The Killing Moon (3:00)
The Cutter (8:10)
Never Stop (4:02)
Do It Clean (3:38)
 in stock $21.61
Tangk (limited translucent pink vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: PTKF 30416. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Idea 01
Gift Horse
Pop Pop Pop
A Gospel (2:56)
Dancer (3:13)
Grace (3:47)
Hall & Oates (2:16)
Jungle (4:14)
Gratitude (3:39)
Monolith (2:51)
Review: Billed as a "love album", the fifth full-length from IDLES offers an entirely fresh batch of soulful buzzsaw anthems, aiming to take a further look inward following on from the apolitical, primarily introspective musings that permeated 2021's criminally underrated Crawler. Working with renowned hip-hop producer Kenny Beats yet again, who shares co-production credits with Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, Travis, REM) and the band's very own guitar wizard Mark Bowen, the collective have distilled the vital aspects of their sonic makeup, whilst eschewing any rethreads of topical malaise they've previously exorcised to its maximum potential. One spin of the grooving dance-punk lead single 'Dancer', complete with backing vocals from James Murphy and Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem, should be enough to illustrate the power of positivity brimming from these sessions, with frontman Joe Talbot's simple succinct summary of the record going as such - "Love is the fing".
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Wall Of Eyes
Wall Of Eyes (gatefold LP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: XL 1394LP. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Wall Of Eyes (4:56)
Teleharmonic (5:01)
Read The Room (5:05)
Under Our Pillows (6:04)
Friend Of A Friend (4:25)
I Quit (5:21)
Bending Hectic (7:46)
You Know Me! (5:11)
Review: The Smile's new album Wall Of Eyes, set to be released on on XL Recordings and the alternative moniker of Radiohead members Jonny Greenwood, Thom Yorke and drummer Tom Skinnner. It was recorded between Oxford and Abbey Road Studios, and is produced and mixed Sam Petts-Davies. It features string arrangements by the London Contemporary Orchestra. Wall Of Eyes is the follow up their 2022 debut LP A Light For Attracting Attention.
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Kaiser Chiefs' Easy Eighth Album
Kaiser Chiefs' Easy Eighth Album (limited clear blue red & yellow splattered vinyl LP + stickers (indie exclusive))
Cat: VVNL 46971. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Feeling Alright (3:38)
Beautiful Girl (2:31)
How 2 Dance (2:45)
Job Centre Shuffle (feat Hak Baker) (3:01)
Burning In Flames (3:10)
Reasons To Stay Alive (3:03)
Sentimental Love Songs (2:44)
Jealousy (2:11)
Noel Groove (3:03)
The Lads (3:52)
Review: Leeds rockers Kaiser Chiefs' are back with what they are amusingly calling their 'Easy Eighth Album' this March. It has been produced by Amir Amor of Rudimental association and also features a single, ''Feeling Alright', co-written by Chic's hit making machine, Nile Rogers. It all adds up to a fresh and bold new sound with the likes of the horn-laden 'Job Centre Shuffle' and big, joyous, hard hitting jam 'Jealousy' as well as plenty more of their trademark hooks and singalong vocals. Expect to hear plenty from it all over the radio and at every rock festival all year long.
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Nothing Matters
Nothing Matters (limited crystal clear vinyl 7") (1 per customer)
Cat: 652239 9. Rel: 23 Feb 24
Nothing Matters (3:02)
Nothing Matters (acoustic) (3:06)
 in stock $11.59
The Broadcast Collection 1983-1986
Cat: CL 94243. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Why Is It So Hard (CD1: BBC Session 1983/Rotterdam Rock Night)
Again A Game, Again
For What It's Worth
Call In The Night Boy
Call In The Night Boy
Mirror Man
Does Caroline Know
Such A Shame (CD2: Utrecht 1984)
My Foolish Friend
Have You Heard The News
The Party's Over
Dum Dum Girl
Tomorrow Started
It's My Life
Talk Talk
Tomorrow Started (CD3: Hammersmith Odeon '86)
Life Is What You Make It
Does Caroline Know
Living In Another World
Give It Up
It's My Life
Such A Shame
 in stock $13.71
The Stone Roses
Cat: 888430 419919. Rel: 11 Apr 14
I Wanna Be Adored
She Bangs The Drums
Don't Stop
Bye Bye Bad Man
Elizabeth My Dear
(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister
Made Of Stone
Shoot You Down
This Is The One
I Am The Resurrection
 in stock $21.08
Different Class
Cat: 478528 8. Rel: 22 Sep 16
Mis Shapes (3:45)
Pencil Skirt (3:11)
Common People (5:51)
I Spy (5:54)
Disco 2000 (4:33)
Live Bed Show (3:28)
Something Changed (3:21)
Sorted For E's & Wizz (3:39)
Feeling Called Love (5:58)
Underwear (4:06)
Monday Morning (4:19)
Bar Italia (3:44)
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Blue Weekend
Blue Weekend (gatefold LP + insert)
Cat: DH 1058. Rel: 04 Jun 21
The Beach (2:27)
Delicious Things (5:05)
Lipstick On The Glass (4:13)
Smile (3:05)
Safe From Heartbreak (If You Never Fall In Love) (2:36)
How Can I Make It OK? (4:45)
Play The Greatest Hits (2:25)
Feeling Myself (4:41)
The Last Man On Earth (4:20)
No Hard Feelings (2:35)
The Beach II (3:38)
There's absolutely no doubt in our mind Blue Weekend is a record Wolf Alice feel a sense of enormous personal satisfaction from. Of course time will tell if it can bag them another Top 5 position, or even a Mercury Prize nomination, but for all intents and purposes there's a real feeling of catharsis here. And it goes well beyond famously reserved singer Ellie Rowsell telling listeners she doesn't give a fuck if they like her.

The band's latest punches, bangs and has absolutely no time for dishonestly. In many ways, this is where they are fully realising influences that have always been present - grunge, punk, some of that 1990s British indie-garage-with-bite crossover stuff. But it's also a record that sees them realising just where they've got to, and now reaching for a louder and more prominent position on the main stage.
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The Best Of Depeche Mode Vol 1 (reissue)
The Best Of Depeche Mode Vol 1 (reissue) (heavyweight vinyl 3xLP + booklet)
Cat: 889854 51301. Rel: 05 Apr 23
Personal Jesus (3:44)
Just Can't Get Enough (3:41)
Everything Counts (3:59)
Enjoy The Silence (4:14)
Shake The Disease (4:51)
See You (3:56)
It's No Good (5:53)
Strangelove (3:45)
Suffer Well (3:49)
Dream On (3:42)
People Are People (3:44)
Martyr (3:25)
Walking In My Shoes (4:59)
I Feel You (4:29)
Precious (4:05)
Master & Servant (3:47)
New Life (3:44)
Never Let Me Down Again (4:17)
 in stock $40.07
Stars: The Best Of 1992-2002
Stars: The Best Of 1992-2002 (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 539322 9. Rel: 27 May 22
Dreams (4:32)
Linger (4:32)
Zombie (5:07)
Ode To My Family (4:32)
I Can't Be With You (3:06)
Ridiculous Thoughts (4:29)
Salvation (2:24)
Free To Decide (3:23)
When You're Gone (3:51)
Hollywood (4:20)
Promises (3:31)
Animal Instinct (3:35)
Just My Imagination (3:11)
You & Me (3:17)
Analyse (4:04)
Time Is Ticking Out (3:02)
This Is The Day (4:17)
Daffodil Lament (6:05)
New New York (4:09)
Stars (3:29)
Review: For those of a certain age, the sound of The Cranberries is the sound of their youth. They were big when radio was limited to whatever you could get by twisting your FM dial, and they often featured on whatever station you ended up at. Their well writing alternative rock songs have sweeping arrangements, lush orchestration and of course the slightly winy main vocals that were so easy to sing back with grungy riffs perfect for aping in mid air. This bumper collection of their best bits will take you right back to the 90s with 'Dreams', 'Linger' and more still sounding great.
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Banshee (12")
Cat: FYR 002. Rel: 09 Sep 22
Say It (3:13)
Banshee (4:03)
Spring (3:32)
Disappear (3:14)
Thinking Too Much (3:02)
Ladybird (4:08)
Review: If you're never been to Galway, Ireland, we implore you to head for Skyscanner airport immediately after ordering this latest EP from one of the city's most promising new(ish) outfits. Once you arrive it will quickly become apparent that, in so far as guitars go, the place is brimming with great artists and outfits, not to mention incredible ideas, with an abundance of incredible places to see those creatives at their best.

Suffice to say, labelling NewDad among the finest in G-Town, to use the colloquial, could never be a spurious statement given their peers. Combining, at various points, elements of Goat Girl, The Cure, and Slowdive, while comparing easily to none of the above, they paint vivid pieces with gradually emerging powerhouse tracks disguised as intimate meditations on highly emotional formative experiences.
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You Try
You Try (12")
Cat: UTO 004. Rel: 29 Jan 24
You Try (6:18)
You Try (mix 1) (4:57)
You Try (mix 2) (5:44)
Review: 3 Men Gone Mad were an independent group formed in Blackburn and Darwen in the UK. They fused electronic sounds with rock and were prolific in the 1990s when they became cult favourites amongst those who know. You Try is a much sought-after collection that has been restored by Utopia Records many years after it made its way onto John Peel's 1991 Festive 50. He heard in it a mix of The Clash, Joy Division and Talking Heads and that still rings true. The main mix has a raw energy that captures the angst of Britain at the time - and still today, frankly. A spaced-out dub brings a fresh feeling of euphoria and an extended B-side mix draws out this record's undeniable pleasures.
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A Charming Man In Amsterdam
A Charming Man In Amsterdam (limited purple vinyl LP)
Cat: OUTS 030. Rel: 16 Jan 24
Hand In Glove (2:48)
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now (3:32)
Barbarism Begins At Home (5:43)
This Charming Man (2:48)
Miserable Lie (4:49)
I Don't Owe You Anything (4:23)
What Difference Does It Make? (3:15)
Girl Afraid (2:55)
This Night Has Opened My Eyes (3:25)
Still Ill (3:35)
These Things Take Time (2:32)
Handsome Devil (3:04)
Review: While Morrissey's outlandish opinions these days might have done plenty to denigrate his own personal legend status amongst fans, what he did with The Smiths will live in musical history forever. A Charming Man In Amsterdam is a concert that was arranged in order to mark the 50th anniversary of a Dutch magazine, Vinyl (imagine that happening today!). It was the iconinc Manchester band's first ever show in the Netherlands and they serve up a set revolving around their eponymous debut album and early singles, with 'Miserable Lie', 'I Don't Owe You Anything' and 'These Things Take Time' sounding particularly grand.
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Loveless (reissue)
Loveless (reissue) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: REWIGLP 159. Rel: 21 May 21
Only Shallow (4:18)
Loomer (2:38)
Touched (0:57)
To Here Knows When (5:31)
When You Sleep (4:12)
I Only Said (5:32)
Come In Alone (4:00)
Sometimes (5:19)
Blown A Wish (3:36)
What You Want (5:36)
Soon (6:49)
Review: There are a whole host of My Bloody Valentine reissues landing at the moment after the band was signed by Domino. It all came digitally last year and now the physical release get some tidy sonic treatment and pressed to heavyweight vinyl. If you're reading this, you will already known that the band which is made up of Bilinda Butcher, Kevin Shields, Deb Googe and Colm o Ciosoig are quote possibly one of the most influential groups of the last four decades. Their second album Loveless came in 1991 and took big leaps forward from their debut in 1988. It's an album that still overwhelms your sense even today.
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