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Back Catalogue: International

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Cat: CMBCD 122. Rel: 24 Oct 19
  1. Renmen (feat Preservation Hall Jazz Band)
  2. Pistach Griye (feat Trombone shorty)
  3. La Fanmi (feat Jon Cleary)
  4. Kay Granpa (feat Tank Of Tank & The Bangas)
  5. Loumandja (feat Jon Cleary, Damas 'Fanfan' Louis & Logan Schutts)
  6. Lakou Dogwe (feat Anders Osborne)
  7. Azaka Vini We'n
  8. Iko Kreyl (feat Win Butler & Rgine Chassagne Of Arcade Fire, Preservation Hall Jazz Band 79rs Gang)
  9. Sa Na Kenbe (feat Cyril Neville)
  10. Rasanbleman (feat Leyla McCalla)
  11. Grann (feat Lost Bayou Ramblers)
  12. Manman Lavi (feat The Soul Rebels)
  13. Bouyon Lakou (feat The Soul Rebels)
  14. Mizik Sa Yo (feat King James)
 in stock $12.53
Les Filles De Illighadad
  1. Achibaba
  2. Erilegh Ifassahkh
  3. Eliss Wan Anas
  4. Douban
  5. Telilit
  6. Tarha
 in stock $13.39
Les Mamans Du Congo & Rrobin
  1. Nkala
  2. Bordel De Rap
  3. Sans Pagne
  4. Boum
  5. Ngaminke
  6. Mbila
  7. Meki
  8. Mwana Wu Dila
  9. Perle Precieuse
 in stock $16.82
Ne La Thiass (reissue)
Cat: WCD 046S. Rel: 03 May 18
  1. Boul Di Tagale
  2. Ne La Thiass
  3. Ndogal
  4. Set
  5. Cheikh Ibra Fall
  6. Bamba Sunu Goorgui
  7. Guiss Guiss
$9.69 SAVE 20%
 in stock $7.76
Chalonnes Island
Cat: MALR 005CD. Rel: 01 Jul 19
  1. Take Her To Jamaica
  2. Chalonnes Island
  3. Big Load Of Coconut Water
  4. Rascal
  5. Goombay Rock
  6. Cheater
  7. Coconut Woman
  8. Calypso Is Like So
  9. JP The Stammerer
  10. Ligerian Blues
  11. Back To Back To Boo Boo Man
  12. Peas & Rice
 in stock $15.10
London Is The Place For Me 7 & 8
London Is The Place For Me 7 & 8 (unmixed 2xCD + booklet)
Cat: HJRCD 77. Rel: 10 Dec 19
  1. Lord Beginner - "Sons & Daughters Of Africa" (Calypso, Palm-wine, Mento, Joropo, String Band)
  2. The Lion - "Royal Wedding"
  3. The Mighty Terror - "The Hydrogen Bomb"
  4. Dai Dai Simba - "Modern Telephone"
  5. Willie Payne & The Starlite Tempos - "Wa Sise"
  6. The Mighty Terror - "The Emperor Of Africa"
  7. Louise Bennett - "Bongo Man"
  8. Marie Bryant - "My Handy Man"
  9. Nigerian Union Rhythm Group - "Tortoise Mambo"
  10. Calypso Rhythm Kings - "Boul Ve Se"
  11. The Mighty Terror - "Life Is Like A Puzszle"
  12. The Mighty Terror - "Chinese Children"
  13. Bill Rogers - "Hungry Man From Clapham"
  14. Lili Verona - "Underground Train"
  15. The Lion - "Highway Code"
  16. Billy Sholanke - "Kana Kana"
  17. Calypso Rhythm Kings - "L'Annee Passee"
  18. Lord & Lady Beginner - "One Morning"
  19. West African Rhythm Brothers - "Ema Foju Ana Woku"
  20. Trinidad Steel Band - "Caroline"
  21. Carnival Road March (Lord Kitchener In England, 1948-1962)
  22. No More Taxi
  23. Mango Tree
  24. Food From The West Indies
  25. Alphonso In Town
  26. Come Back In The Morning
  27. Too Late Kitch
  28. Drink-A-Rum
  29. Constable Joe
  30. Pirates Of Paria
  31. Carnival In Town
  32. Is Trouble
  33. If You Brown
  34. Life Begins At Forty
  35. Manchester Football Double
  36. The Denis Compton Calypso
  37. Mistress Jacob
  38. London Is The Place For Me
  39. Tie Tongue Mopsie
  40. Dora (Meet Me At The Pawnshop)
  41. If You're Not White You're Black
  42. Africa My Home
  43. Nora
  44. Kitch In The Jungle
Review: Since debuting in 2002, Honest Jon's series on "the sound of young black London" - entitled "London Is The Place For Me" - has done a terrific job in highlighting the changing sound of Afro-Caribbean music in Britain following the post-war rush of emigration from the Commonwealth to the UK. Here the label offers up a double-disc set boasting volumes seven and eight. The first disc focuses on calypso, mento, Joropo and steel band music from the 1950s and early 60s, with a multitude of former SS Empire Windrush passengers combining island rhythms with anglicized lyrics. Disc two looks at the career of calypso legend Lord Kitchener while he was resident in London (1948-62), offering a welcome celebration of the Trinidadian's rise to fame in his adopted home country.
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 in stock $18.81
Historia Natural
Cat: GBCD 081. Rel: 08 Oct 19
  1. Llanero Soledeno
  2. Infame Golpazo
  3. Puerta Del Sol
  4. Espiritu De Los Seres Humanos
  5. Todos Tenemos Hogar
  6. Palermo's Grunch
  7. El Venado Triste
  8. Te Regalo Una Licuadora
  9. Quedar Bien Con El Oyente
  10. Rechazados Por El Mundo
 in stock $11.40
Earthseed (CD)
Cat: FPE 027CD. Rel: 01 Jul 20
  1. Evernascence/Evanescence
  2. Whispering Flame
  3. Biotic Seeds
  4. Yes & Know
  5. Ownness
  6. Moving Mirror
  7. Whole Black Collision
  8. Phallus & Chalice
  9. Fluids Of Time
  10. Elemental Crux
  11. Purify Me With The Power To Self Transform
Review: Like many of her previous Black Earth Ensemble projects, Nicole Mitchell's latest album was directly inspired by the work of African American science fiction author Octavia E Butler, and in particular the latter's "Earthseed" concept: an egalitarian philosophy and spiritual practice that promotes independent thinking, community action and acceptance of change in a dystopian world. Mitchell's musical interpretation, which was written with vocalist and musician Lisa E Harris and recorded at the Art Ensemble of Chicago's Fullerton Hall back in 2017, is impressively experimental in tone, mixing elements of free-jazz and spiritual jazz with nods towards opera, spaced-out electronica, neo-classical and the storytelling structure of musical theatre. A brave, important and undeniably impressive work.
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 in stock $18.24
In The Wake Of Memories
  1. Once Upon A Time In Damascus
  2. In The Wake Of Memories
  3. Wait For Me
  4. Window In The Rain
  5. Pilgrimage With Snakes
  6. We Cannot Leave
  7. Walking Among Ruins
  8. Peshawar Repose
  9. Long Night Long Ago
  10. Next Time In Peace
  11. Vafadar
 in stock $16.25
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Back Catalogue: International
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