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Back Catalogue: International

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Made In Amharica
Made In Amharica (CD single)
Cat: DSR 003. Rel: 27 Aug 19
  1. Sew Lesew
  2. Zelel Zelel
  3. This Is Where I'm Home
  4. Heart Of Gold
$8.57 SAVE 40%
 in stock $5.14
Queen Of Exotica: The Complete Studio Recordings 1943-1959
  1. Cholo Traicionero
  2. Payande
  3. Amor Indio (Indian Love)
  4. La Benita
  5. Un Amor (One Love)
  6. Que Lindos Ojos
  7. Cholitas Punenas
  8. Melgar
  9. La Sirena
  10. A Ti Solita Te Quiero
  11. El Picaflor
  12. Virgenes Del Sol
  13. Carnaval Indio
  14. Waraka Tusuy
  15. Wilafitay
  16. Amor
  17. Te Quiero
  18. Pariwana
  19. Taita Inty (Virgin Of The Sun God)
  20. Ataypura (High Andes)
  21. Accla Taqui (Chant Of The Chosen)
  22. Tumpa (Earthquake)
  23. Chaladas (Dance Of The Moon Festival)
  24. Wayra (Dance The Winds)
  25. Monos (Monkey)
  26. Xtabay (Lure Of The Unknown Love)
  27. Najala's Lament
  28. Najala's Song Of Joy
  29. Birds
  30. Karibe Taki
  31. Witallia (Fire In The Andes)
  32. Lament
  33. Kon Tiki
  34. Montana
  35. Zana
  36. No Es Vida
  37. Kuyaway
  38. Suray Sunita
  39. Mamallay
  40. Panorima
  41. Ccori Canastitay
  42. Babalu
  43. Wimoweh
  44. K'arawi (Planting Song)
  45. Cumbe Maita (Calls Of The Andes)
  46. Wak'ai (Cry) (Chants Of The Incas)
  47. Incacho (Royal Anthem)
  48. Chuncho (The Forest Creatures)
  49. Llulla Mak Ta (Andean Don Juan)
  50. Malaya (My Destiny)
  51. Ripui (Farewell)
  52. Bo Mambo
  53. Taki Rar
  54. Gopher
  55. Chicken Talk
  56. Goomba Boomba
  57. Malambo No 1
  58. Five Bottles Of Mambo
  59. Indian Carnival
  60. Cha Cha Gitano
  61. Jungla
  62. Carnivalito Boliviano
  63. Jivaro
  64. Esjollo (Whip Dance)
  65. Yawar (Blood Festival)
  66. Shou Condor (Giant Condor)
  67. Sauma (Magic)
  68. Nina (Fire Arrow Dance)
  69. Sansa (Victory Song)
  70. Hampi (Medicine)
  71. Sumac Soratena (Beautiful Jungle Girl)
  72. Aullay (Lullaby)
  73. Batanga Hailli (Festival)
  74. Wanka (The Seven Winds)
  75. La Molina (The Mill Song)
  76. Flor De Canela (Cinnamon Flower)
  77. Gallito Caliente (The Hot Rooster)
  78. La Pamp Y La Puna (The Plains & The Mountains)
  79. Dale Que Dale (The Workers Song)
  80. Llora Corazon (Crying Heart)
  81. Huachina (Enchanted Lake)
  82. La Perle De Chira (The Pearl)
  83. Mi Palomita (My Pigeon)
  84. Virgenes Del Sol (Virgins Of The Sun)
  85. Gallito Ciego (One Eyed Rooster)
  86. Clamor (I Won't Forget You)
Review: First released way back in 2005 and here presented in remastered form, Queen of Exotica tells the musical tale of Peruvian soprano Yma Sumac, a singer with an extreme vocal range and a distinctive vibrato whose recordings and performances helped popularise exotica - an easy listening style that combined elements of many tropical, South American, Caribbean and oriental genres -across the world in the 1950s. The set begins with almost a disc worth of Sumac's earliest recordings, mostly of Peruvian folk songs, with the three CDs that follow showcasing the singer's celebrated and more musically expansive work of the 1950s. The box set delivers a vital history lesson for anyone with an interest in exotica and global musical fusion.
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 in stock $24.28
The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers
Cat: BJR 046CD. Rel: 22 Oct 19
  1. Nata Ni Thale
  2. Pingpxng
  3. One Inch Punch
  4. Lotus
  5. Thom Ki Ki
  6. On Yiep
  7. Alpaca Mountain
  8. Kroy Wen
  9. Sui Ye
  10. The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers
  11. A Ballad For Chong Wang
  12. The Sacred Valley Of Cusco
  13. Disco
Review: Although born and raised in Holland, the duo behind the Yin Yin project "make music for an imaginary tropical Island" based "somewhere between the Netherlands and South East Asia". It's an apt description of their undeniably humid, wide-eyed style, which variously combines elements of surf-rock, dub, psychedelia, ambient, electronica, spaced-out synth-pop and various traditional South East Asian musical tropes. It's a style that makes this long promised debut album a unique, distinctive and hugely vibrant listening experience. While inventive and colourful, their music is also largely dancefloor friendly and highly addictive. In other words, this is one debut album that's well worth picking up.
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 in stock $11.98
Beautiful Bamboo Flute
Cat: MRBCD 214. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Kokiriku Bushi
  2. Sado Okesa
  3. Tairyo Utaikomi
  4. Soma Bon-Uta
  5. Komoro Mago-Uta
  6. Nanbu Ushio-Uta
  7. Itsuki No Komori-Uta
  8. Hietsuki-Bushi
  9. Yasuki-Bushi
  10. Yosakoi-Bushi
  11. Kuroda-Bushi
Review: In 2002, the Japanese government recognized bamboo flute maestro Hozan Yamamoto as a "living national treasure". It was in honor of his lengthy career in music, and in particular the way he championed a traditional Japanese instrument even when he was turning his hand to Western music. "Beautiful Bamboo Flute", an album first released in 1971 and almost impossible to find since, is a superb example of this. It sees him deliver haunting, emotional and life-affirming solos over funky jazz, big band and fusion backing tracks that tend towards the fresh and funky. It's an unusual blend, but also an invigorating and exciting one.
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 in stock $12.86
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Back Catalogue: International
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