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record store day 2022
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Clone Aqualung Series Holland 黑胶唱片和CD

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Quantum Transposition
Cat: CAL 018LP. Rel: 27 Jun 22
  1. Innershell Shielding
  2. Planck Factor
  3. Entangled Photons
  4. Heisenberg Compensation
  5. Ionic Crystals
  6. Entrophic Decay
  7. Probability Densities
  8. Orbital Wavelengths
  9. Information Quanta
  10. EPR Effect
  11. Quantum State Recombination
  12. Wave Function
  13. Isotopic Balance
  14. Uncertainty Principle
  15. Variables
  16. Superposition Many Worlds
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est. release 27 Jun 22 $26.36
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When I Die
Cat: CCS 005. Rel: 23 Feb 22
Deep House
  1. When I Die (Brightledge Transcendent mix) (6:49)
  2. When I Die (Joe Smooth Afro mix) (6:58)
  3. I See Your Face (feat K'Alexi - K'Alexi & Russoul mix) (6:14)
  4. Deep In My Soul (GERD remix) (7:15)
Review: Chicago house music legend Paris Brightledge returns to Clone, this time for its more electro minded Aqualung Series, for a new anthem entitled 'When I Die'. Commencing with the ultra deep mood music of the Transcendent mix, it soon ventures off down a left hand path with the moody Joe Smooth Afro mix, before moving into spiritual and life-affirming territory - like only two dons of the Windy City possibly can - namely the brilliant pairing of K'Alexi & Russoul. Also on the flip, you've got a deep down and dirty acid trip by Dutch stalwart Gerd who hands in another stellar rework.
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 in stock $12.03
Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1


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