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Crosstown Rebels

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Get Lost V (mixed 2xCD + MP3 download code)
Cat: CRMCD 020. Rel: 08 Nov 12
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Ammer & Console - "Dann Ist Elektronische Musik An Meinem Ohr" (feat Reinhard Furrer)
  2. Nu - "Man O To" (exclusive)
  3. Normal Brain - "M-U-S-I-C"
  4. Soulcenter - "What You're Doin'" (Acid Pauli edit)
  5. Kadebostan - "Love In Looxor"
  6. Raz Ohara - "El Zahir" (Acid Pauli remix)
  7. Gunther Lause - "Mountain"
  8. Console - "Gruner Raum"
  9. Jan Rurkenburg - "In My Spaceship"
  10. Acid Pauli & Laura Weider - "Oregano" (exclusive)
  11. Move D - "Things Will Come (...For Those Who Wait)"
  12. Ian Simmonds - "Wendelstein Variations"
  13. Stimming - "Novermber Morning"
  14. Juno6 - "Dead Cities" (Douglas Greed remix)
  15. Nicolas Jaar - "Ply The Drums For Me" (exclusive)
  16. Nu - "Earth" (exclusive)
  17. Stephen Brown - "Cane't 2"
  18. Acid Pauli - "Farewell Fred" (exclusive)
  19. Acid Pauli - "Music Is Silence" (exclusive)
  20. Pele & Nico Stojan - "Belladonna"
  21. Dop - "Foly" (feat Sibiri Samake)
  22. Dop - "Ikarus"
  23. Nannue Tipitier & Acid Pauli - "Zeit Loschen" (exclusive)
  24. Gunja & Nicone - "Peaz, Luv & Harmonium" (exclusive)
  25. Taron Trekka - "G Samsa"
  26. Sis - "Machiste"
  27. Kabale Und Liebe - "Una Y Nada"
  28. Tempo Di Roma - "Move Your Bones" (exclusive)
  29. Dirty Doering - "Ete Pluvieux"
  30. Amirali - "Hear Me"
  31. Calico Horse - "Idioteque" (exclusive)
  32. Black Is Beautiful - "Pergamon"
  33. Francesca Lombardo - "Is It True"
  34. Metrika - "Aok Ot"
  35. Console - "Train Set"
  36. Monkey Maffia - "I Know You Nms"
  37. Rayon - "Libanon"
  38. Lou Kassard - "Once Upon" (feat Benno)
  39. Autechre - "Overand"
  40. The Band That Never Met - "I'm On Fire" (exclusive)
  41. Lake Powel - "Bright Eyes, Dirty Hair"
Review: Despite looking like a hairy Open University geography lecturer, Martin "Acid Pauli" Gretschmann has forged a career out of making the sort of oddball, semi-organic house and techno that appeals to the Crosstown Rebels clan. Here, he gets his reward by being offered the chance to mix the latest volume in their occasional Get Lost series. As a DJ mix, it ticks all the right boxes, moving from shuffling, eyes-closed deepness and dancefloor electronica, to tactile techno and dream-house, via the sort of quirky tackle that marks out his club sets (see Jan Turkenburg's "In My Spaceship"). For the heads, there are a number of previously unseen exclusives, including tracks from Nicholas Jaar, Nu and Gretschmann himself.
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Played by: Jose Manuel
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Cat: CRMCD 026. Rel: 10 Jul 14
Deep House
  1. Pumping 4 Al (intro)
  2. Deep Into The Night
  3. Dirty Stories
  4. Perfect Picture
  6. PUSSY
  7. Surrender
  8. City Clouds
  9. Emperor (feat Kall)
  10. Cosmic Top Secret
  11. Egyptian Space Man
  12. Ride On (feat Kenny Glasgow)
Review: Much has changed for Ali Love since the release of his Love Harder in 2010. For starters, he's fallen in with the Hot Creations camp, scored a massive chart hit ("Benediction", with Hot Natured) and seen his reputation soar. This latest full length - the belated follow-up to Love Harder - shows how far he's come. While the bright electrofunk synths, '80s soul vocals and Italo-influenced rhythms of old remain, P.U.M.P contains far more tactile, wide-eyed deep house moments than we've come to expect. It's a subtle evolution - there are still plenty of near Balearic synth-pop moments - but a successful one. The result is an effortlessly sweet and accessible album that blends throbbing dancefloor moments with baggier, more laidback fare.
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In Time (CD)
Cat: CRMCD 017. Rel: 10 May 12
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. The Harmonious Song
  2. Missing
  3. Just An Illusion
  4. Painting On A Canvas
  5. Last Words
  6. Midnight Train
  7. My Way
  8. Beautiful World
  9. Whisper
  10. No Doubt
  11. Hear Me
  12. Story Of Us
  13. The Sound Of My Life
Review: The hitherto unknown but clearly talented Amirali were first introduced to the world when Damian Lazarus handpicked one of his productions to open proceedings on last year's Get Lost 4 mix CD. It was clear Lazarus had larger plans for the Iranian Canadian producer, and following a breakthrough Crosstown 12" earlier this year the label now presents the full artistic vision of Amirali in the shape of a debut album. In Time demonstrates Amirali Shahrestani has an uncanny talent for veering between the many strands of contemporary electronic music, each of the thirteen tracks weaved together intoxicatingly with his undeniable craft as a musician. Amidst the usual Crosstown fare such as "Just an Illusion" and the delightfully wonked "Beautiful World" there are more introspective moments which lend In Time a sense of longevity lacking from so many "dance music albums."
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Cat: CRMCD 031. Rel: 15 Sep 15
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Resurrection
  2. KlymaXXX
  3. Come To Me
  4. Let's Prance
  5. Elevator (I'll Take The Stairs)
  6. Grown Man Cryy
  8. Medusa
  9. Front To Backk
  10. Sashe Sashe Sashe
Review: Late last year, Felix "Da Housecat" Stallings donned his long-discarded Aphrohead alias for the first time in 12 years. That single, the Mr G style loopy techno stomp of "Grown Men Cry", forms the centrepiece of Resurrection, Stallings' first album under the Aphrohead guise since 2002. It's a surprisingly mixed bag stylistically, variously doffing a cap to vintage, Derrick Carter style boompty ("Let's Prance"), locked-in tech-house ("Elevator (I'll Take The Stairs)", dense tribal grooves ("1King, 1Queen"), acid ("Medusa") and fluid, melodious deep house ("Come To Me"). It's a pretty stripped-back and no-nonsense affair throughout, with the emphasis firmly on robust dancefloor workouts.
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Cat: CRMCD 014. Rel: 27 Apr 11
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Much Too Much
  2. Tell Me Why (part I)
  3. Living The Life (feat Seth Troxler)
  4. What Does It Sound Like?
  5. Without You
  6. We Call Love (feat Soul Clap & Osunlade)
  7. Vampire Nightclub (feat Seth Troxler - album version)
  8. In The Mood
  9. Roberts Cry
  10. Tell Me Why (part II)
  11. I C U
Review: Canadian duo Art Department have all the ingredients of success at their disposal: experience, reputation and, most importantly, hype. With the latter in full effect right now, it's safe to say that The Drawing Board, their debut full length, is one of the most anticipated house sets of 2011. So is it any good? Certainly, those who've already fallen in love with their touchy-feely, melancholy take on house will enjoy it immensely. Like the work of guest Seth Troxler's Visionquest (and, to some extent, Benoit & Sergio), there's a distinct melodic warmth to Art Department's shuffling beats, woozy electronics and half-whispered vocals. It's this, more than anything, which makes The Drawing Board worthwhile listening.

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Cat: CRMCD 018BONUSFREE. Rel: 27 Apr 11
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. The Drawing Board: Inspirations (exclusive Art Department DJ mix)
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Familia (low-price CD)
Cat: UKCRM 0032. Rel: 12 Oct 05
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Tita
  2. Towers
  3. The R-8 Moog
  4. L Nuit
  5. Hay Consuelo
  6. Cosmic
  7. Jess
  8. Siberian
  9. Pipostrack
  10. Hydra
Review: Pier Bucci's debut album was always going to be something special, but nothing prepared people for "Familia". The album is a masterpiece from an artist at the very top of his game. Presented as a seamless piece of music, these 10 tracks overflow with the kind of harmonies and rhythms that make "Familia" such a unique and trippy proposition. The perfect balance of headphone sensibility and dancefloor abandon, it sounds like nothing else on the planet.
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Cat: CRMCD 008. Rel: 18 Jun 09
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. This Is Your Brain On Music
  2. His Story
  3. Nite Vision
  4. Mutation
  5. Transmit The Music In Me
  6. Almost Finished
  7. Idle
  8. Adaptation
  9. Inferno Jack
Played by: IDJ Magazine
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Cat: CRMCD 030. Rel: 25 Jun 15
Deep House
  1. Human Interface
  2. Infatuation
  3. Control
  4. Shutters
  5. Tied (feat Aisha)
  6. Lacefront
  7. Oh Bondage
  8. Gone (feat Py)
  9. Down 4 Whatever
  10. You Are
  11. Lady (feat Aisha)
Review: London-based producer Laurence Matthew Blake has been causing a stir under his Citizenn alias for some time, delivering intoxicating, tactile, otherwordly blends of tech-house, powder-house, garage and electronica for the likes of MadTech, Love Fever, 20:20 Vision and, most recently, Crosstown Rebels. Here, he returns to the latter with Human Interface, his debut album. It's a typically fluid and quietly soulful affair, with dreamy pads, touchy-feely electronics and shuffling dancefloor rhythms the order of the day. While there are a few powder house dancefloor moments - as you'd expect - Blake also doffs a cap to 2-step garage, booming bass-house, skewed synth-pop and, on the wonderful "You Are", string-drenched deep house loveliness
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Valor (CD)
Cat: CRMCD 33. Rel: 27 Sep 16
Deep House
  1. Casa
  2. Cut
  3. Lackers
  4. Milk
  5. Shooting Bodies (Acid)
  6. Slowly
  7. Valentino
  8. Wait
  9. Wakame
Played by: DINKY
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Cat: CRMCD 019. Rel: 13 Sep 12
Deep House
  1. Mind Over Matter (intro)
  2. Those Days
  3. Pettit Pillow (feat Rap Lisa)
  4. She's All Good (feat Big Bully)
  5. Falls Away (feat Mel Blatt)
  6. The Man Of The Hour (interlude)
  7. Spirit
  8. Going Nowhere (feat Stee Downes)
  9. Change Resistance
  10. You & I (feat Cari Golden)
  11. Space Ballad (feat Argenis Brito)
  12. Understand What I Do (feat Big Bully)
  13. This Is The End
Review: If you're reading this, you're probably aware of the hype surrounding Crosstown Rebels' latest stars-in-the making, Venezuelan production partnership Fur Coat. With a sound that ticks all the right Crosstown Rebels/Visionquest boxes - shuffling, vaguely atmospheric grooves, fluid basslines and moody, occasionally quietly soulful vocals - there's little doubt that they're destined for the top. Their position as stars is secured by the presence of previous single "You & I", a celebration of party powders that has become something of an anthem.
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Runner (CD)
Cat: CRMCD 010. Rel: 21 May 10
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Walk Tall
  2. If I Was Your Girl
  3. Things To Do In Denver
  4. Alone Again
  5. New Beginnings
  6. Feel OK
  7. I Know I Show It
  8. Enjoyable Employable
  9. Thank You
  10. Train In Austria
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Cat: CRMCD 018. Rel: 14 Jun 12
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Somewhere
  2. City At Night (feat Survelliance Party)
  3. Tonight In Tokyo (feat Luca C)
  4. Special Effect
  5. Mari 2D Underground
  6. Our Time In Liberty (feat Art Department)
  7. Stems From Hackney
  8. Frequencies
  9. Over Each Other (feat Livia Giammaria)
  10. Paradise
  11. Havanna Good Time
  12. The Lows
Review: The rise of Jamie Jones over the past two years has been nothing short of meteoric. Now officially the world's number one DJ (according to readers of Resident Advisor, at least), Jones could record and release the sound of a car alarm and it would be hailed a "classic". Cynicism aside, the Crosstown Rebels regular has made some extremely high quality house over the years, as this collection of previously unreleased archive material so adroitly proves. Expect plenty of soft, touchy-feely material (including an excellent collaboration with Art Department) that offers plenty of thrills for fans of the Visionquest/Crosstown Rebels sound.
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Cat: CRMCD 009. Rel: 03 Sep 09
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Don't You Remember The Future
  2. Mars
  3. Summertime (feat Ost & Kjex)
  4. Deep In The Ghetto
  5. Half Human
  6. This Is How
  7. Sand Dunes
  8. Absolute Zero (feat Alison Mars)
  9. Galactic Space Bar (feat The Egyptian Lover)
  10. Turning Tables
  11. Belter
  12. Mexico
  13. My Body
  14. Acerola
  15. I'm Down With R2D2
  16. House Ain't Back (It Never Went Away)
  17. We Can
  18. Pin The Cushin
  19. I Like It
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Get Lost 2 (mixed CD)
Cat: CRMCD 006. Rel: 12 May 07
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Cassy - "Alexandra"
  2. Plasmik - "Pearls On A String"
  3. Tanzmann & Stefanik - "High Heel Smoking"
  4. Nuco Purman - "Lunatique"
  5. Jennifer Cardini & Shonky - "Come Down To Earth"
  6. Ripperton - "Tainted Worlds" (Plasmik remix)
  7. DJ Spell - "Lisa"
  8. Dennis Ferrer - "P2 Do J"
  9. Jeremy P Caulfield - "Against The Rip"
  10. Sebbo - "Chunky Fudge"
  11. Jamie Jones - "Panama City"
  12. Franck Roger - "Turn Me Over"
  13. Zander VT - "Dig Your Own Rave"
  14. Larry Heard presents Mr White - "Sun Cant Compare"
  15. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - "Concrete"
  16. John Keys - "Rumba Triste"
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Cat: CRMCD 023. Rel: 11 Jun 13
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Level 7
  2. Illusions Of Control
  3. Sahara
  4. Touch The Sky
  5. Kissing Your Eyes
  6. Body In Motion
  7. Lightweight Champion
  8. Her Blurry Pictures
Review: Canadian producer Jonson unveiles his second solo album. While there are signs that his sound is gradually mutating, for those who were seduced by 'Marionette', there is plenty to get excited about here. "Level 7" offers up those typical, slightly detuned trance melodies that Jonson forged his reputation on, set to a rolling groove and heavy claps, while the title track's psychedelic hooks float through a fluffy ambient backdrop. But "Pictures" also shows that Jonson has moved on; "Touch the Sky" features the kind of jazzy licks that Cobblestone Jazz specialise in - set to a rumbling bass - and more impressively, "Sahara" sees him lay down evocative blues guitar over a pulsing, rhythm track. The approach may have changed, but originality remains his strong point.
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Cat: CRMCD 013. Rel: 12 Mar 11
Deep House
  1. Music Watching Over Me (feat Leza Boyland - extended)
  2. Makyaj (feat Queenie)
  3. My Ass
  4. Best Of (feat Mykleanthony - extended)
  5. The L Word (feat Jada - extended)
  6. Vagabond
  7. Trust
  8. Equilibrium
  9. One Chance At Happiness
  10. My Heart
  11. Make Me Feel (Extended)
  12. Yeah (feat Guests Of Nature - version)
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Cat: CRMCD 005. Rel: 04 Nov 06
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Minilogue - "City Boy"
  2. Presslaboys - "Electric Generation" (Rob Mello Ears dub)
  3. Andre Krami - "Safari" (feat Schad Privat - Alex Smoke Tink mix)
  4. 3 Channels - "We Was There Tomorrow"
  5. Mlle Caro & Franc Garcia - "Far Away"
  6. Frankie Flowerz - "The Key"
  7. Kiki & Silversurfer - "Sleeza"
  8. Black Strobe - "Last Dub On Earth" (Arnaud Rebotino remix)
  9. Jennifer Cardini & Ho - "Stay" (Roman Flugel remix)
  10. Matt Tolfrey & Craig Sylvester - "Acix"
  11. Pier Bucci - "L' Nuit" (Dominik Eulberg remix)
  12. Hiem - "She's The 1" (Mathew Johnson Circles In Time remix)
Review: Crosstown Rebels is undoubtedly the UK's market leader in underground, cutting edge dance music. Expertly run by Damian Lazarus, Rebels has become the home for some of the best techno, electro and house records released in the last three years. "Crosstown Rebels Vol.1" shows the story behind the label so far... With artists like Pier Bucci, Kiki & Silversurfer, Jennifer Cardini, Blackstrobe, Ost & Kjex, DJ Koze, Hiem and Luke Solomon, Crosstown Rebels are at the forefront of a new energy in international club culture. Alongside the Rebel's name artists, the mix also features remixes from some key electronic producers - Alex Smoke, Rob Mello, Matthew Johnson and Dominik Eulberg. Not just a label retrospective, Volume 1 brings things up to date by featuring 2 brand new Rebels singles, Mlle Caro "Far Away" and Minilogue's new EP "City Boy". Both will be unreleased when this album hit's the stores. Also featured are 2 long deleted Rebel anthems, the thundering monster that is Eulberg's remix of Bucci's "L'Nuit" and Mathew Jonson's work of absolute genius for Hiem's "She's The One".
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Get Lost (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: UKCRMCD0042 _7. Rel: 25 May 06
Electro House
  1. Mille.Caro & Franck Garcia - "Far Away"
  2. Repeat Repeat - "Carpack"
  3. Goldfish & Der Dulz - "Privacy" (Patrick Chardronnet mix)
  4. Styro 2000 - "Sanagol"
  5. The Knife - "Silent Shout" (Troy Pierce Barado En Locombia mix)
  6. DJ Koze - "Pattern_Wirtschaft"
  7. Rob Mello - "Give Me" (demo mix)
  8. Butane - "Sound Of Digidown" (Someone Else remix)
  9. Monolake - "Plumbicion"
  10. Add Noise - "Jam Econo"
  11. Prosumer - "Blei"
  12. Solieb - "Circus Maximus"
  13. Ost & Kjex - "How Not To Be A Biscuit"
  14. Und - "Coccopuffs"
  15. R:AX - "Opium Den" (Part V)
  16. Andy Couzenz - "De Do Da Da"
  17. Naum - "Feln"
  18. Fourtet - "A Joy" (Battles remix)
  19. Position Normal - "Jimmy Had Jane"
  20. Trickski - "Sunshine F**k" (part 1)
  21. Anaerobic Robots - "Darwin Or Lose"
  22. John Tejada - "Paranoia"
  23. Si Begg - "On Ice"
  24. Bergheim - "Take My Soul"
  25. Modeler - "Mint Condition"
  26. Duoteque - "Lola"
  27. Moonstar - "Detroit"
  28. Abe Duque - "Take Me To Heaven" (feat Gene Le Fosse)
  29. Hannas Barber - "Beautiful Squishy Lightbulbs"
Review: "Get Lost" is a deep and tripped-out fusion of mighty master cuts, techno toys and special songs that have been carefully excavated from the electronic underground. The compilation offers up new angles and fresh experiences for both the ears and the feet.
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out of stock $24.33
Cat: CRMCD 029. Rel: 15 May 15
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. House Of The Hidden Places
  2. Adventures Of The Ancient Moons
  3. Vermillion
  4. Amber Palace
  5. Lovers' Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najriya)
  6. Inner Core
  7. Message From The Other Side
  8. Trouble At The Seance
  9. We Will Return
  10. Sacred Dance Of The Demon
  11. Eyes Won't Let Me Hide
  12. Create The Age
  13. Tangled Web
  14. Vermillion (reprise)
Review: Crosstown Rebels boss Damian Lazarus seems to be mellowing with age - or at least getting more artistically adventurous. This follow-up to his 2009 debut, Smoke The Monster Out, was co-produced by Simian Mobile Disco's James Ford in LA. London and Mexico, with the assistance of an impressive cast of musicians from around the world. While rooted in the kind of tactile house and techno most associated with the evergreen hipster, Message From The Other Side is impressively psychedelic, otherworldly and stargazing in outlook. The album's woozy, horizontal appeal is therefore enhanced by Lazarus and Ford's use of Indian instrumentation, African percussion and impeccable keys-work from American jazz pianist Eric Lewis.
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Cat: 405053 8381931. Rel: 20 Jul 18
Deep House
  1. All I Need To Get High
  2. Spirals
  3. I Found You
  4. Five Moons
  5. Eli Eli
  6. Fly Away
  7. Lost Myself
  8. Feedback Loop
  9. Help Me Find A Way
  10. Cancello
  11. Tomorrow We Can Start Again
Review: On this second album from his Ancient Moons project, Damian Lazarus has decided to switch focus. Whereas the outfit's debut album, Message From The Other World, combined global music influences with Lazarus's usual tech-house rhythms and a touch of psychedelia, Heart of Sky is much more heavily influenced by the Crosstown Rebels' chief's rarely discussed soul boy roots. Of course, the beats and basslines still largely stick to the powder house script, it's just that this time they come accompanied by starry-eyed soul vocals, 1960s dream pop influences, bold piano flourishes, gospel choruses and, on rare occasions, smoky trip-hop aesthetics. As a result, it's undoubtedly a much more "human" album, and one with far more crossover potential than its predecessor.
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 in stock $9.64
Get Lost 4 (mixed CD)
Cat: CRMCD 015. Rel: 08 Sep 11
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Amirali - "My Way"
  2. Nitin - "Blink Twice"
  3. Aquarius Heaven - "So Low"
  4. Left - "Please Don't Come Alone"
  5. Mikael Stavostrand & Cesare vs Disorder - "Massive Attack" (Mikael & Cesare rework)
  6. Kowton - "She Don't Jack"
  7. Fosky - "Shiva" (feat Shiva - original mix)
  8. Nico Purman - "Fade Away"
  9. Dance Disorder - The Model - "Metallic Italic - Still In My Heart" (feat My Favorite Robot - Massimiliano Pagliara remix)
  10. Dana Ruh - "Night Till Dawn"
  11. Dinky - "Owls"
  12. Acid Pauli & Damian Lazarus - "Why Am I Here" (acappella)
  13. Daphni - "Ye Ye"
  14. Avey Tare - "Oliver Twist"
  15. Art Department - "All Mine"
  16. Mario & Vidis - "Kashyyyk"
Review: Globe-trotting techno/house hipster Damian Lazarus invites us to Get Lost again, this time in a surprisingly groovy, touchy-feely mix of contemporary house and techno. There's a distinctly vocal feel to a lot of the selections, with Lazarus interspersing warm, MDMA-inclined songs from the likes of Art Department, Nitin, Left and Dance Disorder (impressively remixed by Massimiliano Pagliara) with quirky and jackin' instrumentals from Dinky (the excellent "Owls"), Daphini and Kowton (whose Bristol house anthem "She Don't Jack" is a definite highlight). Lazarus has his critics, but he usually has his finger on the pulse - and Get Lost 4 is an excellent representation where tech-house, in particular, is at right now.
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Cat: CRMCD 001. Rel: 12 Feb 04
Electro House
  1. DJ Maxxi - "Rebel Intro"
  2. Kiki & Silversurfer feat Captain Comatose - "Shake"
  3. Le Dust Sucker - "Mandate My Ass"
  4. Joakim - "Come Into My Kitchen" (Basement dub)
  5. DJ T - "Freemind"
  6. Tiga - "Burning Down" (TGV dub)
  7. Silversurfer - "Welcome To Berlin"
  8. Dave Clarke feat Chicks On Speed - "Disgraceland" (acappella)
  9. Bushwacka! - "Nettbugs"
  10. Martin Solveig - "Heartbeat" (dub)
  11. Russ Gabriel - "Patience" (Brooks edit)
  12. Jahcoozi - "Fish" (Team Natascha remix)
  13. Digital Tongues - "No Way You Can Sleep"
  14. Helicopter Jackson - "The Booty Song" (instrumental)
  15. Phonique - "Where The Party's At"
  16. Sascha Funke - "Bravo"
  17. Robbie Hardkiss - "Everything Is Changing" (acappella)
  18. Avril - "French Kiss"
Review: "Rebel Futurism" is the debut mix album from Damian Lazarus and Crosstown Rebels.
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Cat: CRMCD 002 _7. Rel: 16 Feb 05
Electro House
  1. Simon Says - "Deliverance"
  2. Geiger - "Hear My Train Coming"
  3. Steve Bug - "Loverboy" (Re-Bugged mix)
  4. Commercial Breakup - "My Garden" (Sascha Funke remix)
  5. Portobella - "Viva La Difference" (Playgroup dub)
  6. Silversurfer - "Parisis"
  7. Subjekt - "Step Back" (edit)
  8. Jennifer Cardini & Ho - "Stay"
  9. Anthony Rother - "Back Home"
  10. John Spring - "Strange"
  11. Petter - "All Together"
  12. Superpitcher - "Happiness" (Michael Mayer remix)
  13. Andre Kraml - "Safari" (feat Schad Privat - Kiki & Silversurfer remix)
  14. DJ Koze - "Brutalgar Square"
  15. Ame - "Nia"
  16. Beanfield - "Tides" (feat Bajika - acappella)
  17. Spectrum 311 - "Lying Eyes" (Oscar Fullone Mish Mash mix)
Review: One of the first compilations to bring together the essence of this new electro and techno movement.
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Cat: CRMCD 012. Rel: 27 Jan 11
Deep House
  1. I Am Metaphor (intro)
  2. Gravy Train
  3. Sleazy E
  4. The Feelin
  5. Silo
  6. You & Me
  7. Vibe Your Love
  8. Your Style
  9. Arise
  10. Love U Mama (feat Fabel)
  11. Dexter's Flight
  12. Bring It Back
out of stock $10.65
Cat: CRMCD 012BONUS. Rel: 31 Jan 11
Deep House
  1. Gravy Train
  2. Sleazy E
  3. You & Me
  4. Vibe Your Love
  5. Your Style
out of stock $0.00
Get Lost VII (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: CRMCD 027. Rel: 18 Sep 14
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. JTC - "Through The Looking Glass"
  2. Black Rascals - "Blaze Theme Track"
  3. Trans Mania - "Boing, Boom, Jack" (Alexander Robotnick remix)
  4. Untitled - "Untitled" (Thorny Hill edit)
  5. Raiders Of The Lost Arp - "On And One" (Patrice Scott Sistrum remix)
  6. Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold - "Fantasy Princess"
  7. Calibre - "Getter Go"
  8. 2 House - "Go Techno" (Tony Humphries dub)
  9. Trevino - "Revolve"
  10. Steve Bug - "Big Cheese From Wisconsin"
  11. The Model - "Dungeon Man"
  12. Lerosa - "Blinkerskate" (Her mix)
  13. Backroom Productions - "Definition Of A Track"
  14. DBRm - "Darnley"
  15. Mark A Brook - "Sound Barrier"
  16. Kenny Larkin - "Groove"
  17. Ruf Dug - "1 4 Ron"
  18. Michael Ozone - "Perfect Systems" (Steve Summers remix)
  19. This Side Up - "Love Starts" (with An L)
  20. Spesimen - "Calibus"
  21. Pametex - "Reflectie"
  22. ERP - "Lodestone" (Ideograma BSAS mix)
  23. Klorex 55 - "Mystisk"
  24. Amfibian - "Pa Relax" (Jark & Prongo remix)
  25. Craig Richards - "Sleeping Rough"
  26. DMX Krew - "Undersirable Element"
  27. Neil Landstrumm - "Keep Up"
  28. Arpanet - "Wireframe Images"
  29. STL - "Something Is Raw"
  30. Unknown - "Untitled" (Jonny Rock edit)
  31. The Parallax Corporation - "Anti Social Tendencies"
  32. Redshape - "Finizh"
  33. Joey Anderson - "Music Tentacles"
  34. Samuel L Session - "Givin You" (part 3)
  35. Brooks Mosher - "Encroachment"
  36. Radio Nasty - "Radio 1"
  37. Bangkok Impact - "Junge Dame Mit Freundliche Telefonstimme"
Review: Given his long-admired skills as a selector and DJ, any new mix CD from Craig Richards is a cause for celebration. This contribution to Crosstown Rebels' Get Lost series - his first commercially available mix since 2011 - is no different. Typically, it sees him explore a range of moods and styles across the two discs. Beginning with JTC's "Through The Looking Glass" (a kind of wonky tech-house cover of MFSB's disco classic "Love is the Message"), the first disc is warm, loose and atmospheric, with Richards darting between deep, acid and tech-house cuts old and new. The second disc is noticeably more robust, with a greater emphasis on ragged electro and surging techno. It is, as you'd expect, a masterful and entertaining mix.
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Get Lost VI (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: CRMCD 024. Rel: 04 Jul 13
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Flako - "Honey Drips"
  2. Keith Harrison - "All Night Long"
  3. Valentina - "Wolves" (Roman Flugel remix)
  4. Alex Bowman - "Kilnsman"
  5. Jorge Velez - "Floo"
  6. Christophe - "Comeback" (feat Danielle Moore - Casino Times remix)
  7. Matthias Zimmerman - "Vicente"
  8. Dave Aju - "Anyway"
  9. Millennium - "ICU"
  10. Kenny Glasgow - "Dance 2 Da House"
  11. Traumprinz - "Eachstep"
  12. Pitto - "Mono Desire"
  13. Gold Panda - "Burnt Out Car In Forest"
  14. LFO - "Track 4"
  15. Albinos - "Bakatribe"
  16. Asa-Chang & Junray - "Hana"
  17. Deutsche Wertarbeit - "Auf Engelsfluegeln"
  18. Underground Resistance - "Base Camp Alpha 808"
  19. Richard H Kirk - "I Want More"
  20. Visnadi - "Hunt's Up" (No Future No Past mix)
  21. Trus'me - "It's Slow"
  22. Breach & Dark Sky - "The Click"
  23. Eats Everything & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - "Lion, The Lion"
  24. Tiga - "Plush" (Ame remix)
  25. DJ Bone - "Thursday Night"
  26. Future Four - "Into Orbit"
  27. Jamie Jones - "Tonight In Tokyo" (Breach remix)
  28. Subb-an & Tom Trago - "Time" (feat Seth Troxler)
  29. Bernard Badie - "Time Reveals"
  30. Hayden Andre Project - "Tribal Life" (oriignal hardcore tribal mix)
  31. Mathew Jonson - "Automaton"
  32. Separate Minds - "Troubled World" (US mix)
Review: Throughout his career, the wonderfully named Orlando Higginbottom has proved something of a chameleon, delivering productions under the Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs moniker packed with party-friendly elements that defy easy categorization. He continues the trend on this surprise mix album for Crosstown Rebels, moving through a range of styles over the course of 70 entertaining minutes. Largely deep, melodic and woozy for the first half (see Axel Bowman's intoxicating homage to everyone's favourite diving German No 9 "Klinsmann" and Keith Harrison's dubby, post punk-inspired "All Night Long"), it picks up pace in the latter stages, using Casino Times' remix of Christophe's recent Futureboogie jam "Comeback" and Dave Aju's anthemic "Anyway" to push his impeccable party credentials.
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Crosstown Rebels Presents Rebel Rave 3 (3xCD (CD 1 & 2 unmixed, CD 3 mixed))
Cat: CRMCD 022. Rel: 14 Mar 13
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Luca Bacchetti - "Tango" (Eduardo Castillo remix)
  2. Art Department - "Touch You Gently"
  3. Amirali - "Beautiful World" (Deniz Kurtel remix)
  4. Mathew Jonson - "Dayz"
  5. Infinity Ink - "Infinity"
  6. Maceo Plex - "Sex Appeal"
  7. Laura Jones - "Inner Place"
  8. Francesca Lombardo - "Old School Anna"
  9. Aidan Lavelle - "Stronger"
  10. Dinky - "Sealed"
  11. Fur Coat feat Cari Golden - "You And I" (Amirali remix)
  12. Amirali - "Just An Illusion" (MK remix)
  13. Guti - "Jealous Guy"
  14. Nico Purman - "Falling"
  15. SIS - "Faces"
  16. Tiga - "Pleasure From The Bass" (Subb-an remix)
  17. Walker & Royce - "Youre Not Welcome" (Francesca Lombardo remix)
  18. Dachshund & Quenum - "Mammoth"
  19. Tim Xavier - "Arco Della Devozione" (Paint The Sky dub)
  20. Jamie Jones feat Art Department - "Our Time In Liberty"
  21. Zod - "Rise Before Zod" (Acid Paulis Things That Fly Fly remix)
  22. Amirali - "Just An Illusion" (acappella)
  23. Pier Bucci - "Jess"
  24. Dan Berkson - "The Hollow"
  25. Gavin Herily - "Witching Hour"
  26. Fosky - "Shiva" (feat Shiva - The Martinez Brothers remix)
  27. Jamie Jones - "My Body"
  28. The Model - "Still In My Heart" (feat My Favourite Robot - Ivan Smagghe remix Subb-an edit)
  29. Riz Mic - "Radar" (Loco Dice In The Box remix)
  30. Pier Bucci - "Congas Pond"
  31. Subb-an - "Positive Expression" (feat Anomaly Jonez)
  32. Solomun - "Daddy's Jam" (D'Julz remix)
  33. Francesca Lombardo - "Eyes" (Subb-an edit)
  34. 3 Channels - "Base Place"
  35. Subb-an - "Misleading" (feat Anomaly Jonez)
  36. Mathew Jonson - "Dayz"
  37. Amirali - "Whisper"
Review: Unless you've been living in a cave up a remote Scottish mountain for the past few years, you can't have failed to notice the unrelenting success of Damian Lazarus's Crosstown Rebels label. Here, he hands over the controls to Subb-An for a two-disc mix-up of 2012 label highlights that comes bundled with a third disc of unmixed favourites. There's little particularly revelatory, though that's hardly the point; as a showcase of the slinky, touchy-feely, subterranean groovery at which the label excels, it's near perfect. There are one or two surprises - see Subb-An's remix of Tiga classic "Pleasure from the Bass" - as well as hot cuts from the likes of Jamie Jones, Fur Coat, Laura Jones and Maceo Plex.
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Cat: CRMCD 016. Rel: 17 Nov 11
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Art Department - "Without You"
  2. Guti & Dubshape - "Every Cow Has A Bird"
  3. James What - "About Love"
  4. Russ Yallop - "Rock Me"
  5. Jamie Jones - "Summertime" (feat Ost & Kjex - Jones & James dub)
  6. Fur Coat - "Space Ballad" (feat Argenis Brito - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs remix)
  7. Subb-An - "Misleading" (feat Anomaly Jones)
  8. The Model - "Still In My Heart" (feat My Favorite Robot - Ivan Smagghe remix)
  9. Pezzner - "Try It Again" (feat Gryffyn)
  10. Maceo Plex - "Vibe Your Love" (Zev Southern Sunrise rework)
  11. Deniz Kurtel - "Best Of" (feat Mykle Anthony - Deniz Freestyle version)
  12. Inxec vs Droog - "Westbound"
  13. Jamie Jones - "Paradise" (Art Dept remix)
  14. Deniz Kurtel - "The L Word" (feat Jada - Guy Gerber Countryside remix)
  15. Solomon - "Daddy's Jam"
  16. Quenum - "Woman Talk About Woman"
  17. Russ Yallop - "Crossroads" (Fur Coat remix)
  18. Maceo Plex - "Can't Leave You"
  19. Martin Dawson & Glimpse - "No One Belongs Here More Than You"
  20. Dan Berkson - "Anything For You"
  21. Damian Lazarus - "Different Now"
  22. Art Department - "We Call Love" (feat Soul Clap & Osunlade - DJ Harvey mix)
  23. Deniz Kurtel - "Music Watching Over Me" (feat Leza Boyland)
  24. Art Department - "Living The Life" (feat Seth Troxler - Aba Therapy version)
  25. Maceo Plex/James What - "Your Style/About Love" (Maya Jane Coles remix)
  26. Riz MC - "Radar" (Loco In A Box remix)
  27. Solomun/Fur Coat - "Daddy's Jam/Space Ballad" (feat Argenis Brito - acappella)
  28. Russ Yallop - "I Can't Wait"
  29. Russ Yallop - "Crossroads" (Fur Coat remix)
  30. Art Department - "We Call Love" (feat Soul Clap & Osunlade - DJ Harvey remix)
  31. Damian Lazarus - "Different Now" (Art Department remix)
  32. Jimmy Maheras - "Space Jam" (Matt Tolfrey remix)
  33. Inxec vs Droog - "Westbound"
  34. Subb-an/Dan Berkson - "Positive Expression/Anything For You" (dub)
  35. Deniz Kurtel - "Best Of" (feat Mykle Anthony - Dixon remix)
  36. Maceo Plex - "Can't Leave You"
  37. Quenum/The Model - "My Baby Face/Still In My Heart" (feat Favorite Robot - acappella)
  38. Martin Dawson & Glimpse - "No One Belongs Here More Than You" (Erwan Pearson remix)
Played by: Droog
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Cat: CRMCD 011. Rel: 04 Nov 10
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. The Royal We - "Party Guilt"
  2. Deniz Kurtel - "Yeah" (feat Guests Of Nature)
  3. Seth Troxler - "Love Never Sleeps" (Gadi Mizrahi remix exclusive)
  4. Glimpse - "If I Was Your Girl" (Simon Baker's Piano Workout mix)
  5. Dyed Soundorom - "Naked" (feat Aaron Carl)
  6. Butane - "Inferno Jack" (Anja Scheider remix)
  7. Luke Solomon - "Demons" (Bernnan Green remix)
  8. Chic Miniature - "Escandalo"
  9. Mlle Caro & Frank Garcia - "Far Away"
  10. Soul Clap - "Action/Satisfaction"
  11. Maceo Plex - "Gravy Train" (Nicolas Jaar remix exclusive)
  12. Minilogue - "Hitchhikers Choice"
  13. N/A - "Fables & Fairytales" (feat Rosina - Deniz Kurtel remix)
  14. Peace Division - "Voodoo (It's In The Wall)" (feat Pleasant Gehman)
  15. Jennifer Cardini & Shonky - "Tuesday Paranoia"
  16. Jamie Jones - "You"
  17. Hiem - "She's The One"
  18. Riz MC - "Don't Sleep" (Tieschwarz remix)
  19. Rob Mello - "Does It Feel Good Baby?" (vocal mix)
  20. Different Gear - "One Thing More"
  21. Laurent Garnier - "Stargazing" (Rebel Rave edit - exclusive)
  22. Shackleton - "Next To Nothing" (feat Jackson Del Ray)
  23. George Thompson/Andre Kraml - "Laid Back Snack Attack/Safari" (acappella)
  24. Pier Bucci/Dan Berkson - "Polaris/Circuits"
  25. Seth Troxler - "Love Never Sleeps" (Par Grindvik remix Clive Henry & Alex Aknout re edit/acappella)
  26. The Royal We - "Party Guilt" (acappella/Mathew Styles remix)
  27. Dyed Suondorom/Deniz Kurtel - "Beautiful Eva/Yeah"
  28. Glimpse - "If I Was Your Girl" (Tom Demac's Hotel Basement remix Henry & Alex Arnout re-edit)
  29. Jamie Jones/Jennifer Cardini - "Acerola/Tuesday Paranoia" (acappella)
  30. Frankie Flowers/Different Gear - "The Key/One Thing More" (Clive Henry & Alex Arnout re-edit/acappella)
  31. Glimpse - "If I Was Your Girl" (beats mix)
  32. Peace Division/Butane/Different Gear/Seth Troxler - "No Junk No Soul/Inferno Jack/One More Thing/Love Never Sleeps" (acappella/strings)
  33. Shakleton - "Next To Nothing" (Exercise One remix)
  34. Dyed Soundorom - "Naked/Naked" (acappella Clive Henry & Alex Arnout re-edit)
  35. Jamie Jones - "Mexico"
Played by: Rainer Weichhold
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Cat: CRMCD 025. Rel: 20 Feb 14
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Amirali - "Beautiful World"
  2. Fur Coat - "You & I" (feat Cari Golden)
  3. Ali Love - "Emperor" (feat Kali)
  4. Kiki & Silversurfer - "Shake Off" (feat Captain Comatose)
  5. Andre Krami - "Safari" (feat Schad Privat)
  6. Maceo Plex - "Can't Leave You"
  7. Jamie Jones - "Summertime" (feat Ost & Kjex)
  8. Pier Bucci - "Hay Consuelo" (Samin remix)
  9. Tiga - "Pleasure From The Bass" (Subb-an remix)
  10. Deniz Kurtel - "The L Word" (feat Jada)
  11. N/A - "Fables & Fairytales" (feat Rosina - Deniz Kurtel mix)
  12. Art Department - "Without You"
  13. Seth Troxler - "Love Never Sleeps"
  14. Dyed Soundorom - "Naked"
  15. Guti & Dubshape - "Every Cow Has A Bird"
  16. Russ Yallop - "Rock Me"
  17. Jamie Jones - "You!"
  18. The Royal We - "Party Guilt"
  19. Art Department - "We Call Love" (feat Soul Clap & Osunlade)
  20. Maceo Plex - "Frisky"
  21. Jamie Jones - "Moan & Groan"
  22. Deniz Kurtel - "Yeah" (feat Guests Of Nature)
  23. Soul Clap - "Break 4 Life"
  24. Maceo Plex - "Vibe Your Love"
  25. Francesca Lombardo - "Sofiel"
  26. Chic Miniature - "Escandalo"
  27. Mathew Jonson - "Dayz"
  28. Sis - "Faces"
  29. Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia - "Far Away" (Jennifer Cardini & Shonky remix)
  30. Minilogue - "Hitchhikers Choice"
  31. Inxec vs Droog - "Westbound"
  32. Jennifer Cardini & Shonky - "Tuesday Paranoia"
  33. Hiem - "She's The One" (Matthew Jonson Circles In Time remix)
Review: Amazingly, it's been a decade since the demise of Damian Lazarus' acclaimed hipster label City Rockers, and the subsequent birth of Crosstown Rebels - a label that has done more to reinvent tech and deep house for a new generation than almost any other. This unmixed triple-CD collection tells the story so far, showcasing early gems from the likes of Tiga ("Pleasure from the Bass" memorably remixed by Sub-Ann), Kiki & Silversurfer and Sheffield misfits Hiem (remixed by Matthew Johnson), alongside big tunes and familiar favourites from Maceo Plex, Jamie Jones, Art Department and others. There are few surprises, but that's not the point: as a celebration of one of the most influential labels of the last decade goes, it's spot on.
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Crosstown Rebels Presents Rebel Rave 4 (3xCD (CD 1 & 2 unmixed, CD 3 mixed))
Cat: CRMCD 028. Rel: 07 Apr 15
Minimal House/Tech House
  1. Francesca Lombardo - "What To Do" (Matrixxman remix)
  2. Amirali - "Melancholia" (Deetron unreleased club mix)
  3. Kele Okereke - "Heartbreaker" (Recondite Amati mix)
  4. Subb-An - "Say No More" (feat SYF)
  5. Ida Engberg - "Devil Dance" (Adam Beyer remix)
  6. Him Self Her - "Love You Like I Used To" (feat Kieran Fowkes - Francesca Lombardo remix)
  7. Mathew Jonson - "Body In Motion" (Akufen remix)
  8. Jamie Jones & Luca C - "Tonight In Tokyo" (Cassius remix)
  9. Azimute - "Always"
  10. Russ Yallop - "The Journey" (feat Aimee Sophia)
  11. Pezzner & Amina - "Exit"
  12. Jozif - "The 508" (feat Little Bear)
  13. Him Self Her - "Gone Too Long" (feat Kieran Fowkes)
  14. Ali Love - "Emperor" (feat Kali - Maceo Plex Last Disco remix)
  15. Psychemagik - "Black Noir Schwarz" (feat Renegade - Mineo remix)
  16. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs & Eats Everything - "Lion, The Lion" (Gerd deep dub mix)
  17. Fur Coat - "U Turn"
  18. Kele Okereke - "Candy Flip"
  19. Luca Cazal & Mark Jenkyns - "The Bullfrog"
  20. Mathew Jonson - "Kissing Your Eyes" (Tale Of Us remix)
  21. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - "Lover Eyes" (Dixon re edit)
  22. Subb-An - "Vapour Trails" (feat The Million Plan - Matthew Herbert remix)
  23. Latex - "The Porcupine"
  24. Dyed Soundorom - "Naked" (feat Aaron Carl)
  25. Jamie Jones - "Summertime" (feat Ost & Kjex - No Ears mix)
  26. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs & Eats Everything - "Lion, The Lion" (Gerd Sub tech mix)
  27. Presslaboys - "Electric Generation" (No Ears dub)
  28. Canvas - "The Cat"
  29. Peace Division - "Voodoo (It's In The Wall)" (feat Pleasant Gehman)
  30. The Royal We - "Party Guilt" (Matthew Styles remix)
  31. Freaks - "Umakenosense" (Radio Slave MFF mix)
  32. Ida Engberg - "Devil Dance" (Mr G NY dub)
  33. Raw District - "Ragged Star" (feat Ellipsis - Josh Wink rethink 1)
  34. Ali Love - "Another" (Tuff City Kids remix)
  35. Glimmer Twins vs Ray Mang - "UFO Is Coming"
  36. Dyed Soundorom - "Naked" (feat Aaron Carl - Stripped mix)
  37. Matthew Jonson - "In The Stars"
Review: Given that the previous instalment in the Rebel Rave series landed two years ago last month, this fourth volume is well overdue. As usual, there's much to admire for those hooked on the fluid, deep, immersive and tech-tinged sound pushed forward by Damian Lazarus' Crosstown Rebels imprint, with two unmixed discs of "rare remixes and special cuts" being joined by a thrill-a-minute DJ mix from Matthew Styles. While that mix is hugely enjoyable, it's the unmixed selections that will entice DJs. Given that these include fine cuts and remixes from Matthew Jonson, Sub-Ann, Jamie Jones, Eats Everything, Cassius, Ali Love, Pezzner and Psychemagik, amongst others, it's an understandable attitude.
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